Big Brother Spoilers – Donny “I won’t hold it against you because I know they’ve played you!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations:  ?
Have Nots Donny and Nicole
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 10-22-00-913

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10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Donny is in the backyard eating his cereal. Donny picks up the dolphin pool toy and makes it swim throgh the air. He then heads inside. Christine and Victoria are also awake and in the bathroom. Christine wonders what other people from other season think of this season. Victoria says its been a completely different season.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 10-26-37-854
10:34am – 10:45am Donny heads up to the HOH room and wakes COdy up. Donny says I hate to wake you up. I would like to take to you today at some point. It says nominations today on the tv screen. Should I expect to go on the block today? Cody says I think everyone has a chance right now. Donny says I remember a few weeks ago when me, you and Hayden were in the bee hive room and we were talking about how its about time someone else went up and felt the pressure. You have the opportunity! When I’m gone I can’t watch your back. If you put 2 powerful people on their side up.. 1 of them will go home this week. Christine will still go after Nicole. Derrick will still come after me. You will be in the middle as they dwindle down. Just think about it because the other day I had talked to Christine about how Zach had said she was the next to go. I let her know to see how she feels. Her, Derrick and Frankie are the final 3. They’re going to get rid of the 3 of ya’ll real quick. If I am sitting in jury and you’re final 2 I am going to vote for you. But you’re not going to get there because they’re not going to let you. You’ll have to do a lot of winning to get there. They’re coming after you. I expect to be on the block and if I do then I know if I don’t win the veto I am going out the door. Nicole will be next. They’re going to keep Victoria because she can’t win anything. Donny says I won’t hold it against you because I know they’ve played you. Your family is watching, what would they tell you? I’ve never done nothing to nobody. To have 6 people after me .. that’s pathetic. They’re laughing at you. They’ve thought this thing out and they’ve played you. Imagine if Hayden was here, what would he tell you? We’re going to have to give 500K to one of them. Its them three and they’re using ya’ll to get to the end. Just think about it. Me and Nicole haven’t done anything to hurt nobody. If they’ve gotten in your head, then I won’t hold it against you. We’ll make it right in the jury. Please think about it. Cody keeps saying MMMmmHmmm. I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about it. Donny says Derrick has never sat on the block. Do think about it, there’s me and Nicole. They’re going to come after me and Nicole not you. If you do then it would be a level field, 3 vs 3. Think about what your brother would say. Out of the power thing that you put up, the other one is going to kiss your butt. Think about it. Get some sleep. Cody says thanks Donny. Donny leaves.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 10-39-24-907

10:45am – 11:30am Donny’s working out on the elliptical. Christine and Victoria are getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Christine heads out to the hammock with to read the bible. Donny starts working out with the weights. Donny comments to Christine that last week nominations would have already happened by now. Christine says that Victoria asked when nominations were going to be and they wouldn’t tell her. Christine heads inside and tells Victoria she’s going to nap. She says that Donny kept trying to talk to her. I was closing my eyes and he wouldn’t stop talking to me. I was praying.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 11-04-30-016

BB16-2014-08-22 11-29-54-089
11:35AM Donny working out everyone. Most of the house is sleeping.

BB16-2014-08-22 12-01-58-782
11:53pm Backyard Victoria and Derrick
Derrick says they are going to be in outdoor Lockdown for awhile
Victoria says she couldn’t sleep at all last night. Victoria wonders why they are going to be in outdoor lockdown. Derrick says they are changing things up because there’s no BOB anymore. He’s looking forward to the new format. In the Kitchen all house guests scrambling around getting coffee and food, “We got to be outside in 10 minutes”

Victoria now in the house is asking the DR for medication her wisdom teeth are coming in. the camera zooms in on her. (See image)

12:03AM Frankie in the HOH with Cody. Whispering saying Donny and Nicole have only been a have nots once. Frankie hopes they let Cody pick the have nots. Adds with Donny and Nicole on slop is lessens their chances of winning the POV.

BB16-2014-08-22 12-13-46-416

12:15pm Lockdown

Donny saying Victoria’s cheeks looks swollen.
Victoria can feel the wisdom teeth are breaking threw her skin.
Caleb starts talking about Army doctors and dentists. He had a friend that went into seeing the army dentist for wisdom teeth work and they f***d it all up. “home slice his grill was jacked up”
Caleb adds they wanted him to see the same dentist but he refused.. almost got reprimanded for it.

BB16-2014-08-22 12-36-44-881

12:37AM Have nots
Cody reads the HOH card.. the have nots get to eat Squish kabobs a combination of compressed fish meat, Clams and bean curd.
Cody jokes Christine and Victoria you are have nots.
Clabe – no one is going to volunteer.. Shoot..
Nicole volunteers
Caleb – Don sorry man.. you good

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Beast mode

The nickname beast mode belongs to Football player Marshawn Lynch, Beast mode is a trademark of the seattle seahawks , google it.


Beast mode cowboy isn’t trademarked by them cbs is much smarter than that

Used To Be BB Fan

Obviuosly CBS isn’t that intelligent. Look at the season they threw together.


