Big Brother Spoilers – DaVonne “So take out (nullify) Jeff, Jackie and Becky’s votes.”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 00-37-12-776

12:30am Backyard – Steve is by the pool table and Day walks up. Steve asks did everyone go inside. Day says yeah. Steve says I might pop inside then. Day asks you don’t want to play pool. Steve says I am just trying to avoid convos. I just don’t want anyone to.. Day says Oh you don’t want to be seen with me! Steve says I don’t want to talk any game. How about that. Day says I don’t want to talk game. I wanted to play pool. Steve says okay, okay thats it. Day says don’t worry about it. Its obvious you don’t want to be seen with me! Don’t worry about. Day heads inside. She goes to the storage room and then heads back outside. Steve says you’re welcome to join if you want to. Day explains to Jason that he wanted to avoid her like the plague. Steve comes over and says I made a mistake and I was wrong. I miss read you. I’m sorry. Day says okay. Steve tells her that she is welcom to join him. Steve heads back to play pool by himself. Day tells Jason that she didn’t like that feeling and says that everyone is doing it. It’s like why, what did I do!? Jason tells her not to get upset. You didn’t do anything. Day starts crying. She says I’m not .. I don’t get it! She then heads over to the hammock alone and cries.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 00-43-47-986

In the bathroom – Clay, James, Meg and Jeff talk about how Liz was so nervous in the podcast. James says okay we just need to have another podcast on Thursday and ask her the same q

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 00-41-09-461

Up in the HOH room – Shelli and Clay talk about how different the Liz in the house is different from the other one. She was so nervous. Shelli says I cannot wait until they change her out so I can see her. Do a switch-a-roo!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 00-52-50-053

1am Storage room Steve tells Becky that the other 5 are convinced that Liz has an identical twin that is switching in and out of the diary room. That’s what all that questioning was about tonight. Steve tells her about season 5 when they last did the twist. Steve tells her that people are convinced her memory wall photo is two half of each Liz. Becky says that she is going to look for identifying marks like moles or scars. Steve says Liz might be two people. Becky says okay and leaves.

1:05am Backyard – Meg and Jeff are talking. Meg says you guys were fine. It was the people asking the questions. Jeff says I didn’t want to answer the hogging one. I actually haven’t but.. Meg tells him he can’t say things like that. It’s so offensive. Becky joins them.

12:45am – 1:10am Jason joins Day in the hammock. Jason says that he (Steve) is the definition of a coward. Day asks what did I do?! Jason says you didn’t do anything. Day says I didn’t want to talk game. I just wanted to play pool because he asked everyone and they all ignored him. So I felt bad. I wasn’t trying to talk game. I already said my piece. Day says at this point I don’t even need Steve’s vote. You, James, Vanessa, Austin and Liz. Liz know’s what’s going on. So my offer for her, me, you and him to go to jury must be looking like gold right now. Jason says but you must not let a coward make you feel that way. Day says every day I have to get up and look at these people who I don’t trust. I should have never called her (Audrey) out. People are walking around like it never happened. Jason and Day consider which three votes to nullify. Days says definitely Jackie. Jason says Steve. Day says no he might feel bad and vote for me. Jason and Day talk about the people that definitely wouldn’t vote for her. Jeff, Jackie, Becky, Audrey, Clay. Jason says You let Clay and you let Audrey go. Jason wonders if Audrey is America’s Player and doesn’t even know who she is voting for. Then she gets an envelop that says vote out Meg. Because look who got the telephone (Jason thinks America voted for DaVonne to get the telephone call). Day says so take out (nullify) Jeff, Jackie and Becky’s votes. Meg joins them. Jason calls Steve a d!ck bag. He came over because he realized he was a d!ck bag. Day explains what happened between her and Steve to Meg.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 00-46-57-307

