Big Brother 16 SHOCKER “I’m not even going to call him out on his lies…” -Cody

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations:  ?
Have Nots Donny and Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-22 12-54-14-977
12:51AM Cody and the his girls
Cody saying Donny wants him out of the house so putting him up is strictly game.
Cody says Donny started a social game at day 60.
About DOnny attempts to stay in this game, Christine “at this point it’s like C’Mon bro”
Christine says DOnny does nothing but lies.
Cody – I’m not even going to call him out on his lies..
Cody is going to say “You don’t have to have any intelligence to learn a lot about respect and that is something I don’t think you have shown me
Christine – Wow
Victoria – WOW
Cody – I feel that you are my elder i’m going to continue to show you respect but.. ummm with that being said purely game related.. not on a personal level a little something you find out when you play a social game starting at day 1 not day 60 because when people are targeting you behind your back so I figured I wanted to switch it up like you wanted to do this HOH and hand you your piece of Chocolate
victoria – Love that
Christine – DAmn Cody.. you’re parents are going to be very proud of you you kept your mouth shut at everything he said
Cody – he always brings up my family he said What you your brother say
CHristine wow
Victoria -wow
Cody – I’m not smart but I graduated with a 3.0
Christine – He literally called you stupid
Cody – I do curse a lot
Christine explains that cursing does not show intelligence she thinks it’s Hilarious
Feeds cut to Derrick and Frankie in the Living room.

BB16-2014-08-22 13-16-03-998

12:53AM Living room Derrick and Frankie
Derick says there was zero percent chance of him being a have tnos
Derrick you can’t be on it this week
Frankie I can’t my fingers
Camera Back to the backyard..
Christine is saying that Donny has no clue about what is going on in the house. Cody says he’s just speculating..
Feeds cut.. when they are back Derrick and Caleb are with them.
THey go on mocking DOnny’s attempts at breaking them up. Caleb says if Donny was around his age he would have crushed him but Caleb see him as a elder.
Derrick Chimes in and say every week Donny is secretly targeting him and after POV is donny doesn’t have it Derrick is going to tell Donny straight up what he did.

BB16-2014-08-22 13-22-05-620

1:17PM Derick trying to sleep in the HOH room Caleb messing around with the HOH Television can’t seem to get it to work. (Checks himself out in the mirror as he troubleshoot See image above) He eventually leave.. Victoria sticks around for a bit then leaves because Derrick wants to sleep.

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BB16-2014-08-22 13-22-21-472
1:25pm have nots Caleb and Frankie

Caleb saying he almost volunteered to be a have not because he feels so fat right now.
Frankie loves tofu but the game is more important. says it’s important for them to stay strong and not be a have nto.

BB16-2014-08-22 13-28-15-332

1:27pm Donny and Nicole
Donny lays out what he think is the house Alliance structure .
Final is is locked Caleb, Christine, Cody, Frankie, Derrick and
Frankie has caleb
Derrick has Victoria
Christine has Cody
Nicole comments that Christine and Cody is the most deadly duo.
Donny says the final 3 is Derrick, Frankie and Christine .. “they are just snowing the other people using them as decoys.. in the beginning when there was enough good people they would pawn COdy and Caleb out as their bad guy”
Donny – would have been nice to be in their numbers.. but I wouldn’t have wanted that.. gang up on some old man week after week and… I never did wrong to nobody .
Nicole says everyone knows he’s a good person.. when Julie Chen asked her who she liked in the house she only said DOnny.
Donny says once Zach was gone he was going to make friends with Caleb because these are some long days.
Donny – we have to fight in veto for our lives.. it’s horrible feeling..
Nicole says she felt sick after going out the first in the HOH.
Donny says during the hOH he was like ahh I got to beat 3 people.. ohh I gotta beat 2 people ohh I only have one person to beat
NIcole says she was praying hard for him.
Frankie -we’re going up together for sure..
Nicole – it’s deja vu 2 weeks ago
Donny says it’ll be great when the 3 paris go after each other too bad they won’t be around to watch it.
Donny – I’m pulling for beast mode I like him I really do
Nicole – I do to
Donny – bless his heart.. he’s got the capability he could.. they’ll snow him.. he’ll get into a power situation and they’ll use his power against him.
Donny – Victoria bless her heart..
Nicole – She’s going to ride it out until the end
Donny – it’s not her doing it’s their doing
Nicole – it’s not a horrible game if it gets you so far
Donny – she has no clue she really don’t
Donny – when they start duking it out they are not going to waste it on her
Nicole – she’s going to be final 2 for sure
Nicole says Cody isn’t going to sawy
Donny knows says Cody is going to stick with the crowd
Donny – At least I have you to talk to .. last week Zach slept all the time.
Derrick joins them..

