Big Brother Spoilers – Dan says Ian will never win a comp or make a move that’s why he’s number 5 in our group

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

5:15pm Cam 1-2 Jenn, Ashley and Frank

Frank saying if he wins HOH he’ll put up Dan and Danielle and if POV is played he’ll put up Shane.

Frank thinks they can get Britney on their side, “She’s going to play ball”

AShley: ‘She’ll do anything that stays on the game”
Frank: “She told me she trusts me.. I’m not saying drag her along.. i’m saying we keep the conversations open with her”
Jenn says in her conversation with Britney she said there will allot of sass coming from her but it’s not going to be directed to her

Ashley points out hey only have 4 more week.. How many HOH are left.. Frank 4 or 5 maybe.

Jenn says Shane is a shady guy .. and not too bright.
Frank: “When it comes to this game he’s as dumb as a sack of hammers.. “
Jenn: “Good thing he’s winning competition “
Frank: “Not really when you think of it.. he’s lost the last 3 POV”
Jenn mentions that He won the HOH last Thursday.
Ashley asks what this next HOH will be.
Frank: “question and answers”
Jenn: “Ian better pull out a win”

Frank says Ian’s Scheme was to get Frank out so he could play with Mike Boogie. Frank noticed that Ian was not happy when Frank one the POV.

Frank: “I went from me and my homie on the block going to 2 of my homies on the block”

Jenn says she’s real salty about Danielle.. she feels that Danielle could have at least told her to watch out instead she told her nothing. Jenn: “Danielle knew I was going up”
Frank: “I think Shane had his mind made up yesterday he was just too chicken sh!t to say anything to Mike and I” Jenn points out that Shane’s speech was very jumbled maybe he did make the decision at the last minute.
Jenn plans to stare Shane down everyday all day until Thursday.. She brings up multiple times that she thinks Shane is mentally deficient.

5:15pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Cam 3-4 Britney, Ian and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney points out that Ian has been a bit mean today. ian tells them not to worry he’s been playing it up. Ian: “You just wait and see the Sh!t I’m about to pull”
Britney: “I hope you see the things all these people are doing for you”
Ian: “Oh I do trust me I do”
Britney: “Poor Shane.. Poor Freaken Shane”
Ian: “If we don’t get in power Joe is gone.. “
Dan: “No way.. your boy is going to be me and Shane up”
Ian: “no no no it’s going to be Joe.. we’re going to throw Joe under the bus big time.. I’ll do everything to make sure it’s not you or Shane”
Ian :”Here is how we will do it”

Ian says they are going to bully Joe into saying he’s voting one way.. Then once Boogie goes They’ll just get Frank pissed off that Joe lied to their face . Dan: ‘You have to really rile Joe and Frank up for that to work. Dan asks ian what he would do if he won HOH. Ian says he’ll cross that Bridge when he wins.. but he’s thinking he’ll backdoor Frank.

Ian says if anyone gets asked back from this season it would be Frank, Shane and me.

Ian gives them a run down of where the casteways are at. Jenn is super pissed at Shane she use to call him sugar Shane now she calls him Sewer Shane.. She’s also very pissed at Danielle because apparently Danielle had told her she was going to give her a heads up if she was in danger.

Dan asks him if Jenn would put up Dan and Danielle. Ian doesn’t think so.. Ian points out that Frank F****** hates joe but joe is so weak he’s not high on the “Hit List”

5:54pm Cam 1-4 Frank and Ashley

Ashley and Frank talking about how they need to save Boogie this week. They are going to start working on Joe to get his vote. Frank points out that if they keep boogie they will have Frank, Boogie, Ian and Ashley playing in the HOH and the other side will have Dan, Britney and Danielle. Frank believes that Joe has a better chance with them, Frank will threaten Joe tell him if Frank wins HOH he’s putting Joe up unless Joe joins with them.
Frank: “He’s got to realize now is a time for him to pick a side”
Ashley says she likes Jenn and all but she’s seeing Boogie as more of a asset for the team.

Frank mentions that there are too many people in the house there is going to have to be 2 double eviction situations.. He doesn’t think it’s happening this week but for sure next.

6:11pm HOH Cam 3-4 Dan, Shane and Danielle

Dan says that he likes to cause a little bit of chaos when he gets a power. “I like to squeeze every ounce of information and chaos out of any power I get.. Even though I may not use it.. ”
Dan tells Danielle Jenn is pissed at her , wants to know why?
Danielle explains that she was suppose to tell Jenn If she was going up.. Danielle is sticking to the story and saying that she was just as surprised as

Danielle:” She said nobody is loyal in this house and glared at me”
Dan: “no one is loyal but who do you ever talk game to”
Dan points out that Jenn had a lot of opportunities to come up to them and work some kind of deal it’s obvious Jenn is working with Boogie and Frank.