1:20am Bedroom – Austin and Liz (Julia) are talking. Liz says I want James out of here. Austin says that Day is going to make a pitch but I’m not voting for her. Vanessa asked me if we should keep her and I said no, no. Liz says but if Day is here then she will go after Audrey. Austin asks what if Steve wins HOH? Liz says I think he would go after the people that put him up. Austin says I’m going to lay off Steve and tell him. Austin says who are we after .. no one. Liz says I think we are just squeezing by. I think everyone really trusts you. And they think that I would just go with what ever you say, which is true. Liz says I am just really bad at lying. Austin says I’m trying to flirt with her but she’s like a brick wall. If Jackie likes me I can maybe get her on my side. Austin says our biggest competition is James and Jackie. There are only a couple wild cards that might put me up. Liz asks do you think Clay would put you up? Austin says no way. I almost don’t want to get blood on my hands right now, its too early in the game. Austin says right now we have no blood on our hands and we haven’t lied to anyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 01-13-32-332

1:20am – 2am HOH room – Johnny Mac is up in the HOH room. Shelli asks what did she say about Austin. Johnny says he’s on the outside. SHelli asks so she trust Jeff more in that group than me and Clay. Johnny says she was trying to tell me that I should trust Jeff. Shelli says it sounds like she is on to you. Johnny says it was almost like she was threatening me. She said I can’t keep voting with them because then I’ll be on the bottom. Shelli says that is such interesting information. Johnny says I don’t know who to believe Audrey or Day. Shelli says Audrey is good. The thing is Audrey is next week. That buys us two more weeks. Austin, Steve, Liz, Vanessa, Becky, Jackie and you? So that is 7 people that she thinks are trying to band together against me, Clay and James. Johnny says I started to get confused. Shelli asks have you come up with a name for our alliance? Johnny Mac and the game. Clay says I like that. You’re our most valuable player. Our secret weapon. Johnny asks has Jeff come up with anything. Shelli says no not yet. Johnny leaves. Shelli says she (Audrey) is going home. That ticks me off! Clay says I knew she’s not loyal to us. Shelli says for her to try and align us with the targets. She says we’re the insiders and at the top of the totem pole so they target us. I feel like I need to talk to Vanessa about this. I don’t Audrey to get into her ear. Jeff joins them and asks if he looks like a d-bag in the podcast. Shelli says you just looked like yourself. Audrey joins them. They talk about Liz acting weird. Audrey starts crying and says that the way she (Day) got up and started laughing in the kitchen. Shelli says that shows more about her character. Audrey says I don’t understand why no one is sitting her aside and saying its not okay. Audrey says if other people acknowledged that, that behaviour is not okay that would make me feel better. That kind of stuff is petty. Jeff tells them about the Day & Steve pool confrontation. Clay, Shelli, Jeff are shocked. Clay says that’s not Steve, that’s Stephan. I’ve created a monster. Audrey tells them that she saw Day counting votes and held up 5 fingers.. I think she has 5 votes. Shelli says even if she has 5 votes there are 5 other votes against her and then the HOH breaks the tie.

2am – 2:30am HOH room – Clay, Jeff and Shelli talk about Liz. Jeff says this one is mean and has to go. Clay asks when we confirm this do we get out Liz or Audrey. Jeff says I don’t know what Liz, Austin and Vanessa are up to. Jeff says the more “full figured one” she is like .. she talks sh*t about Jace. This one was actually into Jace. This one was holding his hand and twirling his hair. The other one thinks Jace is an idiot. There’s a pro Jace and Austin one. And there’s the anti Jace and Austin one, which is the smarter one. Clay says the one here now is playing the I don’t want to get caught game. Jeff leaves. Shelli says I think Jeff has his hands in way more pockets than we think. We need to be careful what we tell him. Shelli says I’m going to have to go talk to Vanessa now. Clay asks do you trust Vanessa more than Jeff? Shelli says yes. I’m going to have to talk to Vanessa that Audrey is saying she tried to start a 4 person alliance and ask why she didn’t tell us about it. I believe she will tell us the truth about it. Clay asks Shelli who they should target next week. Shelli says she need to think about it. Shelli gets irritated and says she just needs to sleep on it. The conversation turns to talking about how much younger Clay is and what he wants to do as a career.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-08 02-22-52-486

2:40am Backyard – Meg and Jeff are tossing the ball into the bucket. Jeff comments on how its not even fun because he keep sinking them while Meg keeps missing.

