Big Brother Spoilers “I don’t think we want Caleb out, honestly we can use him dude”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-29 15-19-33-102

3:19pm Backyard couch Zach Derrick and Caleb
Caleb says the vote is going to be 7 to 2 at least. Derrick says they have other things to worry about at this point they have to go over what they will do if it’s double eviction. Zach suggests they put Victora up she’s been up every other week why break the trend.
Caleb thinks it should be Victoria and Donny.

BB16-2014-07-29 15-23-37-615

3:22pm Kitchen Zach and Derrick
Derrick thinks they need to come clean with Caleb and not blindside him with voting Amber out. Derrick bring usp if it’s endurance and he puts Zach/Derrick up if POV is played he could put Cody up as her replacement.
Derrick says wednesday night they pull Caleb aside say amber is rallying the girls she’s gotta go.

BB16-2014-07-29 15-39-51-796

3:31pm HOH Caleb and Zach
Caleb says if everyone is telling the truth on how they are goign to vote it’s going to be perfect, “I’m goign to speak on behalf of the alliance I am sorry it was a miscommunication “
Caleb – At the end of the day she would not put one of us up
Caleb – I played a big part in it
Zach – we just gotta think big plans through next time.
Caleb starts talking about getting a tattoos a giant bandana on his leg, teardrops on his face and hands “No one is going to mess with me.. I’m going to get Oliver Peck greatest tattoo artist in the country”
Caleb talks about his brother that has bible stories and lucifer’s face written all over his sleeve.
Caleb says he’s not only a personal trainer he’s also a dietitian and and a strength conditioning coach.
Caleb – “I’m a year away from being a master trainer.. I can work for Doctors they make 70 -80 thousand a year”
Zach says he’s not looking for fame he just wants to hang out with his broskis eat cake and hang out.. Zach adds that Caleb, Cody, Frankie are going to use this show to springboard them into something HUGE
Caleb says he was the biggest celebrity in his town even before Big Brother, They are the best looking kids, his brother has the fastest growing church, ‘we’re doing so good with have our dad leave us”
Caleb starts getting emotional about his mom.. says he’s hoping he can
Caleb says he couldn’t finish the goodbye message with Amber he started bawling “I was like can’t do it dude i’m sorry”
Zach – we got the numbers to save her”
Caleb says he has a small percentage chance to make it to the end because he’s such a key player, “HAyden (BB12) is the only beast to make it to the end.. ever”
Zach says being on the show he’s already won, “I won a vacation in Germany..”

BB16-2014-07-29 16-13-43-961

4:12pm BEEHIVE Hayden and Cody
Hayden says Caleb talked to me for a hour last night and it’s completely absurbed the things coming from him.. “he thinks she is staying” Hayden is worried about the blindside and how Caleb will take it he’s thinking Caleb will go beast mode on them when she goes home on Thursday.
Hayden adds that Caleb told him he has the votes he legitimately thinks she is staying.
Hayden – He’s going to be super pissed at all of us when he gets blindsided
Cody says before THursday they are going to talk to caleb and tell him “Bro it’s not going the way we want it is .. I want amber to stay but she’s given me plenty of reasons to not trust her”
Hayden says Caleb doesn’t think Amber said anything about the bomb squad he’s completely reversed how he feels about her.
Cody is going to tell him it’s bullshit that Caleb is doing all the talking for Amber she’s just sitting there being quiet.
Cody – he said you are a lock to vote for her to stay.
Hayden told Caleb he’s voting with the house.
They agree Amber has done nothing in the house and saying that she’s done so much for them is pissing them off. She says she’s kept Hayden safe when Devin was HOH and she was responsible for getting Devin out.

Hayden points out the one good thing about Caleb right now is he’s blaming everything on Zach and Frankie.

Cody says he’s done working with Caleb.. “Why would I work with someone that thinks of something and the second it blows up in his face he jets” Hayden and cody agree they are onboard with getting Caleb out next week even though he’s not targeting them.
Hayden says he’s trusting Nicole, Cody and Derrick 100%. Hayden asks him what he thinks of Christine because Derrick is sketch out by her and it’s the only sticking point with their plan for an alliance. To be honest hayden is also worried about Christine.

