Big Brother Spoilers Britney about Dan He’s not 100% a human being.. he’s a least 50% Robot

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

5:32pm Cam 1-4 Frank, Shane, Danielle, Ian and Britney

Britney really plays up how Dan will go down in history for the best player in the game. Britney says right now everyone watching this game knows that dan is the mastermind behind this game. She points out that he has sweet talked every single person in the house to make it this fall, “We’ve all fallen pray to him” Britney adds that CBS will not even have to edit this Dan is the greatest player this year and everyone knows it. (You can tell this is getting under FranK) Frank starts to raise his voice says that everyone was targeting him next week he had to go ahead and pull him off. Britney fully understands it was a logical move for Frank.

Frank and Ian freaking out on each other. Frank is doing the yelling Ian keeping more or less calm. Ian tries to tell Frank that he wasn’t necessarily the target and Frank was “Probably” safe if Ian had won it. Frank raises his voice.. PROBABLY … PROBABLY you were going to put me up and take me out you all said you had 2 weeks to do it. Ian says you never know what will happen with Pandora’s box..

They tell Frank they have all duped by Dan. Frank defends his actions says 24 hours ago he was the number one target now Dan is. Ian points out that Frank can’t play in the next 2 HOH’s and that Ian better watch out because Ian might be going home next week. Ian tells him there is a lot of people in the house still and not one of them has a chance to win the money as long as Frank is in the house. (Ohh the banter is awesome… fucking love the feeds tonight)

Frank: “If Dan had stayed in the game I was the next one out of the house and all you peoples know that” Britney and IAn agree they understand what Frank did they are not mad at Frank. They are just saying everyone has been duped by Dan.
Britney: “At least if i’m being duped .. I’m being duped by the greatest player of all time”
Shane brings up when Jeff left he was taken out by Kevin. Britney: “Kevin who?” (LOL)
Frank: “Maybe we should have a funeral tonight”
They all laugh..
Ian: “Maybe Pandora’s Box will spring a third veto will come into F**** play”

Ian and Frank leave..

Britney: “You guys notice how mad Frank gets when you talk about how great of a player dan is.. Frank thinks he’s the greatest player that has every played… He told me he thought dan was one of the most overestimated palyers”

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6:06pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Danielle
Frank tells danielle there is nothing to worry about he’s sure they have Shane’s vote. Frank is a bit nervous about Shane because Shane has lied to him in the past. Frnak tells her that they need to have Shane close to her and Frank, Danielle, Shane, Dan and Jenn move forward but the common thread is Her and HIm. Frank wants to fo to the end with Danielle more than the other players.
Power house joins them.

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6:05pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Room

BRitney tells him she understands what happens she should have known dan would do whatever it takes to stay in the game she’s cool with it. She points out that Frank is outside telling everyone he’s accomplished what he wants the target off him and onto you. britney adds that Dan saw the quack pack being OK with him going home and he reacted.. she understands now, she has said things about him today that she doesn’t mean it.

Dan: ”It would have been been different if one of you had won the veto”
Britney agrees she knows that. dan tells her he really wanted to make it in the quack pack but his ass was about to be sent out the door he loves this game too much to go down like that. Dan know everyone thinks he’s a monster but it does hurt him when he makes people sad.
Britney knows she was in a dangerous position talking to Frank yet planning something else out. dan tells her not to be hard on herself she’s a very good player she got the entire house to like her that isn’t easy to do.

Dan explains to her that all the personal conversations they had were real he doesn’t mess around with that.

Britney says she will never campaigning for votes against Danielle or talk bad about her. Britney isn’t going to take Danielle only chance in the game away from her. Britney thinks Danielle is the sweetest girl in the world and she knows Danielle would never do anything to hurt her personally and in the game.

Dan says he’s done things in this game that he’s not proud of.. but in the end it’s a gam. Britney: “If I go home on tuesday i’m going in a cute dress with a smile on my face.. i’m going in 8th place… it’s kind of embarrassing”

Dan :’Don’t be embarrassed.. look who you have beat.. Mike Boogie and Janelle those are some of the best players.“

Britney tells him Frank cannot stand it when people say Dan is the best player or that he got duped by Dan. Britney: “You should see how steamed he gets”

6:25pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Britney
Ian lays out the strategy
They need to get Joes vote tell him his choice is this.. Stick with Jenn, Dan and Frank, Frank cannot play in the next 2 HOH’s and there is no chance we will trust Dan again. Ian think they still have a very good chance to get the votes..

6:38pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Powerhouse, Britney and Shane
Britney tell them she wants to know before the vote if she’s going or staying. She knows that her time in this game is dependent on Joe and Shane’s vote she the ball is in their court. Joe doesn’t know who is the more dangerous player Frank or Dan. He likes Frank as a person but it’s hard denying he’s dangerous just look at the competitions he’s won. Joe knows Frank will win against anyone in the house joe isn’t writing Frank a cheque. Shane and Britney point out that they have a chance to beat dan in the final 2 but not Frank.

Joe: “I just keep thinking about one thing he told me.. If Dan goes to keep Danielle and Britney safe..: “I want to F******* Kill him.. you already have half a million”
Britney: “He’s not 100% a human being.. hes a least 50% Robot”

7:27pm everyone sleeping but my main POwerhouse .. about 20 minutes ago Frank offered Power House a final 2

7:32pm Cam 3 Eagle Eye talking to the camera

Joe says the mood in the house is pretty somber He doesn’t know what to do he doesn’t know who is lying and who is telling the truth. He wishes the live feeders would tell him what to do.. “Joe: “I need to think about it.. I’ll just keep grilling”

Ian is up in the hammock talking to JOE..

