Big Brother Spoilers – Dani’s Game is Crumbling, Brendon: “We can’t out her.. not yet at least”

7:02pm Backyard near hammock Shelly and Jordan
Jordan is saying that they need to split up Dom and Dani because DAni is playing under the radar and next week both Dani and Dom get to play for HOH and if they win they will make a power move. Shelly is scared of Dani thinks she’s a extremely good social player.
Shelly says they should go up to HOH and talk to Rachel, Jordan agrees they head up. Shelly: “You watch how I play this it’s going to be cool” (Shelly is awesome lol)

They wake Rachel up Jordan: “OK OK we need to talk to you”. Jordan asks her if she’s using the veto. Rachel doesn’t think so but they still have 2 days to see what happens. Jordan says that her and Shelly have been talking and Dom and jordan has been watching Dani and Dom together and she’s pretty sure they need to take out Dom this week. Jordan continues that Dom is with Dano all the time she’s seeing them whisper and Kalia has gotten very close to dani. Shelly jumps in says that Kalia has her worried she has something going on with DD.
Shelly starts to explain the other day when Dom came to her in the Havenots and told her that he wanted to team up with Shelly. HE mentioned to her that he already has Dani and he wants them to make a power move otherwise they will be picked off.

Shelly goes on a 5 minute rant how SHE WILL NEVER PUT BR OR JJ UP. Shelly says there’s something going on with Dani, Dom and Kalia and if they take Dom out right now they take out that sides strongest player. Shelly adds that dom has been talking about backdooring jeff this week, She told him that was a crazy idea. Shelly: “He said to me If you and me and dani got together we’re solid… I said to him I will not take these people down”. Shelly says Adam comes to her for everything and she can help guide his decisions. the only thing that bothers her about adam is that he told her he doesn’t mind lieing and that bothers her because she will not lie in this house.

Brendon comes in.. Jordan: “Good .. Brendon needs to listen… We’ve been talking and YOOOOU need to listen.. umm umm I’ll let Shelly explain it”. Shelly rehashes everything again.. Adds a couple new things though. Shelly stresses that Adam will probably put up JJ or BR if he wins HOH but he will never win HOH, she makes a point that Dom will win HOH and he will put up JJ or BR. Jordan explains that Dani is playing in the middle and she’s been watching her lately she’s feeding them information to get the 2 sides fighting.
brendon says if they were to decide to take Dom out this week they need to not let them know keeping it a secret is VERY important because if Dani finds out she’ll go into panic mode and start working for votes. . They all agree that they will keep it hush hush.

Shelly leaves

Jordan: “they are plotting against us they are trying to get us to fight each other” She again brings up that Adam won’t win any HOH but Dom will. She also points out that next week will probably be a endurance comp and Dom has a good chance to win it. .. Jordan says If you knock dom out then dani is solo again and maybe kalia will go with her. Brendon doesn’t care about Kalia if anyone wants to have her as their running mate have at it. Brendon says they have to find out whose vote they can control.. he knows they can’t control Dani’s.
Jordan: “There’s no reason for us to keep Dom over Adam unless y’all have a deal with him because we don’t” brendon says no he completely understand tells Jordan they are 100% with JJ. Brendon says that Dani is trying to play a Dr Will. Rachel tells them that Dani was pushing for them to let Dom win the POV. Jordan: “OH MY GOD really WHY?” Brendon adds once she said that they knew something was going on because it makes no sense.
Brendon: “We can’t out her.. not yet at least”
Rachel sys she worried about lawon being in the Jury house. Brendon thinks it’s stupid for them to be worried about that they have a lot of game left to play. Brendon: “Dani is always worried about the jury vote she’s using that logic to help her game..the key here is don’t let Dani suspect that something is wrong” Brendon reminds them they have to be careful around Por because she’s trying to get in with Dom now. Jordan asks them if they have the votes. Brendon says all they need is one more Either Shelly, KAlia or Lawon. Jordan “We’ll we have Shelly” Brendon stresses they need to make Dani feel like part of their group.

jordan leaves

brendon tells Rachel they still have awhile to think this threw, He knew something was up with Dani when she told them this morning to backdoor Jeff.. Rachel agrees. Brendon adds he think Shelly likes JJ and he’s sure that they can work with her now. He’s worried that they lost Por, Tell Rachels to start getting her back but make damn sure she doesn’t let anything slip to Dani. Rachel asks him what does he think is going one. Brendon: Dani is leading the Calvary right up the middle and set us up for eviction. Brendon: “I was playing very personally with dani not thinking she would flip, that’s bullshit she’s turned on us.”

