Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon talks about Kalia peeing in the hot tub and how they won’t go near it now..

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10am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Adam, Shelly and Brendon are sitting out on the backyard couches. They start talking about birthdays and then they talk about how Kalia didn’t want to share a bed. Shelly says pretty soon there will be a lot of empty beds. Brendon says yeah once Kalia and Lawon are gone we’ll have a nice house. Shelly says that she is really surprised that Dani and Kalia stayed up there all night. Brendon says why would they ..they’re up in their castle. They talk about what Dani said last night to upset Rachel about now she will get her interview. Brendon says that Dani has a black heart. Shelly says thats not a nice thing to say… Rachel joins them out in the backyard. They start talking about how Kalia claimed that choosing the POV players was rigged. Rachel says that there was a 33% chance this week and a 33% last week. Adam says that if you are up here and someone is down here the only way they can get up here is to bring you down.

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10:30am – 10:45am Shelly says that Kalia was complaining about how no one likes her and no one wants to talk to her. Shelly says well why not come down and talk to people and change that. They talk about how Kalia brought up the race card with Shelly and Rachel. Brendon says that she even pissed in the spa! ..its 20 yards to the bathroom and you’re 30 years old! Rachel and Brendon both say they haven’t gotten back into the hot tub since Kalia said she peed in the pool. Shelly sasy that Kalia even said that she thought it was okay because there are lots of chemicals in there. Shelly brings up that fact that Kalia lied about her age too she is 30 not 27 …and that she said that because she wanted to fall somewhere in the middle of the age group. Brendon heads inside. Shelly and Rachel talk about how Kalia is just skating through because she is friends with someone in power. They talk about how Lawon hasn’t had to do jack. That they need to put him up so that he starts fighting to be here. Shelly says that he is a band wagon jumper. Adam says to his credit Lawon has never said a bad word about anyone.

10:55am Adam, Brendon, Shelly and Rachel talk about how LA is the silicon valley and the porn capital of the world. They talk about how if making porn was your job it would be so hard because you would be so embarrassed about telling people what you do. It starts raining in the backyard and they get excited saying that it never rains. Shelly says it feels like we are in the real world.

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Can someone HELP!! Why is brendon saying he’s using the veto on himself if he’s using the veto on rachel?! Who is he using it on?! 😮


He’s using it on Rachel. He’s just telling people that he’s saving himself to see how the HGs react I think. I’m pretty sure though that he’s going to save Rachel. I can’t see him using it on himself. If Rachel wasn’t the other one sitting up on the block w/ him than he would use it to save himself.


He says he is using it on Rachel but telling everyone in he house he is using it on himself. He is trying to help Rachel find people she can trust when he’s gone. It’s their master plan to keep Rachel in the game after he’s gone. Whatever! So sick of BR!!!!


He’s a LIAR and can’t be trusted, hope that helped.


I don’t think I have ever disliked someone as much as kalia on big brother. I’m so sick of her playing the race crap it’s ridiculous.she seems so fake to me


She is fake and so is Shelly. They proved that they are rats the first week.

Stacy R

Kalia needs to QUIT TALKING all she does is talk non stop I wish showtime would quit focusing on her so much! I can’t stand her voice!


Kalia no one likes you because you’re annoying and never ever shut the f up with that Valley Girl voice. The only reason Dani gives you the time of day is because she needs numbers.


They did htis last year. They decided to tell everyone the opposite of what they were doing to throw people off. If they think he is staying they will decide who to put up against Rachel for eviction. Then when he uses it to save her instead of him, they are thrown for a loop and have to change the game plan without much thought. At least this is my take on it. He can win more b/c Rachel will not be able to think clearly without him there. It is smarter to save himself at this point.


Don’t know why they bother trying the people who matter knows that he is saving Rachel and going, and I’m sure other people besides Shelly and Pacer believes it too.. This will fail just like last season with Brenda went NeanderTALL on little Brittney to get himself evicted. DUMBASS


I think he is just saying that to mess with the other HG’s. He will for sure save Rachel.


Which is why self-centered Rachel is so happy again – she doesn’t have to go home. Pretty nice when you use your boyfriend too. I guess it is just a game.

Mary R

She kept smirking when she was talking to dani about brendon using the POV It was so gross


@Mike. I think Brenden is playing with Dani because he knows that she wants him gone over Rachel. I think they know that one of them is leaving so they are digging deep to stir the pot before they go!! That is my theory anyways!!


Shelley’s one to talking about Kahlia being a floater (competition wise) and sticking to be with power. Hello!!! Shelley!!!! That’s the proverbial case of the pot calling the kettle black (no racial responses please). Shelley is such a slime ball and hypocrite. I have lost such respect for this woman.


Oops! Meant to say “sticking to PEOPLE with power” (BB fatigue!)