7:40pm Cam 1 Hammock PowerHouse and junior powerhouse

Joe: “we got dan in there Chanting Prayers.. one minute he’s cutting someones throat the next minute he’s praying”
Joe: “I just hope it’s a HOH we can win”
Ian: “One quick question .. I will fully support either way but who will you vote for”
Joe: “I want Brit to stay.. but I won’t unless Shane does”

Ian: “the main reason to keep Brit is Danielle is much more likely to go back to Dan than Britney.. both of them are powerhouses for endurance.. either way I support it I’m voting Brit and I’ll make that known”
Joe: “I’m going to be campaigning for Brit.. I know her deeper I trust her deeper”
Ian: “I figure Britney going is what Frank wants.. we don’t want that to happen”
JOe: “We need to get with Shane on a meeting.. I know Frank is going to pull him in to get rid of Brit”
Ian: ‘Frank wants my head.. but he’s not going to get it”
Joe: “we need BRit”

(Been saying it for Weeks TPH4L.. toss some comments down show your support)

8:06pm Cam 4 Powerhouse, Jr Powerhouse, Shane and Britney Dinner

Ian: “Matt Hoffman was so wrong about you.. He said Britney is a succubus”.
Joe: “What’s that?”
Ian: “some type of demon women”

8:41pm Cam 4 Kitchen Shane, Danielle. Joe, Britney, Ian eating Dinner.. Chit Chat..
Dan is sleeping in the arcade after reading verses in the bible, Frank is sleeping after drinking 8 beers and ? is sleeping from using the veto
Danielle leaves to go out side. Ian: “we were super DUPED today”

8:47pm Cam 1-2 Danielle all alone (Image Link) (How many of you think she’s going home this week?)

8:51pm Kitchen Britney, Joe and Ian

Britney asks Joe where his vote is.
Joe: “My Vote is 100% Britney.. Straight up.. This all hinges on him”
Ian tells them his Vote will be for Britney regardless of what the vote is.

Britney says it all depends on Shane.

Joe and Shane (Cam 4)
Joe tells him straight up there are 2 ways they can go but before he pitches it he wants Shane to know “I really want Britney to Stay”
Shane: ‘I know.. But you told Frank you would do whatever he wants. there’s a lot I have to think about”
Joe smirks: “I will not do what frank says”
Joe: “If you are not going to vote for Britney than I want you to tell me becuase then I think we should try and roll with frank”

joe basically says to Shane that there is 2 paths Powerhouse+1 can take, both with their negatives. Path 1 is keeping Britney. This is the route powerhouse wants to take it means Joe, Shane, Ian, Britney take out Frank and Dan. If they take this route it will be 4 on 2 for the next HOH then 4 on 1 the one after that. If they keep danielle they will form up a final 4 with Frank and Jenn and make a run. Joe: “nothing can stop us”

Joe: “I talked to Frank and he’s really pulling for the 4 deal.. “
Shane: “I’m in the worst situation ever do I vote my best friend out or my coach out”
Joe: “If we keep Britney I’ll Tell Frank no No Deal.. Me you Britney and Ian go after him take him out as long as doesn’t win the next 2 POV’s He’s going home”
Joe: “Just know 1000% I want to go to the end with you we started this together I want to finish it with you”
Joe: “If we keep Britney strategically we both need to tell frank we are doing what he wants this week”

Joe: “If we make this commitment with Frank I just want you to know I’m going to be as loyal and true to Frank as U am to you”


Joe: “one other thing I prefer not to say anything to Ian unless we take the Brit route then we tell him.. ”
Shane: “ya ya keep it on the down low”

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185 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Britney about Dan He’s not 100% a human being.. he’s a least 50% Robot

    1. The problem with that is that will spread and get back to Danielle, and suddenly the target on Britney’s back gets bigger.

      1. Jealous? Really? Britney looks like a busted porn star, seriously! She’s not cute, she’s evil and I know they all lie but, she lies to every single person even on Big Brother 12! Never liked that bitch! She’s annoying, not funny or cute.

        1. Brittney is hott! Brittney is funny as hell too! A reall woman….you must be so jealous.You act like Janelle!! Looooooooser!You’re probably ugly and fat.Hahahahah!

    1. Brittany needs to stay. I don’t know if I can handle any more of Danielle. Now that the QP is no more they should send her Whiney butt out !!

  1. Not to be off topic but this has been driving me crazy. What did Ian give Boogie on his way out and Boogie put it in his pocket?

    1. I saw an interview somewhere – Boogie said it was a pair of sunglasses & that Ian had brought in a bunch of cheap sunglasses in the house. Boogie wasn’t sure of any meaning behind them – but obviously they had some meaning with Ian.

        1. Ian would think that cheap sunglasses were important. He’s such a retard.

          I wish they would send him home. I am tired of his smacking, snapping his fingers when he walks and his man boobs.

    2. I read somewhere that is a pair of sunglasses that Boogie originally game to Ian. Ian gave it back because (I guess) he didn’t feel right keeping it.

    3. let’s recap for a moment:

      ~ danielle has been getting on shane’s nerves, to the point he has snapped at her several times

      ~ shane has obviously been playing to danielle’s emotions only when it benefits his game, like in bed during her hoh

      ~ brit has always had shane’s back, 100%, since day one, only working for shane’s best interests

      how could shane vote to keep danielle? what would be the reason?

      would he trust dan and frank to work with him, and if so, how long?

      1. You do realize that you answered your own question in the second line:

        Shane believes he can manipulate Danielle and now that Dan has “abandoned” her, Shane has his own pawn…one who can win competitions and does not have side deals with everybody else in the house. You think Shane doesn’t prefer to keep he can manipulate with a hug and a kind word compared to one who bosses him around and tells him what to do, with next to no diplomacy.

