Big Brother 12: Jordan feels like a Floater (drink) will win this season and not even have to eat Cookie Dough to do it **updated**

Big Brother House Floor Plans

4:10pm Backyard JJBR BR are saying that they think prosche is their best chance. They know if Shelly wins HOH she will put up Prosche and Dani. rachel points out to JJ that if they can safe brendon this week the 4 of them will make it far in the game they will have the votes for the rest of the season. Jeff has no clue what Prosche is doing. Brendon: “I think trying to understand her at this point is beyond out ability”. Rachel asks them what will Adam do. Jeff is pretty sure adam will do whatever is good for his game. (ahh Jeff is shooting straight)
Rachel agrees she thinks if adam won rachel would be in danger. they all agress if Adam wins the HOH he wo’t have the balls to put dani up, he has a thing going with POrsche and Shelly. They all decide that Adam will target Kalia and Rachel.. their not sure who Adam would put up if the POV was used.

Jeff tells them they need to slow down and focus on this week, they first need to win HOH becuase if they don’t one of them will be going home. brendon agress says he wants to think of how they need to keep him in the house.. Says he’s going to campiagn hard with Prosche. rachel is going to tell Porsche tongiht that Shelly is targeting her and POrsche.

Rachel and Jeff leave.

Jordan is saying that it seems like this year in the game all you have to do is lay back and float to the end.. (LOL.. Can’t believe she just said that .. Jordan of all people)

brendon agrees says he thinks that the secret of Big Brother but he can’t play that way. Brendon “Prosche doesn’t want to give up her bed becuase she thinks it’s lucky… Lucky for what she hasn’t won anything”

(one thing to note a couple hours ago JJ had a conversation were they talked about who can they trust more BR or SA.. they both agreed that SA will be the pair JJ will want to take to the end. As of 5:06pm Brendon does not have the votes to stay.. I predict this will flip a lot in the coming days)

4:19pm HOH DKP Porsche is surprised at BR’s activities lately she thinks they have gone a bit over the top. earlier today BR were on top of each other in the pool and everyone outside got grossed so they went indoor. Porsche is also a bit pissed because it seems to be OK for rachel to walk around like the show BLANK but when she tries to be a little “risky” everyone tells her not to and make a big deal about it. (maybe it’s because your friends care about you not being the BB13 BLANK) Kalia brings up how many times BR have had sex this year. Porsche says there was stains again on the sheets.. They ask her what colour and she says fluorescent (WTF?) Dani says if it’s green its Gonorrhea.

They starts talking about the next HOH, all three are hoping it’s not a skills based one because Jeff does good at those. Dani tells them not to worry few HOH’s are skill based.

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4:30pm Hot Tub JJB Brendon is explaining double eviction to them and retelling how we went out in his season. He stresses that it goes by very quick they have a HOH and POV right after another. During his season he got flustered and messed up on the POV. The guys in his season told him he was going up as a pawn but he didn’t believe them and in the end he was evicted. (I think there was no double eviction on bb11)

4:50pm Porsche bikini pics

5:08pm Everyone is working out or engaged in chit chat..

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5:45pm Jordan working out

6:00pm Adam assigning Beverly Hills 90210 characters to all the houseguests. Adam is Steve
Poesche is Donna
Jeff is Dillan
Jordan is Kelly
Brendon is Brandon
Rachel is Brenda
Dani is Valerie

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221 thoughts on “Big Brother 12: Jordan feels like a Floater (drink) will win this season and not even have to eat Cookie Dough to do it **updated**

    1. God I would lobby to motorboat her all day and all night.

      I’m sure you’re right, she would make a some guy nice and happy.

    1. well I don’t see vanilla ice…..but the pic they have for him – he kinda resembles Simon Cowell former ameican idol now x factor….lol

  1. I think Dani will eventually tell J/J about Brenchel wanting them put up . I think she will wait until day before votes. She stated on BBAD that she would use that info to get Brendan out. Dont know if that will change J/J votes to keep Brendan or not. Jeff doesnt seem to listen to that kind of talk. He just votes how he wants regardless.

    1. Yeah..I think Dani is saving last night’s BR HOH conversation for leverage later. May not be useful yet, but if Brendon survives (which looks likely) she can use it to create a rift in the already fragile JJBR alliance.

    2. they didn’t really say they wanted him out, they said that they didn’t know how they would vote that prob they would vote for shelly and that they have noone in the game, jordan listens to shelly, that they would put up Shelly and Adam if they got HOH, they mentioned in question form “would you consider jordan as a pawn” and then later “what about putting up jeff”….i mean they could always say, yeah so then we would all vote out shelly…i mean it’s not a great conversation for them but they could definitely explain it away and make it not seem so bad- — i mean if you dissect it, they never said GET JEFF OUT, they were more like you have other options than putting us up…..and everything they said was 100% true

      1. Everything they said is 100% true….gimme a break. Oh, I know, especially when they said they wouldn’t put her up, or that they would protect her.