Danielle thinks that Ian will not win the HOH he has no incentive.
Dan: “Ian isn’t going to win anything.. there is nothing for him to worry.. that is why he’s number 5 in our group”
Danielle: “Ian is playing very selfishly.. look at all the shit we’re covering for him.. he’s walking around the house saying he’s cast as a villain so maybe he’ll become one”
Dan doesn’t think Ian is being portrayed as a villain he’s going to be looked at as the smartest player. it’ll be edited like he’s the one that got Boogie out.

Danielle is really getting pissed about Ian, she points out that he’s going to coast to the end while we fight each other.

Shane: “Lets put a little fire under his pants.. tell him we’ll rat him out”
Dan says that Ian will not win anything.. there is no need for him to. In Ian’s mind unless someone rats him out he good to the end, “He’s starting to see a clear path”

Dan: “this vote is his first action that he is with us.. I don’t doubt him and the quack pack but I don’t think he’s giving 100%”
Danielle says Ian is making her super nervous.. He keeps saying he wants to put up floaters.. he’ll never put up Frank. Dan says Britney has really been working on him reminding him that he’s on a team.
(danielle is very pissed at Ian)

6:34pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Frank

Joe is saying that he just found out Frank was blindsided and he understands why Frank and Boogie had to get some things off their chest.

JOe: ‘I just feel more comfortable with them right now because of all the tension”
Frank: “We like the tension you know that joe”
JOe: “It’ll slow down.. it’s not the tension it’s the bickering”
Frank agrees says now that everything got out in the open and they have drawn a line in the sand it’s over.
Joe: “Let it settle let the dust settle.. Why is Jenn so salty.. she is such a obvious pawn why.. it;s almost like she’s overplaying it”
Frank explains that Jenn is more pissed that Danielle didn’t tell her she was going up when Danielle promised her she would.

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This may sound crazy, but I believe there’s something mysterious that came with that 10k prize boogie won during last week’s HOH. It kind of made me think more about it when I saw boogie looking at the picture wall earlier in the feeds. Does he have in his possession the power of Coup d’etat? Was there a private diary room session that explained to boogie he can exchange the 10k prize and go for the mysterious question mark cube in the game room. Is boogie making a decision to whom to use it on this Thursday? There were 3 different prizes in that event, THE HOH, THE 10K and THE SAFETY. So basically it was a gamble for everyone who had to decide what they were gunning for. Shane chose the HOH, boogie the 10K and Britney the safety. We also saw in the following days the mystery cube inside the glass game in the game room. I think it’s no coincidence and believe there is a connection between the HOH game last week and the mystery cube in the game room. Boogie is a multi-millionaire, something must of triggered him (maybe production) to gamble for the 10k instead of the hoh. Maybe I’m giving boogie too much credit of being a great player in BB, but I believe boogie is always mentally in the game, and in boogie’s head all he is thinking about in that house is “expect the unexpected”.


You have a very active imagination. Maybe Allison from
production could hire you.


The question mark dropped into the game after HOH, not before if I am not mistaken because all the quack packers were coaching Shane about what to do if there was a Pandora’s Box, and I believe it was just before POV. Anyone else??


Not sure Boogie is a multi milioinaire if all the lawsuits that are filed against him he loses. He probably needs the money for lawyer fees!! Can’t stand Booger or Bozo!! Hope they both go Thursday.


I hope that it is true. I don’t want to see boogie leave Thursday.

Head of Household

No, Boogs is just a greedy as mofo.


Hey look Powerhouse is Posting as “DAN’S BIBLE STUDY CLASS” LOL.


Coup d’eCRAP is not in play yet, if it was Janelle would’ve got it not booger.. Booger is going home, like he wanted all along , he got Janelle out again, his goal was completed, now he can go home and be a rich middle-aged overrated prick, the Booger that came outta Dr Will’s nose……


I don’t think Boogie wanted to compete in anything this season. He’s burnt out or something. I heard that he watched to see which jars everyone else was filling before he started on the 10k which nobody else went after. He’s an old has been.

Mad Hatter

Ohh Jenn… You’ve done NOTHING in the game and yet you think you’re the target over Boogie? HAHA

Janelle P.

