Big Brother Spoilers Crocodile tears edition – Brendon and Rachel Nominated

6:15pm Feeds are back have nots Brendon and rachel rachel is crying because she was put up on the block by someone she trusted. brendon says that Rachel is staying in the house he’s a PhD student he’s prepared for hardship. He tells her that she’ll stay in the house and she’ll knock Dani out. It was Rachel idea to come into the house and he’s glad he was able to come in her and spend the summer with her. rachel knew she would eventually be evicted but not this soon… He’s going to spend the week preparing her so she can send Dani home
rachel: “Ohh i’m so much better with you we work so much better as a team.. ”
Brendon: “Yeah I know that why we are getting married.. you go great I promise I pormise.. I’ll watch you every night.. I want you to talk to me”
rachel: “I’ve never done this without you”
rachel: “She trying to make it sound like a big game move.. She was someone I trusted.. You’re the best player in big brother Brendon.. you’re a allstar”
Brendon: “Not in a million years I’m just a guy that likes to play and win”

6:25pm HOH Dani and Kalia Dani is saying she’s really bothered that Lawon never cheered for her when she was competing in the HOH. Kalia: “This is the thing about Lawon he’ll go were the power is and he really doesn’t want to stand up”
kalia says that they can only use Lawon for numbers and vote, he probably won’t win anything . Dani: “He’s someone you want for the final 3 just so you can kick there butt”

Kalia brings up that Lawon was asking her if he should go upstar and talk to Dani. Dani is sick of that lawon should feel like there is nothing to worry about. Kalia brings up Shelly again and how shady she is, “1/2 ths things she says is just there to mess up your head”

They both talk about how Rude Rahel has been before the nomination. Kalia brings up that Rachel just walks into the HOH she doesn’t even knock. dani: “it’s soo rude.. who does that… we never did that to them when they were up here for 3 weeks”

They both decide that was the best game move, Kalia says Dani was really nervous. Dani says even with her public speaking classes she’s gets really nervous, “I’m a wreck”. they start going through the possible comps, Dani: “there’s 6 weeks left then it goes down to final 3…” Dani thinks there’s going to be a person coming back so she’s planning a strategy around that.

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170 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Crocodile tears edition – Brendon and Rachel Nominated

    1. It ain’t over yet. We all know Production has a love jones for Brendon and Rachel so they’ll throw those two a lifeline. It’s entirely conceivable that both escape eviction.

  1. They shoulda known. They’re hated. Oh well. At least JJ are safe . . . . . for NOW. POV may BE what Dani is really going for though. Makes sense, yes? Why not? Brenda is GREAT at POV. He wins, takes Rachel off, and Dani gets her wish — Jeff and Brendon on the block–The “Fantastic Four” fight AGAINST each other. Great move Dani. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Oh god! You knew this would happen when they finally got put up. I’m not a Dani fan by any means but I LOVE this just for the crazy drama that it will start. It’s going to be interesting to see how Rach handles being solo in this game. They are a force as a duo but singles I think she’s going to crack.

  3. If Dani wins POV which I think she will…. It will get much better I can’t see JJ or anybody else using it to save BR

    1. how is it a dumbass move? BRJJ were not giving her any votes either way, better to get rid of one of them now

      1. should of let kaka kalia win hoh and got rid of brenchel dani could of recovered from her back door plan now no shot in hell at winning second fiddle as usual that was a personal move for dom

    2. and they were going to put her up if they won HOH next week, this was a lose/lose for Dani because BRJJ only play personal, never strategic

  4. WiCkEd!!!

    Question for yall? Do the evicted houseguest who are being sequesterd have any idea what’s happening in the house…like who won hoh and shit like that?

    1. The Evicted do not see any feeds and they will not know who is America’s Vote until the day of the re-insertion.

    2. I would imagine that they are not told outright, but unless they are kept in solitary confinement the newly evicted house guest would be able to give them a biased view of what happened that week.