        Sorry, I had to laugh out loud at that one! BR “Can’t HANDLE The Truth” as Jack would say.

      2. Actually Rachel did suggest backdooring Jeff. She then followed up with a question to Dani asking whether or not Jeff and her(Dani) had a deal.

        1. yes they did — and JJ have said the same things about them – that’s the game, i think they will talk their way out of it — and i think what they said was true bc i believe that is Dani had agreed to align with them the would have taken it seriously that is what i think

  2. To Jordan’s credit, she has won HOH in both her seasons, does a lot of strategizing (or attempts to), is a decent person, and had the balls to chest bumb an MMA fighter hot head. So show some respect b*tches! Lol ;p

      1. this bag of rocks openly said, she doesn’t know how to talk to people..WTF?? Street/book sense this douche doesn’t have anything working upstairs.

        Q. Jordan what’s 2 +2?
        A Let me ask Jeff…..

        Her brain is floating around in her head, she is the ultimate floater. Get this douche and pizza boy from chciago off the show, oh wait CBS will make sure pizza boy gains a special power once again

        1. Bag of rocks..hahaha! That’s funny..did anybody catch Shelly mock interviewing Jordan for a job? They were total soft ball questions and Jordan was completely clueless. I was like wow, good thing she’s pretty. Otherwise she’d have hell to pay with that simpleton mind of hers.

          1. shelly asks these things “what is your weakness? can you tell me about a time when you had to solve a problem? what are your strengths?” jordan “i don’t know, i can’t answer, these are ADULT questions” OH. MY. LORD.

            my FAVORITE was when shelly goes “ok jordan what is the first thing you would do when you go home after the interview” and jordan goes “ummmm, i don’t know, probably walk my dog i guess”
            i almost died

          1. you can not judge the American Education system, we have no idea how far or if she ever did tke advantage of the system…..

            1. What? Have we been watching the same show? She must have attended some classes in high school. Did you hear her responses to the basic questions Shelly asked? Did she float through school too? How does a person end up that way? Did her peers, teachers etc… not see any of this?

              She often talks about college…entering/taking classes etc… so she must have passed some test in her lifetime.

              How does one like that even get past grade 6?

              1. i am totally with you,

                how does one like that get cast for big brother?

                better yet, how does one like that WIN big brother??

        2. I think its an act for the sake of the game, people from the south are highly skilled in making you THINK you’re smarter than they are. Its never smart to underestimate anyone. I’m not so dumb but I aint $500k smart either, but Jordon is.

        1. Why? She is just as emotional and two-faced as the others. But because she is considered “cute” and is unable to act upon or cannot articulate her thoughts she is a sweetheart?

        2. I know, right? That’s the trouble with ‘comments’. People can use them to behave, socially, in ways that are otherwise completely innapropriate. The truth is, when someone just randomly spews hateful things at people they don’t actually know (calling people ‘douches’ qualifies) – it actually says a lot more about themselves than their intended target.

          1. let’s talk about the bag of rocks (Jordan) game play. Pizza boy has treated her like a dog the entire season. Jordan, sit, stay, don’t talk, come here, go to bed, eat, let’s go outside, let’s go inside, go to bed She has done nothing but piss and moan. I guess we should call her real classy when she is pulling a dutch oven on pizza boy…..not a douche bag move in your eyes I guess, but maybe that’s the kind of thing you are into, I’m not but, different stokes for different folks…….

        1. Jordan winning BB is = Sandra (I think that’s her name) winning Survivor TWICE. A really shitty player who went under the radar to make it to the final and sit next to someone who actually played the game, but had blood on there hands, and therefore did not get votes to win because of hurt jury members, allowing the shitty player to win by default.

    1. Jordon win HOH this season when Jeff & Brendon didn’t even bother to try in the mini putt competition. I wouldn’t exactly say Jordon won it on her own. There’s a difference.

    2. I completely agree with you 007zy. In Jordans season, she won the Hoh’s when she needed to win them and it got her 500k. She’s taking herself out of the drama this season bc it’s very high school and everyone calls her a floater. She has an alliance. She doesn’t float from side to side and who is to say that Jeff and Brendon would have beat her in that golf HOH comp. Nothing can be said bc they punked out and let her have it

  3. BB should change the rule so that if you are a have not you can not have sex in the house!!! i really hope this is just rumors and not true bc to think they are having sex in various parts of the house with the cameras and the whole crew (and possibility houseguests) watching is DIS-GUSTING to put it mildly —- why don’t the others tell them to stop?? is it 100% true or brenchel hating exaggerated rumors?

    1. remember ollie and april a few years ago? that was some pretty x rated shit, i don’t think brendon and rachel were that bad

    2. Their not even discreet about it. I mean it’s a house full of cameras and all the rooms have thin walls. They could at least wait until they make it to the jury house.

            1. You must be drinking the good stuff again because you were confusing me there for a We are back on the same page though,so it’s cool.

