Christine “Julie Chen called me out for throwing a competition?! Seriously, Julie I hate your guts!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations:  ?
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2:10am Up in the HOH room Nicole says I am not going to talk any game or say anything I am not that stupid. Cody says I think its awesome that you came back. I want Donny to go and so if he goes on the block I want him to go. If he stays on the block that’s what I want. That would give you another chance to stay longer. Nicole says keep me safe so that if there’s a double eviction. You’ll know that I won’t put you up. You could easily be someone elses target if the chance presented itself. Keep people around that are going to keep you safe! Anyways thanks for talking to me Cody. Nicole leaves.
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2:15am Christine heads up to the HOH room “To warm up in bed”. Frankie comes up with his bag and says moving in!! Cody says can I just sleep alone for 1 night?! Cody hugs Frankie and says don’t be mad. Are you going to be mad? Frankie says no. Cody talks about his conversation with Nicole. He says that she said she never lied. Cody says yeah Um, okay! I told her that there’s a chance she could go up. Frankie asks does she know about the open door policy? Cody says I said that anything that gets said get brought out to everyone quickly. Cody says she knows its 6 vs 2. Cody says I am not looking forward to talking to Donny tomorrow. Frankie says that he heard that the jury people only had an hour or two to talk about game. Cody says that Nicole knows that if Donny comes off the block she is the one to go. Frankie grabs his bag downstairs. Christine says that she even told Frankie that you probably wanted to sleep alone and he didn’t understand why. Christine looks at Cody’s photos. She says You look so much like your dad! Cody says his brother is a f**king STUD! Christine says he is VERY attractive! Christine loves that his dad wore a zebra suit to his wedding. Victoria leaves.

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2:20am Caleb talks to Nicole in the bathroom about the NFL trip they got out of the house. He says that he was told if they heard anything about they game they would be kicked off the show. It was super stress full! I was like put something in my ears. How can I be kicked off for someone else yelling something!? Frankie joins them. They talk about how fast the money could go if they won. After taxes your already down to 3 hundred something thousand. Then pay off student loans and you’d be luck if it last you a year depending on how you spend it. Caleb starts talking about the million from survivor.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-22 02-46-20-843
2:40am Frankie joins them up in the HOH room again. Christine asks can we just acknowledge that Julie Chen called me out on national television for throwing a competition?! What the HELL?! Seriously Julie I hate your guts! Cody pretends to be Christine responding to Julie saying the darkness. I was like oh my god Christine pull it back. Cody asks so should I call Donny out tomorrow? Frankie says no just yes him to death and send him on his way. Caleb joins them. He tells them about how Nicole said that Zach is really popular outside the house. She commented on how he and I are pretty well liked. Caleb asks about his conversation with Nicole. Cody tells him what he and Nicole talked about.
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2:50am Victoria talks to Derrick in the bathroom. She says that she is just really sad about her Zing. Derrick says think about tonight you beat out Nicole. I even got asked about it in the diary room. I says my girl Victoria knocked out Nicole with a one two punch. Victoria says mine was game related?! Like I don’t want to let down fans that are rooting for me. I am just not an entertainer. Derrick says that’s not your role, that’s not why you were cast. Beast Mode Cowboy, Zach-Attack and Frankie were cast to be the entertainers. I am not an entertainer and neither are you. You were cast for a particular reason and you’re obviously doing something right because you’re still here! You have nothing to worry about this week, just please be happy. Victoria says if people in the house don’t want me here .. I don’t want to be here! Derrick asks who doesn’t want you here?! Victoria says no one. Derrick says you’re being crazy. Stop! To be honest you’re still here because people think you can’t win competitions. Victoria says I don’t want people to think that I am that stupid. Derrick says keep doing what you’re doing and you are guaranteed to get to top 4. Victoria says I just don’t want to let down the producers and people that cast me. Derrick says oh my god I can’t even talk to you right now. If you win the show you’re entertaining. Your naiveness is entertaining. Derrick says I need to go upstairs to here what they’re saying. Victoria says I love you! Derrick leaves. Victoria says I said I love you! Derrick says I love you.
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3am Derrick heads up to the HOH room – They all agree that they want Donny out this week. Cody then reiterates the conversation he had with Nicole. If Donny doesn’t win the POV he is done. He’s going home. Derrick says this week we have no reason to deviate from the plan. Frankie starts counting the bird houses. They talk about how Donny’s brother has an IQ of 142. He is a genius. Derrick says Donny also said he took the test too but didn’t say his score. Caleb says he said that his brother who has no arms took apart a computer and put it back together. He is literally a genius. Frankie says he is apparently magic too. Derrick says if Donny wins the veto I am literally going to bow down to him. Cody says f**k that noise. I hate you! Christine says I hate your guts so much! Derrick says in the diary room I was blowing you over you winning the HOH. Frankie says yeah I was blowing the camera. Derrick tells Cody in his nomination speech he should say “I know you didn’t like the skittles thing last week, so I thought I would switch it up… your M&M got pulled! Take a seat.” Cody asks is that an a$$hole move? Frankie says we are a$$holes! That’s who we are! Derrick says I don’t hate Donny, I actually like him. Christine asks you like him?! I hate him!! Cody says he called me stupid today and I graduated from one of the top business schools in the country. I am literally pissed about that. Victoria joins them. Derrick grills her on who she was talking to because BB had called her out for talking about her diary room session. Victoria says I was telling Nicole about the pink hat. Cody and the others want to see the hat so Victoria goes to get it. They all tell her its awesome. Cody says we should put it on the grill. Victoria says no, I want to frame it.
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262 thoughts on “Christine “Julie Chen called me out for throwing a competition?! Seriously, Julie I hate your guts!”

  1. I can’t help but laugh reading through all those posts here saying that Cody is weak beacuse he won’t do a “big move”, that he’s just doing “what’s best for Derrick, not himself”.
    Donny tried to get him evicted these past days. Nicole came in and said that Derrick and Cody were her 2 targets.
    So… Cody putting them 2 up is dumb for him? Seriously, those of you who say that and use the word “dumb”, you should have a long look at a mirror. And switch your brain on. At least try to. Please.

    1. He and the others are dumb because they have no control over their own games. They don’t make any discussions and are happy to let the others control them. Its one thing to make good, smart game moves but its another if you don’t make any. Victoria, Cody, and Christine are seen as a joke in the house game wise and unless one of them is standing up their with one of the other two, then none of them have a shot to win. Nobody would vote for them. And the fact they don’t realize they are pawns is what makes them dumb. They are just happy to be there and be apart of the “winning team” in a game where only one person will win. Just look at Victoria’s reaction when Zingbot called her out. They all think they’re playing the game.

      1. I was referencing 1 specific subject, which is “who Cody should nominate”.
        Some people here are saying “Cody is a wuss/dumb/blind/I hate him for nominating Donny and Nicole. That’s the SPECIFIC point I’m questioning. If you think it’s a wrong decision, then tell me who he should put up. Not because YOU want him to, but because it’s better for HIS game. Please, I’d LOVE to know.
        But by all means, please feel free to gang up on him like hundreds do with their degrading and insulting comments. Part of why you’re attacking them is for “ganging up” on Donny. There, it’s 6 vs 2.
        Here, it’s hundreds of anonymous vs 1.
        But hey, you’re in the right, and they’re “disgusting pathetic excuses of human beings” for doing 1/100th of what you’re doing…

        1. Honestly, his best move would be to use his control over Christine, talk to Nicole and Donnie and maybe Caleb. Say they can never beat Frankie and Derrick in the final two. And then out those two up. Christine would 100% be down with it which means they would have enough votes to get one of them out. Hope Caleb is on board but if he isn’t, they don’t need him. Then he’d be the one in control, Donnie and Nicole would be loyal with him for a while while Christine, Caleb and Victoria were still in the house, and Christine would be loyal to him while the other two are in the house. Then eventually use Victoria and Christine to take down Nicole and Donny. He’d be the new Derrick in full control and made a big enough move to win with also a chance to drag Victoria to the end for an easy win. That’s the kind of move a real game player would make. With Derrick and Frankie he will never win and they all know it. They all keep saying Derrick deserves it, so why keep playing his game for him to win?

          1. Thank you for answering in a mature and respectful manner. That’s what I love / loved about discussions on this site, and that’s the kind of post I’m genuinely motivated to reply to and to exchange points of view with.
            This has gotten rare these days, so I apologize for wrongly implying you were one of those hysterical haters.

            About your suggestion of keeping Donny: they’re all saying that if Donny made it to F2, he’d win, and he’d deserve all their votes. That alone is a good reason for a smart game player not to want to take him further in the game.
            Donny has told Cody several times that “he’d be rooting for someone like Cody to win, and if Cody did make it to F2, he’d vote for him”. He reiterated to Cody 2 days ago that they should work together and have each other’s backs, while telling Christine and Frankie yesterday that they should get Cody out. (to Christine: because Zach hates Frankie and would target Frankie; to Frankie: because Zach loves Frankie and would take Frankie to F2).
            So given Donny tried to get Cody evicted while lying to his face, I don’t see how “believing Donny would work with him for a while” now would be smart. Donny’s back is even more against the wall than last week (he was safe for the week), so Cody has to assume Donny will say whatever necessary now, and won’t suddenly start feeling guilty about lying and not keeping promises.
            If Cody did go against Derrick and Frankie, he’d still have 1 of them in the house after this week. Also, they all know how loyal Caleb is, so Caleb would be mad at him as well. He knows how tight (/in love/blind) Victoria is with Derrick. So he’d lose Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Victoria FOR SURE while imo probably not gaining new allies in Donny and Nicole. He’d lose them as allies, and any chance of a vote in the end.
            If he makes it to F2 with Victoria or Christine while sticking to the current plan, I think he’ll win.
            He stopped telling Derrick “I don’t agree with what you’re saying” a few weeks ago (when he kept on defending Nicole and Hayden to Derrick, while Derrick kept on refusing the idea of working with them), and I believe it’s because he realized what’s best for him: don’t disagree openly, but be aware of what Derrick is trying to do.
            At least, that’s what I reckon.

            1. If my alliance didn’t vote for me over Donny in the end it would prove more about their dishonesty then anything. Donny should only have jacosta, Hayden and Nicole as his votes. Everyone else should vote for the person still left in tier alliance. That’s why you get votes as people leave and don’t rely solely on game play. There are many bitter jury’s in these games.

              1. and I also think Donny will be easier to beat in competitions as they near the end, much more so than Frankie or Caleb. That’s another reason I don’t understand why they don’t consider. My guess is that people like Cody and Christine think I’ll deal with that problem when the time comes, but the time pretty much has come.

