Big Brother Spoilers – A night of dating games, Abortions in China and Lawon again wins OBB’s best dressed award **updated**


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8:45pm Backyard Brendon, Jordan and Shelly She’s talking about China and how different it is over there. She points out that the respect from elders is HUGE the elders raise the children and the parents work. She adds that the first time she was in China she saw all the women holding hands, “I thought… is everyone Gay here… But there just friends that’s the way they do it”. Brendon asks about the schoole. Shelly tells them that all the children wear uniforms, take 10 hours of classes and rid the subway when their 8, “The parents don’t pick them up”. Shelly tells them about how a family of 5 all ride on one moped. Jordan asks if it’s overpopulated in china (oh man) Brendon says yes so much in fact that they instituted a law that you’re only allowed one child. Shelly: “Yeah you had them aborting a lot of little girls”..

Shelly starts talking about how awesome a slingbox is for her tv/computer. She talks about being able to watch Fox news while in CHina.. she goes on and on about watching fox news using her slingbox.

9:20pm Lawon, Shelly and Jordan Shelly asking them if you can have one what would you pick “Power” “Money” “influence” Lawon says influence. Shelly: “You know if you get 2 of those you get the third”.. .. Shelly asks them if you could get Time or Money what would you want. Jordan asks her to elaborate..

9:15pm Kitchen POr and Kalia playing a game in near silence

Dani joins them and they start talking about how much they dislike their memory wall pictures. Adam walks in says he has the best memory wall picture. Dani: “Umm lets not get carried away” Adam asks her who has better.. She says Crazy James, “He had his hands in it and everything looked really cool.

9:30pm Dom and Jeff playing Pool no talking

9:50PM Lawon wearing the most outrages outfits Jordan asks him if he wears that in the real world. Lawon says of course he goes to the clubs like this, everyone buys him drinks.

Jeff, rachel and Jeff start playing pool, Jeff gets called into the DR after he just got back from it. When he comes back he jokes that he forgot his card. Rachel: “You mean America’s player” Jeff laughs “No it’s different this time.. called the Fortune teller” Brendon: “Ohhhh I’m glad you are on my side” Rachel: “thats what you think”

Rachel wants to play the dating game everyone seems to be taking their time to get ready.

10:48pm They play a guessing game “If POrsche was any other car what would she be” everyone names of other exotic supercars… Shelly guesses Hummer, the right answer from Porsche is “PACER” no just kidding it was Porsche: “Volvo… you know like vulva”

10:01pm Dating Game Starts

the guys are not really enjoying the game.. Jeff asks: “You know what would make this game Fun” Adam: “Not playing”..

The game is played with 2 teams, the guys team is Brendon, Jeff, Adam and Dom and the girls are jordo, rachel, Pacer, Kala. One team is blind folded while the other team says phrases and the blind folded team tries to guess who it is. Lawon is playing the announcer he says phrases for the one team.
The guys get blind folded and the girls tell Lawon what to ask them.. Kalia gets Lawon to ask: “they like Mudslides because they like the rear end” (WTF) The guys are all guessing Kalia..
The girls get blindfolded and Kalia is the announcer for the guys.
One of the phrases is “Like Little shop of horrors when your done it’s scary” (WTF) the girls guess Adam but it was Dom. Dom tells them it was brendon’s saying he couldn’t think of one.

11:01pm Jeff and Jordan in the bedroom Jordan says jeff is acting like there’s something wrong. Jeff says he doesn’t feel like playing Cute fun games with people that want him out. Jeff: “I want to stay close to my peoples” Jordan: “Like me”

11:35pm Havenots Lawon and Dani Dani is saying she’s super sad because “PT” is going home because Jeff hates him. Dani wishes there was a way to save him, they need 5 votes and theirs no way they can convince JJBR to break they are too scared to make a move. Dom enters the room bouncing off the walls.. He just had the best game of pool in his life. He explains that Jeff started but missed a shot after which Dom got every ball in, “Nobody else made a BLANK”.. Dom notices they are in teh PJ’s talking “Oh you’re having a pajama party” He whips his pants down in front of them (Still weaing his boxers) Dani screams, HEY Dom: “What i’m not getting naked”

11:47pm HOH repeats back again (kinda) JJBR are trying to make it sound like the group is back together Brendon is doing most of the talking. Saying that they feel like a dysfunctional family and he thinks they need to all make decisions as a group. Brendon thinks that the newbies are getting between them. Rachel says If we don’t work together than a floater newbie like Lawon will win Big Brother 13. Jeff says they’ve had a bump in the road and they fought a bit but there over it there all friends and he was under the impression that they were working to the final 5.