      1. that is THE GROSSEST thing i have heard… i knew they did last year, and i thought it was gross but i honestly thought it was only in the HOH room which though horrendous, at least you have your own room and can shut the door (i mean if you can somehow forget that the constant cameras and prying eyes of the crew make it veritable porn) but i really did not think they could possibly do it in any other room bc how could you without EVERYONE knowing in that house….i swear i would say something or i would walk in and turn on the lights and say really loudly WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE ALL SEE YOU and like lift the covers for everyone to see bc that is a violation of human rights if you ask me and i could never stand that

        and confession, i only watched season 1, 11, 12 and now 13 (i had a decade of college and it’s aftermath that kept me out of the loop)
        so i have no idea what went on but those 3 seasons I watched were fairly tame (except for BR)

        1. I was just telling my mom last night ( mom is 71) and she agrees that some one needs to barge in on them and pull the blanket off them so that they know that it is not right to be having sex in the same room with other houseguests… B/R are totally gross, I am so glad that Brendon was put up on the block.

          And Rachel is already starting to break down.
          My wonder is ” Why the hell did Proscha give them her bed”?

    3. you uptight old geezers are what is wrong with this country. Sex is natural and awesome. Give it a try. Have you ever been part of a threesome? I’ve only been once but everyone needs to try it at least once.

  4. There has to be something going on with Danielle and BR, otherwise B would be in D’s face about going after her if he doesn’t get evicted.

    I think Danielle is playing the whole house right now given that she can’t trust any one of them. Take out the big dog, win the POV and there will be a line waiting to kiss her ass.

  5. I don’t understand Dani’s move. Someone explain it to me. BR was solid with her. Plus, she is > R, but not > BR, which means she will be the #1 target, if B goes home. For 5 different evictions, either DKP has to win an HOH comp or she has to win a POV. Then once she gets to the final 3 no one will want to take her because if team Dani fans are right, she has played an “unbelievable game.”

    By the way, I still think it’s so funny Dani is planning who will go home next week(Jeff-esque). As soon as she said she is planning on taking the golden boy out, BB started planning a comp for Jeff, just like when they planned the Ski comp for Dani.

    Also if Jeff doesn’t win, he has three people on his side compared to Dani’s two fellow alliance members. I know Porsche was second in the last comp, but Adam was third and he was second in the POV comp that involved slightly more skill. Furthermore, if JJSA win HOH and they don’t evict her because she won POV, she is down to 1 alliance member. ONE! With 7 people left in the house!

    Another thing that has a 5% chance of happening is Shelly goes and Brendon stays. He has JJR, he just needs 1 more person.

    1. I will explain it… BR already broke multiple deals with Dani, so she has no reason to trust them. Jeff isn’t as good at comps as Brendon, so Brendon goes first

      1. BUT BRENDON HAS SOLID VOTES from people who will never vote for dani which is worth more than winning comps NOONE WILL VOTE FOR BRENDON HE IS THE BIGGEST TARGET AND THERE IS PROBABLY A DOUBLE EVICTION

      2. she never had a deal with BR to backdoor Jeff, so how could they break a deal they never had? Am I missing something here?

    2. good points, i don’t understand it either and i have been wondering the same things— if anyone has a good theory (please take the emotional fan stuff) but if anyone has like a good rational objective theory i would LOVE to hear it, bc i can’t figure this out other than she doesn’t want to make anyone mad but at this point what is the difference there are so few people left and alliances have been formed and that doesn’t seem like dani to play scared

      1. brendon is her biggest threat take him out, and rachel’s a mess without him, its like 2 for 1, jeff still a threat,but i’d rather have one threat than 3.

      2. Based on number of weeks Vets have been in BB (meaning both seasons) to date here are their comp tallies:

        Brendon – 12 weeks – 1 HOH 8.33% + 4 POV’s 33.33% = 5 overall wins 41%
        Rachel – 12 weeks – 4 HOH 33.33% + 0 POV’s 0% = 4 overall wins 33%
        Jeff – 14 weeks – 1 HOH 7.1% + 3 POV’s 18.75% = 4 overall wins 28%
        Jordan – 16 weeks – 3 HOH 18.75% + 1 POV 6.25% = 4 overall wins 25%
        Dani – 16 weeks (could not compete in 3 of those weeks due to golden key) – 4 HOH 25% + 5 POV’s 31.25% = 9 overall wins 56%

        Getting rid of Brenda was smart since Rachel is the strongest HOH winner amongst them and Jeff and Jordon are the weakest competitors of the vets!

        If Brendon does go (which he will as J&J want to control hose in their alliance) and Rachel wins HOH next week, watch Shelly and Jeff on the block with Jordan as the alternative for keeping Shelly over Brendon! Dani uses veto ticket to insure Jeff stays up and goes!