        And you should remember that Brit’s poor game skills nearly cost Shane his head very early. After Willie blew up and was on his way out the door, Brit could have worked him and cooled him down to minimize the damage he could do to Shane and JoJo, but instead she threw gas on the fire at every turn, telling him he blew it and being the critical nag we’ve come to know so well

        And if she had Shane’s best interest at heart, she would have rallied Danielle and Shane yesterday while Dan was gone and said we need to go to Frank and make a real deal with him, throwing Jenn, Ian, and Joe under the bus…but instead she wanted to keep all her options on the table rather than picking who she wanted to go to the end with.

        The only interest Brit has had is who can carry her to the end and it did not matter if it was Shane or Ian or The Girls Alliance or Joe or Dan…or even Frank.

        1. I agree with your statement 100 % but honestly I don’t think Shane is smart enough to figure that out on his own….maybe when Frank says something it will click in his head lol….

      2. Brit has Brit’s back. Always has. She has used Shane just like she used the guys in BB12. She has won nothing. She provide no protection. He is a larger target than she is. What does Shane get out of it? She has not gotten dirty – not once. Dani, can offer Shane some protection. She has proven she can compete and has actually won. Shane needs to play with someone who can possibly win an HOH when he cannot play.

      3. Brit has not had Shanes back 100%,she has talked shit about him also.I like Brit,she’s cute and funny as hell but she is a major floater and shit talker.She is the one who wanted Frank and Boogie out (Ian’s narking) but wanted no blood on her hands and her biggest downfall is telling Shane that no girl has ever won BB against a guy,it has to be girl/girl to win.Shane knows she’ll never take him final 2.

  2. brittany is a hypogrete she is mad at dan because he didn’t just roll over and walk out of the house she tells dan and danielle she won’ t campagn but what exactly has she been doing all day

    1. Campaigning:When players make deals with each other to stay in the game;When players talk shit about the other player on the block.
      I didnt see Brittney doing that .I think it’s hilarious….her calling out everyone in front of everyone.I especially love that she’s roasting Dan and Frank.They both suck.They might be “good” at the game,but that isn’t the only way to win.The way they’ve treated people,they deserve to be hated by all.Friggin hate those two bitches.Just plain ol’ bullies.I hope Dan’s wife is so embarrassed.I hope Dan gets divorced while he’s in thier!! I hope all of Franks hair falls out and he gets fat again…..Couple of nasty dudes….Dan not washing those shorts for 2 years????Fuckin sick!! And these are the people you look up too?You must be such a loser.

      1. Real classey post. What does someones personal life have to do with the game??? To wish these things on another human being, that you don’t know, is dispicable. You should be ashamed!!!

  3. Dan has not begun to cast his “Mist”, he is going to let the anger Shane, Joe and Ian feel burnout and then he will ice everything over. The play for the FJDD is for the vote to be in support of Danielle, not against Britney. Which is pretty easy seeing is Joe and Shane are easily manipulated.

      1. Since from a previous post we know that Joe is telepathic – so if we all try really hard maybe we can send him a message telepathically letting him know what to do. LOL!!! If that doesn’t work maybe he can use his power to bend some silverware! :)

  4. Shane is the X Factor. If this doesn’t go down the way it’s planned Dan and Frank are in trouble. Dan has the gift of Gab, Frank will have to continue to Muscle his way through. I would like to see Frank not have to sweat for a week.

    1. shane is a wild card he has been with brit since the begining but he doesn’t seem to always trust her and danielle he has a final 2 deal and at times they seem close but will he stick with it

      1. The only thing Brit has proven she can do for/to Shane is castigate him and tell him he is making stupid moves. She cannot offer him anything. She has won nothing. I busted a gut when Brit was up in HOH telling Frank and Jenn she could offer them protection next week. Exactly how would she do that????

  5. hahaha Britney get over it Dan didn’t want to turn on you he had too! His life in the Big Brother house was almost over, what did she expect him to do nothing. No one is gonna pick there alliance over themselves. What the heck good does an alliance do if your out of the house. Also it wasn’t like Dan was lying Ian and Britney wanted Frank out in the next two weeks he just used it to his advantage. It is too bad that weasel Ian can’t be going out this week though I do enjoy Britney’s funny comments lol. Unless Ian wins the veto next week I think he’s a goner. p.s Ian you aren’t even close to the greatest players in Big Brother history. To actually be a great player you can’t get caught in all of your lies in the game when your in the house! Dan, Boogie, Will and Janellle and I hate to admit it Rachel are some of the best players ever. Although I think Dan is quickly surpassing everyone as the best player of all time!

    1. I agree with most of what you said except that Dan is surpassing as the best player of all time. I mean in All-stars Will made people turn against their best friends in the house and get them out, without having any dirt on them. All Dan had to do is convince a guy who has nobody in the game that the people he sort of trusted were going after him in the next two weeks, and it wasn’t that hard with all the dirt he had on Ian.

      1. Have to give greatest player to Dan because Dan did it by telling the absolute truth which is an amazing feat in BB, and Dr. Will (who I loved) did it by lying which everyone does in BB. They are definitely the two best ever!!! Hope Dan wins for all the crap he has had to endure this summer from Boogie, Frank and now Shane and boo hoo Britney!!

        1. Dan is considered great because his season was years after Wills, and he was the best winner in the last 4 seasons, probably the best winner since Will, which just makes him fresher to people. Go watch BB2 and BB7 refresh your memory. Will is the greatest player ever. Dan uses Wills strategy in his own game play. Dan learned from Dr. Wills seasons.

