Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie: “They really duped us.. they really F**ing duped us”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

7:15pm Arcade Shane and Frank

Shane is telling him straight up he’s getting someone out that will help his game. He blames the Diary room for not letting him tell Boogie and Frank that they are going up. Shane claims he was up all night until 4:40AM thinking about it and even right before the POV Ceremony he was on the fence. Shane made a move and he’s sticking by it. It may screw him next week but he had to do it.

Frank says he made them look like a fool running around like dancing bears. Frank says because Shane did what he did he made himself the number one target which was Dan’s plan all along.

Frank using the angle that the strong players are now going to pick each other off and a floater is going to win. Shane knows it’s a long shot but if Boogie leaves he wants to still be able to talk to Frank.

Frank: “I don’t want to burn all my bridges… the bottom line is Dan sold us out I know that now. ” Frank and Shane seem open to working together. Frank’s only condition is Dan has to be gone.

Shane is worried that maybe Dan will sell him out that is why he’s wanting to keep is options open. Frank says maybe he can get Dan out next week then Shane and him can talk. Frank again remind Shane that Dan manipulated him into drawing the line in the sand.

7:31pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Dan Silence.. Boogie and Dan sitting across from each other looking away. Frank joins them and starts chatting fitness with Boogie

7:55pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie
Frank: ‘It f**king disgusts me that Joe is the swing vote”
Boogie: “Preaching to the choir on that one.. what burns me the most is it benefits Joe’s to keep us we’re not trying to pull a fast one on him”
Boogie:” F**king yoyo mother fu****er”
Frank explains that The Diary told Shane he wasn’t allowed to say anything.. feeds cut.

8:02pm Kitchen Cam 3-4 Jenn, AShley and BRintey plan on doing yoga

8:10pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Frank is unsure about getting Britney’s vote. Boogie is pissed at pretty much everybody.. He says Ian a little pathetic weasel and Britney is a B!tch.

Frank mentions that Dan was telling him he’s practices keeping his cool. Boogie laughs says he’ll see if Dan keeps his cool when he tells her he’s heading to Michigan to F**** his wife (LOL Biam)

Frank says he’s going to be working hard to get the votes for boogie. Boogie thanks him.
Boogie will be laughing in his head in October when all the other players are back to their regular pathetic lives. Boogie goes on and on that nobody in this house understands the game. It benefits everyone (Everyone but dan) to keep boogie in the game. Boogie: “It’s not a difficult concept but they just don’t get it”

Boogie says Ian and Ashley haven’t done shit for them or the game. He was feeling good when Janelle left he didn’t see it coming. Boogie: “They really duped us.. they really F**ing duped us.. LOL these suckers man.. Look at ian he’s playing pool with this guy”. (Shane)
Boogie is pissed at Ian
Boogie: “Such a pussy… whatever I had a soft spot for the kid but whatever.. “
Frank: ‘I hate to see you like this .. I was thinking about using the veto on you today “
Boogie: “NOo.. you couldn’t take that Chance”
(Boogie and Frank are in love they are the Big Brother 14 Showmance)

Boogie tells him when working for votes bring up that Boogie was invited to Dan’s wedding and bachelor party they were friends outside of the house.. what do they think he’s going to do to you.

Frank: “I’m glad we never had that giant blow up in the yard with Joe yesterday like we were planning” Boogie: ‘No Sh!t eh” Frank: “We need his vote now”

Boogie is going to say at the live show “As a owner of 17 restaurant over the years this chef’s food is worst he’s ever tasted” Boogie says Shane is so far removed from the LA lifestyle he fell for the oldest trick in the book He had a gay guy fly him down for a photoshoot. (How does Boogie know this is the oldest trick in the book? He’s been doing it for years) Frank adds that Shane was telling him he’s so glad to make the Jury and he never thought he would make it this far. Frank lost respect for Shane when he said that.