Yes he is probably legally safe because he added the “cowboy” at the end which makes it different enough.


…..but you using it as your user name for posting in forums is probably technically illegal


There was a video game back in the day where you could go into “Beast Mode” and have increased powers. Can’t remember the name of the game- but if anyone trademarked the term Beast Mode, I’d assume the game maker did.


I think Altered Beast but I could be wrong.


Urban dictionary defines beast mode cowboy as the feeling a cowboy gets when he has sex with farm animals… I wish I could see calebs face when. He realizest this

mr ed

Would be like having is way with Frankie the goat boy !!!!


well there buddy looks like your infringing on the same thing

laughing at you

actually beast mode cowboy is defined as. “Jul 28, 2014 – beast mode cowboy. A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals”. lmao

Told Him

Wow.. Cody really told him off. He is such a bad ass… can’t wait til he goes and curls up with Christine and whines about how mean Donny was to him. Every houseguest that has been evicted has said how great Donny is. Christine, Cody and Frankie are complete, insecure morons.

Kathie from Canada

Hello Derrick? Cody here. If you have a moment , could I have a chat at your convenience? Donnie is pressuring me and I don’t know what to do. I need your help ’cause we are final 2′ right?


Roses are red
Derricks a tool
Zach is gone
Donnys no fool

Victoria wants it
Christine does too
Cody ain’t putting out
Cause Derricks his boo

Team America stunk
Nichole hangs tough
Frankie likes reverse cowgirl
Caleb likes it rough

A twisted season?
I think not
This season sucked
And Derricks a cop.


nicely done


Thank you. Props to Zach!


that was really amazing nice job!



Mo-moe drama

That’s awesome!!!



"Helen Kim"

It’s too early to tell him off.

Nana B

Way to go Donny! I hope and pray he will listen…maybe fall back to sleep and then wake up and think maybe it was all his idea to make a big move in the house.


NO, NO, NO he’ll go back to sleep knock his self in the head again when he awakens he’ll tell
Christine about the outstanding dream he had about putting someone else up and my George I think I’m going to listen to my dream. Can I dream!!!


I wish he would listen! This is how good Derrick is! Cody is a pussy and Derrick knows it. I’m sure Cody has already told everybody everything! God forbid anyone of those mooks make a decision all on their own! I’m sure all other seasons players are just rolling their eyes! Season of twists?!?! I’m still waiting!


Derrick will be like enzo from the brigade alliance. He’ll never go on the block, he’ll get to final three and get evicted. He always said he would hate that, but his worse fear may be a reality. I also can’t wait for him to get out and see how much Dan Gheesling isn’t rooting for him. He said he has game play like Dan, but he’s more like Enzo, just likable by everyone nothing more nothing less.

Detonate 'Em

CBS Press Release: We have been advised by our legal team that in order to avoid false advertising claims, we need to revise our slogan for Big Brother 16 from “The Most Twisted Season Ever” to “The Most Predictable Season Full of Stupid Twists Ever”.


Farmer Donny… Planting seeds.


in concrete whatta idiot


Farmer Donny planting seeds to save his butt, if he doesn’t do it, who will


he won’t and the sad thing about it is he’s not thinking about the reason he’s there. He’s literally giving money away. He said a few weeks ago he knows no one would take him to final 2 (which I have no idea why he thinks he would win, what has he done to give him that impression) but since he thinks that why is he keeping people in the house he knows will win? Could it be he’s helping them win instead of him thinking about himself and his family? Such a dummy. I can’t wait for these people to get out the house and watch themselves and how they played the game. All of them in that alliance will live with the regret of how they played.


When Cody goes to sleep, he “brain” reboots itself all over again. Why do you think he talks in circles day after day?

I love you my sweet pink hat

cody sucks so bad. he is bad TV, a bad player, bad on the live feeds…a total fail in every way. the male Victoria.

one can actually argue that up until this past HOH he had done less than Victoria, who made the huge game move of making Zach angry while Zach was already backdoor city. I won’t even mention what she destroyed, something we all hold dear and can’t believe took such a harsh end. I will miss you PH

Zach is already more interesting today than the rest of this house. he was asked about Victoria cutting up his hat and said it was the worst moment of his life. Ha. see, far more entertaining that MMMMHMMMMM


and the continuation of the “MOST TWISTED SUMMER EVER!” promotion of this season is embarrassing. wake me up next Thursday, because there isn’t gonna be anything interesting happening this week, especially with Cody HOH.

I love you my sweet pink hat

whoa there. are you trying to say that a pandoras box as the next twist wouldn’t shock you?



Yes I agree. I stopped watching BBAD after Christine put up Nicole. I stopped watching Sundays and Wednesday’s the same week. I just watched the last 2 evictions. If Nicole or Donny had won the HOH I would have started watching again but these bullies are stressing me out!! I cannot believe how they gang up on one person and totally lose it over something they heard one of them said……Cody is rediculous. Every thing he is accusing Donny of – he did many times over. It’s not a game – it’s bullies on the playground and honestly…..they can hide behind “It’s a game” all they want but the personal attacks say much more about their characters. I can’t believe I use to root for Derrick. His manipulation of Victoria is just horrible.