          2. 1000 thumbs up! And your explanation just proved why the Bomb Squad (BS – apropos) is so frustrating – so many fans that have insight & know how to play the game and BB casts these morons for eviction fodder just to piss us off. Why?

          3. EXACTLY. If he wanted to make the BEST move for his game, he needs to get rid of Frankie or Derrick bc if someone doesn’t now, one of them seriously will win the game – and honestly, at that point, if they were able to manipulate that far, they’d deserve to win. The only one who sees what is really going on is Donny – and noone will listen to him or work with him – and he is virtually powerless bc he has no allies.

        2. You want to know what he should do? He should stop and think “who can beat me?” DERRICK AND FRANKIE! He should start a brand new alliance with Christine, Donny and Nicole. He has to know that Derrick is praying to take Victoria to final two. And Frankie will never take him to final two, because he knows he can beat Caleb. If he had half a brain, he could figure this out. It’s Big Brother 101. Surprised you didn’t figure this out…well maybe not.

          1. exactly .. why do none of these HG think .. WHO CAN BEAT ME !?!?!??!! and further I am really losing interest in this show for the OBVIOUS no endurance comps because they dont want Caleb to win … WHY?!?!!? let the man win … its to bad he showboated but to DENY him of any endurance comps the rest of the summer … I LIKE THE COMPS!! not stupid questions every week … grrrrrrr … GIVE ME ENDURANCE!!!! I liked going to bed knowing they were standing there battling it out and wake up to read who the winner is … COME ON BRING BACK ENDURANCE .. seriously just cause Caleb is good doesnt mean will DEF will win

        3. I think her should put up- frankie, Victoria, or Caleb, the reason is Derek will take Victoria f2, or frankie/Caleb will be f2. He can’t beat Derek, or Frankie, or even Caleb- he only could win against Chris or vic. He needs to keep Donny, and Nick they will stay targets, and could help him. Also not a fan of Cody- not even close to being in the same league as Zac Efron, he said he was hotter lolz!!!!!!

        4. If Cody wanted to make a BOLD move that would ultimately be good for his game in long term, he would put up Frankie and Caleb because neither of them would take him to the finals and they are in each others back pockets. They are both strong players all the way around and could beat Cody in the end. THAT would be Cody’s BEST move and it would be a HUGE move that would give him recognition as a power player. Once Frankie is gone, Caleb has to switch his loyalty and right now… Caleb is loyal to Frankie first. Derrick would be weakened as well with Frankie gone and would have to depend on Cody more.

        5. He should try to break up Crankie, before they are as tight as he and Derrick, getting rid of Victoria, Derrick’s other ally would leave Derrick no other and at least give Cody a better hold on him, it would still leave it. 5-2. Any of them should want to keep Donny and Nicole until it is 4-2, then get one of them out…4-1 or 3-2

        6. “dumb” is ignoring someones ACTUAL game participation and assessing their game play based on their aesthetic appeal…..
          “dumb” is cody believing him and derrick “came in with the EXACT same gameplan”
          “dumb” is cody ACTUALLY playing the same game victoria is playing
          “dumb” is ad hominem attacks on donny, immediately after watching the fallout from the previous season for similar behavior
          “dumb” is NOT coming up with ONE single original thought over the course of 65 days

          Cody, is a tool….. and let me just say, when CALEB questions your intelligence, my friend, you may very well find your picture NEXT to the word “dumb” in the dictionary…

          Maybe I am bitter we couldnt actually get a game going, since Donny or Nicole couldnt win HoH….
          maybe Im bitter because all but one unanimous votes is not only boring, its total BS….
          maybe Im biiter because their are WAYYY too many sheep….
          or maybe Im just bitter….

          But its DISGUSTING to watch these people…. to me its harder than last year….
          dont get me wrong… in NO WAY do I condone, tolerate, or accept racism, bigotry, or any prejudice for that matter… but articulated assumptions of a group of people based on generalized stereotypes are more common than anyone would like to admit, and they don’t ALWAYS reflect the attitude of someone toward an individual of that group…. for example- aaryn DEF implicated herself as a racist- but that may or may not be the 100% reality on a case by case point with individuals…. we know she had minority friends…. while her behavior was abhorrent, distasteful, and unbelievably stupid, I can be more forgiving of misrepresented broad strokes than intended surgical precision….
          basically I am WAYYYY MORE bothered and DISGUSTED by the way christine, frankie, cody, and even sometimes derricks attack on donny as an individual…. WE KNOW, as feeders, as super fans, Donny is a genuine, honest, and good person…. and they are systematically assaulting him on every level as if the sheep wont stampede over him either way…. Why does christine “HATE his F-ing guts”, how is he this scheming, manipulating, liar CODY??, What makes him “americas fave F&^% up, Frankie? it goes on and on

          I get that the sheep aren’t playing numbers until 6 is left…. but the reality is THAT is “DUMB”…. and I believe the chinks in Derricks armor are showing…. and let me elaborate…

          Aside from derricks massive overreaction and fireroom soapboxing after nicoles return….. derrick is playing a game that could easily pit hitmen againt caleb/frankie….. is that the two this master manipulator REALLY wants to compete against in the home stretch? with physical comps most assuredly coming and frankies gaming edge, I believe the hitmen may very well be sinking their own ship…. I would hate that as a F4, because I have grown to detest that group of people sooo much….
          derrick may or may not be THAT good…. I would love to see more chiefs and less indians and see how he would work that field
          Cody and victoria are identical, except vics won more comps- but both are sheep
          frankie is getting the golden edit, but I think we all know arianna and the twittersphere SAVED his life… where was frankies “I WILL WRECK YOU ZACH!” in the live episode last night… c’mon CBS, show the populace how this cat really acts
          Christine- doesnt deserve her name mentioned in my post or ANY post for that matter…. the cant even keep her hands off cody when frankie is laying BETWEEN them!!!
          Caleb- pathological stalker- detests me that people are FORGETTING what a psycho this midget is, his game has def improved since amber left, but people PLEASE, this guy packs more creepy into 5’3″ than should be allowed in ANY two people….

          And we are left with Donny and Nicole….. and not a tremendous amount of hope….. Please oh please cbs…. Pandoras box the douche cody with the most unfavorable pandoras box in the history of BB…. make this a game before the sheep starting voting themselves out to protect derrick or frankies game…. PLEASE make this interesting, Please keep hope alive for the good guys…


          1. Dumbest thing these people are going to do is try to get out Nicole, or Donny before one of the 6.
            For one thing, clearly they aren’t HOH winners, and another thing that no one is going to want to vote for Nicole tow win if she got to F2, simply because they have a knee jerk reaction to anyone who comes back in the game like that.
            What is most frustrating is that these people are not playing individual games, and because they aren’t doing that none of them are seeing the sense in what either Donny or Nicole or Zach is saying to them. Zach is a perfect example, they took him out over Victoria. Why the remaining HGs don’t clue in that when given a chance they will continue to take out one of them before Victoria, and see that about it I really don’t know.

            Gullible is what they are. Someone spends a lot of time talking about how they are lying, and Cody knows that he and Derrick came to Hayden and Nicole with an alliance discussion, so how can he possibly say that Nicole would be lying if she says that they had an alliance. He gets Derrick telling him she is lying about that? Like wasn’t he there?

            All of them are very short sighted for their personal games. The majority of BB HGs know that you keep targets and you keep enemies. The enemies you work with in order to get your alliance members taken out before yourself. Then you can attempt to take out the enemy later.

          2. You write:
            “basically I am WAYYYY MORE bothered and DISGUSTED by the way christine, frankie, cody, and even sometimes derricks attack on donny as an individual…. WE KNOW, as feeders, as super fans, Donny is a genuine, honest, and good person…. and they are systematically assaulting him on every level as if the sheep wont stampede over him either way…. Why does christine “HATE his F-ing guts”, how is he this scheming, manipulating, liar CODY??, What makes him “americas fave F&^% up, Frankie? it goes on and on”

            So if the best representation of Cody attacking Donny as an individual you came up with is calling him “a scheming, manipulating, liar”, is Cody really THAT horrible? That you find him more disgusting than Aaryn’s tirades? I’m a bit irritated that people put Cody in the same hat as Christine and Frankie. I strongly dislike those 2.
            About your opinion on how “we live feeders know how honest and genuine Donny is”,
            here’s what I wrote:
            “Donny has told Cody several times that “he’d be rooting for someone like Cody to win, and if Cody did make it to F2, he’d vote for him”. * He reiterated to Cody 2 days ago that they should work together and have each other’s backs, while telling Christine and Frankie yesterday that they should get Cody out. (to Christine: because Zach hates Frankie and would target Frankie; to Frankie: because Zach loves Frankie and would take Frankie to F2).
            So given Donny tried to get Cody evicted while lying to his face, I don’t see how “believing Donny would work with him for a while” now would be smart. Donny’s back is even more against the wall than last week (he was safe for the week), so Cody has to assume Donny will say whatever necessary now, and won’t suddenly start feeling guilty about lying and not keeping promises.”
            * Actually, Donny repeated this very morning to Cody that he’d vote for him to win. Now, if Donny is honest, who is he lying to? (notice the irony here?)
            Is he honest as you say, or a liar like Cody said? Objectively?

            Oh, and about your assumption that rooting for Cody can only rely on his “aesthetic appeal”: I’m a heterosexual male, and I recall BB14 winner Ian Terry discussing a few weeks ago on Rob Cesternino’s podcast how Cody is a good player, levelheaded, and Ian’s pick to win.
            Are you saying Ian is gay, or that Ian is actually a girl?
            I’m not a big fan of people making ignorant assumptions like you just did with me.

        7. I agree with you.. Cody hasn’t been a terror in the house and has actually been mellow.. I don’t know if people have been keeping track on the live feeds or not, but Cody seems to be knowledgeable about past seasons of BB, and has brought up different past players. I think he has studied past seasons, the only one so house guest so far that seems to be talking about past seasons. Being low key which he has so far may be a great tactic in this game.. Cody has no enemies like Zach said before with his pitch to Frankie. Cody may not be great at comps but his social game is impressive.. Yes being low key can certainly work to your advantage. Cody may end up being the dark horse of the season. Don’t underestimate him.

