Team Powerhouse “If it’s endurance and we spin I win.. I’m going to F***ing” puke on people”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

2:58pm Cam 1-2 Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan tells them Frank is going to be on his ass these next 12 hours. Dan is pretty sure Frank will get in his face and try and rattle him. Dan just needs to keep his cool.

Britney: ‘Frank told me last night that he’s going to wrangle the outsiders”
Britney thinks they should be integrating themselves with the outsiders because next week Frank is going to use them.

Dan is getting really bad vibes from AShley and Jenn is about to go on the block so it’s going to be tough to become close to her. Dan: “at this point the only person I think we can get close to is Joe” (TPH4L)

Dan thinks they better take Britney’s advice either way and get down to the pool it’s not good to spend the day in the HOH.

Ian comes up tells them that Boogie is about to call JOe out for all his shitty cooking, dirty hands and siding with dan.
Ian thinks they all better get down there it’s going to be awesome. Ian says Boogie was telling everyone in the backyard that Joe is a idiot for rolling with Dan because Boogie has resturant contacts that can benefit Joe. Ian mentions that he was stirring the pot trying to get him all riled up.
britney to Ian: “quick does Frank and Ashley have a deal”
Ian: “No”
They start to pile out of the Head of Household room.

3:18pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Shane

They make sure they are alone in the kitchen

Shane tells them that Boogie came to him offering him final 4 all I had to do was put Joe up

Shane asks him if he’s got any news about Ashley.
Joe say that AShley hasn’t left ‘their’ side today (Frank/Boogie/Jenn).. it’s obvious what side she’s chosen. Joe adds that AShley and Jenn were whispering under the covers until 3pm. Joe: “All I know is they haven’t talked to me today”

Joe needs Shane to keep reminding him that he sucks and the HOH is critical. Joe: “SAy.. Hey Joe you suck a$$ your a big fat old man” Joe needs motivation he needs to know the HOH is critical.

Joe: “If it’s endurance and we spin I win.. I’m going to F***ing” puke on people” Shane starts building Joe up saying it’s Joe’s time to win he’s going to get it. Shane isn’t sure Frank will do well in a Endurance competition.
Joe about Frank: “he mentioned earlier in the season he can’t handle the dizzy.. that’s going to be a great thing”

Shane: “The one time we don’t have the havenots I am HOH.. what the frick”

Joe heads to the livign room to eat. Brintey comes into the kitchen to chat with Shane. Shane asks her what the tension is like outside. (Outside Frank, Boogie, AShley, Jenn. Boogie is talking mass sh!t about Joe and is about to go off on him) Britney says the tension is pretty extreme out there.
Britney: “somebody told frank that JOe went to the DR and complained about the Veto thing”
Shane: “Ohh god”
Feeds cut…

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3:40pm Dan, Britney, Joe, Shane Living room

General chit chat.. Britney saying she feels really guilty for leaving her husband.
Britney is naturally a brunette.. She was brunette for a Hot minute her first year in college.

Dan says if he goes to jury and he’s allowed a monitored call with his wife he’s not sure it he would take it. He kind of wants to wait and be able to be with her and have a real conversation. He feels it would just make them missing each other so much harder.

Shane decides to head to the backyard see what the rest of the house is up to.

Random chit chat.. Britney talks about her mom being worse than she is and is very embarrassing, “Like me with no filter” Britney goes on to explain how she sticks up for her husband because he is so laid back he’ll never do it for himself.

Talk goes to teachers and different grading schemes.
Joe chimes in says he never had a report card that didn’t say Excessive talking.

4:30pm Britney, DAn and Joe still chatting in the living room.

4:37pm Cam 3-4 Frank
Frank talking to himself.. “Well I keep getting put up on the block and when I win the veto I get accused of Cheating.. JOe.. JOe.. I don’t want to call anyone names but he’s just a low down dirty guy.. he knows how hard I worked to get in here and he’s going to try and take away a win..” ( Feeds CUT ETETY&*%^#@&*^#$&*^$#&*^#+ )


Frank now saying how much he’s trying to keep things exciting in the house.. He says if he wasn’t in the house he would be at home watching it and he would appreciate to have a player like Frank in the house stirring things up. Frank gets called to the Diary Room

4:43pm Backyard.. Ashley and Britney

Ashley is talking about Joe and the “tattle tale DR Thing” How a bunch of people were talking about it today. (feeds cut Fish ^$$%#$#%)