  5. Dani needs to go.. I’m a JJ fan but if u want to talk game I think Rachael deserves a shot cause she’s a competitor.. if she played I’m this past HOH she would have a good chance on winning..

  6. dang now my whole new mini series about brenden and porsche and rachel killing each other wont happen. i was hoping brenden would be the first in the jury house, then he would work his butt off on his way out to get porsche to quit so she would join him in the jury house. then they would have an affir. rachel finds the stains at the jury house cause shes the next guest to go. rachel snaps and mutiliates brenden and porka and then herself. drats foiled again CBS. thanks allison

    1. Cool, I would love to see every bit of that ! But how about the Roach throwing herself in front of a freight train after offing the other two? Might be more dramatic.

    2. Awww man that could’ve been a hit… There’s still hope Brendon is attracted to Porsche because unlike Rachel sahe actually lookis like a women with or without makeup and she got a nice booty.

  7. Hahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOVE seeing Rachel cry after she sent Keith home and then made everyone vote Cassi out and just sent Domonic home who was the only person Dani trusted and really cared about in the game so yeah i love that now she sees how it feels on the bottom and i hope Dani win tomorrow

  8. I’m sorry but did brenchal forget what they did and said to Dani just the other day?? They deserve to be nominated. That’s what BB is about you dumbasses. Otherwise you would call Dani a floater and chicken next week. I love it that they are crying. At least Dani didn’t cry when they attacked her.

    1. Her lack of composure killed her again. The black heart comment was so unneeded, so destructive to their game. If she had kept her rmouth shut, maybe they’d be able to make a deal with Dani. She did prefer BR to JJ.

  9. Is it just me or does Kalia look like she’s trying to look like Dani, lol, from the hair and bracelets and clothes?

  10. as evil as these two are. i actually feel really bad for them, they obviously love each other (regardless of what everyone else may think) and their getting split up for the summer,sucks. even if Rachel leaves next week their not gonna be together cause shes gonna be in the jury house right ?

    1. Yeah, cause every guy who is in love spends his free time diddling himself on skype to guys that he thinks are girls multiple times. LOL

      1. DeAnne, if this in response to my comment that if Brendon goes home he’ll have plenty of time to Skype, I’m only going by his past history. I can’t help it that he’s an Anthony Weiner.

  11. Dani wants Brenda out b/c he’s not in the Jury and he cannot win America’s Vote. She a chess player.

  12. I really hope Rachel stays and Brendan goes and we can have Vegas Rachel back that would be priceless Or if R achel goes Porsche hits on Brenden that would be priceless

    1. I’ll be thrilled if either one of the BR duo gets kicked to the curb. However, according to Brendan’s way of thinking, how in the world will Rachel navigate through the game (or life) without him thinking for?!!! He’s a controlling egomaniac and frankly, it’ll be far more interesting to see him get the boot first and then see Rachel self-destruct on her own.

    1. LMAO she sure does. Are we sure she isn’t really married to a woman becuz my Gayder is buzzing so loud when I see her in fact the buzzing is giving me a headache lol

  13. im so happy my jordan and jeff aren’t messed with :) soooooooooooooo happppyyyyy hopefully she doesn’t backdoor my jeff does anyone think she’ll do that is that her plan?

    1. Omg!!! Well its about time. I can not believe what a snooze fest BBAD has been. Better brew a pot of coffee for this one. Waaaaahhhooooo!

  14. can someone tell me why dani decided on putting up BR instead of JJ or Brendon/Jeff?? I am not saying this was a surprise or a bad decision (not at all)…i just want to know why specifically she chose this duo over another bc both jeff and brendon were pretty awful to her last week and I thought they were both her targets? Is she planning on backdooring or something…..i missed this conversation if she had one

    1. there is a good chance Dani is trying to bd Jeff. but B/R are the stronger team….everyone loves J/J, but they can not win a challenge to save their lives.

