Big Brother Spoilers – Dom pleads his case, Jeff: “You’re an accessory to backdooring me.. you gone” **updated**

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3:29pm Havenots Adam and Dom Dom is telling him that Adam is safe and he’s on the way out. Adam: “I know this game and it’s only Tuesday… Anything can happen” Dom points out that nobody is talking to him Adam says the same for him and that is why they are both nervous. Adam: “I think we are both right that the decision has been made” dom agrees reiterates they already know what they are going to do they are just not telling any one. Dom says he’s going to talk to JJBR tonight and get everything cleared up maybe he’ll know more after that. Dom says he’s pretty sure he’s going home. adam says he’s not going to do say much he doesn’t want to pull a “Kieth” dom thinks that is a good idea. Adam: “whatever happens we’re Yankees fans” They agree to keep in touch after the show.

3:34pm Jeff and Brendon HOH talking about how awkeard the house is right now. Brendon starts talking about how stupid the other group is, “I just want to win to get these people out.. they don’t deserve to be in this house”. Jeff agrees they call Kalia and Dani stupid a couple dozen times (standard for these guys everyone is a idiot but themselves). Dom joins them, Jeff: “What are you going to do jam a pool que up our asses” Dom laughs says that was last night he came up to talk (Last night Dom played a perfect game of pool) Dom says he knows he’s going home he just wants to clear things up before he goes, “Hands down I never said to backdoor Jeff”. Brendon: “I’ll admit I don’t remember everything perfectly so I don’t know what I heard exactly”. Jeff says it doesn’t matter if Dom said it or not he was all part of it. Jeff thought it was a little suspicious that after the veto was won Dom was acting a bit too relaxed for someone to be on the block. Jeff explains that he wanted to keep Dom 100% but then he started hearing about backdooring Jeff, Dani started to act funny and then Jeff heard that Dom threw the veto and that got him thinking that maybe Something was up. Jeff says they all know who started the backdoor thing, Jeff: “You knew about that plan to backdoor me… why didn’t you say something to me at the time… it easy say hey look Jeff’s my buddy lets not backdoor him”

Dom says he never thought that the backdoor plan would work he just disregarded it.. Dom tries to explain how difficult it would be for Dom to go up and tell Jeff that the house is trying to get him backdoored, “hey Jeff someone is going to backdoor your.. You didn’t trust me if I would of told you that you would of said go BLANKย off you’re going home”. Dom states that there is no way anyone will get into the final for this year, “You 4 will not crack so the other players are trying to figure it out”
Jeff: “Dude what are the chances that the 4 of us making to the final 4”
Dom: “it’s very good”
Jeff: “Dude Jordan won in our season this is big brother anything can happen”
Dom: “How can you guys tell me that you would pick me over your pairs it’s not going to happen”
Brendon: “You guys all think we’re going to make it to the end”
Dom: “YES you are”
Dom: “Let me get this straight i’m going home because you heard from someone that they wanted to backdoor you and I was friends with that person”
Jeff: “You an accessory to backdooring me…. you should of put a stop to it when Dani suggested it”
Brendon: “What did she tell you.. did she tell you that she was going to get us turn on each other”
Dom: “I’m not going to through her under the bus”
Brendon: “She screwied you over you know that right”
Brendon: “Dani has no chance in this game anymore… if she was such a smart player she should of gotten you all to shut your mouths about backdooring jeff”
Dom: “Last week I would of been gone if I had not won the Veto… I was alone playign a game.. Shelly and Casi were making deals with everyone adam I can’t trust… and you guys didn’t trust me so I needed Dani”
Jeff: “You could of picked us”
Dom: “You guys never trusted me.. Dani was my only way in, I had to get with her so you guys would trust me.” He tries to remind them that he was on the block last week and was suppose to go home because of them.
rachel joins them.
Brendon tells him he should of just gone up to BRJJ as soon as Dani started talking about Backdooring Jeff then we would of taken Dani’s spot in the group. Brendon: “She screwed you man”. Dom sticks to his story says he never thought the plan to Backdoor Jeff was going to happen he thought it was too stupid to actually become a reality.. Dom: “I never said to backdoor Jeff I wanted Lawon gone” Rachel blurts in says that she never heard DOm say that. Dom says he said it on the bed.. Brendon agrees he heard it.

