Shane “Boogie you just got sent home by Captain America..unless they Chima me again”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

3:21pm cam 3-4 Backyard

Players lounging around in the backyard.. Jenn City is applying lotion to Frank’s Back. Danielle and Shane are playing in the pool. Just chit chat.

Powerhouse joe is around running the place.

3:25pm cam 1-2 Boogie and Jenn Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie: “Jenn just so you know I am going to make a hail mary pass to stay”
Jenn seems to think that she’s the target. Boogie explains to her that He’s the target and there very slim chance that Boogie will get the votes. HE’s going to preference every argument saying that he has nothing bad to say about Jenn. Boogie thinks the only angle he can work is that keeping him in the game means keeping a huge target.
Jenn: “I’m going to start kamikaze some of this shit.. I got nothing to lose”
Boogie tells her he’s been real with her since day one he still wants to be friends outside the house.. They hug it out..

3:35pm cam 3-4 HOH

Britney and Eagle Eye Joe talking about how pissed Jenn is. Britney is shocked she’s acting like she’s the actual target. It’s so obvious that she is a pawn. Britney thinks that maybe Jenn is just being pissy because she up with one of her alliance. Britney: “Like Shane and JOJO week 2” JOe: “And Wil with me last week”
Brintey: ‘Ya sure”
Britney: “Did they expect to get to the final 4 untouched.. I’m baffled I have never seen anything like it”
Joe: “An now we have all week… “
Britney: “I know… All freakin week”

3:49pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Ashley

Jenn talking about how shocked she was when she got nominated.. Both Ashley and Jenn thought that Ian was going up.
Jenn: “shane is lucky he’s good at winning competitions because he’s not the brightest guy”
Ashley: ‘now he’s all buddy buddy with Dan”

Ashley: “OH MY GOD why does Britney still act like she doesn’t work with Shane and Dan”
Jenn: “I do think she didn’t know what Shane was doing”
Jenn says that danielle Lied to her directly she told Jenn recently that she would come to Jenn and tell her if she ever in trouble. Jenn and Ashley agree that Dan and Danielle Are acting like little “Pu$$ies”.

Jenn says that Shane told her she is nominated because several people told him she’s feeding Boogie with vital information. Jenn thinks that is complete BS she hasn’t told Frank/Boogie any vital information. (This isn’t 100% true) Jenn thinks she’s been nominated because out of their group she is the most liked and that scares Shane.

3:52pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan,Shane, Danielle, Powerhouse Joe

Joe: “Whats Up lover boy”
Dan: “Lover boy.. “
Joe: “There’s so much love in this house for you”

They are all wondering what the hell Jenn is doing acting the way she is. Dan suspects that Jenn hasn’t realized that she needs the votes yet.
Joe says he’s 100% done with Ashley.. it doesn’t matter what you tell her she ends up telling Boogie, Frank.
Joe is really chatting it up says he’s done with the other players in the game.. He’s not going to talk game with them anymore there’s no game to be played. He’s dedicated to Dan, Shane, Danielle and Britney to the end.

Shane says he thought about being with Boogie and Frank but he looked at this group and they are much stronger and closer. Shane: “Did you see Boogie’s face during the Ceremony! THAT is why you don’t tell people what you are going to do”

They are looking at the HOH Spyscreen, It’s showing Boogie looking at the memory wall. Shane comments how Boogie much be thinking about what votes to go fore, “Sorry boogie you are going home” Danielle: “At least he gets to go back home to see his baby”

They start chatting about Double eviction. Shane: “Ohh man imagine if we can get Boogie and Frank out in the same night!” JOe: “Is that even possible”
Dan: “I’m not feeling cocky but the odds are in our favor”
Joe: “we Got the odds “
Dan and Danielle leave..

Shane: “Boogie you just got sent home by Captain America.. ”
Joe: “This is a defining moment in this game.. Something he’ll remember for ever”
Shane: “Hopefully the rating go up.. Oh shoot I can’t talked about that.. sorry BB”

Shane brings up what Ian was saying after the nominations.. “That little shrimp.. Finally Ian jump in the game.. You can really

Shane: “Boogie is gone unless they Chima me again.. If that happens i’ll just walk out.. no i’m joking”

4:28pm Cam 3 Look who’s running things in the house ;)

4:20pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Frank near the pool

Britney understands why Frank is mad she went through the same thing in Season 12. Frank says he feels like he was blindsided.. he thought he could trust Dan and Shane. Frank starts to explain what happened in the kitchen earlier he says that Boogie has had his back from day one and if Boogie is getting into a argument with someone who wronged him he’s going to jump in and help Boogie out. He knows the confrontation makes people nervous but that is what the game is about and people he trusts are being put up on the block.