          1. No problem Simon, forgot to mention Dani was not elegable to compete in 3 weeks of comps due to the golden key this year, so her tallies actually increase substantially to HOH 31% + POV 39% – overall 69%

              1. Here is one more then Simon, types of comps won:

                Dani: Endurance, skill, memory, speed
                Brendon: skill only
                Rachel: Endurance, memory, speed,
                Jordan: golf twice for HOH, memory
                Jeff: skill only

                So Dani keeps the better competitor of B&R

        1. what about handicapping the players based on social game and allies which would take 25% away from brendon and 75% away from Rachel (being generous there)

          1. and i guess i am just thinking about next few weeks and double eviction when you need votes and allies which dani will not have – and i think she could have started to build something with BR slowly but surely so they trusted her over the next two weeks and then she could get them both out double eviction if she wanted…but who knows, perhaps i am way off

    3. I think Brendon will go home and R.will win HOH put up Kalia & P and try to back door Dani, if that does not happen Dani will lose one of her people atleast. Shelly will be her new best friend and Adam won’t be far behind. Dani & Kalia think they can win HOH the rest of the way out are they nuts.

    4. Production will throw JJSA the HOH this week. Dani may be in a bit of trouble, but production will make sure she stays.

  6. It’s hilarious to see Jordan constantly bash floaters…she look so stupid everytime she does…she thinks she’s invincible just cuz she’s in good with br (for now)

    1. I’m not one to complement of criticize Jordan, but I define a floater as someone who goes to the side of the house that has the power. Jordan has done the opposite of that. She wants to be surprised by who is put up. I mean how how many times has she been in the HOH these last 3 weeks? I believe it is 3 times. Having horrible gameplay and being bad at competitions does not equal a floater.

      As much I disliked her, Nat(BB11) was not a floater, Nat and Jordan are a latcher-on.

      1. A floater, if I’m not mistaken is someone who flips between sides as there are powershift. Being a floater is actually involves more gameplay than what Jordan does, which is absolutely nothing.

        But if a floater is someone who floats, like as in floating on water, and then just drifts to the end without putting in any work – then she is definately a floater.

    1. Very! As I said earlier, the HoH she won was actually a case of Jeff & Brendon throwing the mini putt competition to her after she had sunk her ball. They could very well have won it. Ah, there’s a difference Jordon!

      1. and all she did was hit a big ball with a big club and it happened to roll into the slot with the highest number. Everyone gets lucky sometimes.

  7. And everyone keeps bringing up the fact that Jordan won hoh but she won because it was give to her by Jeff and brendon. In bb11 Jeff threw the hoh to her. She only won the last one because she went up against nat and Kevin who both suck.

    1. And how do you know Jeff or Brendon would have won even if they had tried? None of the other houseguests managed to score better than her. When they were all practicing Brendon wasn’t doing very good anyways whereas Jordan was. If I were Jordan I woulda wanted them to try so she could rightfully say she deserved to win rather than everyone assuming Brendon or Jeff would have otherwise. If they were gonna throw it to her they should have at least made it not so obvious! If I were Jordan that woulda really ticked me off.

      1. I understand what you’re saying but my issue with Jordan is that she dulls around criticizing other people’s games moves as if she’s making huge game moves herself. In my opinion she is useless and is just another vote for the jjsa alliance

  8. “Porsche says there was stains again on the sheets.. They ask her what colour and she says fluorescent.”

    I guess someone has a black light? OR Brendon and Rachel are Aliens(which would explain A LOT)

  9. Jordan STFU. You and Jeff are the biggest floaters in the game yet you think you’re somehow powerful. If you weren’t vets this game, you guys would’ve been out a while ago. I don’t get why people like JJ when both never contribute anything to the game.

  10. I just watched BR in the Have not room (11Am 55 on). OMG!!BRENDA IS GETTING SICK OF HER> She is suffocating him. At one point he pushed her away like he was being strangled by her obsession with hugging and kissing him. She had mounted him and tighten her legs around him. He was soooo frustrated with her need to take him over body-mind and soul.
    People should watch it.

  11. Simon,This sucks I can’t believe brendon is most likely going!!! If you were brendon or Rachel how would u campaign for votes? Is Porsche or Adam more likely to flip the vote?? Anyone answer!!!!

    1. If the vote happened right now
      JJAK vote to evict Brendon
      R vote to evict Shelly
      P Probably vote Shelly (P might throw Brendon a pity vote to improve her standing with Rachel but ultimately she wants Brendon out)

      It could very well become split this week. if JJ flips to getting Shelly out but right now they rather have shelly in the game then Brendon.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that being a floater in the big brother house means floating to whoever has the power in the house as it changes. by that definition, Jordan is not a floater… Yeah she doesn’t really win comps but she also doesn’t go around sucking up to whoever has the power.

    1. your right about the actual definition of the term floater (DrinK) would not include Jordan she’s most definetly stayed on her side throughout the entire game.