Dom : “Is there any shot in hell that I can mend this”
Brendon and Jeff say they can’t trust Dani anymore nor can they trust dom. Jeff: “dani made the biggest dumbest move in the game and she prides herself to be this great big brother player … she did the stupidest move.. we would be the on the same sheet of paper for dumb moves if we kept you it would go Dani and then us” Dom says that he never thought the whole backdooring thing would come back to him because it was all dani’s idea. Jeff says there’s no way Dom is staying unless he can magically change spaces with Dani which isn’t going to happen… “you gone”

4:20pm Havenots Kalia and LAwon Kalia is saying that she knows there has been talked from both of them about getting the other out but now they need a reboot. She says that if they want to get farther we need to work together. She explains the BRJJ will pick off all the newbs one by one and the best you can get is final 6. Kalia: “We need to work together from this point on and have to agree 100% we have each other back”

Lawon: “baby i’ll be honest to you I never trusted you after the Keith thing but I never said anything bad about yout”. Lawon understands things have been said and now that she’s cleared it up its all good.
kalia suggests they should carry on like they are but they need still act the same way.

Kalia says at first she just wanted to get to Jury becuase that way finacially this show was worth it but now seeing what happened “A part of me wants to smack that smirk off that look on their face because they thinks have it in the bag” (BIAM Newbs are solidifying now that they lost the numbers LOL)

kalia starts to cry says that last week her and Jordan were very close she considered them friends and now it’s not like that, Kalia says that Jordan used her just like Rachel used Porsche and they are going to use Shelly. She says they played her for a fool, “Jeff called me a traitor this morning.. when it was them that stopped talking to me once they didn’t need my vote” Kalia reiterate that unless they start talking sbout BRJJ they will get to final 6

dani joins them says Dom is up in the HOH wasting his time.. They start talking about Jordan being left out of all BB + Jeff talks it’s almost like she just a walking eating vote. Kalia: “Why doesn’t JOrdan care that JEff, Brendon and rachel think she’s a idiot” Dani: “She won 1/2 a million dollars playing that game why should she try anything else” They talk about maybe going up stairs and getting Dom out because he’s only diggin himself deeper..

Dani leaves..

Lawon and Kalia agree to keep up the act that they can’t stand each other.. kalia warns Dom not to trust Shelly one bit “She’s playing this game SOO hard we cannot trust a word she says” lawon says he knows just needed confirmation.

Dani joins them..
lawon thanks Dani for bringing him and Lawon back together. They start talking about Shelly and how BR and JJ are in a tug of war for her..

Kalia: “We gotta get the newbies to get their mouths off the vet’s Dick”

(WOW the newbs are rallying around Dani.. if they can win comps then this might get awesome.. if they can’t win comps then they go home one at a time.. oh and EVERYONE knows about Shelly lol hope she goes home)

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5:10pm Brendon and Rachel Before dom leaves he plants the seed that Shelly is a snake she was telling the newbs the other day that their only hope is to band together…. After Dom leaves rachel asks BRendon if they are going to keep Dom, Brendon: “BLANK NO… this is why you are not allowed to talk game by yourself.. don’t think for one minute that he won’t back stab us with Dani’s help”
Rachel brings up Prosche telling her that Shelly has been saying things to the newbs to get them to band together. Brendon isn’t worried about Shelly, rachel: “I’m the one shelly doesn’t like i’m the one out of us 4 she’ll target” brendon says he’ll talk to her tomorrow morning..

