Caleb says I did my goodbye message to Amber and I was bawling. I felt like such a big baby.

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

bandicam 2014-07-29 12-32-11-654
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12:25am Christine and Caleb are on the backyard couch. He asks if she and Nicole have decided who you want to keep. Christine says we hashed things out in the bee hive room yesterday. Caleb asks so you feel pretty confident she will vote to keep Amber? Christine says yeah, yeah, yeah. Caleb says I am thinking of offering Victoria a deal to vote to keep Amber. Christine says I think she will be okay. Caleb says I did my goodbye message to Amber and I was balling. I felt like such a big baby. Its just I have done everything to keep her safe and then now with me having a hand in her going up just kills me. Caleb says I don’t know some thing is just really awkward. Christine asks what? Caleb says Nicole said nothing was said between her and Amber and then after Frankie called her in Nicole said there were things said. In a way I feel like Frankie is trying to set Amber up. He’s put her up two times in a row. I’m not an idiot. And Nicole isn’t dumb either. When you say something and then change your mind the next .. something is up. Christine says maybe she was just scared the first time. Caleb says yeah maybe she just didn’t want to be a part of the he said, she said. I feel bad because it wasn’t supposed to go this way. Something’s not right, something’s not sitting well with me. Someone in the alliance isn’t .. I feel like its Frankie because he put her up twice. Caleb says Amber said she just talked about being put up but Nicole said Amber wanted to rally the girls to get the guys out. Part of me wants to ask Nicole to see what her answer is. Like I am going to ask you some questions that I already know the answer to I will know if you’re lying to me. Christine says oh that’s good, that’s good! You should do that! Caleb says and I would tell her if she is honest with me I would protect her. Is that blowing up the alliance.. in a way but not really because an alliance does not do that thing.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Caleb says I think we have 5 votes. Christine says I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

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bandicam 2014-07-29 12-29-11-656

Amber and Nicole are talking by the pool. Amber says I feel like I have what it takes to win an HOH. I could throw it to another girl. A girl needs to win this Thursday. Nicole says I will feel sad if all the girls go. When we get out we will see what was really going on. Amber says oh I know. Amber says I told them, i cant wait until they see how hard I worked my butt off to keep everyone safe. Amber says all I can offer is .. Nicole says you don’t have to promise me… I just wouldn’t want you to put me up if you won HOH. Amber asks why would I put you up? Nicole says I’m just saying.. Amber says its frustrating to be up for no reason. Amber says Donny seems like he’s around more people all the time now. Nicole says MmHmm. Amber asks do you not think I have your back? Nicole says I do as of yesterday. Amber says I was more hurt than upset. Nicole says I was hurt too, I didn’t know if you were going to confront me. Amber says I didn’t want to blow up everyone’s game. Amber says apparently Frankie is the one that told you.. Nicole says I don’t know I was just confused.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 12-26-24-458
12:50pm – 1pm Frankie comes out with the HOH camera.

1pm – 1:10pm Caleb says two hardest goodbye messages I’ve ever had to give. Do you have any idea who you want to keep? Victoria doesn’t answer. Caleb says its a rough one. Caleb says we’re all so close. You just need to vote for who’s best for your game is honestly how you should roll with it. Victoria says yeah. Caleb asks did Hayden tell you why he used the veto on you? Victoria says he said it in his speech, so I think it was pretty self explanatory. Caleb says yeah. I think it will be hardest for you girls because you all connect differently. At the end up the day I think it will be okay. Victoria says yup and leaves the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 13-12-25-122

In the bathroom – Nicole and Victoria are in the bathroom. Victoria says Caleb just basically said to me why would Hayden use the veto on me. They leave the bathroom.

1:15pm – 1:25pm Out on the backyard couch – Derrick apologizes to Frankie for saying that the gay word. Last night I said that was a gay shot and I immediately felt bad. Frankie says its okay I know you didn’t mean it. Derrick says I am eliminating that word from my vocabulary. I know you don’t care but I feel better just acknowledging it.

1:30pm – 1:55pm Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. The house guests are confused as to why they’re being put on a lock down. In the living room – Derrick says day 40, feels like more people should be gone. Makes you realize theres a couple of double evictions coming soon. As long as its not us. Christine says exactly because its going to get scary.