    2. I’m laughing at your comment Frenchie! U do realize cody is the biggest wuss right. Wasn’t he the same guy when he was HOH, had to put up a replacement nominee and didn’t have the balls to put Caleb up. He ended up putting Donny up (mind you cody told him he wasn’t) and after he did went to his HOH room crying like the wussie he is. Derrick controls Cody if you’ve become watching the season. If Cody made final 2 with anyone but Victoria the jury will be like “why should you win. You haven’t done much besides wining because you need a snickers bar” lol

      1. I’d say he made the right choice.
        HGe was torn between putting up Donnie, who he liked as a person but wasn’t his ally, and Caleb, who was a pain in the a$$ to live with, but who his allies would have disliked seeing on the block. They might even have NOT voted Caleb out, and then putting Caleb up really would have been a mistake. It ended up being the right decision, since Caleb is loyal and dumb. He was the right one to keep.
        But please, keep your opinion of them as you see fit, even if that means you say that Cody putting up Donny and Nicole is a dumb move.

      2. I reay hope it is cody and derrick.there only.for donny to ask cody so you were hateful.towards ne the hole time yoi never approached help u out in this game why thwb say wjats my favorite cereal if.u can answer.that for u lol

      3. So agree with U Anonymous .. Also could someone Please Put A Muzzle on Rat Face Christian!!! She is Just so ugg! And she is just All Over Cody!! Isn’t she Married!! She Just annoys Me!!

      4. Why would anyone in that house go against the majority while HOH?? You do realize that they have to play the rest of the game with their alliance? Being untrustworthy and unreliable to your fellow alliance members is not a smart move at all.. SO why would Cody or anyone else for that matter do only what they wanted and go against the “house” early on the game like you suggested? Cody wanted to put up Caleb, but for his game and to please the other house guests which only strengthened his game he went with the majority. Right now it is the same thing, he needs to lay low and do what Derrick wants in order to advance further. I can see Cody turning on Derrick down the line when the rest of the Detonators starts thinning out.

    3. Yes but he and caleb and frankie think they all can just get four and winlike thats how u win lol if he was smart he’d put up frankie caleb of thestrong competitors leave so that in final four he is the best one there thats how the best have played not lets get rid of an because I am.insecure because he calls me out for toiching.myself and for hanging all over a married woman and go avter someone who alrwady has veen evicted he isnt that smart simple

    4. What you say is true… Nic and Donny are both going after Cody. However, Cody doesn’t know Nic is going after him. Both he and Derrick think she is going after Frankie and Christine. Frankie is a comp beast and this is the week where Frankie doesn’t have power. You have to take your shots when you have your opportunity. Yes he knows Donny is going after him, but how many HOH’s has Donny won compared to Frankie? From the information he knows his best bet is targeting Frankie and the only way to target Frankie is to put up Vic and Frankie. I agree from his point of view it would be stupid to go after Derrick but I think if he were playing smart with what he knew he should put up Frankie and Vic or Frankie and Caleb. As a live feeder we know he should put up Donny and NIc.. even if we don’t want to see them go.

    5. What you say is true… Nic and Donny are both going after Cody. However, Cody doesn’t know Nic is going after him. Both he and Derrick think she is going after Frankie and Christine. Frankie is a comp beast and this is the week where Frankie doesn’t have power. You have to take your shots when you have your opportunity. Yes he knows Donny is going after him, but how many HOH’s has Donny won compared to Frankie? From the information he knows his best bet is targeting Frankie and the only way to target Frankie is to put up Vic and Frankie. Especially after Frankie used the veto on Caleb and not him. I agree from his point of view it would be stupid to go after Derrick but I think if he were playing smart with what he knew he should put up Frankie and Vic or Frankie and Caleb. As a live feeder we know he should put up Donny and NIc.. even if we don’t want to see them go.

    6. Putting up Donny and Nicole isn’t a dumb move, its no move at all. Putting up Derrick and Frankie is a move. Donny and Nicole are numbers he can use to make that move.

      1. The move you’re suggesting would hugely increase Cody’s chances of getting evicted next week. That is what I’d call a dumb move.
        I’d rather take what you call the “no move at all” which is the best move available to him at this point.

        1. With all do respect, Frenchie, these guys with the exception of Donny have been playing Derricks’s game the whole time. Zach tried to point that out with Cody’s last HOH and his little 12 hour reign, and that’s what really got him bounced. Every person that has left has benefitted Derrick and Derrick alone. The fact that Vic is still there should send huge alarm bells to these guys, but it doesn’t register because Derrick, Donny, and sometimes Frankie are the ones playing the game. The rest of them aren’t there to win 500k. Sorry, those are the facts. Cody should’ve gotten rid of Caleb when was HOH, watch that come back and bite him in the next couple of weeks. Zach even told him that was best for his game and supported him. Who stopped that one? Derrick did. Derrick has controlled everybody’s HOH since the jump. Cody hasn’t done jack all summer. Derrick’s the only one that’s still golden with everyone and has already started to plan Cody’s demise. If he had a brain in his head, he would put up Caleb and Frankie with Derrick as a possible BD. That’s a move. Getting Donny out means nothing and it weakens him because the go to is gone and that leaves him wide open. Caleb is gonna pop him with the full support of Derrick.

  2. Christine is going to hate the world when she gets out and finds out what everyone thinks of her.
    Oh my goodness!!! Cody won. I would have lost money on that bet! POV will be fixed for Donny. Loved the way Zack went out.

    1. I am soooo sick of stupid ass Christine repeating what everyone else says…it’s like she a parrot! Isn’t it cute how Victoria thinks she’s with the group? She is pathetic jumping on the I hate Donny bandwagon when he hasn’t done anything to her (to anyone really!). Cody will do what ever Derrick tells him to. Cody will not make a big move. He won’t even call out Donnie and he’s been bitching about that for days! Frankie! Not everybody wants you sleeping with them…learn boundaries!

      1. I think Christine saying she hates you and that you are disgusting at this point is actually a really good compliment and shows that you have excellent character.

        It literally changes every week between her and Frankie of who I cannot stand more.

  3. Christine keeps getting worse & worse by the hour it seems like. She makes Gina M & Amanda Z from last year look like Sally Fucking Field & Angelina Jolie. Wow just wow. Right now the bash session of poor sweet Donny by the assholes is going on full-tilt boogie. Live feeders & loyal fans are going to tune out in droves.
    Let the BB16 Backlash begin!

    1. Every year people say that BB will lose viewers if their favourite player goes home. And every year that doesn’t happen. BB super fans usually want the best player to win. And even when that doesn’t happen, we come back because we love the game.

      1. I have been a BB watcher since the begining. Last year I was discusted with the people who where on the show and the bulling etc going on. I stayed tuned to see if anything would happen to the players, not only did nothing happen they are taking about Amanda as if she was not a bully to all in the house. This year I decided to give BB another change, I stopped watching the show a month ago. I will still watch the Canadian version, but I am done with the US. This year is the most borring ever, only one group has rulled the house for the whole show. No twists have given the other side an advantage to make the game more exciting. I am done with BBUS.

  4. I can’t wait for them to leave the house and realise how hated they all are and how much people love Zach.

    1. Love Zach, but cannot stand how Julie said that Zankie was the best showmance in BB history.
      We all know that Frankie will take that and run with it thinking it is only because he was involved in it. Barf.
      Sorry, nothing involving Frankie needs to be termed “the best in BB history”.

    1. I lOVED his exit! Fruit loops…lmao! They will be in for a very rude awakening when they find out they are the assholes of the house and nobody likes them.

  5. All I’m hoping for this week is that Donnie wins the POV. I don’t think if Nicole won it she would use it on him.

    Cody, so far you have come across as the most boring, unoriginal and dumb houseguest and that is saying a lot next to Jocasta and Victoria!

    Frankie saying “we are assholes!” Yes, the lot of you are assholes. I’m glad you acknowledge that, well, at least Frankie does. It will make reentry into the real world easier if you accept that you are assholes and a lot of us think you are assholes, Frankie, Derrick, Chrisitne and Cody!

    1. Seriously, Cody can’t even think for himself. He is asking Frankie should I call out Donny and Frankie says no. Like any of us actually thought you would rally grow a pair and actually call someone out.

      1. I’m hoping Derrick and Frankie convince him to put up Nicole and
        someone else because of Team America. Then Donnie wins POV and takes
        Nicole off the block. That would be awesome.

      1. Jocasta, and her over-the-top, talking-in-tongues, look-at-me religious zeal have been hands down my least favorite part the worst part of the season… which says a lot

    2. bbfangrl, why did you leave out Victoria & Caleb? It’s not fair. Just because a person is oblivious doesn’t mean they can’t qualify for the a$$hole club. Many times obliviousness helps one achieve a$$hole status.
      Caleb with the bunny slippers and now with quoting Zingbot as his own story “Amber told me to drop dead” His only brush with reality is relationship advice from an imaginary robot – I demand that Caleb is a$$hole club qualified and you have no right to exclude him!!!
      Victoria puts the shredded pink cap in her goodbye message to Zach! Production couldn’t even edit it out if they wanted to, it had to be aired on the live show! I’ll bet even Evil Dick & Mike Boogie were cringing at that one.
      Then she starts with the “Derrick I love you”s. I couldn’t be more creeped out if I had seen Christine naked.
      Geez, what does it take to qualify to be an a$$hole with you bbfangrl? I think you’re being very unfair for discriminating against the mentally handicapped. They have as much right to be a$$holes as anyone.

        1. I love what she did with the hat. It’s the only thing she has done on her own without Derrick telling her to do it. Other than that I want to rip out her voice box! Quit hanging on the married man and telling him you love him. Unhealthy!
          Caleb is an ass!!! He thinks he is still the KING of the house. If he makes it to the final 2 he will say everyone’s exits were because of him. Poor shmuck! Clueless! Amber….if you read this…bring a bodyguard to the finale! But then again who wouldnt love him? BLAH!

    3. Seriously you don’t think Nic would use the veto on Donny if she weren’t on the block? Wow no, she definitely would. Unfortunately she will be on the block next to him.

  6. I officially already quit watching. Just reading this. Can’t stand to look at these people knowing what they are saying and cbs won’t give them the edit they deserve. These people are actually worse than last year. They are vile disgusting human beings and I can’t even stomach to look at them. The show is ruined and it still would have been ruined if zach came back. I can remember the last time I was this disappointed. I love BB and now it’s ruined. I’ll root for Donny and Nicole from here.

    1. I’m with you…….I can’t watch the show because of CBS’s ridiculous editing and the feeds are so filled with hateful people NOT game players.

    2. Agreed. My dvr schedule has been cleansed of bb and bbad. Ill still follow on this site, but i wont contribute to cbs’s ratings. The show has gotten stale and needs an overhaul.

