Big Brother 13 Houseguest Interviews Update

Three months, 75 days and countless inane conversations later, season 13 of Big Brother came to an end Wednesday after a three-way battle for the final Head of Household. The finale of Big Brother 13 came down to Rachel the veteran, Porsche the newbie and Adam the piggy-backer. After a 4-3 vote, Rachel took home the $500,000 grand prize. It’s been a long haul and almost a thousand Big Brother Updates but it was a fun season to watch. (for the most part)

We have put together a grow list of all of the Big Brother 13 interviews. Keep checking back to see more of the interviews as they are released.

Big Brother 13 Interviews:

Rachel Reilly: Interview with Big Brother 13 Winner Rachel: ‘I was shocked by Adam’s vote’ Big Brother Winner Has ‘No Idea How This Happened’ Rachel Reilly talks Daniele, ‘floaters’, future with Brendon

VIDEO KCAL 9 Rachel Reilly Visits KCAL 9

Adam Poch: “I lost a little respect for Rachel’s game” Tori Spelling, social game and a possible return

Shelly Moore:

Matt Hoffman: His opinion on Big Brother 13

Porsche Briggs: Her take on the Rachel-Daniele feud, friendships, and gameplay..


Cassi Colvin

Dominic Briones

Adam Poch

Big Brother Alumni: Twitter Accounts

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Tytytyty Simon and Dawg for all that you do!! ?


tytyty Simon and Dawg for all that you do ? gonna miss you guyz!!!


Thanks Simon and Dawg for another great season on here!!!!!


Just because someone hates Jeff & Jordon it does not mean they hate Rachel. If anyone would like to go back through the archives for last season. I called Rachel as my favorite way before Matt. I guess if I liked Matt it means I like Dani because he is the same room with her in the after party right?


Just went thru all the archives, and you are totally wrong I’m afraid. Nice try.


Rockstar wrong? Lol that is something that happens all too often


I’m not wrong. I commented on Rachel’s boobs and her voice. Get over it, Jeff did not win Big Brother. You will never have a relationship with him.

bbfan, lol

Congrats to Rachel and Brendon, Congrats on the Honeymoon win too! Jeff and Jordan keep us smiling!


Bleh. Rachel blah blah BB13 meh lame. BB14 please


Cat got your tongue Stephiep, Rachel deserves to win.


No dummy, it means I’m over it and bring on BB14.


My apology Stephiep.


wonders which BB houseguests were doing drugs on the vegas bus? any ideas


I can see some weed being smoked by Lawon, Jeff, Porshe, and Adam.



I sent my first donation a few minutes ago….. I appreciate the site & all your hard work…. I will send more in Future…. Also… Can you take my username off of Filter… It’s frustrating when my posts don’t go up right away (i know you have to approve them regardless)…. Thank you (love the site)


Thanks 🙂


LOL … love the post


Looking forward AllStars 2 next year. Sweet!!!! I will still looking forward for it and awesome season. Everyone, I will be back next season except for Squabble!!!! Squabble, everyone especially myself don’t expected you to come back. NANAHEF told me that you make everyone feel disgusted about Porsche & Kalia Failure Big Brother!!!! You need to stop making jokes and also Get a life!!!! Everyone feel uncomfortable about your jokes. That’s why I behalf of everyone “PLEASE GO AWAY AND DON’T COME BACK NO MORE.” Leave everyone especially me alone!!!!! okay!!!!!! NANAHEF told me that your jokes are boring and NANAHEF is sick of tired of your behavior. NANAHEF also said that speak English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bottle and diaper time?

Brown Fat

capt youre good on stats but you suck on conjecture


what the hell are you rambling about now…you never make sense. English please!!!!!!!!!


WOW Rachel won, she is not a psycho get over it. Only a psycho can judge another psycho. IT IS ONLY A GAME. Rachel deserves the win. SORE LOOSER.


I do not really know Rachel, but a person like you who judges someone so harshly when you have not met her or have a chance to really know her, I feel sorry for you. I can only say that one perception of someone is a perception of himself or herself. lighten up, it is only a game. You can give your comments and opinions without name calling and it can be done you know.


That is Rachel she does not hold back and expresses her emotions wherever she is. There is no harm in crying in anyplace as long as you are not affecting anyone and the I think the bushes would not mind.

Midwest Fan

The BB13, Vets vs Newbies, format was flawed and unfair to the Newbies from its inception.

IMO, BBP favored J/J, but in the end settled for a Rachel win.
(At least BBP will get a wedding from this $howmance.)
I enjoyed Rachel’s determination and game play but that was due, in part,
to my knowledge of Rachel and her previous BB season.

IF Rachel and Porsche had come to BB13 as Newbies and BB 13 has been only Newbies,
I think Porsche would have had more fans than Rachel.
It is impossible to discard Rachel’s BB history when judging BB13.

I think BBP didn’t believe Jeff/Jordan could win on an All Star BB
and that is why the Vets vs Newbies format was developed and produced.


Porche is BORING and dull! The only reason she has fans is because of the dani lovers.


Love the pic. of all of them! This summer was great! I love Jeff& Jordan so cute! Shelly played a good lying game had me fooled just curious if she will ever be back since she has been exposed? Nobody will ever trust her again!!! Adam shocked me in the end.I thought he was a good person but he started getting a little rude& cocky! But I enjoyed them all.Hope next year will be just as good if not better! Lets take a break from Allstars for the summer so the couples can get married:)…


@ JDOE that was funny.

I haven’t watched any of the interviews after the finale but I did wonder if Shelly voted for Rachel to help Brendon idiotic choice in a woman since they had nothing according to Rachel. He was likeable at times and he’s intelligent ( knowledge wise) so I could Shelly her trying to throw him a bone to help them out.