Shut up. What has Boogie done? That’s right, NOTHING,


Um…Janelle have you missed when…JANELLE got evicted 2 weeks ago by the hands of Boogie? It was all Boogie who change DDBS minds to keep Frank instead……thats DOING SOMETHING! Just saying lol.

Eric CA

It really was not Boogie who got Janelle out. Yes he will take credit for it. It was more a series of unfortunate circumstances.

1) Danielle saw Janelle talking to people on the spy screen that she did not like Janelle talking to
2) Danielle’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder kicked in and she felt that Janelle was calling her fat.
3) This is the point in which Danielle decided to backdoor Janelle. Boogie had no influence at this point.

Boogie and Frank where talking about how sweet it would be to get Janelle on the block and out of the house, fortunately for them Danielle had already made the same decision.

4) Wil and Ashley where already turning on Janelle. Wil felt insulted by Janelle stating she had protected him. In fact it was Wil who started the Janelle is a liar campaign with Danielle. Wil is also the one that aroused Danielle’s Body issues.
5) Janelle tried to get Boogie in a Coaches Alliance with Dan. And in the meet to get Boogie to join, Boogie said Frank is off the table. Janelle was unable to kick Wil or Joe under the bus and paused. By this time Danielle had already decided to backdoor Janelle, this action only garnered the support of Dan and Shane, Brittney who even after the vote was undecided if it was the best move.
6) Danielle nominates Janelle.

At this point Boogie and Frank didn’t really need to campaign for Wil and Ashley’s vote. Janelle out is what they already wanted. Dan, Brittney and Shane had to back up Danielle, because if they didn’t and Janelle stayed they where her natural targets, even though Brittney was not 100% sold. Jen and Ian where both Team Frank still.
So the vote was 8-1 evict Janelle
So you see, there really was no mastery of the game on Boogies part. The person who did get Janelle out was Danielle. Boogie just likes to brag about it.


So that coach’s meeting where everything flipped never happened? Boogie getting Britney and Dan on his wavelength didn’t have ANYTHING with Janelle leaving? Please.

Danielle, no matter how much she disliked Janelle, wasn’t going to do anything that Dan or Britney were not on board with. She backdoors Janelle without them, they don’t have the numbers and Danielle becomes public enemy number one.

I understand not liking Boogie but to completely strip him of any credit in evicting Janelle? C’mon…

Eric CA

Danielle had decided to do it before the coaches meeting, I mentioned that. Her insecurity was moving faster than Boogie.


He got every1 to not vote Frank out and vote Janelle out now that was a mind FU@K if I ever saw one, I doubt anyone else could have pulled that off


and would that Janelle P be you lol if so horrible game play this year. I so loved you in both your past seasons but this season you should have stayed home and not signed up for it because people saw another side of you and it was not Pretty, very shallow, a down right nasty person and this one season superseded any past or former glory you once had in your fans eyes we were all cheering for your ass to go home


@retta.. janelle comes in as janellous


I thought so I remembered seeing that name but hey I meant every word of it lol


I saw that in her way back at the start of season 6 i had an immense dislike for her for a little while after the started appearing more human … and she will always be the best female competitor in big brother history


I hate to say it Jlon I think Rachel has her bet I cant stand her but she was a beast she even gave the guys a run for her money.


Exactly Retta! Frank couldnt of pulled it off…but Boogie did!

Eric CA

No not the brilliant Mind F’d that you are granting him. Wil was already mad at Janelle BEFORE, actually a week before, Ian and Jen did not require Boogie and Frank to campaign. Lastly Danielle’s choice to backdoor Janelle sealed her alliances votes. Boogie is not the master manipulator. Reset week Frank was going home, except the reset button was hit. If he was the brilliant Master of the Mind F, why has Frank been on he block every week so far. Why is he going home against, Jen.

Sorry Guys your Mind Master isn’t a Mind Master.


this cast isnt going to punk me out, im a middle-aged pimp! im gonna break my fuba shirt and rock the house, were going old school tonite! oh i cant forget my von dutch trucker hat……….


This guy^


Correction Dr. Will is a pimp, Booger is just hie Hoe




Boogie and Jenn, that’s like apples and oranges. I may be indifferent to Boogie but he’s playing the game. Janelle’s backdooring was his orchestration I mean he saved Frank that week because he was such a good talker in the coaches meeting and changed Dan’s and Britney’s minds about Janelle.
Therefore he hasn’t done ‘nothing’ in the game. I give him credit for putiing up a fight and constantly strategizing to further himself in the game. He’s not just curling up into a ball and lying down.