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It’s painful watching Dom sit there being chastised by Jeff and Brendon. Those two are way too smug for me. Rachel can’t really get a word in edgewise while they act like they run the world. I don’t even know why he’s talking to them, they’ve pretty much decided he’s gone, so let it go.


I agree with you. Jeff pisses me off Whre was all this energy in his season against Russell and Jessie. He was never this bold!!


Not true, he turned into a dick when he won HOH (had any power) in his season too. His paranoia caused him to turn on his own alliance members and cost him the game.


Loves Jeff hope he takes it all and he will win this HOH on Thursday sorry to disappointed hahaha


For real! He might as well accept his fate and leave with his dignity.

The Rose

I don’t think Big Brother stacked the deck against the newbies. They had the numbers, they watch Big Brother, they just didn’t stick to their sorry alliance. This is one of the greatest ideas Big Brother has come up with…..and it not over..even if the fat lazy lady sings!


No offense, but this post doesn’t make sense to me.
The veterans were at a HUGE advantage in this game for many reasons.
1. This caused the veterans to remain as a huge group, as in the beginning, it became apparent that it would become vet’s vs noobs.
2. All the vets are great at competetions. All the noobs suck aside for maybe dominic.
3. Their partners wouldn’t turn on each other ever, unless their on the block. Shelly is someone who turned her back on Cassi and Adam was doing the same thing too. Oh and Kalia wanted to get rid of her partner when she was not even on the block.
4. Not every noob watched the seasons. I know Dominic and Cassi did not watch any seasons. No idea about the rest

While I respect everyone’s opinions, I do not agree with your thinking in this post.


I believe the point was that everyone had the opportunity to watch previous BB seasons. And they had the opportunity to stick together because they had the numbers. The fact that they didn’t, was their mistake–not the construct of the producers. Actually, I believe the New Kids had an advantage just as strong as the Vets’ experience in the house. The New Kids were able to watch all previous seasons and get to know each of these players’ personalities/quirks/strengths/weaknesses. The Vets didn’t know anything about the New Kids. So, bottom line, people who use their heads and think strategically will usally get a lot further than those who don’t. And planning before you get there is ALOT of it.


I think it’s hilariously stupid of the “two greatest BB players” to try to convince Dani that their alliance is 5 strong, and then tell her closest ally that they basically hate her and want her out. I think Dani already knows that she’s not really in the alliance, but if Dom goes back to tell her, she’ll try even harder in the HOH.
And I think that it’s great that the newbies are getting back together…too bad they don’t have the numbers now.
BRJJ + Shelly vs. Dani + Adam + Lawon + Kalia + whoever comes back
DANI, SHAKE THINGS UP! She may have screwed things up this week, but she can still recover with a new alliance.


i agree, I was thinking the same thing, like did Brendon and Jeff have temporary amnesia and forget their plan from oh of all of about sixty minutes ago where they want to convince Dani they are still with her…they actually said “Dani is done in this game” a complete 180 from “do you still want a final 5??” if it were Rachel or Jordan running off at the mouth, these two would’ve never let them live it down and we wouldn’t have heard the end of it

i know that a player usually comes back and everyone keeps talking about it, but, is that a definite thing? does that usually happen? i have only been watching since season 11, but i don’t remember anyone coming back? (except for that 24 hour Rachel thing, but I am talking about actually re-entering the game)


It usually happens once every 3 seasons (seasons 3, 6, 9). No one reentered in season 12, so everyone is saying that someone’s coming back this season. Also, Keith and Cassi are currently sequestered.


Every few years they bring back an evicted house guest. We get tipped off that one might be returning when the first few who are evicted do not go home but are instead sequestered. Keith and Cassie are sequestered right now so it’s possible that someone will be returning. I believe the last time they did this, it was with James? Correct me here if I’m wrong Simon. I heard they were supposed to do it last year but instead decided to disgust the viewers with bringing Jesse back in Pandora’s box then having rachel and brendon trade places for 24 hours with another pandora’s box.