    2. Astrid, I’m wondering the same thing. Either she just hates them that much more because they did throw her under the bus….or she’s assuming one of them will win POV and she’ll put Jeff up when one of them comes off the block.

      Hard to tell what she’s thinking and I really can’t read her bitch face.

    3. I replied to your question when you asked it on the ealier thread.

      JJ and D made a one week deal. Dani would not put up JJ and they would not put her up if they won HOH next week. It’s the best case senario for Dani. She gets B out, lets JJ be in Jury together and takes rachel to the finals knowing no one would vote for R and taking both B&R’s vote out of the jury house while winning points with JJ for keeping them together.

      1. oh ok, thank you… when I checked back i didn’t see any replies (must have checked too soon) but thank you for replying again…i wasn’t aware JJ had made a one week deal…

        1. Astrid

          Also, Dani thinks that America will be able to vote one evicted player back in the game. If she sends Jeff home she knows America will vote him right back in. I don’t think she has any intentions on backdooring Jeff.

    4. I personally think that she didn’t put JJ up because she thinks someone is coming back in. She thinks that they’ll send JJ back in and her HOH would have been wasted. Also, there is a chance that the person coming back could be Dom but probably not likely if its between Dom or JJ. Just my 2 cents.

      1. Jeff’s been a dick this season and nothing like what Americas sweetheart should be lol. If there is a vote, then I’m voting the virgin back in

        1. me too, i hope dom comes back in…i thought CBS would save that twist in case one of JJ get out, but now is as good a time as any…good thinking on Dani’s part BUT I would never trust Jeff to keep me safe the following week….

    5. She really had no choice. Dani believes that America is going to vote a player back and if she sent JJ home America would vote Jeff or Jordan back so it would be a wasted move and it would keep Dom from being voted back. BR arent liked by many so they will probably not get voted back.

    6. Dani is considering Americas vote and Jeff/Jordan would win over Dom.
      She can use the ‘Summer together’ to break even with them for next week.
      She can put J or J on the block as a pawn against B or R if someone uses the POV

    7. I think Dani made a deal with J/J about not putting them up for safety next week. And Dani is starting to know that one of evicted house guest might come back and if Jeff was going to be evicted America would vote him right back in.

    8. haven’t heard yet why she didn’t do Brendon and Jeff instead and thought she was going to that too but BR fed dani a lot of dumb sh* and now they are totally helpless with the both of them up. even if one of BR won power of veto and jeff went up i think one of BR would go home still. this also helps dani not ruffle the feathers of jj and shelly too badly. hoping the twist doesn’t f* this up. BR had a chance to prove themselves this season as OK people but they came off as bullies and crybabies.

    9. Dani probably figured out that America would be sending a houseguest back into the house. If Jeff/Jordan got evicted America would, without a doubt vote them back in. Where Brendon doesn’t have a chance getting back in the house against Dom or Cassi.

    10. thanks everyone:) this explains it, like i said i missed JJ making a deal with D….i hadn’t thought about but it is a better scenario for Dani considering someone “might” be voted back in and JJ are the weaker team….i don’t know about rachel lasting to final 2 but we shall see…

  15. Did Brenda really say this?

    “I’m gonna find the cure for cancer, patent it and make money for the rest of our lives.”

    What a douche nozzle. Patent the cure for cancer?

    1. OMG R U serious? I said something like that a week or so ago that one day Brendumb was gonna say something like….. He found the cure for cancer and if he just had the half a mil he could share the cure with the world. Herp Derp!

    2. If a cure for cancer is discovered you can bet your ass it’ll be patented. You can also bet your last dollar that Brenda will have no connection to this hypothetical medical breakthrough.

  16. Sweet! If Rachel goes we won’t have to listen to that voice anymore and if Brendon goes he’ll have plenty of time to Skype.

  17. BwaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaahahaaaaHaaaaHaaaa!!! Amazing how things change in 24 hours. Sick of the sore loser pity party. Turn about is fair play in the BB House which is why it never pays to be arrogant.