  7. The theme this year should be “expect the expected.” I want a season of BB where the HGs literally don’t have a clue about what’s happening next. For several seasons now, the competitions, the double evictions, Americas vote, etc, have all become so routine that the HGs constantly talk about them and when they are going to happen and what they will do when they happen. Here’s a thought … it’s hard to promote the “expect the unexpected” concept when, for all practical purposes, the game follows the same old tired routine. For Julie to suggest last night that the HGs have absolutely no clue an evicted jury member is about to return is absurd! How many times has it happened in the past? Not to mention that she told the entire house earlier that just because someone is sent to jury doesn’t mean their game is over. What the heck are they going to think? I’ve enjoyed watching since season 1, but the PREDICTABILITY of recent seasons is certainly not “twisted.”

    1. This season was killed by the twists. The two HOH thing forced alliances to work differently by needing 4 people on the block, I don;t think all the guys would have stayed so close, had there been one HOH at a time. Also the team America twist annoyed me.

      1. This is where I tend to disagree. If production would simply follow their own set of rules, then the 2 HOH’s would not be able to even discuss their noms with one another which would have mixed things up somewhat. Also the renom rules, giving other advice in comp and everything other rule broken has gone out the BB window.

    2. Exactly. They all knew someone would come back. Instead of bringing one jury member back they should have brought 2. That would have been a way better twist and they wouldn’t have expected that.

  8. Cody said Zach never did anything in this game.Never won HOH or POV and that the producers would never ask him back. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT AN IDIOT !!!!! (See it’s funny cause what he said about Zach actually applies to him !!!) Go back to what you do best Cody and flirt with girls cause that’s all you’re good for.

    1. Cody and Christine are in for a shock when they leave the house cause a lot of people hate them including myself! Lol. For a married women what she does with cody is not right. I was laughing when zing bot zinged cody. Christine no one feels bad for you when u cried about it. Cody the reason why people like Zach is because he has something you don’t have, which is a pair of balls. Zach has no problem calling out people. You say you’re from jersey well to me you’re not cuz jersey people don’t take anybody’s crap.

      1. Didn’t Chris also get a zing about her and CD but it wasn’t aired? I say this because on the feeds the other HGs mentioned that Cody’s zing was just about as bad as the one Chris got and the two zings were related. She was all upset and going to the DR to ask them not to air it.

        1. No clue. His address is online in the white pages. He’s in Abermarle NC (sic). We could always send him donations on the mail.

      1. There are several banks listed for Ablemare, NC where Donny is from…wish there was some way to find which one he used and have an account set up in his name and just send our love by way of donations there.
        We just want to make sure that the money goes to Donny.

  9. This season is as lame as Chen”s no-ice bucket challenge (hubby wouldn’t allow that…maybe that was the big twist ice lol.) Its going be the same old shit till Thur. night.CBS has gone way downhill this year with this show(complete garbage with total MORONS on (-Don).

    1. Julie Chen actually looks bored doing the show. Time of new host and a complete revamp of the game. BB should set up so alliances cannot last for long period of times, and/or even that alliances cannot be made. It is time that every house guest pulls their weight and wins on their won merits. They should figure out a way to always disrupt an alliance if it is formed. That would add a great twist because every house guest would never be safe and would have to be trying to play ahead. And by the way….get rid of Scankie (Frankie) already! He is a disgusted entitled fame whore. I have stopped watching he live feeds because I cannot stand to hear him talk anymore.

  10. This is actually a very eye opening social experiment. It is a frightening example of how individuals in power behave. If you notice, the first weeks of the show, the awful comments and remarks were kept to a minimum. Now these people are openly rude, disgusting, and have a mob mentality. They are getting more and more angry, all the while feeding off of each other. If production were to offer them money to physically harm Donny, I feel like they would consider it. If anyone has read Lord of the Flies it is eerily similar.

    1. I agree totally with that. And I think Derrick is the one at the heart of it all. He gets them all riled up about things as he tries to control them.

    2. Allie, I had the same thoughts! We see right before our eyes how “normal” people become mean and then cruel to the person they “need” to evict, saying how they hate that Donny. For what exactly? Cognitive dissonance, much? Not to be too serious or anything, but in a silly way, this show demonstrates how in the real world civilized people can get swept up in taking part in mobs and atrocities when swept up in group think. They literally are acting like Donny is not a person worthy of basic, common decency. I truly hope they will be ashamed and disgusted by themselves when they get out and see their behavior, and not just because of the hate they’ll get on social media. Even GM and Amanda weren’t this bad, at least they were open with hating people. Thank goodness Nicole is back and explaining that even in a game you can be kind and polite to others and treat them like people.

      1. I have watched a lot of Big Brother. There’s always been disgusting behavior, but this year’s Lord of the Flies undertone has been the most disturbing I’ve seen. I’m going to check my own social behavior at work to make sure I never stoop to these levels (There’s a lot of gossip where I work, and I often compare it to BB.) This is the first year I’ve felt it was almost wrong to watch. What’s strange is that CBS isn’t really revealing the disturbing stuff. Is America clueless about what’s going on here?

        1. I don’t think it’s worse than last year. Watching Howard cry in the have not room about not being able to stand up to 3 white girls for their racist comments because as a black man he felt like he would appear to be the aggressor absolutely killed me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that and I have actually been thinking about it a lot lately watching the news.
          It just seems really bad because Donny is such a kind, gentle person to his very core and watching him receive even the slightest mistreatment is unbearable because no one deserves it less than him. However, the actual behaviour isn’t as bad, I just think it’s a testament to the fact that they cast some really decent human beings this year (Donny, Zach, Nicole, Amber, etc.) and you don’t want to see them hurt. Whereas last year it got to the point that I only watched in the hopes that the contestants would find out how much they were hated. I couldn’t have cared less how they treated each other when it got to the final 6 or so.
          I also think that the way Christine feels about Donny is all anyone needs to know about the kind of person she is. I am to the point where I feel like she is so rotten inside his goodness actually burns her like sunlight would a vampire.

      1. This entire thread is spot-on. Awesome discussion and. I agree with all, Allie, Joediew, Anonymous, Linda, Donny Deserves Better…..

        This thread is why I love OBB. Thank you to Simon and Dawg for all you do!!

  11. Great, Cody won. Awesome. This week will be similar to last. Frankie up in the HOH – again, even when he is not HOH. You aren’t special Frankie, and I cannot wait until this season is over and I don’t have to hear your stupid voice or see your ugly face.

  12. It’s clear the BB production hates Christine, to make a whole segment on her and Cody touching each other, ( if that was my wife I’d be kicking down the doors of BB) and then to call her out on the live show, proves she’s pissed someone in power off.

    1. And saying she hates Julie Chen is not going to help her either. Do not think she will be invited back for anything

    2. Calling Julie Chen out was just about the stupidest thing Christine could possibly say. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Its clear production already dislikes her, I think she may have just upped her exit date from the house. As much as I hate Christine, I hate Caleb more, his lies are too over the top—breaking a lions jaw, a genius brother who dismantled a computer with no arms. He is certifiable!!!!

  13. “Frankie says he said the word “osmoses” which is the process by which water is absorbed through the membrane of a cell. And he said that Victoria’s blood was diluted on his hands.”

    Yes, because it’s hard to believe that a groundskeeper has a high school education….

  14. I just hope Nicole starts telling everyone Derrick is a cop (remember Julie told her) maybe that will do something IDK. Is it me or is Derrick getting more meaner with Victoria?

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that she told her Derrick is a cop. (missed that episode) Let’s hope she remembers and uses that!

      1. When Nicole was evicted Julie told her, Jocasta and Hayden the only one that didn’t get a chance to find out was Zach. Julie told her about who Frankie sister is and then the cop thing

        1. I don’t think she told Nicole that Derrick is a cop. Nicole told Jacosta and Hayden about Frankies sister. I will have to rewatch Nicoles evection. I am almost positive that Julie didn’t say that.

        2. That is not accurate. Julie did not reveal that information to any of the jurors re: Derrick being a cop. It was only revealed to some of the pre-jury peeps. Also, Nicole was still in the house at the time of Frankie’s big stupid reveal and this was news/information that she brought to the jury house herself.

  15. If Nicole was safe this week, like usually the one coming back in is, they would’ve had a fighting chance. Cody would’ve nominated Donny with either Victoria or Christine. Then Donny and Nicole could’ve possibly both played in the POV and one win. The way this is going they should just walk out now. They both can’t win and its a definite that one is going home. The other will be picked off next week. There is no way to salvage this game now….

      1. According to Cody, Donny and Nicole will be on the block together. Only 1 can win the pov. They will more than likely use it on their self, leaving the other on the block. The 1 left will be evicted. The house is 6 to 2 right now, and I see no chance in anyone flipping right now. That’s why this twist sucks. If production is going to allow someone back in the game, they should at least get safety for the week. After they were already evicted, the house is going to want them back out immediately.

      2. If both donny and nicole are on the block, they can only save themselves if they win POV. If nicole wins, she can’t save donny too.

    1. Honestly I think if Nic lasts this week she may have an opportunity to make it another week or two. I think if Frankie doesn’t win HOH next week there might be a chance they will take their shot at him as long as Nic can keep it a secret that Derrick and Cody are her targets.

  16. The only good thing about this season is that I’m getting a lot of projects done around my house! Watching the paint dry has been more exciting. Another week of the Derrick/Frankie show with the toady Cody in tow.

  17. I’ve never seen so many a$$ wipes in one season before (last years crowd is starting to look better). I don’t know if I can take another f***ing 34 days or so of this utter sh*t. I just hope Donny can win POV and win HOH next week and take one these heartless b@st@rds out. I’m not giving up on Donny. If he leaves I’ll be pulling for this horse sh*t to f***ing END! Fear the beard. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I assume now that Christine and Frankie will turn on each other with having to compete for Cody’s bed. Warning: We better shut our eyes if we don’t want to be traumatized by Cody/Christine, Frankie/Cody. ? Maybe they’ll have a threesome. Poor Tim.

  19. hi – i’m frankie. if everyone hates me so much feel free to make notes on my youtube videos and any other site too.

    1. Oh I forgot to tell you, I’m a youtube mogul star that rides on my sister dress tail: I’m sorry what is mogul, (tycoon, entrepreneur and businessperson) aaaah you’re none of these. Zing

    2. I for one will not give pinkie-doo the satisfaction of watching any of his youtube videos…I have had more than enough of his dumbass on this show.
      Last night on TVGN he had his little letter from his so famous sister…the one that calls the shots and gets everything her way just like Madonna on her videos. He so wanted to replay his big reveal so that Nicole could gush like the others did. Could not believe how they played his little sing song speech to Zach two times back to back…Grande productions! Too much!!!

    1. I read on another site that his sister hacked his accounts and has been tweeting pretending to be Skankie. No idea if this is true or not.