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I can’t wait for Shelli’s HOH week to be over. Does she ever leave her bed?


Only when she watches Clay on the monitor talking to Becky/Jackie/Meg. Then she’s down there to block that.

Team Johnny Mac

Shelli really needs to take a math course, if she gets 5 votes I break the tie?? 15 people, 3 can’t vote, and 3 nullified, so 15 – 6 equals…. comin Shelli I know you can do it….. no not 10! Just go back to cuddling with Clay…



Double D

Shelli doesn’t realize it yet, but she made a big move by putting Meg up. Anybody else, especially her first choice, Liz, would be going home against Day


What do you mean she doesn’t realize it yet? Of course she does, she has mentioned it several times. She said if I would have put up Liz I would be screwed.


How is Day a big move????Audrey is a big move the way she lies,Vanessa and Austin is a big move ..Day is not she is a easy predictable move.I knew she wast going to make it far for obvious reasons. I wish people would stop acting like Sheli just took out Derek..


No way is Day staying over Meg. People like Meg. I don’t have any idea what Vanessa is doing, but she’s everywhere


Vanessa is going to roll with sleeper cell for right now


Maybe all the bad things Day did to these people is on the live feeds. I don’t see it on this site or the show. And, if they kick her off because she let the house know that Jace and Austin were a threat and that Audrey was a crazy liar then I ain’t watching this waste of time already tv show anymore this summer.

Twistin' for the win

It amazes me that Shelli and Clay think they are running the game. HOH is a one-week deal people. As Audrey burns them again and again….maybe they will catch on.


And as usual when we see a HG with HOHitis, she doesn’t realize yet that as soon as she put Meg up her power was over, she just gets the room until Thursday. Sure, Clay and Shelli are good if Clay, Audrey, Vanessa, Steve or Austin win HOH, but the only ones that would try to win are Clay and Audrey. Jeff knows that the worst thing he could do right now is win HOH because then his game of working both sides is over and he has to declare sides. I don’t think Vanessa intends to win anytime soon and Austin hasn’t exactly impressed me in the comps so far. I don’t get why Becky isn’t pissed about Shelli lying about her target when they were both HOH. And what can I say about John? He didn’t need to throw the comp because Day did so badly, but he was willing to do it and that worries me because once you let an HOH use you like that, you can expect to be a pawn again and again.


Come on Audrey! You know that you’re the next one to go. Go and save Da’Vonne!

Double D

Audrey is safe for next week. Everybody will be after LIZ now. Liz is going to have to win things to make it to week 5.


Shelli: “I need to talk to ask Vanessa” haha. This chick would be lost in this game without Nessa. Then Clay is like “uhhh duhh..umm do u trust Vanessa more than Jeff?” Yes u moron. You are the only idiot on the planet that trusts Jeff.

Vanessa also needs to sit Steve down and teach him how to play this game. The kid knows the history but is clueless how to win. U are in with Vanessa..Steve just ride her to the final and shut up along the way.


Where’s Jackie


Where do they find some of these people I think they pick dumb people to be on this game just so it can make us the viewers go crazy Cuz I don’t know about all of you but some of these houseguest remind me of a box of crayons and that’s being nice


This is why I don’t think of Derrick as this awesome manipulating “mist”er that a lot of people make him out to be. Chief Wiggums had it easy because just about everyone else in that cast was a complete moron. It was like taking out his standard service glock and shooting fish in a barrel. The only one on to him was Donny…and we all know how that turned out.