(Seems like every time it’s brought up the feeds flip to fish or shows a different scene in the house)

4:45pm Cam 1-4 HOH Danielle and Shane

Danielle is certain it was Ashley that told Frank and Boogie that Joe was trying to get Frank disqualified for cheating in the Veto.
Shane: “Up until last night Joe was telling AShley everything”
Danielle thinks that Frank and AShley have hooked up and thats who Frank will go to once Boogie leaves. Shane thinks Frank is also close to Jenn.
Shane tells Danielle that AShley and Frank made out and Ashley told him Frank was a better kisser than Boogie
Shane doesn’t trust AShley at all but he trusts her more that Jenn.
Danielle: ”So the really kissed”
Shane: “Ya”
Danielle: “She’s not going to leave Frank”
Danielle doesn’t think he needs to sweet talk AShley he should just tell her no ones save.. shane doesn’t want to threaten Ashley but he does want to ask her why is she going around spreading shit.. Danielle thinks she will just lie to him.

4:51pm cam 1-2 Frank and Joe Kitchen
Frank tells Joe he’s been hearing that Joe is talking about him. Joe denies it.
Joe: “Bring it up in the open .. cause it’s a lie.. I never said a word about you”
Frank alright.. “same as when you threw me under the bus to Shane during his HOH

Joe wants it all out and in the open.. “If someone says i’ve been talking bad about you they are lying.. I want to know who they are.. Bring that person to my face”
Frank: “People in this house don’t like confrontation.. I just want to talk to you about this”
Joe: “Someone is lying to you “
Frank: “Alright I got ya… no worries”
Frank leaves

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“He says that he loves Dan and that he hopes to have a life-long friendship with him. Boogie says that if Dan scumbags him, he will look him in his eye shake his hand and say good job. Boogie says that Dan is a great player.” (citations to simon’s old post)

I wanna tell Boogie, baby! Don’t you remember you told us earlier you are going to man up for this, but now you’re winning about to be defeated by Dan..
What a f**king great player!


Wait until he finds out that Dan didn’t do anything, it was Ian! He is going to be so embarrassed!


YES! I cannot wait until Froogie find out that. lmao.


not all entirely, he is going to be more embarrassed when he hears Frank’s conversations that he had with (seperately) Joe, Jenn, Will, Ian, Shane, Britteny, Danielle, Dan….then he going to see that not everything came from Ian…It is like Booger said in the HOH when they called out Dan, I only told you (Dan) and of course my man Frank…so you tell me Dan it was you….
Boogie should have said, wait a second Frank, you were talking to a lot of People. exactly what info did you give out…?
It just surprises me that Booger hasn’t brought that up to Frank


Boogie is going home and the Britney and the thr floaters and Ian and DAN WILL BE TH CHAMPS


people blaming boogie for trying anything and everything….why not….but its over

id be a bit more upset with the rest of the house, their lack of legit game talk, and the lack of any desire to play this game other than to remove frank and boogie. when will that group realize they cant all win together


i wouldnt mind seeing britney as a brunette


OK, does this whole Frank & Boogie waiting to ambush Joe thing is ridiculous.
That is some serious middle school shit. And the rest of the leeches hanging around waiting to see it without trying to stop it is moronic.
I am all for drama on these shows, but to me pre-planning just seems pretty childish.

OK and I can’t believe all this VETO cheating and feeds cutting stuff.
It sounds like Frank & Boogie were cheating during the comp., sending signals or something. Is that even illegal (in the BB rules)?


Dawg or Simon put a question mark by Frank’s POV.


I can’t stand Boogie, he’s so arrogant. If Ashley and Jen knew all the stuff he says about them behind their back I’m sure they wouldn’t be so eager to side with him and get Dan out. Can’t wait to see him walking out the door on Thursday :)


and if shane knew how much britney bad mouths him, he would cut her loose


AGREE, want Booger out Thursday and HOPEFULLY FRANK right behind his skanky butt!!! Cannot stand either of their ugly mugs!!! Did Frank really cheat on the POV and if he did why is he still in the house. Seems like it would of been easy to do and almost as if Grodner wants him to or why else would she put TWO household choices in the bag for the POV!! Bet he did cheat and that is why it took so long for the feeds to come back up.