      2. Exactly.

        I just re-watched All Stars on Youtube. At every turn Will was calm and brilliant, working everybody against each other, and not newbies, but All Stars.

        Dan let his ideal final 2 partner walk out of the house last week, on something he could have easily smoothed over. It was way too early to break up the silent six, especially with a full frontal assault. And the reason Boogie got caught flat-footed was that he over-estimated Dan, assuming he knew it made sense to wait until only one floater remained before going at it. The battle would have been which floater…and this is when Ian could have paid dividends. Don’t get me wrong, his hail mary was brilliantly executed…but he’s still behind Will, Boogie, and Dick in my opinion.

        Top 4 is still pretty good though

    2. How does ratting out his own alliance make Dan the greatest player of all time? If Dan were somehow able to manipulate people into keeping him then I’d say he’s a great player, but all he did to save himself was rat out Ian.
      I do think that he is the smartest person in the house, but that’s not saying much because everyone else is dumb. And when I say dumb I don’t necessarily mean gamewise. I think the majority of the houseguests are unintelligent. Shane, Danielle, and Jenn are dumb as dirt and very easily manipulated. It’s mindboggling to me how Jenn can have such contempt for Ian for being a rat, but then she saves Dan (WHO’S ALSO A RAT) from eviction. Ian is intelligent, but he’s socially retarded and doesn’t understand the game nearly as much as he thinks he does. Frank is fairly bright, but he’s very impulsive and has no power of persuasion whatsoever.

      1. I get your sentiment and definitely agree about the intelligence of the house.

        If you boil down what Dan did, yes he ratted out his alliance…but you’re missing the nuance.

        Pretending to be sick after the isolation put everybody off balance and heightened their anxiety. Then he seemed to be better and asked to speak to the house. To a person everybody thought he was giving his farewell speech and he started his speech just like that. People were tearing up…and then he lowered the boom on Danielle. Essentially it was a misdirection for the house to put everybody in disarray…but it was most important for Frank. Dan showed him there was no turning back, that he wasn’t just giving Frank lip service and then going back to the status quo once he was safe. He knew Britney and Shane were giving lip service, so he had to top simple words to make Frank buy into the plan.

        Sure he had nothing to lose, but his execution was flawless.

      2. As of Friday night, Dan did not have an alliance. Brit and Ian agreed that it was better for their games to let Dan exit. Brit told Ian not to use the veto. The only thing that Dan did wrong, IMO, is to use Dani’s emotions to put his plan in play. Notice, when Dan was supposedly in distress, how many people came to his aid. Dan didn’t lie to Frank. He outed Ian – which Brit told him earlier in the week he needed to do. Frank was already on the way to realizing the threat that Ian & Brit posed. He realized that Brit was somewhat non-committal in their discussions. Frank ran with it and only then did the strategizing start on how to protect Frank and switch the target onto Ian.

      3. Dan was involved in EVERY decision QP made. Dan was one of the people who insisted on putting Frank and Boogie on the block because 70% of his DRs were about getting backdoored when Frank was HOH. He used the alliance that BRITNEY set up, and then threw her to the sharks. Nice guy that he is. He got Dani to throw her game away for him, and he will betray her, which is what Danielle subconsciously craves anyway. Best ever? Who cares, he’s barely human.

        1. Dan actually didn’t say much when Britney mentioned putting Boogie and Frank up….it was Ian and Britney doing most the talking. In 2 seasons tell me who’s blood Brit has had on her hands? I’ll make it easy for you…no ones!!!!!!!!

  6. Wait…Joe’s pissed, because? – You would think he’d keep his floater mouth shut and go with the flow since he’s SAFE this week.

  7. Ian is such a douche trying to make the argument that saving Dan was a bad move for Frank.
    If he didn’t do that, he would have had…Jenn…and that’s it.

    Not only that, he is acting so cocky and he seems to have developed a Southern accent. Frank needs to pop him one in the chops and knock his ass back down to earth.

    1. Ian is a legend in his own mind – he honestly believes that this is a ploy to bring him into the fold once Brit is gone. He seems to think that the only thing he did wrong was give in to pressure in the few minutes he had to make a nominating decision on Thu. Frank argued that they had talked possibilities for the past week so Ian shouldn’t have had a problem.

  8. How the hell has Danielle not been outed yet?
    Secrets of that magnitude usually do not last long in that house. I know Dan won’t let it out (unless it’s part of his plan) but somehow Brit has to catch on.
    I hope it’s soon, I am tired of Danielle sucking up sympathy from everyone for no good reason, she needs to REALLY pay a little bit for her role in all this.

  9. Dan is a football coach, they manipulate and motivate to get players to do it their way. I think Dan realized he was going to have to spend a week alone with Ashley in the jury house, panicked, and then he threw all caution to the wind.

  10. Brit needs to fight, who cares if it’s Dani’s “first time”. Britney will feel very stupid if she gets evicted this week and finds out Dani knew ALL along. Stop being so damn nice and fight? I don’t understand her logic. Joe is definitely down for whatever Shane does but Shane wants to keep Dani around because “they have a final 2 deal” even though if it came down to a final 3 Dani would pick Dan over Shane 100%. I’m a fan/rooting for Brit, Shane, and Ian and it looks like they’re in peril but they could blow this thing up IF Shane actually had a brain or if Brit just didn’t throw in the towel. I’m so tired of Danielle honestly it’s going to suck that she is just going to float to the final 3.

  11. I can tell Britt is very spoil. By the way she feels Dan should just give her the chance at the 500. In one word she is telling everyone Dan
    Is the greatest player, yet that makes her look duped. Should have known he would not lay down and die. Ian too. They knew Dan had dirt on all of them
    And would throw it in their face at some point. But I guess they did not expect MUD.

