Big Brother Spoilers – Heather is the pawn “This bites Donkey a$$

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 19-54-50-630

10:43pm HOH Heather and IKA IKA is trying to talk Heather into being the pawn. Saying things like she is so sweet.
IKA – “I don’t want girls to hold a grudge and I don’t think you will hold a grudge”
IKA continues to say she thinks Heather is really smart and logical and she will see her going up as a pawn as a logical step.
IKA – “It would be dumb for me to put you up and have you go home this week.. I think you are smart.. I think you are smart you are logical”

IKA says that Heather and her are not “IN” with the girls so if the girl

Heather – what bothers me is we sore to each other we would never put each other up.. thats the part that scare me cause I wouldn’t do that to you.

IKA says she is close to Heather. Heather asks her if she’s closer to Sabrina or closer to her. IKA says she does like Sabrina and would rather keep Sabrina on her good side than her bad side

Heather wants Rachelle to go up.

Heather – The only way Sabrina will ever go home in this game is to be backdoored”

IKA says that Sabrina will go around and tell every secret she has.

Heather wants all girls in the finals it’s never been done before. She brings up the new girl and nobody knows what is going on with her.

Heather says she’s not going to volunteer to be a pawn, she’ll leave IKa up to nominating someone. Heather will not hold it against IKA though.

Heather – It’s hard to say anything because I know I am going to be nominated.
Heather points out that Rachelle is too close to Sabrina and all the girls are under F**** Sabrina all the girls have a little posse going on.

IKA tells her she will tell everyone during her speech that Heather is simply a pawn. IKa promises up and down that Heather will not go home.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 20-06-52-543

11:00am Neda and Jon
Neda finds it odd that Andrew cannot hold his liqour when all he talks about is how much of a drinker he is.
Neda says that everyone thinks that Kenny is going to win the game. Jon – “We better start stirring sh!t up”
Neda asks him if he’s been playing hard for the HOH. Jon says he is kinda trying for HOH a bit. Neda says she tried for the first HOH and the last one. Neda says she’s pissed off at Heather because she’s told all the girls she’s not planning on winning HOH until 1/2 way through the game.
Neda – ‘She’s said so many lies”
Neda says if she was a fan watching the show she would like Kenny because he different and cool and she would hate Andrew.
Jon says a few people are finding Arlie annoying mainly Andrew. She asks him what their alliance name is. Jon says they don’t have one.

11:20pm Hammock Kenny, Allison and Andrew

Andrew says even when he’s “Chill” he’s aggressive. Andrew tells them that his plan is for Paul or Adel to go home this week.

Kenny says he’s download 8 season of big brother put them on his “Play Book” and they all had 30 episodes. Allison thought it was 26. (A playbook was a tablet computer mad by Blackberry aka RIM it was a massive flop. Whatever stock was left in stores was liquidated = super cheap tablets for the masses)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 20-39-00-951

11:20pm bathroom Adel and IKA (The feeds flip to this conv near it’s end)
IKA – Right now I’m trying to bring you in becuase Paul is leaving and they think you are alone.. you better win HOH next week.
Adel – “Right now the new girl is sitting with Kenny and Andrew in the hammock”
IKA – I know..

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 20-43-56-593

11:20pm Poolside Arlie and Sarah

Sarah is telling him it took so much talking to convince IKA not to make a big move.
Sarah says as long as their first of 5 alliance keep this up one of them will win this game. Sabrina rolls in.
Rachelle joins them and they start chatting about the new girl being a mole.
Sarah says if you are thinking from a game side Allison is not being very smart she’s spending all her time with Andrew and Kenny.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 20-51-35-356

11:50pm HOH Heather, Arlie and Kenny
Kenny says this is the same setup as when Neda went up on the block

Kenny – “I promise I will not vote for you”
Arlie – “Me to”
Kenny – “it’s just a think someone has to go up against him”
Arlie – “it’s part of the game and it sucks I know”
Alrie – “I will not vote for you to go home”
Heather – “this isn’t a Anick thing is it?”
Kenny – “absolutely not”
Arlie – “Paul’s a prick we want him gone you are a beautiful angel”
Arlie says they do understand it’s tough but 1 million percent she is not going home. Arlie and Kenny both tell her she is safe there is no way she will be going home. Heather cries. Arlie says it’s OK to cry. Kenny says he would be crying to when he was on the block. They leave to get Andrew. Andrew comes up and comforts her tells her he HATES Paul he’ll be voting Paul out.
Andrew tells her multiple times she is safe.
Heather – This bites Donkey a$$”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 21-25-31-432

12:15AM HOH Heather and IKA

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 21-48-53-440

12:30AM Allison and Andrew
Chatting about family. Allison talks about graduating Nursing school and coming home to see her grandmother slowly die from lung cancer. She says that the experience of seeing her writing in pain like someone possessed was horrifying.

