Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon used the POV on Rachel! Dani Nominated Jordan for Eviction! *Updated*

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11:43am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Kalia is in the kitchen talking about she knew he would take her down. There was no way he wouldn’t have taken her off the block …she is big brother. Jordan says that she doesn’t think that even she knew it because last night he was saying he was going to use it on himself. Shelly, Jordan, and Jeff are talking in the hall. Shelly says that she was shocked and that even Dani was shocked. Shelly says that she though Dani was going to put up Jeff. Rachel, Brendon and Porsche are in the havenot room. Brendon is comforting Rachel. Porsche leaves. Rachel is crying. Brendon says that he gets to have his bachelor party tonight because they are getting married.

11:50am Kalia and Dani are up in the HOH room. Dani says that she needs to talk to Porsche and make sure she it okay. Dani and Kalia talk about how this is perfect …this is exactly what we wanted! Dani says that some times she hates this game ..that people are crying and its because of her. Kalia says that if she hadn’t won the HOH it would be her going home. Dani says that she does think that Rachel can win HOH this week… that when he walks out the door she is going to be a wreck. Kalia says that she is going to torment Rachel ..not in a bad way but just keep talking about him and distract her. Kalia says that if its a competition about the people in the house… she doesn’t know any of us. They talk about how shocked everyone was that Brendon took Rachel off the block. They talk about how they need to get Rachel out this week because after next week Rachel will be back to normal and strong again.

12pm – 12:10pm Dani, Jordan, Shelly, Jeff and Adam are in the kitchen talking and making lunch. Jordan, Dani and Shelly are talking about how shocked they all are that Brendon used it on Rachel. Jordan says that she really thinks this HOH is going to be a knock out competition. Jordan says that they told her that he was using it on himself. Shelly says that it just goes to show that you can’t trust what anyone says in this house. If I say something ..I mean it. Meanwhile in the HaveNot room, Brendon and Rachel are hugging and talking about how much they love each other. Rachel is crying. Brendon tell her that she needs to be strong and hold it together. Brendon wipes her tears and they leave the havenot room. Brendon and Rachel go into the kitchen with the other. Jeff tells him that he really dropped a bomb. Brendon says yeah like call of duty style. Shelly asks Brendon if he is going to get a sword for his chivalry. Brendon says he wishes he could get a sword ..he would be wielding it around all over the house. Porsche and Rachel go into the storage room to grab more food. Porsche says that its going to be a rough battle in front of them now. Rachel asks what against Jordan? Porsche says for them against the house. All the houseguests are now in the kitchen talking about random stuff and making lunch. Dani tells Jordan not to stress at all …that if there was any risk in her going home ..then she wouldn’t have put her up. Jordan says I know.

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147 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon used the POV on Rachel! Dani Nominated Jordan for Eviction! *Updated*

    1. Aww that was nice of brandon… I wish jordan goes home she won already it wouldn’t be fair if she does again…. Hope rachel wins hoh n sends dani home.. I don’t like her at all

    2. I don’t get why people hates so much on rachel n brandon I guess it’s bc u wish u could have what they have (relationship wise) sure she complaints a lot but they are not backstabbers as jordan n jeff

      1. No one likes them because brenda is a pussy, who likes to think he’s so smart. But actually dumb as hell. And anytime some tells Rachel about herself, he feels the need to defend her. What real man gets in a woman fight. And shes just annoying. When she winning everything is good but once she loses, whines like a baby. Hell suck it up and take the loss like a true competitor.

        1. He only defends Rachel when its someone he THINKS he can intimidate. Remember, when Jeff was yelling at Rachel about Jordan not taking the slop pass, Brendon stood there like the punk he actually is. He’ll only defend Rachel in confrontations against women or smaller/weaker guys.

      2. “relationship wise”? No thank you, no one wants their “relationshit.” You must not know about the whole Brendan-Skype fiasco.

      3. Do you actually watch the show Jess? Rachel is a whiny little child. She thinks the world revolves around her. When things don’t go her way or someone disagrees with her, she throws a fit like a 2 year old. She’s a horrible person!