Frankie says his HOH questions were:
How hard has been without your family?
What would it mean to you to win BB16?
What BB16 outfit has been your favorite to wear?

2:10pm The house guests are sitting on the living room couches talking about random things. Frankie comes out of the diary room and says he’s going to lay off the advil today. I took 9 yesterday. Jocasta says that’s a lot I wouldn’t take that many. Frankie says I have a high tolerance for medicines. He says he’s taking them for his pulled groin.

2:20pm – 2:40pm Hayden joins Donny by the pool. Donny points out the new cables strung up in the backyard. Hayden wonders what they’re for. Donny thinks it might be for a day time competition where they hang tarps over the cables to block the sun. Hayden goes to talk to Victoria by the laundry machines. Victoria says that Caleb thinks I am clueless to everything. Hayden says its perfect that all the blame is on him for Amber going up. Victoria says he thinks Amber is staying. Hayden says Amber is going to go home to a 9-1 vote. Caleb is going to be the only vote for her. Victoria says I have to ask you something personal but it has to stay between us… I don’t know if you’ve noticed but mine and yours relationship has been like this lately. They only people I can confide in this house are you and Derrick. Victoria says that Nicole and I talked and she said she is letting her emotions get involved in the game. Victoria brings up how Nicole commented on how I said I wouldn’t sleep with guys and then we slept in the bed together. I wouldn’t sleep in the bed with you if I thought something would happen. I think of you as a brother. Victoria says that Nicole thought I was intentionally flirting with you to hurt her. Hayden says oh! Victoria says I would never do that. Hayden says I am just a flirty person. Nothing should change, it will be fine. Victoria says that Nicole does it with Cody and Zach. Hayden says I know I think its good. Hayden tells Victoria about how he told Caleb 2 seconds before going into the diary room about using the veto on her instead of Jocasta. Everyone else was on board with it though.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 14-26-36-996

2:40pm – 3:15pm Donny and Nicole talk by the pool. Nicole says that Amber thinks she’s staying but she’s not. Nicole thinks Caleb will be mad. Big Brother puts them on another outdoor lock down. They wonder why they keep getting locked in and out. Cody and Christine join them.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 15-13-23-497
Amber joins Hayden on the couch. She tells him that she talked to Caleb for 3-4 hours yesterday. Hayden says so obviously he told you the whole plan of how it all went down. Amber says yeah. I am not going to go blow up, I don’t know what they thought I was going to do. It just doesn’t make sense why I’m on the block. I am just going to be myself. Amber says anyone that put me up wouldn’t be my target. Caleb joins them and then conversation ends. Caleb starts talking about his Harley he wants to finish when he gets our. Zach and Caleb are alone. Caleb tells him Christine said we have Nicole’s vote to keep Amber. Zach says that’s great that’s all we need. Caleb says keeping Jocasta here is a threat to our game because she’s a vote for their side. Zach says I just wish Victoria was going. Caleb and Zach agree they didn’t really think it through. Caleb says that Amber said when she comes off, its a clean slate and that she trusts all of us. Caleb continue to relay the conversation he had with Amber last night. Zach agreeing with everything Calebs saying and with how Amber deserves to make it to jury.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 14-48-01-405

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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Well, at least Frankie is getting exposed for the woodpecker that he is (someone on this board says he looks like a woodpecker).

Outta Here

Didn’t he say Jocasta can just go die over being upset about being on the block, after she did that whole ceremony for him and Derrick? Fantastic person… not.


cmon frankie is the over bearing houseguest where everthing has to be about him, he is a jerk has been since day one.


Remember the plan going into the week was to backdoor Caleb, but Frankie switched it to Amber because he said Caleb would never come after him. Ooops!!! When Amber is set packing guess who Caleb will be gunning after.

You should have stuck with the plan, Frankie. Your “safe” plan has now shown the whole house how persuasive and manipulative your are. Good luck on double eviction night:)

mr ed

I said gay woodpecker LOL.Thanks for remembering.


Watch the homophobic bullshit! You don’t have to like him, but don’t insult the gay community.


Hey that is pretty good! First with the hair he does look like woody woodpecker.second he is a total pecker-wood! And of course he likes to get pecked by wood. From now on when I see his beak I will be thinking of woody for sure that was too funny!