Cody’s win is why I wanted Hayden to win his way back into the house. cody would not have won against hayden.

I suppose they had to show to be trying, but seriously why wasn’t nicole actually trying to hit other discs out to give hayden more of a chance over Jo-fing-casta. i can’t believe J was practically having a seizure to get herself back into the house. What for? Doesn’t she know she didn’t win anything and was always passing out and getting sick? doesn’t make any sense for her to be trying do hard. if they wanted a change in the house, if they wanted anything other than to have themselves put up on the block first day back in, they should have decided as a group that Hayden was the one they wanted back in, and help make that happen by working to get Zach’s discs off the board, and keep haydens. I know they didn’t have that much control over their own plays, but still, it you know you can’t win anything, and if you know you are just going on slop if you don’t, then wtf.

The Truth

Sunnydee I never thought of that. That would have been an interesting strategy. It certainly would have p*ssed the other houseguests off. I can understand though why no one would do it. They all want to win $500,000. But it sure would have been fun to watch.


Terrible game play here by Donny.

He wakes up the HOH (ironic coming from Donny) then proceeds to bash Cody’s closest two allies. Donny “has his back” Donny you have literally no power in the game and you haven’t done anything to help anyone in the house other than Momma J!

Try not openly mocking Cody to his face and throwing his closest ally under the bus to him, it may make a better strategy!

why won't my children nap

what else is he supposed to do? time is running out!


Why not? Screw Cody! They have no respect for Donny so why should he care? What’s he going to do, call him out on it


Sooooo proud of Donny for not laying down at this point!!! Good for you for waking Cody up hahahahaha… they woke you up enough times, what’s the worst he can do? put you on the block. I hope and pray that there’s a Pandora’s box this week where Cody gets a punishment… maybe being locked up with Tim for 24 hours and Donny or Nicole gets a DPOV and the other wins POV. Can’t wait to see all of the strategic cuddling this week… NOT!!!!!!!!!


That would be amazing. Cody walks into the HOH and finds a Pandora’s Box. He will receive a gift but also a punishment. Figuring he’ll just need to kick himself in the ass for another 24 hours, he accepts and receives the gift of friendship (lock him in a room with Zach for 24 hours and tell Zach to go wild). The punishment be that he has to take down his nominees and replace them with 2 more people.

New Hastags

And there we go again! #Iamold #yourfamilyiswatching

Could Donny be any more insulting? Dick was 44 and actually made alliances in a house that was — on average — YOUNGER than this house. And BB8 was a 14 HG season with a 44-year-old and a 37-year-old (Kail). And yet, the mean and median ages were younger than the ages of the people on BB16.

I am so sick of the excuses. Donny going to bed early and not forming alliances is his fault. He ostracized himself from the main alliance. Now he is paying the price.

Lets Start Playing Day 60....

I love you!!!!! 🙂


Poor Donny, he tried to get through to this idiot. Sadly, Cody will just run back to the rest of the group with it. I’ve just never seen anything like these people. What is the gain to him of taking that information back to the group?


But Donny should have done it weeks ago. Donny has not played a very good game.

why won't my children nap

I know Donny is doing the best that he can here, and we all know Cody won’t listen…it’s so frustrating!


oh who cares.


Who the fuck cares anymore? Such a pathetic bunch of losers. The fact is these people don’t even care if everything Donny says is true. They can’t think past their “hurt feelings”

Man it really takes a lot of work to make a good looking man like Cody look SOOOO bad. He actually has become unattractive due to his pussy ways.


Funny thing is, they know it is true, everything Donny says and Nicole says is true. They wanted Zach out because eventually Cody/Caleb/Christine and Victoria eventually are going to start seeing it. Maybe it will be at F5, and we hear Christine claiming i didn’t come here to be 5th place. Well, duh, then maybe you should do something about that now, because right now, that’s your position.

That they deny it is happening to them is bizarre. Most alliance members would have flipped for real before now, and these ones only fake flip. And derrick still determined to get Donny as TA member out of the house and call him down, and insults, and hate talk.

I don’t think it is necessary that someone who is already a clear and present target needs all that continued hatred,. We all know he’s going, so what’s the point of all that. If he is in Jury, you think it won’t get back to him all the disgusting things Christine and Derrick said about him? if Derrick and anyone is F2, you think Nicole or Donny hearing what Derrick is saying now will vote for him? He’s his own worst enemy in many ways


she’s not fifth–sixth at best. Under Victoria but above Donny and Nicole.


A lot of us care

pants on fire

Nice try Donny…but for Cody to “think” about it, requires brain cells!!


I really miss Zach :'(

it is hard

I miss him too! he is so funny so funny!

16 sux

Google Beast Mode Cowboy and see what the urban dictionary’s two entries are. Quite amusing.



An egotistical dude who fronts as a major competitor, but is actually a sucky douche come competition time.

Caleb said he was going to go all ‘beast mode cowboy’ in the big game, but he sucked…as usual.