  20. The sense of entitlement and security that Victoria is starting to show disgusts me. I guess I have come to expect Frankie and Christine to piss me off so much that now I’m just more annoyed with Victoria constantly badmouthing everyone who has left the house. She feels the “right” to say things like Hayden won’t be welcomed to the finale because why? Because you’ve gotten lucky in a few POV’s and players like Derrick have kept you around as a pawn? Come on, honey, get off your high horse. Even Zingbot tried telling you in a nice way that you are useless.

    As for everyone else? I’ve tried so hard to stay off the Donny bandwagon but at this point, how can you? I understand his social game isn’t the best or the most glamorous, but he was dealt a real shitty card being with this set of people. They’re all young, malicious, and want to be famous. Donny is a fan of the game and came here to actually play Big Brother. He truly does come across as a decent human being. I wish only the best for him from here on out.

    By the way, if Jocasta had gotten back into the house … well, I don’t even know, but I would not be happy.

  21. The house guests are in for a major surprise when they are out. There are two likeable people left, Donny and Nicole. Christine and Pinkie are so gross! Detestable is an understatement.

  22. Cody’s last headline is very telling. He is the prick that only goes after taken women. The ones he can’t have. Now Nicole is hotter and his obsession with the married one. Future guy who cheats in wife and ruins at least one relationship a year because he thinks he deserves whatever he wants. Getting a business degree as a jock in college doesn’t make you smart. Makes you average. I wish they would do pandora a box where it’s zac efron in a room. He gets 1 hr with zac and his punishment is he has to nominate two replacements with his original nominations being safe from eviction.

  23. It’s going to be two pretty boring weeks. But can’t wait to see what happens at Final 6 when they have to turn on each other.

  24. So disappointed this year. I may be done watching as well. It seems as though Nicole and Donny might as well walk out now an let the dirt bag bunch turn on each other. I loved Frankie when it started, now he has turned into a jerk. Not sure why they all forgave his ass for all the crap he pulled. Caleb? Well he is just a sad excuse for a man. That being said, so is Cody… Well all enjoy…Derrick enjoy the money! They all helped you win it.

  25. Oh forgot one thing.. Christine I hope you and Cody have a great relationship outside the house…because if your husband is any kind of a man….he will see right past your crap in it!

  26. Is there anyone besides Cody that Christine doesn’t hate?? I’ve always thought for the most part that this show was entertaining but now I can see the disgust people have for certain houseguest. The remaining houseguest with the exception of Donny and Nicole are nasty human beings!! I miss the beauty and class that Brittany and Amber brought to the house!! Just end the season already!!

  27. You guys are all assholes. Screw this season. So predictable and boring.
    Cody winning HOH is just like Derrick winning. Can we just start fresh with a new cast? Seriously BB15 had some really mean HGs but this season they aren’t much better….I cannot believe how mean and hateful Christine is….disgusting.

  28. Cody-Kotex, Disgustine, Fakie, and Shitoria has given the word “assholes” a new meaning. They are so insecure in their lives and constantly put down Donny…and here’s what’s wrong with them: Cody-Kotex is a narcissistic fuckhead that cannot accept being called dumb by Donny, Disgustine is a fugly insecure whore that is scared of being judged by everyone after BB is over and still carry the scars of being unpopular in high school, Fakie is nothing but an insecure fugly 31 year old actimg like a 21 year old spoiled brattish attention whore that wish he has the talent, money, and beauty of his half sister (and he never will), and Shitoria has nothing to give in life except nightmares after seeing her without make-up! At least Derprick is honest when said he does like Donny because he’s a fierce competitor. The Four Assholes WILL get their comeuppance after the show’s over; and WILL crumble when they see/hear what America really thinks of them! Frigging assholes are a waste of eggs and sperm!!!!

    1. 2 things………Frankie acts like a 12 year old (not 21) and Derricks comment about liking Donny was his attempt at manipulating the viewers (same way he does the lemming HGs) into thinking he’s not such a bad guy. Sorry Derrick, I can see you coming a mile away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. You hit the nail right on the bead, Kenny baby! They’ll get theirs and Disgustine, if you ever visit NYC, and if I see you first, I’m gonna slap you right into traffic!

  30. Victoria either needs to get her nose fixed or stop wearing the bright red lipstick, it makes her nose look ginormous. Her extensions looked like ratty rope on last night’s show. I wonder what the deal it is withj her. She’s gotta be the relative of someone who has some juice at CBS. She knows nothing about the game and does’nt seem smart at all. Totally deluded too, thinking that she’s hot. Strange too me.

  31. Let’s hope that Hayden gave Nicole some good sound advice, and she has the opportunity to use it. Fingers crossed.

  32. Is it possible we can fast forward 2 weeks, or even do a double eviction again this week so that the actual backstabbing can start…

  33. These adults throw that word “hate” around constantly, especially Christink & Vicblob, they sound like a nasty despiteful bunch of teenagers. Donny the mature person in the house holds his tongue very well, he deserves to win the game and also America’s favorite, if that’s even possible.

  34. It particularly makes me upset that the HGs with integrity and courage are the first ones to go. Hayden, Brittany, Joey….

  35. …let me just say… (this goes to Christine and Derrick and their spouses) the true definition of “cheating” is doing ANYTHING that you wouldn’t do in front of your husband, wife or significant other. Boom!

    1. Victoria keeps saying”I love you” to Derrick and he says it back…
      Christine keeps touching Cody, don’t they realize that those actions are deal breakers and their spouses can’t un-see and forget…

      1. Oh yeah, that’s definitely cheating. I think Tim should bring a hot date to the finale! Derricks wife has a month to teach Baby Tenley to call the mailman”Daddy”. Cheaters!

  36. PLEASE give us a Pandora’s Box… we need something!

    And it’s funny reading Cody’s comments about Zach riding coattails.

  37. Omg I can’t stand these self entitled ass holes!!! I’ll be so freaking glad when they return to the real world & see how much they’re hated!! I will no longer watch until there’s a power shift which I’m sure probably won’t happen unless Ni-nny (Nicole or Donny) wins HOH pending the outcome of POV until then I’ll come here to find out what’s going on, If Caleb had any common sense he would Team up with Ninny but Beast mode is too damn scared & he knows he’s at the bottom of the totem pole & him & Crustine will probably be gond in the next couple of weeks & hopefully next week one of those assholes get sent to jury during double eviction, the way this is going BB might as well end the season now & give Mr. Piggy & Frankenstein their checks! Thursday I hope Julie calls NastyTine out again for saying she hates her!! These have got to be. The dumbest ppl in BB History!! The TWAT crew needs to go ASAP!!!!!

  38. Funny how when your favorite player is target, it turns into the worst season ever…… fyi production shouldnt rig thegame but im pretty sure donny wont be leaving due to that. He sucks at the game but he is a fan favorite.

    1. Donny doesn’t know how to play the game? REALLY? He has won more comps than anyone else. He may not be built like a brick shthouse, like a skank, or stab everyone in the house…but he does know how to play the game

  39. I am repulsed! WHAT IS IT with Cody touching Frankenstine??? Going to Vegas right now- Divorced before Christmas!!!! Honestly, for Donny’s sake, I pray he gets voted out this week, just so he can be with people that are nice, and don’t ostracize him. Everyone else left (besides Nicole and Donny) are disgusting and I just have lost interest in seeing one of them be granted 500k. Victoria is an idiot.

  40. I am getting sick to my stomach watching this season. All of these weak, spineless punks. They are insecure bullies. Also, Cody and Christine are so disturbing to watch. There is no way that is Christine’s way of “getting ahead” in the game. Playing for $500,000 or not, she still has a HUSBAND at home who is watching them. How embarrassing for Tim. I CANNOT wait to see their reactions when they get out of the house when they find out how much everyone HATES them and LOVES Donny & Zach.
    Oh and one more thing….is there anything that isn’t “disgusting” to Victoria? And why the hell does she think that since she cut up HER OWN hat that it makes her such a badass. She looks like an idiot. Period.

    1. “Oh and one more thing….is there anything that isn’t “disgusting” to Victoria?”

      Cat ladies everywhere rooted for Elissa last year and she was even worse when it came to a.) not playing the game and b.) calling everyone and everything “disgusting.”

  41. I wish they would give Donny a DPOV that would allow him to take himself and Nicole off the block and put up Frankie and Derrick.
    That would be something to watch.

  42. Here’s what I hope happens – The Team America challenge is one that can’t be completed until after the next eviction, so they need to keep Donny another week. And if not and Donny does not win POV then I would really like to see Donny out Team America to everyone – this would make Frankie and Derrick huge target to the rest of them!

  43. I don’t understand how Caleb, Zack and Cody allow Frankie to get away with all that touchy feely shyt with their bodies? He rubs their nipples, humps them while pretending he’s ruff housing and they don’t try and stop him, I thought Frankie was the gay one in the house. It’s uncomfortable to watch (I fast forward “A LOT”). One thing about Frankie that’s honest is how he conducts himself inside the house is exactly how he conducts himself outside of the house, he’s flamboyant and all over the place because it’s obvious he loves himself to death. I’m sure he’ll have a little get together with his buddies and share all the cop-a-feel stories. I don’t know if these guys are bi-sexual, bi-curious are what, but you should set boundaries when it comes to things like that or someone like Frankie will get the wrong impression.

    1. Wish he’d tone it down. So what, he’s gay. Doesn’t mean he can’t have any boundaries and manners. We don’t see hetero males trying to hump women like that in public.

      1. are you kidding me? is this real life? have you not seen the way cody hangs on Christine (even though she’s married) and is always grabbing girl’s hands and laying in their laps? he’s super aggressive with the touchy-feely stuff.

    2. as much as I can’t stand Frankie, to suggest the he might get “the wrong idea” just because straight guys are horsing around with him is absurd. when one is gay, it doesn’t mean they cannot control themselves. the straight guys know he’s gay, he knows they’re straight, it’s such a non-issue… not a big deal, get over it. it’s actually refreshing to see a bunch of straight guys be so free, goofy, and understanding towards someone who’s gay. I hate so many things about the guys that are left (excluding Donny) but being nice to Frankie is not one of them. fast forward those scenes all you want, it seems like you’re pretty blind to the modern world anyway.

      1. I can understand your reasoning, and yeah it’s true in some cases, but you have to remember your experience isn’t the same as some other peoples experiences. I talking about one gay individual on BB not the whole gay community.

  44. LOL at everyone begging production to rig it for Donny! If he wasn’t a weirdo with no social game, he wouldn’t be going home this week. Stop rooting for production to bail out your favorites and start cheering for people who actually play the game, like Derrick.

    1. Since when is sitting in a circle and degrading others behind their backs considered having a social game? None of the stars of big brother past had to resort to that. Chief Wiggum and his piglets are worse than catty teenage girls.