Boogie and Frank are the biggest liar , cheaters, and I wouldn’t put it past production telling them whats going on and the answer to questions just for ratings It sad when Janielle, & Wil goes home when Frank get away with cheating Last night watching BBAD so many time feeds were changed when talking and saying just tell them this or that so Boogie nice coaching players to be shady and cheaters and liars Hope you child has better guidance the your sorry ass morals Julie Chen should call out Frank on national TV that this kind of behavior is unexceptible


unacceptable sorry


What’s up with the closeup on Joe’s whatever that is on his chin?? does production know about us callin it the spot he nuts on???


Powerhouse gonna puke on everyone? cool if Frank can cheat, I hope he’s the one that get’s puke all over his face….


I am not sure about ashley seems to say one thing do another and she also promised shane she would vote how he wanted


I’m about tired of Britney saying to leave her name out of it. to Shane…… Get out and actually do something and don’t keep putting Shane in a spot where he has to use his teams names…. You are the biggest floater like you were with the brigade. If you want your name left out get out and win something for your alliance.


I agree.. Brit hasn’t done anything. At least frank n boogie are playing the game. Dan knows Brit is the weak link to his aaliance. That’s why Dan wanted to work with boogie. Dan is even taking heat for what Ian did!


Britney has done way more than Dan and Boogie. Boogie went for the $10,000 and then said, ‘What am I going to do with $7,000 after taxes?’. He went for money that meant nothing to him instead of HOH. Dan has done nothing except throw his alliance under the bus. He deserves way more heat than he’s getting.

Eric CA

There is really only, One Person who should be pissed off at Boogie.

Frank, if Boogie had at least tried for the HoH, neither of them would be on the block.
It is true Boogies confidence will be his nail in the coffin.

When someone in Big Brother says
“I will never vote to give you the money.” or “I will campaign so that you loose.”
respond with:
“So you want to be in the Jury House? I’m cool with that. I hear it is very nice.”


“if Boogie had at least tried for the HoH, neither of them would be on the block”

If Boogie had tried his best to win HOH and Shane
beat Boogie, then both of them would still be on the

Eric CA

No they wouldn’t.
It was how Boogie was sooo cocky that he did not even try for HoH or Safety, that put them there.
He should have at least tried to win. Brittney and Dan at least had the common sense to try for
safety. It was used against them.


Just curious… what BB guest lingo is getting on your last nerve so far this season? We all know the old stand-bys, like ‘under the bus’ and ‘backdoor’, but what other terms have you been hearing that you really hope you never hear again? I can think of two right off the bat… ‘On the reg’, and ‘Scumbag’. Feel free to contribute here, because I know there are wayyyyyyyyy more than just my two;)

Aqua Bernie

I Don’t like the word “douchebag”



Eric CA

I am Calling Him/Her OUT!



Stupid, moron or idiots: There is always an arrogant person who sits around and calls other people stupid or moron.
It came to the Breaking point last year, when Jeff and Brendon would just sit around calling other people stupid. This year it is Boogie and Frank.

the need to give an Alliance a Team Name. I know it is a tradition dating back to Season Two, but my God stop it a;ready before we have


True, NeanderTALL and Technotroncs were the actual stupid ones


I’ve play this game with honesty….


I’ve played this game with honesty…




I’m tired of hearing “You know what I mean”.
Also, as far as cheating. How about Frank hiding something in his bag, was it the extra House Guest Choice chip that resulted in 2 for the game?

Pliney the Elder

Salty, because I don’t even know what it means.


“Apreesh” tired of hearing that one!!!


“You know what I mean?” Enough already. They all say it now but Britney is the biggest culprit!

The voices inside Danielle's head

(Fill in the Blank) called me fat.

Did you see me fall in the HOH comp?

Shane was mean to me.

I could go on and on, right y’all? Hey, are you listening to me?

Insecure Teenagers

We Love Joe, he makes us feel better about ourselves


brittany is annoying…her husband is a putz for putting up with her….ya bang her but u dont put a ring on her….u have to clean up after her because she thinks she is a princess….and u have to put up with her thinking she knows everything and shes always right….i wouldnt even argue with someone like her because shes the type of person that would lie just to win an arguement….and shes a conservative redneck like danielle who thinks there is an imaginary guy that lives in the sky


anything danielle says gets to me…frank thinking hes americas favorite gets to me…but u have to admire him..atleast hes playing the game….its the wrong game but its better than most….


Is there a rule that says if a houseguest’s hand
touches another chip and the houseguest sees
the other chip, the houseguest doesn’t get to
keep the chip they drew?