Big reason Janelle left was 1st Hoh she hung Britney out to dry from the Willie situtation and switched side pissed off Shane & Britney plus Dan new taking out a coach leave his chances better and it was Danielle wish to do so


Boogie hated Janelle from the last time they played together and knew he could say lets make a big moved but now the big move Shane made is stupid come on Boogie cant make big and not expect to get stabbed ibn the back too


And trust Janelle P will sure as hell wont be voted Americas favorite player to us now you are a 3x LOSER


boogie got what he wanted, he’d rather go home than sit in the jury and vote for a floater to win.

ian, you are an idiot. seriously. 5th in your alliance, when you could have used boogie/frank for a few more weeks. what an epic failure that instead of sending joe home, leads to sending home DR Gold in mike boogie. #fail.

That one guy

Poor Frank. Ian is not playing for you fool. Pity. Fool.


Where did they find thid crew of people? If they do something to keep Boogie, that will be it for me this season


its amazing how frank thinks that boogie can stay! i mean, NOBODY will vote him in over jenn. unless you re completly brain dead. even ash should vote him out for her own game. so it looks like she is brain dead.


since when does ashley have any say so about someone bein an asset to the team….the only thing ashley can contribute is making out with frank….she is backstabbing jenn and atleast jenn tries in comps…ashley does nothing at all


OK someone needs to clue Booger and Stank in that they are on a reality TV show and they need to start getting real. This “experiment” is bringing out the worst in them, and though Booger may have a lively hood to go back to, Stank still has yet to have his future set in stone. It is embarassing to think that these are two grown men, one is over 40 with a small child. Amazing that they have no guilt or shame or ability to reign themselves in and say this isnt right, this is a game, and I have to keep things in perspective. After all the catch phrase is……..expect the unexpected!!! so guess what, you got got GET IT!!??

Idiot Ian

Why does Ian think he would be invited back, what has he done to make him All Star worthy?? I don’t have the live feeds so am I missing something?


No, you are not missing anything. He is terrible, kind of delusional like Adam. Ian plays the game like he plays women. He’s around it but he’s never IN it. The guy is a grade A douche who would cut off his own arm if he though someone would say “Hey, remember that Ian guy?”


That it explains it all. LOL

Coming “straight” from Nightmare on Elm St!


lol. Jenn who?




lol is she anything thing like the ghost of Jenny past lol


.When I read,Shane opened pandora’s box,my heart drop.You scared the crap out of me.Lol.The last thing I want to read is the head line to one of your post or a comment/update from you that says,Shane opened pandora’s box.Lol.


When I first read “Shane opened Pandora’s Box”, I thought there was some twist to save Boogie lol.


You mean there was another player in this house?????? I thought i was just seeing things but now i see that was an actual person.

We should name brit’s lazy eye lol!!!


LMAO!!! at jenn thinking she can intimidate somebody, what you going to do jenn win HOH..Not.


The writing is on the wall people. The silent 6 fighting it out last couple weeks would have been the only thing to save this season As it stands now it’s going to go down as the worst rated in the history of big brother.


I don’t know, Big Brother nine was so bad I didn’t watch any of them after the first few shows. That couples format was a bomb…

MU Tigers

People say that every season. You had Jeff’s fan’s last year stating that him getting evicted was going to cause ratings to drop so low that the show will be canceled. Then the following week Dani’s fans were saying it. It never ceases to amaze me how so many fans think this show is about one person. This show is the sum of it’s parts. And if this show can make it past season 1, it can make it past any HG being evicted.


shane is playing a good social game,.,…after everything that has been said by frank….he is playing frank like a fiddle right now, saying me and danielle want to work with u……..dan plays danielle a little better than shane plays her…..but shane has an obvious advantage …o well…..hopefully bbad is entertaining tonight…..its been a real snoozefest lately

That one guy

I think if they give Shane a pandoras box he needs to leave it be.


No he shouldn’t, If i can remember correctly I think the first pandora’s box has been the better one most of the time. BRING BACK DIAMOND POWER OF VETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Lampshade

Me thinks Ian is getting a bit too arrogant.

Just saying

um… is it just me or did shane kinda expose Ian? Shane, listen, people are not as dumb at you. You just gave frank the biggest clue ever. You better hope Frank is too arrogant to realize what you just did


I can’t stand Froogie, but I appreciate Boogie, at least making floaters stop floating.


I´d love to see Jenn and Boogie both going home.


That might be too much of an epic twist for Ashley to handle,
she might go into an LSD flashback.

