Big Brother Spoilers: Cassi tries to swing the votes, she thinks she can get Lawon, Kalia, Dominic, and maybe Jeff and Jordans vote..

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10:25am Dani and Jeff are in the storage room talking about how Rachel was up in the HOH room telling them about how there are 17 surf boards and she had a different amount. Jeff says and there are like 90 pairs of sunglasses not 30. Jeff tells Dani to call Rachel out on it because she is trying BLANK with them. Jeff asks about Dominic. Dani says that Dominic said he doesn’t even want to win HOH this week. Jeff and Dani leave the storage room and Dani starts counting the surf boards and the sunglasses. Jeff comes over and Dani tells him that there are 30 pairs of red sunglasses like Rachel said. Jeff says oh…just the red ones. Dani and Jeff laugh about almost calling Rachel out on it.

10:30am Rachel, Brendon and Dani are in the candy bedroom. Dani is showing them options about what she could wear tonight. She holds up a dress and Brendon says that would make your cleavage look big. Rachel says Brendon stop hitting on Dani. Brendon says I’m not, I’m just giving my expert opinion. Rachel and Brendon are under the covers and Brendon keeps telling Rachel to stop touching him inappropriately. Dani says you make me sick. Rachel finds a black hair on their bed and asks why Dani was cuddling with her fiancé. The conversation changes to talking about how much Dominic loves Dani. Rachel says that she just keeps thinking about them kissing. Dani tells Brendon to punch her in the face. Dani says that Keith and Porsche made out and that he said he pinched her right nipple. Rachel says everyone makes out in the big brother house.

10:45am Brendon is sitting on the edge of the bed. Dani tells Rachel that she isn’t wearing any pants. Rachel lifts up the blanket and Dani says that I just saw your vagina. Brendon says great I’m marrying a hussy. Dani talks about how during their season they had to clean way more on Thrusdays. Dani goes to leave the candy room. Rachel asks where she is going. Dani says that she’s leaving so that they can finger bang each other for a bit. Dani leaves. Rachel asks for a kiss and then asks if he loves her. Brendon says yes, and that he just wants to go to sleep…

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10:50am Dominic and Cassi are in the bathroom. Cassi says that she thinks she could get Kalia, Lawon, Dominic’s votes and maybe Jeff and Adam. She says that she thinks she could get Jeffs vote because they already think they can’t trust Rachel and Brendon. Dominic offers to talk to Adam. Cassi says that she wants Dominic to talk to Adam because he will tell him the truth but if she talked to him he would just lie to her. They talk about how if they can’t get Adam’s vote there is no point in talking to the others. Cassi says that they wouldn’t have to know where Jeff’s vote came from. Dominic says that he will talk to Adam right after she finishes trimming his neck hair. Dominic asks Cassi how she knows that she has Lawon and Kalia’s votes. Cassi says that Kalia was the one telling her that they have the votes.

11am Dominic goes and talks to Adam in the HaveNot room. Dominic tells Adam that Cassi says that she has Kalia and Lawons vote and wonders if they can trust that Kalia and Lawon. Dominic says that Kalia and Lawon could totally flip and they would be the ones getting screwed and then have huge targets on their backs. Dominic says that they are a team and if Adam doesn’t want to then they will play it safe and vote out Shelly. Adam says that he doesn’t trust Lawon. Dominic says that he doesn’t trust Kalia or Lawon. Dominic asks so what do I tell Cassi then? Dominic and Adam discuss talking to Cassi together. Dominic leaves and goes back to the bathroom.

11am – 11:10am Meanwhile up in the HOH room Cassi is talking to Jeff and Jordan about how they would like them to vote for her to stay and that she will then never come after them. Cassi says that she thinks she has Kalia and Lawons vote. Cassi says that Kalia was the one encouraging her to fight and that all she needs is 5 votes. Cassi says that she would be better to keep because if there is something that needs done she will do it even if it gets her sent out in two weeks. Cassi says that her word is gold. Cassi says if you are thinking about it, let me know so that I can tell the others so that there it doesn’t cause problems after she leaves. Cassi leaves. Jordan and Jeff talk about how Adam would never give her his vote. They says that even if they did keep her, they would need to split up her and Dominic… especially after how he was washing her hair and BLANK. Jordan says that they can’t vote out Shelly, she has been with them since the beginning and they trust her.