      4. Jeff and Jordan are not backstabers rachel and brenden are and brenden is going home and Jordan or Jeff are going to win hoh!

  1. Brendon’s a moron. He should have stayed. He’s a bit better at competitions, plus, it is not likely people will vote for Rachel to win. Brendon is more liked around the house and has a better chance of winning the whole thing in the end. Bad, bad, move.

    1. Meh I actually think Rachel is better at competitions than Brendan is, Rachel has won 4 HOH’s in her Big Brother history, and has only played in 4 HOH competitions. Brendan has had only 1 HOH and he has played in 10 HOH Competitions. He may have 5 vetos compared to Rachels 1 POV win, Rachel if undefeated in HOH competitions and if its a quiz she could win HOH and cause more hell in that house.

      1. Thing is that if you have Jeff and Brendon standing there in the end, I think the money goes to Brendon. I really think he had a real chance of winning. Not sure people will give Rachel the money, just based on her relationships with people.

        Also, Jeff’s g/f already won, so wtf, they probably wouldn’t give it to him based on that. I think Brendon is a better competitor than Jeff is. I really think Brendon may have given half a million $ away today. He could have made a pact with Jeff and both could have cruised right to the end, unless something unexpected happened. None of the other people, except for Dani, can do anything right.

    2. If I was Rachel which im glad im not, I would make a deal to the end with Porsche, and try to make a deal with shelly, lawon and adam to not put her up if they get HOH. then just go on from there.

      1. I totally agree! She started all the bullcrap with the vets & thenwants to get rid of B&R bc they didn’t do 1 thing she wanted. I’m done with her stupid ass! I hope Rachel wins HOH next week & kick her ass out! Kailia fat ass too!

    3. This is a part of the phony BB Production engineered drama. He did it to get everybody to say ‘awwww, he’s such a sweet,loving guy’. I’m so sick of those two.I hope we can get the game to move past them and this showmantic crap. It’s really bogging this whole game down.

      BB seems to have gotten lazy with this season too. It’s so predictable with the competitions that the HGs even know what types to expect and when.There have been no real twists. There used to be some psychological game play by Production in previous seasons when they would deliberately do things around the house to see if HGs notice. So far this year its all Brendon and Rachel all the time.

    1. Shelly says that it just goes to show that you can’t trust what anyone says in this house. If I say something ..I mean it.

      *Fae Palm*

    2. YOUR SUCH A NASTY BITCH ILL WILL TRUST ME…………………you should go back and read your comments there’s nothing mature about them

      1. Wasn’t meant to be mature, it was meant to be the TRUTH.. I know it hurts to hear it, but it needed to be said

  2. Alright Rachel he saved you lets kick some ass next week. Don’t let this be for nothing. Win HOH and stay focus and stop all that crying and acting all crazy stay focus. Team BR

    1. If I remember the feeds correctly and what was said on here, before the POV Comp, JJ already knew from Dani that Jordan would be the replacement nom to insure whoever stayed on the block goes home. With it now being Brendon or Jordan going home, it makes sure that Jeff votes to keep Jordan and Shelly will follow suit. This leaves only Porsche and Rachel to vote to keep B while Jeff, Shelly, Lawon, Adam, and Kalia vote to keep Jordan. I would have a hard time believing Adam and Shelly would try to vote out Jordan.

    2. Dani had a deal with JJ and part of it was to only put Jordan up (Jordan volunteered earlier as well for the sake of getting B or R out and she & Jeff being saved) if PoV was won and used by B or R. Check! Checkmate will come when the house votes out B this week. Again, ain’t karma a bitch BR!! :-)

    3. In order to guarantee that Rachel goes home, she had to put up Jordan. Otherwise, if she put anyone else up, there would have been a chance that Rachel would have stayed.

    4. She had to put up Jordan to guarantee that Rachel goes home. If she put anyone else up, there was a chance Rachel would have stayed.