  12. Britney: “Kevin who?”

    LMFAO people have forgotten the “3rd wheel” of the Floater Alliance of Jordan,Natalie,and Kevin

  13. Did Frank tell Ian after their fight tonight that they’d talk more later & the more they think they hate each other the better. Around 5:45?

  14. I’d love to see Brit stay just to watch them scramble all over again. Even though it’s not Frank’s dream, I’d like to see them regroup and go after Frank one more time! To me, that would be classic. Poor Joe, he wouldn’t know what to think! Of course, they could still do this with Danielle. Not just as much fun though.

  15. “She points out that Frank is outside telling everyone he’s accomplished what he wants the target off him and onto you.”

    I don’t think this is true. The reason Dan is off the block and ISN’T going home this week is because he is a strategic mastermind. I think Frank’s just saying that to save face lol. He doesn’t want to admit he’s been had by Dan.

    I love how Ian has suddenly got some guts and is going toe-to-toe with Frank. He isn’t letting anyone yell at him and run over him anymore. Good for him.

    I’m curious as to how the vote will turn out. I kind of want to see Danielle blindsided, just to shake things up a bit.

    1. Don’t worry, you will see Ian cry like a baby before he goes home.

      As far as Frank being played…please…

      Frank just doesn’t buy Ian’s stupid argument that keeping Dan was a dumb move on Frank’s part. What did Frank have to lose? Nothing – an alliance of 2 with Jenn.

      Ian is (unsuccessfully) trying to blow smoke up Frank’s ass and make Frank think he made a mistake and that Ian was on his side the whole time. Ian was f*cking Frank so hard for the last few weeks Frank’s hemorrhoids were flaring up. Frank knows that now and is pissed. Ian is very nervous right now. Look at him rocking in the hammock. He does that stuff when he is under stress and nervous. That little kid is easier to read than Dr Seuss books.

      1. Still, its nice to see him stand on his own two feet and not just fidget and pace out of uncomfortable situations. And I do think it was a mistake to keep Dan. Dan was the main one saying that if Frank makes it to the end, he’ll win, so of course Dan wants him out ASAP. Suppose Shane or Ian wins HOH next week. You don’t think Dan’s going to use the same mind tricks he used to get himself off the block to ensure that Frank goes up and out? If Dan was able to cut Britney’s throat like he did, a person he’s been alligned with for quite some time, what makes Frank think Dan won’t do it to him, a person he’s been trying to get out for a while?

        1. Dan is with Frank to the End. I would bet money on it.

          Dan only went against his alliance because they screwed him first and basically let him take the fall for Ian. He spent the better part of this week, including even going up on the block trying to protect Ian rather than ratting Ian out to the other side. They repaid him by cutting him loose so he turned on them and took Danielle with him.

          As I have said before, Frank should have talked Ian into using his veto on Dan under the guise that he found out Joe was the mole and wanted to get Joe out. Then he should have put Britney up instead. Jenn should have used her POV on Danielle and they should have put Shane up, taking away Shane’s vote and giving it to Danielle, thus ensuring they had the numbers. Either way – Britney or Shane goes home, they are in great shape.

          and if you think Ian wouldn’t have used his veto, all Frank had to say was “if you don’t use your veto, Jenn will take Dan or Danielle down and put Britney up.”

          Frank’s only mistake was not seeing this. I am surprised Dan missed it.

          Again, Frank puts his trust in Shane (for the vote this time) and (possibly/probably) gets screwed..

          Unfortunately Danielle is going home this week. It is inevitable.

  16. I don’t have a dog in this weeks eviction, but if Danielle gets sent to the jury, it will be Franks worst nightmare.

    Ian & POWERHOUSE—final two!

  17. Danielle is going to get voted off. Jenn wins next HOH. yes, I know lol…. I can’t even believe it myself when I typed her name, but something tells me Jenn wins this next HOH.

    1. Hey there Dan’s Bible I owe you an apology. A few night ago I was complaining about production’s part in the game. I now realize that whether or not that happens isn’t really important. I guess I arrived a tad late to the party – I didn’t realize until this year that prod may or may not have a voice – so for just a bit I was upset. But I saw the light after Dan’s great and hilarious performance – you tried to explain this to me and I just wanted to say thanks – hopefully I can join the club – this site rocks – my money is on Brit going out the door…

  18. Powerhouse scheming cracks me up.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg – love the website and really appreciate the updates.

  19. LOL Ian is such an idiot. Really. “do you” to frank???? When he won HOH he said “What!” to Ashley like he’s the man…this little kid is stupid to the max!!!!!!!
    One of the worst players I’ve seen, not because he’s that bad, but because he thinks he walks a higher path. What a joke. Get rid of this fool quick style.

    1. Ian has the most overinflated ego in this game since Rachel. In reality, he thinks he’s some big mastermind, when in reality, people have tried his strategy a million times on this show and failed.

      1. I’m pretty sure Ian has Aspergers. I also wonder if Brit has a family member with Autism or Aspergers… She seems uniquely sensitive to Ian’s behavior. Protective.

  20. ppl are always saying this ones a liar that ones a hypocrite THEY ALL DO IT & to get to the end sometimes u have to compromise ur ethics just a smidge , this is about money ppl dont delude yourselves its s a game do what u have to to get that money

  21. JUNIOR POWER HOUSE ///POWER HOUSE I WEAK come on joe … joe say one mintue dan is reading the bible the next he’s cutting people;’s throat rflmao … waiting patiently for after dark tonight

    1. Lol, why is Frank above Dan? He hasn’t really made any brilliant moves. Dan’s master plan this week made him look like a huge idiot for falling for it.

    2. I…

      I can’t even begin to explain how wrong this list is.