Who Frankie REALLY looks (and sounds) like is Xandir from Drawn Together, which was a raunchy animated show that used to air on Comedy Central. Funny thing is, the show was a spoof on reality-tv shows like Big Brother. Random cartoon characters lived in a house while being filmed for television 24/7.

For those that haven’t watched the show, Xandir is a gay cartoon fashioned after video game adventure characters like Link from the game Zelda (his hair looks exactly like Frankie’s). For a brief clip of this character, go here:


100% you are right!!!! I used to love that show. Except Frankie is on a never-ending quest to remind you that he has a famous sister.


Lol. You nailed it. That is exactly Frankie. His hair, his ears, the way he talks, laughs, jumps and all the crazy ways Frankie acts. Wow. I wonder if the creator of that character made it after Frankie or if it’s Frankie copying the character because they are just too exact. It’s like a cartoon of Frankie.


The only difference between Frankie and the Xandir character is that the Xandir character is kinda cute

Detroit Girl

I LOVED that show! Thanks for reminding us!


WOODY WOODPECKER! yessssssss that is exactly what he reminds me of, I was close ..I always pictured him as an ostrich ..

anyway even if my favourites are slowly getting picked out one by one, seeing Frankie squirming .. whether it’s next week or the next after .. WILL BE WORTH IT .. THIS SEASON! especially after a borefest of a season..


Yes, a woodpecker or one of those little troll dolls that you shake for good luck.


Has everyone had their fill of stomping all over Caleb? Give the guy a break.


I’m beginning to really feel sorry for him. I hope that he’s able to continue the game and get that woodpecker out


I think that was a good move, amber is a good competitor. And they knew that Caleb had to go along with it so they “made” him come up this crazy idea just so it would “backfire” and Caleb doesn’t get to mad at his alliance and it more upset with his game. I see that as a good move, best move this season. I don’t like how they call it operation Brittany tho


Nope, maybe not since he’s on a TV show where he’s being watched and seems to be non stop with his spinning. So much so that he hasn’t really even stopped to question his own alliance’s loyalty. And he was very arrogant and demeaning last week talking about putting someone in their place etc. And maybe he should have came into the house and focused on the game instead of relentlessly pursuing someone he really only knows within those walls and make all sorts of assumptions. And at times acting like she’s his property. He needs more stomping just like the others get when they are extreme. Now if he wins HOH and puts up Frankie and Cody I think he may deserve a


And just in this post., he say he will tell Nicole ” I am going to ask you some questions that I know the answers to. If you tell me the truth I will keep you safe.” Who the F&%K does he think he is? I would tell him to piss off, shove his questions up his ass and worry about himself. I think the one biggest thing pissing me off about the last two seasons is the whole “strong arming ” people with “if you go against the house you are the next target” it is much more interesting when there are two or three alliances consisting of three or four people with the one tricky player in both and they are battling for power and control of the house. When one group is in power they target one of the other group with the true floaters that are used by all sides by making little side deals. In my opinion these people are all just floaters . They don’t even have enough sense to throw a vote the other way and start a rumor it was someone else. So many things you can do to actually play the game and better your own odds of winning. Yes I said it! I would want to WIN! Not just “make it to jury” didn’t they talk that way last year as well? I can’t recall it being such a goal before then. It had always been go big or go home.


I think there needs to be more diversity in the house, not just a bunch of good looking young people who are more there for the attention than the game.


caleb is to much of a narcissist to be on the show everything is about him but tries to spin it like its for you anyone like that has 0 chance


why does caleb deserve a break? he literally got amber on the block and now she’s going home. he also throws things directly at her face when he’s not happy. he talks very poorly about women, is super self-centered, uses the word f*g and called obama a “muslim monkey”. why on earth would caleb, of all people, deserve a break? why wouldn’t we be giving amber a break? you know, the one who’s being stalked and sent home this week?

Outta Here

You should go look at what has actually happened, Amber was being backdoored long before they thought to blame it on Caleb. They used Caleb as a cover and convinced him to go along with it. He had no actual control, nor was he the reason they did it. If you actually watched it was her attempt at starting a girl alliance that caused them to throw her under the bus, and it was Christine who turned her in.