BB16-2014-08-22 13-31-20-788

1:31pm HOh Derrick and Cody
Cody saying getting rid of hayden was a wrong move they should have taken Donny out.
Cody fills him in on what Donny is saying. Highlights that Donny is pushing that Derrick, Frankie and Christine are workings together. Derrick – “You know in your heart hat isn’t true.. I’ll be the first one to vote Frankie out” Derrick says Donny has got to go. Cody brings up he was on the block last week and Donny was campaigning to get him out that is reason enough for him to nominate DOnny.

Cody wants them to use Christine to take out Frankie and Nicole.
Frankie comes into teh HOH

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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The next POV comp should be: whoever can find Cody’s balls wins…I’m guessing no one will win. Cody’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen on BB. #teamdonny #fearthebeard


Then you must not have seen me on Big Brother 10! Bitch, I flipped that house upside down. I will never be forgotten.


But he’s a polite bitch! His parents should be proud of their giant puss! How can they sit there and say that Donny is lying about them all working together when they are and have been since the beginning! They are dillusional to any real truth!!!


If that’s a challenge, I’m sure Christine is up for it.


I would love for Cody to go to the DR and production ask him who he dislikes the most in the house. Naturally he will say, Donny. They will call him to the HOH room and he will get Pandora’s box but only when he opens it he screws himself over. They start calling house guests into the DR each of them get some lil money prize but Donny gets the Diamond Veto. Then hopefully him or Nicole wins the regular Veto and BOOOM bye-bye one of the 6 turds.


Or the coup d’état. Donny could save both of them and pick the replacement nominees. I think that’s how that power works, right?


Christine is CODY Beard…….

Love Donny



The title of this post made me laugh HARD! Thanks Simon!


truly some of their finest work ever.


Everyone left in the house except for Donny/Nicole is a Amanda Zuckerman.

shut up cody/christine

one. stop being fucking assholes calling Donny a liar. even if you don’t believe what Donny is saying, it wouldn’t be lying, it would be speculating. nothing malicious. (p.s. he is right about derrick morons)
two. I know you are clueless about the game, but you didn’t take out hayden over Donny. Donny won POV and you had no choice. I know you continue to say you’ve kept him safe, but you can’t believe it, can yoU?
three. putting Donny on blast is going to make you look like a douche, I recommend you don’t, but Christine’s hatred has rubbed off and its pathetic.

Cody's balls

Please Christine let me go I wanna confront Donny.


Christine: Cody, you didn’t have balls when you came into the house. Go confront him!
Cody: I will but I’m going to do it right now!!!
*door opens. In walks Donny*
Cody and Christine quietly ignore Donny. Donny leaves the room.
Cody: you watch, I’m going to confront him and it will be epic.
Meanwhile inside Cody’s moms purse…Cody’s balls wonder why they’ve been in the dark for 3 months or so.


On one hand I almost want to see Cody humiliate Donny and embarrass him only so that those who hate him can now claim he is a coward for picking on an old man.. These would be the same ones who are now saying he is a coward for not confronting Donny.. I could just see Donny’s fans petitioning to have Cody kicked off the show if he did decide to go through on his plan.. Regardless it wouldn’t advance his game to humiliate Donnie anyway, his family wouldn’t like to see that either, so he did the right thing he saves face with family and friends who are watching and the rest of the house guests won’t be shaking their heads at him that he was that cruel. How many people really wanted to see Donny get humiliated by Cody anyway?? Seems a lot of people are calling Cody a pussy for not doing just that.. Hmm I guess the Donny love train may have indeed fallen off the tracks considering the amount of people who wanted to see Donny called out by Cody.


simon the fans ask why is these young people all of the come after this old man Donny they should be a shame
of their self in if they get they way in Donny goes home I think it make the show look real bad
they got to help Donny production got to cause if Donny goes it will make the show look bad real bad gang up on that poor man like that in now Victoria trying to do it too what a shame this is what big brother came too what happen to the fun I get you want him out I get that but to call him names in suff is wrong production for the fans you got to save Donny for us you got to we are so sad that they doing that to him please help him

nom today will be Donny and Nicole we all know too
please Donny pov special power


If Donny and Nicole get voted out I’m done for the season

Kathie. From Canada

Just when you think Cody can’t get more lame … ‘nuf said! Derrick is just plain creepy at this point! Wonder if he is henpecked at home so he power trips when he is away from the little woman!!! lol

Donny Rocks

I’ve had that same thought.