This is Jeff’s second screw up. His first was telling Kalia not to talk game to Dani anymore (letting everyone know they didn’t trust Dani) and now he lets Dom know that they still don’t trust Dani. Had Rachel or Jordan said those things when they wanted Dani to think they trusted her, they would belittle them and call them stupid. Hypocrisy, thy new name is Jeffendon.


Probably because right after the pow wow last night Dani left and immediately begain to talk against them. I think a line has been drawn and they (Jeff, Dani) don’t really care if the other knows how they feel. I do agree that they (Jeff et all) should have played it cool, continued to befriend Dani antone oblivious to her gossip until next HOH & POV ceromonies.


Season 9 – Couples (hooked up with someone from their past), James returned on day 35 (Neil left the show due to an urgent personal reason on day 7) 16 houseguests, couples were voted out until the third week when they were told after they voted that they were now playing individually so everyone had to revote for the one person they wanted to go home that week. Down to 11 HGs after week 3 vote and they still brought James back into the game at the end of week 4.

Season 10 – America’s Player for a week – Dan

Season 11 – Coup De Tat went to Jeff, Pandora’s box unleashed Nat’s boyfriend, Pandora’s box unleashed money while Kevin was handcuffed.

Season 12 – Diamond POV went to Matt, Pandora’s box unleashed Jesse for Brit, Pandora’s box unleashed Rachel back into house for 24 hours.

Season 13 – Couples (Vets vs Noobs) with Golden Key twist until they are down to 10 players.


And Season 6 – Houseguest with secret partner, Kaysar was voted out week 4 and came back into the house on week 6 (julie announced that kaysar won the popular vote to come back into the house after being sequestered), double eviction week 7.


Lets have a pity party 123 AWE!!! AWE!!!


Shelly may just cross back over to the newbs if they win hoh?!


dom is the idiot staying up there and listening. they already told him how it was. dani screwed him and his only hope to stay is if she were to leave. so unless she walks out the door (not gonna happen) he’s got no chance, so why after they told him that didn’t he just say it is what it is and leave? he’s crazy if he think he has a chance.


He screwed himself more than Dani did. He went to Shelly with the ‘plan’, who in turn rattex him out. Rachel even talked to Dom about getting JJ out. Why are Dani and Dom not going to BR and telling them that this all began with them then go to JJ and tell them that BR started all this shit? Do not go out without even attempting to wipe that shit eating grin off of BR’s face with the truth.


bc JJ will just rationalize it as well, at the time, BR thought we were plotting against them bc of seeds Dani was planting – and if Dani or Dom say it again, JJ might interpret it as them still trying to break up their alliance




Ride the ego high so when you do fall, it’s a hard one!

Kalia is just as much to blame for the vets having this much power as Shelly is. In fact all the noobs are to blame for throwing comps and not sticking together against the people who have already had their shot at the prize. Half of me knows that the noobs deserve this because they contributed to their own demise, the other half of me does not want to see the vets win because none of them are worthy. Bring on the damn house meeting and air out everyone’s dirty laundry!


Hate Jeff,Brendan,And Rachel They Did Not Even Win Their Season They Are Some Dumb Asses And Dani is Going To Win Hoh And They Will Turn On Each Other and its Fun ny Hoe Much Of a Mean Jeff is To Everyone incuding Jordan i Hope Dani Can Get The Newbees Together And Get The Other Vets Out The House But i Love How Close Dani,Dom,And Lawon Are and How They Are Planning Trips Together But Jeff,Rachel,and Brendel,And Shelly Have Np Chance At Winning Because Everyone Loves Sweet Heart Jordan


I’m getting pretty upset, I mean come on guys grow up! So Dom is trying to save his A$# and you guys can’t even be civil. KARMA is a bitch!! Never let your ego take the best of you and JEFF, dam you you just did that!! Dani game is not over, as soon as the BRJJ team loose one, she will gain power!!