Frank goes on to say that Shane makes them dance around like dancing f**king bears past couple days.. We are not trying to bully people we are only sticking up for ourselves. Frank jokes that if he gives a shout out about Britney’s Birthday on the live show if she’ll vote for Boogie to stay.

4:30pm HOH Shane, Britney and MOFO Powerhouse JOE

Britney giving a rundown of her conversation with Frank. Says frank was nice and they had a fair honest conversation. Shane thinks that maybe he should go talk with Frank. Brintey recommends Shane wait until later Frank is still very heated about dan and Shane.
Joe: “we need a name for our group of five”
Shane: “I’m thinking the furious 5”
Britney: “Ian is being such a little douche”
Joe: “He is”
Britney: “he’s loving the drama and 2 of his people are up on the block”
Shane: “He’s going to vote for Boogie to stay”

4:50pm Cam 1-2 Someone I have never seen before on the feeds is talking to Britney trying to get votes.. She calls herself Jenn City. This new player says that she is going to stir things up this week she’s going kamikaze.

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158 thoughts on “Shane “Boogie you just got sent home by Captain America..unless they Chima me again”

  1. 42 year old Mike Boogie would f**k Shane up in a real fight–I have no doubt about it…Shane is one of the biggest Pu$$ies I’ve seen on this show…

    1. now that i have stopped laughing at that comment here goes …. who are you kidding…. and what part of your body is your brain… joke joke funny funny gag ..

    2. And? Where I come from, being able to F someone up just means the only way you feel like a man is by fighting.
      Shane has boogie beat on class all day long.

        1. Definitely Shane has them beat because Frank nor Boogie have any class, morals or dignity! They are both pretty much over aged cry babies!

      1. You are absolutely correct Shane has so much more class. Like blaming Britney for the original nominations that oozes tons of class. Shane has no balls of his own. Watching him in a conversation is painful to see him trying to keep up with everyone. The wheels on his bus don’t go round and round they go side to side…

        1. Have you been watching the game this season? Britney has been up to her usual strategy of manipulation and mind games. She’s been behind most of the nominations. Janelle really wasn’t a blip on anyone’s radar until Britney suggested to Danielle that she nominate Janelle. Both Boogie and Britney have controlled the nominations from the beginning; but they’ve done it in such a subtle way as to make it look as though the actual HOH at that time came up with the brainstorm. Anyone who witnessed Britney’s game play during her season should know how she operates and should not trust a single thing that comes out of her mouth. She’s mastered the art of looking “surprised” when someone is nominated and always professes to not have known that was going to happen. I was hoping once the rules changed and the coaches were allowed to play that the first two to be voted out would have been Boogie and Britney; but sadly that wasn’t to be. If ever a pair needed to be voted out, it is certainly them. It’s a cringeworthy group of houseguests this season of Big Brother. I’m not rooting for any of them to win; but I don’t want to see Boogie or Britney came out with the big money prize.

      2. Putting aside Mike’s reputation, he’s been a straight shooter this season…Shane lets women run his HoH’s because he can’t be a man and grow some balls…

        1. Team10K, you are right on! Shane doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He blames the chicks in the house for the nominations/evictions/drama. I’ve also heard him blame his house flipping business partner for his debt. I wonder who he will blame for his eviction???? He could very well be leaving on Thursday as well.

          Personally, I’m tired of his pink wardrobe and weird Donald Trump hair.

          1. Hell yeah! Finally some people calling Shane out on being a PUSSY! Boogie would beat his ass, no doubt! Here’s to hoping production pulls some shit and keeps Boogie around!

          2. Finally some Shane hate! He is the biggest douche wad ever, and Dan’s not far behind. What a smug twat. At least Frank and Boogie will confront you about something, not just hide behind a bible. At least Frank and Boogie will give us *something* worth watching in a season that has sorely lacked exactly that: watchable television.