      During this season BRJJ have redefined the term floater (DrinK) and it’s basically anyone who doesn’t do what they say . IE: throw comps, vote, put up who they want up, pick them for luxury comps etc etc

    2. Yes but according to Jordan and Rachel and a few others in the house a floater is someone who doesn’t win anything. I agree with your definition of a floater but if we go by the hg’s definition of a floater then Jordan is indeed a floater and I don’t know what makes her think she’s exempt

      1. Yes. For the last few seasons, that is what I defined as a floater. Someone who does not win anything; is not working hard to win; and is basically “floating” under the radar to make it to the end without really doing anything but “float”.
        Who is a big time floater right now: shelly, Adam, & portia. although Shelly has or had a social game plan going. It seems like Shelly is related to Jordan.
        Portia has not won anything and might flip sides at any time.
        Kahlia won one HOH, but it was so bad….she went back to floater position.
        Adam won Veto, but he is still floating a bit. Of course he would save himself with the veto; but other than that…I have not seen much Strategy.
        Jeff, has not won anything…but his social game is so tight…who really cares. He is leader of his domain.
        Jordan, she has won one HOH, but has not really contributed anything since then.
        Brenden…not really a floater….he has been working hard. he wants the money badly.
        Rachael not really a floater….she is working hard. she wants the money badly.
        Dani is not a floater but her social game is completely off, and in BB you will find out that you need the comps as well as a strong social game (she just looks at people with that weird stare….it is funny). I like Dani but she looks at people like she is trying to see through their souls her something.

  13. As much as I am not a fan of Brendon, I would prefer him over Shelly. Shelly is a chain smoking creepy woman. She probably smells discusting. I would rather have coyote ugly out!

  14. Delete that, it appeared right after I reposted it. I tried reloading before reposting and it wasn’t there but now it is, sorry.

  15. Jeff & Jordan owe brendon & rachel for telling them about dani’s backdoor plan jeff & jordan should vote to keep him if it were flip flopped brendon & rachel would vote for jeff or jordan to stay they owe them this time because BR will win competitions unlike adam & shelly will sit on their ass lose them continually & dani & the pork eaters will pick them off one by one so it’s bettern to keep them BR

    1. You seem to be forgetting that Brendon and Rachel just threw them under the bus this week. As much as I like Brendon over Rachel, both over estimated their powers of persuasiveness.

    2. BR was going to keep all that a secret from JJ. They thought they had an alliance with Dani & Dom. BR was all for getting rid of Jeff.
      When Dom told Shelly, and then Shelly told Jordan…..then Jordan and Shelly told BR that Dani & Dom was a final 2 and that DD was planning on getting rid of everybody including BR….that is when BR decided to tell Jeff about the back door plan.

  16. Their is no HOH comp on Thursday Dani will still be Hoh so they can get two for one its a double eviction so dani can still use her ticket after that. So will she put up Rach or jeff they will have a veto comp Dani will have to say on thur on the live show who she wants to put up this way a newbie will win the vets will get eacher out and the newbie will have bragging rights…

    1. Don’y know where you heard that it’ll be a double eviction, and that there’s no HOH comp on Thursday night? BTW, that’s not how a double eviction works anyway. On double eviction, they do a quich HOH comp right after evicting one person. Then, they do a nomination ceremony, followed by a POV comp and POV ceremony. After all of that, they evict the next person, and it al happens in one show.

  17. Is that what happened? BR kicked P out of her bed? Wow! And they now expect to get her vote to keep B in the game! Another brilliant move BR, aka “shit-for-brains”!!

    1. Do you guys look at these feeds they ask for a bed they have been sleeping in the have not room when they did not have to, there are enough beds but they wanted a full size so that could share the bed. WOW you guys are haters, I have not heard from anyone with live feeds that they are having sex everywhere don’t you think it would be all over these sites, come on !!!!

  18. i just read the 90210 casting

    dom = david silver (eso with the hair)
    adam & shelly = jim & cindy brady (er, on some kind of drugs?)
    kalia = andrea zuckerman (cause noone liked her )
    jeff = ray pruit (donna’s abusive boyfriend)

      1. Jordan and especially Adam are nice people. Kalia, maybe or maybe not. Dani definitely isn’t a nice person.

        1. i am sorry i have to disagree, my friend used to work on a show called Power of 10 – it was a game show on CBS that i don’t think is on the air anymore – anyway after BB8 finished the whole cast went on to help promote the show since it was new
          and i didn’t watch BB back then and neither did she and she called me and didn’t have anything to say about any of them but she said I met this girl from BB named Daniele and she was gorgeous and she was the nicest girl and my friend loved her and talked to her the whole day – now my friend is a one of those really nice people you can’t help but like but she would never say that about someone unless it were true

          1. What are you saying? I wonder how much crap she said about your friend behind her back. Do you really think she is a good person the way she talks about people when they are not in the room to defend themselves. I don’t know about you but I would never want friends like that. Then the rest of them chime in.

