Big Brother Spoilers – Dani wants Jeff Backdoored, Rachel: “I don’t think we can convince Brendon to use the POV”.. **update**

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6:00pm HOH Dani and Rachel Dani is saying that shelly is thinking they are in a final 6,
She demands that Rachel swears not to tell Anyone beside Brendon what she is about to say, “don’t repeat this to anyone i will kill you” early today Dani was talking to Shelly and Shelly told her that in this game there are a few “huge Bumps” that every one of them need to get over in order to get to the end. Shelly also told Dani that JJ are strong competitors and she doesn’t think she can get any father unless Jeff leaves, “Basically she wants JEff out of the house” Rachel doesn’t believe her at all, “she’s butt buddies with JJ”. dani adds that Shelly said about JJ “I like them as people and their super nice but you have to make a big move in the game… I didn’t get to were I was in business by not making moves”. dani trys to tell rachel that her and Brendon would be shocked at the number of newbs that would be behind them if they took Jeff out. Rachel: “I don’t understand why we would want to take out Jeff it’s final 5 with him”. Dani: “you think think one minute that they are not plotting against you to take you out.. what do you think will happen when you get to final 5.. they’ll be coming for you and stacking the house with floaters they can easily beat”. Rachel still isn’t sure she says if they get Jeff out of the house everyone will be coming after BR. Dani “swears to God” that shelly wants Jeff out. Rachel thinks if they take Jeff out then Dom will be gunning for BR. Dani starts getting pissed says “you guys told me to make deals with him and to gain his trust and now you’re still sayign no we don’t trust him… you told me to get close”
Rachel: “it’s not a good idea to get rid of jeff right now ”
Dani : “Fine OK i’ll drop it”
Dani: “You know he’s asksing everyone who’s side are you on.. I just don’t get it why you won’t take the strongest player in the house out.” dani repeatedly stresses that Jeff was trying to
Rachel: “If jeff goes home I think that we’ll be the target”
Dani: “Jeff and jordan have not talked game to me for a week and a half they told Kalia not to talk to me anymore.”, Rachel : “OMG they said that” Dani: “YEah OMG they are targeting you guys”

Brendon comes in
Rachel tells her to recap what she just told Rachel. Dani says she’s getting annoyed because BR told her to make some deals with dom and now that cassi is gone they still don’t trust dom and she’s feeling shafted. Rachel tells Dani to tell Brendon what Shelly told her. Dani gets Brendon to sear he won’t tell anybody. Dani starts again explaining that shelly wants to get JEff out and that most the house is with them because Jeff is such a strong competitor. Dani adds that Shelly said she’s going to win HOH and she’s not afraid to use put Jeff up. dani: “She said something to the effect , I didn’t get this far in my company if I laid back I take maters in my own hand”.. “you all realize OMG that JJ are only care about spendign the summer together”.. “Shelly’s saying all this i’m not saying this..Dani tells them that Shelly is betting on getting to the final 2 with Either BR becuase she thinks she can beat them. Rachel gets iritated: “why!”. Dani: “no that’s a good thing because that means they want to take you to the end.. and will push you to the end to meet their own agenda”.

brendon tells Dani she should relax BR are the targets not dani, he doesn’t think using the POV is in his best interest makes too many enemies. Dani getting pissed.. “when i’m HOH i’ll do whatever I want them..People in this house don’t like Rachel.. if people don’t like you they take you to the final..” rachel: “Wait why don’t they like me” dani quickly back pedals says it’s the little things Rachel says it annoys them. Brendon leaves..
Rachel: “I don’t think we can convince Brendon to use the POV”..
Dani: “I just know he’s going to coast the entire way and nobody will have the balls to get him out”
Rachel: “you mean Jeff”
Dani: “Hey.. you see what is happening here they are turning it all on me because they are scared BLANK they are going to get backdoored”.
Dani trys to make it clear to Rachel that JEff is going to win America’s favorite and any america vote twist so why wouldn’t they take him out. Rachel does agree that he’ll win whatever vote in poll they have. Dani says she feels like they are so cared to make a big move they are throwing away the game, “If I win HOH I’m putting JEff up cause it needs to be done” Dani reminds Rachel that she would never turn her back on them it was never Dani and Dom the only reason she went to dom was because BR asked her so they could further their position in the game. She will drop Dom in a heart beat for BR, but right now they have a chance to take out the strongest player and everyone is too scared to make the move.