Sarah joins them and they start talking about past seasons. Allison tells them she knows all the past winners, She rattles them off.
Sarah asks if she thinks more people are coming in? Allison has no idea.
Sarah is thinking that they put together 3 bios and allow Canada vote on who they want to come back in the house. Sarah adds that maybe every thursday from now on they will bring someone into the game. Allison sin’t sure they would do that it would mean a lot of double evictions.

1:08am Hammock Andrew and Allison
Allison says she thinks the other girls hate her. Andrew doesn;t think they do he says she’s super chill and new that is why the guys like her. Andrew doesn’t think the girls are weirded out by her or are upset. He says he’s close to Sarah and Sabrina and they like her. He hasn’t spoken to the other girls but he knows Heather is shaken. Allison says she can tell.

Allison hopes she can stay past the one week immunity she has. Andrew thinks she has a good choice tells her she’s made the right moves.

(I tweeted this out Allison “Jon’s handzy, not to me but to himself”)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 22-13-05-446

One last picture of the Arlie Snowman.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-14 22-39-52-928

12:30AM Adel and Paul in the hottub (Not as much fun without Kyle but an interesting Conv between two players in the shiter)

Adel – Sarah and Sabrina are a package no matter what they are going to work together. Adel adds whatever they tell the girls will go back to “them” (andrew/Kenny)

Adel says that Sabrina controls much of the game she controls the girls and she’s got the boys. He doesn’t think the odds are anywhere on their side but if Heather gets nominated they have a fighting chance of keeping Paul. Adel – “you’re against IKA you’re against Heather you’re and if I pull a straw see how much better odds we have”

Adel thinks Arlie will jump ship if Andrew or Kenny get evicted. Paul I saw Arlie talking to Jon talking he wonders if they have a deal.
Adel thinks Jon is getting scared that Andrew and kenny are getting too close, “He needs a super backup.. but I think he’s just playing Arlie”
Adel thinks he can get to Arlie and if Kenny goes he can get to Jon.

Adel says the one thing he’s worried about is the Power of Veto getting played and he goes up. Paul says he’ll be nominated every week until he wins head of Household. Paul thinks the house like him but Andrew dislikes him so much and is running the house influencing everyone. Paul calls Andrew the “Bullet”
Paul – “If I can kill that bullet than the gun isn’t loaded anymore.. it’s not that people don’t like me”
Paul says Neda and Arlie have come up to him.

Adel says the only person he’s trusted since day one is Paul. Adel calls Paul out for turning on him and Kyle says he’s done it twice.

Paul dodges says they have to think about what comes next, Paul confirms IKA came up to him and told him he’s going up tomorrow.

Paul mentions how Allison has gone straight to Andrew and has isolated the all the other girls.
Adel says that is what they want.

Paul is going to self evict if Adel leaves. Paul thinks Andrew still has something for Adel like Adel is hit little brother. Pauls suggests Adel plays on that and strokes his ego. Paul suggests Adel not challenge Andrew. Paul starts explaining why his game is shit…

Adel – “In this game you have zero skill” Adel adds that all of Paul’s skills outside of the house didn’t help him worth sh1t.

2:00am PJ and Adel
Paul says he misses his kids and family he doesn’t want to go to the jury. Adel tells him if he’s had enough of the game he should just leave and give Adel a chance.

Adel tells PAul if IKA doesn’t put him up he’s got her back for the rest of the game.

Adel – “Whoever goes beside you has to be the pawn… you know that right… you know that right”
Adel – “You’re in shit creek no matter what I think”

2:50AM Andrew and Allison have been hanging out on the hammock all night.

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Sabrina genuinely believes she has a chance with Kenny ROFL when she rejects her or does not pay attention to her, then Andrew will be her type and then he will be her brother and then she will eventually have a showmance with a potato sack and name him Rufus.


The bitchin women all wanted her out. For a moment she was an almost certain gonna, but then Heather went into strategic overdrive with a stunning emotional performance to get the guys on her side. It seems to have worked a treat.


Well Allison has been a huge disappointment so far….


Paul and Adel are in the hot tub and Paul is asserting why and when he became an ass-hole in the house. Pretty screwed rationale. Anyways, Adel is hilarious through this. Paul asserts he is not stupid. Adel: “in this game, you have zero skills. Your outside world skills failed miserably. You got maybe 5% on your essay”. LMAO


Heather is a lot smarter then one would think


I’m sorry, but after watching the video with her and Kenny, Arlie, and Andrew ….she really is creepy.