Rachel wonders if JEff will try to get rid of them before final 4 because if they have to fight a battle together he thinks they will get pretty close. Brendon is worried about Jordan knowing too much and spilling her guts out. Brendon: “I’m going to tell jeff that from this point forward we tell Jordan the least amount of information possible” Rachel tells him not to cause he’ll get pissed.

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Allison Grodner puts the “crumb” in “crumbling”


Oh Dani, I was cheering for you! You overplayed your cards this time.
Hopefully, something will happen within the next couple days and the POV is used. I was hoping for a Dani/Dom final 2. Looks like this might not be so possible anymore.
I think she’ll recover from this though. With her able to play for both HOH and POV next week, and with her probably winning at least 1 of them, people are going to want to align with her again.


Dani hasn’t really even done anything to cause this much shit. It’s Shelly that’s really stirring shit up. She claims she hasn’t lied….well I can’t exactly remember a particular lie but she’s definately been two faced, and not exactly truthful….for example when she voted kieth out and right after pretended like she didn’t flip and wanted to know who did right after and she was like “oh people are going to be in trouble” or something. She also campaigned against Cassi and at the same time acting like her mother did she not? And now she’s stirring up shit by exaggerating so much. I know it’s part of the game and all but my point is Shelly aint that nice motherly lady she claims to be.


i completely agree that shelly is a liar and is two-faced, but you’re wrong about dani. she is the one stirring this up. she has been playing both sides up the middle of the vets and the newbs, and also both sides between br and jj. she has been trying to get br and jj to fight and to backdoor jeff so that she’ll slip through unoticed and get br and jj out soon. she is also trying to get kalia on her side against the vets and is trying to use dom to do her dirty work for her so she still looks innocent. but this week she overplayed her strategy and has been completely obvious about it to anyone paying attention. since she’s been slick so far she thought she could step it up and still not be noticed, but she hasn’t done too well being slick this week and people starting paying attention to what she’s doing now that she’s been so adament about dom winning pov while saying at the same time she doesn’t care.


How about lieing that she voted for Keith for starters!

Eric CA

Shelly’s lie was that she flipped to the vets in week one, she voted to evict Keith, when she said she was with the newbies,
then lied about that saying did not. Started crying about it when Cassi was evicted… lets just say she will be writing a lot of
sentences when she gets home.


Dani better win HOH or veto, otherwise it’s see ya!


I personally dont believe that limited Jordan figured this out on her own. Brendon and Rachel are so drunk with power and reveling in their own greatness they didn’t figure it out either. That leaves only Production and Shelly. I’m really sick of the four vets. If something doesn’t change in another week,I’m done until the near the end. I can’t take another summer with Rachel and Brendon.


Rachel actually looks like a nice girl in that picture.


i can NOT stand how brendon thinks he should control rachel talking to other people about game and how he thinks jeff should do the same to jordan…it’s ridiculous…jordan may every now and then prove why people have a stereotypical view of blondes but she is smarter than people are giving her credit for…j/j have proven they’re not clueless and were pretty much the ones that figured out dani’s motives…give credit where credit is due…i hope if they have a pandora’s box this year brendon is the one that opens it and they give him a muzzle for the remainder of his stay in the bb house!!!


YESS Dom needs to go!!


Vote Dawg YO!


Yes, send that ambiguosly gay duo of Dom and Dani packin!