11:20am Cassi goes down to the bathroom and talks to Dominic again. Dominic says that he and Adam don’t trust Kalia or Lawon at all. Dominic says that they think Kalia and Lawon would want to make Brendon and Rachel happy and wouldn’t want to go against the house if they think thats they way the house is going. Cassi says that she has the balls to do something as soon as the opportunity presents itself. She says that she hates people are making decisions just to make people happy… we are all playing against each other. Cassi says don’t they know Brendon and Rachel will be gunning for Kalia and Lawon soon. Cassi tells Dominic about her conversation with Jeff and Jordan. Cassi says that if that is the case she would just rather they vote to keep Shelly. Dominic says he does like this though. Cassi asks what? Dominic says the effort. Cassi continues to cut Dominics hair.
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11:30am – 11:45am Big Brother tells the houseguests to go to the HOH room. they are now on HOH lock down. Adam, Dominic and Cassi are the last houseguests to make it up to the HOH room. All the houseguests head up to the HOH room and find a spot on the bed, couches and floor to sleep on. They turn out the lights. Right after Big Brother says the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. They turn the lights back on and Big Brother says thank you.

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Allison Grodner once tried to swing. It didn’t work, and a lot of dinosaurs died.


Who can JJ trust more? Cassi or Shelly?


Little too late Queen Bitch already placed all the seeds in people’s head Cassi has no chance……….

Funny a wastes of space like Kalia & Porsche a.k.a Audrey ll & Peterbilt stays in the game while someone who can actually do something other than eat & sleep has to go.


It stinks, doesn’t it?

Name, if you ever decide to switch up the pics, you might consider this one for Rachhog:


My thoughts precisely. How is it that every season there is a dillweed shit-for-brains that floats through to the final four without flinching and without lifting a hand or buttcheek in the game? However, in BB history I cannot recall a HG as annoying or disturbing or….well frankly, scary enough to frighten young children and grown adults alike….as Rachel. Rachel’s return is proof that CBS hates us and wants us all to go die.

Helen Waite

The only one who wins is Rachel. How can you call her a floater. She keeps things interesting. Not like two faced Jordan, who has never won an HOH till now and thats because it was basiclly handed to her.


I think the Rachel tangent was a completely different thought from the floater one…


couldn’t agree with you more! Jordan has a more tolerable personality and that’s the only reason ppl are rooting for her. She’s a floater, she was in her season and your correct if it wasn’t for Jeff nd Brendon letting her win, she more than likely wouldn’t have. I respect rachel for her game play waaaaay more than JJ.


What game play? Her game play sucks. She basically alienates and bullies the entire house to the point where everyone hates her and she HAS to win every challenge. That’s not good gameplay at all. Jordan on the other hand, befriends everyone so they don’t want to put her up and it’s not crucial for her to win every HOH. That’s far better Big Brother game in my opinion. I don’t think Jordan is a genius and she’s made a lot of dumb mistakes but I respect her game MUCH more than Rachel. She is by far the worst player BB has seen.


Didn’t Jordan win the last HOH of her season which got her to the final two?


I just went back and looked. Actually she won HOH twice, so I’m not sure where this never winning HOH came from.


If you go back and look, Jordan has actually won more comps than Rachel! Rachel won hoh 2, pov 0….Jordan won Hoh 2, pov 1. Brendon only won hoh 1. but 3 povs. and Jeff 2, 2.


Simon – Why do the feeds say that the house guest are playing a game right now? What could they be playing?


I think they are just preparing for the show.. I think it’s just a standard message..


So the crybaby in the bush just has to ask Brendon if he loves her as soon as Dani leaves the room. Shocking.

I’m still LOL’ing that she had the nerve to whine that Jeff had no right to yell at her. For being as self-centered as she is, she has zero self awareness.


Cracks me up how Rach complained Cass “plays the victim”… Since Rach would NEVER play the victim!!! ROTFLMAO!!!


if the vets win again im not gonna watch, until the Golden Keys are over, when it will get interesting


Why does BB always cut the live feeds? What goes on when this happens?