Yes, Caleb drives me nuts on the feeds….but Amber was going up no matter what!! Caleb just made it easier for everyone else by stupidly getting tricked into thinking it was his idea and then taking the blame for it.


I don’t think so. When Frankie first approached Caleb about Amber going up Caleb could easily have said, “Hell no, she’s in our alliance and we had a deal for everyone in the alliance to make it to jury. If you put her up again you leave us both no choice but to blow things up and you will be our target next week because an HOH endurance comp is coming up and we are both good competitors. Have someone else in the alliance take one for the team like Cody whose never been on the block and lets get out Jocasta “. Instead Caleb threw Amber under the bus because he wanted to teach her a lesson. He has made everyone uncomfortable in the house with his one sided love affair. As bad as Amber’s game is , its not nearly as bad as some of the other women’s game play. I think she could have made it a little further in the game if not for Caleb.


They just didn’t want him to explode on them, so they wanted to make sure he was OK with the idea first. Then he took the idea and ran with it. Now he blames himself, thinking that his ideas were what puts people on or off the block. I wonder if he hadn’t thought it was a useful idea and just said hell no, would they have done it? or would they have spun it to say they needed an alliance member because they needed Jocasta out, and they could be sure of the votes (which is dumb because putting that person up takes away one of their votes, but they are literally running out of people to put up, due to POV winner and BoB winners, and HOH. and one nom comes down after using the POV, and one person is already left as the nom. There are like 3 people to choose from at that point.


I could understand better being he said he lived in a very small town. Had he never left the small town that would explain why he’s so naïve and so trusting of people in his alliance, but he’s been in the military and exposed to people outside his community. He really is gullible. At this point he really needs to open his eyes and understand this a game and not a show of friends and loyalty. He needs to open his eyes to Frankie, Derrick, Cody, and Christine, because they want him out and he doesn’t even know it. I mean he thinks they want him out once everyone outside the alliance his gone, but they want him out sooner. I wonder if he and Amber will regret not believing Devin and voting him out?


The old beast mode is going to be crushed when he gets home and watches what really happened. Between Amber having no interest in him, all his frat boy buddies plotting behind his back, busting on his stupidity (which is quite amazing to watch. How he can be so blind to it all) and then all the bad press and comments from us. Dude is going to need some therapy for sure.


i don’t think he is going to interpret anything she says to be the truth. he will continue to interpret it the way he wants to see it and rationalize it as the game. He’ll say she is saying that to those people so they won’t think she’s close with me. He’ll say those people are saying that about me and her because of what she said, which she said to protect me and the relationship; we really have, that connection.

I am telling you that even her sitting down with him outside of the game and saying she really is not interested will not get thru to him, because he really thinks they have chemistry and a connection. Distance will help him get past this crush, but words and actions will not.


I think I would tell Caleb, ” Dude, you screwed up big time. Lets just watch the chips fall and stop buggin’ me!!!”


I don’t think he screwed up. What he didn’t know was that they wanted Amber and him out this week regardless and his plan gave them a good excuse. They were looking for an excuse to tell him about him or amber being on the block, and when he came up with that crazy plan he played right into their hands of what they were going to do anyway. So everyone need to keep doing what they’re doing and play along with it, because Caleb thinks he’s the reason Amber is on the block, when the truth his she was going to be on the block anyway.


Really what people should do is say, “You talk to me one more time about my vote and I WILL vote out Amber.” I think that would shut him up.


(I think you nailed it WW!!)
I have a feeling that with all the hot air, hype and muscles, Caleb has never been confronted in his life.
And you’re right, if someone would finally tell him to STFU, put him in HIS place,
his face would get even more red, and him and his ego would be broken…

Deer hunter

Well I hope Amber gets a shot at playing this game again without the retards that are Caleb and Frankie. She is in my opinion the hottest girl to step in that house…


You’re right, she’s smoking hot therefore she deserves another chance? TBH I think it’s hilarious that when Joey offered them a “girl’s allliance” she ran to the boys and now she’s scrambling. Payback is a b!tch.

PS: SIMON & DAWG – does it affect your website when we swear in the comments?


Hottest this season maybe?


The hottest ever. She wouldnt even be in my top 10. Theres times where she looks really hot and then there times she looks fake. Its how she does her hair i hate how her hair is most of the time. Britney is the hottest this year imo. Britney is just natural.