        2. Booger and Frank have NOT been honest. Don’t buy into their lies. They were going to get Shane and Britney out this week if they didn’t have to get their hands bloodied. They wanted to take over someone’s HoH and blame them for the eviction. Booger would have dumped Frank at final 4 because he is more physical and kept Dan and Britney..seriously they are sore and bad losers..too funny to watch them fall apart because they are on the block. Booger should have tried and protected them and not took the money!!! Look what he did to Janelle last week. Do not feel sorry for those 2

          1. Boogie would’ve got rid of Frank in the F4 the exact same way Dan will dump Shane, so what’s the difference? And you’re basically accusing them of NOT doing last week what Dan did this week. They didn’t do it because Boogie trusted Dan. I guess he skipped over: “Thou Shalt Not Lie” in the bible. As well as “Thou Shall Not Take The Lord’s Name In Vain”–both in language and hiding behind the Bible.

            1. They didn’t backdoor Dan because they felt it was too early and would ruin THEIR own game, not because they trusted Dan or the alliance. They were hoping for the game to go the way they wanted and for them to eventually be the ones to turn on the Silent 6 in their own time when it felt right for them.
              I guess their alliance just had to sit and wait for them to be the one to strike first.
              Well guess what, Shane felt this week was the right time for HIS game to get rid of one of them, he got them before they got him.

              And all the people talking about Boogie beating Shane in a fight…whatever. Who cares if he can or can’t beat him in a fight, all that matteres is what’s happening in the game and if all goes according to plan, this Thursday Shane will be the one who beats as we see Boogie leaving.
              As for Shane being a pussy, well he put up Frank and Boogie and then Jenn knowing fully well the wrath he’d receive but he didn’t care. Call him pussy all you want Boogies’s out the door on Thursday.

    3. what is gonna do peck him to death with his nose? or maybe bore him to death with terms from the 90’s that no one uses anymore? he is nothing but a washed up booger.

  2. Britney is a dumb b!tch!

    Danielle is a pathetic, desperate b!tch!

    Shane is a pussy, no back bone!

    Dan is truly Judas but he’s probably gonna win again!

    Ian is a two faced troll that’s gonna get what’s coming to him!

    Boogie needs to leave and stop harassing people and go back to the hookers!

    Joe is an as$ kisser!

    Ashley is a waste of space!

    Frank needs to cut Boogie loose for his own game!

    Jenn who?

    That’s Big Brother 14 for you, ladies & Germs!

        1. Frank Cheated. Means he’s not good enough to win the game on his merits, he has to CHEAT!!! You need to accept that your boy, Frank is a cheater.

  3. please chima shane i cant stand that douche he thinks hes captain america hes more like the green lantern both homos.Everyone talks about how arrogant boogie is i dont think he is any more than dani or shayla eerrrrrr i mean shane

    1. also i think ratings are down cause the sun and wed shows suck they save all the action and twists for thu spread um out bb

      1. The ratings are down because people caught Frank CHEATING !!!!! They should not allow Frank to play hoh and I dont think any one is going to watch a Cheating network! If they don’t say something

        1. Shut the fuck up about “cheating” already. Its so stupid that because you don’t like a player that you arent weighing out all the possibilities you are just set on the fact he is cheating. Even if you do like Frank, its reality TV. Did you think it wasn’t influenced at all?

          1. Hell yeah DotCom! I’m sick of these babies complaining about Frank “cheating.” Fact of the matter is all these people, other than Frank and Boogie, are BORING and no one gives a shit about them. Once Boogie is gone the only reason left to watch this show is FRANK and production realizes that! I can’t believe how many people here like the “Quack Pack” a bunch of whiny pussies who can’t man up and tell people to their face what the plan is. Pathetic!

    2. Shane only called himself Captain America cause that’s what douchebag Booges & Frank were screaming at him and calling him earlier. you might want to watch the feeds or reads updates before you ASSUME Shane to be arrogant like Booges & Frank & call himself Captain America.
      About time someone finally stood up to the scumbag Boogie !!!!! He scumbagged through the entire season 7 but its not OK for someone to do the same to him. and we all know in season 2 he was 4th evicted so he is no mastermind Dr Will was the only reason he won season 7. Boogie you got got deal with it.

      1. How awesome would it be if Production sneaked in a goodbye message for Mike from Jedi Jani? She wouldn’t have to say a word, just laugh long, loud, and hard a la a Chilltown phone call!