      1. What about Amanda & the racists and the final 3 of BB15? That was the only social game they had, including the godawful winner.
        Wait, you said stars of big brother past. MY BAD

    2. This is a game and we can cheer for whomever we wish. I agree Derrick has control of the game and probably deserves to win however I am not a fan. My wish is for Donny and Nocole to somehow beat the odds (I don’t care how it happens). Do I think it will actually happen? …No …but I can dream. Do not belittle me for my dreams.

  45. Victoria says I just don’t want to let down the producers and people that cast me.

    It’s okay Victoria, they deserve it.

  46. “I couldn’t believe you beat me at that, I thought you were just some dumb kid.” Victoria says that’s disgusting.

    No Victoria, you are.

  47. Victoria says I love how he said he doesn’t want to come to the after party.. good because you’re not f**king welcome!

    No Victoria, you’re not f**king welcome.

    1. To the person who dubbed her this – thank you.
      And to you, We Are A$$holes, keep ’em coming – can’t get enough of hearing a person with a teeny-weeny brain try to explain who she is to us and not the person we actually see every day talk about her hair, her makeup her disgust, her morals, her HUGE MOVE of cutting up her own hat and other such brilliant tidbits about the brilliant yet overlooked hair weave that surrounds the girl that sits day in and out eating, staring, mmmhmmmming, and flirting with anything that will respond. Unfortunately, Zach didn’t so…she hates him. Hates Caleb, Donny, stopped touching Frankie as much but he’ll take anything that rubs him.

      1. Vicblob is a great name; so descriptive! I also laughed to the point of snorting with “Shitoria” which was brilliant. She’s a hot mess, what can you say? Maybe her extensions are in too tight and cutting off blood to her brain?

  48. What I hope happens – That the Team America task cannot be completed until after the next eviction, so that Frankie and Derrick would have to try and convince Cody to keep him (exposing themselves) – and if not, and Donny does not win POV, I want Donny to out Team America to everyone in detail and then watch how quickly the rest of the minions want Frankie and Derrick out!

  49. Oh, so Christine hates Donny? Well guess what, Christine…The majority of us watching don’t like you and we LOVE Donny. So, I’d say you’re the odd man out. Every single person that’s been evicted (I’m not sure about Joey) cried, or was super touched by their goodbye message from Donny. He’s a good guy, and you’re not a nice or good person from what I’ve seen. Also, if you were truly worried about upsetting your husband, you would get your freaking hands off of Cody. You cried for like what, 5 seconds about your zing? Please, you don’t feel bad about upsetting your husband, you are upset that you got called out. I know you’ll probably never ready this message, but I felt the need to rant. And Cody! I wish he would do something with this HOH! You know, think for his freaking self for once and take someone out that is clearly using him for their game. Gosh, some of these people are just not bright. Rant over.

  50. Best case scenario Cody thinks that he needs to backdoor Donny, therefore, putting Nicole on the block, Donny wins POV and takes Nicole off and they are both safe for the week. Got my fingers crossed but everyone in this house is super stupid. I can not wait to see their faces on finale night when everyone in the house finds out that Derrick has been lying since day one. Especially Cody and Victoria. Dumb F#@$s!

    1. They already said it. Theres no reason for them to backdoor donny because if donny and nicole are both up on block… one of them will def be evicted!

  51. I said it before: Where is the twistiest twist, twist, twist of the most twisted summer yet?!!! Where are the staples of the game? The DPOV, Pandora’s Box or the Coup d’ eta! These twists can help shift the power and keep players on their toes. Instead we have a group of morons who pile into one bed for a grope fest while maligning the character of the outsider in the most viscous and self serving way possible. Each trying to one up the other. BB is supposed to be a game of entertainment!!! Watching loathsome people coast on their own slime to the money (HELLO CBS) is not entertaining. Like I said before they (CBS) just don’t care. I say since they have taken a big ole dump on a once good show they should just go ahead and flush. See ya Never!!

  52. If Donny knows he is going he should make a speech about it being 2 versus 6. The 2 Cody and Derrick and the 2 are winning. Frankie put up his best buddy Zach and got him out. Christine put up her best bud Nicole and got her out. Caleb got his girl Amber out. Derrick and Cody won’t do that. I should hand out pens right now so you can all sign the checks for those 2 right now. The people in the house are to stupid to see that. Thanks for having me and I’ll see you all in the jury house, oh except for you Cody and Derrick. Congrats.

    1. ust 22, 2014 at 7:13 am
      If Donny knows he is going he should make a speech about it being 2 versus 6. The 2 Cody and Derrick and the 2 are winning. Frankie put up his best buddy Zach and got him out. Christine put up her best bud Nicole and got her out. Caleb got his girl Amber out. Derrick and Cody won’t do that. I should hand out pens right now so you can all sign the checks for those 2 right now. The people in the house are to stupid to see that. Thanks for having me and I’ll see you all in the jury house, oh except for you Cody and Derrick. Congrats.

  53. Everyday i’m going to do a countdown to how many days we have left go this shit fest, so it will seem like we’re getting closer to ending this crap.

    33 DAYS LEFT !!!!

  54. The same people rooting against the Detonators and calling them horrible people were the same ones rooting for jerks like Rachel and Jeff on their seasons. Hypocrites!

  55. I love how Derrick was actually trying to tone down the hate talk earlier and they just weren’t getting it. Christine throwing the words “hate” and “disgusting” out there left and right makes them all look even worse to viewers than they already did, (and that was already pretty bad). If Frankie is really such a “social media mogul” why does he have no sense of basic PR?

  56. This is a disappointing cast.
    Christine really needs karma to kick her in the ass n get kicked out of this house n home.
    Cody we had such hopes for you since you were our local Jersey boy. Omg you are worse for NJ than the cast of Jersey Shore.
    Caleb beast mode maniac still wearing those slippers n thinking there is a chance with amber. Someone needs a reality check.
    Frankie my son loves your sister’s, let me repeat, SISTER’S show. He’s 5. That is your sister’s fan base young kids n tweens, you are doing her fan base n their parents no favors.
    Victoria I’m not wasting the text…
    Derrick you are playing a good game but don’t give yourself too much credit, you are playing with moronic people.
    Welcome back Nicole, but it won’t be for long n looks like you don’t have the fight in you.
    Donny it’s too bad production is making you keep that duck dynasty beard bc i think you would look far better without it. My heart goes out to you though, nice man with these crazy kids. Hang in there.
    Hey CBS how about next year you invest back into diversity with ages! One 40+ yr old, 2 thirty somethings n a bunch of twenty year olds equates to boring. We see young n beautiful isn’t working, let’s mix this up shall we?

    1. Well said. Start of the season I said I was glad they finally had someone decent from New Jersey on BB. Was I WRONG big time.

  57. Hey CBS- Ahh come on! Shake up this oh so predictable season with some “Uh oh!” moments. Show us loyal, long time fans some excitement. We have invested our summer to you for some guilty pleasure entertainment…give it to us soon! Tick tock….

  58. Anyone – can you tell me if they have slept in the same bed together at any point?

  59. Frankie leeches off of everyone’s HOH room the same way he leeches off of others (like his sister) on the outside! Nothing has changed there!

  60. I’d say she can’t have that great of a life as it is…she hates EVERYBODY! I hope Julie calls her out on that comment and brings up her throwing the comp again. I really thought in the beginning she was a good-nice person, whoa was I wrong!

  61. It would be great for Julie Chen to call out Christine next Thursday for saying she “hates her guts”. Where are the BB Fans that were shouting things outside of the house, I would love for them to yell loud and clear – America hates Christine. Give her a taste of her own medicine.

  62. No matter how many times I read this year’s BB Cast is even more deplorable than last season’s sickening Guests, I just can’t completely agree. A few BBHGs from 15 did seem to have moral compass (ex. Helen), but most of them (ex. Amanda) seemed to exhibit a lack of character/ moral fiber which was so outrageously shocking that viewers would react with, “I can’t believe he/ she said or did that.” Parents, family and friends ( at least some of them) must have been embarrassed and humiliated completely by racist, sexist, and sexual comments and behavior exhibited by their “loved ones.” I’ve watched BB from its inception, and it’s certainly not the social experiment it started out to be. It keeps devolving. and last years “show” ( because that’s what it’s become—not a social experiment anymore) was so repulsive that I couldn’t believe my ears or eyes frequently. It was the “train wreck” one feels compelled to look at even though you’re horrified by it at the same time. BB 16 HGS are in many ways morally bankrupt, too. I find their intentional cruelty to Donny,in particular, and to Zach and Nicole to a lesser degree, really showing a lack of compassion and understanding. Nobody has to like or care about each person in the house just show a little civility and kindness to a fellow human being. You can still play the game and essentially be a decent person. The touchy, feely crew ( Cody, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Zach , Victoria and Derrick, starring Christine and Cody) should be disgusted by what they have said and done during the course of most of their BB House confinement when they watch ” their season” after they leave the house, Maybe “confinement” will be their excuse for all the groping and nasty slurs.*************Fantastic! Nicole made it back into the game, and her plan is to go after the most deserving targets—Derrick and Cody. Yeah, both Donny and she lament that they’re only 2 against 6, not good odds at all, but they’re going to make a legitimate effort to stir the house up. Cody, as HOH, (Shock! He actually won.) makes it so tough to accomplish for them unless a twist (Pandora’s Box, DPOV etc.) happens NOW! It was sweet to see and hear that Nicole and Hayden could be heading to a relationship and not just a short-lived showmance. Time will tell and it seems like Nicole wants to take her time (probably, Hayden,too) before making a decision on what will happen between them. They’re good people, I think. I’m wishing them a lot of happiness and success; they were legit players in the game of BB and made it more enjoyable (sometimes more bareable) to watch.

  63. KRISTEF..There is no way that Frankie and Derrick would try to convince Cody to keep Donny for $5000. I find it funny that everyone is so on Derrick. Yes, he is controlling everyone in the house at this point, and I find it funny that everyone hates him for it. He is the only one that has stated he likes Donny, and would take his hat off to him and vote for him if he got to the end. Donny on the other hand intends to go to jury house and tell everyone NOT to vote for Derrick. He says Frankie has four HOH’s and Derrick only has two. What he has overlooked is that Derrick GAVE one of those HOH’s to Frankie so he could see pictures of his Grandfather. So in fact in the HOH department they are really even. The fact that Donny would go to jury house and attempt to do that shows that Donny isn’t the Golden Boy you all say he is, and he is doing his own share of lying as well to the other houseguests. As for what all you people will think of them when they get out of the house, I personally think it may be tough for a hot minute, and then if people like Gina Marie, Aaron, Andy and others can get over it, so will they. It happens every year.