6:55pm Brendon working out Telling Jordan and Adam abotu the bank of America bail otu and how TOP bank CEO’s got huge bonuses even thought he government of the United States gave the 60 Billion + dollars. Jordan adds to the conversation: “I’m glad my mom works at the bank because it helped my brother get a car loan”

7:10pm HOH JJ, BR Jeff asks them what happened because when dani left the HOH she looked pissed. Rachel says she told Dani the HOH will probably not be used. Rache: “Did yo tell Kalia not to talk to Dani”. JEff: “no thats a lie” Jordan says Kalia, Dani and Adam are in the back yard. Brendon is going to call Adam up into the HOH and Grill him, “If he doesn’t spill his gust i’ll say FINE your not with us YOUR gong home”

Brendon starts to rehash the conversation they had with dani. Rachel says that dani told her if dom goes home then she’ll do whatever she wants when she wins HOH”.
Jeff: “She’s BLANK”.
Brendon: “These BLANK gloves are off .. was she threatening you?” rachel: “no”
Rachel: ‘She’s trying to tell us that Shelly is after jeff”
Jeff: “She done.. and this is just the beginning she’s going to come up here and tell us loads of BLANK.. She’ll tell us that she knows about a power.. ”
Brendon isn’t worried because even if Shelly is after them it doesn’t mater they’re too strong. They all start talking about dani showing her cards too early and making a huge mistake. brendon Tries to explain that all 5 of them were planning to go to final 5, but Dani is worried that once they get to 5 we’ll cut her loose. brendon see’s this as flawed and he thinks it’s too optimistic that all for them will make it to the end and once one of them 4 (BRJJ) get sent home then Dani is in the inner 4.
Brendon: “She’s stupid she should of waited” (they all starts talking in circles about how stupid Dani is..)

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I really hope that Rachel is listening and considering because everything Dani says is valid. While this is purely Dani’s agenda and purely what will get her further, Dani gives Rachel some very valid points.


so im guessing dani wants to back door jeff lol


I think BR andJJ are solid now and Dani is self destructing before our very eyes looks like a big twist to me if they stay together they are unstoppable


SkyHigh, I agree. Although some viewers think the BRJJ alliance is “boring”, it’s exciting to see a 4-person alliance that began in the first episode make it to the final 4 unscathed. Then it would be explosive when they turn on each other, balls to the wall. Even the Brigade split up before final four. I think I’m going to start watching the show again…but it is always so far behind this site that it bores me b/c I already know what happened.


Yea same…I just watch Thursdays really… watched tonight and half the time its just Brenchel fighting with each other and whining about Jordan not picking them at the luxury comp…..god they’re soooo annoying….but I guess it’s for the ratings i dunno…..

…..and as for a four people alliance making it to the end…..the brigade was way different….they were entertaining…..and there were far better competitors in the show last season…..this year its just a bunch of loser contestants who kiss BRJJ’s ass

I hope the season gets better when it’s singles.


Thaks Hayden fan but The true action will come at the end and also tyhinking will beat this bunchto really win you must remenber its a thihking game not an acting game


Dani is a snake. If she just stuck to final 5 with Brenchal and jeffdan, she would of had a better chance instead of trying to play all sides. It’s pretty obvious her social game sucks without her dad here.


loving these updates! thanks!


Dani is trying too hard. She’s just uniting BRJJ with her paranoia.


Dani it such a f**king snake. If she didn’t have the golden key, her a** would be on the block. BR better stick with the plan.


I hope dani wins and takes out brenden or Rachel next week!!!


Dani shut up. Between Dani, Rachel and Brendon I wish all three of them could leave this Thursday. Also this is not the Rachel show, it is Big Brother. I am so disgusted so far with it being the R/B show and now Dani being a total putz. Pleeeeeze!!!!!