8:40pm Cam 3-4 Boogie, Ian and Frank
(Boogie is pissed off about Ian be so buddy buddy with Shane)
Boogie: “So is that part of your game to be hanging out with him”
Ian says he’s not talking Game with Shane they are just playing pool he likes Shane. Ian points out that when the house was against Willie he never stopped hanging out with him.
Boogie: “You don’t have the problem with him yo yoing with us”
Ian says he does have a problem with Shane because he almost went on the block still Shane is a nice person in the real world. .
Frank: ‘We’re in the game right now.. this isn’t the real world son.. every minute you are here it’s game”
Boogie tells him that these are fake people in the house and they are going through their routines. He doesn’t want to see Ian Fooled.
Ian says that he’s not going to ignore people or douchebag them.
Boogie says he’s making us look like fools he’s not a good person he made us go through all this back and forth when he knew what was going to happen.
Boogie explains to Ian that Danielle, Britney, Shane and Dan are a solid group of 4 where does Ian think he sits with them. Ian points out that if he’s not playing Pool or in the salsa bowl he’s cutting himself out from a lot of people in the house and that hurts his game.

Ian and Frank go to play pool

9:10pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Danielle

Danielle asks why Jenn has been so mean to her since the POV Ceremony. Frank thinks it has something to do with Danielle not telling her Jenn was going up. Danielle swears she didn’t know what Shane was going to do. Danielle was under the impression it was going to be someone else. Danielle has tried to talked to Jenn but she turns away. Danielle can understand why Frank is pissed but not Jenn, Danielle doesn’t have the POV ans isn’t the HOH. Frnak points out that the house sees Danielle is close to Shane. Frank thinks time will heal all wounds and people have a short memory in this house.

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“Boogie: “They really duped us.. they really F**ing duped us””


Welcome To Big Brother Booger


I want to see Dan, Shane or Ian go home next after this week. So tired of their lies. Dan makes all Catholics look bad with his lies.

This Guy

If you are tired of lying then why the hell are you watching this show?


What a load of crap. Should he talk about other people’s wives instead?


As does Notre Dame… smh. Maybe they’ll pick up this year. Idk. We Catholics can hope can’t we?



You mean as does “Penn State”.


@bb14fan, I agree with you!!! I think we all realize that you lie in this game, but Shane and Dan have no integrity whatsoever!!! Shane looked Boogie and Frank right in the eye and told them that they were both absolutely safe and the alliance was on this week. When you make an alliance, you stay true to your team until the end. You don’t stab your alliance in the back the first chance you get, hence the name alliance!!! I definitely hope that Dan and Shane do not make it to the end. Those two, along with Ian the snake, are not worthy to win!!!


Just like Frank looked Dan in the eye and told him he was safe, when he was hoping to backdoor him. He would have too if Boogie didn’t stop him. Just like Boogie and Frank talk smack about everyone behind their backs and suck ass to their faces. I guess it’s ok when they do it, but really bad when DDBS do it.


I’m hoping for the core group of 4 to make it to the end. I actually would not mind seeing Dan win again. It’s Big Brother, not let’s make friends. It’s not like they were in an alliance with Boogie and Frank from the beginning. It’s been one week and Frank was debating going against the group so whatever. You cannot get through this game without lying. It’s funny how much “integrity” some posters have sitting by a TV and watching, but not actually playing the game. It would be much different if you were in the game.


@JORDEFF, I don’t think core 4 won’t make it to final four either. Due to double eviction, Frank will have to break up the core 4 or Quack Pack! Based on comps, Either Frank, Danielle & Shane will make it to Final 3, Frank,Ashley & Shane making to final 3 or Frank,Ashley & Danielle making to final 3. There no way Shane or Dan survive the double eviction.


What Booger said about Dan’s wife is disgusting. Fuck you Booger. Fuck you. He can’t get a girl with self-respect or dignity. Dan should beat the fuck out of him.