Poor Dom..Vets wanted him or Cassi out last week because they thought they would be a strong couple and this week they are going to vote him out because they think him and Dani are a strong couple…the kid just cant buy a break…he managed to dodge the bullet last week cause he won the POV…but i fear his days are numbered…


While I was reading the post, all I could think was: Don’t let Dani and Dom know they’re voting Dom out!!! Tell D/D to vote out Adam, then watch their faces fall and Dani’s smirk quiver as her bestie is booted!!! Only thing is is the twist– the repercussions of the chance tht Dom re-enters the game!!! Why oh why didn’t Dani want to backdoor Brenchal instead of J/J??? Other than the smell, of course…


Shit yo, my boy Dom goin home now. GOD DANG IT. Sometimes chicks can’t keep they mouth shut. Oh well this season was doomed from the start anyway yo.


hey guys I was trying to remember, how long did it take for Rachel and Brendon to “hook up” last year? I watched it last year but, I guess I blocked out that yucky situation. :)!!


they had sex about the 4 week but started clinging to each other by the 2nd week

Eric CA

half of week one when Rachel was on the block against Annie, then in the hammock week two.
That is when they became seen as a pair, and the targets where placed on their backs…. early
that season during the whole “saboteur”, thing. Of course it did not help that Rachel and him where both crazy
obnoxious and that Rachel thought every female in the house wanted to split them up to
“Get Her Man.” … and they isolated a lot.


Doms biggest hurdle is that the remaining newbs are all useless tits so the target will always be on his back…he is in a tough spot…and because the other newbs will never win anything and are just pathetic clowns he will be leaving BB on Thursday…


exactly……they honestly casted a bunch of pathetic newbs…if only they were loyal to each other from the start …instead of running off to suck up to the vets like koala and two face shelly did right at the beginning.

but the casting still sucks for the most part


Shelly is a two faced old bitch!


Brendon worries about Jordan but its Rachel who flies off the handle and has to confront everyone about everything. Rachel will be the one to say the wrong thing, not Jordan.

Rachel hater

Wow Rachel targeting yet another strong player and one that is willing to work with her. so funny how she hated floaters sooooo much and now she loves leaving them in the game this year she is so two faced and talking about dani playing everyone, what about that snake shelly doing the same and getting no heat for it

Eric CA

She lost last season with the I hate floaters mentality, probably kicked herself for taking
out weaker people… I personally would have booted out Lane or the Hair-do… Too Big or
Enzo… possibly Matt.


Adam has a good shot at winning the game if you look at it. They all think he cant win competitions and he is on no ones radar.


tbh at this point, as long as he starts winning some comps pretty soon i feel he is one of the most deserving in the house of winning the game. i’d be pretty happy with him getting the 500k.


is shelly a lesbian? I know she has kid but lots of lesbos are having kids these days. she sounds like a man, when i hear her voice without seeing her it sounds like a man talking. and she walks like a cowboy who just got off a horse (bull legged) and she has short hair. they all do. just wondering.


Could be, but probably not. Dominic I think is a latent. I mean come on Male Model/hair dresser/ best friend to a hot chick/ claims to be a virgin? Latent city man.


I don’t think she’s a lesbian, I think she’s just really tomboyish. She talked a out her husband being her soul mate a few times.


I said earlier that I wondered if Shelly isn’t a guy gone girl…. I keep looking at her and I really wonder. One of the other sites are referring to Shelly as “Sheldon”, and ‘she/he” so I don’t think I am the only one wondering. She sure talks a good game on “no lies”. And does Kalia EVERRRR shut up?


sorry but not all lesbians wear short hair or walk any one particular way – and neither do straight women….


I really liked you Dom but because of the Dani bitch you have to go “bookey.” lol

Rachel hater

Dominic dug his own grave when he agreed to toss this pov contest, whats up with every single challenge this year being thrown by someone


if America got to vote then there would be no throwing competitions. But I don’t trust that CBS would be truthful regarding who America picks.


You got that right, these people are pussies yo.

The twist will be that THE BRIGADE will enter the house yo. LOL




simon you manage to post the ugliest pics of rachoe on here. too funny


rachoes most selfish self centered observation. she says “everyone is outside talking to Jeff and jordon and I just won HIOH

Ms Jaxon

I think Shelly used to be a HEAVY drinker. She looks like that first 40 years of her life kicked her ass!!