              1. i know, take it easy (thank you Name)….
                all i am saying is this:
                there are different kinds of people – people who are nice, people who are not nice (some call them mean), people who are neutral and ALL the gradations beyond and in between…now, if you meet someone and they are friendly and take an interest in what you have to say and take the time to talk to you when they don’t know you and don’t have any reason to, one MIGHT classify that person in the nice might even put daniele in that category. that is all.

        2. Dani is only nice to people that are nice to her. BR are definitely not nice, and backstabbing. Dani was only returning that.

          1. well she had no reason to be nice to my friend and she was asking her questions about herself, i mean just nice, that is why it’s hard for me to not like her

            1. I was commenting about on BB. It’s great if she’s a nice person in the real world. On BB she’s always talking about people behind their backs including her pals.

              1. oh ok i misread…sorry…but i understand what you are saying, i know she is no pollyanna, she does have a black widow spider as her picture for a reason — but i meant outside i bet she is really nice

              2. What has Dani said bad about Kahlia and Portia….(I mean recently since they have been in the same alliance)?
                I have not heard her say anything negative about K & P;

                She will talk mess about other people (behind their backs and sometimes to their face) —-because in BB, she considers them the enemy and vice versa.

                Dani talks about JJBRS behind their backs. and they also talk about her behind her back.
                That right there is the game. Although Rachael has not learned it well….and this is why Brenden keeps telling her to stop showing her hand to everybody(meaning her true feelings).

                BB is a lot like poker.

            2. I remember Dani from the season ….was that 11….can’t remember. I think she is nice. She was nice then. She just does not trust the people in the house and rightfully so. She was an outsider for season 13….remember. JJBR knew each other from season 12. Dani knew no one but her dad and then he suddenly left. …but then he left her with this makeshift alliance that HE had formed (the vets)…and Dani automatically (almost by default) became a part of it. She does have a weakness for men (who can be mad at that…she is young and single); and so she showed her hand with Dom too soon…so desperately trying to break out of her dad’s shadow (which would mean breaking from the vets)……but I wouldn’t say she was a mean person. I think she wants to show (someone) …America, herself, her dad…that she can win on her own merits. Although some of her decisions have been flaky…..they have been (her) decisions. …and I’m not mad at anyone for being a leader…and not a star struck follower like SA and in some cases PK.

              Now Dani does have a weird type look when she is talking to someone that she does not trust, but I think that is her poker face. She does not look like that when she is talking to K or P.

              I think I almost know who I want to win. ….either Dani or Portia should win. Portia needs to win a comp though. I’m no longer mad at Kahlia, but I still feel she is a little awestruck with JJ to truly make it to the end.

              1. I’m actually into this show more because of Dani. I would have probably tuned out by now if she wasn’t in it. The contestants have got to be able to attract viewers too right.

        3. Jordan is NOT a nice person because Kalia is being very nice and respectful to Jordan but Jordan doesn’t return it to Kalia. I don’t understand what Jordan’s problem is with Kalia. JJ needs to eat some humble pie. CBS give them the opportunity to be on BB again and show why they were America’s favorite before but they come across as becoming America’s Most Arrogant.

          1. Jordan loved Kahlia at first. She does not like her now because Kahlia is team Dani; and team Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff.

            I like Dan and Jordan. Dani has played the game well against all odds.
            However, Jordan has stayed true to her orginal alliance…she gets some points for that.

    1. I guess you missed all her comments about wanting to punch people in the house. Her true character came out after her victory.

      1. Oh whatever. People say things like that all the time. If they actually go and do it, then ok, that’s bad. Jeff says things like “I’m gonna kill him” – he’s just saying it, he’s not actually going to do it.

  19. Love your site, but the comments are so harsh!! I just find it weird people take it all so personally. Trashing someone’s character instead of trying to build your own. We all seem more powerful when sitting behind a keyboard.

  20. Why does it matter if they’re having sex they grown. I am so tired of everybody in the BB house talking about BR. Like damn is there not anything else you talk about seriously! BR haven’t did anything but kalia Dani shelly Adam porche JJ always talkin shit! Like leave them alone

    1. You are so right. If Jeff and Jordan were having sex, no one would say anything about it. It’s quite likely people would be like “it’s about time”. I think everyone doesn’t hate BR, they hate on BR. Never in my life would I talk about someone I hate all freakin day. For some reason, just like last year, everyone thinks the world will go round as soon as BR are out the house. Dani f”cked up this week. She will not win.

      1. Using the bathroom and doing the #2 etc., is healthy & normal. If you don’t do it, you will be blocked up and could die. As normal as that it is, I don’t want to see you do it. Do that in the privacy of your bathroom with the door closed.
        Sex is also healthy. Studies have shown that a healthy sex life adds years to your life; but I don’t need to see you doing it.

        I don’t want to see JJ have sex either. and if they have sex and leave stains all over the sheets….then I would say they are nasty too. Get a room at the holiday inn….ok.

        I’m just crazy like that. …..some things in life …although good…..should be done in private.
        but to each his own….