Too Funny

Can we PLEASE put a ban on the word literally! Houseguests, mostly derrick and cody, say it every other sentence and 99.9% of the time it isn’t even used correctly. ARG so annoying. I also do get why people think Cody is hot, all he has going is his abs, that’s it!


What about “I’ll be honest with you”? I’ve learned in life when someone says that they are totally lying to you! Derrick says it A LOT!!


. . . . . and all these “I love” you’s have been said so many times we all know they aren’t sincere. Please production suggest guests say something else.


I wish Nicole DID “literally” throw Cody under a bus.


I am literally figuratively literally sick of the word literally!

Straight Guy

Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Did you hear when Julie Chen announced that Jocosta was ahead???
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Jocosta’s eyes rolled back into her head!
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Jocosta’s bottom lip started quivering
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Jocosta’s mouth started producing an excessive amount of saliva (drool)
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
And I could’ve sworn that the camera caught her mouthing:
I thought for sure Jocosta had become demon possessed again and was going
to go off speaking in an INFERNAL DEMONIC language!!!!
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
One more thing I’d like to mention is:
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
(That was Jocosta, not me)
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
One more thing that I’d like to mention is:
I’d like to call out Julie Chin for hypocrisy and cowardness:
The bucket that was poured on her during live tv,
was not ice water but lukewarm water……………Julie
Chin, you’re a real trooper, when it comes to charity, you
shirk your responsibilities, I guess all you care about is digging
for gold. (Insert sarcasm)
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
There goes Jocosta again, Hayden there is now one thousand and two
uses for duct tape, will you stop those demonic emanations from that bow
tie wearing host? (Host as in a warm body that evil spirits abide in)
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,

Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,
Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada, Dedede, Dadada,

Team Caleb

You’re not straight.

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

You wrong my man team caleb. It iz Caleb dat iz not straight, did you cee him on nashonal tv rubbing Frankies groin area, dat is not straight my man.


Whewww Yuk

I will cut you says

OMG….I can not stop laughing!!!!
Dede dada dede dada dede dada….


“One more thing that I’d like to mention is:
I’d like to call out Julie Chin for hypocrisy and cowardness:
The bucket that was poured on her during live tv,
was not ice water but lukewarm water……………Julie
Chin, you’re a real trooper, when it comes to charity, you
shirk your responsibilities, I guess all you care about is digging
for gold. (Insert sarcasm)”

I read this comment on another comment section and am wondering how you and other at-home-viewers can possibly know what temperature that water was. True, I didn’t see any icecubes falling on Julie’s head but water can be ice cold without having ice in it.

At least Julie did get a bucket of water poured over her for the ALS charity and did challenge all former BB HGs as well as posting a link on the BB show for the charity.

What have you and the other sceptics done for the ALS charity?

And her name is Julie Chen

Show me the money

Good for Chenbot for doing the, ahem, ICE BUCKET challenge. Probably cost her the same amount of money that she spent on researching and finding this seasons cast. ZERO!!!

LOL at Donny and Nicole Stans

Derrick is a top 4 houseguest of all time alongside Will, Dan, and Hayden…. deal with it!


Hayden? I would not put in the top 3. He did not do anything special by himself.

Used To Be BB Fan

I think the Hayden referred to is from a previous BB. Definitely not this one

Yeah Hayden Moss

He is not top 3 of all time.


I disagree. at best derrick is a above average gamer in a big brother house. he looks like a genius because most of the houseguests this year are maroons.

Cody is a sycophant says

Comparing Derricks gameplay to the true greats of BB gameplay is like comparing Christine’s marriage to a real one.




How do you think the BB Greats got to be greats??? By people wanting them out and not liking them and them STILL managing to stay under the radar. HELLO DERRICKS GAME!!!
He is playing this game very well. Regardless who your favorites are. He is up there with good game play.
Oh and Dr Wil had no “game play” he was just a big child in a house of people who came to play the game. Difference is, he already had money so it was no problem to take risks in the game because winning the money will not change your life. Most of these people need the money.


OHHHHHHH I hate Cody so much it makes me sick to even look at him, I dont even think he is cute anymore because he is so Ugly on the inside.

my name is cody, I sit to pee

this happened either last year or the year before that. where there was an attractive girl day one.ooooooo Aaryn! yeah. and by day 2 I no longer found her attractive

I can’t imagine finding cody attractive if I was a girl because of how big of a wuss he is, and you see Zach and how awesome he is, why would anyone settle to root for or like or spend time with Cody? he is lame as can be

Julie's Chin

And what blind person cut Cody’s hair?

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

Iz probobly Cody hiself dat cut hiz own hair. He iz blind if he canot cee dat Christine iz much ugly!

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

Sorry I mispeled mucho, Christine iz mucho ugly not much.

Toe de Kamil

Well said cuz.

Day Yum Yum

Uh, that would be Princess V who wielded the clippers. Useless.


Well its been fun, but I do think Donny is done and will be jury bound this Thursday… I really enjoyed chearing for the beard this summer…. Im just upset about the lack of power shift and the promise twist… this season is even worse than last year…. last year had so much drama…. this is so predictable week after week the large alliance just keeps picking off the non bs members….. this is so boring….