This is what Kathy Griffin said during the previous live show: “I will be surprising the houseguests throughout the week BUT my big twist is…”

Does that actually mean the telephone twist is not the only one this week?


I’m pretty sure she said her big twist is….that the person that answered the phone the 7th time would get the power to cancel out 3 votes.

They are having a new twist each week. Doublful they will add to any of them.


Liz Julia Vanessa Austin should make a F4 deal
Steve is not much a threat as Ian
Da’V is probably doomed
J-Mac is a God
Audrey will survive next week
The unanimous vote is boring as fuk


Steve is not as much a threat as Ian = understatement of the day

I really, really wanted to like him b/c he had the Ian comparisons against him from the beginning and he’s so socially awkward, but he seems so afraid to play even a little bit.


“Jeff joins them and asks if he looks like a d-bag in the podcast. Shelli says you just looked like yourself.”

I love this…


The house is finally melting down!!!


On Big Brother Austraila the houseguest do the nominations and they are not allowed to discuss who they are going to vote for. The public votes by telephone and Internet. So who is evicted is a surprise to houseguest and viewers.
This having to vote how the HOH says is not right. It was not this way in the beginning, and the show had an element of surprise. Pretty much what ever the HOH wants.
These people have not realized they need to break up Shelli and Clay, Austin and Vanessa.
I wish Allison Grodner would make some changes to the show.


Then it’s practically a popularity concept. This does not reward the people who are playing the game. It undermines all the strategy and social manipulation.
BBUS should NEVER make nominations and evictions based on public opinion.


I think Austin has known for a week. He remarked to james or one of them, about Liz’s mole. He just doesn’t say anything because he likes her.


I wouldn’t want the public to vote as that would become a popularity contest, however, not allowing houseguests to discuss how they’ll vote would do wonders for this game. The house/group mentality is killing this show.

Still, it’s been an entertaining season so far.

train is no match for super becky

“Becky asks can we just scrap her with a fork accidentally.”…..this chick…I’m really starting to like..hope she wins HOH next and is the one who gets either one of the shelli/clay so not a shomance ( does she really thing they are a jeff/jordan,rachel/brenden??)out for taking her friendship for granted and making her look like a tool for them.


I get the Vanessa love, but one thing that annoyed me was her lie. She said she was a DJ? Please, that girl is as stiff as a board. I cant imagine her getting all hippity-hoppity, groovin, or whatever the kids call it nowadays. It was a horrible lie.
And Da… Have you ever watched poker after dark?? Being from the poker world and being a woman, you’ve have seen this girl before! I thought she would have been found out for sure. :/


Except she actually is a DJ… She plays poker professionally but also DJ’s so she’s not lying about that. She’s toning down her personality and it’s obviously a good strategy


Hmm, I did not know she was a DJ? I thought she said she lied… I knew she was an actress, model, spokeswoman, and a Poker player, and to top it off, she is genuinely smart! I retract that it was a bad lie, its probably just a bad truth, cause she seems too stiff to get down. It must be a bluff. eh he.


Vanessa actually is a DJ. U can look it up. She went with the DJ part of her career when entering the house..but now pretty much told everyone about the Poker career as well. So no she never lied she is a DJ as well. Epic fail on the Vanessa hate. Lmmfao. Jk. Well kinda:)


I don’t care if Da’Vonne goes home next week. I just want her to succeed in staying this week to shake things up. Meg is sooo vanilla and boring. She blends into the walls.