Agree, Boogie is a disgusting excuse for a man!!! He is really a pretty worthless human being to say that and definitely he needs to go. Frank and Boogie are just proving what weasels they are and sorry excuses for humanity!!!


I must have missed what Frank said that made him such a douche. I understand why people think what Boogie said was out of line (even if you and others took it way too far) but I really don’t see where Frank fits into that.

Eric CA

You think saying “I want to slap that coffee out of that F’ing Bitches hands.” is cool, What a Prince


Boogie is so disgusting to look at and his personality is just as bad. I am sure dans wife threw up a little when she hears what boogie says.


That’s what Booger wants, so he can stay and Dan get expelled, he’s that low of a person he is to instigate a fight.


what Boogie said about Dan’s wife was funny.


You must be 12. Or at least have the mind of. 12 year old.


Fair enough. I’m not going to argue with you.


Your disgusting rape is never funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


You’re* learn to use propper grammar before you insult me.

Varsity Villian

How is it rape? -___-


It isn’t rape. Boogie never said or implied rape, he implied consensual sex with Dan’s wife. Of course, this will never happen and Boogie knows it will never happen. He wants to see Dan blow his gasket since Dan is the Dali Lama of scumbagging.

But leave it to a COMMENTER to type and imply rape and, of course, the blind sheep ran with “Boogie is a rapist!!!!!”

Seriously, I’m all for having your favorites and least favorites in the game but the way some of you twist and exaggerate things that HGs do in order to show how much you dislike a houseguest is borderline unhealthy.


It’s rape because who the fuck would sleep with that Booger, in their right mind? SRSLY.


only thing dan could beat is his meat ala powerhouse besides if he did that hed be gone and boogie would stay

quack-pack fan

Boogie is such a douche! What a Prima Donna making comments like that about Dan’s wife – what a great example he sets for his newborn son. Boogie is such a bad sport and I feel has negatively impacted Frank’s game now because they are so closely linked.

See how frank is running behind Boogie trying to mend fences and apologize for the rudeness. Boogie should not be held up as BB royalty because he has no class and arrogance beyond measurement.


Boogie is also being sued and in the suit the Owner of Geisha House said he embezzled money to pay for sex and have sexual fantasies with older men.


Who is this Jenn girl i keep hearing about?

Carol & Steve

I’m sure it’s production’s way to save Boogie – LOL!!


we can only hope.


Cant stop laughing

quack-pack fan

Guess Jen woke up and realized she is in BB game. WOW She should be scouting votes instead of wondering why she was nominated. Where do they find these people?


Apparently, she’s in this famous rock band that no one’s even heard of LOL After the show her career is gonna blow up…in her face! :P


Aren’t you watching? If not, why are you posting?


ok seriously whats up with this salsa bowl thing… it seems like ian says it all the time ( eithert that or dawg cannot understand him well so thats his best interpretation


Typical classless Boogie at his “finest.” Both he and Shane should be expelled for disgracing Dan’s wife like that.


Guess Boogie is so ignorant and classless to say that about Dan’s wife and hate to put it to you Boogie but it would be called RAPE not the word you used!! LOVE DAN and hope Boogie burns he is such a disgusting individual to take it to that level. It is a game!! Understand now why the man has all of those lawsuits pending against him and all of the sex scandals also. He is a pretty worthless individual and just for Frank standing up for him makes Frank just as worthless!! Gag they make me throw up in my mouth just thinking about the two of them.


Not SHANE. That should be Boogie and FRANK, obviously…

joe's teeth

all of my usual horrible remarks aside, anybody watching after dark…joe looks really bad, as in sick. i thought he was faking his migraine at first but he looks awful! hope he doesn’t have a heart attack


Wouldn’t it suck if Joe had a heart attack and had to leave the game so they won’t evict anyone this week?!


“Boogie laughs says he’ll see if Dan keeps his cool when he tells her he’s heading to Michigan to F**** his wife ”

Like he’d have a chance, does this fool realize he looks like an Evil Elf Fairy? No women will fuck him unless it’s for the money,, and he’s got A LOT apparently?


