Big Brother Spoilers – Dani “ahh another POV competition ending with Rachel puking and Brendon winning”

5:40pm Most the house sitting in the backyard talking about the POV comp. Brendon asks them: “You guys want to hear something funny”
Lawon: “Yeah what”
Brendon: “The real reason Rachel couldn’t spell moisturizer”
Lawon: “What she couldn’t see”
Brendon: “She was trying to spell it off the big giant thing.. can that said moisturizer”
Por: “Yeah I knew that”
Brendon: “She couldn’t see it because her contacts were out”
Shelly: “Does she know moisture”
Brendon: “Yeah Yeah she still has a hard time spelling she has a little touch of dyslexia.. so it gets really difficult for her”
Shelly/Lawon “ummm hmmm ohh thats tough”
is telling them that the only reason Rachel misspelled a word in the comp was that she was “reading the word off a bottle” and something about her contacts being out and she couldn’t see it right.

There just sharing conversations about the POV comp

5:55pm Jordan joins them Starts telling stories about accidents causing dismemberment. Brendon has a story to…. Shelly top them all though tells a story about a big car accident were 12 people died and a lot of them were kills because they weren’t using car seats, “There was dead children everywhere” (ohh shit shelly’s story for real)

Kalia is out in the backyard doing some serious power walking.. Brendon tells them that when he took CPR he always thought that you gave mouth to mouth to resuscitate them but all you were really doing is keeping oxygen in their system

6:10pm Dani Dom Dani asks him why he’s being so bright and happy it looks weird. He asks her what she’s going to do.. Dani I dunno. Dom says he’s going to sit in the hammock with Porsche see whats up. Dani asks if he’s going to rub her thigh and act nervous. Dom says yeah.. they giggle. They start slamming Porsche, apparently dani and Brendon talked her into wearing something that will embarrass her. Dom tells dani she did a terrible thing “You ruined a girl’s reputation”. They laugh some more. Dani starts slamming Por as the POV host. Dani jokes that POr loves Dom and he should make out with her in the hammock tonight. Dom says that por is still hung up on the HOH comp where America voted Dani better in a bikini then Por, “But don’t get a big head it’s only because you have more fans”.. they laugh some more…

Dani says that Rachel is saying that she spelled moisturizer wrong because she had trouble reading it but Dani thinks it’s because rachel doesn’t know how to spell moisturizer it’s just funny how she’s making excuses for it. Dom says he never thought of it that way.

Dom: “why wouldn’t they want to target JOrdan and Jeff to be one and two”.. dani whispers something back.. Dani “ahh another POV competition ending with Rachel puking and Brendon winning” They start going over the POV comp apparently Rachel’s performance was very funny. Dom felt sorry for Rachel, Dani didn’t Rachel ran right into the bubble with her mouth open. they go back to talking game (I can’t hear shit).. from what I can tell Dom is challenging dani to get BR to Back Door JJ. (Theres saying a lot but I can’t hear shit) At one point Dom says to her that he can’t hear what she’s saying because she’s just mouthing the words.

Dani tells him that she picked him up and put him under her wing and saved him. Dom says he came to dani
Kalia joins them to change they start giving dani a hard time about not knowing who popular hip hop artists are. Dani gets annoyed says she doesn’t listen to that type of music. Dom: “Typical white girl doesn’t know who NOZ is” Dani: “I can list of a million fans that you won’t know”

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Tyler Kent

Yeah, Skanky Rachel is “so smart” yet she can’t spell moisturizer without cheating? I’m telling you neither her nor her idiot boyfriend are above average in the intelligence department.
Regarding Dani not being able to name hip-hop artists – more power to ya, Dani! My respect for you just tripled. Hip hop is NOT art, its not even music, its garbage. I love a girl who just wants to rock! Very nice, Dani!


c’mon BR….just backdoor JJ and make it interesting….it’ll make me like you guys a li’l more….but i still wouldn’t want u to win. GO D&D!


I agree completely


Dani is a typical OC bitch. I’m really getting sick of her.