When Ashley asks someone if they want to take a bath with
her in the HOH bathroom, she really means ingesting “Bath
Salts” which she brought into the house hidden in Danielle’s
oversized thighs.


I love mine w/ sour cream lol


Ditto Retta. Sour cream and pierogies…yum.
I live in Georgia and love them.


One of her clients from the corner of Main St took her
out to a fancy restaurant after the business transaction.
That’s where she found out what it is.


She saw Men in Black :P


Dan is an idiot, he didn’t win a comp. either!!! and what’s his move?? teaming with porker Danielle?

I hate the DDBS alliance, someone kill it please..

if Joe ends up in the final 2 with one of them.. I’d vote for Joe


This is why people like you aren’t on Big Brother


Exactly –thank BB14. Nothing else needs to be stated.


I guess you’d prefer to have people like Shane, Jenn, Ashley, and Danielle who’ve either never watched the show before sequester or tried out for a dating show beforehand.


BB14 – That’s why YOU aren’t on Big Brother! See, it’s pretty easy to say. Since non of us are on Big Brother, Tool.


Sorry the pic of Shane in the last post once again leads me to believe he is gay. And for Ashley to compare Danielle to Jordanis a joke. The only thing they have in common is that they are southern. Danielle may be smarter than Jordan but Jordan is smart enough to know when a man is just not that into u. Fyi Ashley I don’t think u should talk about brightness of ppl cause u are definitely out to lunch without a sandwich. Frank FTW


Kinda funny how people are “guessing” Shane is gay while Boogie is being sued for embezzling money from his restaurant partnership and blowing it having sex with other guys. And you say “Frank FTW”, just think why him and Boogie are so close with their bromance…makes you wanna say hmmmmmm


What’s really funny is how Boogie was countersued when he laid the first lawsuit down for extortion. Blind hatred and gossip is a dangerous combination.


brittany only knows what her husband brings home….i can see brittany bitching at her husband saying if dinner isnt ready when she comes home she is punching him


Ian is such a little wimpy, punk! He’ll never win this game! He’s the Shelly of last season, lie, lie, lie and be two faced and then everyone figures it out and EVICTS YOU!!!! You’re a loser that’s being used Ian! So freaking desperate to fit in.


Killing myself laughing at Boogie!!!
he thinks it was unfair of them to put him up, he “wouldn’t have gone for the $ if he didn’t think he was safe” Wasn’t it him bashing Janelle for being so arrogant to think she was safe that SHE DIDN’T WEAR MAKEUP! So what does that make him….
he’s mad because Shane yoyo’d them and didn’t just say they wouldn’t play with them, but when dan and others wanted be decent enough to tell Janelle he said NO, she must be scumbagged!
You know I think that’s the problem, it all went TITS! up with Janelle’s exit!! Wonder if he’s rethinking his adamance (sp?) on getting her out yet?


Boogie’s arrogance is so annoying. He thinks he is so smart, yet, he got played.He can’t stand that what he did to Janelle is now happening to him. He is bashing everyone and just said that he couldn’t wait for *these people* to go back to their pathetic lives. Does he not realize that he is talking to unemployed Frank……doesn’t that make Frank pathetic? I know Jenn hasn’t been a player at all and thinks the other side is against her, but wait until she sees the mockery Boogie made of her and the way she walks. I have a funny feeling Boogie was the kid on the playground that had no friends and now that he is back on BB for his 3rd time he thinks he is king of the playground and it is his turn to dish out the hate.

Myka 9

Frank will vote for Boogie to stay, everyone else (including Ashley) will vote for Jenn…


Boogie and frank make the show interesting without there bromance it’s going to be boring..Shane needs to leave thou he is Sooo stupid


Remember, there’s still the floatmance with Aspie-Ian and 12-step Ashley. lol

(More like a Menage a trois with Frankfurter in the picture)


yeah but everytime they show Ashley and Ian together the world throws up alittle in their mouth…


The world pukes a little with the bromance between boogie and frank too…possible bumpkins in the bathroom?? Google “Mike Boogie Lawsuit”, you’ll get the picture real quick (HURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL)


Hey I am still rooting for Powerhouse 4 Bawwwwhaaaa Lmao


Jenn says “Shane is mentally deficient” when she herself is physically deficient!! She really did show her true colors; what a sore loser, just like Frank and Boogie!!


Boogie, Frank and Jenn are all grown adults but they act like little cry babies!!


Come on Boogie, you are making yourself look bad with self loathing and talking negative about everyone. Don’t be such a sore loser. You got played, unless production comes in and saves you.