Boogie is cuute :)


You’re obviously blind, or need glasses


Things are slow now, going out for a Pierogi slathered with sour cream.


The DR wouldn’t let Shane tell Frank and Boogie what? That they were going up?


Yes, you’re not aloud to tell the people they are going up “directly” but you can give hints or attitude that will convince them…..


What a fucking loser boogie is. He runs his mouth like he’s some fucking tough guy because he can’t handle getting backdoored. I would love to see him get smacked in the mouth. Grow up you baby, you got played. Also if your life is so great and you have all this money then why did you abandon your son? What a piee of trash.


Trash is too kind a word for Boogie!!! Trash hangs out with Trash as in Boogie and Frank!!! Bet Frank’s grandmother is really impressed with Frank now that he is apparently condoning Boogie saying that he wants to sexually assault Dan’s wife. DISGUSTING BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ians pit hair

Boogie needs to go back to shit hole restaurants and c-list celebrity friends

Ian's hairball

Boogs is acting like a spoiled brat, he’s not playing the game whining, calling the other house guests derogatory names and pouting. Now I really hope he goes home, he’s an old washed up wanna be.

Joe did look very ill, hope he is ok. Watch them remove him from the game and keep Boogs.


Frank and Boogie are a joke. They act like babies because things are not going their way. Its amazing that they are so arrogant that they think everyone in the house is just suppose to lie down and let them win the game. The vile things spewing out of Boogies mouth are disgusting. A persons real character comes out when the chips are down. Frank and Boogie are 2 classless human beings.Cant wait for the doorknob 2 hit them on their way out the door,

Insecure Teenagers

Boogie is so afraid of Ian getting played by Shane he doesn’t realize he’s getting played by Ian


Ian is the best liar this season IMO. I know about the quack pack, and when watching him interact with the others, i start to believe he doesn’t like them at times. lol


yoyoyoyoyoyoyo im gonna bust this house up! im gonna go to Michigan and have forced sex with dan’s wife, yoyoyoyoyo that is how this pimp roles, FUBA 4 LIFE!

billie two trees

Boogie should be evicted immediately just by making a comment about committing an act of violence against Dan’s wife! That was uncalled for and disturbing that he would even go to that level of depravity. Does BB condone acts of violence against women because that is exactly what Boogie claimed he was going to do? You can never take threats like the one he just made and ignore them but apparently that is what BB does. Sorry but something is wrong with the production of this show because they know already that he is in trouble already with some type of sex scandal and then this comes out of his mouth!! He should be evicted IMMEDIATELY!!


I love how all the Boogie haters come up with these ridiculous comments like “assault on Dan’s wife” “forced sex on Dan’s wife” “condoning violence”… Grow up. Boogie never said he was going to rape her doushebags- he said he was going to FUCK her. Your own sick minds filled in the blanks.


That is for getting Janelle out, you sick excuse of a human being! Now you’re ass is going home at the hand of basically a nerd named Ian, he’s playing you like a fiddle! In my opinion that’s worse than what happened to Janelle, WAY WORSE!!! You deserve it douche bag and I’m saying this, not because I’m rooting for the other side but because I freaking hate you, Boogie!


“hate” is a pretty strong word for some one you don’t even know.


Aren’t you the same anonymous that said in a previous comment that it was funny what Boogie said about Dan’s wife! That’s disgusting for anyone to say and I’m no Dan fan but, that was just low down dirty! It’s like saying he would rape her! You’re sick for finding that funny!


Did Boogie say the word “rape”. If Dan was the one who said he was going to Michigan to fuck his wife there wouldn’t be an issue. You’re letting your hatred for Boogie cloud your judgement.

billie two trees

No, you are sick because there is no way Dan’s wife or any other woman would have consenting sex with that sick old looking fairy, Boogie, so it would have to be sex by force and that is rape no other word for it!! Boogie and Frank are sick minded individuals who should be booted out of the show for even insinuating anything like that!!!