Hayden – She says a lot about other people.. I still do trust Christine but I feel like in my gut I don’t want to bring this plan to her.. and because of that I’m worried”
Hayden explains he has no worry talking to Cody, Derrick and Nicole but he feels scared to talk to Christine.
Hayden proposes a final 5 with two side alliances. Hayden says Donny and Frankie have come to him wanting to work with him.
Cody says Frankie is playing the entire house HAyden agrees, “He makes me completely nervous I don’t trust him at all”
Hayden says Christine has a little bit of a target on her back and because of that it’s bad for them.
Cody says Christine and Donny have been talking a lot lately.

Hayden thinks Christine is running her mouth about Zach too much
Hayden says she’s spreading the word ath donny, cody and him are working together.
Cody – she’s running her mouth and even Donny isn’t trusting Zach now
Hayden says he told Donny to be careful what he says to Zach because Zach talks.
Cody and hayden both say they are losing trust with christine fast. Hayden says Frankie is the biggest threat in the game. Cody agrees. Cody likes Zach in the house because he’s a target for now.
Hayden – I trust you, Derrick Nicole and Donny so much more than Christine.
For their alliance Hayden has no worries in the world making it DOnny over Christine.

Hayden says Donny likes Nicole and cody but isn’t sure about Derrick.
Hayden Donny really doesn’t trust Frankie at all.
Derrick comes in Cody starts to explain if he keeps working with so many people if he wins HOH he’ll have to put someone up. Cody plans on trying to win Every HOH from here on in.
Hayden says they are all on the same page the major concern is Christine
Derrick agrees “She talks too much”
Hayden – She talks way too much
Cody – at the end of the day i’ll work with other people but I dont’ want to put myself too thin
Nicole joins them
Derrick says Caleb thinks she’s staying right now they have to tell Caleb the truth tomorrow.

BB16-2014-07-29 16-40-30-391

4:40pm HOH Zach, Frankie and Christine
Trying to figure out if they will tell Caleb Ambers true fate
Christine doesn’t want to tell Caleb she wants to blindside him.
Frankie thinks they should blindside Caleb it’ll make thing easier for them because either way Caleb is going beast mode.
Zach thinks it will make great TV but is worried about the blow up after. Frankie thinks the second Amber leaves they go into full Damage control.
Zach – At the end of the day it doesn’t matter she’s going home
Christine – he’s going to find out either way
Zach says as a fan it will be more exciting when the vote is 8-1.
Christine thinks it’s unnecessary to tell him
Frankie – He’s coming after us regardless
Christine starts bashing Victoria for talking about stupid thing that nobody cares about, brings up her hair extentions.

Zach goes over his talk about Caleb and how he’s never met a person that into him self in his life.
Christine says Caleb mother went over board with making Caleb feel like he’s gods gift to the earth.. “I wonder what it feel like to be so confident”
Christine – Seriously everytime I talk to Derrick Vciotira is right there.
Christine and Zach bring up that Victoria suing the City for a crack on the sidewalk she was roller blading and hit a crack hurt herself
Frankie – Was it worth it?
Zach – She got 6 grand
Christine – That is why they have to raise taxes.
Frankie mentions how Victoria was saying her parents pay a lot in taxes to fix the sidewalks.
Christine and Zach start bashing Amber saying she makes 5 thousand a photo shoot and her mom does everything. “She doesn’t know how to do anything other than make guacamole”
Zach leaves, Christine says Donny is starting to talk game to her.
Christine says she really trusts hayden and everyone in the house wants Zach gone after Caleb.
Do you think if I was up against Cody I would stay
Frankie I would be the deciding vote.

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BB16-2014-07-29 17-07-02-905

5:05pm Cody and Derrick
Cody says Frnakie went to Hayden to work with them. Frankie is trying to make an alliance with Christine, Zach, Hayden and Nicole. “They are making the target easy.. don’t tell me you are doing this to protect us ”
Derrick – they can Eat a d1ck”
Cody says Caleb will stick close to them and Hayden and go after Frankie/Zach
Cody – If she goes he’s going to want Zach’s blood and Frankie is going to get caught up in it
Derrick – “I don’t think we want Caleb out honestly. we can use him dude he’s going after everybody else” Derrick explains as long as Caleb is “Cool and collected” they can use him he’ll be loyal to them.