Wow, I cant believe what an jerk Jeff is. I never watched his season but I thought he was supposed to be this nice guy.

LOL @ Kalia. Her, Adam, and Shelly have had their lips wrapped around vet d**k all season. Get up off your knees and start to compete bitch.


It would be perfect if Kalia shuts the f*ck up. She is so annoying….


They better bring Dom back !


Yea I know right, I just hope that america gets to vote him back in and get rid of the the jerk (Jeff) and the Douchebag (Brenda)


so the new force in house is forming. regulator 2.0. lawon. kalia. daniele. amzing.


lololol ….and we thought it couldn’t get any worse:)~


Maybe if Porsha would get her head out of Rachel’s ass the newbies could have a chance. If Adam, Lawon, Dani, Kalia, and maybe Porsha(someone needs to work on her and explain that she disposable to the “vets”) stick together they could do it. Shelly’s a lost cause…seems like she is more interested in helping Jeff and Jordan win than actually winning for herself.


Jeff And Brendon both are talking like they run the house.. If dani wins HOH I hope sends one of em crying home!


Last I checked they have been running the house. They have evicted 2 people & the exact people they wanted & are about to evict their 3rd. Now they outed Dani to make her a huge target & strengthened their alliance. They were able to steal newbies to vote with them, even when their numbers were down. Yeah they have big egos and it’s annoying watching them call everyone stupid. I am not a B&R fan and I am sure that the power will shift and they’ll be pissed, but why all the hate? Did you watch the whole conversation? Jeff, Brendan & Rachel repeatedly told Dom that they liked him, they wanted him to be there, they are sorry that he is getting screwed in this position, etc… Jeff agreed with dom on some of his points, and they joked around. Jeff does have an aggressive style and when he gets heated he goes overboard with the f this and the stupid this. But if I was Jeff, I would be pissed too that someone in my alliance was trying to back door me week 3 & I think he felt really betrayed by Dani so I am sure there is some hurt there as well. I think they are both (Brendan & Jeff) playing the game by manipulating and intimidating people & I think it’s funny that they are all playing a really great game & people are saying they don’t like them. I get that they are doing it an aggressive way, but they are playing Big Brother & they are stirring crap up all week which is fun!! I personally have enjoyed watching Jeff make the people who tried to get him out squirm the past few days (especially Kalia). They could just sit back and think they could coast through cause of their egos and instead they are playing hard and fighting. Unlike the boring newbies who are crying & folding. I don’t doubt that the game will change & they will make some stupid moves, but I just don’t get why everyone is hating on them when they are playing the big brother game & this is what they are supposed to do. Manipulate people, win comps, make deals, confront people, to get to a half million dollars. They could have some more respect for their opponents, but I would expect nothing less from BB players. Dick would do the exact same thing. Dani was doing it too.


I agree. Basically if Dani did not have a key she would be going home. They would be fools to keep Dom. In fact they are downstairs plotting to overthrough BR abd JJ right now, so Dom is untrustworthy. Maybe had the newbies played better from day one I’d have more sympathy.


This comment was meant to reply to the original comment by Tim.


LOL – basically you’re saying you didn’t mean to come across as a bitch to Simon – but instead it’s directed towards Tim. HAHAHA…


I really wish they’d get rid of Dani this week and they’d have Dom by the cajones for another week or two.


Who Decides Who Gets To Come Back?


Go Jeff! Give’em hell! I’d be pissed too if one from my own alliance (Dani) and Dom were trying to get me back-doored.
What do you expect people? He’s fighting for survival and letting people know he’s not a pushover. Plus that’s just how Jeff is, he’s very vocal and it cracks me up! If he was being real quiet about it then everybody would be saying “Jeff’s such an idiot, let’s people walk all over him, Care-Bear alliance….” whatever Jeff haters are saying about him now… You want excitement, Jeff is giving it to you and you’re bashing him for it.. WTF?