  18. It is a disservice to women everywhere to place the blame on Rachel’s period for her ridiculous behavior. She acts this way 24/7!!

  19. Great choices! i hope Dani wipes them all out! She’s pretty smart when it comes to this game so im sure shes run through all the scenarios in her head. Go DANIELE!!

  20. If I have to hear Brenda talk about how smart he is or his Phd ‘Im gonna scream. Does he talk so much about it to convince us or him that he is really smart lol Becuz from what Ive seen he is dumber then a box of rocks I apologize to the rocks for the comparison lol

  21. Referring to Simon and everyone else in the last post,
    How is BR begging to not get put up any different then Dani begging for Dom to not to get voted out? Actually isn’t it worse? It’s an individual game and she’s putting herself out there for a stranger. Plus, she wouldn’t let it go. When JJ and Shelly figured out it was in Dani’s plans to backdoor Jeff and her back started leaning against the wall, she still wouldn’t let it go and kept fighting a losing battle which ultimately led to her being kicked her out of the alliance.

  22. Yeah idiots, just like the Roach was going to stay in the house last year when both were up together because Brenda was going to make everyone so mad. The arrogance of these two never ends, they will never understand that they are hated and despised. I smell another unanimous eviction in the air !

  23. I like Brenchel. I met them and they are good people outside of the house but as a fan I think this house brings out the worst in them.

  24. Rachel will do good without Brendan people might start to like her better I hate Brendan and his cocky attitude bye Brendan :) and anyways bredan will use tge veto on Rachel anyways :)

  25. I think the only reason Rachel is so upset that Brendon is leaving is because she’s afraid Skype-Gate 2 will go down while they’re apart for the summer!!

  26. I’m tellling you– Rachel or Brendon will win POV. So, Jeff is up against Brendon. I’d be shocked if it didn’t work out that way. CBS wants the drama and here it comes.

  27. If anyone really likes Dom then their are 2 facebook pages called BRING DOMINIC BRIONES BACK so if you like them they may consider bring him back plus Dick said he would love to see Dominic back in the game to shake thing up so please like the pages

    1. a PHD is not a Medical Doctor. PHD is Doctor OF Philosophy, meaning the person has earned the highest degree in their chosen field of study. when the degree is earned, the person earns the title of DR.

  28. I’m officially a Dani fan. Always loved Jeff & Jordan but if Dani gets rid of Brendan she’s my hero cuz I’d looove to watch Rachel lose it!

  29. Why would rachel be concerned about jeff making jordan play a certain way when brendan does the same thing to her? Brendan turns into a pissy pmsing ahole when he finds out rachel talked game behind his back! Good riddance. Go jeff and jordan!

  30. BreanderTALL thinking about doing a pots & pan banging Dick impersonation….. How sad, but good for TV, it won’t effect Dani though but they don’t have the braincells to realize that. and Brenchel this move is ACTUALLY a strategic move unlike every move they made which was PERSONAL

  31. Can some1 plz fill me in what exactly did Brendon do on skype/Net,,, Did he cheat on the crybaby or something??? ,,, tnksss

  32. Dani just made a terrible game move.

    1- she could have let brjj carry her to the final 5
    2-brjj do all the dirty work/evictions while dani racks up jury votes
    3- brjj’s paranoia would have got to them and dani could make a final 3 deal
    4- Once in the final 3 she got it made.

    Instead she throws it all down the tubes to get one of them out. And then has a target on her back with no friends in the house.
    This idiot cost herself 500,000 just because she wanted to taste Dom’s man juice. women are idiots at this game!!!