Britney's Breasts

We’re not real didn’t you hear Britney say she had implants. I wouldn’t call that natural.


Ew dude, isn’t she half black?


I maybe half black but you are full blooded moron.


On Thursday, if Amber goes out and BMC wins head of HOH…who does he put up? Frankie and Zach?


He will put up Victoria and Jacosta as per Derrick’s suggestion.


Really!!! I think again, the guys are not thinking about consequences. Caleb will
be crazy furious, maybe self-evicting crazy. If he wins HOH no one is going to talk
him out of Frankie and Zak on the block. No one.


Can’t wait till Thursday. I’m tired of Caleb and Amber’s story.


Too bad Christine is playing the game for Cody, Frankie and Derrick instead of herself. She has all the information to blow the house up and switch things, but decides to protect those guys instead. Maybe it’s because she was always the outsider with the cool kids and now feels part of something, who knows, but I would LOVE for her to tell Caleb the whole story and then her, Caleb, Amber, Nicole, Hayden, Donny and Victoria could band together for a week or two to put those guys on the firing line for a change. Wishful thinking on my part though. It’s not that I want her to win, I just want things to shake up because I’m sick of the same people being HOH and the predictable nominations. Where’s the twists??


If Christine pulls that card now she could potentially be in a better position. Granted they would lose Jocasta this week but she would gain Caleb and Amber. Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Christine with Victoria on the side against Derick, Cody, Frankie and Zach. Also whether Derick’s side wins the HOH, she would never be put up because Amber and Caleb are bigger targets along with Hayden and Donny. The problem in this scenario is that Amber and Caleb are up in Derick’s ass so they are deemed untrustworthy by Donny and Hayden. I just hope that Caleb wakes up this thursday and destroys the detonators.


And this is exactly why Christine loses her “super fan” card. You have the information and yet you’re too busy being a narc rather than using that to further your game. This would be the time to make a move but you’re too useless to make it. You haven’t shown you’ve been willing to win anything, except against Victoria and Jocasta, and you really think they are going to last in the game where you’ll finally be able to win something?

Christine thinks she’s playing the best game and thinks America loves her……wait until you get out. You’ll see how much we were laughing at you rather than with you.


I don’t think Victoria would ever turn on Derrick. She’s like a fungus all over on that guy. She has no game play whatsoever other than to ask Derrick what to do. Has Victoria even ever seen this show?!


Amber and Caleb are so stupid, last week they lied all week with the rest of the house telling brittnay they were voting to keep her, yet they are believing the very ppl they were knw are the kings and queens of the backd**r and at this point fake blindside. Amber need to blow up everything and go out guns blazing even if she has to make up lies to create doubt about the other hgs. #the writing is on the walk #go big or u are going home!!!!!!!


Isn’t it aggravating? Clueless…every one of them…girls are dropping like flies by the same crew & still no clue…telling someone they “have the votes” & still no clue. Will someone please fly a banner over the house again like they did in the old days!?!? HaHa.


That’s bc BB cast women players that were weak. Jacosta has never had air time unless she’s on the block, crying, speaking in tongues, or feigning illness. Victoria up until last week no one knew who she was.. “who are you? No seriously who are you?” As Hayden put it. Nicole is a sweet door mat. Christine talks big but as Zach said she hasn’t do anything other than be a rat which ironically she looks like one (God forgive me). The only strong females were Joey, Brittany and then Amber. So basically they have gotten rid of them and will have the weak ones to manipulate and control. All the men cast are wanna be alpha males with the exception of Donny and Frankie. So the women really never had a chance. But that’s BB. It’s rigged for success.


You mean Beast Mode Cowboy. I feel bad for him but he is making a fool of himself.


I dunno….Caleb seems to have a feeling. …looks like the next challenge might be endurance. ….we are all waiting for production to get involved….I think that tides are gonna change soon here. I don’t know why….just do…


He may get the HOH, but I guarantee Derrick & Frankie will control his nominations…ugh!