More Like Dumbest Move Because Brenchel Have No Chance At Winning Because America Hates Them And Jeff is a Dick And Bully And Once Dani Wins HOH He Will Be Sent Home And They Can Put Dani Up But She Holds The Most POVS So i Know That She Will Not Be Sent Home By Them Losers But She Will Get The Newbees On Her Side And i Can’t Wait To See it Happen But i Think if They Bring Anyone Back It Will Be Dom Because Anyone Else Has Been Out The House To long But i Hope Thats The Twist Because Dom is The Funniest Person On BB And Cutest




How quickly you forget that last week both JJ considered bd’ing BR and BR considered bd’ing JJ. Their god complex is causing them to be hypocritical and disliked.

The best we can hope for is that they bring both Dom and Cassie back so the noobs have the numbers again (especially considering how many fans feel the season was stacked in the vets favor). This way AG can say they attempted to equalize the situation. If the noobs fail again, it’s on them. Let the double elimination happen when the noobs have power so the arrogant vets get what they deserve. Wow, sounds similar to an ump blowing a call in favor of the Yankees then feeling bad enough to blow a call in favor of the Mariners in an attempt to level the playing field. LOL


JJ did NOT go around frantically campaigning to get rid of BR. Gimme a break!


I said “considered” so how about you give yourself a break?


I would love this if the newbies could be trusted. That’s sorta been my issue with cheering for them. I liked Cassie because she seemed to be the only one with independent thoughts. Dani basically laid the game out for Dom. He could not have navigated the game and sorted through the lies and BS so quickly without her. All the newbies would still be oblivious. Kinda nice that the blinders are off. Hope it’s not too little too late for the rest of them.


I cannot believe that the majority of Big Brother fans, and J/J fans are finally realizing how misogynistic Jeff really is. Both Braden and Jeff, I’m referring to season 11, were misogynistic homophobes. Finally, after 2 years of loving this guy, you people realize how much of a jerk he really is. He constantly puts Jordan down, and undermines her daily – to her face, and behind it. This guy is unbelievably smug, and jealous!


it’s so funny you brought that up, bc I was just thinking about how homophobic/racist both Braden and Jeff were (based on comments they made in the house)…i had actually forgotten about that and then started thinkin)g about BB11 today and all the players and it came back to me….i have this sensory distaste for jeff and that must be why…i have no idea why America loves him so much, i was surprised he was American’s favorite during BB11 (though in hindsight i guess i see why — but i am curious if they still do and where his popularity is at now?? i would be a little surprised if his popularity hasn’t dropped at least a little…


When Jeff doesn’t have power he is funny and likeable. When he has power he turns into a giant a$$hole. Happened in his season too. But with that said you guys are correct that no matter how he is coming across he is still a misogynist and homophobe.

Scallywag in Canada

I have disliked Jeff since day 1 and I knew he would eventually show his true colours. I soooo hope Dani takes his ass out this upcoming week, It will be so good to see him taken out especially my a girl. Go Dani go!!!


@Rooffuss i used to like jeff but now he is a jerk and a bully but doing his season he would never stand up for hisself nor brendon but i can’t wait for brenchel and jj o split up and see Dani kick ass and show them how you are surposed to play the game and win comps because she does have alot more comps than jeff and brendan together


What I don’t get is how the vets can have an OPEN alliance but they go crazy when anybody else looks like they are forming one.


My sentiments exactly!


I’m glad the guys are being aggressive, Jordan and Rachel are too trusting. Jeff and Brendon need to get out the shady people; starting with Dom then Dani. Smartest game move at this point.


Can’t wait to see their faces, and hearing them whine a mile a minute when Dani wins HOH.




You obviously bene hit on the head too many times, there’s only 1 skank in the house and that is Rachel, Dani would be a bitch


Rachel is no skank, annoying and ridiculous, yes. Dani is pure trailer trash skank. You should probably get some test done cause there is clearly something wrong with your opinion of Dani.