  21. Jeff and Jordan really think that Shelly will give up her family for the whole summer just to let them win the game?

    If they believe that, they both should be wearing that dunce outfit.

  22. whoever is having sex in the house IT IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING and yes, i am judging – and if daniele was doing it, then she really shouldn’t talk — you can’t say though whatever they do is private and personal bc that is the whole point, this is Big Brother you are always being watched — i am brendon’s age and i think a lot about if i have kids what kind of person i want to be as an example (maybe not so much at 27) but what does he want his children and their friends to youtube videos of what they did in BB, they will traumatized

  23. Ummmm…She had sex with Brendon the 2nd week last season. That was a few days after she met him, and she did it on camera. Not to mention all the people watching behind the mirrors daily.

    1. How do you know that. You don’t. Were you in the room? I know it’s just another thing that is made up about them so you feel more justified in bashing people you don’t know.

  24. absolutely. They should also provide a small room with no cameras, a confy bed, and some lube for people to get tension out of their systems.

  25. and the poor gameplay of dani continues. bad, bad move once again. the only thing, that keeps her in the game, is winning comps. now the numbers are against her the rest of the way. now she doesnt deserve to go far in the game. hope, next HOH will be jeff and backdoor her.

    1. “Brenda made one stupid error and Dani capitalized on it by saying he can understand if he does go and even so Rachel will work with Dani and the girls anyhow because she is not a part of team JJSA, which if Brenda goes J&J will have voted against him. That statement gave Dani the green light to put Brenda on the block.”

  26. So how do votes stand?
    I’m assuming

    To evict Brendon:
    Kalia – because of Dani
    P – because of Dani
    Adam – because of ShelHe

    To evict ShelHe
    R – because of Brendon

    Where do JJ stand as of right now? I’m assuming to evcit Brendon becasue ShelHE is part of their aliance.

    1. 6:47pm my guess on the votes
      Kalia/Jordan/Adam vote to evict Brendaon

      Jeff/Rachel vote to evict Shelly
      Porsche may vote to evict Shelly but if Dani tells her it’s critical to vote brendon she’ll do it.
      JJ will split their vote, they’ll say they are friends with both this way they can lock in jury votes.

      so it looks like Brendon is going home with a chance of a split and Dani making the final decision (I’m betting this weeks vote will change a lot)

      1. You would think just an inch of dram soon as he returned but nothing…. exposing Shelly but that didn’t last that long.. I know we would’ve seen some drama if they won HOH, that shit was hilarious the whole BRJJSA alliance wiped out one after the other. Bye Brenda now he’ll be able to go home and skype to his male friend

  27. I’ve been really against Dani and haven’t liked her character so far this year but I do have to admit she’s starting to grow on me. I hope she takes this prime opportunity to reshuffle and strike something up with JJ in secret. She can’t be happy being stuck with DA HUTT and Prius – one is useless in physical comps and can’t keep her damn mouth shut and the other is almost as dumb as people claim Jordan is. I know it’s hard to envision this scenario and it’s very unlikely, but if she did it she would be in prime position to keep herself safe virtually all the way to F4 or 3 while everyone on both sides get picked off, and she can spend the rest of that time rebuilding her social game, getting tight with everyone as they leave for Jury House.

    Like I said, probably won’t happen; just a thought, but I’m starting to like her as much as I like JJ – they are the only people in the house who seem to be genuinely acting like themselves.

    1. Sorry but JJ would never make a true deal with Dani. JJ has plenty of deals already. They will tell her whatever she wants to hear then they will backdoor her ass. JJ looks out for themselves and that’s it. An alliance to them means the other person does all the work and maybe they’ll vote to keep you if you’re on the block. I don’t know why anyone would want to be in an alliance with JJ? It means absolutely nothing. Dani will be going to jury soon.

  28. I know for a fact.. Dani will be out of the house before the double eviction, and that’s only because she didn’t go with Brendon and Rachel.
    No matter how many times, Brendon tells Rachel to stick with D/K/P she will never forgive them, and at one point will think it’s a great idea to backdoor Daniele. Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Shelly are all threatened by Daniele and will do anything to get her out of the house. JJAS wins HOH next week, I won’t doubt it if Dani gets packing.

    See you later, Dani.. you can go argue with your pedophile of a dad.

  29. Oops! Sorry for earlier.. thought I was first….. Anyways… To be honest I don’t think any of them have had a stellar season of moves. I will admit that Danielle has seriously tried to control things…. But, that may be short lived. We will have to see what happens on Thursday.

  30. Obviously you weren’t watching their season. They slept together 2 weeks after meeting, while there were live feeds in the house. Duh!

  31. Bet this doesnt get posted…I am an avid be brother fan but this year really makes me think its totally rigged…Rachel is probably the most annoying female on the planet but her and her whipping boy continue to stay…Your show has become a big load of poo…I may never watch big brother again.

  32. Snake Shelly has a new best buddies. She’s chatting it up with Dani and Porsche…really working for those votes to stay so she can shank em later.