      1. not really an insult just a joke about a dude who runs around in a smedium pink tank top and yes to the other people shane has been arrogant since his first pov win not just the captain america comment maybe yall should check your feeds im not hatin on the dude just makin fun as it cracked just like boogie should be in lord of the rings as legoles the elf i dont play favorites or cry like little bitch about production just call it how i see while i may have players who entertain me the most i dont care who wins caause it aint me

  4. Awww..Boogie and Jenn are best buds. Is’t that sweet! It’s too bad she doesn’t know that two days go he was making fun of her and trash talking her. They’re both idiots!

      1. It’s very funny! ?????? Awww it’s her moment to shine and she’s being a complete idiot. I have to agree.
        The drama! Oh my …. Boog’s and Frank are pulling an Evel Dick. Raunchy move, but even if they are aware
        that a double eviction is coming up.. being an a-hole coming up to the next nomination etc. Will make it fresh
        in everyone’s mind. Frank should be thinking of next week.. Or even tomorrow. Wow! Just Wow!

    1. I taught Mike Boogie the tricks of the trade in BB7.

      Now in BB14, his trade got tricked by some newbies!

      Mike, you didn’t listen to Frank about Dan, you didn’t play for HOH to save your only true partner when he couldn’t
      even compete, instead you went for 10k, when you have much more than that?!

      Mike your gameplay is so bad, I might root for the guy with the tattoos and patch of red hair.

  5. I am not a Brittney fan because she is always talking smack about everyone, but she is playing a good game. She is social with everyone, and a little 2 faced. I don’t mean 2 faced about game talk, just friendships in general. She is like that mean girl in high school who always had something nasty to say about you.

  6. Shane better not get to cocky before Frank wins the HOH again. Everyone on Shane’s team is going to throw the competition. No one including BRIT has any plans on trying to win it. Brit telling Ian he needs to win the HOH. Ian should said, “Well Brit, what’s wrong with your legs?” Frank wins HOH and Brit and Shane on the block., with a backdoor if needed for Dan. Oh.., JOE jump ship quicker than 30 or so Dem state leaders skipping the DNC convention so far.

  7. I started watching the feeds and reading this site after the coaches came in. Before that, I liked Frank. However, his behavior this past week has changed my opinion. I feel like he’s acting high and mighty because he “worked so hard to be here” and has only been a target. Also, I think it’s dumb how Boogie and Frank are super pissed they were put up, even though if they were in Shane’s position, they would’ve done the same.

      1. No, and I won’t make excuses for his behavior either. I like Frank, but don’t care for Boogie. But I don’t care for how Frank is acting right now. I get it, he’s mad. But he should be mad at himself for a couple of reasons, such as…
        Listening to Boogie too much, including during his HOH when he wanted Dan out.
        Talking too much, Frank has on more than one occassion had loose lips with information he should have kept to himself.
        Underestimating Ian, both Boogie and Frank are gonna kick themselves in the ass when they realize it was Ian that got this week going.

  8. I get the feeling Shane has watched more BB then he lets on…I doubt he watched the whole Chima thing in sequester…and I highly doubt he is the one that came up with the Captain American reference I think the DR came up with that because if i remember correctly other house guests have called him captain american while in the DR.

    1. Chima was from Big Brother 11 and she was HOH and Jeff won the special power Coupe da ta I think thats how you spell it…screwed up her nominations and she got pissed off and threw her mic in the pool and got expelled!

      1. Coup d’etat – meaning to strike against or overthrow the state (in this case, the HoH). Shane already had his HoH wasted once when the coaches entered and the game was reset.

      2. Coup d’etat is French for overthrow of the state. (Accent over the first e in etat.) Basically, Chima’s HOH was taken out of her hands.

    2. Chima’s HOH was nullified by a BB twist, she eventually “lost it” and had herself self-evicted.

    3. when she was hoh in season eleven jeff got the cout de tat and replaced her nominations basically voiding her hoh

  9. It sucks Boogie will be leaving…he did make it exciting with Frank..but If the rolls were Reversed if It was Dr. Will and Frank he would of told Frank to do it instead of not backdooring Dan. But hey..Boogie already proved how good he was when he saved Frank from eviction by calling Janelle out..hopefully some how Boogie stays and Frank get some sweet revenge! Chilltown/Frank ftw!

    1. If Dr. Will would have been there Frank would have never told Dan that he considered backdooring him in the first place. He would never had said anything to Ian about who to put up and just manipulated everyone into doing what he wanted. He wouldn’t have been sitting around for 35 out of 40 days doing nothing and encouraging Frank to do the same.