Derrick’s wife is huge!! He needs to take the food out her mouth instead of the daughter’s!

Show me your license and registration.

OK, leave off Derricks wife. She is married to Derprick. Isn’t that suffering enough?


Talking about his wife is completely uncalled for. Besides, she had a baby for god’s sake. Do you have any idea what that can do to a woman’s body? Not every woman can be like models and actresses who have a baby and go back to being toned in a month. Some women struggle for years to get the weight off no matter what they do.

@ GirlBye =Too Funny Girl!!!

I was thinking the same damn thing!
But just call me a Cody, cause I didn’t have the balls to say it…


Derrick is the way he is because of his cop mentality….they fast talk and try and convince you of something that doesn’t exist. I wish someone would tell Derrick he’s full of it. They should all be ashamed of themselves….Christine is an unsatisfied married women and the three Barbie Boys are sexual frustrated.


I hate them all. I just wanna watch the finale and just maybe read the spoilers because I don’t wanna see those idiots’ faces. Ughhhhhh! Cody is a pu**y and he is derrick’s puppet.


cody hen you get out in ask your family where your man hood at


For many reasons, I could never, ever be a BB houseguest….but mainly because I could not contain my disgust for idiots. I know its part of the game, but watching them all hug Nicole last night after she won her way back in was gross.
If I was her, I would have a hard time not snubbing them or making some rude comments. The phoniness is part of the game, but I wouldn’t last very long.
I would also call out every secret I knew on my way out the door.
Apparently, I’m a grudge-holder.
But the worst part? Doing the phony “who wants to see my HOH room?” bullshit.

The Snortmeister

I know. “Who wants to see my HOH ROOOOOOOOMMM!!!! That got old, several seasons ago.


Why do the HOH people let all those people sleep in their bed. That’s gross. I did like when frankie came up to the HOH room with his overnight bag and Cody sent him away. Are they afraid if they refuse one of these creeps that they’ll end up on the block? CAN should change house rules….sleep in your assigned areas….keep your area clean and get some balls and kick the people out who break the rules. Christine should have been kicked out along time ago….she’s has no morals or respect for herself or her marriage.


Yeah I wish they’d quit showing that as part of the show. It’s old, old, old. Viewers DON’T CARE!


they act like the entire decor and furniture changes. all that happens is a couple of framed photos and a basket of candy.

At least with the BBCAN they provided something individual, a change in the colour of the comfortor or a special blanket, a stuffed animal, and alcohol 🙂


Honestly, I’m just not interested in this season anymore now that Zach’s gone. Simon and Dawg thank you for your hard work this season! Can’t wait to hear from you guys during BBCAN 3


I wonder if Donny is allowed to expose Team America without outing the concept. Can he reveal that he, Frankie and Derrick are in an alliance since week 3 but that they turned on him and now he has no moves left but to expose the alliance? Without mentioning the tasks and money can he say they wanted to target Zach so they convinced him to do the things he did to deflect off of them? The other zombies in there might not believe him (they can’t seem to understand the truth when they hear it) but if his back is up against the wall and he is allowed to mention the alliance without the specifics about Team America why not try?


When it started they told them it was up to them if they wanted to tell people or not.

Spill the beans, Donny!

If telling the rest of the house doesn’t affect whether they get the money or not, then Donny definitely SHOULD spill the beans about TA as a last ditch effort. What would it hurt at that point other than Derrick & Frankie’s game? Do it, Donny! Let’s watch those idiots scramble!

Maria L.

If TA tells anyone…They lose all monies earned!

canadian guy

Let me get this straight…. Nicole is back in the game and she is not even safe for the week? .. Why do they even bother.? BB16 will forever be known as the Season of follow the leader with no brainers… … So sad …


Or a season known for one big alliance, with a core set of guys being the most loyal to each other.

the man

Not when the votes are 12-0 , 11-0. 10-0… etc… No brainers… Follow the leader…. There is no core group. . . . that was the season with the BRIGADE… that was smarts buddy

Calling Amber

“Hi Amber this is Cody. Can you tell me where you got that restraining order on Caleb. I need one Donny is picking on me really bad”


I really can’t stand these ppl (except Donny he’s everything!) but it sucks that 500k is probably gonna end up going to one of these simpletons


This season genuinely SUCKS… can we say it enough? Maybe just MAYBE the endurance we’ve all been waiting for will be next week… hopefully Nicole can make it through this week and if she does she will NO DOUBT win that endurance… I can only hope.