It should be interesting to see how fast Rachel will run through some of that money. I watched her on The Talk and I guess she’s planning a dream wedding (lol). Whatever that means to her. Maybe she has more sense than she lets onto and will spend it wisely. I personally don’t care for her personality even more so after watching her on The Talk saying how she confronted Adam for not voting for her. It’s like please you won you egomaniac mainly because you were helped. But having said that, I wasn’t unhappy that she won because the whole season was a mess and a throwaway and it ended up working in her favor. I think her win was mainly (not totally) based off dumb players and dumb moves. She should thank Kailia, Dani, Production (duo twists, regurgitating endurance comps, pandora’s box that benefits two specific people in the house) , and Dick for leaving. Maybe not in that order. I do appreciate her being a competitor but Big Brother had their hands too dirty to say she 100% earned her win. I consider this a throw away season from start to finish. It was basically just strange. I cross my fingers it won’t be this way next season.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your EXTREMELY hard work . Transcribing and blogging recaps is no easy task especially when doing it in such a timely manner, on top of administrating the website and the comments which were scary at times lol. I gave a little this season but plan to give more through out the year so hopefully it will add up to help the cause so we can partake in the OBB addiction again next year. Virtual drug for sure. Plus I have to check back for updates on the royal Big Brother wedding. 🙂


Sashad, Shelly voted for Rachel because she played the game and I was not a fan of Shelly but I always thought that she will vote for Rachel. She is head of a company and as I stated before if she is who she claims to be she will do the right thing and she did. You do not have compassion to an individual who has been picked, bashed, made up lies to and given disgusting thoughts and comments even if that person has some kind bubbly of personality and survived, come one. You have given her credit for being a winner however, you are judging her personally but you have never met or have chance to really know her. Do not be cruel.


The jury reveals their vote to production ahead of time, or should I say, production reveals the votes to the jury. Yes, even the vote was orchestrated by production. That’s why Jordan’s vote decided the winner, and Adam’s vote, much like his game, didn’t count. The jury does have some influence over who gets the money, but the vote itself is orchestrated.

Zingbot Fan


Here is a towel so you can dry off. Rachel peed all over Dani and her weak alliance. Porche’s greed got her to open Pandora’s Box and Kalia used her HOH to vote out one of her own alliance members. It wasn’t exactly the Mensa Alliance. I see hours in your future of talking to a man on a couch wearing a hand puppet.

Rachel $500,000.00
Dani 0.00



You keep neglecting to mention Production’s hand in all of this.

It seems that in your mind, the wack-job Rachel is some kind of mastermind, and did this all by herself, hahaha.

If I had seen your posting on paper and crayon then I could say that it had Jordan’s handiwork all over it.

Zingbot Fan

Scoreboard jdung. Your precious Dani is the dumb one. She won nothing and was booted early. Your production idea is weak because they were not the ones who opened Pandora Box for Porsche or had Kalia vote out a member of her own alliance. As for Jordan don’t try to act like you are not rolling in peanut butter spanking your little monkey thinking about her.

Double Zing!


Zingy, you need to stop projecting your fantasies onto others. Not everyone is into mindless drool-monkeys like you appear to be. It lays out a very sad image of you. I’m sorry if your life is like that. You’d best reel yourself back from your fantasy life and be a little more reality-based, instead of reality show-based. Good luck to you.

Zingbot Fan

jdoe down. Cleanup in aisle one. You’ve been schooled just like Rachel gave Dani a lesson on how to play Big Brother. Look on the bright side now that Big Brother is over you can go back to enjoying all your Nickelodeon shows.


I see your argument, and it’s like Jordan’s IQ up against that of any 5th grader…namely a huge fail.

Zingy, you have nothing of substance to contribute. You don’t even have any humor to fall back on. Really, you’re sad.

Please try again, and at least come up with either an argument with merit, or something I can chuckle at, cuz right now you are embarassing your fellow trailer people.

Zingbot Fan


You have been faced. Rachel has 500,000 reasons why she is better than Dani. It isn’t all bad news though stop in to McD’s and Dani can super size your fries. Enjoy thinking about Rachel and her 500K until next season.


yeah you tell em zingbot fan !


well rachel wasn’t the one that peed all over dani and her alliance. jeff took dani out and dani’s alliance took themselves out (lawon self evict and porsche opening pb) hahaha.


Pretty much agree on everything but you gave Rachel too much credit, America loves a freak show and now this Tranny can get the operation she deserves, and just call him jeffroid and that’s all you need to say about Adam.


JDoe you need to get a life of your own.


Did you get that adult to help you comprehend? How’d it go? I don’t think it went well for you, did it?


My question is why do you have to be so cruel in giving your comments. Is there a necessity that you have used such ugly words?

Very glad Rachel won……as I said in another post, when I saw Rachel walk through the BB13 door I truly didn’t think I would even be watching the show this year…and I NEVER expected to be rooting for her! In regards to aDUM….he really makes me sick to my stomach…in my humble opinion he is THE most delusional of them all!!!! That he even said anything about “losing respect for Rachel’s gameplay” in a post BB interview is just so pathetic that its funny…..How can HE talk about ANYONE’S gameplay when his was the WORST EVER in BB history! I am glad he didn’t get voted out earlier and that he has the bitter taste in his mouth of coming in third…Would love to be a fly on the wall when he reads and hears about what a JOKE America really thought he was….and come on…who can believe he is some rough and tough “metal head” dude when he is delusionally obsessed with 90210 and Tori Spelling?! Thanks again Simon and Dawg..have TRULY enjoyed every post about BB 13 this year and can’t wait for next year!!


Congrats so happy for u<3 🙂