Jeff: “Where you at Dani I want to hear where you at..”
Dani: “it’s obvious i’m the odd man in the group… you guys think becuase I stay up late with Lawon and Dom that i’m with them but i’m not.. I swear on my grandmothers live that I don’t talk game with them”.
Dani: “I’m 100% into the final 5 like we had planned in the beginning”
Jeff: “So you’re still into the final 5.. cause this is what I’ve noticed a week ago you stopped talking to me.. and I see you on the other side of the house whispering with them”

Jeff: “The odds are we’re not all going to make it to the final 5.. so whoever doesn’t knocked out pairs up with you”

Dani: “I don’t want you guys want me to say because last week you guys told me to get close to Dom and pull him in.. I dunno”
Jeff: “I dunno either… I’ve been hearing weird things about me and I want you to tell me where these things are coming from”

Rachel: “I agree 100% that we need to work together we would be stupid to not”
(There trying to make Dani think they are still a group so she doesn’t fight for her life in the HOH, from where it stand now if BJJ win HOH dani will go up with a pawn)

Dani: “If you want to vote out Dom or Adam I don’t care because it’s final 5 with you but I think you can trust him” brendon: “If anyone wins HOH I want one of us to be up here making the decisions.. I want us to be making decisions based on what benefits us as a team”.

Dani says that that it’s obvious that JJ are a couple and BR are a couple but when I hang out with Kalia or dom everyone gets sketchy. JEff mentions the same thing happened to Jordan when she got close to Cassi, he asks Dani straight up “you want this you want to have a final 5” dani: “Yes of course”

12:11AM Brendon saying BLANK every second word. Saying that the second they start to turn on each other is when the newbs start picking them off one by one (yeah I don’t really see the newbs winning much) Jeff says he’s willing to “take his crazy pill” and imagine that he never heard people were going to back door him.

Dani tries again to save dom saying he’s not against any of their final 5, “I’m not going to be bitter or anything if Dom goes but I won’t be ecstatic” Jeff says if she’s not cool with the final 5 thing then lay it all out on the table because he doesn’t care if someone wants to take him out but he wants to know straight on and doesn’t want people making sneaking deals and not giving him the chance to at least save himself.

Dani goes on a bit of a offensive brings up that Jeff has a final 6 deal or at least tried to get a final 6 deal with everyone in the house. Jeff denies it. Rachel says that if the newbs win a HOH they’res a real good chance of one of them going home. Jeff says it’s tough having to fight for your life every week. Dani: “trust me I’ve been trough this before I’ve fought every week with my dad to get to final 2 and i did it the first time around not the second time”
Rachel: “No way”
dani: “YES WAY rachel”
rachel: “you said yesterday that everyone hated me and wanted you out of the house”
Dani: “no i said that nobody wanted to be in the final 2 with you”
rachel: “No you didn’t”
Dani: “WHAT… That is verbatim what I said”

Jeff and Brendon start giving speeches trying to make dani think that they are still a final 5.

12:35Am they hug it out.. everyone leaves Rachel and BRendon alone. Rachel asks him does jeff trust Dani.. Brendon: “BLANK it” Rachel is confused : “what are we doing” Jeff: “What needs to be done to win” brendon explains that they are telling Dani what she needs to hear.

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Jordan K.

Buckwheat’s wig is outrageous.


WTH is Lawon wearing on his head? I don’t believe for a minute he goes out to clubs looking like this(at least I hope not) !!!! He is the one and only HG that I’m enjoying this season. LOL


JEBUS CHRISTO Lawon is TERRIBLE! Dude cant even repeat what was told to him 2 secs ago

i mean this might be the all-time idiot cast:
1. Pinto
2. Keith
3. Lawon
4. Jordan
5. Kalia



keith should be #1 because he didn’t try to win the pov


no Pinto thought MICHAEL JACKSON was their guest visitor!!!!!!!!!

Thats hall of fame status for me


yeah, that was freaking hilarious when she said M.J.


jordan wasn’t so bright in BB11


I agree, why does everyone love her. I don’t get it!!


Natalie is definitely Top 3… But as a cast… WOW! And i didnt even mention Dom who has a hit of intelligence. No wonder these vets are blowing them out of the water.


I’m still giggling about this! Michael Jackson! LOL Their getting clue to who is visiting, and she choose someone who is dead! She’s brilliant! LOL I bet you have to talk slow just so she can keep up in a conversation,

A Nono Moose

maybe she meant the talk show host…unless, yea he’s been deceased even longer… sorry Porka. she better start dropping some lbs, with Cassi gone theres no one else to lust for. Getting hot for Jordon is like Deliverance lust…dont seem right. Rachel is just plain ass scary!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..that is so hilarious.


I totally agree with you Casey. These idiots had it in the bag if Khalia and Shelly didn’t turn, and Keith would’ve kept his mouth shut!!


