Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that Brendons season got personal. Brendon talks about how Enzo and Hayden were calling him ND behind his back.

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11am – 11:10am Brendon, Shelly and Rachel talk about they don’t understand why Dani isn’t thinking about the jury votes. Rachel says that Dani is pissed at us because we are the reason that Dominic went home. Shelly says that Dani will not get her vote ..because she lied and she won’t admit it. Rachel says that now she gets it why Dick says his daughter is a little bitch. Rachel says that she understands it because of how she treats people ..she holds on to that hate and loathing. Shelly tells Rachel to be the stronger and better person than her. Rachel says that Dani isn’t even worth it. Brendon says that coming into the house Dani was someone that he could trust and that they all had a common bond. Brendon says that Dani kept saying that she had it the hardest …bullshit ..she had it the easiest all she had to do was sit there. They talk about how Kalia is playing every side of the house and runs to the power. Brendon says that he is going to win HOH next week and put up Dani and Kalia. Rachel says that Kalia said that she doesn’t respect her game and that shes not playing the game. Rachel says how does winning 2 HOH’s means that I am not playing the game. Brendon starts talking about the fight he had with Kalia in the backyard. Brendon says that Kalia better not start ordering people around in the jury house like they are her slaves or servants. They talk about how Dani had conversations with them about trying to get them to throw competitions. Shelly asks ..she actually asked you to throw competitions. Brendon and Rachel say yeah.

11:15am It starts raining a lot and they move undercover. Brendon rips a trash bag and then goes out into the backyard dancing in the rain. Brendon and Rachel then start playing basket ball in the rain.

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11:30am – 12pm Brendon and Rachel go inside the house. Rachel starts making breakfast for Brendon. Shelly starts cleaning and killing ants. Rachel says that she liked their political discussion last night. They start talking about politics. When Brendon and Rachel talk about what they are going to do. Brendon says that he will talk to Dani tomorrow morning before the POV ceremony. Brendon says at the end of the day Dani is going to do what she wants to do. Rachel says just try and talk to her for me …we are so much better than me. Brendon whispers that Rachel has a better shot than he does ..that he will be a bigger target if he stays. Brendon tells Rachel to stay close to Porsche and Shelly. Brendon starts acting like a robot. Rachel asks do you need more food Brendon bot? Brendon says yes, battery pack getting low… Brendon says if cleavage was a country would be the capital.

12pm – 12:30pm Brendon heads out into the backyard to talk to Shelly. They talk about the jury votes and how the jury house works and what information they hear and see. Brendon starts talking about his season, about Matt and his wife’s fake medical condition and about the brigade. Shelly says that it got really personal …with the personal attacks like calling you Neanderthal and stuff. Brendon talks about how Enzo and Hayden were calling him needle dick behind his back. Rachel comes out into the backyard and brings Brendon slop pancakes in the shape of a heart. Brendon talks about his family and how he has mended his relationship with his father. They talk about Dani and how she was raised by her grandmother. Brendon says that for Dani’s sake he hopes she is able to mend her relationship with her dad before her grandmother passes. Shelly says that you have to break that cycle. Shelly says that you know deep down they have each others backs. Brendon says that Dani plays the tough girl. Rachel makes a salad and joins them outside. Lawon is now up and joins them as well. They talk about how when you get out of the house people will be contacting you that you haven’t talked to in forever. All the other houseguests are still sleeping..

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The shot I saw from the skype incident didn’t look like a needle dick at all. Maybe they were jealous :/


Ya but you’re probably just comparing it to your man’s. Hayden and Enzo rock!!!


You’re an idiot :/. I think I’m a grown woman and now what a decent size dick looks like, moron


ooooooo Zing!


At least Brenchel looks a little happy, I’m sure that won’t last long they will be whining again a little later.


pretty tired of hearing brenchel talk about how its a bad decision on dani’s part to get one of them out…i think they are confusing the word bad with great. its strategically completely necessary for dani to do this…who was she supposed to target…kalia/lawon? the only other outcasts in the house that she can use for now and when they go home will probably be votes for dani in the jury? yeahhh no sorry rachel…


ok so live eviction is thursday right? When is POV ceremony?

and thanks to everyone who explained earlier why B and R were being sketchy about using the POV


Go home Bredon and Rachel!


yea! ….and take that sneaky old two faced hag with you.