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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Brain… Are u there???? ….. Crickets…


I’m sorry, but Caleb is one of the most delusional human beings I have ever come across. He talks about how he was a celebrity already, since he was on The Voice. The dude wasn’t on The Voice. He auditioned for the show and didn’t make it to the TV tapings. He says his family is the best looking family in town. He says his brother has the fastest-growing church in the county. He then talks about his mom’s amazing cars. (He might want to read up on what the Bible has to say about wealth.) The guy has no idea how he comes across. Just clueless. I don’t think I have ever known a human being so out of touch with reality.


lol is there a reality show Celeb hasn’t tried out for?

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

“Fifty Shades of Caleb.”


And what the Bible says about “Braggarts”.


seriously………..why do all the psychos make it far in the game? ginamarie came in second place for being a psycho, sabrina from bbcan came in second place for being a psycho now caleb is going to make it quite far. who knows, maybe he’ll come in second place……………… season should be pycho season. bring on all the psychos/stalkers

Psycho season!

Oh yeah! Next year bring back Caleb, Amanda Zuckerman, maybe Zach….TV GOLD!!


Don’t forget Jessie from BB11! That would be an incredible meltdown of a house to watch!

Dear Derrick and Drippy Drip,

You both suck!

no not really

Umm how? Suck @ running this game? No. Not at all. You suck for not realizing good gameplay. Imagine how hard it is to gain trust w/ basically everyone. Frankie screwed that up. So, dear drippy drip (whoever the hell that is) ….you need to watch it more & just please, enjoy the game that is played. Its gonna get good soon….who you rooting for? Donny? Like all the hicks here. Lovely.

Teri B

Seriously….I’m getting a little nervous that this could backfire. If Derrick wants to keep Caleb, and they decide to tell him (stupid move IMHO) about sending the love of his life home, he could freak out and threaten to turn on the alliance. If that happens, they could very well decide to keep Amber after all.

I really can’t believe Derrick is saying to keep Caleb!



O.K. to “no not really,” – You must be a “Zach wannabe!” LOL!! So you know what all of us who luvs Donny “Hicks” are doing? LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! (P.S. – sorry to tell you but you are never gonna be a Zach Attack – He does it on national t.v. – you do it (so bravely) behind closed doors, in your own little room – safe on a computer – kinda sad!)


And by the way – we all know that Derrick is playing the best game – just because we are Donny fans doesn’t make us “hicks!”


THUMBS UP if you think Caleb will self-evict after Amber gets evicted, or
THUMBS DOWN if you think he’ll stay in the game until he wins or loses.

I give 50/50 odds he walks out when Amber gets evicted.

the lioness

i don’t think caleb will self-evict. i don’t think the jury starts until next week, so there’s no reason for him to quit. he’ll stay and avenge his “queen.”

Amber's Easy Money

He will stay until jury so he can give his queen all of his money. Then think she showed up with another guy to the finale so no one will know they are in a relationship.


Could you imagine if she(Amber) showed up with DEVIN as her date??? haha That would be HILARIOUS!!!!

Amber wait!

I can totally see him running out behind her lmao .. Omg love it 🙂

Please be a blindside!

I don’t think he’ll self evict, but I’m definitely betting that (if they don’t tell him about the vote beforehand) Caleb will start crying after she’s evicted and have a tough time with the HoH comp afterward. I soooo want to see a live show meltdown from him!


With all the stories Caleb is telling, it sounds to me like he is a Dreamer and makes a reality out of it in his own mind. Poor kid, someone wake him up, please?


wednesday night is too soon to break the news to caleb, guys. wait until thursday, after the hoh lockdown, just before the show. the house will get some sleep before the show and the next hoh comp, and everyone will be too busy getting ready to talk game with caleb – be smart, or everyone will suffer.


Loooool this is getting good! I hope Derrick and Cody cut Frankie off and tell Caleb to put him so they can send him home. I hate Frankie and Christine.


I can’t stand Frankie and Christine too but between Frankie and Caleb I want Frankie to manipulate the shyte out of Caleb and use him and control him as much as he can. Caleb thinks he’s running things and running Amber, and that he’s this beast, well Frankie is more beast than him.