He wants to use Christine to take out Frankie and Nicole! Do it yourself! Make a move! Stop being a floater! God.

The most twisted season ever...

Knowing how predictable this season has been I wonder why they haven’t introduced a DPOV, Pandoras Box or something?

For me (and I have been watching most seasons) this is the most predictable season and the one with the least amount of twists.

Oh well, fast forward to next Thursday already.

I can’t even see the final 6 being very exciting, Derrick will tell them who is going up and they will smile and agree.

This is the worst season I can remember,


a real twist would be a pandoras box that cody would predictably open would be the two inital nominees are safe for the week and he has to nominate two more. that way nicole and donny would both stay… i’m sure it would still be boring since they would most likely send victoria home and waste the HOH (again) but at least it would dwindle in numbers being 5 vs 2!

unfortunately, they should have really shaken it up and who ever won the jury comp IMMEDIATELY was awarded HOH for the week. now THAT would have been great to watch. I was cringing hoping Jocasta wouldnt come back because she cant win anything and would do nothing, but with that twist, even her coming back would have made things more interesting!


Thousands of people apply for big brother and this is what they pick. This has to be the cast with the least amount of brains I’ve seen


Of those I believe actually applied, Frankie, Crustine, Nicole,Derrick,Donny Zach, and Hayden, everyone else was extras…


Hayden was recruited. He picked up producers on his big buggy thing. They asked him. He’d hardly watched the show, but then spent 6 months watching old shows to learn.


“:Cody saying getting rid of hayden was a wrong move they should have taken Donny out.”

Tampon STFU, every time y’all tried to take Donny out he won POV or BOB, every attempt failed miserably.. Don’t pretend like y’all wanted to keep him… Tampon didn’t have have the balls to put Caleb up, when he KNEW they had the unanimous votes to take him out, he’s a PUSSY.. Can’t even call Donny, because besides him being a bitch, he knows Donny is right, but if he actually thought for himself for once in this game, his Daddy Derrick might get mad….


What looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck is……Guess what? A duck! Sorry Tim, mono amount of videos, tweets, etc. will convince people otherwise. A married woman doesn’t even WANt to cuddle, stroke, hug, etc. on a guy, much less do it. And on national TV no less. Plus she’s been called out in it, yet she continues. Say a a lot if you ask me! And the hate everybody attitude she has taken on! Who is she kidding?


You are so right, Duck! What do you expect from that fugly, disgusting, scaly, lanky, big nosed, post nasal dripping, snot swallowing whore?

Love to hate this season...

Duck……change the d’s to f’s and your comments make more sense to me.


Donny has everyone figured out and that’s why they are scared of him. He has this game down to a tee. #FearTheBeard


It is so frustrating watching this with none of the players making any serious moves. Do they really think they are all going to win the money if they don’t take some drastic actionj to remove their real competition.


100% honesty right now…special power or I walk. The only episode I watched in the last 2 weeks has been the “buy back” because I thought it would shake things up. I just can’t watch these awful people anymore.


Buybacks turn out to be pointless.


Question to those knowledgable about the game (Simon, Dawg, others?) Is it too late in the game to introduce special power, veto etc? Do you think production will intervene in this way?

Love to hate this season...

Production is probably trying to find a “free” way to get Frankie the win and his sister showing up to hug him live on air.
CBS, the ratings whore!


Donny an old man!!!! He is only 42-year-old, this is not old 🙂


I know! Even though I know Donnie is just using it to make himself seem less a threat. It still is annoying. 42 is not old! Donnie is a handsome man who would look 7 years younger without the beard. That little twit codependent will be lucky to be in as good a shape at 42.

canadian guy

Is it me or is derrick the biggest FLOATER of all time …. He has done sqat. .. And Cody is second biggest.. He won’t even make a big move to show he has a brain now that he has a chance… BALLS…. Someone get Cody a pair…. Make this season a tad entertaining… Just a little Cody …. .


A floater is someone who floats to whoever is in power in the house. Derrick has basically been in power this entire game and has been using everybody else to do what he wanted. He’s not a floater at all.

canadian guy

Actually he has floated… He was never in power.. He never won anything.never on block to weasel his way out… At least Victoria won some competitions…lol… He orchestrated nothing that was inevitable…the targets were all known .. They vocalized it all. He went along with them all… That’s a floater..