I Hate Boogie!


And i’m sure Boogie doesn’t care if you hate him.


Boogie is my boy but the comment about Dan’s wife was pretty low, he’s obviously mad and doesn’t mean it but that’s not an excuse.

billie two trees

Then you need to change your man because the comment he made was more than just low it was disgusting and vile!!!


Boogie is being such a big baby. WAAA WAAAAAA


Not sure which episode this was but Boogie quoted “This is the big brother house, of course you can bounce cheques here!”… blind-siding Janele was all his plan but when he gets blind sided it’s not cool? Seriously. I think an admirable quality ina HG is “well this person knows I’m gunna win if they don’t get me out” Him talking smack about Dan’s wife is a low blow… He’s a wannabe-sociopath! FAIL…


Wow frank tellinfg Danielle that the house sees her close to shane… ok shes close to him cuz shes a stalker but everyone can see hes close to britt.. i think he would take britt too the finals instead of stalker…. anytime


Haha boogie basically is being eliminated by Ian and even worse, the Quack Pack takes out half of Chilltowm.


@Jess, yeah but wait till half of quack back gone.


Boogie, please calm the hell down!

talking about someone’s wife is pretty lame, I mean what if someone said something about you’re son Brady? stop making this personal, Just play the game! that’s all that it is!


“Boogie laughs says he’ll see if Dan keeps his cool when he tells her he’s heading to Michigan to F**** his wife”

OMG!!!! LMAO!!!! even Dan will laugh at that when the show is over and he sees that clip.

Nicole N.

Boogie needs to stop acting like a sore loser. You goose is cooked go out of the house with some dignity. Didn’t he laugh at Willie for freaking out but Boogie has no sportsmanship, he does not deserve to win this game again. Hey Boogie maybe if you gave people any respect they may vote for you to stay instead of blaming everyone else maybe you should try to be nicer to everyone. p.s you claim to be a great player but Ian is playing you all the way out of this house and he isn’t even that good at the game.


I heard somewhere today that Ashley is being sued for something like $800K by a former boyfriend, a so-called S&M king. Apparently she had agreed to star in a feature film and after shooting 8 scenes, bailed on him and took off for Cali. An investor in the movie then backed out. Anyone know if this is true?

joe's teeth

ashley reading ian’s palm…so cute! i bet it makes this week’s episode. my opinions have changed about the players tremendously this week, but i love that ian and ash maintain their innocence throughout… (i’m team britney,as i was in her original season;or even team ian…would love to see them as the final 2…. \….i was team frank all the way til he started acting so douche-y).


I can’t deal with boogie. He’s either super cocky or whining like a baby. I think he doesn’t understand how the game works


@Cruizin596 read about that week 1


Why is Dan so hated? Does anyone in the house stand up for him? I don’t know why ppl hate b/c Brit brought it up after Ian said s


Why do my comments always go to moderator???? I never hate or attack personally. In fact I rarely comment… But it’s annoying :(


Ive never seen a bigger bunch of grown people act like they are in highschool.. they crap boogie, Frank, and jenn are talking about outside. They should be ashamed of themselves!!! Pretty sure either of you guys are the cool Kats on the block!! So shut your mouth! Your just making yourselves look even more ridiculous than you already are!


that post about boogie knowing the oldest trick in the book and the one about him and frank in a showmance were both hilarious had me doin a real lmao even though im a fan of the 2 gota love good humor


Boogie is the 42 year old baby. Win It Dan!


danielle just ate a bowl of fruit loops, 3 cookies, and a half of bag of doritos within 20 minutes lol….and of course she is saying jenn slammed the microwave in her face…is that even possible? for someone to slam a microwave in ur face…dani lives for shit like this….she loves any attention t hat is brought to her….and im starting to think that dan and shane have no clue danielle is a lunatic……..i know brittany does…..but shane is too dumb to realize that dani is crazy…

Ian's hairball

She ate some Jerkey (I think turkey jerky) before the doritos.