Reading all the comments here and woah blonde moment, I forgot about the one player coming back twist, I think because CBS likes to pimp Rachel and exploit her insecurities and cattiness towards women more physical attractive than her they’ll bring back Cassie, heck I’d go lesbo for Cassie! I hope when/if Dom gets evicted Dani has the same expression Dustin had on his when he was booted instead of Dick (one of my fav bb moments ever)


kind of surprised most people want dom gone next. at this rate the only people left will be brenchel, kalia, and porsche.. it’ll be even more boring and monotonous than the brigade final three last year.


What gaMe is Rachel and dani playing,, with the homemade rice crispies box?


I fear we will be seeing Brenchel making the final 2 if they get Dom out Thursday.I’m pretty sure I’m done with this season if I have to see Brenchel as HOH again.


I can’t wait to see what the new Ronnie says when she’s finally busted. And speaking of Ronnie, the photo of Rachett above looks like Ronnie.
The NERVE of idiot Brendan worrying about what Jordan might say to anyone – he needs to muzzle Rachel instead of worrying about Jordan.

Last night on BBAD Rachel told someone they were from “Canadia”. I guess she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses.


lmao @ at that last comment.


Correct me if i am wrong, i am Canadian so i am not sure about this, but are there not over 300 million Americans living in the US and wouldnt alot of them want to be on BB, and they come up with these 13 morons, especially the newbs. I guess my question is – whats up with that??? Who is screening and picking these people and why do they still have a job???


it’s like picking the Casey Anthony jury…they don’t want anyone too smart or perceptive


Big Brother 101: Don’t play too hard too early. What’s worse is Dani didn’t even have to play that hard because she has a golden key. Now she’s put a huge target on her back from the minute she can start playing. I was really liking Dani this season, but I’ve lost respect for her this last week with her poor social game play. If she recovers from this, I will change my mind. How much you wanna bet she would be in better shape if her Dad was still playing? ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss ED! ๐Ÿ™


Interesting Brendon wanting to censor Jordan when Rachel is the one with the loose tongue who can’t keep a secret. I do get that he’s just trying to think of their best interests. The girls do talk to freaking much and play based more on emotional reaction. Brendon constantly asks Rachel to zip it and she will turn around 2 secs later and divuldge key info trying to play Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.


They should have had all stars this season because the newbies are dropping like flies.


season of the floaters, not fun. they are taking out the best competitors


Bb8 all over again 4th houseguest to go out is Dani’s BB boyfriend


Oh no… Please tell me they have decided to keep Dom..?




Kind of undecided about who I dislike more- Shelly or Kalia. Shelly always serves up therapeutic, ass kissing bullshit, chock full of “integrity”, but Kalia is such an obnoxious, grasping, slug. Kalia presents herself in such a slovenly light. I keep reading that she’s saving up money for a boob job. Are we talking a reduction and lift? Cause she better lose about 40lbs first. Shelly looks like what smoking and sun can do to you, at some point you have to choose one or you wind up looking like a piece of gristle. I do think Dom is headed out the door though, and It’s too bad because at least he tried to get an alliance going. The more I see of Portia though, the less stupid she’s appearing-who knew? The only one that I’m really rooting for is Adam and Jordan at this point, with a little Lawon on the side. I can see this as being a performance piece for Lawon complete with costumes and nonthreatening sexual ambiguity. Also, Shelly looks like she’s had some filler put in above her upper lip and it was done rather well, but Kalia’s nose job could use some improving.


kalia is this year’s floater who no one wants to waste their HoH on and will make it to final 5-6 before finally the rest of the hg’s are put out of their mercy

Dani made a big move this week! I didn’t think much of her before but now I’m her #1 fan. I’m thrilled she finally put that obnoxious Rachel and “her man” up on the block. I do hope one of them goes home next week. I couldn’t stand her last time she was on the show and I can’t stand her this time. Why does BB want to keep torturing it’s loyal viewers bringing her back? LOL You go, Dani!

As for Shelly, she switches teams each week. Speaking of switching teams — what team does she play for? I could have sworn she was gay…. Too bad!! She claims she has a “husband” … really?! Come on, gurl!!! come outta the closet already.

The game is heating up!!