There’s just something about her.

I have a friend like her. They both suffer from KIM KARDASHIAN KOMPLEX (need constant attention and thrive under attention)

or she’s still really immature.


The description of a PLAYBOOK is priceless


Team Jon and Neda for the win!!


Team Jon and Neda?

They’re the biggest idiots , they both wanted Andrew out, and instead of supporting Ika and telling them they will have her back if she puts them up, Jon is off gossiping with the boys and Neda is being mute. Neither of them seem like they are capable of winning any HOH’S or VETO’s.

What exactly do you like about them?


Is it just me or are these people the messiest and dirtiest houseguests in BB history? It’s disgusting!


I hope Heather doesn’t stab Ika in the middle of the night. lol jk

But, after watching the last video I gotta say it is hard to have a convo with Heather.

She’s either really fake or just talks like that.

Maybe she’s used being around a homogeneous group of people and she’s having a “culture shock”


I am super impressed with Adel’s skills of observation and game intuition. We just need some hgs to actually listen and trust him. I believe Paul will back stab Adel any chance he gets if it means the in-crowd will play with him.


What’s wrong with Ika a fair number of folks here have asked. I’ll try to tackle this in a couple ways.

Foremost she doesn’t truely know where she sits in the game. Very typical of wasted HOH weeks early every/any season. If she actually knew or had a good idea she wasn’t making jury due to Brina, Andrew, Kenny her noms would be a lot different. As fans who watch the feeds/read the great analyses here we know she is toast but she does not.
Second like many 20 something she has an incomplete idea of who she is and sometimes she is just plain wrong. Not unusual but impossible to figure out where you are if you don’t know who you are. Add in that most start playing with lying at the core of their game strategy lying to yourself is easy. I liked to think many BB HG’s aren’t as bad as the portray themselves on the show character wise.
The “go along with the house” instinct combined with “no blood on your hands” leaves Ika unable to be what we want. Think BB USA for years and you’ll see this emerges early weeks very often. Ika has no viable alliance she trusts. I think this is a biggy early game. Who has your back once you pull the trigger. Ika may not be much as a player but as much as she really wants to ride the girls alliance she correctly doesn’t trust it.

I want to add this thought in particular. We all tend to assume when production picks the cast they all know the game. I have never bought into this theory. I think several player each BB season are very weak on BB game itself deliberately. Ika to me is a perfect example. A strong player in HOH knowing they’re doing what the “house(1st 5) want would be cutting deals for next week with Kenny and Andrew to start to keep her safe. I’ve seen nothing like that. Simply put she is not a very good player to start with. Thus we are getting the result we appear to be getting.

What’s Ika going to do if the house wins POV, takes Heather off the block to backdoor Adel? I think most of us know the answer and a decent potential reliable vote goes home and Paul stays. In fact I can see Paul staying this week, as Brina will at least push Heather out here and get Paul later on the Pauls “no threat” theory. Think it’s a bad week to be a pawn myself. Ika’s HOH looks like a total fail potentially at the moment.

For the moment not knowing HOH, ect next 2 weeks I’m banking on the following led by Brina, Kenny and Andrew. Presuming it’s a double eviction The 3 going before jury will be Paul, Adel, Heather and Ika. One of the 1st 3 goes this week. Double 1st out Adel if he survives this HOH. 2nd on the double likely Paul as he’s easy to nom ect. on a scrambled 1 hour eviction. Ika out 10th barring a miracle. I’d be happy to see her next week gone personally.

The 9 left:
Kenny- Not ready to crown him yet but he’s 3:1 to win
Andrew- He’ll be everyone target including his “friends”(1st 5) 6:1 to win
Brina- Great manipulator playing hard but F3 is a problem, F4 also. Who takes her F2? 8:1 to win
Neda- Needs to find a way to get the girls together on strategy a couple weeks. After Ika goes girls alliance= Brina 15:1 b/c she has Jon
Jon- Made slips saying Andrew should go early on. Otherwise he and Neda have a very small shot around 15:1
Arlie- Great edit little plan atm. Don’t think he’ll see the bus running him over! Backdoor likelihood 90%. 30:1 to win
Sarah- Trusting Brina will make her expendable. She’ll need to realign and find a different alliance and I don’t see it! 25-1 to win
Allison- Complete disappointment. Super fan clinger BS. She goes far only as comp beast in a showmance. 6:1 with Andrew(dito)
Rachelle- Complete narcissist zero sum player other than a vote each week. 99:1 and I’m being generous

Brina has enough game play to actually be the fav to win the whole thing. But where are those key comp victories late going to come from? She goes deep but not F2. I have Kenny atm due to my belief Andrew will get targeted 1st. Other than the Allison comp factor Kenny looks like best positioned for now. By the time they go jury 1st 5 will still have all 5 in(numbers) and I think unless someone shifts dramatically looking at the end game to leave 1st 5 it looks like a bleak…ish sort of season.