  33. God, just get Brenden and Rachel out of that house! They r so f*cking annoying! Why the hell did America vote Brenden back!?! Don’t listen to Rachel’s BS or feel sorry for her. Just get them out of the f*cking house! I wanna see Dani, Kalia, and Porsche in the final 3.

    1. I doubt they are the only people in BB history to have sex in the house. The other night Porsche and Dani got a condom out of the supply room to play a trick on Adam. So why would BB provide them if they weren’t being used. Who cares if anyone in there is getting it on. They are all adults and three months is a long time. Were all of you disgusted when Lane rubbed one out in the shower last year and talked about how big his load was. Next thing someone will post they heard Rachel got pregnant and they had to have a doctor come in so she could get an abortion and oh no it was triplets. Shes a baby killer. Then she got it on with the doctor and Brendon killed him and Blah, Blah, Blah. Sex is OK between to consenting adults. Try it. Some of you sound like you need a major release.

  34. As a BB fan, I have to say this is probably one of the worse season of picking players and also it wasn’t until this season I realized how much production plays a role. Along with tons of other people I was not a fan of BR last season, nor am I this one. I was team JJ last season, but could really care less who wins this one. It is so played out and half the house are floaters while the other half is just plain annoying. True colors have really been shown this season particularly of Jeff & Brandon! Everyone in the house needs to search for their big girl/boy panties and start playing the GAME and get over all this childish nonsense!! Which clearly in the end it’s up to production who wins, so whats the point!!

  35. It’s just a possibility that he’s one of the few guys that stick around after sex. And he’s less of a douche whose smart. She’s never been so lucky.

    1. take it back …TAKE IT BACK NOW !!!! lol

      ( now I need a bottle of bleach to try and was out my minds eye …or a sharp pointy stick to poke it out )

    1. Not being bias, but have you read the comments regarding all the house guests?? Quite frightening if you ask me. I cannot shovel all the trash talk here fast enough! Not too many sites enforce rules against this kind of attacking about bb.

  36. I’m not sure why CBS allows this, it is really disgusting. ….and if they are leaving mess all over the sheets for others to see that is just nasty.

    Sometimes I wonder if Brenden keeps Rachael around because he knows she will do whatever he wants (meaning ANYTHING); and he keeps telling her to win the money. “Don’t go crazy in here so you will win the money.” I don’t know, at times, I think Brenden is putting up with Rachael because he is using her….and when he gets that money to pay off his debt…..the proof will be in the pudding. He might just dump her if they win the money. Time will reveal all things.

  37. I was replying to another comment I don’t know why it showed up in this spot. Sorry about that. First time on this site.


  39. I Agree! Not only that, but MOST house guests actually enjoyed the dip! Funny how Shelly says Rachel won’t clean the hose anymore since B is back, but that is what B does! Shelly whines and complains x2 than Rachel! I mean she says HOW DARE Rachel, but if ANYONE watched the recent episode, Rachel was TELLING THE TRUTH! Plus Shelly is starting HER PITY PARTY, but no one would complain!

  40. i would like to know why Jeff and Jordan don’t feel creepy about Shelly’s utter devotion to them and wanting to make certain they make it to the end. Can we say STALKER. Dani is pathetic, she is jealous that Rachel has Brendan , and they sent Dom home. Why this devotion to Dom, she only knew him in the house for what maybe 2 weeks if that. Kahlia should be grateful the public didn’t vote Dom back in, she would of lost her partner and there is no way Dani would of taken Kahlia to the end. Daniu is just as personal playing this game as the other players.

  41. Ummm, how dare he assign Rachel to Brenda. Brenda was the best character on that show and Rachel sure as Hell is NO Brenda. He got that all sorts of messed up.

    Dani is Brenda
    Brendon is Brandon
    Jeff is Steve
    Rachel is Kelly
    Porsche is Clare
    Kalia is Andrea
    Adam is David
    Dom is Dylan
    Cassie is Valerie
    Jordan is Donna
    Keith & Lawon are Jim and Cindy Walsh. LAWL.

  42. as i said from day one vote out the queen of the floaters that already won the whole game by doing nothing but floating into the winners circle her season . why is she still in the house ? oh not a threat ? really she won the whole game by doing nothing . just like she is doing this season .

  43. If Jeff is smart, then he makes sure that Adam votes Brendon out, which shouldn’t be tough since he’s tight with Shelly and he tells Shelly that he has told Adam to vote Brendon out. He then explains that the voting would then go JJR for Brendon and KPA for Shelly and that Dani takes out Brendon. This way the blood is on Dani’s hands and Rachel is pissed at Dani, not at JJ and that Shelly knows that JJ orchestraed the voting. Rachel is then still with them instead of flipping over to Dani, which is what would happen if JJ votes for Shelly. If somehow Porsche flips her vote for Brendon or Dani takes out Shelly, both very unlikely, then JJ comes out even better.

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