    5. Dani said she wasn’t going to put up Jeff at all, and only put up Jordan if there was no chance of her going home (which against Brendon is more or less a given – if Rachel were still on the block everyone was unsure if Jordan was 100% safe which is why Dani was considering putting up Porsche). Jordan and Jeff were ok with that.

    6. Evel Dick said on his webcast that BB told him that they picked the most liked couple (J&J), the most hated couple (B&R), and the most feared couple (ED&D).

      Jeff knows his career is more important than this game, and his career is based on him being half of the All American couple. People in the house noticed how loud the applause was for Dom when he walked out, so he must be seen as popular with the viewers, so by default, Dani must be seen as popular. Dani is about to split the biggest competitive couple (no blood on J&J’s hands) in the house who are back because they are the most hated couple in BB history. If Jeff sees it this way, he and Jordan will work with Dani until the end just to maintain their image.

      Just a working theory…

      1. Although I’d like to see Dom return, with Brendon gone, I’d love to see Evil Dick back, if only for a few days. He would ream Rachel a new one so large that it would fit Caesar’s Palace!.

  3. Let the wreck begin!
    I was always curious to see what Rachel would be like on BB sans Brendon. We got to see Brendon sans Rachel last year, and he more or less just shutup and became the Brigrade’s little puppet. He became much less entertaining by shutting the hell up for the most part before getting blindsided on double elimination day.
    This year, I have a feeling that Rachel will go crazy for a bit, but I do not know who is going to talk to her condescendingly to get her to calm down. Who is she going to cry to now? Maybe she will do the whole “I am Vegas bit” again. THAT would be mega exciting.

  4. ok, so I think brendon is super lame for pov on rachel

    but I have to ask, majority…heck ALL of you….in your opinion, at this point in the game, who can make it further. Rachel without brendon, or brendon without rachel. personally, I think last year rachel for awhile was better positioned, this year…I th ink brendon was in the best position because he would have stuck with JJ for awhile, while rachel will sit with porsche, lack numbers and go home


    1. Rachel is better at competitions. You have to have a good social game and a be a strong competitor. Brendon not so good on either front. He gets lucky from time to time. Rachel at least is very strong in comps.

    2. Brendan would have a far better position to go far as opposed to Rachel. Just one mention of Brendan and his online dick posts will send Rachel off the deepend. Can’t wait to hear someone use it against Rachel!

    3. I think Rachoe will be targeted next week unless she wins HOH. she has no one except porch. (Jeffdon don’t give a shit bout her)

    4. I think Vegas Rachel will soon emerge, drive everyone nuts, including Porsh, and get voted out. JJ already can’t stand her. IMHO her best chance is to work with Dani, like her neanderthal suggested, but her pride will get in the way of that happening. I hope she goes home soon.

    5. Brendon without Rachel would definitely make it father. They are both annoying, but I’m thinking Brendon would be less d-baggie without Rach and Rach will be even more drama without Brendon (if that’s even possible). I’m looking forward to Rachel’s breakdown though. That will be good TV!

    6. I agree, Brendan stays, he works with JJ and they have a good shot at getting Dani out. However, Rachel stays, she flakes out, JJ decide to distance themselves from the craziness and flip on her and Rachel is sent to jury house in a week or two. And Dani has in one week delivered a blow that shattered the strongest alliance in the house.

      Well played Dani. You did, what the other HG’s can would ony talk about.

    7. yeah i agree, jeff and jordan would have happily continued to work with brendon but from here on out may try to stick with dani rather than rachel. i’m curious too to see if rachel is more or less tolerable without brendon around. maybe she’s less dramatic and people won’t mind her as much. or of course maybe not.

    8. Brendon without rachel. I love this! Rachel is probably going to lose control sooner then later. Brendon has always been there to talk her down out of doing/saying stupid things. This is EPIC!