Power Of Veto Corleone

Was that supposed to rhyme?


I tend to agree with you. I am really disillusioned with CBS and the Big Brother production staff. This summer has been disappointing and boring. It is pretty sad to watch most of the houseguests say mean things to other houseguests. The Mean girls, Derrick and Frankie are the worst! I thought that Caleb was doing better after Amber left and was starting to redeem himself…………after watching all these tattle tale liars, I can hardly wait until they start battling it out amongst themselves. They sure are nasty people!

canadian guy

Maybe CBS should do a spin off show of the jury house… Guaranteed it would be better than this mess…


Donnie is doing all he can to stay alive. He has watched and observed these players and knows everything they are up to and who the leaders are. He has no other option than to try and get through to some of them. Too bad they are all followers and not players.

Big Sister

I have to say that if Donny and Nicole go out without something (anything!) like a DPOV or coup d’etat, then CBS et al are giving the viewers a big one finger salute. This will prove they don’t care what most of us think about what has happened with this and last year’s pathetic, one-sided casting by the BB powers that be. Putting in one person who is 10 years older than all of the others, having a total lack of any semblance of real diversity and so many HGs who have no clue about BB (How many times have I read here that one of them had no clue about what long-standing features of the show are like feeds, OBB, Joker’s, Hamsterwatch, Pandora’s Box, DPOV, jury, and the list goes on.) is almost like they want to kill what used to be a truly engrossing phenomenon.


What bothers me most about this season is the complete lack of respect and utter disdain the other houseguests have for Donny. His honesty and decency make them uncomfortable with their own nastiness and they justify that by claiming he is the biggest liar and schemer in the house. I’m shocked whenever someone says they hate him and simply because he has them all figured out. The core group of Derrick, Christine, Cody, Frankie and Caleb have lied and schemed behind EVERYONE’S back including their own so-called alliance. Yet they are outraged when they accuse Donny of the very same thing. I hope we get the big twist we are waiting for and Donny gets to stay and actually gets some power.

I loathe Frankie

If Victoria looks in the mirror again I hope it breaks! I counted on BBAD and during the live show and she did it 246 times!!!! WTF?!
I know this is weird but has anyone noticed frankies finger nails? They are so ugly and he accents them with glitter! UGH!


Lol my husband hates Victoria for her stupidity and vanity. Yes, we have noticed how many times she looks in the mirror and it’s pathetic.


dRINK everytime victoria looks in the mirror or frankie ‘mugs’ for the camera.
*passed out*


How could i notice how disgusting Frankies nails are…..when I can’t see past his lizard tongue go in an out of his mouth all the Time

Straight Guy

Nicole may be a cute Southern girl, (cute NOT pretty!), but she is a bimbo just like Victoria. When it comes to playing BB, Nicole falls in between Jocosta and Victoria (a ZERO). I was hoping that Hayden would’ve won the comp and come back into the house.


Nicole is NOT a southern girl. She is from Michigan. How can you mistake that nasal twang for a southern drawl?

Straight Guy

I was not talking about her geographical place nascency. I was referring to the role Nicole was type cast as: (Jodan’s role from BB11). But I see that you’re too obtuse to extrapolate that.


Oh, I see. Perhaps the next time you attempt a comparison you should be sure to include both parties to be compared. As in apples and oranges. Otherwise, one might be forgiven for taking your statement at face value. You know, so that we little people can share in your insight.


Who cares? He lost all crediility when he put her between Jocasta and Victoria. Nicole wasn’t just handed the term HOH Queen, she earned it. The only reason she has failed is because of the twists working against her and being on the wrong side of a HOUSE Alliance, if it was Big Brother as usual she would have executed some of the greatest moves of the season.

southern girl

I think she’s from southern Michigan.


Southern Michigan? What most people mistake for a whiny speaking voice is actually her Wolverine accent.
And quite frankly after looking at Christine, Victoria, Frankie & Cody for the past week, Nicole is downright gorgeous in comparison (which will automatically earn her 4 votes for eviction). Hell, Jocasta was starting to look fine after a week of those 4 fugmos. I even mistakenly thought Mama J was on the verge of O face during the comp until somebody on here mentioned the speaking in tongues business.



I love you my sweet pink hat

can we have another HG return, and they have a comp where they just excluse Jacosta?

because seriously bringing back anyone could only do so much. they need another number. if you have actually watched this season, you know very well where people stand and how it will go. I loved Zach, fav HG in years, but I knew he was gone if not before jury, by the fifth person to jury. he had no true allies, and his “alliance” constantly screwed him. that alliance got really tight in banding against brit, Zach etc. now they are just one big mean high school click.

there is nothing you can do. we just have to wait until they start cannibalizing each other from within the big 6.