I recall Rachel story last season about how she got drunk blacked out and awoke naked with hundreds of dollars paid for whatever she did clinched in her fist, yea skank.

Brenda sucks in endurance comps that are not rigged. the rest of them suck in comps period so that leaves Jeff and Dani, and unless the comp is strength based Dani will win.


“Jeff is referring to Dom as having “an STD” in the game and why would he want him around. Dom joked with his response by saying he has a curable STD.”

Aww shit so Rachel is the only STD in the house.. Oh Noes


Even though,it’s partly Kalia’s fault they lost numbers I hope she can get it together and stop being flaky, lazy and running her mouth at the wrong time. No one gives a shit about what you think you know about sex. Everyone accept Dominic has been having it for awhile now. But over the past week the two ungolden and the “golden” couple(or 1/2 of the golden couple) have gained too big of an ego. There is game talk than there is just arrogance and entitlement and flat out delusion.Like how Rachel keeps saying she was treated mean last summer but really had no idea what people where saying until she left house and saw it played back. If they were so mean she wouldn’t have been fixing pancakes. Other than Ragan they all talked behind her back not in her face.

But I wanted to barf when Jeff was talking to Dani last night , mentioning how he wanted to spend the summer with Jordan and I guess how he wasn’t there for all the backstabbing and lies. As if he’s above that happening to him in the game. If he and Jordan want to spend time together maybe he or she should go move to where one or the other one is living. She won $500,000 after taxes it’s far less, but that may have been enough for her to go be a receptionist in a beauty salon near where he lives.So maybe they are the original PT, part time couple instead of the golden couple people seem to love for some reason. I guess mainly because they both are good looking. Anyway, I hope Rachel,Brendon, or Jeff gets evicted soon.Now that would be good TV.


LMFAO @ Jordan telling someone else that thy aren’t playing smart. Bitch floated the her entire season and won because of a ” power, pure luck, and a single lie” if any one of those dd not happen she would not have won shit, she should not be gloating.


Every BB winner needed a shitload of luck and alot of other people making big mistakes around them. People always discredit jordans win. Whatever she did or did not do…she obviosly did it right.


but she still won




Imagine how drunk you would be if you drank 1 drop of vodka every time Brendan/Jeff/Rachel called someone stupid or dumb. You’d be dead.


no, i don’t think anyone has a problem with gameplay….. the difference is that Jeff is profiting off of this “nice guy, Mr. All American, clean cut image” via the various entertainments opportunities he has had over the past two years, including maintaining this relationship with Jordan that seems suspect at best…… so now people are scrutinizing and really questioning…people don’t like things rachel is doing and that has affected her negatively in the real world whereas for Jeff, his portrayal in the house has had the opposite effect – but is it deserved? or is his image built on an illusion which means CBS has pulled the wall over our eyes to an extent and noone likes to be made a fool of….


Right now I’m thinking that it might be smarter to keep dom. Gasps I know but get this if they can get dom to swear loyality to them and mean it and to keep it under wraps they can use dom as a weapon against Dani. Because we all know how Dani is in endurance comps. She won’t give this one up. But the likely hood of the vets getting this to happen means that they would have to stop acting so smug and actually think logically that the likely hood of them winning all of the comps is rare. Because I bet CBS is going to make the comp something that Dani will be strong in. But then again CBS does like Jeff and Jordan so…


Dom is Dani’s patsy. That’s why she picked him. He’s going home because of her trigger finger backstabbing on her alliance. Had she waited a week he would have been safe. Jeff is correct in telling Dom that he’s going home because of Dani. She simply could have paired with him, kept it low key until the golden key and twist played out and then went after BR or JJ.

I agree they might bend the comp in Dani’s favor. I felt like they did that in her season. That’s why IDK why she made such a bold move a week too soon.


I kind of don’t want the newbs to band together. Atleast not until Dani leaves. I hate her worse than Rachel. Whatever the HOH is I hope she loses.