If not, this “cheating” thing seems like a non-

And, if I recall correctly, I have often seen
houseguests trying to benefit a competitor
during a competion.

The other houseguests are just mad because
they didn’t think of it.


i agree if he cheated bb would do something i think frank found a loophole like joe did with the slop that is why nothing is being done and the rest are pissed because they want him out


In what I read, it sounded like Big Brother orchestrated the “cheating”.


i think the feeds keep cutting when they talk about the cheated because if it isn’t true this will haunt the game around the internet and through the season so they want to avoid the bs


Ya know, I’ve been thinking about this cheating thing and it really bothered me at first. I am not a fan of Frank or Boogie, however, when they play competitions people on the sidelines are always helping the people that are playing……..I guess it’s not really cheating?? Who knows, I don’t think they’ll DQ Frank. Really, Boogie is going home so as long as that happens then whatever.

I just hope Frank doesn’t win HOH!


They will never DQ Frank because AG lurrves his skanky a** and will do anything to keep him there, including taking away Shane’s HOH to keep him and having Ashley make out with him.

And, Frank as America’s Favorite. What a laugh. Dude truly is a legend in his own mind just like Boogie and that weird tattooed person.


Must be nice to be naive…


If Frank wins HoH in fast forward. I would love to see joe puke!

Mad Hatter

IF Joe ever does win HOH he should say “Nobody comes between me and my Hand” Ziiiing!




i am sorry but it’s about time they all get expose i hate janelle but for them to vote her and wil out for being mean and dishonest when you have a group of liars who talk shit about each other and are cowards trying to avoid boogie’s confrontation i am glad shit is going to happen. Dan, britney, boogie had done nothing this entire game it’s about time the vail comes off and they all have blood on ther hands since frank, shane and danielle already have it with who they sent home.


Anyone notice that Frank looks like Val Kilmer?


God NO!!! Val KIlmer is attractive whereas Frank is a sweaty, greesy hill billy. No comparison at all! Yuck!


Frank is from Marion, AR which is just outside of West Memphis which is across the river from Memphis, TN… he may be many things but there are no hills here and that eliminates any possibility of him being a hillbilly…


no like richard tyson the bad guy from kindergarten cop


yes, I can see that as well!


Mine is a combo of John C. Reilly and Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Boogie Nights.


I’m really sick of Boogie and Frank talking smack about everybody in the house. They have the biggest egos ever. Plus, they’re playing a sloppy game by talking about getting rid of Britney and Shane to pretty much everybody other than Shane and Britney (They should of waited for HOH to be won by somebody OTHER than Shane or Britney).
Why does Boogie think he’s manipulating everybody in the house like Shane. Shane’s gullible but, he isn’t going to go against his frickin alliance yet.
Plus, I was laughing when they said how Ian wasn’t playing the game at all.
Umm…he’s in an alliance AND he’s the reason you’re going home Boogie. Boogie, you should of been nicer to the kid. He would’ve been loyal.


Is Frank an Idiot?? He knows he cheated he spoke with Booger about it(Feeds Cut to hide it), then He’s talking to the camera trying to make us think he’s innocent ?

production rigged it

apparently he is and he must have cheated during the pov draw and during the veto comp because if he didn’t then why do they cut the cameras to fish or somewhere else in the house everytime it’s mentioned, i’m just saying you know, he should be disqualified but we all know because he’s production’s favorite so that’s not gonna happen.

Eric CA

It might have something to do with he last time they had accusation of cheating or bad conduct in a POV.

Regan was hit in the face by Enzo in a POV. Some people said that it was on purpose, others an accident.
CBS and Big Brother got a lot of trouble for NOT taking Enzo’s win away, by groups sympathetic to Regan.

They maybe trying to avoid the same crap storm here.
There has been NO PoV ceremony yet has there.
Maybe they are still thinking of taking Franks PoV away and say that ther is NO PoV this week due to cheating.


I don’t know about anybody else, but quite frankly I’m sick of hearing Frank’s voice. If he’s not saying the F-word every two seconds, he’s talking trash about other people. I used to think he was a nice guy but he’s as big a jerk as Boogie is. I guess Boogie’s arrogance and intimidation tactics have rubbed off on him. I can’t wait to see both of them get booted off! Well I hope they do anyway!

Aqua Bernie

I wonder how his nana likes how he is acting?


Sorry, Frank, I don’t appreciate to have a player like Frank in the BB house.

Nicole N.