      Oh wait, yeah I can. FRANK DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THAT LIST!!! And neither does Mike Boogie, but that’s a bit more debatable.

    3. If you’re putting Frank up on that list because of the amount of comps he’s won, than Janelle needs to come before him, because she’s won more comps than him.

  22. Ian needs to be knocked off his high hammock, I mean horse. Seems like now (on the feeds) he is more concerned with how good he comes off/looks to the audience than playing the actual game. Hope he goes to see his “girlfriend” soon. I used to like him but he’s a DB now.

    PH and Jenn F2!! WooHoo!

  23. Random comment but I wonder if people were complaining in the past that BB was fixed when Janelle kept winning every veto in order to save herself.

  24. Got to love when The Succubus comes out to drink in your soul. Give em hell Dan! OOoooo I cant wait to wrap myself around Shanes tiny muscular waist tonight.

  25. You call that standing on two feet. Don’t mean much if they broke at the knee caps. He sound like a kid trying to get out of a lie when caught. Frank not falling for it. And Britt sound stupid agreeing with it she look like a chicken face. Ian made is bed now lay in it quietly. Britt just got played and it hurts, I understand. Maybe they should take a lesson from Dan and lay the cards on the table and see what happens. No can do, why? Because they have been gunN for Frank
    The whole time. Check your guns Britt & Ian, you,re out go bullets.

    1. I think I got the gist of your statement. Would like to thank OBB for their helpful tool “translating moronic ebonics into normal english”!!! Thanks Simon & Dawg!!! :)

  26. Ok, I don’t get it. Frank, jenn and Dan talk about hopefully get joe, and share on their side? Who would be on the other side? Just Ian? Does not make sense

    1. Believe it or not, they need one more vote to keep Danielle. If they don’t get one more vote (Joe or Shane), then it will basically be Brit, Ian, Shane, and Joe versus Jenn and Dan in the next HOH. Only Jenn has won anything out of those 2 and that would be 2 VS 4 in the HOH and Frank can’t play in the next onw if he is even still around.

      So basically, Dan and Jenn and Frank would like Danielle to stay and also get Joe and/or Shane on their side.

    2. Thats how stupid they all are this season. Its time to grow some balls and stand up to Frank. Vote Dani out. That will make them shit their pants. They think everyone should just lay down and give them the money. Brittany needs to get the fire back in her and get Frank and Dan out. Then I guess you all will be saying she is one of the greatest player ever on bb. Please One more thing if Jenn thinks Frank has her back then she is as dumb as shit. He wants to take Dan to the F2 so he can beat him. Then say I am the best player ever to have played bb.

  27. I do think Britney has quite the special gift of quick wit, and a terrific sense of both humor and imitation, to go with her great looks. I hope that Lorne Michaels of SNL will hook her up with Chicago’s “Second City” comedy troupe, let her get some experience there, and eventually have her join the SNL cast. She’d be great! As a BB houseguest, I enjoy Britney most when she’s just being her usual funny, wise-a*s self. I’ll miss that most, if/when she goes. But I 100% hate Brit’s gameplay. She’s also among the very best liars I have ever seen in this game (and we’ve all seen many!). She always keeps everything so perfectly organized in her own head. And she can switch it on/off instantly, depending on who’s in the room. The “two-face thing” comes so easy, it’s like breathing to her – scary! And she does it “bloodless”, never winning comps; for her, it’s all “black ops”, and Dan may have “one-upped” her on it this time. As for Danielle, it’s the exact opposite. Listening to Danielle’s daily dysfunction is just awful TV. But she has a heart of gold, would take a bullet for Dan (and she very well might on Thursday!), and, at a Boogie/Frank level, she has always given 100% of her best to/for her allies. She’s not ruthless, and I like that, even though it’s not a winning formula for BB. Overall, I’m hoping that good triumphs this week over evil, and that Danielle does survive. The teacher/nurse lie she came in with is no biggie – many other HG’s have done that, simply wanting to appear to be a lesser threat – hardly a “vote changing scandal,” IMO.

  28. Dan has said on more than one occasion that he patterned his game play after that of Dr. Will Kirby. I think he has adapted the Will Kirby method to match his own personality and come up with a hybrid that only works for him.

    Sooo, Ian says “we can never trust Dan again,” or words to that effect. Ian and the QP were ready to have Dan play sacrificial lamb/ fall on his sword in the name of the same “alliance” that wrote him off as soon as he was nominated. “Yeah, too bad…nothing we can do to save Dan…He’s a goner, I’m afraid.”

    Here’s a thought: If they really cared about the integrity (LOL) of the Quack Pack, Ian should have gone to Dan as soon as Ian won the golden POV and assured him he was safe and that the POV would be used to pull him off the block. But, oh, he couldn’t do that because then another member of the QP would have to go up. In summary, no one else in the QP was willing to risk being nominated, but Dan should be happy to take one for the team. If anyone in the QP owed Dan some loyalty, it was Ian. Ian should zip it. Dan held out as long as he possibly could. No shame in his game.

  29. This sucks…
    I am 100% Team all the way but seeing him winning again is not even an option for me
    I hope Britney stays. I don’t really see the benefit of Joe keeping Danielle in the game, and Shane could really use Britney over Danielle for a long term
    If Britney stays, then it would be Frank;Dan;? vs Ian;Shane;Britney;Joe
    it’s gonna be 4 vs 2 in the next HOH.

  30. LOL at Britney pissing and moaning about being on the block.
    Frank the Tank has been on the block 5 times this year – every time he hasn’t been HOH!

    what a baby. put on your big girl panties Brit.

  31. Power house campaigning hard, will Shane see the light? Check in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!!!