  33. If anyone is a Dominic fan then there is 2 facebook pages call BRING DOMINIC BRIONES BACK so like the page if you want to see Dom back in the house

  34. If Brendon or Rachel win POV, then either will take Rachel down – then Jeff will go up insuring Brendon goes home.

  35. God, I thoroughly enjoy Brenchel related dysfunction. What I would I enjoy more is Jeff and Jordan fighting with Brenchel when one from each pair is on the block. That on the other hand would be pure gold. If Dani does that, then she has some major cajones. Both couples would be even too distracted to go back to attacking her because they both think they are the stars of the show.

  36. this is my last time commenting on this site because everytime i write a comment simon delete it so why bother…………i’m sorry if your not a rachel fan that doesn’t mean you have to delete every comment about people routing fo her

    1. sometimes comments go to spam. just notify Simon by email or on this site and he will correct it. He doesn’t care if you are a Brenchel Fan

  37. If Rachel wins POV and takes herself off, there is still a chance for her and Brenden to stay in the house as long as Jeff ,Jordan or Shelly do not get put up as a re-nom. They have the numbers this week to keep their alliance in tact, which is a possibility since Dani plans on making a deal with Jeff and Jordan ( keeping them safe this week in hopes of her keeping her safe next week).

    Brenden and Rachel FTW!!

  38. Aw I’m one of the few people who seem to like BRJJ and Dani aswell. Sure B/R can get outta hand at times but I still like em. That being said I hope Dani backdoors Jeff and gets him out. Then Americans vote him back in, but Daniele is aware that someone is more than likely returning, and she is well aware that most of you Americans hate B/R, so I don’t see her wanting to get rid of JJ with a strong probability of their return the second J or J leaves. Aww crap Dom will go back in

  39. That’s what Brenchel get for ALWAYS playing a personal game “get them out because their not kissing our asses” “get them out because their being mean” “get her out because shes pretty”…. HAHAHAHA

  40. If either B or R wins PoV, put up Jeff …. absolutely! However, with the understanding with JJ that B or R are the target. The majority of the house, with the exception maybe of Porcha, would vote out B or R over Jeff. Think about it, if B or R win PoV and said winner uses it, as they’d be stupid not to, forcing Dani to put up someone in place of B or R and ….. if Dani doesn’t put up Jeff and puts a floater up instead, she could very easily lose this golden opportunity to get out one of the (stronger) vets, which is her current objective. I hope she continues to remain focused and doesn’t buckle under this week’s pressure …. with all the threats she’ll no doubt receive from BR in particular (as well perhaps from Jeff). Go dani!

  41. Only move Dani could make, she needs to get one of the big 3 out of the house Jeff Brendon Rachel and she is going to, now she needs a miracle next week. hopefully Dani will be able to play for the pov next week because she is going to need it

  42. You haveto remeber you reepwhat you sew. BR walked around the house telling people to their face they had the votes so you don’t matter. Dani is like mostt adults who can dish it and take it, if you say something mean or rude expect to get it back sometime in your life. I think the sraw that broke the camel’s back is when Rachel had the nerve to tell Dani if BR/JJ goes she won’t get any jury votes becaucse they will run the jury Really? BR knew that when they signed up for the show that there was a possibilty they would not get out at the same time so I don’t feel sorry for them. They wanted or rather Rachel wanted the money for a wedding she can’t get a job because she has no 9-5 people skills. her resume is pretty much her list of hoing

  43. I think that was a good move on Dani’s part. They’re planning on getting rid of her anyway, so why not get one them out while she can.

  44. You guys have no idea what your talking about. When brendon goes home this week he’ll be brought back in over Dom. Period. The producers would make that happen. Had Dani sided with RB then she would have been safe. Neither would have put her up if they won hoh. You really think jk would win a mental hoh compared to r or b ? Or any of the newbies for that matter? No no. My predicition is Brendon wins pov uses it on rachel, then is evicted, Rachel wins hoh(given) targets danielle. As to weather Danielle wins pic to be determained, then brendon comes back. There’s no way Dom would get voted back in over brendon. The producers still want their couples show down. And I bet you I’m right, wait and see ;)

    1. In the words of the late great Rick James “Cocaine is a helluva Drug”

      only crack would make anyone think Brendon would get voted back in.