Tweedledee/ Tweedledum squad

Where in the world did they find this bunch of DIMWITS




Dae was for sure told in the DR “you should go for N°7”. Hundo. Let’s be real here: They were discussing who wants what number, and after Clay said he wanted to pick N°7, she still went ahead and snatched it away from him. In a game where they all desperately go out of their way to avoid “upsetting” anyone as much as possible, that’s not something you would do if you didn’t know something “specific”.
Oh well, still won’t be enough to save her. Maybe BB will go the extra mile and offer some HGs a big chunk of cash to switch their vote? Without ever telling us, of course, since ‘this game isn’t rigged”. 😉
Cough cough
#Jeff’s DPOV *It’s magic – and what a convenient timing!*
#Rachel and Jordan both saved by the “duo twist”.
#Frank BB14 “saved from eviction” as an unrelated byproduct of the coaches entering, when the coaches could just as well have entered AND Frank getting blindsided that night. “Hi HGs! The coaches enter the game. Oh, and, we didn’t want Frank/Boogie’s only bff to go, so… Frank doesn’t go! Good night HGs!”
#Frank cheating in 3 comps, only getting called out for his 3rd time.
#Shane BB14 telling some HGs he was PRESSURED in the DR not to put up Boogie AND Frank up next to each other. Seriously, Boogie/Frank were adored by production. Creepy almost. No, actually, just creepy.
#BB16 relentlessly having one “A or B” type of comp after another as long as Donny was still in it. – *nothing physical ever!*
#Don’t even get me started on BBCan’s twisto’s twist frenzy. #HOH Comp: “Answer questions about Sarah’s BFF with an S. Sarah’s BFF with an S gets to decide who wins if there’s a tie.” #Havenots-DPOV we hint at from day 1, we just wait until the “right” people are havenots. Oh, and since they really suck at comps and actually have to compete to get it, they must BOTH be the ONLY ONES competing for it. Otherwise it just doesn’t work.
The worst of all: #”BOB is a Fan Favorite” LOL! Do I remember correctly? Most fans hated it, right? Close second: #”Frankie is a Fan Favorite, people! No, really. We’re not lying to you. You actually LOVE Frankie. All those BB fan polls were wrong! CBS wouldn’t lie to you!”


I love that Hey Arnold has been incorporated into this season lol.


Sorry for the clarification questions but no feeds.

It was clear DA Jason were talking about which 3 votes to nullify. Was the 7th call results announced to the house? If not how is she allowed to discuss this twist no secrecy rule?

Does DA really have Austin, Vanessa and Liz votes? No feeds this season sucks. Does DA actually have real votes other than Jason? Part of the confusion is a the DA trolling with their wishful thinking. Not enjoying the forums lack of clarity ATM.


The house does not know who has the power, it was done via phone call that only the person listening could hear. Day told Jason but no one else. However she did tell Steve I have the votes if you vote for me, you will be my 5th vote- which Steve should be able then to determine that means Day has the power if she knows she only needs 5 votes. Also Shelli and Clay are pretty certain Day has it because of her attitude change after the phone calls and their understanding that production interferes with these kind of things.

As for the Austin, Van, Liz votes… As of now she does not have Austin or Van’s votes and based on what Liz said to Austin last night she doesn’t have Liz’s vote either, but still unsure of where she lies. Van brought up saving Day to Austin and he shut it down quickly. Also Van has made an alliance with Shelli and Clay so if she doesn’t vote Day out that blows up all the work she did to reel them in.

There is a possibility James will vote for Day after she talked to him (because he is easily manipulated), but I still can’t seem him voting to keep Day over Meg. Yes he made a f3 with Day and Jason, but he already turned his back on them when he lied to them about knowing Meg was the replacement nom (he said he was told it would be Audrey when he knew it was going to be Meg).


Thank You very much for your kind and thorough reply. It is greatly appreciated. I’m usually the guy up to the minute on everything but no feeds gonna be a different summer I think.
Still leaves me wondering how DA was allowed to tell Jason about the twist. Normally that sort of thing is an instant boot. Can’t tell anyone rule being the norm.
You mentioned the James angle working him for a sympathy vote pretty smart on DA’s part. So it appears she has 1/2 atm needing 5. Wonder if she could get Steve and 2 more to give her a “pity” vote not knowing the full picture and she gets 5? LOL


I have to say that when Day told Jason about Liz I thought it was a dumb move, but after last night I think I see what she is trying to do, tho I don’t think it will save her. By telling Jason about it, she gave info to the biggest blabbermouth in the house, who then went and told Meg and almost everyone else in the house (I think Austin is the only one that doesn’t know yet). Then Day goes to Liz and makes it look like it’s something she heard. She is trying to make it look like Meg or Audrey started it and trying to get Liz, Austin and Vanessa’s vote. This might work if thick lizzie was in the house right now, but thin lizzie isn’t as game wise as Liz. I think she needs to talk to Austin, but it is dangerous because he might feel betrayed and turn his back on the twins.