I’m confused about who is targeting whom at this point, but if this continues to be the BR / Dani show, I’m done for the season.

Of course Rach the ‘ho spelled the word wrong because she was trying to read it and didn’t have her contacts in. If she felt the public thought she was just that dumb she’d be back in the bushes crying.

So let’s see – Brendan is a scientist, was a law student, an EMT, a swimmer, a swimming teacher, a surfer, taught skiing, blah blah blah blah blah. I believe that like I believe Rachel made $1200 a day. Maybe for sex, but who would pay for that?!


Filthy rich Iraqi princes , they love American Big Titties. I believe she said last season that she’s real good friends with an Iraqi prince ;-).


I voted for BR to Target Dawg, but only cause he is needed and far more valuable on this site 😉

Hey Simon and Dawg, have either of you ever tried to get on BB? Also I am curious does anyone know what incentive players have to be on BB other than the 500k? Are players paid to be on the show rather they win or not? If so, I wonder how much?


They can’t because they are from Canada 🙁 The hgs get a paid for the time they are in the house or the jury house if they make it that far. I think it is 500 a week but am not sure.


Why is everyone in the poll saying that Dom should be the target? For right now Dom is Team BR because Dani is pretty much Team BR. If they save Adam he will have to do them a favor if he gets HOH or during the vote if they’re on the block. They need to backdoor K&L because they are obviously Team JJ.


BR/JJ sees a potential threat brewing between Dani and Dom and they want to cut out Dani’s chance at possibly knocking them out.

if BR trusted Dom they wouldn’t have told him to throw the POV they would’ve let him win to take himself off, it;s was clear he was the target., things could change though remember it;s still a possibility for them to backdoor JJ


I know, but if they get rid of Dom they won’t have enough votes. If they get rid of either Lawton/Kalia they will. Or, at least, they’ll be more likely to stay.


We want them to but they are from Canada 🙁


Sorry that was for addicted2bb


“Rachel ran right into the bubble with her mouth open.”

I’m not surprised.


Rename the show MRs BrenCHel….and their names will have “SUPER” in front of it muahahaha

I voted 2 BACK-DOOR J/J…truthfully BRENCHEL should walk out because there aren’t any competition…SUPER BRENCHEL for president(s)

Woo Woo Woo you KNOW it >:)


oops sorry, i was woundering where my comment was..i must have put my name in the email slot…this was my comment i replied too lol sorry


zach ryder fan i see
take care spike your hair


Are there new developments on that front Simon or you just saying that bc of what’s happened in the last two days


By people other than BR and JJ? Oh and Por who is observing a lot more than everyone thinks she is


Please post new stuff:)


TEAM BRENCHEL are SUPER…thanks for coming folks, no competition…they should throw in the towel…i vote for backdoor j/j oh yeah oh yeahh woo woo woo you know it…to the haters, take it take it take it muahahahahahah super team brenchel ftw


Hey Rachel, I didn’t know you were allowed to post while the show was still going!


Not Rachel, just somebody she paid to support her while she is in the house. She really is the nastiest creature I have ever seen.A true psycic vampire.


And a PSYCHO vampire, too!


ugh i dislike Dani. All she care’s about is being well presented on T.V. she flirts with Dominic 24/7 and you can tell she is trying so hard for him to like her even though he had a thing for Cassi before. Yet, Dani is always telling other people how she would never like him. and also right when Julie Chen asked her that question about if she loved her dad right after the camera turned away you could hear her say something like “oh great now im gonna look like a bitch” and than she just HAD to add the comment about how she does love her dad when she went into the DR so that her true colours wouldn’t show.


B/R are figuring out Daniel now they are not falling for her BS anymore. I sure hope they get rid of Dom and shock the hell out of Daniel!