      1. Agreed. The spiel Frank keeps giving about them playing a straight forward game, I mean, seriously.. when you play poker you don’t say, “ok, I have 4 aces and a king, everyone make your bet.”

  10. Boogie is playing (relying) on one player to trust in was his big mistake ,Ian lays with Britney all day lets her remove his armpit hair or manhood to look more like a boy Boogie are you seriously losing you swag

  11. If I was a quack pack alliance. I would just keep our mouth shut & don’t get to cocky because Frank will come after you all.

    1. He might get one of them, then the remaining 4 will send him to the jury house. Frank’s big problem is that who he will be left with on his side, Jenn and Ashley. I am sure that they are both wonderful women, but they aren’t winning much in the way of comps. Once Boogie goes, Franks chances of winning are very slim.

      1. @MU TIGERS, Frank can do it. He is a male version of Rachel. He the fighter. I don’t think quack pack will not be intact. They will fall apart. He probably win alot.

  12. man. who the heck is this tatooed woman. since POV meeting she is always in the picture. never saw her before….must be a new HG.

    1. Send her to me, I specialize in removing tattoos. But I have limits,
      I won’t remove any from her p*nis!!!

        1. Retta, in your case splitting hairs would be called a penile
          subincision, that’s about the size of it for you!
          (Pun intended)

          1. BBKing What about the sub incision? to remove a wart you can just slice it off because its only affect the dermis layer thank god he came to you early, I had a pt that had so many it looked like a volcano and erupting that nastiest green stuff funny enough I asked the man was that vagina worth all this surprisingly he said yes. Or you could have just froze it like they do w/ woman. and yes I got your Sarcasm lol

        2. The incredible part of removing the wart, was how he did it. He didn’t freeze or burn it off, he used his teeth and bit it off. It’s a special relationship those two share.

  13. Boogie may be arrogant and greedy and Frank a hothead and a poty mouth but the entire house has flaws Danielle-Self issues. Joe-Butt Kisser and the biggest floater of the season. Dan AND ian-Snake, Brittany-Negative, Ashley-Not bright Shane- Dumb and no social game. Frank and boogie do have one thing going for them.. an honest game they are only acting out in anger at the moment but The good side to frank and boogie is loyalty they didnt plan on firing at the silent six for another 2 weeks and boogie has proven in season 2,7 and 14 that he sticks to his core alliance

    Worst thing is if they go home the show goes with them and the rest of the season will follow them to jury house

  14. Shane is a total douche in my opinion. Even though I was 100 percent rooting for Boogie, I really hope Dan f**** over everyone in Quack Pack and wins. I would love to see him screw over Danilelle. That would be epic.

  15. I’m sorry but are frank and boogie really whining that they’ve been lied to, manipulated, and scum bagged?! Isn’t that what they’ve been doing? And weren’t they trying to get shane to scumbag Dan?? I hope they get a chance to watch this later and see how pathetic they look throwing this temper tamtrum. And jenn (?), what in the world makes her think she’s the target?? And i thought danielle was delusional…

    1. I really liked Jenn’s reasoning of why she was on the block, A- she is the target and her “girl alliance” didn’t give her a heads up or B- she’s the most likable of the group ensuring Boogie goes home. LOL the most likable hahahah! This was after Shane spelled out to her that Frank won POV and took himself off of the block, he therefore has to name a replacement, so he chose someone from Boogie’s team ensuring Shane’s teams numbers stay strong regardless of who’s evicted. Jenn says uh, huh, but why me? lol

  16. We all want Frank and Boogie Out!!! They don’t know how it feels like to be Insecure!!!! We’re rooting for Danielle? cause …… um …… well…… maybe cause she’s Insecure?

  17. If Boogie goes home, everybody here will be watching
    If Frank goes home everybody here will be watching
    We say this every year when our favorite goes home, and look, we are all still here.
    Big surprise.

    All of them have back stabbed, all of them have lied and none of them have played a spotless game.

    Boogie and Frank where the first two to employ the “Homophobic Bully” defense during Willies week
    Of course Willie being uncivilized did not know a rage filled call out was not his best defense. The question to ask
    Frank and Boogie was “What did you do in response?” I believe the answer was laugh at Will.
    Homophobic bullying is a serious matter. It is not something to use as an emotional ploy to save yourself in a game like this,
    furthermore I did not find Willies comments to be homophobic, as much as it was indicative of his regional upbringing. There
    was a missed opportunity on Wil and Jens part to create a dialog on the subject. I found that disappointing.