  64. I can not find a SINGLE positive thing to say about anyone other than Donny/Nicole. So as I was taught, it is better to say nothing at all….but it is sooooo hard to not rip into these a**holes!!!!!!!! I could not be in the same room with these evil/disgusting people without risking arrest!

  65. I have been silent the whole year, I have watched BB & BBAD for all the years they have been on. I can honestly say without a doubt, this is the dumbest cast ever assembled on BB. The only 2 that even know whats going on is Derrick & Donny.

    They all hate Donny, but america loves him and most all of them are hated or pitied by america, some will be very surprised at how america feels about them. As much as I can’t stand Derrick, he deserves to win, he has manipulated all of these bozos through the whole game getting who he wanted nominated all the time with out breaking a sweat, and funny but no one ever thinks of him when making nominations lol

    See how he protected Victoria 2 weeks in a row?

    He was HOH and said the poor girl has been up too much I am not nominating her. Why? She is not part of the alliance? See how he down played Frankie putting up Victoria, when Frankie, clearly seen her as the only option since she was not an alliance member, but Derrick changed Lil Frankies Beanie mind with little effort. Derrick is keeping Victoria because she is a number for him outside the alliance so when it gets down to just them , he has an extra number.

    And I have news for Cody, his boyfriend Derrick is going to cut him off in a flash, he plans on bringing Victoria to final 2, because he knows no one will give her $500,000.

    Now Donny tried to let Pretty boy know this and tried to explain it to him using small words, but you can not talk sense to someone with a pea brain.

    I truly hope Donny wins but not likely because these bozos will wait to long before Derrick cuts their throats. Bringing Nicole back was a total waste. Either her or Donny are gone this week barring a miraculous insurgence of brain cells to Derricks mindless sheep, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    He just shovels out the Crap, here little sheep, here is some crap for you, eat it all now, and they do, till they are all full of S**t.

    Guess the only pleasure I will get this year is when Derrick cuts Cody loose, and see his little boy smile go to a hapless frown. Oh no I didn’t see that coming! Next year, if there is one after this, I hope they give the cast and IQ test before they cast them.

    Good Luck Donny, you tried, you are a competition beast, a lovable guy, and seems like quite a nice human being. I just wish all the guys in that house weren’t all castrated before coming in, then maybe you would have had some backup. #teamdonny

  66. I can only hope…when reading about Vic-child and Dera-dick conversation last night…that producers ate filling her head with shit(TRUE shit)… to make her so paranoid that she quits the game and then whoever’s evicted this week still gets to stay… she said something about what was said in the DR ( I’m sure something preying on her insecurities) and how everybody in the house hate her and that she might as well just leave… because she doesn’t want to be around people who don’t like her… I hope and pray they work on her and make her so insecure that she walks out the door and if Donnie doesn’t win POV and she hasn’t left.. I hope they offer the 10,000 Team America didn’t win to self evict

  67. Most of last year cast was horrible because they had a problem, a major one: they were racist, they hated a person based on their race. It is awful but at least you could somewhat understand what’s going on…

    This year is almost as terrible if not worst… They hate people basically for no reason. Why all this hate on Donny? He seems like a genuinely kind man. I would “agree” if they would exclude him because they mistake his kindness for being shady but it is not the case, they sincerely hate him (esp. Christine) for no reason at all.

    Amber? Same, she seemed like a sweet woman, they hated her so much it was painful to watch. Britanny same thing.

    They act like a bunch a pre-teens in a schoolyard “I hate you, just because I hate your face!”


  68. “Big Brother,” which drew roughly 6.5 million viewers, earned a rating of 2.3 among the key demo (18-49), a 10% boost from last week’s episode. This from LA Times. are you fucking kidding me???? although down from they hay day of 9 mil viewers. How can such a vial season GAIN viewers? (most likely Zack leaving and people tuned in to see what he would do), I assume that Julie Ching Chang Chong (whatever her name is) and production will not do what most fans want (take Donny to the end). THIS IS MY LAST YEAR OF BB!!!!!!!

    1. CBS made the most strategic move over anyone playing the game by casting Frankie to coordinate with Ariana Grande’s upcoming cd and music award appearances (I had never heard of her before but now recall Rhianna mocking and laughing at her at the Grammy’s when she performed). Ariana Grande apparently has millions of teenybopper followers and fans. She has been doing tons of interviews, even on CBS. She’s like a rash that won’t go away. She is just suddenly everywhere. And in those interviews she is always asked about her brother Frankie and how he is doing in BB. She talks about him constantly on twitter. So in return, she receives free publicity, Big Brother gets publicity off of her, her fans have apparently started watching BB and Frankie also is rewarded because he is the brother of Ariana Grande. Talk about a vicious circle. Hence, I fear Frankie will win AFP which quite frankly is just fucked up. I thought CBS would try to redeem themselves after last year’s debacle, but apparently I was wrong. I really hate this show right now. Don’t enjoy watching nice people being unfairly and cruelly attacked from people with bad character and a mob mentality. Don’t enjoy watching people who don’t know how to play the BB game. Spouting hate is not playing the game. Yes, BB is about plotting and scheming, but there is no reason for people in the house to hate on each other. They all (with the exception of Donny and NIcole) make my skin crawl.

  69. Give Cody Pandora’s box and after he accepts it,make it where the punishment is he has to replace his original nominations with two others. That would save Donny and Nicole and at least get rid of 1 of the idiots left.

  70. And another thing!!! HIDEOUSTINE Went way overboard when she said she hated Julie chen… doesn’t that idiot know who pays for her gluten free food…. I can only hope they call her out and give her a penalty for blatantly throwing the competition and giving bones to the other team

    1. For a Superfan Christine is really stupid!! They are being watched 24/7. As a superfan she knows this. Of course, Julie is going to find out that she said she hates her! I woudn’t mess with Julie if I was her.

      She says all these mean despicable things she says about each houseguest which is also going to get back to them.

      I remember when she was crying because of what Zingbot said about her. She wanted to go to production to tell them not to air it because it will hurt her husband, family and pastor. Umm I have some news for you Christine – the whole world already knows how inappropriated she and Cody are behaving – we see it everyday!!!

      I loved how Caleb said at this point he’d rather keep Nicole than Christine. I can only hope thats what happens this week! Donny and NIcole stays – Christine goes!!

  71. Has anyone looked into Victoria’s eyes? She just looks right through the camera like she doesn’t know whats going on. Its kinda funny and said at the same time because the other house guest are just playing her and Derrick is the ring leader. I cant wait until they turn on each other that’s the only reason I keep watching.

  72. Oh my!!! Lets just finish this. I can tell you how this continues. Nicole or Donny go home this week. The other next week. Then one of the BabblingBoobBunch will win and have to nominate their own. If its Frankie he will run around like a flaming idiot begging for forgiveness. Caleb will put on his ugly plastic cowboy hat, flex his muscles and blame everything on Amber leaving. Christine, not sure about that slut. Victoria wont even understand WHY Derrick lied to her all this time. Cody and Derrick…well they wont be upset because they are the winners. Well Derrick is, Cody is just another Frankie…right up Derrick’s ass! Man BB…you really screwed up this season!

  73. i too am done with this bullshit,i don,t even care who wins this season after donny leaves i will not waste my time looking at bb for the most part i flipped channels when frankie derrick cody christine caleb and don,t forget the girl who can,t go by a mirror without looking at herself (so vain)are talking just can,t take thier ugly mugs anymore.thanks bb for all those amazing twists this season( not.)nicole should of gotten ammunity for the you suck just like your your houseguest this year.except for donny and nicole

  74. One more thing….Zach…you may have been a loud mouth, a bit annoying and loud, but man I wish you would have stayed. You were honest to a vault…..sorry to have seen you go. Hope BB gives out cash for favorite player……. and I hope Donny lets EVERYONE know that they each won 20 grand already….

  75. Frankie running around that house humping the air and anyone that is in sight. Caleb’s new name should be Brokeback, not Beastmode. Bet his brothers are proud.

  76. zzzzzz Donny has little chance of making it. But maybe they should put someone else up with Nicole to backdoor Donny hasn’t he won like 4 power of vetos and also duh production you should have at least given the person that came back 1 week of safety for winning that comp!

  77. The show needs some kind of shake up before we all fall asleep the next few weeks. Where is the imagination of the production department. They actually pay people to come up with such lame ideas. Go me a break..!!!

  78. I am so sick of everyone saying Donny sucks at this game. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions; so push on if you will. However, for those of you who say this, answer me this. How does he suck? If your answer is to say that he has a poor social game, this is true. But lets take a look at WHY his social game sucks. Donny was cast aside in the beginning of this game when Devin decided he was not who he said he was. Which was in fact a lie. Donny is indeed a grounds keeper. Because of Devin’s paranoia everyone in the house started doubting Donny except for Jocosta and maybe Brittany. When Donny did try and talk game, those he talked to would then run right upstairs to those who are still in power today and rat him out which in turn gave the “power that be” another excuse to put him on the block. Then when he was on the block those same “powers that be” would tell him to lay low because he was in fact safe. Donny has literally told every single person in this game, at one point or another, who was actually running the show. And as a result he has been on the block more times this season then anybody else in or outside of this house. And he is STILL THERE. If that’s not playing the game then please tell me what is. You can not work with people who will not work with you. Period. As far as the physical aspect of this game, I think we can all agree he has done a great job. So please tell me, those of you who claim Donny is not playing the game what would your next play be? I am not trying to insult anyone, I genuinely would like to know.

    1. I can only say one thing! Ok maybe more than one. Perfectly said. I could not agree with you more. Donny didn’t have a chance from day one and he has won comps that I never thought he could. And one in particular alone in the dark…..

  79. I read on Big Brother Facebook that these were Christine’s other Zings from the zingbot. The only thing that means less to you is your word in the house and your wedding ring! The other one is you asked for a single bed in the house because you are married didn’t know you were married to Cody!

  80. Nicole’s talk with Cody. She really should have done the traditional “I respect your decision as HOH and I’ll fully support getting out whomever your target is” blah blah blah. Not try to blow up his allies at this point. Play for time and make him feel she’s not a threat.

    1. Only problem with this is, Nicole is talking to the wrong person, she needs to talk to Derrick, because Cody doesn’t understand what she means, can ya see him now, Ugggh, uggghh, what do I do Derrick?

  81. They ought to put the DPOV where they store the cleaning supplies. I really can’t remember a dirtier house. Also, they need to have some rules on these HOH rooms. Only the HOH sleeps in there, it’s getting ridiculous .