KEITH should at least tried to win the pov. he was stupid. he’s on the block and throwing the pov? He deserved to get evicted for a bum move like that.


LMFAO Audrey II said Little Shop of Horrors …. If she only knew


Kalia is OBSESSED with s$$.. wtf?


Audrey II: if Porsche’s name were an other car it would be?



A Peterbilt with the sign “WIDE LOAD”


Dump truck


I read this site often but never comment and I just want to tell yall that your site is awesome and the posts are fun to read and funny 🙂


I’ve been really having a hard time trying to understand Jeff. I don’t get it. He gets furious when someone wants to backdoor him but he talks of backdooring people. He also gets mad when he is targeted and yet he targets people. He spreads lies and yet he wants to call a house meeting to expose the liars. Obviously, he thinks the world revolves around him. I just find him to be a hypocrite and nothing else.


I agree and will add that you can replace Jeff’s name with Brendon or Rachel and it still holds true. This is why the viewers dislike many of the HOH’s, they get arrogant and become the biggest hypocrits in the house.


Well I get it. There’s a difference between BR or JJ talking to their partner about possibly back dooring someone they’ve made an agreement with and one of them playing each other and going on a manic campaign with everyone in the house to back door someone they’ve made an agreement with.


great comment Emmie – that’s what I was going to say. Jeff didn’t run around the house trying to get ppl on the train to backdoor BR. That being said, everyone in BB has to lie and backstab, but I think the part Jeff was so upset about is that he thinks it’s his own alliance – and rightly so, it WAS his own alliance. Again, yes, he and Jordan discussed it, but A) it was only after the stunt Ranchel pulled during the POV and B) it was only with Jordan.

I really don’t understand people’s new disdain for Jeff. I feel like I’m missing something somewhere.


I was just thinking the same thing – about the betrayal within his own alliance and the ruthless campaigning to BD him. Dani did what she did for a boy, not to further her game. I think that may have been what she did last time she was on the show, also.


Dom and Dani are so chill so is cassie it sucks doms getting sent home most likely i hope they bring him and cassie back , jeff and jordon are fake jeff a dick they edit him really well just for rating because they already have the bad dramatic couple a.k.a rachel and brendon


Doesn’t it look like por has gained weight


Peterbilt heavy duty dump truck


“in china they were aborting lil girls”…….*builds a way back machine, travels back in time and assures the world that kalia and rachel will deff be aborted in china*…ahhhhh i feel better now.

if the damn camera shows kalia holding hands w her feet and then sucking her fingers one more time, im going to send a pipe bomb to that house!

Lennon's Ghost

Did anyone else notice Dani’s nose growing longer in the last few minutes of BBAD where she was swearing to Jeff & Brenchel that she never talks game with Lawon or Audrey II or that she was purposely avoiding Jeff these last few days? You just know that they aren’t buying it.

She need to back to being a blonde, that brunette hair dye she’s using is rotting her brain.


The whole meeting was set up to scam Dani. Jeff and Brendon had to explain that to Rachel & Jordan when it was over. They want her to feel good so she won’t try too hard on the HOH comp. Then they are going to back stab her.

Ever notice that when Jeff or B&R are on the attack it’s just good strategy and it’s just game. When any one challenges them, they see it as being personally attacked and they get pissed off.

I would like to see Dani dominate on challenges for no other reason then to show B&R that maybe they aren’t as good of players as they think they are when someone is actually not throwing the competition. Classic line would be for Dani to tell Rachel as she is crying “I guess you should have won the HOH”


I cant believe Dani would swear on her grandmothers life about not talking game to the other side. Have some respect for your grandmother BLANK


CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP UPDATING THIS POST WITH WHAT THEY’RE SAYING IN THE HOH ROOM?! that stuff was really interesting. unless, of course, they’ve dispersed already.


oh sorry i just got a little anxious when it ended on BBAD lol


i was thinking that the new twist is going to be that there is no eviction this week.

Lennon's Ghost

I thought that Audrey II had a phobia about hair, yet she had no problems putting on Lawon’s afro wig from straight from his head without a second thought.

Phony drama queen!


Are they still going at it? I hope so…i hope they go at each other all night


Best site ever simon. I don’t even look for updates on other sites just here. YOU rock


With live feeds can u pick which camara you watch or do the switch it like BBAD


That’s unfair to the newbies. They never had that one week period to feel the game out that other newbies had. They were screwed from the beginning and Dominic acknowledged as much earlier tonight.


The vets egos are getting HUGE. They think they’re so smart going against ppl who have NEVER played before. Watching it on tv and playing it is two different things. B/R and J/J would never survive against all-stars.


(Reposting here) The whole meeting was set up to scam Dani. Jeff and Brendon had to explain that to Rachel & Jordan when it was over. They want her to feel good so she won’t try too hard on the HOH comp. Then they are going to back stab her.