I want Frankie to school him on the definition of ‘running the game’. Tame that cockiness and arrogance, Caleb thinking he has influence, ha! Yeah yeah Frankie and Derrrick think they have this in the bag too but I want them to destroy Caleb.

I know most people likely want Caleb to wake up and play the game. Well I want him to be a puppet until the very end, until they have no use for him. If this happens I will be very entertained. After he goes then Frankie can go too.


I agree with you Caleb haters, but be careful, you can go too far with a fragile person and they might do something crazy and we’ll all regret pushing him over the cliff. He certainly deserves a beating, but not a flogging. When he said, “If Amber goes home, I’ll hang myself”, that scared me. He might do something crazy. When he gets out of the BB house he’s going to take a lot of ridicule from his friends and people in his hometown. His punishment is just beginning, so lighten up on him.


If I were Derrick and Cody I would give my vote to Amber let it come out 6 to 3
Then Caleb with really go after Zachie.


But then you’ll piss off YO . . Casta, and she’ll be gunning for Derrick & Cody, she might even threaten to take a laxative. Ha Ha Ha.


Zach said he feels like a winner already cause he won a trip to Germany. Seriously??? I ‘ve been to Germany (not sure what city he’s going to ) and it doesn’t come close to possibly winning $500,000. I feel like so many of these houseguests have no idea how much money is at stake and that’s the ultimate prize. With the exception of a few , the majority of them seem to just want to make it to jury and hang out by the pool getting paid. They seem to align with people they can hang out with in the jury house and not people who can actually improve their game.


Caleb is going to go nuts after he finds out amber leaves. if he does blow up (he probably will) then unless he wins hoh or the veto he will go home. I hope he doesn’t make it too much further I don’t know how much more of him talking about himself I can take


Derrick and Cody need to throw a vote to Amber to get in good with Caleb. I know I keep saying it, but I really think production is going to make an HOH that leans towards Caleb ‘ s favor. Why the hell wouldn’t they?!


Caleb will probably act like ginamarie did last year when nick was evicted…. Cry and wear her stuff 24/7


It’s ironic how they keep toting it’s the most exciting vote in all of BB history. Ummm….crickets….yeah that’s all there is out there. It would be more exciting if they bought themselves new brains and actually voted for their own game and not constantly vote with the house. Snooze alert…. Spoiler alert…eviction night is going to be boring again, because no one has a spinal cord or brain to vote on their own. What happened to twisted summer, twist upon twist? All I’ve seen and heard is crickets!


Can someone tell me which post is where frankie says go kill yourself to Jocasta? Since I’m sure cbs will forget to air it…


I think that was a good move, amber is a good competitor. And they knew that Caleb had to go along with it so they “made” him come up this crazy idea just so it would “backfire” and Caleb doesn’t get to mad at his alliance and it more upset with his game. I see that as a good move, best move this season. I don’t like how they call it operation Brittany tho


“Hayden says he told Zach to be careful what he says to Zach because Zach talks”…..what the hell does that mean? ……”Zach decides to Zach and Zach more Zach with Zach”…??????……I am literally laughing my ass off.


Is so funny how the “at the end of the day” is spreading


I know!!! And not only in the bb house! I caught myself using ‘at the end of the day’ to one of my co-workers’ I laughed right afterward and he looked at me like I was crazy haha

Kathie from Canada

… in an annoying kind of way. 😉


I can’t wait for Thursday’s show to come and go so the house will start talking about other things besides Caleb/Amber.


Oh that’s not going to happen until Caleb leaves. Remember GM from last year the entire season after Nick was voted out 3rd? Unfortunately for us, that will be Caleb. I’m winning this for Amber!! Ugh..

Team Amber

Not trying to find reasoning for what Caleb “thinks” he mastermind with Amber going up on the block, but being in the house can drive someone crazy. Really bums me out that Amber is leaving the house, but here’s to hoping a miracle happens on Thursday.