Am I the only one tired of hearing about last season.


Go home Bredon and Rachel!! Come back PT!!!


Come back pt!


I read on another site that Dani said to Lawon, “You know I’m a lesbian”, but I’m not sure of the context. Did anyone catch that? Maybe she just said that because Lawon made a comment suggesting Shelly is gay. He’s spending a lot of time bitching about Shelly. Hypocrite should stop eating what she cooks since he hates her so much.

I have a feeling the twist this week will let Brendon and Rachel off the hook, which will not make me happy.


I don’t think I’m buying that because A.) Dani and Dom were really flirty… plus I don’t think she’s gay… IMO.
and B.) Shelly is married with a kid and always talking about how happy she is with her husband.. so I’m doubting she’s gay either.


OH. MY. GOSH. Kalia is annoying me so badly. Like I love how she’s saying people think Lawon is being distant when she is the one that spends ALL of her time up in the HOH room with Dani. And all she does is COMPLAIN. Like about everything. Plus she is being really paranoid. I would honestly like to see Dani put Kalia up this week after Brendon uses the veto on either himself or Rachel but I know she won’t do that since Kalia is like her only FOR SURE vote right now.


They all complain!!!!!


But not as much as Kalia does!


They all complain!!!


I am so glad someone with a brain sees how utterly annoying Kahlia is. I can’t stand her at all. Eveything she says about all the other HGs go double for her. I want her gone soooo bad! She thinks she is above the others , but she’s scraping the bottom.


I’m so sick of shelly being the “knower of all things!” Shelly is equally as annoying as Kahlia, actually probably worse because she watches FAUX News. I really hope Dani can reassess, regroup and get her shit together and stop all of her tears. These ppl are ripping her apart downstairs. Please Dani, keep your head in the game!


I was not able to watch the last episode, why was Jordan crying to Dani. I cannot understand why these players do not recall how Jordan got her 500,000 last time. They have to play the game and should reward real players on this game, not because nice nice. When will Brendon and Rachel stop listening to Jeff and Jordan who turned on them last time? Jordan came to Dani right away after she won HOH and cried??? Dani’s dad won last time, when will this show award the real good players?


needle dick, LMFAO


Is it just me…or did Dani not do anything wrong. Or personal. I don’t think she’s evil at all like they like to push.


Dani didn’t do anything wrong she just got caught. Had she not been trying to backdoor her alliance, or at least not have been so blatent about it, she would still be sitting good with BRJJ. I don’t think she is evil – just a bit premature in her full-on attack on her alliance. Of course, if Dom had been able to keep his mouth shut instead of running around to all of the newbies talking game, JJ likely wouldn’t have caught wind of it until it was too late. I think BR are being a bit self righteous though considering they were perfectly willing to backdoor JJ until they thought that Dani was going to hurt their game.


Exactly!!!!! This is the first thing that I’ve agreed with since I’ve been on this website.


That’s right. Dani made a big move and Dom actually blew it by talking to Shelly about how tight he is with Dani and that next target was Jeff and Brendon. Shelly told Jordan and Jordan (the girl who doesn’t do anything) took Shelly up to HOH and told Brenchel. Dom and Dani are busted.

By this time, the POV has been played and Dom had already “thrown” the competition as per Brenchel’s “deal” with him. I’m not convinced that Dom threw the competition. Dani made a brilliant move, and I do think originally she was going to protect Brenchel and use them as a shield and sacrifice Jeff and Jordan, two people she does not want to be sitting next to at the end. But It all came crashing down because Dom and Kalia have big mouths. Right now Kalia is kissing Dani’s ass, but she is a loose cannon and a pain in the ass to watch and listen to. The girl just can’t STFU. Dani is doing the best she can with a couple of morons, but you never know what a moron will do. I hope Brendon leaves, Rachel gets crazy and loses the next comp and Shelly gets HOH. I would like to see Shelly and Adam use JJ to get to the final 2. The vets already had their chance. Dani and JJ have won or been second. Brenchel is great only in Brenchel’s world. They don’t deserve to win a cent.


@Chloe well said. I’d like to see a newbie win too. Although not sure if Adam has earned it yet. Shelly has! Lol! Porsche has played a decent game thus far as well. Would like to see Shelly or Porsche win HOH and see what they do with it. In the end IDC who wins, I just want to enjoy the ride.