    9. Definitely Brendon cos he can actually think rationally. But he’s gone now and I don’t think Rachel is capable of playing this game without emotion. Having said that, if she can, her and Porsche might be a tough duo to beat. However, Jeff can’t stand her and it might weaken the J/J/R trio for sure. Time will tell. Whatever the case, they’ll all be after Dani next week. If one of them wins, I’d def try to backdoor Dani.

      1. Brendan probably would have gone further in the game than Rachel but it’s a moot point now. We’re going to be stuck watching the annoying (& sometimes entertaining; laughing at, not with) self-pitying wing-nut, self-destruct. “Fasten your seat-belts, it’s going to be a bumpy (week)”!

      1. Actually you don’t seem to get it. The majority of viewers (and house guests) don’t like BR. There’s more disdain for R than B but, since B was caught jrk-ing off on Skype for all the world to see and, WHILE HE WAS DATING R, I’m not sure your definition of “love”, but that’s one hell of a way of saying “I love you”. One word for these two wing-nuts: THERAPY!!!!!!!!

    10. I think that Brendon is a better competitor than Rachel. He would have JJ for at least another week. That’s two votes and allies vs. Rachel’s one with Porsche. If Rachel thinks that she and Porsh could take down Dani she’s craaazzy! Dani is a strong player and knows how to get to Rachel’s weaknesses. I don’t think that Porsche is as smart in this game as people have said.

  5. I hate to be catty…truly I do but am I the only one who hates the way Rachel tries to put her lips to try to make them look fuller than they are? It is quite annoying and I see it in one of the pictures. Annoys the heck out of me!!!

    1. I’m sorry, clearly you haven’t seen is porno exhibition on Skype Dec. 2010, which was brought to the public’s attention and, was done while he was dating R. The j-off is more to be pitied than respected.

  6. Alright Rach dry those tears because Game is on you will be HOH next week bye Dani! And I hope J/J seriously realize dani cant be trusted she said they was not going on the block period and now Jordans on the block we see who side Dani is on at it is not the vets but Clearly what newbie will Align with her she has bad game play I thought you were smarter then this Dani

    1. You must have your Rachel shaded sunglasses on. Now that Brendan is leaving, Rachel has Porsche and that’s it. JJ have been wavering in their support of BR for almost 3 weeks now. It all started with Jordan’s HOH. And now each week we have JJ questioning how much longer they should stick with BR, and the only thing that has been is Brendan. they seem to like him enough to tolerate Rachel. That alliance is basically done if Rachel don’t win HOH this week. Otherwise JJ will decide that the time is now to get Rachel out, plus I am quite positive that over the course of the next few days, all the HG’s will be ready to see Rachel go. She doesn’t do well with keeping her boneheaded opinions to herself.

      considering Dani’s game was dead last week, I would say that so far this week couldn’t have worked out any better for her. And considering her situation, this was far and away the smartest move she could make. Who knew that Brendan would throw away his shot at 500K again for Rachel. I think when Brendan reflects back on his life, today will be a day he regrets the most. He gave up his best shot at 500K for a woman that he won’t be in a relationship with in 5 years. Most likely not 2 years.

  7. Am I the only one who would bone the shit out if Rachel and Porsche??? Tag team would be awesome!!!!! My dicks might fall off lol

  8. Right now, I am pissed off at so many people. First off, Jordon is siding with Dani over BR which is complete nonsense! Does she forget that it was BR that saved Jeff last week and Dani that wanted him out? Heck, I think maybe BR should have backdoored Jeff if they knew that this week JJ would be cutting deals with Dani. Also, when it comes to Brendon vs Jordon is it really fair to anybody if Jordon stays??? She already one 1/2 a million does she really need another 1/2 mil? Its not fair to anybody to giver her a chance to get the money over someone who hasn’t won Big Brother before. The entire house would be stupid to keep her there. They will all be sorry when its her in the final two and she wins big brother AGAIN…. so lame.

    Second, Jeff is also a scumbag for siding with Dani. JJ put themselves up as pawns against BR purposely to get one of BR out which is so shady since last week they were saved by BR. Like Rachel said “what is the point of having an alliance if they never do anything for you?” She should have said “Screw this backstabbing alliance!”