Michael LB

Looking around the office today, it’s pretty interesting how the workplace is similar to the BB house. You have the kids right out of school who are eager to do a good job but just don’t know what they’re doing and without proper guidance are lost (Amber, Brittany, Joey). There are the lazy ones who contribute nothing of value and should be let go (Jocasta, Nicole, Christine), the ones who think they are so much smarter than they really are (Caleb, Victoria), and the ones who must always be the center of attention (Frankie, Zack).
Donny is like the old-timer who has seen it all and is trying to stay out of the way and then there is the one in charge (Derrick) who probably shouldn’t really be the one in charge…

The Canadian gal

Hahahahaha! You made me laugh! 🙂


Amber only need 5 votes to stay. It would be nice if Caleb, Victoria, Nicole, Christine, and , Hayden vote to keep her and form their own alliance. Maybe Donny will join them later because I don’t expect him to vote Jocasta’s out. It’s time to turn the table. Do away with this stupid TA stuff


That can never happen because dumbass hayden is too busy talking shit about amber and christine is too busy how life will be like when the model leaves and has cody all to herself. I remember just last week christine said it was smart to keep amber because they have her and shes a vote for them. So chirstine shouldnt you be helping her to keep her cuz ur obviously the brittney in bb12


Amber “they” won’t care what you did or didn’t do once the game is over. As a matter of fact you will see they don’t even really seem to care about you as a person unfortunately.

Caleb think hard buddy, why did Frankie put put her on the block for a backdoor to help you “put her in back her place” or to set you up? And please stop saying how you helped Amber’s game. You didn’t. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t have went on the block and threw it (as a dating strategy of her owing you something) because maybe she (and you) would have got a clue a little earlier that she was disposable or went home. They aren’t pulling that big of schemes they are just using their own blind trust and really a bit of laziness in some areas. It’s in blinking in lights that Frankie is a big liar and deflects a lot.


I would not want to be in any army with Caleb. Instead of him shooting the enemy he shooting the ones he love in the back. I was protecting you, but I took a shot at you to test your loyalty.


Amber could blow this whole thing up by telling all the girls at one time every thing and how they need to wake up because every week a girl is leaving


If only…it still wouldn’the register with these girls…Christine would run right up to Derrick & Frankie with this information…then they’d sit around & bash her like they always do.


They don’t need Amber to tell them that a girl is leaving every week. Even Stevie Wonder could see that. None of these girls have any game play whatsoever. I don’t think that half of them was even interested in winning BB. Seems to me they’re only interested in make up, who Hayden ‘ s talking to, being jealous of other people relationship even though you’re married etc. Catty stuff. They just on the show for “popularity”


Why Amber telling the guys everything will not work
IMO Amber was a vote for the house.
Derrick and Frank are good in many ways. What does she have on them individually. Think about it she only know the name of the one alliance. If she had another alliance name that they would know for sure was a betrayal of trust it would work.
That’s why she keep saying the same thing over and over I had your back, what did I do?


I think Amber is a genuinely nice person. I also think Donny is a genuinely nice person. The difference is that Donny knows how to play the game and Amber unfortunately doesn’t. Maybe Amber should try out for “America’s next top model,” she is gorgeous. I still hope that somehow Donny can win it all.

amandas cooch smells like onions

Amber WAS on ANTM once, google her and you will see


Wow! Thanks! I did not know that. I take it then that she didn’t do any better on that show than she did B.B.? Too Bad – I like her – & wish only the best for her.


I dont get Nicole and Christine, they want girls to stay but they are voting them out? lol because that makes sense. 😀


well technically they would be voting out a girl anyways since the nominations are Jocasta and Amber.


amber’s plan to use her looks to flirt, while letting the guy’s run her game, worked out as well as any bb fan would have expected. add an almost showmance to the mix, and she played herself out the door. don’t blame caleb.

cue the sad piano ballad to play underneath caleb’s goodbye message to amber…the sooner, the better.


…with a passion!!! GAY!?!? Try Big Fat Lying F*g!!!


Geez, calm down, at the end of the day none of this matters 😉


Could you not just have said jerk instead?

What did Derrick say that he regretted?