Stupid Caleb

I can’t stand Cody and Christine making out anymore. I’m going to throw up. She says she told Tim that she might have to flirt. Umm, you are way, way past flirting. Cody is a male stripping baby. Christine is not attractive at all and that cackle is hideous. Caleb has been caught in so many lies it’s pathetic. But he does believe himself. Frankie is way too over the top and he needs to stop mentioning his sister every 10 minutes. That’s not going to get you America’s Favorite vote. Derrick is manipulating and conniving but he does play a good game but even he is getting on my last nerve. Victoria is — wait, who is Victoria? Certainly not a player in BB16 that’s for sure. I was really hoping that Donny or Nicole would somehow get this group of idiots to wake up but I fear it’s never going to happen.


I guess if Donny leaves next week he has the comfort of knowing team America accomplished some tasks. he will get his stipend and he may win “Americas favorite houseguest”….added up that’s 2nd place money.

Blah Blah Blah

you people are so rediculous! Derrick is one of the best players to play this game. Donny is a “nice guy” but hello his game sucks! He goes to Cody who is Derricks #1 ally and tries to throw Derrick under the bus!! I’m sorry but he deserves to go just for that move alone! Bad game player nice guy doesn’t win BB!

I Don't Like Derrick

Why don’t you dumbasses talking about Derrick being the greatest player get it? Donny going to the HOH, and throwing his closest ally under the bus?? SO THE FUCK WHATT!!!! Did he put himself in a worse position? NO. He has absolutely nothing to lose, and possibly a little something to gain. Donny knows that they are all going to talk, and he DOESN’T CARE!!! His whole purpose is to put a well deserved crack in Derrick’s game, and it might work, especially if Nicole was smart, and told Frankie about Derrick wanting him out. If Frankie found that out this week, Derrick might convince Cody to send Frankie home, because he would be afraid Frankie would come after them. If Frankie finds out, when he is HOH, he might send Derrick home, especially knowing he will win in the FINAL 2. Donny may not win, but he knows what he is doing by talking to those people, and he’s not being stupid at all. He is hoping that he will get further, but he is at least pointing things out that are absolutely true, to get people to start talking, in order to crack the alliance.


I agree with most of what you have to say, but I don’t think it was wise for Donny to use the specific arguments he did to try to turn Cody against Derrick. Donny knows a lot of what is going on but it seems he doesn’t realize that Derrick plans on keeping Cody til at least final 3. Cody feels very secure with Derrick bc they really are loyal to each other. It really would be foolish for Cody to turn on Derrick at this point. If anything he’d be better off turning on Frankie.

better than giving up

you mean like last year when Amanda was andy’s biggest ally and he chose the right time to rally the loner’s and get out the top dogs? Cody is his best bet to flip (which is really sad), so at least Donny is trying to work on him.


Last years Andy flip was different bc he knew that Amanda’s final loyalty was to McCrae. This year Cody is secure with Derrick. It’s very risky to turn on someone who is sincerely loyal to you. Derricks easily taking him to final 3, if not final 2. Frankie is a better target for Cody this week, but it’s a difficult leap to make now that Cody knows that Donny wanted him out over Zach.


The power Derrick thinks he has, has gone to his head. He has become a tyrant and thinks no one will find him out. Watch out Derrick – you’ve slipped up more than once and more than one person besides Donny are beginning to see you for what you are. I believe Victoria has discovered he is a phony-baloney and Christene has some doubt. Best for Derrick to be gone and then the players will be on their own and need to make their own decisions.

Jody H

I am not saying that Derrick is not a good player. He definitely can read players and exploit weaknesses. However, all of his housemates are, quite possibly, the worst game players of BB. They could be told by Julie Chen that Derrick is manipulating them and they would ask him if it’s true. It’s amazing. For some who were supposed to be superfans, they obviously do not understand what is happening. It’s great for him, way too boring for us.

my name is cody, I sit to pee

I hate how Victoria and Cody act like they have done something. just because you are still in a game where one person is eliminated every week, doesn’t mean you are playing the game. give me a break.

I question the Victoria situation. I think she/her family threatened to sue at some point, or were angry about her edit. I don’t like how she seems to have people in the DR who “keep her safe” and sort of cater to her. I don’t like how production seemed to have a hand in her activities with the….someone play the bagpipes….Pink hat…

she is too comfortable. too clueless. someone will drag Victoria to final 3, and that pisses me off. for Zach ATTACK, I hope she sees jury, and he can torture her for the 1-2 hours they film


She thinks production is the game. She interacts with them, and then comes out and talks about how much they love her and enjoy her. And she actually thinks that that is part of the game, and her game play. She’s clueless about actually winning comps, and anything else about the other HGs and playing the game.

Who runs around telling people she thinks another HG is going to stab her or throw boiling water in her face? They aren’t wackos.


Production! Make Cody listen, we know you’ve done it before…


Try could try but I still don’t think Cody will get it. He reminds me of the scarecrow in OZ…..skipping down the yellow brick road Derrick has built for him and singing “If I only had a brain”


Donny talking to any of these morons won’t do any good. They are afraid of each other and stuck like glue. Look at all the evictions. It is all of them or zero votes. They are all afraid of their shadow, oh except Skankie who lives in his sisters shadow.