Not sure…. but it sucks… they dont mind taking our money for the live feeds, but they have a hard enough time keeping them up and live…makes one wonder if there is a delay of maybe 30 mins or an hour to let us see what they want us to see…


In previous years you had 4 different views on the feeds, especially this early in the season. This year, most of the time you have two cameras on the same thing, and sometimes all 4 cameras on one thing. It’s kind of a rip off to only get 2 feeds. Sometimes the only thing on the 4 cams is Brenchel lying in bed together. Is there nothing else going on with the other 12 people in the house? They need to give punishment to guests that repeatedly cause fish. They do it because the only consequence is that people that paid for the feeds get fish, so they don’t care. Gotta say, unless something crazy happens tonight, I am losing hope for this season. If something doesn’t shake up the house soon it’s going to be worse than last season. Go Adam! Win the HOH and put Brenchel or JJ on the block!

Helen Waite

Interesting. You want action, yet you have all these boring people except Rachel and Brandon. Really, who cares to watch Cassi walking around tying to be beautiful, or Jordan being 2 faced. Dani is doing a good job of being 2 faced also, they just do it in a sweeter way.


Wait, you find them interesting?


I don’t think there is a delay and it really depends on who is running the cameras most of the time. With the cutting and such that you see on the feeds I still find it a incredibly fun thing to watch (LOL i watch them 24/7) and once the numbers start going down you get good insight into the game that each houseguest is playing


I wonder why CBS hasnt put up Jordan’s HOH Blog, or her photos yet?


Maybe BECAUSE RacHO was the real HOH this week?


I mean serious the fear of RacHO and Brenda made Jordon put Cassi up


When Rat face went into the bush last night I assumed she was returning to the forest. Ratchels homeland where all the ugly trolls reside.


LMFAO. Bam 🙂


i wish cassi could stay but it looks like shes leaving 🙁


I hope they bring Cassi back later this season….that would shake things up specially if Rachel and Brendon are still in the game!


How many of them are actually playing because they need the money? Were the HG paying attention last night when Shelly talked about paying $600 every 6 months for dog meds, taking them to the groomers, sending her daughter to private school, etc? It also bothers me that Shelly keeps making comments like ‘when you get out of here tomorrow, make sure you let everyone know how much downtime there is here’. It was just rude especially since we know how Shelly’s playing the game screwed all of the newbies.


I don’t think she realizes that by screwing her alliance in the first week, she screwed herself too.

Oh well. Go back to the Massacre, Leatherface.


I’m pretty sure it was Shelly who suggested the 8 newbies stick together against anyone else coming in. What bothers me the most though is that none of the newbies even considered that Shely was playing with the other side. They need to be more observant of people’s actions even more than their words.


In the interest of not repeating myself, I said as much in another comment thread. And then said it’d only be a five minute conversation to figure out who flipped if they actually talked about the eliminations rather than tensing up.


Oh Kay….


Shelly also said before you need $8,000 a month if you raise 3 kids I laughed I raise my kids on much less than that I am sure most people would feel rich with that much per month


nanahef says:
July 21, 2011 at 1:38 pm
not for nothing other than if I don’t gett this off my chest, I will scream, but so far I think this is the worst season. From the minute that screaming red headed withchy bitch walked in the door my hearft knew it was gonna be a bad season. I think the whole “duo” thing stinks and especially when it involves bringing back “duos” from other seasons. And please the “golden key” is stupid, all it does is keep some people from even playing the game at all. I sincerely hope that next season BB will give us all new players and knock off some of the silly stuff. It would be nice to see people that have never been in BB and put everyone on a level playing field. And just as a wishful thought, why, oh why, didn’t Jordan make her own decision and put up the “dueling duo” that is ruining the whole show. They NEED to GO, she is worse than she was last year, I hope he smartens up and dumps her before he slips a ring on her finger, he deserves better, she is a whiny ass bitch.


If this were facebook, I would “Like” this.

big boobs

I hope cassi goes home! Can’t stand her

Mista Bone

Let me guess, you are an insecure chick like Rachel?