Ian's hairball

What’s the deal with Britney picking at her face ALL the time (on BBAD). I don’t remember her doing that her first season.
(and I thought Wil picking his scalp drove me nuts) Jenn picks her eyes a lot also.


It’s funny how Boogie and Frank calling Janelle out was good for everybody but now they are scum, I am amused. Dan, Brit, Shane and Danielle have drawn a line in the sand with the other houseguest their making deals with everyone, please. They are weak ass hell all this was not necessary they started the awkward stuff give it a break. I find it funny how Brit is smelling like a rose with the others and her allies are questioning. I don’t like some of the comments but I respect honesty. Boggie told Janelle straight out he wasn’t down and it was the Quack Babies who wanted to hide putting Janelle up, just like they did this week. What could they have done if they were honest and sd yes Jennn putting you up no Mike Frank no deal. Making someone gravel and hustle when you know its fruitless is a b move. OMG and Ian is getting played like a fool and so is Joe they just look stupid.


whats ashleys last name


This is TOOO Much Fun!!! … But why do they blam Dan for all of this???! … Dan had Very little to do with it! – Because they Know that Dan is a Mastermind and The Greatest Player : he gets blamed! .. -lol rofl smh rofl

Eric CA

Ego and Pride. It has to be Dan, because if it isn’t they where duped by Ian, who they feel is inferior to them. If it wasn’t Dan it would be Shane who they believe to be stupid. If it wasn’t Dan it was Brittney or Danielle, who are obviously inferior to them, because they are female.

There ego’s could not handle it being anyone other than Dan.


Ashley is a freak. I wonder what really goes down in her diary sessions.


boogies comment was pretty bad but he didnt actually say it to dan he was venting to his only freind in the house i dont know anybody who hasnt said something to someone about another person that wasnt a little below the belt and lets face it boogie loves to give bites for the camera and loves the role of a villian he is absolutely a very diiferent person outside the house btw does he own geisha house i always here him talking about it like hes got some stake in it


Boogie will always be Dr. Will’s Bitch, he has no idea how to play this game without him. I liked Frank before he started drinking Boogies coolaid. To bad Dan wasn’t Franks coach. Jennwho is so delusional it makes me laugh. Looking forward to when Boogie finds out it was Ian and Jennwho finds out F/B talk crap about her and are trying to get her to fight so Boogie can stay.

Love big bro

I don’t understand why everyone likes Shane, Britney and Danielle. They’re very annoying. Either Frank, Boogie or Ian need to win or else I wasted my time watching this terrible season.


You forgot to mention the part about where Boogie says the N word!! He’s such a disgusting person!


i think something happened to brittany personally….because when danielle started crying to her about herself…brittany seemedl ike what the hell is wrong with u…after what ive been through u have the nerve to say that…..i heard through the grapevine…that something happened on the homefront to brittany last week


just a rumor from a room mate of mine tho


i can pretty much tell danielle has friends for a few months until she backstabs all of them….u can tell by the way she acts in the house….she has to be center of attention….she loves to instigate trouble….she lies and overexaggerates…..i think brittany is getting sick of her….whenmy roommate gets home from work….he knows someone that works for cbs, i have to ask him about the brittany thing….i vaguely remember him telling me about brittany having a family emergency at home a cpl days ago….but he hates the show and when i ask him questions he is a dickhead lol

Boogie's Genital Wart

Since production did every thing to let Rachel win last summer, I demand that they do the same thing for me this season. I am the best. I’m a BEAST. Chill Town 4L yo.


Boogie is such an egomaniac. I don’t know why people like him at all!
What a total jerk and loser. He got played BIG! Even bigger than he thinks.
He played a bad bad game and got too cocky this time.
He definitely deserves to go home.
Good riddens!