Ding, ding. Go into your corners then come out fighting! LOL

The Dominatrix is trying really hard to use this house split to her advantage. I wonder if she’s given up on trying to get BR to see it her way or will this get dragged out for the next 4 days. I see a House Meeting looming in the near future.


If BR backdoor Jeff they’ll definately go up a couple points in my book….to like 2/10….LOL….

Whether she flipped too early or not….Dani is the only one who has any balls this season so far…..everyone else just kisses BR&JJ’s asses.


Not true. Dani is a snake


whatever she is…..she’s one of the only ones that’s keeping me still a fan this season because most of the people are so boring… sound like youd
fit in lol


Rachel to Porcshe:

“Oh, “Hatch Back” you never have to worry about [us] putting you on the block! You’re like the “Bestest” friend I’ve ever had! Like I told Brendan, you remind me of the pork chop my parents use to tied around my next so the dog would play with me!”




I hated on the show tonight how they spent waaaaayy too much time on Brenchal. FF those parts. Same with BBAD!!! The only time I want to see B/R is when someone else is telling them off, or they are humiliating themselves in some way.


agreed they kept going back to them fighting in between showing hasbeenhoff and the lux room. It was once again “the Brenchel show)”


Does anyone know if Dani is lying about Kalia, Kalia lied about Jeff or Jeff lied to BR?


Jeff lied to B/R. He told Kalia not to talk game with Dani, and now that he knows that Danielle found that out, he probably knows that Kalia told Danielle.


Thanks Ryan! So, it’s Jeff’s word against the word of Kalia and hearsay from Dani to back up Kalia if this is ever broguht to light. I’m sure the brats will take Jeff’s word for it but it may solidify in Kalia’s mind that it truly is a game of the House with Dani vs the Vets with possibly Shelly although they no longer trust her either.


ryan16: Dani lied bro. Did you even watch it? Jeff doesn’t even talk to Kalia. He told Jordan not to talk Kalia and Dani too much. Dani loves to twist things. She’s a brat who whines and moans if she doesn’t get her way. She’s just a smaller Rachel. Bleah. Her goose is cooked.


According to a previously updated spoiler on this site, (Where Dani talks about JJ forming an army or whatever) Dani and Kalia were talking and Kalia told her that Jeff told her that something was up with Dani and that Kalia should “not tell her too much.”


I’m going to start throwing things at the screen if Dani say’s “Well Obviously” one more time!!!


Ditto with the phrase ‘You know what I mean?’ All of them say it way too much!


Mine is “It’s not rocket science”. Everytime he says it, I think he should get a kick to the teeth.


Sounds like a drinking game. Please play responsibly.


Re-watching Dani, Rachel, and Brendon in HOH at about 7:00 BBT, and if Dani says “…and blah, blah, blah” one time, she says it 15 times in the space of a single minute. Really can’t get past her obvious and outright anger at BR here.


I don’t know how Jeff and Jordan are sooo popular. Jeff is a flat out bully/jerk, and Jordan get’s old really fast.
If Jeff looked like Adam, he wouldn’t be invited to come back to this season. People really only like him because of his looks, as he’s absolutely unbearable in the feeds
I hate them both so much, and this season is going to be so incredibely boring if Dom goes home.
This whole season is predictable, as it’s rigged for the veterans to win this game.

I definately regret buying the feeds, as I won’t be watching it after this week, when Dom goes home.
All the newbies have been throwing everything, and the veteran’s have the competator’s….

I guess I’m just really angry that I wasted 30-40 dollar’s (can’t remember), on a season with J/J making it to the end.
Sucks for me.


I have to admit I was a Jeff fan up until today. He is an assand has a really bad temper. I get the whole bully/jerk thing that people are talking about. And now he’s telling Shelly and Jordan that Dani s a f**king jealous bitch!! That’s completely uncalled for. C’mon, this is a game. I just can’t support any guy who talks about a girl like that. I get that she’s trying to get him out of the game. But dude, chill out….there’s no reason to get that harsh.