Cool guy

HOMOPHOBIA is so cool….I tell ya what


Why haven’t Caleb and Amber confronted Nicole and Frankie about whether or not Nicole heard Amber trying to rally an all girls alliance? Seems like it would be smart to hash it out and see who is lying.


we need Zach on the ATTACK. I wish hayden wasn’t such a bore.

really, Derrick is running the game. Zach is sleeping or on the ATTACK(#ADDPUPPY), the rest are just useless. they either are getting played, lack the votes, have no desire to win, or plan to float to the end. its a sad bunch. even caleb, who is supposed to be the beast of challenges, is a total wuss and even without amber is going to be played and shoved out the door faster than you can say beast mode cowb-

Frank and Beans

Caleb says “I don’t know. Something is not right. Something is up with our alliance”. Uh-oh is that reality creeping in? If that keeps happening his world is gonna shatter. Kind of like when Neo found out about the Matrix.


I just want zack to keep attacking the boys. They keep him as a target and he just setting them up for the final attack.

warlord link

anyone can try out for big brother you send in audition if they choose you,,you come and see rules and get to know others then you on the show..they get you out of there if you get ill or try fight someone member first one shannon was almost cut by that guy with nife …they jumped his ass back then,,,dr will,boogie all was a sleep,mega,others…that made news globally,,julie ask him why you do this?? he said i need medicines i take…ya see devine was given his pills,,frankie take pills also i saw him reach in bag when his grad dad died he drunk some water…julie chen use to be in there back yard in a chair was not like now..they use allow cussing on tv-nudity back then….


It’s hard to believe even someone like Caleb is buying the bs of they are not going to vote out Amber…My excitement about Frankies game being blown up after this eviction through is worth it….I think Caleb will blame Zach and Frankie when she gets evicted and if he wins HOH that will actually be interesting I think anyone could go between the 4 if he does Frankie, Zach, Cody or Derrick and finally this game will be mixed up and fun to watch!

The Canadian gal

Isn’t Christine a friend of Nicole?

Why is she OK with Caleb’s plan to confront Nicole by telling her that he already know the answer but he wants to see if she is lying ?

Am I missing something?


There are no “friends” in a Big Brother house. Plus Christine is loyal to the guys more than Nicole right now. She is this year’s Andy.

The Canadian gal

Thanks Cassidy


Hey Warlord Link. Thank you for making me much more stupid after reading your comment.


Hey Caleb!!! Where is your beast mode cowboy at?

Ted Marie

Amber did ask Fakey about it and he had Nicole all jacked up and ready to go. He had Nicole lie to Amber and tell her what he told her to say to cover his butt, and in true do as she is told fashion, she did it. Unbelievable how blind and ridiculous these people are. Right after she lied for Fakey she whined about how much she didn’t like doing it for him. She could have said no, but she chose to do it and then run to Hayden and cry about it. It is going to be awesome when Nicole finds out that her “best friend” (her words) Christine has been lying to her face AGAIN about another alliance she’s in and Nicole was not privy to. I wonder if she will trust that snake for a third time?!

Ted Marie

fyi–my response was for “AHA”


quite frankly at the end of the day


honestly, you know, literally

Team underdogs

I was so glad that Caleb noticed that Frankie had influenced Nicole’s original statement. Then I realized who Caleb was talking to!!! Omg Christine is obviously an ally of Nicole and has been known to rat on people. Come on Caleb!!!! He should’ve played it like Donny, who seems to notice of alot…but mostly keeps it to himself. If anything he should’ve only shared this with Amber and they could’ve (finally) figured out that they’re the ones out of the loop. Unfortunately, now Christine will just report back to Frankie, and Caleb & Amber will remain oblivious to everything!


I have been watching since the first Brenchel season and I am curious who the commenters thinks can upset this ‘guy alliance’ and establish a final 3 at this point in the game. My hope would be Donny, Haden and Nichole. Amber is gone this week and Christine is too wierd. Anyone else have a realistic F3 to beat this boring Dereck kingdom?

Big Brother Is Way Harder Than Where's Waldo!

Watching Caleb try to True Detective this case is actually painful. He’s taking notes, gathering evidence, his eyes are darting from side to side, yet for all his best efforts the mystery of Amber’s nomination remains unsolved. It’s got to be doubly frustrating for someone who self identifies as a human lie detector not to be able to suss out the source of the deception. However, the trail keeps going cold and every clue he finds leads to another dead end. Basically Big Brother has turned into the Da Vinci Code as far as Caleb is concerned.