You guys have good point. Except I think Shelly is a snake and Porsche is really a non factor and don’t want either of them to end up winning


I can’t STAND Dani, but it seems the comment she made was innocent and then Rachel twisted it into something else by misquoting her. Typical Rachel. She forgets things are on camera.


Everything is personal when it comes to BR. But if they do something, it’s just gameplay.

It’s a shame that they’re going to vote on personal business rather than gameplay.


Are we even watching the same show, 100% disagree with everything u said except that Kalia talks too much, at least we see one thing in common




I have to wonder, do you walk on water? I mean you would HAVE to be perfect to make such bold assessments of these ppl. Get over yourself.


Dani is evil! She made deals! 1 with JJ & BR. & 1 with the losers! I 4 got Dom called there team 2 stupid 2 remember! Then she wanted B&R 2 turn on J&J. Hello!


And BR weren’t making deals with everyone when they had HOH? And I don’t get how Dani is “evil” for wanting to make a move.


Da Brigade neva have balls 2 say any names 2 brandons face! Bring on a twist 2 shut up all the B&R haters!


The brigade was the most boring piece of crap ever. I am actually starting to hope Rachel stays – I think because I cannot stand Kalia. However if they were to bring someone back – I hope it’s Cassi. I’m all over the place I know..My favorite players were the final 5 minus Jerry in season 10 so maybe that’s why.


Whoa this page has a lot of BR, Shelly and Porky fans – all of them who I despise.


Brendon and Rachel are supreme narcissists. They can’t envision the game from any perspective than their own. This makes any move that they don’t claim as their own to be against them. Every BB move is framed in black and white and you are either for them or against them.


Is there anything we can do to impress upon CBS and -especially AG that all four veterans exit exit the premise and let the newbies (dumb and annoying as they are) play the game. It’s only fair because it would be much more interesting when they can play the game without being terrified of the bullies-Rachel, Jeff and Brendon-and Jordan’s crocodile tears. Rachel and Brendon had the gull to tell Shelley that Danielle was telling everyone to throw the comps-OMG are they serious???That’s how they won their POV and HOH-by intimidating them. Did I miss D saying that???


Kalia is fu*kin arrogant. So sick of her weird complaining and um, by the way – I think she is dreaming she is a size ten among her working out 4 days a week on a BAD week she says….yes a BAD week….Running your mouth ain’t working out, Kalia, sorry to break the news to you since it don’t seem to be working….Sorry, had to get that out – she should’ve been gone a long time ago from this game.


Does Kalia think that she is “CO-HOH”? I get the impression that she seems to think that she is in charge of HOH because she is always in the HOH room, Always has something to say about absolutely nothing, she never mingles with the other houseguests and seems to be telling Dani what she would do if she was HOH. I dont really like how Kalia and a few others are playing the game but Dani needs to step up to the plate and tell Kalia to back the freak off….


I completely agree! See my comments in this area and you’ll see I agree but some think I sound angry or whatever. She leaned during that whole hoh comp – just a lot of stuff in general that comes out of her mouth is absolute bs and badmouthing. Can’t people play the game without being a big ole’ c u next tuesday?


I think you have anger management issues.


Hmmm, not so much. Just a fan of the show and can spot arrogance easily. She talks such crap about Lawon but acts like his friend. He’s a strange fellow but he never really says anything bad about her. From the outside looking in I can’t respect her and that is not the only reason. So in my defense, no anger here just sad that someone can be so mean but hey, it’s big brother what can you say… 🙂


My comment was aimed toward the original poster.


Dani is NOT evil she is playing this game STRATEGIC makings big moves, but she played her cards way too fast, if she would’ve just waited she would’ve still won HOH and then put them up, but she done the damage. Brenchel are playing PERSONAL as ALWAYS, but pretending that it’s strategic, they’re not fooling anyone but their fans with that BS.

Nobody would ever stay loyal to the most egotistical whiny couple in BB history, even if it’s just to keep them because they are big targets, but their constant negative energy gets to everyone eventually and they get annoyed and want them out, maybe if their fans would be the other 12 HGs then that would be their ONLY chance to win.

Nobody in the house is worth rooting for to win it all…. Drama is all that is left. hopefully NeanderTALL will be evicted and Rachel can get drunk and bring her TRUE self out like last season and start some shit.


Team Dani YO!