Has anyone seen Rachelle do yoga. I think the intro on her is pure crap! Not buying anything she is selling!


Stan7777 this was sooo long lol, but I read it.

I really hope Adel does NOT get backdoored. I think Ika and Adel would be the coolest final two to have. If Ika could just get Neda on board with Adel.

New Five Alliance : Neda, Ika, Adel, Jon, Arlie

(i wish)


I agree with Max, Ika and Adel would be a good duo. Jon and Neda are useless though, they have no backbone and they can’t win anything.

I don’t agree with the idea that Adel may be back doored because if someone wins POV and goes against Ika’s wishes she can threaten to put up someone they’re close to. No one is going to risk that for Heather.


Stan7777, I actually agree with a lot you say, however, unless a professional actor, one can’t hide who one is 24/7, only try & suppress some traits & magnify others. Under the stresses of real life, some of what we see may be damped, but it’s still there.

If Ika’s afraid now, she should see she’ll have more reason to be afraid later after removing non-threats. She’s doing the work of the Comp threats. She doesn’t need to be astute to see that, plus Adel is explaining reality to her. If she wanted “safety” she should have thrown the HoH Comp. Plus, as a teen Mom who kept her kids & built a life & is now 29, I think she must know herself well enough to be playing better IF she really knew the game, so…

totally agree with casting. They can find out who really knows BB with a few simple questions. They know.

Sad to say, I think odds favour your pre-Jury predictions, barring a shake-up, except Heather may survive & Allison be gone.


Simon and Dawg,

I’m really interested to know where you guys are from. I’ve enjoyed your BB Updates for a long time now and want to donate. Is there any other way to do it besides PayPal? I’m going to try tomorrow. I just want to say I love checking your site and I find it has a lot more detail for the Canadian Big Brother than Jokers. Honestly keep up the great work.



Thanks Rob! We’re glad you love the updates we post. Simon and I both live in BC, Canada. I live in Vancouver and Simon lives on Vancouver Island. We really appreciate you wanting to make a donation. It is possible to donate through paypal using a credit card without needing to make a paypal account. Or if a cheque is easier I can email you the details just email us at:


If Ika genuinely likes Sabrina (and I think she does), what does that say about Ika? I thought she was going to be way tougher/stronger/smarter – instead she’s using her HOH to spill her innermost plans to absolutely everybody. Yes, Stan7777 I have not seen any indication that Rachelle does or ever has done Yoga. I think she may have just been released from and institution of some sort and this sounded like a great idea (as long as she takes her meds).


let’s not forget that rachelle is a young girl and she has a brother with autism (or a developmental delay), which is genetic. i think her weird behaviour, “naturalist” type attitute comes for this and i dont think she’s a malicious person who deserves to be made fun of this way, regarding institutions or meds?? hearing ika talk bad about rachelle to sabrina and watching them get closer over this is bad enough.


CDC has announced a new virus running rabid in Canada’s BB House. It is a mixture of the Andyusbbwinner virus and Amandastdbbus bacteria. They are calling it the Sabrinabbca outbreak. Symptoms include: nausea, headache, painful earache, episodes of violence towards TV’s and computers, disgust, and hopelessness.


Everyone that voted for Allison is a big idiot. Yeah shes nice a down to Earth but I knew before she came into the house that she was just gonna be another sheep for Andrew and Kenny. It should have been Scott or even Nate.


I will admit, i am a first 5 fan, however i do like Adel, (not so much the first couple weeks acting like a kid with Kyle) but recently since Kyle has left. He knows exactly what is going on and that can hurt the first 5, but i think the first 5 pull in this game might to be too strong right now to persuade anyone, everyone is afraid of next week if they make a big move. (which is correct this early on).

But as smart as Adel is, he may burn his only bridge and serious friend in Ika if he try’s and saves Pull over Heather.


Just throwing this out there, I just noticed an ad on the slice website that features Kenny, has anyone else noticed this? New fan of this site, it is great, it is amazing how you guys manage to do it, thanks for your efforts!!!!!


Yes, I’ve also noticed the ad for kenny. Its pretty weird to see an ad for a house guest. We’re glad you like the site and all our updates.


Adel is pretty sharp. He sees what’s going on, which is huge in this game. Wasn’t Allison watching what was going on in the war room? Didn’t think this is what her plan would be. That Sabrina is out there. She gotta be jealous that Allison is taking her action away. Not a Sabrina fan. She grosses me out.