Bums me out too that Amber is leaving. Especially over Victoria & Jocasta! Victoria def. needs to go – she is nothing but Derricks’s puppet. Jocasta is prob. a good woman – but man – she is a Terrible player! Just curious – does anyone have any ideas of who Donny could align with? I really don’t know at this point. I was thinking maybe Hayden, Nicole & Zach? Derrick seems to be controlling everything – so I don’t know – what do you guys think? Also – does Team America get a win for this challenge? As much as I want Donny to win some money – doesn’t seen right for them to win – either on Amber being the most “Physical Threat” or “Having TWO people get in an argument” – since NOONE was arguing – just Zach being Zach!!

Bugs Bunny

Caleb. What a maroon!

Irked by the stupidity!

Yes!!!!! They are on to Christine!!!!!! Can’t wait to see that play out! Caleb is delusional for sure but isn’t the competition beast Victoria as well? She thinks she is playing one hell-u-va game… what has she actually won for herself? Too funny. Walking around all high and mighty right now…she will be boo-hooing next week. Makes me giddy!


YES!!! PLEASE get rid of Christine!!! Maybe then Nicole will start Really playing the game & make some moves with her OWN mind!!


Do you really think she has one?


LOL!! One can only hope!!


Has Frankie tried to make an alliance with everyone in the house?


This seasons evictions are exactly like last years evictions but the genders are reversed. Last year by the end of the 5th week four guys and one girl got evicted. This year four girls and one guy got evicted.


Too bad Caleb is a emotional wreck. The fellow is loyal, but stupid in judging people.
I thought on Sunday Julie had mentioned a diamond veto, did anyone else hear that??


i can’t believe frankie and christine think blindsiding caleb is a good idea. telling him an hour before the eviction, before he can get a chance to talk to amber is a better idea. if he’s blindsided and wins an endurance hoh comp, he’s going to be heated and will likely put frankie or zach or both on the block.

and i think its hilarious that both derrick/cody and frankie/zach/christine are trying to form a side alliance with hayden/nicole. it seems like hayden is more on derrick/cody’s side.

Ted Marie

I hope Fakey & Sucktine keep their heads up each other’s butts and blindside him so that he will want revenge and if he wins he can put those two yucky jokes on the block or backdoor one of them. They are despicable the way they snicker and talk so much personal stuff about everybody. They have a bad case of superiority complex going on. I feel like hell has froze over with Cody & Hayden finally seeing Sucktine for what she truly is. Their next step should be to fill in her “best friend” Nicole so she can stop believing all the venom coming out of Sucktines mouth and keep it moving without her.


May not be a good idea to blindside beast mode cowboy, strategy wise, BUT it will be ratings gold!!!!!


Does Caleb know the significance of teardrop tattoos on the face?

watch it!

I know!!!! Right?!?!?!


Either there is more going on in the HOH room with Frankie than we know about, or Caleb needs to read the Urban Dictionary before getting teardrop tattoos under his eye. No one would have ever suspected him of being so naive and unworldly if he had been able to just keep his mouth shut.

watch it!

It could get good with realignment of alliances. Things may just be getting interesting….. Maybe not. Who the “f” knows. Coup d’etat? I may coup d’gras myself.


It would be a sly shift if somehow Derrick and Kotex, I mean Cody turned it around on and blamed Frankie and got in Caleb’s ear before Frankie does. The seed is already there to exploit.

Amber, I don’t like how they used Caleb’s obsession as entertainment and to as hate propaganda against you. But you are very late to button mamacita and it seems impossible for you to connect the dots fast enough (if ever). So unfortunately like the other girls before you that you thought you had a leg up on, you are likely going to the comforts of home. This has clearly become a guy’s game this year.

Lady D

Kotex?!! Bahahaha! Perfect.


Come Thursday the rest of the house won’t be able to back that bus over Frankie fast enough.


Would be cool if Derrick, Cody, and Donny would tell Caleb that it’s all Frankie’s plan to get Amber out. Watch him try to scramble to get the others to protect him from Beast Cowboy Mode…LOL.


Cody is an idiot, he can’t trust Amber?????? she would’ve had his back 100%. But he trusts Derrick and Hayden who will have no issues evicting him. Sad season for girls. Casting messed up! All the females are terrible players. I’m now rooting for……. I don’t even know everyone is so unlike able.


Yes, I play the guitar cheap geodon Italian veteran Roberta Vinci secured a berth in her second straight U.S. Open quarterfinal with a straight- set victory, while American Alison Riske came up a loser on a rainy Monday in New York.