    1. TPH4L is Team Power House 4 Life – Joe in other words. Yah huge powerhouse – NOT! He’s just fat and dirty is all.

    2. I have a question for all the Britney supporters:

      Tell me what word represents this definition: Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.

      A) Strategy
      B) Stupidity
      C) Insanity
      D) All of the above

      Her first season she attached herself to strong players…who dumped her when it was convenient.
      Her second season she attached herself to strong players…who dumped her when it was convenient.

      This year she thought playing nice (to people’s face that is) would inoculate her from eviction…except she was still loyal to a team (the weaker members she could manipulate of course) in an individual game and rather than picking one real partner and one secondary partner, she tried to have them all. She just assumed because Dan was “nice” he would just take one for her…uh…I mean the team. And if you really think spineless Shane is going to take on Frank up front, evict a girl he can manipulate and control (in his mind), and save the “coach” who bossed him around, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy.

      One last point about Britney: If you talk constant shit about everybody behind their backs, eventually the people you’re talking the shit to will figure out that you’re likely trashing them to other people as well. If The Fab Four feel anxious about Thursday, they pull Shane and Joe aside and reveal everything Britney has ever said about them. Does anybody think Joe is gonna like being outed for pounding his pud in the communal bedroom?

  32. Brittany expose Danielle”s so called secret is so petty the fact she lied about her profession really who cares it not like she ran around the house making deals with everyone and throwing them under the bus then getting mad when someone else does it first. Oh wait that would be brittany lol at the end it is looking like it will all come down to shane and who he see’s he can go further with

  33. Danielle going home. Joe and Shane will vote to keep Brit. We know why Shane will, and Joe will stay with the power…BRIT, SHANE, IAN, JOE, ???DANIELLE>

  34. Ian is laying it on think because he needs brit to stay otherwise his days are numbered but i do find it interesting shane hasn’t give them an answer either way but i am leaning on him keeping dani

  35. I know Danielle’s trying to keep up the illusion that her and Dan are at odds, but she’s laying it on too thick, to the point it doesn’t even look like she’s putting on an act, but instead it looks like she’s trying too hard to get sympathy. It’s painful to watch.

  36. Hey did anyone hear that noise? Was that Ian rocking or was it Danelle’s thunder thighs rubbing together? Really though I do hate seeing Britt accusing Dan of all that crap and making fun of him. She is funny but she is nasty funny sometimes. Speaking of which the dirty talks at night will probably be over once Britt is gone. No more of her asking Ian when he got his 1st pubic hairs. If I were Ian I’d tell her I was 5 years old but it was on my sister! LOL She gets into the trenches with Shane mostly but others have been there too. I still don’t think Joe will vote against Frank since he got into a pack of trouble doing it for Janelle. He doesn’t have a clue how this game works or what to do. Talk about floaters, he’d be better off floating in the pool allowing others to use him as a raft.

  37. Bottom line..britney hides behind this game you do what you gotta do to stay
    Britney was covered on all angles she got busted and she’s pissed…and dan told the truth
    Watch the shows brit told everyone who was in power what to do…is she funny..hell yeah
    But she got played its a game and unfortunately she isn’t good..she’s an emotional mess is this game
    She’s right dans a robot…that’s how you have to play…that’s why they cut you off from the outside world
    There are rats in a cage survival of the fittest…if she would stop effing pouting she could flip the script
    And woman the hell up…and get shit going like dan did…

  38. I love this

    “Joe: “If we keep Britney I’ll Tell Frank no No Deal.. Me you Britney and Ian go after him take him out as long as doesn’t win the next 2 POV’s”

    LOL Joe, yeah so we lie to him this week, tell him were not keep Britney, (when we secretly are) win HOH, and put him and Dan up and by some miracle hopefully (the guy whose won 70% of all comps) won’t win a POV,

    Thats some hopeful thinking

    1. I was supposed to add this quote to, for what I said to make some sense

      “Joe: “If we keep Britney strategically we both need to tell frank we are doing what he wants this week”

    2. Yes, but then it is 3 vs. 1 in the next HOH, and Frank still would need to win another POV to save himself, and then it is 3 vs. 1 again in the next HOH when Frank finally would get to play HOH again.

      I actually agree with Joe that the odds are better going with Brit & Ian, plus Shane has a chance to beat Frank in the physical comp if it goes that long.

    3. And one last thing, If you can not beat Frank in one of 2 POVS when he has no other chance, then write him the check!

      1. Well he did beat 6 people, one right after the other in the HOH comp, no problem, every time he’s been on the block he wins, the only way they would get him is if they put up two pawns and he didn’t get chosen for POV,

  39. So, Britney……..

    After you found out you were going home in BB12, you cried like a little princess and made everyone uncomfortable for a couple of days……How did that work out for you?
    Britney: “They voted me out anyway.”

    So, it looks like you’ve now adopted the “Dr. Will” strategy of telling people you’re okay with going home.
    Britney: ” I realized, people want a strong ally, not a pathetic cry baby that they have to constantly reassure.”

    Is anyone going to tell this to Danielle?
    Britney: ” I won’t if you don’t!” ;)

  40. Ian is a hypocrite! Saying what frank did was bad, hello what u did to Boogie last week was just as bad if not worse lol

  41. Would love for Britney to SHUT UP!!! What does she mean she does not know who to be mad at? What about mad at yourself and Shane and Ian for throwing Dan under the bus and throwing the veto competition two separate times!! Who you need to blame is YOURSELF you stupid bimbo!!! Seriously, you lie and are blaming Dan! Get a Life!!

  42. Have people forgotten that when Joe doesn’t wash his filthy hands if might not be urine residue on them. It might just be Butt Cheese!