Yep, it’s just stupid that J/J are in control of everything, and B/R will just do anything they say.
Dominic and Danni were both going to stick with B/R and take out J/J. Instead J/J will be the ones to take them down first (maybe not by themselves, but get a new HoH and suggest it to them). Dom might be a target, but he’s not that threatening of a person to always be the next one kicked out. Dominic was for sure going to side with J/J, but J/J apprently do not trust him at all. He hasn’t even done anything that would make him untrustworthy, other than being a nice person in the house.

Now that Dom is going to go home, there will be even less of a resistance to go after the big group of 5 (B/R/J/J/S).
Dick was the main reason why I bought the feeds, as I thought that with him in the house it would’ve been interesting to watch, but now I’m getting the feeling that watching a live stream of the last survivor season would’ve been more entertaining than this one.

So much for the big J/J vs B/R showdown.


It’s a game, but a $500,000 game.


Yea man I know, it sucks that the game is being rigged for a BR Vs JJ showdown.


I honestly believe Production alerted Brendan and Rachel to Dani’s plan to screw up her push to get JJ backdoored. I don’t know if anybody caught it on the BBAD last night. Brendan was saying Production was questioning him about his game play. Of course the feeds cut to another view right away and the warning about talking DR sessions was played.

A few hours later the whole BRJJ team had an epiphany and started questioning whether Dani was playing them all. Too much manipulation and intervention by Production.


Rach mentioned to JJ that production is clue-ing them into sticking together because the other HG were trying to crack the alliance. The feeds kept going in and out as she talked about it. It seems like the order of events was… BR knowing that the nubes were trying to get them backdoored by Jordan, Dani talking to BR about bd’ing J, shelly talking to J then BR about Dom wanting Shell to team up with him and Dani to the out the power couples, Por telling Rach that she’d be dumb not to consider getting JJ out of the house, then she goes to DR and comes out telling JJ that production has given her info on the HG trying hard to split up the alliance with Dani as the spearhead for the effort. During that same time frame R tells B that she knows for a fact that Dani is communicating with Dick outside of the house (as if he’s feeding her info in her DR sessions). B asks how she knows, she says she will tell him how she knows after the show is over.


Where did all this Dani love come from?! She was whiny spoilt brat her season and again this time. Evel carried that team and she only got her head in the game and won POVs and HOHs after Evel got Nick kicked out. Before that she was more interested in cheating on her bf and banging the time away. She was ALWAYS complaining. I hated the way she felt so entitled over Dick and treated him poorly. Yes they had baggage but she just doesn’t seem like a good person to me.

And same thing again this year. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is. She’s like a smaller version of Rachel. She throws the toys out of her pram if she can’t get her way and I love how she twists everything. She has ZERO personality and without Evel, she’s really irrelevant. Say what you want about Brenchel…they’re annoying and I want to barf everything I see them but they win comps and they fight hard. J/J are actually playing a better game than they did their season.

I’m bummed that Evel had to leave. He would have had a field day with Brenchel and J/J. Dani is such a wannabee. These newbs, by the way, are horrendous. Boring and horrible at game and comps. I hope Cassi comes back. At least she was nice to look at and actually tried to do something in the game. Definitely this season has been a bust so far. BB better throw in twists galore to ramp up the ratings.


While I respect your opinion, I don’t believe that Danni’s as bad as your saying. Sure Evel carried her around for a lot of the game, but she was still there helping her father out as well.

Im not even trying to defend Danni that much, however, this season will become so predictable once Dom leaves. Nobody would stand up against those group of 5 in the house. Lawon would get threatened by Jeff/Brendon and the rest of the main group, if he doesn’t put up a newbie or Danni. Same with Adam, Por, Shelly (although Shelly doesn’t need to be threatened to put up a newbie/whoever.

For the sake of this whole season, Danni has to be in this game, since she’s the only one who seem’s to be willing to put up one of the 4. Dom would obviously do that too, but he’s gone this week (which sucks, since he’s my favorite.




rachoe at her finest ready to put up JJ just cause they did not pick her for lux ( i brenchels face when J picked kaka and hillbilly) and of course rachoe telling brendumb to go home ha. she even would turn against him.