    So now they are being called bullies. I do not think they are bullies. I do believe that they are childish and some of their comments
    might not fill them with pride after the show. I do not like any of their attacks on women, and do not find them amusing. What ever
    you think about Janelle the dildo comment was reprehensible. I also did not enjoy the”… I want to slap that coffee out of that bitches hands”
    comment in regards to Brittney at all entertaining, but this is just my opinion.

    These are part of my reasons for not liking them, I admit it.

    1. I agree that people will still be watching, even after saying, “If so and so gets evicted…”
      But as far as everything else, you are too uptight and need to take a chillpill.

      1. Thank You I am tight…. oh uptight, not really, I generally laugh most things off.
        Unfortunately, some of Boogie and Franks comments are reprehensible, especially
        those directed at the women. It is the manner in which things are worded I find to be
        objectionable, and the context they are used in. I would not them used towards any of
        the women in my life, and in all honesty none of us would.

    2. The dildo commnet was f’n hilarious LMAO!…Mike makes good TV, and the show is going to suck when he leaves, but I was still watch because i”m a BB fan…

        1. Eric get a sense of humor if the show makes you this serious and bit$hy change the channel and watch Wheel of Fortune lol (is that still on)

    3. First of all can I say that I myself as well as a group of others have watched BB since season one! Having said this I stated in a post a week ago that there is 22 of us that get together for EVERY single episode, but this past Sunday only 8 showed up! So I got on the horn to find out what happened after all these years of watching together they disbanned! What I was told made total sense, people in my group pay hard earned money for feeds etc in BB but this year has been one in which I feel we all deserve a refund! Boring is being polite, these people have no clue, they playing follow the leader of the week, all of them combined do not make a half a brain! What happened to making moves and changing the game! This is by far the worst tv I have ever watched! Production getting involved, people floating unlike ever before, and then boasting about thier gameplay! Brittany shouting orders at everyone to win HOH but she wont try for fear of getting bloode on her hands! WTF is going on with BB It has pretty much in the toilet! And Danelle is just excruciatiung to watch, pretty bad when the two I cannot stand are the two that make the show and are about to go home! I can honestly say that when I asked the people I know who watch BB who they would like to see win the general response is none of them deserve it! All I can say at this point is bring on Survivor!

  18. I dont understand why people are getting upset with Ian. He is only being real to his TRUE alliance which is the quack pack. He is doing what his alliance wants him to do which is play boogie and frank to get information, and he is doing a damn good job at it as of right now..stop hateing on the kid, he knows his place. What show are people watching, duh.

  19. If anyone has the “Shirts for the Shirtless ad on top of their screens, that is what Aspie Ian looks like outside of the house:
    The shirtless guy with a hat on.

  20. Allison G. of BB should remove all sharp objects and ropes from the house,
    just in case Aspie-Ian finds out about Frank and Ashley tongue wrestling.

    1. Why don’t you stop with the aspie comments. They are not funny. Have some compassion in your heart. Do you think it is something that Ian enjoys living with each day. I can not image how he has been shunned and ridiculed over the years. Grow up and have some understanding. I would hope that you would not have someone in your family with an affliction and someone making fun of them. Would you stand by and tolerate it? Would it be right if someone called you retarded because it is no different than what you are doing by calling Ian an aspie.

  21. Funny how at the beginning of the season everybody was being nice in here and just commenting on the game rather than making personal attacks at the players. There was even a comment made by somebody about how there’s no haters commenting this year and how nice it was…and now it’s back to slamming the houseguests by calling them names like fat/ugly/stinky/douche/scumbag, geez, it’s like a room full of virtual evel dicks in here again.

    1. FUNNY, every season The HGs GIVES us reasons to make up nicknames for them……….. Instead of assuming someone is being mean get you’re facts straight K?

      1. So how is Boogie outside the house? I think he is what he is you ether gotta love or hate the guy. Me personally find him entertaining

      2. I am not sure I would tell people that you are in business with a guy like him. I guess he is not really that bad in real world????