I truley do not want Danielle, Britney, Jenn, Ashley, Joe or Ian to win this game. I am not a fan of Frank or Boogie but at lest they are playing some type of game and deserve to win some sort of a prize. Dan needs to stop covering for Ian, discover Danielle is mentally ill and bring home the 500k!!


I’d get super pissed if Ian goes against the quack pack.. Shane and Dan are covering for him and taking all the blame.

Ians pit hair

I wish Brit wouldve saved me after wiping me off of Ian so she could shove a handful of me in Boogie and Franks mouth so they would shut up.

joe's teeth

i hope there’s a fight on after dark tonight


Willie said it best “Frank You’re one shady mother f*****er” and he now can be called a cheated still think POV is fixed so production what are you gonna through at us on Thursday with double eviction another scam


* throw at us


The more I hear him I really hope that Thursday is double evict and frank gets to go with his little buddie Boogie. If not lets watch Frank change his tune…. I respect Ian for telling them he is not shutting everyone off and drawing a line to be on Frank and Boogie side.


got to give boogie credit, hes getting the other side of the house to unite, something he should have done the SECOND frank won HOH. of course, thats why they are mad that they were scumbagged over someone saying they were* going to put dan up. they had thef reaking pov, its not like they didnt have opportunity.

im glad jenn is waking up now, not that it will matter, but its nice. ashley too, if she had been in boogie’s ear like she has been the last week the entire time, boogie would be running the house

why no one has seen right through ian is simply down to his disability

I have one too, it would be VERY difficult to read someone like ian, or someone with any neuro type disorders


Showmance, Bromance, Floatmance, Homance and Willie Hantz.
Which is more interesting???


Ian – Dan

Brit – Ian
Frank – Ian
Joe – Ian
Jenn – Ian
Ashley – Ian
Danielle – Dan
Shane – Ian

Danielle will feel like she owes Dan a vote and everyone else will vote for Ian because Dan has already won

Ian – Shane

Brit – Shane
Frank – Ian
Joe – Shane
Jenn – Ian
Ashley – Ian
Danielle – Shane
Dan – Ian

Danielle, Brit and Joe will feel like they owe Shane a vote and everyone else will vote for Ian because he strategized masterfully behind the scenes

Actually if you put anyone up next to Ian he very well may win depending on how the next few weeks go



Does anyone know if Frank or Boogie figured out Ian was the snitch? It’s funny how people say frank and boogie are cocky. Difference between them and Ian be cocky now is they back it up. Poor Ian though Dan and his minions r gonna eventually backdoor him


Frank had an inclination the night Frike was nominated. He asked Mike if it was possible that Ian betrayed them. Mike shook it off saying something about Ian being a 21 year old kid, doesn’t know how to really play the game and he worships them. Frank’s instincts are sound for his type of game play (which included BD’ing Dan) but Mike has to get in his head and gum up the works with his nonsense regarding how well knows this game. The Boogster Got GOT!


its really hard to watch frank and boogie talking about people. no respect. dismissive.

over here in germany it would be impossible to that in that fashion. here production would call them out on that plus they really would get a bad edit. i cant believe that there are actually people who love watching stuff like this.


Hey cornerback,

Do you know what tribute song would be good to play
(if) upon Mike Boogie’s exit from the house?

It’s a song by Rammstein called: “Buch Dich”


its “bück dich”. to be exact. i know you americans have problems with the “ü”.

yes. i know that song. it fits in two ways. one: how (bad) boogie treats people and two: how he gets treated by ian in a way. but ian does it a nice way…


I wish someone would shave off Danielle’s eyebrows and Joe’s chin hair at night while they are sleeping. That would make some good TV.


Don’t have to do any shaving, just apply some of Shane’s Nair while they are sleeping and voila!


Ian wants to put up floaters…since when could BB players put themselves up?


>>”Frank says Ian’s Scheme was to get Frank out so he could play with Mike Boogie. Frank noticed that Ian was not happy when Frank one the POV.”<<

I know that Ian isn't truly Froogie's ally, but did it ever occur to Frank that maybe Ian wasn't happy because (A) Boogie (Ian's supposed ally) was still on the block, and (B) Ian was afraid that he was going to be nominated to replace Frank? Frank's as dumb as a box of hammers.


Jenn has no game


I bet the quack pack alliance won’t last very long. Bye Bye Dan!


Frank, you better win your 3rd HoH! Knockout Shane or Dan! DDBSI Alliance won’t be last very long.