Why do people couple Jeff, Brendon and Rachel together like they are the ones running the house. As far as I can see, it’s just Jeff and Brendon that are bullying everybody and acting foolish. Rachel really isn’t doing anything. Why does everyone hate on her continuously? Please don’t say because of her laugh and insecurities, that response is getting really old fast.


Meant to say “-Her nasty childish attitude” for the first line


i know right


i noticed as more time goes on shelly is getting more and more dyky. she should be called jodie foster. she was another lesbo that was in denial too. go carpet go muncher. ๐Ÿ™‚


people hating on jeff and brendon for thinking they know how to play this game better than any of the other houseguests have seem to forgotten that dani is the worst one about being that way. she tells jeff and brendon to their faces they don’t know how to play, and tells dom she knows it all and that no one can run this house better than her. she obviously way overstated that one considering that if she was that good she’d be getting her way right now and no one would have a clue she was pulling the strings. she behaves as if she is entitled to whatever she wants whenever she wants it. why is it that everyone hating on br and jj are so for dani. they are all behaving the same way. dani just overplayed it more than they did which is why she got caught and is being targeted. the newbs might band with her for a minute, but how do you trust someone who was supposed to be so solidly alligned with people and flipped way too fast.


i can honestly say i can’t remember lawon throwing anyone under the bus. def could be wrong, but i can’t remember

Which A-hole Will Win?

I think he threw himself under that bus ๐Ÿ˜‰


Bullying..Jeff is such a bully…brenda is such a bully…bully this bully that bully everywhere…get over it, go back and read some older posts the word bully comes up every second post…these contestants arent 8 year old kids playing on the play ground at school, they are all adults, a few of them are spineless adults but nonetheless they are adults. These people live in a fishbowl for 2 and a half months with every move being filmed and every word being recorded so yes that must get extremely hard so they will raise their voices from time to time and they will call each other names but get over the whole “bully” bullshit…Jeff and Brenda are controling the game, they are imposing their will on others and if the others do not like it they just have to stand up and be heard. So bascially Jeff and Brenda are playing BB. Nothing more nothing less. Stop all this whining..TX


I agree. ED was a genuine bully, on purpose but everybody loved it. Just sit back and enjoy the drama. If nothing was going on peeps would be complaining that it was boring. For all we know production may have told them to go all out if they felt like it.

I say the more drama the better. Yelling, fault finding, finger pointing, complaining, backstabbing, name calling, bring it on!


For the life of me I don’t understand why people are so upset with Jeff–calling him “,mean” “a bully” “an ass” etc. The comment usually is “I thought he was suppolsed to be the “nice one’ like he was in his season.” Well, where did that get him? He lost. He is smart enough to have reflected, learned from last time, and made some changes. Now, maybe they won’t work either, but this is a HEAD GAME! Why would you expect him to try the exact same strategy he tried last time. That is what would be the lame and stupid thing (like Brendan and Rachel in my opinion). But, only time will tell. As for the real Jeff, I believe time and exposure to him in experiences outside the BB house have proven that Jeff is, indeed, a nice guy. May curse a bit much for my taste, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a nice guy. GO Jeff! I’ll stick with you til the end.


Jimik60 — My wife hated you, I loved you. Miss U on this site. I for one hate the bad press you got. U had a lot of insight and great comments. I keep guessing if you are still commenting here somewhere. Sorry that bitch from canada got you banned. 1st and ONLY comment, loved your input, jfyi. j.


Very true. Well said.


I hope Jeff soon realizes that his rep is going down hill fast by association with Brendon.


He’s using Brendon to accomplish his goals at the moment. This is a HEAD GAME of continally changing alliances as you implement your own personal strategy (if you’re smart). Brendan and Rachel are serving a purpose for Jeff and Jordan for the present. Just as I’m sure they are serving a purpose for B and R. It’s week 3–there is a long way to go.