Exactly! Dani may rock in the competitions, but she has proven again this season that her social game absolutely sucks. She was the first to get a key and could have used the free four weeks to really establish herself as a likeable unthreatening player. Instead, she talked to everybody, tried to throw 2 of her own alliance under the bus in order to save her alliance with Dom. She might as well just announced “I’m more loyal to Dom than you guys!” by doing that. Hmm…an alliance of 1 OR an alliance of 4? Gee, I choose the alliance of 1. Dumb move Dani. You just chose to give someone else $500,000.


Doesn’t getting rid of Dom tell Daniele that they’re on to her tho?? Seems like a not so smart move. I’d let Dom stay and give Dani one more week of thinking she’s in with the Vet alliance. She’s gonna suspect something is up and that she’s lost her alliance big time when they take out Dom. Especially if they all say they’re voting for him to stay and she ends up being the only vote for Adam to go. It’s gonna make her scramble, but they’re dumb bc they’re still don’t have her on their target list for WEEKS!! She could take half of them out before they even get around to getting her on the block the way that they’re talking now. They’re still sounding like they’re willing to take her all the way to final 5 or at least final 6 (if they’re now gonna give her spot to Shelly in the Vet alliance). I think they all need to watch their back with Shelly. She’ll be the one who really ends up teaming up with Dani to take them all down. She’d be dumb not to be out there to win and she should know that she’d be at the bottom of that alliance.


Dani has mentioned a few times how she was uncomfortable with all the personal stuff about her that was out there after her last BB experience. I think she’s older and a little wiser and just trying to be more cautious with things becoming personal. I personally felt a little uncomfortable for her when Julie gave the whole “what….no I love you” comment to her. It was incredibly awkward and we all know Julie was looking to stir up personal stuff. I felt it was wrong for Julie to do that and was super awkward. I don’t think Dani made her “I love my dad” declaration in the DR during her vote bc she was trying to not look like a bitch. She was just commenting that yes, she does love her dad. Julie put her in an awkward position, knowing there is a not so great relationship there. I don’t really see why everyone thinks Dani is such a bitch. She’s playing her game. As she said, she wasn’t interested in being in a ‘care bears” alliance. She’s well liked in the house and she def has a sarcastic personality, but she doesn’t come off as a bitch to me. I guess I just don’t see what others are seeing. I can admit tho that she played BR totally wrong. She shouldn’t have pushed them so hard. She should have made it seem like she was working Dom for THEM and to protect THEM, instead they figured out that she was wanting him around for her own good. She just went all in too soon and showed all her cards and now it’s gonna come back and bite her in the ass. Hopefully she can find a way to smooth things over.


This is such a no brainer to me. Get Dom out now while they have a chance because Dom and Dani together are going to be fierce competition. They need to be split up now or else they make their game even a bigger uphill battle. I don’t have to like B&R to see that’s the smartest move this week.


who’s side are you on? we want dani to get rid of brenchel. (and as much as I like JJ I don’t think it’d be fair for them to win again). so go daniyawn and fez
team danidom


I read somewhere that Shelly has a $2 million trust set up for her daughter. Why the hell does she deserve to win?


Good point. I guess my point is that its a shame that the rich can only get richer in this world apparently…


America ain’t it beautiful LOL


If you want more money then do something about like get a job or go on big brother. The rich get richer because they work for it whiney boy.


What a scary world we would be living in when we get the poor to do game shows because they “need” the money. Ever watch the movie Running Man? Game shows aren’t about making money. They are for entertainment purposes only. There is something morally wrong with bribing people to do things because they need the money.


I’m team Jeff, but I’m being objective and speaking from a game playing standpoint. I can’t stand B&R and I would hate them to win, but I’m just being honest regardless of who I like or don’t like. Getting Dominic out is the smartest move for anyone in that house who want to get as far as possible in the game. That’s just the reality. From purely a viewer standpoint, then of course I’m all for anything that keeps my man Jeff safe. I would love to have a shot at playing this game, so that’s why a lot of my feedback is based on more of a player point of view.


Brendon: “Yeah Yeah she still has a hard time spelling she has a little touch of dyslexia.. so it gets really difficult for her”

A little? She supposedly has a chemistry degree and she can’t even spell moisturizer? Don’t chemist work with moisturizers? Can’t wait til the day her true profession comes to light, nobody with a chemistry degree would turn around and become a Vegas cocktail waitress.