I almost feel bad for him. He burnt Amber’s game to the ground and is now trying to glue the ashes together as a monument of his undying love. I would be pretty worried if I was Frankie though. He’s had Caleb on a leash all this time and has fooled himself into thinking that he had domesticated BMC. I think come Thursday Frankie is going to feel the wrath of Scorned Mode Cowboy.




The twist makes it impossible to put up players that can win anything. Thus victoria and jocasta go up every week. Zach and caleb cant put up cody frankie or derrick because they will always beat people with no pulse. Maybe the worst twist theyve ever had. At least the saboteur only lasted a few days this one is screwing up the entire game


i have seen multiple posts suggesting Christine or someone flip the house….. but you do understand to do that you have to committ to working with and hanging out with Caleb…and who in their right mind would want that!!?? there would have to be a better plan to flip the house AFTER he gone….. just for sanity sake!!!!!!!


It’s never fun to watch one group dominate the game like they have been so far this season. I certainly agree that the guys compose the strongest game players, physically and mentally. Fine. But why can’t production work their magic and make the game more balanced? They can definitely tweak the competitions to make it more likely for a certain result to happen, and so far they haven’t done it.

Think back to the first POV, the spelling contest. That is an absolute fair competition, everyone plays at the same time on the same field and the best word wins. Completely fair. Next look at the Dice POV that Devin lost. That was so slanted against him it was ridiculous. He basically had to go one on one and beat every single other person IN A ROW to win the veto. Are you serious? His chances of winning were practically zero due to the rules of the comp. Why couldn’t he win and then choose he next two to go instead of having to face EVERY SINGLE PERSON? Remember the egg POV? They actually chose the teams. Why did they pick Bomb Squad on one team, non Bomb Squad on the next, Bomb Squad on the next team, and so on. Why couldn’t they mix and match it so that two people with DIFFERENT agendas were paired up to ensure we could actually get a BOB that meant something. Then look at the last HOH, where you had to pick BOB, POV, or HOH. Once again, this comp was designed for the majority to rule. The non-Detonators were purposely paired up early on giving them very little chance to make it through. Now I do understand they had to win their matchups and didn’t. But why can’t Production do something to break up this freaking snooze fest. DO YOUR JOBS PEOPLE. I am sick and tired of one group dominating and every vote being near unanimous. We all know production can tilt the game one way or another. Anytime you are ready, we are all waiting for something to change. Even the TA tasks could be used to change the game. Nope, let’s just word them so loosely that Amber gets scapegoated every time. It is pretty frustrating to watch.

Canadian Girl

Ummm…warlord link. You do realize this a tv show right?? Ya fruit loop dingus!

Irked by the stupidity!

I simply can NOT wait until they pull the Amber Incident on Christine and Brittney Operation her ass right on out the door!


More like Fox News.


I’m extremely disappointed in this season. None of them want to vote for their own personal game, they ALL vote with the house and that is sooooooooo boring! Where are their guts? Oh that’s is right up the derriere’s house because they can’t think for themselves at all!!!!! The early years of big brother no one knew who was voting for who and that made it interesting, especially when no one would confess where their votes really were. These guys are horrible they all vote with the house and that is sooooooo stupid!!!


Sick of all this guys vs girls bullshit

Lip smackers suck

You’d think with all the money Frankie’s family has they would have paid for some etiquette classes where he would’ve learned how to chew his f*cking food. I can’t stand lip smacking when someone is chewing. I thought Russell was bad in season 11.


Noooo. Enzo BB12 was the worst eater.


As much as I want to ship Hayden and and Nicole, I just can’t…they sure ain’t no JEDA!


Ok, it’s time for the avatars!

Something big needs to happen, cuz it has been downright boring in the BB house. I wanna see Skankie and Derrick on the block to shake things up. Zach is a turd blossom and needs to explode, Xtine is a graduate of the Andy Herrin School of Lies; I am so looking forward to her exposure and a confrontation preferably by the sleepy Nicole. The couch potato society of Victoria, Jocasta and Nicole need to rise up and realize they are eviction bait. I would love to see Donny attain some sort of special BB wizard powers and blow up the Detonators ….Caleb? ” I just can’t quit you”

big donny fan

If you look up stupid in the big brother dictionary there is a picture of caleb.

Karen V

Fyi, the word is bawling not balling