      3. Hey BBKing you gonna hire Danielle to work in one of your clinics???lol I am a nurse also and even she scares the bejesus outta me

        1. Boogie must be pretty skanky outside of the BB house also; he has all kinds of lawsuits against him for embezzling and some type of sex scandal. Can understand why him and BOZO, Frank, are together as with Franks’ vile mouth they are cut from the same cloth. I understand why ratings are down because these two disgusting individuals are on the show and people are just disgusted by both of them. I know that is why I stopped watching. Would assume ratings would go up if and when they are both shown the door. I did love Dr. Will however. He owned everything he did and did it with class! Loved him!

  22. Somethings you might not have known about the house guests:

    Joe owns two Taco Bell franchises and his employees won’t even
    let him inside the kitchen.

    Danielle runs her own fan club on FB.

    Shane’s is bicurious and his current boyfriend also likes
    wearing pink shirts.

    Britney works on the corner of Broadway and Elm,
    she looks ridiculous in fishnets, short shorts and high heels!

    Jenn is circumcised.

    Aspie-Ian carries a 50 caliber hand gun outside the house
    because he is afraid of his own shadow.

    Dan has to secretly take testosterone injections so that his
    breasts don’t turn out looking like Ian’s.

      1. Mike Boogie has a statue of “Vanilla Ice” at home
        and secretly worships it. Also, he used to be 6 foot
        six inches but he got slapped down to size when at
        a house party in the inner city he said, “You people
        really know how to rap.”

        Frank’s skintard with the tutu was taken from his
        bedroom closet.

        1. LMFAO @ someone actually makin a stature of vanilla ice, if anyone would do it, Booger would, but that’d be a lie if he could he’d make a Statue of Dr. Will

  23. Janelle was right about Boogie not being able to take what he dishes out. Boogie and Frank are behaving like babies because Shane didn’t let them have their way. They are the cockiest duo on Earth when everything goes according to plan, but as soon as someone makes a move that DOESN’T benefit them, they throw tantrums like a couple of children.

    Jenn is overreacting to her being nominated. The last thing you want to do when you’re on the block is make waves with the people that control the votes. She needs to get her emotions under control, campaign, and relax ’til Thursday.

    I just hope their isn’t some last-minute twist that will save Boogie.


  25. Ohhh Shit I seen the pic of Powerhouse meditating dont let this beast get comfortable. I wish someone would put the tattooed girl in her place and let her know she is a pawn and they will send her home after double evictions.

  26. I wish after Shane said unless they Chima me again,I will walk out the door.He wouldv’e said,and I’m not joking.If production save Boogie or help and save Frank yet again.Every single one of them need to walk out that house,because it’s a wrap and the fix is in.Now,Dan&Britney need to keep telling Shane to not open pandora’s box and don’t accept anything that production offers him,because for once this season,things are looking good for their alliance.Which means that production won’t give Shane anything that will help him & the quack pack.Whatever production offers him will only help Boogie&smelly Frank.So,I hope Dan&Britney continue to hammer that into Shane’s head.Boogie needs to be evicted on Thursday and hopefully,despite production predicted cheating they will do for Frank during the double eviction HOH&veto comp.Maybe Frank will screw up like Jeff did during double eviction last season.

  27. STOP IT!!! Mike Boogie, you got played. So, show us why you’re great and get the votes to stay. I need Jenn who, Ashley the pill popper, and Joe to GO!!!!! They are useless.

  28. OK, OK, I think I got this.

    The new girl on the feeds is Je.., no. GWEN! Is that it? Or maybe it’s Ben, kind of looks like a guy…

    DARN I had it just a moment ago.

    1. Maybe it’s “Men” LOL

      The reason for the plural is to explain its (Jenn?)
      split personality, the quiet one and the one that
      just recently went bezerk for reason at all.

    1. Absolutely nothing homophobic has been said from me!
      You can’t find one thing!

      Just because Jenn is pathetic as a player and a person
      doesn’t mean you can go around pulling the sexual
      orientation card and expect sympathy for your wicked lies!

  29. “Shane “Boogie you just got sent home by Captain America..unless they Chima me again””

    Production probably won’t because Booger as well as Janelle didn’t keep ratings up, it as low while they’re on the show, weakest drama bringers in 3 seasons… Shittown Is OVER

  30. “Boogie explains to her that He’s the target and there very slim chance that Boogie will get the votes.”