    I want Jordon to go home this week and Dani to go home next week. In the final two, the people most deserving are: Shelly, Porsche, BR, and maybe Jeff if he actually smartens up and goes after Dani instead of falling for her manipulative ways.

    1. In what universe would BR deserve to win this game, or any of those that you mentioned. They all sit around and do nothing but kiss the HOH’s butt. Wow, mad gameplay, so deserving of 500K. I would rather see Dani win, she is making moves and playing the game. Heck, Jordan could win again, that’d be fine. Actually anyone is more deserving that BR. Franklin is more deserving.

      If being poor winners and losers was a determining quality, then maybe they deserve to win something. Actually, the only thing those two deserve, is each other.

      Congrats again to Brendan, that’s twice you cost yourself 500K for a woman that you could have picked up in Vegas for a couple of hundred.

  9. The chances of Rachel winning HOH this week is super slim she will be so upset her pusyman is gone she will crack, but next week IT’S ON

  10. I knew it. Now, let’s hope somehow Rachel and Dani can team up and take out the rest of these idiots. Oh, and let’s hope PT comes back.

  11. I hope that Pork chop still joins Team Dani now that Rachel is staying. Siding with Rachel would be the worst move ever with Brendon gone.

    Kalia has never been my favorite player but I have a new found respect for her after the last HOH. I hope Kalia wins an HOH, I’d like to see what she does – makes her own decisions or acts as Dani’s puppet.

    If Dani can get JJ to join her it may just be a game-saving move!

    1. *Face Palm*

      America wouln’t vote him back on the show…now production might continue to rig the game and bring him back, that would be the only chance.

    2. Yes! All the bigots and chauvanistic pricks unite to vote him in, I mean it’s not rocket science!!!!!!


  12. I’m a little scared about Jordan going home! Brendon will have Rachel, Probably Porsche, MAYBE Shelly and then he’d only need one more vote, This is very risky.

  13. So if the houseguests were athletes, who would each most resemble? Lets hear you opinions. Ill start:

    Dani=Danica Patrick
    Kalia=Reggie Bush
    Jordan= Maria Sharapova
    Porsche= Anna Kornikova
    Jeff=Jeff Gordon
    Adam=Dick Butkis
    Brenden=Jose Conseco
    Lawon=Oakland Raiders Cheerleading squad
    Shelly= The entire Boston Bruins Hockey team
    Rachel=any washed up has been female WWE star

  14. I agree Ron. Brendan should have stayed because he can play with Rachel. On the other hand, Rachel will just be annoying and place an even larger target on her back. She can’t win all the HOHs or POVs in the upcoming weeks, so she will eventually miss and it will be her time to walk out that door…Good riddance!

  15. Rachel is an emotional player and brendan keeps her check and snaps her out of her hissy fits….brendan thinks more logical so I think brendan would make it farther

  16. I think that Dani might try to team up with Rachel.. I think that she knows that Kalia won’t have her back if it comes down to it. She has seen Kalia flip-flop all over the place. Either way i want to see how rachael plays the game without Brendon and his leash.

  17. With Jeff and Jordan throwing the next HOH (to avoid honoring their deal with Dani), lets assume Rachel wins HOH. She will have three options: 1. Continue her war on floaters (inane) 2. Target the one who came between her and her man (Dani). 3. Use her head and put up J & J. She can not possibly beat either of them for the $500.000. To leave them in the game while she carries out her dingbat revenge strategy and war on floaters would be handing the money to Jeff or Jordan. She may not like Dani, but Dani had it right; in order to win you have to evict Jeff and Jordan.

  18. “Brendon says he wishes he could get a sword ..he would be wielding it around all over the house. ”

    And probably all over skype, too!

  19. I wish that both Brendon and Rachel should go home – they are my least favorite – especially that AWFUL Brendon. @Ron – I think Brendon would have had a better chance at staying – I don’t see Rachel being able to form any allegiance with the other power couple remaining and already having their outside allegiances. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let Rachel be gone next. Whew that would be the best thing that could happen.