What a Season

I’ve just about had it with all of these ass-hats. All I have to look forward to now is when these houseguests get back out into the real world, and find out how they were perceived by this season’s viewers. Christine, Cody, and Victoria may be in for some nasty surprises. I imagine that Frankie will be utterly shocked that his childish, prancing antics, tasteless remarks and sexual groping didn’t win him the title of America’s Darling Boy. If Donny and Nicole are the next two to leave the game, I’d really love to see Caleb walk away with the half a million. Just because.

Love to hate this season...

Just because………..anyone else winning is brainless.


I see Franky as a predator. His extreme sex talk, groping, constant touching and petting would be cause for arrest if it was against children. He sets the cause of homosexual acceptance back light years. A nasty aggressive gay sexual predator is a stereotype that has forced decent gay gentlemen to work harder for acceptance in teaching, boy scouts, adoption, even housing and many kinds of employment. I see a predator plain and simple and it breaks my heart that millions are watching this who may not know terrific “normal” men who happen to be gay.


I’m so glad I don’t have the feeds, my blood pressure would be through the roof by now! As it is my blood is just boiling reading this site! Bunch of disgusting children!

The Snortmeister

I cancelled my live feeds last night, after being able to stomach only the first ten minutes of last night’s show. Victoria’s smug face came up on my TV screen, gloating about how she had cut up that pink hat, and I thought, “Okay; that’s enough.” I can’t put myself through anything more than simply reading about the show, at this point in the season.


I cancelled mine last night too! Lol I better got a lot of those. No Zach, absolutely no reason for feeds. Soooo boring.

How is that dad kisser HOH?

Donny: *is nice to everyone”
Donny: *gives helpful advice*
Donny: *fights for his life*

Cody: “I just get f*cking irritated when he talks”
Cody: “I want to send him like “You have been so wrong about everything””.
Cody: “He just schemes and schemes!”


I feel I am the only one who cannot stand Derrick more than Frankie; I strongly dislike both of them, but Derrick is the number 1 person in this house that I really do not like.


Derrick is such a weasel. His family should be embarrassed that he is picking on Donny.

Straight Guy
Dedede, Dadada, dedede, dadada, dedede, dadada
Watch this video, it is Jocosta having a demonic attack,
After you watch it, send it to someone you hate
(It is a long video, maybe she was possessed by Legion)


Cody turned out to be a douche bag


Man I already miss Zach! I hope there’s an actual twist this week. I’m still waiting for the most twisted summer to happen. Please drop a 2nd veto inside the house so donny and nicole actually have a chance to both get off the block. Fingers crossed!


I can’t wait for these tools to see how clueless they were about Derrick playing puppet master. I can’t believe CBS hired such sheep what a slap in the face to everyone that tried out for BB16. Cody is one of the biggest Douch bags that’s every been on BB. Please production step in this is so predictable.


That is the truth Donny started social game at day 60.

Donny just doesn’t understand Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Caleb have final 4 deal. Derrick and Cody have a final 2 deal since day one. Why would he go against that and put a HUGE target on his back. Does not make sense.


I do not think donny started the game at day 60, I think he analyzed that bunch of followers first and now he has nothing to lose so he tries to stay in the game as best as he can 🙂


I’m not sure what has truly been the biggest turn off for me this season…
1. The expect the expected season, absolutely no twists or wow moments or 2. The incredible sense of entitlement from these young house guests, especially Cody, Derrick and Frankie… Every time I come to this site to read about BB I hope to read something interesting to keep me watching the show but so far- nothing. I even feel a bit grossed out after reading about their mob mentality geared to each & every one of the evicted house guests they’ve sent out the door…. Like a pack of rabid wolves… No compassion, empathy or backbone to be forthcoming. What a shame these young group is getting primetime air time…

Show me the money....

What I think is going on us that Derrick thinks that the ONLY way for him or Cody to win AF is if they make Donny look bad. They are trying to discredit him do that one of them can win AF. None of them would win against Donny in a final 2 so they are going to evict him first. BUT for these cretins, that’s not enough. Vile Frankie, Crusty Christine and Pudfu3ker Cody are trying to sway the fans by making stuff up about Donny and trying to make him look bad. It’s all Drrpricks doing as he is orchestrating it and having the others join in. Now, and this us actually funny, Drrprick thinks he can use this type of reverse psychology on the fans and try to turn the fans against Donny. He is using the live feeds and cameras to try to campaign AGAINST Donny for AF. It’s all about money for him regardless of who he and his minions hurt in the process. It’s no longer good gameplay: it’s just vicious and nasty now.
Can’t wait to see all of their sad faces when they find out Donny is AF and Zach is a close second.


