Big Brother Spoilers: RACHEL & BRENDON are getting MARRIED this WEEKEND!!

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WARNING: Rachel has a little problem with voice immodulation … so, check the volume on your speakers before you press play.

She JUST won $500k on “Big Brother” Wednesday … but Rachel Reilly says she’s already dropping some of her winnings on a wedding THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas were out in L.A. last night — when Rachel told us she’s having TWO weddings … one in Vegas and one on something called “Real Station.”

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2 weddings & a honeymoon!! congrats and good luck in everything Rachel & Brendon!!!! Hopefully Allstars next year or whatever!!!!


Hey captain are going to visit Jeff soon?


Maybe, IDK because my former Ridgewood High School buddy don’t expected a surprise. However, I’m going to ask same thing NAME to Squabble or whoever name is?Hey Squabble or Rockstar or whatever the name is are going to visit Dani soon? IDK what would Squabble or Rockstar or whoever name is will answer. Thanks Name for that answer, Squabble probably will answer.


I’m not going to visit her, because I don’t know her personally. But if I did then I would.


I’m not Squabble and why are you asking me about Dani? I’m happy Rachel won.


Sorry Rockstar, I thought you we’re but I didn’t know except for Squabble does. Don’t worry about it. I got your back!!!!!!


I thought the point of her going on bb was to pay for a huge wedding. Now she’s eloping? wtf


my best friend planned a huge wedding and then decided to elope. She was under too much stress and said to hell with it


brendon needs the money since rachel can’t give him cash b/c of the bb rules? i dunno.


Rachel is planning on having two weddings…. The first is a quickie so Rachel can sink her hooves into Brendan and lock him up to make it official (or vice versa)… The second will be the big fairy tale wedding


LMFAO OH RACHEL.. you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow…I honestly dont think these 2 are ready for marriage. We will soon be seeing in the news that Brendon is filing for divorce and going after her half million as support.

very big brother fan

what r u a fortune teller! so, can u tell me whose gonna win bb14?


BB14 winner is going to be Jessie

kathie from canada

That would make Rockstar happy ; )


Oh hell nooooo!! LOL

BB King

Nah. I don’t believe she is getting married right away. She seems totally drunk and making up cities which don’t exist (Real Station). We must not forget that Rach’s favorite pass time is drinking and when you are drunk you are delusional.


She said ON Real Station, not IN, you idiot.


It’s their lives and her money. Good luck!
Team Shelly 4 Life, yo!


1) She was kidding
2) Real Station was meant as a joke and refers to SuperPass which is owned by Real Network
3) It couldn’t have been any more obvious that she was joking around unless she looked into the camera and winked


I really don’t like these two! BUT if they are getting married, I do wish them the very best! I also really hope that Brendon comes through on that cure for cancer!


I hope he does, too.


That’s how a lot of marriages have started. After all that’s what Vegas is for.


Good to see Zach 3rd wheeling as usual!


Ha ha!


whatever makes them happy makes me happy . …. its a pity how people will say this relationship marriage wont work i guess they the same people who doubted she would have made it to final 2 and had a chance at actually winning … to understand the forces at play u have to understand what makes some people tick…. they would never want to see anything good happen for anyone and when it does before they uplift each other and say congrats wish u luck they wish unhappiness i swear the hate u people be serving each day is unhealthy… some say congrats but that but comes behind it,,,it wont work they will say they see divorce in the future etc…. wow i wish most people would take a leaf out of the code of conduct book …… i would bet most comments will be , IT WONT WORK .. live and let live . … when we fix the mind set of each person we can then fix the nation.

wish u guys luck team brendon


Well, that is one way to blow thru half a million. Marriage that is. I do hope that they will be happy. With the money they should be able to get a super high speed internet connection. (Or, does a slow speed work better for Brendon’s transmitting??) I would have hoped that Rachel would have relaxed and enjoyed her fame of finally winning and spent the money on her finding some happiness with herself first. She appeared on the show to be stronger without Brendon. I think she needed to experience her self confidence a little longer on her own. He seems to feed her lack of that. Brendon has no problem finding comfort with himself……

bigbrothers' sister

Is this website going to still be updated in off season


Well, the red-headed psycho won the game. Can’t do anything about it now, except to hope and pray that no more nut-jobs are on future BB’s.

Oh wait, there is one more thing to hope for.

I hope that Brenda and the psycho use their winnings wisely so that we may never, ever, hear from, or about, them ever again.

Hahahaha….the American Dream…..


JDoe, one can only hope but I am afraid we are going to hear about them for sometime and they will certainly be a guest host on next season. Oh well, maybe we will have them in small doses now anyway.

She will be out of money within one year and then either kill herself or be committed to a looney farm!!


What a terrible thing to say!!! Let’s hope nobody wishes the same for you.


Rachel, glad you won but wait at least a month to get married. You are on a great high and should let the air clear before you make such a major decision. I think you and Brendan have to work on a few things and fyi…please get a prenup. Remember California is community property. Please if he loves you he will understand you protecting yourself. I wish you both happiness, but better safe than sorry.

bbfan, lol

Congrats she worked her butt of to earn the title, Brandon is an awesome guy! Jeff and Jordon hopefully you will be next hearing wedding bells!


Good luck Rachel and Brendan in your future life. What to watch without big brother .


Prenup would be wise…. I’m sure Brendan has a MOUNTAIN of student debt (lol)…. I wish them all the best…. Congratulations


Where does it say she’s eloping? She’s from Vegas and her family is too. She might not have alot of time to pull off a 500k wedding by the weekend but I’m sure it’ll be a lil classier than a drive thru Elvis wedding…

Dr. Heavy Doodie

I hope they get married and have ten kids and who hunt all you haters down and beat your wrinkled… mouthed asses for hating on their Mom so bad!


I predict the offspring of Rachel/Brendon will be the antichrist. Curse you CBS for bringing the hellspawn upon us.

Seriously though: Run Brendon! Run!

Thanks to onlinebigbrother for an entertaining summer.


As a happily married mom of 25 years, my advise is not to spend alot on your wedding. I had a small beautiful wedding at a family’s residence. Most huge weddings I have attended eventually divorced.
Use the money to buy a house and have the stability.


Anyone notice that Zach from BB8 was talking to Brendon?


or or she really could be pregnant and just lied about it on tv and they are going to get married so it looks like she got pregnant afterwards. smart.