  45. rachel: “She trying to make it sound like a big game move.. She was someone I trusted.. You’re the best player in big brother Brendon.. you’re a allstar”
    Brendon: “Not in a million years I’m just a guy that likes to play and win”

    It was a big move, but they need to accept that they can NEVER win this game because they only play a personal game in 2 season not ONE strategic move

  46. I think Brendon and Rachel both deserve to stay. Why should they be evicted before people like Kalia, Lawon or even Shelly?

  47. Now all she has to do is put up Jeff or Jordan as replacement nominee if Brendon or Rachel win POV. I’m glad Dani did it but she’s treading on dangerous grounds. She has a weak alliance with the likes of Little Richard Lawon and with Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly being so shady. Kalia seems like she can be easily swayed too. She basically has to win POV’s and HOH’s from now on.

  48. Brenchel Drones,

    If you want to be angry, be angry at the people you root for who only played personal during their 2 seasons, can’t name one strategic move they made every move was made because

    a) They weren’t kissing their asses.
    b) They were prettier than Rachel.
    c) They were being mean.

    All this floater BS they talk about what floater have they gotten out? Every person they have every evicted were playing the game, but because it wasn’t what Brenchel wanted they were evicted ie a another personal move.

    They were not going to keep Dani safe if safe had not put them up, they were planing on putting her up this week if they won HOH, and next week they will try again.

    Brenchel has always threw it in people’s faces when they won and acted like they owned the place, when they don’t get their way they whine and throw a pity party playing victims like somebody died.

    So stop the whining and pint that hostility where it belongs.

    It’s a GAME and they lost not like they had a chance to win anyways NOBODY LIKES THEM, GET OVER IT

  49. There goes Kalia again….if her mouth isnt moving talking BS then it is moving eating…AGAIN. She thinks she is sitting prettty having it made just because Dani is HOH…cant wait untikl next week

  50. Why is it you never see Lawon cooking for himself? Dont know what BB will do when Shelly is evicted…they will have to clean and cook for themselves.

  51. People lets not forget that Dani (along with Janelle) is the QUEEN OF VETOS! Even if she gets put on the block, her chances of winning the veto are good. I just hope that Lawon or Kahlia can pull their heads out of the clouds long enough to try and win it just in case. Sorry to all the Jeff and Jordan fans, but Jeff lost my respect this year with his ego. As for Jordan, what exactly is her GAME…she is really kind of useless without Jeff’s coaching/bossing and if she does win something it’s usually because someone threw a comp for her or she fluked. Had Pigpen Natalie not been so unlikeable, perhaps the winner would have been less obvious that season…sorry but, Jordan is QUEEN of the floaters. However, that being said…she does seem to be a really nice girl.

    My other beef is…PEOPLE ON THE BLOCK: STOP THROWING VETO COMPS, like duh.

    1. I totally agree with the throwing of POV or even head of house….Rachel knew she won HOH last week even before Julie told her which means that Brendon threw it to her……can they not win on their own? Why throw a POV if you are on the block? That is one of the many mistakes Dom made while in the house….the other mistake was listening to Dani and following her around like a lost puppy.

  52. OMG Kalia STFU…..I am getting a migraine just listening to her talk all the time and she says absolutely nothing about everything…..she must think she is so smart on every topic. People like her just talk to hear their own voice. And how many times can she rehash the same topic over and over again? Okay now I have vented and have a headache brought on by Kalia so it is time to log off the live feeds for the night.

  53. I wonder if jj will use the pov if one of them wins it? Surely they know that if one of them uses it the other will go up. Guess they’ll have to turn on br too. Especially if Jordan wins it

  54. Hello this is my very first time on online. SCARY! But I have to vent! Pinto bean is so far up Rachel’s ass it is so sickening. Oh and imagine that? GROSS!!

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