Ever notice that when Jeff or B&R are on the attack it’s just good strategy and it’s just game. When any one challenges them, they see it as being personally attacked and they get pissed off.

I would like to see Dani dominate on challenges for no other reason then to show B&R that maybe they aren’t as good of players as they think they are when someone is actually not throwing the competition. Classic line would be for Dani to tell Rachel as she is crying “I guess you should have won the HOH”


Just once I’d like Jordan to look at Jeff when he tells her she’s dumb about the game or who not to talk to and say, “HEY BITCH I WON BB NOT YOU! STFU!


If it wasn’t for Jeff she wouldn’t have won shit, so he can call her dumb all he wants because she is.


Just curious, when did he call her dumb? I have been watching feeds since Day 1 & have never heard that. He does tease her a lot about stuff like her little mishaps & stupid things she does, but I think she knows she’s ditzy. Dani is the one saying he is mean to Jordan & other things becasue she doesn’t want him to get America’s favorite player or get any special powers. He has been nothing but complimentary to her. Saying how well she did with her HOH & saying how she is underestimated. He also stood up to Rachel when she was questioning Jordan. I’ve seen him lose patience with her out of frustration, but I just don’t see that he is mean to Jordan. Also, the part about him not wanting Jordan to talk game he said at first they talked about that because she admitted to slipping up and spilling things without realizing it, but he told Brendan he’s not worried about it now because she was doing so good in the house. Also, I think Jeff is trying to manipulate and intimidate people as a part of his game play so this season we are seeing a Jeff that is trying to play the game & get people nervous, intimidated, & catching them in their lies & BS. Last time, he didn’t know how to play & was just winning competitions to save his life.


I’ve noticed this. I’ve noticed it with Jeff too, but Brendon’s comes across as whining while Jeff’s comes across as aggressive and tempermental. Both are so irritating.


OK, so today Dani/Rachel’s conversation goes like this…

rachel: “you said yesterday that everyone hated me and wanted you out of the house”
Dani: “no i said that nobody wanted to be in the final 2 with you”
rachel: “No you didn’t”
Dani: “WHAT… That is verbatim what I said”

WELL, what I think is weird is that the conversation the day before went:

Dani tells them that Shelly is betting on getting to the final 2 with either BR becuase she thinks she can beat them. Rachel gets iritated: “why!”. Dani: “no that’s a good thing because that means they want to take you to the end.. and will push you to the end to meet their own agenda”.
Then, Dani getting pissed.. “when i’m HOH i’ll do whatever I want then..People in this house don’t like Rachel.. if people don’t like you they take you to the final..” rachel: “Wait why don’t they like me” dani quickly back pedals says “it’s the little things Rachel says it annoys them.”

Ok, am I crazy or did Dani say THE EXACT OPPOSITE things…i am not sure if Brendon or Rachel remembered what she said, but they really could have called her out on that as a bona fide example of her hypocrisy…. i am also not sure as to what point Dani is trying to prove by saying this…and telling Rachel so bluntly that people just flat out hate her is kind of mean and inconsidereate, even if you don’t like her, it’s just mean, especially since she wasn’t expecting that and it’s not going to win Dani any fans or allies in the house.


I hate how they only throw the word “floater” around lightly umm last time I checked Jordon and Jeff are FLOATERS, Jordon didn;t do BLANK until she was thrown that golf comp and jeff didn;t do BLANK until he was handed that power by production(not america) Jordon got lucky in that last comp beat natalie and the only reason most of the jury voted for her was because of natalie’s lie….. jeff and jordon are nothing more than Floaters with Benefits


Bottom line the vets think they are sacred cows. Production has them thinking that so the moment someone tries to interrupt their game play, they get all pissy as if they are entitled to win. (Which they will).

On to that dating game they were playing last night. Lawon is the WORST host there is. His diction/enunciaton is horrible and he had no charisma. At least when Kalia took over for him, she added a bit more personality. Even though the whole thing was boring. Saw no point in it at all.

On to Skeletor (or The Crypt Keeper,aka Shelly)she definitely has lost all cool points with me. Anybody so desperate to watch Fox News they have to slingbox it into China is delusional. Fox News is NOT news, all propaganda. I’m at least glad that Dom is willing to spill the beans on her to the remaining newbies once he gets booted on Thursday. Not sure what good it will do since its only the lame newbies left.


Jeff blew up his own game the season he lost, I don’t remember him around when Jordan won the last HOH. As for her win this season, it’s too bad that Brendan and Jeff didn’t try, I doubt they could have beaten a 3 but I guess it’s better for their fragile egos to throw the game so the little lady can win. Also, I think she won the luxury competition by herself. Delusional is a kind word to describe Shelly and her Fox news devotion, I prefer bat BLANK crazy.