Its amazing how Leatherface(Shelly)talks about Lawon being a floater and not doing anything and jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon when she’s done the EXACT same thing..


I think it’ll be hilarious if Kalia is the 1st jury member!! Shell start talking to the plants and fruit and they’ll all die a slow death like all the other cast has

Make it happen BB


I really don’t believe she actually peed in the pool, she would be gone if she actually did that.


we don’t know if she really did that,and LIKE I SAID production would evict her if she did that. and he does cook for herself she said she cooks breakfast for herself….i think that all she cooks


I can understand being annoyed by how much Kalia talks and even that she may not cook/clean (if that’s true). What I don’t understand is when it became ok to call someone fat. She isn’t even that !


she has the “im a big woman and proud of it” attitude. which is rather annoying regardless of her size(which I dont judge people on. doesnt matter to me) I just can’t stand kalia’s constant talking and the subjects in which she uses to talk about


have u seen her in that bikini im sorry thats FAT!!!


Shelly needs to go


There they go again trying to bring other into their Delusional world…I know it must be lonely in Brenchel world where they are perfect and don’t anything wrong to anybody, dn’t say nothing bad about anyone, and they play a strategic game.


Kalia is disgusting. She’s like a trashy more annoying version of Jameela




Actually she is nothing like Jameka. Jameaka was extremely quiet in the house. She attempted to win competitions (when she could play). Kalia actually seems completely opposite of Jameka. Unless you are trying to say that they are so much alike just because they are both black women? Jameka and Kalia are no more alike then Dani and Jordan.


UM YES I was saying she favors Jameeka in the looks department… and that she was a trashy more annoying version of her…. I did not like Jameeka much and I can’t stand Kalia…. and to me they are alike. That is my opinion 🙂


she does not even look like Jameeka.


When Brendon leaves I think Rachel has a major breakdown, shes weak minded, I think there’s a strong possibility she would leave the show, If Dani pushes the right buttons she can speed up that process.


Yea for sure. That why I hope Brendon leaves and Rachel stays and we can all witness the craziness.


Okay I am so beyoond annoyed with these HG’s. Brenchel are just as mean as they were last year. Seriously Rachel is like a child if things don’t go her way she wines and cries. Kalia is beyond the worst in the house. Everything she does is just cry and says no one likes me. I don’t know what she thought she was coming into. And I honestly feel playing the race card was disgusting. All I know is I hope Brendon goes and everyone turns their back on Rachel and Adam is going to win because he is 100% a floater


agree 100 percent


Casting needs to find the BB14 cast off of this site please. thanks.


Lol yea. Half the people on here would be better than Lawon, Kalia, Shelly, Porsche, Adam. What a waste. I love this show but BB13 = Spineless Jellyfish season.


Yea give Simon and Dawg a chance, or BB bloggers, they know this game in and out…..

I wouldn’t want to go on there, they play a personal game and once you start that with me I’m gonna make your life a living hell until you evict yourself. I’d be like Dick only, nobody will like me in the end.


Por should consider moving to LA – the porn capital of the world if she really wants to work with directors. By the end of the show she’ll be able to do BBW porn.


LOL she looks the part, when I saw that POV when she was hosting I sear she looked like a pornstar the way they look at award shows and shit(wyhat I saw on showtime once time)…


This is who Adam reminds me of

Elf Bowling

Can't stand it anymore

Question: Last night Rachel stated that she put her hair into Kalia’s bed. Did she ever find it yet????


OMG she said she would do that? eww would;t want to be anywhere near Rachel’s hairs(sarcastic channeling of the hilarious Brittney)… I doubt Kalia found them because she would instantly se the red hairs and Rachel would get the shit knocked outta her, but she and Brendon would be able to stay because kalia would be evicted. Brenchel are that immature to try something like that ie last season when he went NeanderTALL on a little women.


Yea. Don’t get me started with Porsche and how she thinks she’ll automatically get acting gigs when BB is over. Gag. She thinks she’s so hot…yes, hotter then the other 12 seasons of girls before here – great a grip! The only thing Porsche has gotten since she’s been in the BB house is fat.


I thought I was the only one who thought that.. lol


Can someone help me what has Shelly won?


A spot on Brnechel’s ass for kissing. There’s a spot on there for Porsche too.


“Adam says to his credit Lawon has never said a bad word about anyone. ”

Adam is completely in the dark about Lawon. That bitch talks about EVERYBODY! All he has to do is hear the person he’s sitting with throw an insult out there and he’s all over it as though he’s even more annoyed than the person who brought it up in the first place. Does he even have an original thought about anything?

Kalia must have friends who just as obnoxious as she is. For as well-bred as she apparently is, she has no redeeming qualities. Only a delusional mutt like her would blame everyone’s dislike of her on her race. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be because she’s so unlikeable…..lmao!!