Franicsco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

Victoria she seems like berry nice summissive gurl, but she is not. she showed her tru colores when she pooped on a man that iz down for the last count. She tore up da pink hat that Senor Zach like to wear. She is a how do you say berry vindictive bitch.

my name is cody, I sit to pee

as much as I like Donny….he made a huge mistake in this game. he waited until it was too late to give Zach really crucial information about the game. he needed to tell him to shut up, to listen, and he could have exposed team America to Zach. risky? sure. but he is in no better place now. I felt he waited far too long to go after that “Crack” in the alliance, and I said it weeks ago so it is not hindsight, I believe he dropped the ball there.

still, I think how they treat him is BS, he has done NOTHING, Zach had really done very little in the grand scheme of things and they actually convinced him by the time he was evicted that he had done bad things. Poor Donny.


Donny and everybody else outside of the giant blob alliance were doomed. When non blob members won the HOH they still let the blob control them. One of Donny’s biggest mistakes was to nominate players who de-throned him from HOH and allowed Nicole to stay as the sole HOH. She did not have the backbone to stand up to the influences of the blob. Now he really has no path to victory. Neither does Nicole.


Would someone please remind Victoria that Derrick is a married man??!!?? The way she tells him “I love you” and demands it being said in return, is just WEIRD… and disrespectful to him wife.


How about Derrick remind her. DAMN!! He is the only one with the obligation.


I’ve never ‘loved’ anybody I’ve only known for 2 months anyway. The way they all toss that word out is way weird to me.

Valentina Corleone

When Christine got zinged by the Bot and Julie, Derrick realized he had to get space between him and Victoria FAST. He may not have taken Victoria’s schoolgirl crush seriously, but after Christine well-deserved hammering, he wised up. Victoria’s relentless “I love you” need to stop and he’s the only one who can stop it. And Victoria? Grow up already.


If they call out Donny. All Donny should do is say “5 of you and only 2 makes it you’re all not going to tie” and then leaves. #teamdonny #dpov

Power Of Veto Corleone

Victoria showed how lame her game has been all summer when she said the biggest thing she did was cutting up the pink hat. She should have added that she also never met a mirror she didn’t like. Whoever interviewed her and suggested she would be a good HG should be fired.
Unless of coarse it was Bobo the monkey. In that case take away his bananas.


May someone explain what Frankie meant about his comment that went along the lines apparently he is magic or something when Caleb was talking about donnys brother fixing the computer. I found it truly offensive


Frankie likes to pretend he is everyone’s friend but he has turned out to be a nasty, spoiled diva. His claims of being a “media mogul” are ridiculous and no one ever heard of him until BB and it was announced he is Ariana Grande’s brother. I would rather see anyone else besides Christine win the whole game.

Valentina Corleone

Hey Cody – stop wearing the Temple shirts. You’re embarrassing us with your idiocy.

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kamil de Umberto

Frankie iz un sexual predador, Caleb iz afraid of his tru sexual prefences, Victoria is une berry vindictive bitch, Christine iz une mujer de la calle, Cody has little balls of cotton, Derrick plays with puppets, Nicole iz dum dum, Donny is une berry good hombre but he weel not win. I am not going to watch dis BB show no more.

Dat was not tru I weel watch BB again and again. I just had not hurd any person say dat and ebery udder year Mi has hurd dat? Dat waz a joky…..(REVA) whish meens LOL in spanish.

Zing Sting

For Christine being so religous, she sure “HATE” a lot of people in the house. How is she going to explain that one to her pastor??!!?? Two faced dingus!

Vote 4 Zack Attack

Donnie is making $K’s with TA. America- vote for Zack for Americas Favorite!! Give Frankie a kick to his ego by voting for Zack!

Used To Be BB Fan

I would definitely vote Zack and if not, no way in dick humping hell would Frankie get my vote.

Donny for AF!!

Zach was on the show to simply get instagram followers. Donny was there to win the big prize. Zach got what he wanted already.
Zach had to constantly rehearse his speeches, script his ZachAttacks and plan to put on a show, whereas Donny has naturally captured America’s heart.
Zach winning wouldn’t make Frankie upset (he would just assume it was because he was part of Zankie and won as an extension of Frankie), Donny winning would devastate Frankie if he was also eligible.

And don’t get me wrong… I loved Zach. But I grew to love him from him vulnerable and sincere Diary Room Sessions. I hope Donny wins! (but Zach is my second choice, I would be happy for either of them, pissed if it is anyone else)


I am preparing myself for Donny to get evicted……at least he’ll get his BB stipend, whatever he made on the tricks and I KNOW he’ll get America’s Favorite. Probably a summer paycheck of over $80,000 (I’m guessing…) AND he’ll be going home with all his integrity intact.


I’m not sure how a DPOV would help. They would just vote out Nicole if Donny won it and vice versa. It’s not like Cody had a worry when he was on the block. Even if it was Derrick or Frankie up there, these moronic sheep have been brainwashed into thinking they need those two. Pretty much, none of the other detonators/BSers are capable of independent game play. Now, a coup d’état on the other hand received by Donny or Nicole would be a huge game changer. What do you think, any chance that could happen this week?