I would have played it differently. I would have not told anyone at all and talked to the twin. I would have told her that I know about the twist and have not told anyone about it, that it can be our secret and I will do everything I can to help them complete the task if I stay in the house, I just need her to convince her allies. I would tell her that was the reason I saved her in the fast forward, because I noticed right away that the memory wall pic was a merge of two different photos and I knew that if they succeeded I could have two allies instead of just one.

Unless someone else got a special power during the phone calls I think Day is done, but they might put her in sequester and bring someone back just before jury if the twins are evicted.


bringing back before jury in BB USA tougher to happen. Generally AG pretty cost concise. Shell wait til jury and the mansion she has to pay for any may. That puts it August at the earliest. I’m not saying it cannot happen but not very likely IMO.


So far in BB history they have never brought back a person that was evicted this early. The only way they can bring someone back is by putting them in sequester until there is some type of challenge and the winner of that challenge is brought back in. That doesn’t usually happen until right before jury. Anything could happen though, but highly doubt they would sequester anyone for that long of a time. Even if they did bring her back, it’s pretty unlikely she would win the challenge to bring her back in the house. So far she hasn’t shown that she is that big of a threat in competitions.

If there was any “special power” the viewers would most likely have been told already. All they said was 3 votes would be canceled out. I’m pretty sure that is all that will happen. Nothing too major since it doesn’t seem to be a close vote.

I also don’t see a chance of her coming back if Liz/Julia is evicted before the 5th eviction. If she is, they would announce there was a twin twist and they are both out of the house. If they make it past the 5th eviction, then they both enter the house. There isn’t any “prize” for figuring out there are twins in the house. It doesn’t matter if Julia enters the house or not. Production doesn’t “need” another player to enter the house to make the season work out right as far as evictions and so forth.

The twist

The problem with the twist is that it came too late in the week to do any good. If the twist came out Saturday or Sunday, then it could have been used to persuade people like Jackie, Johnnie Mac, Steve, and Vanessa. No one wants to be the minority vote in this house and so they take the path that doesn’t upset anyone.

Hear me out...

Day doesn’t seem to be scrambling enough to get the five needed votes. I want her to stay. I think she could easily get them, if she got the five most loyal to her together in one room and told them she had the twist power.

Since she hasn’t, I suspect something else may be going on.

Do you think there’s a chance she received something for figuring out the twin twist, and she has kept the information to herself? If it happened in the DR and she was sworn to secrecy, none of us would know until tonight’s episode.

What if they gave her something similar to a coup d’é·tat, except she can use it anytime and not just during the Veto ceremony. She whips it out before the eviction vote, replaces herself and Meg with Clay and Audrey. Audrey goes home. She would probably negate votes from Vanessa, Steve and Austin, because she suspects they are working with Audrey.


I think Da suspected the twins and by talking it through with Jason confirmed her speculation. My Gut tells me she doesn’t have the votes to stay nor has a power to keep her safe this week.


Day is trying pretty hard to get the votes without Meg, Jeff, and James finding out so she is careful who she is campaigning to. The problem is she is offering her loyalty and trust to people she completely cut out last week. I don’t know about these hgs but if someone only wants to work with me and talk game with me and be friendly to me when their game is on the line I am not going to trust it. If she wouldn’t have secluded herself to her alliance last week and remained social with the other hgs then this strategy might work. She dug her hole last week and it would take a miracle (or a bunch of idiot hgs) to get out of it.