    1. Who are we going to watch once B/R go? Dani’s the only one who I like at this point. Well, and Jordan, but Jeff’s a dick. Don’t like looking at anyone else. They need to pick a better cast for the show. Better looking and more witty, more entertaining.

    1. I agreeeee!! Can’t stand to even hear Miss know it all talk anymore. I hope she goes home next week and save the viewers the torture of listening to her.

  20. Twitter

    @EvelDick My buddy, a PB photog, said Rachel tried out for Playboy recently…they rejected her. #truth
    Evel Dick Donato
    @EvelDick Evel Dick Donato
    @lawdood Ya think? No amount of airbrushing can fix that
    Kelli Adkins
    Vampirefan12 Kelli Adkins
    @EvelDick @lawdood LOL
    13 hours ago
    Stacy Eagle
    StacyEagle Stacy Eagle
    @EvelDick @lawdood im shocked that her insecure fiance would even let

  21. Kalia appears to be the most annoying for me. LOL. Last night’s episode made it clear for me. When she opens her mouth all she could complain are the same things she does as other housemates. I don’t even like Rachel but Kalia’s approach to Rachel last night sounded beyond sarcastic. Shuttap Kalia!

    1. That’s actually kinda true. If he didn’t have to stick up for her both years, he had a really good chance of winning. He not only has to play the game, but also try to minimize the damage she’s doing, which obviously harms his own game. I think she really messed up this year, where she said a thing or two, here or there, that offended people. Take the black heart comment to Dani. Completely not needed. I think Dani preffered BR to JJ, but had a change of heart right after the fight in the kitchen.

  22. Sorry for the multi-posts… technical difficulties = operator error

    Evel Dick said on his webcast that BB told him that they picked the most liked couple (J&J), the most hated couple (B&R), and the most feared couple (ED&D).

    Jeff knows his career is more important than this game, and his career is based on him being half of the All American couple. People in the house noticed how loud the applause was for Dom when he walked out, so he must be seen as popular with the viewers, so by default, Dani must be seen as popular. Dani is about to split the biggest competitive couple (no blood on J&J’s hands) in the house who are back because they are the most hated couple in BB history. If Jeff sees it this way, he and Jordan will work with Dani until the end just to maintain their image.

    Just a working theory…

  23. That’s right he fell on a 1,000,000 sword, too bad it will NEVER pay off. It will become his biggest regret if this marriage is not forever which we all know it won’t be.

  24. So Rachel has no one to go home to and Brendon takes her off the block, what an idiot!!! I wonder why she has no one to go home to hmmm could it be she is a biatch. He and Rachel are both sore losers, she pouts and cries like a baby when she can’t win a compettion or things aren’t going her way. You can’t win everything all the time. Please don’t ever bring these two back they are vile and toxic, I wanna throw up the minute I see them.

  25. If you dont get Brenden out now you may never get him out. Him and Rachel have won most of the HOH’s and POV’s … here’s your chance to get rid of the POV “master” and hope that unlike last season when Rachel went and Brenden won HOH right after that this time Rachel is too busy crying and wiping the tears from her eyes and unable to see anything during the comps that she doesnt win HOH next… I dont know what they are like out side the house, but inside they have poor game play and they are sore losers when they dont have the HOH key or POV around their necks… Hopefully Jeff or Jordan win HOH next, then you in keeping ur word to Dani, put up Kalia and Porsche and if one wins POV then back door Rachel and then they will both be gone. Or keep her and get rid of Kalia cause she’s just annoying as heck. I really dont care as long as Jeff and Jordan stay.