    1. I agree it looks nasty. Even if people aren’t cleaning up the bathroom and kitchen, you usually see people doing laundry in past seasons. I feel like I never see people using the washer/dryer. Especially gross considering how many people have slept in the HOH sheets, worn the HOH robe etc. Its time for CBS to give the power of coup d’etat to Donny/Nicole.

    2. Why should production turn the HOH into solitary confinement like you suggest? Being the HOH comes with privileges such as private bathroom, etc. Apparently you have forgotten that many showmances spent the night together in the HOH bed in past seasons.. They weren’t shy about having sex in the HOH room either.. Having someone spend the night in the HOH room is up to the reigning HOH as it should be. These are adults not children.

  82. Cody was the hottest guy in the house in the beginning. He turned into a snot sucking, marriage wrecking, guy groping, cry baby…I can’t stand him anymore.

  83. This season is almost worst than last. I’ve never felt more sorry for a contestant than I do for Donny. He just wants to be part of something, anything and everyone hates him for no reason at all. Derrick and Frankie should be ashamed of themselves. They’re mad at Donny for not trusting them? After he’s been up on the block how many times? Even when both of them were HOH!!!!! Hopefully Donny wins POV and Cody backdoors Frankie. Even then the votes probably wouldn’t be there because Derrick controls everyone’s vote and thinks America wants him and Frankie in there. Uh we were forced to vote for people the first week of the game. The TRUE Team America is Zach, Nicole and Donny!

  84. …or am I correct in saying that this season feels like a bad dream…maybe I’ll wake up to some good, old fashioned Dr. Will and Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Dan Gheesling, Memphis, kind of play…the good old days…

  85. Dream scenario, crazy but could possibly work.
    Donny exposes Team America before nominations to Nicole, Cody, Christine and Caleb. Explains everything they have done and walks them through how things will play out. Would the mob mentality turn on Derrick and Frankie?
    Frankie did hide his famous sister and such for weeks. Derrick has still not exposed what his real job is.
    Just a thought.

  86. I absolutely LOVE that when Frankie came prancing up to the HOH with his bag Cody told him he wanted to sleep alone at least that first night. That is the biggest move Cody has made this season on his own. Of course Frankie will move in for the rest of the week but he will still probably use that first night’s rebuff later down the road as to why Cody needs to be voted out. After all who dares to try to keep Frankie out of “HIS” HOH bed.

  87. After they get Nicole and Donny out, BB should announce to the remaining HG’s that they have all been signed to a new series based off the CBS show Under the Dome.

    The 6 losers will be ecstatic until they lower the dome in place, shut the power down and leave them there, NEVER to be heard from again

  88. Yes, I’ve said it.. She’s as good as dead in this show.

    You don’t openly criticize a Big Brother big shot like Julie Chen. One call from her, production can easily dig her grave in split seconds. What she did is clearly indicative she left her brains back in Phoenix ….she doesn’t think before she speaks!

    Game overrrrr for you, Chr!$t!ne.. And guess what?!?!? G00D R!D@NCE!!!!!

    *Missing you, Zachary Colin Rance!*

    1. Don’t go insulting me. Crustine is from Tucson, not Phoenix. As much as I love coffee, I’d never let this POS come near my cup.

  89. All aboard! Full speed ahead to the final 2!

    I’m curious to see what they have to say about each other when there is no one else to hate on. Oh wait, they’ll just start hating Julie. Fuck off Christine, America hates you.

    1. That’s literally what I just posted….How much America dislikes Christine…and how she is a bi*** for talking smack about Julie.

  90. Is there such a thing as BigBrother Rage? If there isn’t, there should be. I’ve got it big time. They are lucky I can’t run the house off the road.

  91. I really hope that Donny or Nicole win/receive both the DPOV and the POV so pussy ass bitch cody has to turn on his own bitchy stupid idiot ass alliance.

  92. “Christine asks can we just acknowledge that Julie Chen called me out on national television for throwing a competition?! What the HELL?! Seriously Julie I hate your guts!”

    Seriously Christine? Not like it makes any difference. You obviously threw the competition (or you tried to and failed because you suck). It was aired that you were attempting to throw the competition. You and your alliance planned for you to throw the competition and you’re shocked that Julie asks you about it? Get the f*** out of here. Own your actions, not like Donny really believes that you were working with him. He knows you threw it too….and yes, America dislikes you as much as you are worried about.

  93. CODY is HOH!?? I hate this kid, he’s done nothing but sit in Derrick’s shadow and act as if the two of them are controlling the house together. He will never call out Donny or anyone for that matter because he’s too chicken! This is ridiculous… I wish production would step in because their number of viewers are about to plunge if a power shift doesn’t happen soon.

  94. I think Derrick and Christine are well aware they are hated, whereas Frankie and Caleb are convinced they are winning America’s favorite. The thing about Derrick is, all the hate he’s getting now, is going to subside after the season is over. It happens every year; the person who plays the best but is liked the least gets the most heat. But once the audience takes things into perspective they’ll recognize how well he was at manipulating. He’s not my favorite by any means and i’d much rather Donny take it, but if he wins, he deserved it. My feelings toward him resemble my feelings toward Maggie in season 6. I loved to hate the nerd herd. They were self righteous and deplorable, but in the end i recognized that she outplayed everyone in her season. She developed a strong alliance, and won comps when she needed to, which is what Derrick is doing this season.

  95. For a season of twists..where is Pandora’s box? Diamond Power of Veto? Fan Voting for Have Not foods? Other than the Team America twist (which is boring) there has been no fan interaction to keep us interested in the show and no surprises to radically shift the balance of power in the house! Production has really dropped the ball this season!

  96. Even after watching feeds and episodes last season, I didn’t feel like I was losing brain cells. Colectively this may be the dumbest group of people ever assembled. They are completely unaware that they are on a show to win 500,000 dollars, and all these things they point out that make Donny a hidden “genius” are common sense, but they are all so dumb they think he is wazing poetic. I have watch this show for 15 years, but this is likely it for me. This is by far the most predictable season in the franchise’s history. May as well change that slogan to “Expect The Completely Expected.” For us feedsters, losing Zach was a devastating blow. All we have now is Caleb lying about everything. Watching Cody and Christine tip toe the line of adultery. Frankie being loud and groping Men, and Victoria blankly staring into space. This is the worst season ever. Allison Grodner has failed us.

  97. I love watching you all throwing your hypothetical dream scenarios around. Or even better, pleading for production to save poor old Donny!!! Sorry about Zach :(

  98. I feel for Christine’s husband; I would not be happy at all if my spouse acted like she is with Cody. Have you noticed that when she gives her vote to Julie she kisses her ring? Is this sending Tim and I love you message? She could be more faithful and keep her hands to herself and also not let other men paw her on national TV which would send a lovely loving message. My fingers are crossed she gets evicted soon and realizes that she screwed up playing the game and when she gets home, she finds things aren’t all sunshine and flowers with Tim.

  99. I’m sorta surprised about the lack of endurance comps this season, I wish they would have a wall endurance now with Nicole back just so she can beat Caleb and put him in his place. I haven’t seen every season of BB but of all the ones I’ve seen the big guys always are the firsts to go out on a wall endurance cause they are too tall and their forearms can’t handle their own body weight. BB14 the wall endurance comps came down to Ian, Brittany and Danielle all of the smallest people in the house. The first HoH that Caleb won, really wasn’t an endurance comp, it was a strength. It didn’t last the hours that real endurance comps last for.

    But what I’m really hoping for is some classic twists, like pandora’s box and some powers like the Coup d’etat or DPoV to be put in the game. Here’s the ideal situation for Donny/Nicole, Cody is given a Pandora’s box, when he opens it America can vote for who they want to have the Coup D’etat. America would give it to Donny, which would not only let Donny put up Frankie and Derrick. And it would just show Frankie he doesn’t have the Fans he thought he did and Donny does. That would really give the house the shake up this season needs.

  100. Ok, I think it is refreshing to see that the young buck studs (and Derrick) have openly accepted the openly gay guy. That’s great. It shows progress in our society. However, I don’t find it refreshing to see the openly gay guy relentless molesting, dry humping, making obscene sexual comments and grabbing the private parts of his housemates. If this were a male doing that to the female houseguests, it would be considered sexual harassment. Simple as that. Why the double standard? He is an embarrassment to the gay community. Such an old stereotype. And don’t get me started on the petting and pawing of Cody and Christine. What the hell is that about? Yuck. Just yuck.

    1. Cassidy I totally agree. I have thought that quite often. Big strong young dudes accepting Frankie openly. That’s cool. But being a part of the gay community myself, I find it disturbing to see Frankie act the way he does. Being openly gay is great, but acting like a cheap trick is not. He disappoints me and embarrasses the gay community in his actions.

      1. Very well said. Would it kill them to cast some people that aren’t stereotype after stereotype? Cast the famous singer’s wannabe brother if you want but why not balance it out with a gay person that acts normal, isn’t all about pink and prancing around and humping everything that moves. The sad thing is that people will watch and think that is what all gay people are like. If someone like Donny was gay it would mean a whole lot more.

  101. I’m kind of bummed they didn’t give Nicole immunity this week. I feel like the buy back is wasted, because they’re so dead set on removing Nicole and Donny out. The game sort of feels so stagnant, because the detonators are never going to crack, which is what we’ve been waiting for all season. No one is going to call each other out (Cody will when Donny is not looking or listening) and no one is is going to be the first to turn.

  102. This season was a complete waste of time. First time I’m liking the members in jury who deserve to be in the game. They have their mind set on going after the people in the house.

  103. Cody is upset that Donny suggested that he wasn’t smart because he graduated from one of the top business schools in the country and in the same breath says “I’m literally pissed about that”. Unbelievable what a moron he is. Cody just shut your mouth, look pretty and do whatever Derrick tells you to do.

  104. I have watched every single episode since BB 1. Every season it got worse until last year. I thought this one had to be better. For the first time in all seasons, I planned on getting the live feeds for the last month. NOT! I would use them if it was FREE. This is the worse ever. With the married woman (Christine) after the young wanna be stud,(Cody) the pink haired gay guy (Frankie) humping everything , the female that is dumber than a box of rocks,(Victoria), the costapo (Derrick) telling everyone what to do, and I could go on…..I am done with BB. There were no twists, and the ones they had sucked. Double HOH what were you thinking. they finally bring someone back with no safety to stay a week, boring….simply said…boring. The challenges weren’t even that great. BB-you are failing miserably…time to give it up and come up with new one. You plan ahead on survivor who is to win and this was no different. I am done////

  105. being a ‘cop’ doesn’t make someone ‘bad’ – being a bad person, regardless of your occupation in life, is what makes you bad and no, I don’t particularly like Derrick — but not because he is a ‘cop’ –

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