Are the knuckleheads forgetting they are on camera 24/7 and AMERICA knows what’s up??!!

Donny Rocks

We’ve been watching you all season long, Derrick. Your mist will not work on us.


Honestly, Cody is as naive as Victoria. He doesn’t deserve to win anything.
Tattletale Andy syndrome too. What an idiot.
Of course Donny’s after them, who else would he be after? Dope.

Just Me

Boy Cody…What a great big move you are making. Going with the house again and putting up the only two people who have tried to warn you about Derrick. Mad respect dude!
Sergeant Sarcasm


Being real…I am kinda getting tired of Donny playing the old man card. He isn’t really old, he just acts old.


Seriouly Christine, you are calling Julie Chen out like that? Uhh, like she is not only some woman who is the host of BB, she is the wife of the President and CEO of cbs. You do not call her out and say you hate her guts (if it’s a joke, you don’t joke like that, not about Julie Chen of all people). Also, Christine was zinged about her husband having a problem with Cody, and she is still all over him. That is completely disrespectful to her husband.


I agree that Crustine should not have said she hated Julie but Julie does not deserve special status due to her husband or her job. Amber, Brittany, Joey, Pow Pow Jocasta and Nicole have all had the “I hate her” tossed at them, why should Julie be different?


I would never say anything negative about my boss’s wife on the job. Basically, the HG are employed by cbs.

What If????

What if, Nicole actually had the Golden Power Of VETO, and Donny won VETO? Hmmm, bet the cockroaches would start scrambling and being nicer. Lol


I’m wondering if Nicole was given a power like coup d’etat or DPOV. I can’t see them sending a HG back in without guaranteeing at least a week of safety.


Lets get these Noms done. So the alliance doesn’t out think themselves. Lock in Donny Nicole, one of them is guaranteed to go home.


Really, Christine and Victoria saying that Amber was not pretty. Amber is stunningly gorgeous, and that is why you, Victoria, was always staring at Amber and couldn’t take your eyes off of her. This is coming from the two most unattractive girls in the house. Green doesn’t look good on neither one of you.


Here it is another season of losers. Donny and Nicole are the only ones worthy of being there. Christine hates Julie Chen, wow I want to see that interview. I only watch the Thursday show as I hate how every year a loser gets $500.000.00. Ian was the last worthy one. The Canadian Big Brother is no better. If you watch the early shows of the U.S.A BB you’ll see a way better show. I’m thinking far too many people feel the need for absolute caos. Those people are who they are even outside the house. If production does step in they need to help the two good people. Go Donny, go Nicole.


I had a dream last night that Donny won the POV and later on, he was issued the DPOV (and it turned out to be 2 DPOVs). So at the VETO meeting, he used the regular POV on himself; and pulled out one of the DPOVs and used it on Nicole, and then he said to Cody, “Since using the Diamond Power of Veto, that give me the power to name replacement nominees…without further ado, Derrick and Christine…take your appointment seats. Derrick, the reason I’ve chosen you is because you being in total control of everyone in your alliance, you’re a fierce competitor, and you haven’t tasted being on the block; and Christine, for a so called woman that has her nose in the bible, you’ve really shown the world that you are just an ugly, foulmouthed, horrible, cheating jezebel; and I really feel sorry for your husband and parents…so do not be surprised if you receive divorce papers when you go back home. This POV meeting is adjourned.” After the meeting, Christine ran to the backyard, fell on the grass, and was cursing and crying furiously. Cody was trying to comfort Christine, but she kept pushing him away. Then she and Cody kept threatening Donny with bodily harm, but Derrick’s cop instinct kicked in and told them if they touch him, you’ll be arrested. Donny and Nicole hugged each other and laughed out loud in the Have Nots Room. Fast forward to Thursday night, they evicted Derrick and then Christine went nuts, cursed out Donny, Nicole, and Julie Chen…and then Allison Grodner, came on the loud speaker, and expelled Christine for unsportmanlike conduct, and woooooooooooo, she was foaming like a rabid dog, had to put her in a straight jacket, and carried her out the BB house in front of the live audience; and everyone booed her! Then I woke up…LOL, that was a really nice dream!


I like the way you dream, boy.