    1. It’s a definite possibility and has happened before. Remember back in Evel Dick’s season where Dustin went up as a willing pawn, was originally sure to survive the vote, then Dick worked his magic, and in the last minute, Dustin was evicted? I think that since then especially, it’s been made clear that being a pawn doesn’t hold the perks it used to. This week is no exception, I’m betting. I’m thinking Jordan will survive, but if she doesn’t, I seriously doubt any of us have the right to act that freaked out about it;)

  26. 5 to 2 Brenda GONE, Now they wish they would have BD’d JJ last week. Dani new the move to make. DD+BR would have run the show.
    Dani is the most strategic HG. It was the correct week to make the big move and BR could not believe it b/c they know BB best

  27. The America Cockroaches lovers (J/J) better leave soon i swear they get on my last nerves Jordan is so Boring when jeff talks all i hear is BLA BLA BLA his ego is that BIG……………………..these assholes got to go they are not watchable on tv can you imagine if these two had a reality tv show OMG……i would def prefer jersey shore and keeping up with the kardashian

  28. Jordan is a pawn people relax. Kalia sucks though, I hope Jeff wins next week and puts up Lawon and Kalia, and K goes home. Big Jeff pwns.

  29. and everybody knows that Rachel is going to win HOH next week i mean i don’t see kalia.lawon,shelly,adam winning well maybe J/J might get a chance but i don’t these two cockroaches to win at all……….. and dani is not even playing so Rachel has it

  30. Dani is going to tell Porsche she owes her for not putting her on the block. So Porsche will throw the HOH I knew she was playing the game! Dani’s daddy must be a great tipper last night Porsche said she would never put up Dani! She sayes it often. And know one has said anything to her. If I can hear they can…

  31. ED thought Dani should have let Kalia win HOH and let Kalia take the bullet in getting either Rachel or Brendon out and then Dani could play for HOH next week. He figured with Kalia being on Dani’s side Dani would have been safe this week.


    Whichis exactly what Dani should have done, that’s what I was saying when they were the only 2 left in the comp but Dani is too stupid to think like that, she wanted to be the one to make a move, she is playing a horrible game and definitely doesn’t deserve to go past next week!!
    It’s sickening watching Kalia on the feeds, she has to be the biggest liar in the game, she lies so much I think she even believes her own bull, the woman is so full of herself and she never shuts up, I’d have to say she is by far the most annoying person to ever play the game!!

  32. SOME OF U PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD are really talking shit rachel has won more competetions then brendon more hoh then brendon if brendon had stayed he would of gotten used by jeff and jordan to get dani out / jeff and jordan only wanted brendon to stay to use him then stabb him in the back with rcahel things change by the second she does what she wants . the only thing that would cuz rachel not to win this hoh is rachel and her emotions

    game on dani your days are numbered

    i can hear rachel saying brendon that was for u after julie says the new hoh rachel lol dani

    after rachel is hoh dani speech would be lets take out jeff and jordan lets go to finale two it aint too late rachel lets do this lets take out the floaters lol dani

  33. How is Dani’s choice of B/R and one going home bad for her game. She has said all along that she is not there to pay for their wedding. Whether you are a fan of hers or not it was a good game move. Come on hate the woman for playing for herself? I don’t get it.

  34. I cant wait until the next HOH. I want Rachel to win and put Kalia and Dani up I cant stand them. Kalia is a cow sitting around the house.

  35. The all knowing Orca (Kalia) knew he was going to use it on Rachel. I wonder if Orca knows how much she is hated outside the house as well as in. Can’t stand her hope she goes home next week.

  36. Ed
    lol Shelly as the entire Boston bruins team !
    Hey they did win the Stanley cup this year against Vancouver though.

    Simon what province are you and dawg in ?

    Does anyone know why canadian contestents cannot be on BB ?

  37. Brenden is a lil p***y lap dog, that thinks he is smart and all knowing. And rachel is the biggest FAKE I ever saw. Have y’all seen her cry? Helllloooooo! Danielle is my girl for keeping things interesting, and actually thinking things thru.

  38. I so really hope Brendon stays cause he is a very powerful player. He should have saved himself. O the humanity! I hate saying this but Jordan needs to go cause she has already won before and Jeff thinks he is all that, but Brendon has proved himself before and could really just win this time. Is there anyone who really thinks Brendon will be safe and Jordan will leave?

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