My 6 year old son doesn’t even pee in the pool! He gets out soaking wet and walks to the bathroom. Cowlia is ridiculous
P.S. I love your wesite onlinebigbrother rocks 🙂


Ppl need to give Kalia a f*ckn break….I feel like if u can deal w/ Brenchal and all their whinning and crying and constantly talkin about others and “playing the victim” u can deal with kalia. Like I said before, she is not even that big. Adam is a pretty big gy, no one is going around caling him a pig and fat and disgusting…exactly..and she is pretty much the only female in the house who looks flawless without a stitch of makeup on!
And I’m so sick of shelly, she is sooooooo f*ckin fake yo…like Kalia was talking to her in confidence and here goes Shelly running her mouth to Brencal this morning….soooooo over Shelly…but he wnts to play the game with morals and integrity….he tlks about as much shit as anyone else in the house. Someone neds to get her out, and fast!


Shelly needs to go home right after BR….She is a clone of Knat…walks like a man, talks like a man, is she a man?Lololol…she’s 40 and acts like shes 4! Shelly, Luann, Pinto and Adam are floaters..the only thing Adam won was an elf suit and gets on my nerves dancing…y worry about jury votes, it’s a different atmosphere at the jury house and everyone seems chilled…

obsessed with BB

I agree. I truly don’t understand how Kalia is more annoying than Shelly! Shelly is soooo two faced. She runs around gathering information and then runs back to spill it all. The way she is kissing up to Brendan and Rachel is disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is how she claims to be playing the game without lying and all blah blah….like being the floater she is is any better.


Kalia does have really nice skin and beautiful hair. She’s pretty except for when she sticks out the lower lip. It’s just NOT very becoming at all.  

I think because she can’t seem to enjoy a moments silence and loves the sound of her own voice people find it super annoying.  Even after she finishes a sentence or someone else does she has to repeat their words or continue making additional noises, singing, humming, grunting, etc. It is extrememly annoying and childlike.  If I were her friend or relative I would definately tell her how immature and annoying her behavior is. 

The insults are low but when people criticize the first things they reach for dumb, stupid and fat. Not nice, I agree!  Kalia is a little heavier than the other girls, but because she’s annoying it makes her an easy target for insults.  She’s not really fat per se. She has a little extra weight around her stomach area but very slim legs. She’s probably a size 10-12 in comparison to the other girls that are size 0-6. Shelly is tiny.  It also doesn’t help that Kalia claims to be a vegitarian but eats every piece of meat in site. She also mentioned how she loves beef and chicken at Chipotle. Why say you’re a vegitarian but not live the lifestyle? People just don’t respect her for several reasons. Everyone criticizes Rachel heavily because of the lack of respect. I think it’s the same with Kalia. 

When you go into the BBH you sign up to be looked at under a microscope and the criticism, both good and bad comes with it.  I’m not justifying the insults BTW, just offering a possible reason for the frenzy. 

Shelly knows that she’s lying and she knows that others recognize it as well, but if you deny the obvious and state the opposite on regular basis it helps to deflect the attention away from the truth, that she’s a liar. But isnt everyone in the house a liar? Should she be walking around saying I’m such a liar? She’s probably overdoing this psych play a bit though. It should be more subtle. But Shelly is not very subtle. Running to Dani and asking her which one did she want out of the house Brendon or Jeff, after Brendon won POV? That was crazy! She said SHE had Brendon just about convinced to stay. Never gonna happen, unless Rachel caves and tells Brendon she wants out. Either Shelly’s ego has over inflated or the frequent LD’s have caused her to become delusional; probably a little of both. 🙂 


ok, at the same token. dani was sulking, staring into the camera, complaining about how its stacked against her etc etc etc, B and R to the final 4 is unstoppable yadaa yadda…

and I wish people would realize you need to bring B and R as far as possible, they get ZERO jury votes other than their spouse, which will just help the person who has the strongest game, I dont get the thought process

if im dani, I say F kalia, team back up with B and R, get B to use his POV, then rachel goes on block against jeff, jeff gets voted out, then the next week they take out kalia to make all of us happy. lawon leaves to make us all happy. Then its game on


Brendon will use the POV on Rachel and work it out from there… It might save both BR if Dani puts up Porsche as replacement. If BR/JJ are still intact, they have the numbers. For Dani, it’s safer to put up Jordan instead.


There’s nothing worse than seeing Brendon and Rachel winning,except when they are losing. They act so damned entitled. What’s even more irritating is that these two idiots where in last season’s BB House and fell for the very same tricks they fell for last year. They think people like Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly (This season’s Kathy) have their back but all the while she despises them as much as most of the house does. I can’t wait til they get a whiff of how she plans on selling them out. Better yet, I can’t wait until Shelly is on the block and realizes nobody cares enough to try to save her.