She was also reading the word off a bottle, so she was trying to cheat, and she misspelled the word LMFAO


So she can’t read OR spell. No surprise. She doesn’t use moisturizer anyway; her skin is too acidic. Her dermatologist gave her a ton of creams, remember, therefore she can only use a combination of manure and vag cream– trying to pass it off as a face mask.


We go to the backyard and Shelly is whispering info to Jordan. And they the sound goes up. Jordan tells her that  Rachel pulled them up there and said I think people are trying to pulls us apart. R thinks its production. Jordo says I don’t think so. We get Palms. Jordo tells Shelly that Rachel brought her up in the convo that she questioned her. Basically Jordan is telling her everything. Talk of Dani and that she is in position to go all the way playing all sides.
EVERYTHING. (Jeff is not going to be happy) Jordon wants to vote Dom out. Jordo tells her she things Shelly is in a great position. Shelly tells her that she is. Jordo brings up Adam, Shelly says that he will do whatever he is told…he does not know when to turn it off. She thinks he is just re-learning everything about himself. Jordo thinks he would go with them. He wants to stay till his 40th birthday. He promises to go with them if they keep him till then. Jordan says, but he also  told R&B he would vote with them. J thinks that that they can work with them. Shelly gives her the run down who should go. Dom, Porsche, R&B then Law and Kalia, she thinks she can compete and win with them. At the patio Dani and Brenden talking. Brenden has a patch on his right eye B asks her who caused the most fights in your season. She says Jen. (no kidding) . Shelly yells over about the patch. Now they are messing him about the patch.
HOH room. Shelly and Jordan go to Rachel. Jordan asks Rachel if she is using the  Veto. She says probably not. Jordan tells when she earlier she went into the room and D&D were together. Then Shelly tells her that Dom came to her last night and asked her to join him and Dani to get R&B out. (is shelly crazy???) She goes on to tell her that she is not going after them….a deal is a deal. You can come to me
anytime and ask me and I will tell you that I am not putting you or B up and I am not putting up J&J. 
she goes on to defend Adam. And goes on to say that Kalia came to her and wants to talk. Dom,Dani, & Kalia have their own alliance. And trying to pull Shelly in
Brenden comes up and Jordan says you need to hear this. Shelly tells him everything she told Jordan and then Rachel. She says I have to leave, but I wanted to let you know that there is no way I am putting you up. No way. She leaves. Jordan says, they are plotting against us.  They are re-hashing everything. Jordan says that if you knock out Dom then Dani is alone again and she will pull in Kalia. Brendan says that they need to think we believe them. Just make sure they don’t know that we know this. We cannot count on Dani’s vote. Rachel says you know it was Dani that told us you were plotting against  us…..Palms. Jordan says that so she made it sound bad….palms
They are putting together that Dani was manipulating them. It was her that really wanted Cassi out. But B says and Cassi was trouble. Talk of Dani was acting nervous today. And kept telling them to let Dom win the veto. They plan to get Kalia next week. Jordan thinks they need to get rid of Adam next week. B says, you guys keep thinking about jury, I don’t care about jury, I am trying to get to the next step….do not let Dani or anyone know what is going on and that we know. We need to convince her that Dom has to go but let Dani think he is safe.


ILLMATIC albbum = classic joint
Nasty Nas to Nas to Escobar
that real hip hop


I didn’t check to see if someone said this already but it’s “NAS” not “NOZ.” it’s ok I know you didnt know who he is.


I think that people shouldn’t make fun of Rachel so personally it’s ok to judge her on her gameplay but personal attacks are unnecessary and are reserved for small people and it proves that you are just as nasty as her


i think you mean NAS not NOZ.. LOL


Big Brother sucks this season why do they keep putting old players on they had their chance and everyone knows their skill level I would rather see a new group instead of what feels like a rebroadcast that always sucks