As much as production may want Da to stay, they want Audrey to stay even more… so I don’t think they’d let her do that.

Freakie Gran dee Sucks

Lady Maverick is shady in a good way. Hope she goes far!

Too many J's

Jason…shut the hell up already about decking her, knocking her out, etc, etc, etc,…you skinny little twerp who couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag!!


Love that screen cap of Julia’s thousand-yard stare…as Austin assures himself they are not targets because neither has lied in the game. Good one, Dawg!


Why isn’t Day trying to get Becky’s vote? Is Becky aligned with anyone?

Delta 231

i just cannot understand Audrey trying to get close to Jeffs side again. How long did it take for Johnny to out her to Shelli in the HOH? Mind boggling. Also Vanessa better cool her jets. Jeff made her a target by telling everyone she was trying to get a deal with him, and that she was shady. This bunch make it impossible to make a deal with anyone….no one can be trusted. They all kiss and tell everything! Only one that keeps their mouth relatively shut is Austin and Liz. Vanessa also is starting to get caught up in all this BS. Can,t wait till Austin is told about the twin twist. He will be flabbergasted! Liz didn’t,t try too hard to sway his vote though while in the hammock last night. I would rather see Da stay and work with the outsiders to get the insiders, particularly Jeff and James out, but don,t think it will happen. Too bad…good in theory though.


You are right all of these hgs talk way too much and don’t know how to use information to their advantage… EXCEPT Van. Van knows when to keep her mouth shut and how to use information to gain trust. She has told Clay and Shelli a lot but not everything, just enough to gain their trust and it is working PERFECTLY.

Steve told her about the twin twist and she didn’t run and tell anyone.. she waited for others to tell her.
She has a final 2 with Steve, a final 2 with Austin, a final 3 with Shelli and Clay (and based off her talk with Austin earlier I believe she is just waiting for Clay to get voted out so she can make a final 2 with Shelli), a 3 person alliance with Austin and Liz and a 5 person alliance with Austin, Clay, Shelli, and Audrey. She has not hinted at these alliances to anyone else. She is positioning herself perfectly.

I think her only hinderance is Austin. She tells Austin too much who tells Jeff. Shelli kept her mouth shut about working with Van. However both Clay and Austin have opened their big mouths to Jeff letting him know Van is working with Austin and Liz and Austin Clay and Shelli. Now on the other side I believe Van is setting up Austin and Clay to be the targets before Shelli and herself.. smart move on her part.

Also Jeff only started thinking she was shady because Day told him that she is super smart and they need to watch out for Van… which is why it is to Van’s benefit to get rid of Day this week.


Vanessa is everywhere, and I think she’s the most dangerous at this point. How can Day not know who she is? Maybe she doesn’t follow professional poker players/tours


These guys are so mean calling the twins names. They are both bery skinny. Idk how they can call one fat and one skinny. I believe that the “fat” nice one is Liz and the “skinny” mean one is Julia…? Am I correct.

Team Sleeper Cell

only in hopes it wakes up Michael Ealy and they release a third season

ohhh the alliance? yeah I like them too.


The way I see it, Audrey is actually playing an honest game at the moment. What she said to Jeff and Meg was no lie and she didn’t exaggerate anything about the conversation. I’m really sick and tired of Jason. The kid is playing a game that would never let him win. People will eventually be sick and tired of his extreme reactions to every little detail that comes up in the house. I pretty much hate every male cast member this season except JohnnyMac. They are all major perv bags. Right now, my money is on a final two of Shelli and Vanessa.


was the Johnny/Audrey convo shown on the feeds? I am very confused by the information Johnny gave Shelli and Clay up in the HOH room (at 1:20-2am). Was Audrey throwing Shelli/Clay under the bus and trying to get Johnny to trust Jeff?? or did Johnny just misunderstand what Audrey was trying to say, or maybe he conveyed it wrong to Shelli/Clay? The way it’s written up here is very confusing…