Dani is a biggest snake…Snake needs to go home


I agree between the 3 of them I cannot figure out who I dislike more! I know Jordan already won and people are sick of Jeff and Jordan being the golden couple but against the other 3 it’s hard not to like them and root for them! at least they aren’t annoying!


i want JJ to win at his point only by default. who else should win? well lets see lawnman and kaka HUGE floaters so no win, Brenchel, oh hell no win, portapotty and hillbilly and scrotum, nope still havent proven they can play the game (but did prove they can kiss alot of HOH ass) and fez well he’s out on thur. so unless they brought cassi back (I’d def want to see her win) JJ are the ones I vote for.


oh forgot Danyawn she shouldnt win cause all she’s done so far is to get people to argue and make the HOH paroniod. and lets face it Danyawn had no game on her season and she has no game on this one.


Pressure is building, it’s only a matter of time before someone blows!


The pressure is building and about to explode!!! Oh, wait. that was just Kalia walking by.


And talking with her mouth full! Arghhhh!


Did shelly really say that to dani about making a big move

Lady E

Don’t know if they’re gonna have an All-Stars season again but there’ s no point if past players keep coming back to play. Was on Team Dom, but I’m sure he’s gonna go home so go Team Adam!


I agree. All-Stars 2 would be watered down. We’d either see people coming back for a 3rd season, or see some 2nd timers that aren’t really deserving.


Or (GOD FORBID) RacHELL come back again! AG, give ’em some fuel (liquor) tonight, and strike the match. Or bring back chima (what a twist) to save this season!!!!!!


ok i got to admit this is getting really’s gonna be rachel vs dani ,let’s get ready to rumble!!!!! once dom leaves thursday it’s battle of the biattches.i can’t wait ,,get your popcorn.haha


One can only hope….


mmm hmm! I totally agree with you 😀 Thank you guys who keep updating this site! 🙂


I’m actually shocked Jeff hasn’t went off on Dani yet! I’m sure he’s dyin to!


I love it when Jeff goes off!!! Waiting for BBAD to start… Got a Long Island Tea in hand!!! ( my fave drink )


Lori, I just went to “like” this and remembered it’s not facebook, Ha! 🙂


Anyone else totally sick of KaKa-Kalia???? She thinks she’s playing the game, wants a golden key for what???? More free food??? She keeps saying to put her on the block so Lawon will go, but it’d be hysterical if she got voted out! People would think: Hey, more wine and ice cream for me!!! BTW: anyone know just how many “famous” people she says she knows or is friends with, or related to??? Why does she think so highly of herself? Fatty won’t even wash her hair; she said herself it smells!! I don’t know who’s worse– her or Gnastalie!!!!


Give her a golden key, they’re useless after this week anyway. Or are they? (what a twist)


So Keith and Cassie are in sequester and Annie posted on her site she couldn’t talk about BB and why she was sequestered but in twitter she mentioned it briefly. they definitely have something up their sleeves! I wonder why it fell through last year?


Annie’s not sequestered, she’s on Matt’s show every monday. BTW James Rhine is twittering for Dani during here BB13. He said it on Matt’s show .
RTVZone every Monday.


Is that why RacHELL thinks Evel Dick is coaching Dani durring her diaryroom sessions?


think the original poster meant that annie was sequestered following her eviction last year.


i wouldnt put jeff up…not yet anyway. they still need 3 people out before the knife in the back. dom, dani and adam. then its open season! porsche siding with b/r…shelly on team j/j. kalia and lawon will decide who goes home. they may end up going father than the vets…once it all hits the fan!!!


dani is a weak player, she just throws stuff out there that doesnt make sense, she needs to keep in mind why she won 2nd place in her season, daddy is not there this time to make sure she gets that far


Dani is definitely playing too hard too fast.