    He thinks he have a”slim” chance at gettin votes? DELUSIONAL

  31. Boogie is the man. He definitely got blindsided with Ian. He’ll appreciate it when he goes home and watches what happened. He’d probably appreciate a half a mil more but he couldn’t recover not knowing where the source of the rat. If he found out it was Ian instead of Dan and went full throttle on Ian like he went at Dan.. I think Ian would have picked up his ball and went home. Mike and Frank campaigned the shit out of this house but it all fell on deaf ears when everyone else knew he had the wrong guy. Pretty awesome.. pretty sad. I think Frank should have taken one for the team and kept himself on like Brachel. It would have made better tv!

  32. The Quack Pack is the most idiotic name ever in BB history!

    Why do these people just sit around and whine all day? Especially that porker Danielle. Ugh. Please send her back to Redneckville!

    I won’t quit watching the tv show because I want to see what happens, but I won’t pay for the live feeds next month. I would rather spend the money getting drunk.

    Wil and Janelle were the most entertaining people in the house.

    The rest of the cast is boring as hell.

    I want Production to get a bunch of big people, 300+ pounds in that house on a limited food allottment and see what happens for BB15. Forget about all of these celebrity wanna be-drowning in debt-boring as watching paint dry fools. Get some fun and interesting people on there.

    SIMON, you are awesome!!! Thank you for the updates!!!

      1. LOL! The girl just can’t help herself! Maybe she will join a stalker’s self-help group after they vote her out in a week or 2.

  33. so what have we learned today? by the way…before i say this…ian does not have aspergers…he cried when boogie gave him the 1000, and he felt bad when kara left, he wouldnt be able to show empathy…and he does show empathy int he house. thats why hes bein such a bitch about putting frank up…because he doesnt want to face frank when he puts him up…so that aspergers theory can go out the window …

    now …we found out today that ian is a punk….yes he gave his alliance some good info but he also doesnt have that killer mentality to win this game, he is just happy bein away from his normal boring life that consists of playing wow and jacking off to tranny porn

    if he wont put up frank, then the alliance might as well trade him for someone that will and that is joe

    we learned that ashley turned on jenn, because she would rather be with carrot top

    we learned that jenn thinks she is more important then she really is, jenn u r a pawn calm down,

    we learned that danielle is still a lunatic that has to b the center of attention or she cries about bein the victim

    we learned that everybody is sick of ian, and we learned that the only people capable of winning this are shane or dan…they are the only ones that dont play with their emotions…this is a game, not life….remember what danielle said earlier to brittany….danielle said this is real life to me….because this is the most attention danielle has got in a long time…people back home dont believe her bullshit, people in bb do …atleast for now…brittany isnt built to win this game

    SO THERE YOU GO…..ALL U FRANK LOVERS……frank will not win….he lets his ego get in the way….since when did ugly people get big egos anyway…nobody has ever won big brother without some type of alliance that is capable of winning things…ya frank….u can have jenn and ashley on ur side….but they wont win anything unless it requires spray tanning or playing the guitar….

  34. im willing to bet anybody that danielle takes another shower tonight in the HOH room….she always tries to make it discreet that she is trying to be by herself with shane at the end of the night….shane cant kick her out because the last time he tried to do that she went crazy and cussed at him….so he lets her in…..and tells her what she wants to hear, i wish jenn would win an hoh….cuz she will put up danielle, and i bet brittany, dan, and shane vote her out…lol, dont call me dumb, i can totally see it happening

  35. I’d like Ian to win now that Boogie is going home but.. where does he feel he fits in the wack pack going down to 4? Everyone else has a final 2 situation. The only player he potentially would have one with (Ashley) isn’t even on his team. I thought you were an evil genius?

  36. I’m all about the Quack Pack, but I do feel a little bit bad for Mike. He was sitting pretty before the reset and looked well on his way to winning the $100k. Playing the cocky, omnipotent All Star was a great strategy as a coach, but clearly not as a player…especially if you aren’t winning comps. I would have rather seen Frank gone first. It’s too bad production keeps saving Frank’s @ss. The only thing I’ll give them is that having more players around at this point in the game has made things more interesting.

  37. Maybe if people quit putting time into naming their shi**y alliances and play the game it would be more interesting. Here’s hoping Dan or Shane following Boogie out to even out the numbers and keep it somewhat interesting.

  38. Quack Pack=Dumbest Alliance ever
    Really, Quack Pack is Garbage. Frank will get his revenge on Quack Pack. The Quack Pack will crumble & never intact. Quack Pack is bunch of Garbage. Frank is not going anywhere.

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