Love BB

Derrick clearly intends to bring Victoria to the end. If Donny goes…………..I would LOVE it if Victoria won! Not because she’s done anything, but to see the look on Derricks face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon Donny ….. one more time….win POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria's Reflection

Oh God yeah – once Donny and Nicole go I am cheering Victoria all the way. I love how she’s not afraid to make bold, game changing moves like cutting up her own hat. I truly feel she is the perfect emblem for this most twisted summer!

Blah Blah Blah

so you would prefer to cheer on Victoria who is the ultimate floater instead of someone who is actually playing the game, and playing it quite well?! So I know which kind of player you would be if you were in the BB house….can you say FLOATER!!!! Geez you people are dumb, and you are sitting here talking about how dumb the HG’s are? LOL Reading these posts I just can’t help myself. I’ve never posted on this site, but I just can’t help myself this year. You all need to GET OVER IT!!!! The best players are getting further and that’s that.

Used To Be BB Fan

Ok I have one fun question to everyone!!! Do any of the houseguests get to read these blogs AFTER the show is over. I would love to see that if they could….now that would be a good show


I am truly tired of all these young idiots in this game. not one of them is there to play the game. they all want the fame. derrick has played a flawless social game and if everything goes the way I think it will, he will win this. I am totally on Donny’s side. I love that man. so I am hoping for the best but it does not look promising.
as for next year I think they should not have so many young beautiful people in there. they should have a few but there are many many good looking people that are 30 and 40 that would love to play this game and not ride on coat tails with others. this last couple of years have been just horrible with just these beautiful young morons playing. they don’t think for themselves they need to use the older wiser person to guide them and that is what they found in derrick and Frankie. I don’t like twist I don’t like them pulling tricks to get a certain character to win (yes character because they don’t understand real life.) and because of this Donny has not been able to play the social game. they all lie and backstabbed him including Nicole and hayden. hayden figured it out once he was gone. this was not a game to win 500 but to have fun for the majority in that house. derrick, Donny and Frankie are the only ones actually playing the game and when one of the other people tried to play they fell in the hands of derrick blowing his smoke to get rid of them. so essentially most were gone the moment derrick realized they were going to actually play the game. there are a few exceptions but for the most part they were eliminated. they all have followed derrick because he is the older cool guy. (not cute but cool with them) they all seem mindless. Donny is the only one that sees through all of that and because he doesn’t relate to the young folk he is derricks number 1 target, all of them if they have any type of brain will see this after they are out of the house. (maybe they all seem a little mindless)
I do think Frankie will get America’s favorite if they have it because all of his sister’s fans will vote for him. that is really why the rating’s are so high this year not because the show is any good anymore but because of his sister’s fans. I am a fan of her work and her voice but I am a fan of bb. I will vote for Donny no matter what. my vote will not be because of who Frankie is related to it will be because of who Donny is. I just pray that it goes the right way. I don’t even believe in praying but if that is what I have to do then I will. I am tired with none players and just fame suckers. when are they actually going to get people in there that can actually think for themselves and don’t need mommy and daddy’s permission to borrow the car. thanks for reading my rant.

Team Hurry Up and Air Survivor Already!

WHAT is Cody doing????? Doesn’t he know he isn’t suppose to talk to Donny alone behind closed doors?!?! Derrick said so! I am so glad Derrick bought Boston Rob’s book and read it at his Rooky desk job!

echo 1

Maybe the twist will be CBS will cut the season of BB 16 by 3 weeks. That will perk up the fan and viewers. Can you imagine the new fans tuning in for the first time. I wonder what the ratings are, IM sure the sponsors are not too thrilled either. It will be hard to get the powers that be to give the go a head for BB 17. especially after BB 15


I have read here a few people saying Frankie is 21 he is actually 31. That explains why he acts so much more mature than everyone else……….kidding. He is 31 though.


He’s a good looking kid ! But beauty is only skin deep but stupid goes right down to the bone 🙁 he’s just a male version of Victoria lol


I think he told everyone in the house he was 28 but I don’t know how they believed him. He looks much older than even 31 to me.


Crustine is so repugnant. Such as ugly person inside and out.


Can Derrick please show some respect to his family and tell Victoria that there are boundaries when you are in a relationship let alone MARRIED?!?! Stop this love crap! He. Is. Not. That. Into. You!


I can’t believe the only endurance so far this year was the very first one of hanging on the log, and that didn’t even last that long.

Wishful Thinking

I hope there will be a Pandora’s Box like there was in the season with Rachel and Jordan. Let Donny and Nicole team up and win veto.


I think porkboy and kotex make a sweet couple. Both of them could go after the homeless in their town and clean up their streets like the scumbags they are on the show.
Christink can go back to slinging coffee that is if any customers actually would want her to handle their drinks.
Frankinslime can go back under his sisters shadow that is if she still had one.
And tiny feet beasturd can go back to killing innocent creatures that deserve to live way more then he does.
Lastly sweet Donny can go back to hisl life knowing all America loves him and respects how he played this rigged game.