Dani is making a valid game play point. BR did tell Dani to get close to Dom to cut a deal and break up CAssi/Dom duo last week.
smart of BR to hedge their bet before POV was won by Dom. Now they should realize they are backstabbing Dani first. Dani is trying
to use that logic to save Dom but BR are too self-centered to let that change their game play. BR have no loyalty to anyone. They can
screw you but you dont dare screw back. Dani guessed that the BRJJ could be split this week and it was 1 week to early. Who does
Dani align with next Adam and Shelly?


they didn’t backstab dani first. dani backstabbed her 5 alliance by trying to get jeff backdoored. brendon and rachel are smart not to trust her because if she’s willing to turn on someone in their superalliance already, she is probably already working a plan to get rid of them. at least to get rid of brendon. she just told rachel the only reason she wouldn’t backstab her is because she can beat her cause noone likes her. way to get them on her side. she totally just dug her own grave. when she figured out she couldn’t manipulate them into keeping dom, she should’ve acted like it was no big deal and started working on a new plan. but instead she thought she was too smart to get caught, and thought she could make them do what she wanted. and getting all pissed was stupid. she would be getting put up with dom if there was no golden key.


Honey i know that you’re not that smart but obviously dani is going to pick dom over BR . She fell in love with the kid. She’s trying to get everyone to do her dirty work and im so happy everyone can see that. Goodbye dom and danielle. toodles


Just the fact you think youre smarter tells me all I need to know. Rachel2 I’ll call you from now on. Dani is playing for 500k ‘get it’.


It’s too early to pull the trigger. Dani is obviously playing the duos against each other and trying to keep her hands clean. But she’s just not smart enough to do it. She got found out and she’ll have to deal with the consequences. Besides it makes NO SENSE to B/R. Why destroy an alliance and remove a big target in J/J? You prob get Jordan & Shelley coming after you. You have to depend on Dani and Dom who they don’t even trust. And still keep floaters like Lawon & Kalia in the game and not to mention the wishy washy Adam. And the kicker…why break up one pair in J/J and solidify another one in Dani/Dom. It’s common sense. Too early in the game. You cut Dom loose. Keep Dani a begger in ur alliance. And still have J/J playing Shelley and B/R playing Porsche. You always have the numbers. Dani played too soon and got found out. She’s really not that bright.


BR didn’t decide to send Dom home until after they figured out Dani was trying drive a wedge between JJ and BR. Their original thought was to send Adam home and work with Dani/Dom. It’s actually Dani doing the initial backstabbing to the final 5 alliance.


Dani only made a bold move after Brendon won POV. Granted she was plotting to go one of 3 directions. Dani plays a chess kind of
BB game. Why play for 3rd or 4th. She felt she needed to be the first to attack and it bit her in the ass. Dani’s playing to win no matter
what the risk. She’s pissed b/c she couldn’t get btn the duo’s.


Love the updates! Can’t get enough BB. I liked brenchal last year but sick of watching her cry! It’s torture ugh


Dani is such a brat! Her underhanded play has been exposed by BR/JJ and she has the audacity to be mad about it. She had a solid final 5 deal. Now she will have the strongest alliance after her and will have to rely on the likes of Adam, Lawon and Kalia. In addition, she didn’t even earn her golden key, it was handed to her by a glitch in the game. She had a final 5 deal with the strongest alliance and 4 free weeks and now has nothing to show for it. She got greedy for someone who hasn’t been in any danger since she entered the house.


dani overplayed her cards! she was in the best position of all of them. if dom goes home, she ll have next to nothing (kalia and lawon to be exact). and a big target on her back…


Go Dani, this F’d up season needs some C4 to blow this sheet up. Be all the wild ass woman you can B.
Plus you are the last attractive woman in the house. Please be a snake all day.


If Dani were smart, she would start a knockdown drag out fight with Rachel and Brendon and out everything (Ronnie style) in an effort to get everyone on her side against the Fab 4. If it works, she would at least have herself, kalia, lawon, adam/dom (whichever stays), porshe, shelly’s vote… especially if Dani pulls out the next HOH and puts 2 of the 4 on the block (no matter what, one of the three goes home and her numbers continue to dominate the rest of the vets). Of course she would have to do some fancy dancing to get shelly and porshe to go against BRJJ. This will make Dani target #1 if the vets are ever in controll of the house again (the rest of the nooes can just sit back and watch them tke each other out)

Of course maybe that’s just wishful thinking