Frank and Boogie have played an awful game. They A) have kept to themselves have not tried to befriend people unless they need them(which by the way will never work because having one person have your back is not enough B) throw tantrums when they lose esp Frank and C) have huge egos when they win and act like everyone should bow down to them. The only reason Frank is still there is because he is physically good, but that isn’t everything you have to be socially good also. Even if him or Boogie by some miracle make it to the end none of these people are going to vote for them to win because they haven’t built any personal relationships with anyone.

production rigged it

boogie is so pathetic talking about calling out joe has he done it yet i don’t have the feeds but i don’t think he has, just blowing smoke which is something he’s good at bitching and moaning about how nobody has done anything for him, guess what booger if you had tried and won hoh you wouldn’t be on the block so if you wanna blame something look in the mirror if it doesn’t break first, his should change his name to mike “sucker” because when he finds out that ian played him that’s exactly what he’s gonna feel like a big ole SUCKER, hopefully someone will tell him in their goodbye message so we can see the look on his face.


I would have thought this year that Boogie would use a different approach than he has in the past. He is telling Shane he needs the money too because of the economy and etc. Well, if he wasn’t such a jerk outside of the house, he wouldn’t have the financial troubles that he has. Knowing this, it would seem to me he would want to try a different approach with people and maybe try to be a bit nicer knowing that his cockiness and arrogance has gotten him into trouble as it is. You can’t make people do what you want them to do, life doesn’t work that way. You can either try bullying them into it or you can be nice and not use vindictive tactics to try to persuade people in your favor. I think Boogie made the wrong choice.


bb has to do a better job in telling the players that if they know frank didn’t cheat to stop talking about it because it will taint the game through the internet


I think that there was something to the cheating accusation. Every time it comes up, production switches to fish. They don’t want us to know because they are going do creatively edit the POV so that we can’t tell what, if anything, went on. The fix is in – obviously. AG will do all in her power to protect that tool Frank – even letting him get away with cheating.


first off, I want to thank Simon & Dawg for the great work with the updates. I’ve been a fan since last year, and this site never disappoints with the comedy posts.

ok now…seems like there’s a lot of newbie BB viewers out this year. enough with the bickering about BB is rigged. guess what people…it is to a certain degree. this is not a game show, it’s a reality TV show with a production influence player decision for the purpose of viewer reaction. there has to be some type of fair balance with the active/productive players in the game against the the non-active/non-productive players in the game. you people are gonna tell me, production is gonna easily let go one of it’s premiere stars like boogie go out without a fight, and try and discover during this time what Ian, Joe, Ashley and the unseen and unheard Jenn can offer for the rest of the season. they are counting on drama entertainment for it’s sponsors for it’s network tv, it’s cable network and the online payment subscribers who expect to see drama unfold. this year’s cast has been a failure. none of the players besides Boogie, Frank and Dan has reacted well to the storyline production has fed them all season. not only did the Ian/Ashley showmance failed, production have even tried to have a Frank and Ashley showmance, but that eventually failed horribly. no need for some of you guys to take this BB serious. . it’s no different than any scripted daytime soap operas. just enjoy them for what they truly are…entertainment tv.

production rigged it

i understand your point but guess what if cbs would do a better job of getting better players in the house instead of half of them not being able to win anything (joe and jenn) or have enough sense to comprehend what’s going on (ashley) then production wouldn’t have to interfere in the game to keep it interesting which is what most people want.


I wholeheartedly understand your point and agree with you. I think it’s difficult for CBS to truly know how some of the house guest would react to the pressures on constantly being on camera, and competing against each other. it’s a coin flip with casting.


You know I just be talkin shit right?? I’m always like this every season…………….. I’m CRAZY for BB


lol. yeah, I remember you from last season. what I said is basically to calm some of the anxiety people are having with this season. it’s always been like this, I never took the show too serious, but I must admit, this website has always been more entertaining than the show itself. props to Simon & Dawg!!!!

Danielle's Eyeliner

Can someone elaborate on the cheating that Frank and Boogie supposedly did? Has anyone heard what/how they cheated? Thanks.

Carol & Steve

Well what I heard – Cuts to fish! UGHHHH – so wrong of them to cut the feeds when this is brought up and for that 6+ hour POV comp yesterday. I don’t think anyone knows & we’ll only know what CBS/AG wants us to know. At least until the seasons over & then maybe the truth will come out.. LOL


if i was the core four i wouldnt be so sure boogie is going home on thursday remember this games motto is expect the unexpected especially if someone has some kind of power we wouldnt know about it yet cause when they get it they cant talk about it I know that would piss alot of people off frank and boogie still in the game


If a HG already has a certain power, the viewers would already know.