Dani FTW! And she can get it 😉

Eric CA

I agree 100%, but I have noticed over the years living in that kind of isolation loose any sign of logical or
objective thinking. Paranoia, intimidation or Emotion gets to them and they make bad strategy moves.
So yes some moron in that house (other than Porsche) could in the foreseeable future choose that
Brenchal was the smart move to keep in the house over say Jordan.
Logically votes should go this way

Porsche- evict Jordan
Jeff- evict Brenchal,
Brenchal -evict Jordan
Kalia- evict Brenchal
Adam- evict Brenchal
Shelly-evict Brenchal
Lawon- evict Brenchal\

Lets face it they are beasts in the competitions and comps gives you power. logical move is to take them out,
Jordan is the best at the social game, but not so hot on the comps. The truth is she is also the best at strategy,
actually listen to what she says, it is always what the actual best move and best advise to the person she is talking to.
Brenchal goes home, but in this group of morons it could look like this, because they are terrified of Rachel

Porsche- evict Jordan
Jeff- evict Brenchal
Brenchal- evict Jordan
Kalia- Brenchal (she really has no choice Dani and Jordan are her only allies, Brenchal hates her.)
Adam- The reality is ????? logical evict Brenchal, but he can be intimidated so lets say Jordon
Shelly- She can flip on a dime, my guess is if it is Jordan vs either Brenchel she will vote to evict Jordan
and try to lie and dump the blame on Kalia, Adam and Lawon. She has shown an inability to loyalty and a lack of
knowledge in regards to her own personal interests.
Lawon- evict ????, I do not know where his head is but he needs to make up his mind. 50/50 shot
he could evict Jordan, and keep the most volatile couple in, this gives him two more weeks of bigger targets in the
house at least. The most volatile couple has another target along with what would be left of JJ. He can coast another
week and after that is Douchy and the Beasts being pissed at Kalia (two weeks.), Jeff will want some ones head and his mind
that could be either Douchy and the Beast for making a deal, Dani, Porsche and possibly Kalia. EEK could voting to evict Jordan
really be Lawons best move…. ugh

Eric CA

I am not a Douchy and the Beast Fan at all, but, other than the general psychosis they both exhibit
Does Brendon look like he might have a medical illness this season. He is just not looking that
healthy. His complexion is off and looks to have some facial wasting. He has lost a lot of
weight and does not appear to be in a good way.

Other than that one of those two is going home. Hopefully Douchy, so that the Beast can self destruct.
I predict that if Brendon goes, Rachel will completely self destruct and be asked to leave the house.


Shelly has the nerve to say that Dani won’t get her vote because Dani lied and never admitted it (which is in itself a lie)? Oh, that’s rich, especially coming from Shelly, considering she’s lied to everyone in the house and still never admits that she’s the one who voted Keith out, talked about getting the power couples out with everyone, claimed she would vote out Adam, claims she’s only there to help others get to the final 2, all while claiming she’s honest and a straight shooter. Pulease!

Eric CA

Look who she is talking to. Shelly has had this morning ritual with Douchy, since they both are early risers
in the house. Coffee, Talk shit about Kaila’s lazybones topped off with Shelly saying what Brendon wants to
hear, and a few you poor dears. (Todays Poor Dear was that last season that got too personal with you and Rachel… poor dear,)


Why is it ok for Brendan and Rachel to make personal attacks against Dani and the relationship she has with her father but not ok for Dani to chide Rachel for not staying around long enough to get a J.Chen interview?

Losers sit around pitying themselves and their plight. Winners learn from it and strategically plan on how to make the most of a bad situation. We all know which category Brendan and Rachel fall in.

And Shelly is the most annoying in my book. I’m so tired of her pretending to be everybody’s moral compass. Leave that to Jiminy Cricket,we’ve had enough of it.


I think you need to lay off the “Koolaid”


Koolaid cause anger issues, Always wondered why my people be stressed out all the time too much Red Koolaid… LOL j/k ;-p


Yeah, Kalia does whine and badmouth people a lot, but lets not forget, Rachel and Brendon are the biggest whiner’s and liars there!! .Every time Rachel loses a competition she explodes into tears, and when she wins, she talks down to people.

I would just like to see Rachel and Brendon go home. Straight-up! Secondly, I would like to see Dani team up with Jeff and Jordon, and maybe Lewon, because I do like the guy!