  43. If these guys try to get me out of the house I’m going to drop a turd in their next casserole. Yes… Yes…. Yess…. The PowerHouse Dump Casserole For All!

  44. Did the HGs know if Ian was going to use the POV first during the veto ceremony? If so, why didn’t Frank take Ian aside and say….save Danielle, I’m going to put up Joe but in truth really put up Shane. Then Jen uses the POV on Dan and they put up Britney. That way Frank has Jenn, Dan & Danielle voting out Britney and they control the vote. And it’s a massive FU to Ian who is really another incarnation of Ronnie the rat.

    1. Or Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian voting Dan out.

      Why Frank would risk the chance that Dan and Danielle were working him and give Dan the exact scenario him and the Quack pack wanted before veto?

  45. Danielle is an idiot for buying Dan’s BS. I still think this will backfire and she will be leaving Thursday. Shane will eventually realize that “faux poon” is not worth losing $500k. If Brittney doesn’t convince Shane that 4 vs 2 – the next two weeks – is better than joining Frank’s side (who can’t play HOH) – then she needs to leave. This is probably the most logical move ever in BB history. So if Brit can’t convince – and Shane can’t see it – then they both need to leave. Danielle is worthless. She is only Dan’s shield at this point.

  46. Oh Joe. If you only knew you would lose to anyone who sat next to you, with the exception of Jen and even then he’d probably still lose.

  47. as soon s shane finds out the stalker was lying to him and shes with Dan… Danielle sorry ass will be out the door the following week after Britt cuz Shane will win HOH and nominate Dani and Dan

    1. In some indigenous Kentucky tribes, peeing on your hands is actually a cleansing ritual…

      Then again in those same tribes, it’s considered poor form to marry somebody with a different last name…

  48. TPH4L!!!! Joe is really setting himself up as a solid $50,000 contender. Who wouldn’t want to take somebody to the end with no chance to win? Simon, love the +1 and Jr Powerhouse pics. Hilarious! Wish the DR would tell him to turn down the volume a few notches though. His sessions are terrible!

  49. I think dan ratting out his alliance does not make him the greatest player of all time. Any one on any season could have done that. had he manipulated the situation and gotten frank to take him off he would be considered the greatest but to tell on the people who helped you is not memorable. Because that is what ian did just in another way when he told dan about boogie and frank and boogie went home so does that make ian the greatest?….no

    1. Just for the sake of clarity, Ian actually brought the news of Boogie’s intentions to Brittney and Shane (not Dan) because they were the two who names Boogie uttered as possible nominees. They then shared the info with Dan. Dan went along with Brit’s REVISED plan to oust Boogie. Boogie got evicted. Dan subsequently agreed to take the heat for Brit, Shane, and Ian. And he did not spill the secret until they left him with no choice, and after 24 hours of being stuck in the Have-not room with music blaring, lights flashing, cold temperatures, and a diet of slop.

  50. Off topic….You wanna laugh your ass off,go watch Live chat with Big Jeff interviewing Ashley after she was evicted. I had tears streaming down my face for 28 minutes +… Talk about someone being clueless,this chick is in her own lil world on her own lil planet!!!!

  51. Bottom line is Dan wants to bring Danialle to final 2 , he is playing for second place, he wants her to have the money , he wants the title of besy bb player of all time , mark my words

  52. So one minute she’s telling Dan that she didn’t mean the things that she was saying and that she understood why he did it. Then a few minutes later she is outside talking shit on him again. I was torn on who I wanted to go home, but now I want to watch Bratney leave the BB house AGAIN!!! She’s just not very good at this game and Matt Hoffman was dead on about her.

  53. Dan will go down in BB history books but I dont think he has earned the title the BEST BB player ever.

    He had 24 hours to plan a come back. All he needed to do was come up with the beginning and the ending of the plan the middle part he had because all he needed to do was throw Ian and Brit under the bus to Frank by ratting out the QP.

    Him playing delusional after being released from solitary confinement then gathering the house guest for what they all thought was a good bye speech was genius because he started the waterworks even before he lit the fire in the HGs.

    By complimenting everyone but Danielle was a good move because it allowed the house guest to turn to her and console her while he manipulate Frank and strike up a deal. If Dani wasnt in tears then he wouldnt have gotten such a long opportunity to speak with Frank. Also he knew the type of person Dani is that she is very emotional and that saying something of that sort would be the icing on the cake. After the first part of his plan was successful the third would be easy because all he had to do was enlightened Frank about the Quack Pack alliance proving Brit and Ian are coming after him.

    The fourth part of the plan was left up to Frank to convince Jenn to use the veto on Dan and for Dan to sit and wait to see the result of his “funeral”. I dont think another jury will award Dan 500k. I know i wouldnt his game is similar to Brit lay low, form a strong alliance and get them to do all the dirty works….Dan have been throwing competitions from the moment he waled into the house as a coach because he knew being a previous winner put a huge target on his back. I admire his game moves but i just cant see to like him as a person. I feel like he would do the same in real life. I dont think he’s truly loyal to anyone and at least we know that Boogie was 100% down with Frank.

    I really do like and enjoy watching Brit. I dont have live feeds but i do record bb after Dark and read the blogs but I sure hope Brit manages to get the vote to stay I feel like she needs another chance maybe she’ll wake up and play more than just good social game. I know she wll be heart broken if she leaves and find out that Dani has been playing her …i mean she became so close with her..they showed in the nude together for gods sake.

    Like Boogie said he knew Dani had some game up her sleeve when he suspected she was a Nurse as a oppose to a teacher. I wouldnt be surprise if she made it to final two cuz i know she will turn on Shane if needs be cuz she didnt even question turning on Brit and now her guards are up for Dan.

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