If a hg has a power america always votes on it they don’t just give a power out because they like one player over another


I don’t see how Frank cheat but production should got an instant replay. However, I’M NOT A BOOGIE FAN LOVER! I always Jeff & Jordan fan club.


Cant wait til Joe knocks out Frank like he knocked Willie out the game.


I have heard a few things that make it obvious that production favors Frank. First, he told Mike they told him he won a poll and was Americas favorite. Second, he said production is giving him ideas to help him make Dan cry. Third, he palmed the chip when he stuck his hand in the bag and finally Mike told him to tell everyone when you leaned back, you were just stretching. This is sooooooo bullshit! Yes I know production has some influence on the game but this much! Come one!! Frank and Boogie both are douche-bags and certainly two people I would no want representative of my reality tv show.

Eric CA

This whole I am going to call someone out in front of everybody.
Nobody in that house has ever, ever played a spotless ethical game.
They all lie, they all talk mad shit about each other and they all screw someone over along the way, be it intentional or unintentional.

It happens, grow up. That is why Dan’s way is the best way, just wait it out and do not react.

What Joe should have done, and I think it would just shock the hell out of Frank and Boogie. Is say

“Yes I believe you cheated, and I told people that you cheated and I went into the DR and said you cheated.”


shane doesnt lool like val kilmer…..r u nuts? he looks like carrot top …thats about it


ooops i meant frank….where the heck do u get that frank looks like val kilmer…..he looks like carrot top


Simon i need to know what was the product used to remove Ian’s pits hair ??? thx let me know……i heard someone said Veet another one said nair ?


Okay so Franks BFF is about to leave the game (unless AG steps in) and he will be all alone, so he feels like now is a good time to start fighting with every person in the house? What am idiot…


The BB episode is showing a lot of footage from before Thursday’s live show.


Win or Lose, Dan is the #1 greates player – EVER! .. EvelDick is 2nd and Dr. Will is 3rd.- Boogie is 15th!


DAN FTW! If anyone deserves the title of only two time winner, it’s Dan.


Recap PoV wins
1.Janelle 7 PoV
2.Brendon 6 PoV
3.Daniele/James 5 PoV
5.Jeff 4 PoV
6.4 Way tie including Shane 3 PoV
10. 25 way tie including Frank 2 PoV

HoH win
1.Rachel/Janelle 6 HoH
3.Daniele/Mike Boogie/Hayden/Jason 4 HoH
7. 7 way tie with 3 HoH
14.23 way tie including Frank & Shane 2 HoH


OK, in every DR, Britney keeps saying “WE” yet she gets all pissed when her name gets brought up. Be real Brit, you are just mad that Shane makes sure you can’t play both sides, which is what you wanted to do. I hope the next HOH winner nominates Brit and Danielle.


For shots & giggles I went online & powerhouse was 8 years old when “I can’t believe it’s not butter” was invented… Lol that maybe the greatest lie ever (by great I mean so stupid it’s funny)


Is anyone sure where Ashleys allegiance really is?




As long as she keeps gettin her “fix” she’ll stay loyal to the BB Drug Dealer


Just let it go. A win is a win. Frank won Period. I’m not a Froogie lover period!


Wow, what a turn around for you! I don’t care that Frank actually won. If it was fair and square, no problem. The uncertainty is the fun of the game. It’s when the fix is in for certain players to stay, no matter what the outcome of the games i.e. when they took away Shane’s HOH for the reset. There was no reason why they couldn’t have had the vote first & then the reset because the reset left too many players in the game. THAT’s what make it so obvious and is so maddening.

It also appears that Frank did somehow get the “players choice” chip because it was handed to him. If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t put up fish if every time someone mentions it. They would let them continue to discuss it to DISPEL the issue rather that cutting away because they don’t want it known that they cheat this much for certain players.


so sick of these cowardly people here you have frank calling out joe and he backtrack WTF….people need to grow a pair in this house.


Frank and Boogie r bitching 24/7. Both of them are just greasy weasels. They have finally been put in their place. Can’t wait to see their face when they find out Ian is the rat. Go Quack Pack! Go Dan and Ian, most of all! :)


uhm Ashley kissed boogie?!?!! FILL ME IN