Big Brother 13 Spoilers: The vets congratulate Dani for keeping Dominic up until 5am so that he’ll be tired for the HOH competition..

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8am – 9:25pm Shelly is awake, she goes to make some coffee and then goes into the lounge room to wake up. After drinking her coffee she goes to the storage room, grabs the vacuum and then takes it to the living room. She then goes to the bathroom to take a shower. At 9am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the other houseguests. Dani, Lawon, Kalia and Cassi are in the metal bedroom talking about the morning wakeup music. It was Kenny Chesney. Cassi leaves to go to the bathroom to get ready. Dani talks about wanting to go up to the HOH room to sleep before the lockdown. Meanwhile in the havenot room, Dominic and Adam are talking. Dominic says he hates to say it but thinks its better to keep Brendon and Rachel. Dominic says that if Adam put them up and one of them goes then they are gunning for you but if you put up Jeff and Jordan they won’t act like that. Dominic says that if he or Adam win this week they should put up Lawon and Kalia. They talk about how they need to win HOH this week… cuz if they don’t their is a 50% chance they’re going up. They tell each other that they will talk again later. Adam and Domini leave the havenot room. All the houseguests are waking up, making breakfast and getting ready for the Live Show tonight!

9:30am Rachel is in the kitchen telling the other houseguests about the dream she had last night. Shelly and Cassi are talking in the havenot room about Rachel and Brendon. Cassi talks about how insecure Rachel is and how she tries to create moments so that when they fight Brendon will look back and remember. They talk about how much of a contrast Jeff / Jordan are to Brendon /Rachel. Cassi says how Jeff & Jordan’s relationship is just so natural but Rachel and Brendon’s seems to be forced. Cassi says you can’t just say look at my wife she is cute and has huge tits.
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9:45pm Up in the HOH room Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel are talking about what this weeks HOH competition will be like. They talk about how the want Kalia to answer the questions a certain way. Brendon asks if they think Kalia will do it. Rachel say oh yeah she will. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they return Dani is up in the HOH room now. They ask Dani what she thinks the HOH competition will be like. Dani says that it will definitely be a question HOH competition. They start going over the number of items in the house. Dani says she thinks its going to be questions on the forms they filled out. Then Dani says it could even be questions about the houseguests that have left the game. Brendon asks if it would be majority rules questions. Dani says no, majority rules works better for lots of people but not so well with only 7 houseguests. They congratulate Dani for keeping up Dominic till 5am. They wanted her to try and keep him up as late as possible so that he would be tired for the competition.

10am – 10:15am Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, and Dani are up in the HOH talking about tonight HOH competition. They think the questions will be about the previous competitions. How many litres of milk there were, how many jelly beans? Dani asks Jeff about the chocolate brownie poop left in the toilet. Jeff says yeah he saw it ..he was like what sick bitch left that in here! They all laugh. Rachel asks if they know the secret about the bikes. Rachel says that there are 6 gears in the bathroom. Dani keeps saying its not going to be questions like that. Dani says that some people have OCD. Rachel says she doesn’t have OCD ..there are 7 owls in the HOH room. They talk about how Adam still has bacon in his pillow. They discuss how many litres that were in the milk pool competition. Dani, Brendon and Rachel leave the HOH room.
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Allison Grodner is always up until 5 AM because her body takes up so many timezones that it’s impossible not to be.


LOL biam




Just realized why Adam was unperturbed the other day when he woke up to find all the other houseguests had disappeared– he probably just assumed AG had eaten them…


Did anyone go to CBS and vote or whatever for tonights HOH? I tried 2 different times & never got anywhere. Im just curious what it was all about.


I don’t trust CBS one bit.. I’m sure CBS will do whatever they want the poll is just an illusion to get the fans to think they are involved.


The questions were like “which houseguest is likely to blow their winnings”, “which houseguest will gain the most weight”, stupid stuff like that.


Question?? Is there a possiblity that Por is Pregs? Maybe that is why she is putting on weight?


Nah, BB would’ve found something I guess, don;t they give them all physicals? I doubt they would let anyone on the show that was pregnant. She just wanna eat, every time she on the screen her attitude says FEED ME just like Kalia, I think BB wanted some females on their that like to eat a lot.


A couple days ago when she was wearing those pink sweat like pants I could have sworn they were overlaying COCO’s @$$ to her.


I am by no means a fan of Rachel…. But this is a game, and its smart to do things like keeping Dom up… If we played by the “rules” you want the game would be even more boring! We need something big to happen… that being said, it has to happen on its own… production trys too hard, which makes the game appear rigged (which it is now becuase of this) Just let them be, and let shit happen


give them a bunch of Booze… none of this 6 or 12 BS…. let them get loaded and then the show will get interesting


i totally agree that production tries too hard. quite frankly if they left them alone and let things happen naturally there would be more than enough drama to keep the fans happy, and it would be a better show. i think the people in production have forgotten that in today’s world people are greedy and mean all on their own. and they would do whatever it takes to try to win. i personally think it would be a better show if production didn’t get so overly invovled. trust me, these girls are gonna blow up if left to do so. and it would definitely be better if it was a more natural process. the bb fans would be able to relate better.


There is nothing smart about doing something like this to someone just because your not confidant you could beat them, it;s called being pathetic. Getting him confused about what comp it is would be different. If it was an endurance and he fell or got sick because of exhaustion cased by those idiots, they would be held responsible.


Are you Dom’s mother? No one FORCED him to stay up…. he is an adult, if he was smart he would have gone to bed. Good Grief people, why do you even watch the game if you are upset over something like this. Do you honestly think they should just stay in the house, and play the games like good little boys and girls? He he does get hurt (which he wont) it would be his own fault.


Are you kidding me this guy stays up super late every night. Nothing different then the other 6 days of the week.


It is a game anyone would do anything to win a half million you can’t say that you wouldn’t try everything you can to win.

How Sad

You need a hobby if you are gonna get this bent over gameplay. Would you be as up in arms about it, if it was someone you liked doing that to your obsession, Brenchel?

T that's Me!

I was thinking the exact same thing!

The Watcher

Seriously, how is staying up till 5am on night gonna cause exhaustion to the point he could hurt himself. I can’t imagine there is anyone on this forum that hasn’t stayed up till 5am and then had to get up early the next day and was able to function without worry of any health issues. Guessing your a Dom fan and don’t enjoy watching Dani play him like a puppet. But its all game.


When is D’ohminick going to see how Dani is playing him? It won’t be before he’s out and even then he’ll say he was playing her, too, but she’s really evil and he’s still in the sandbox.

T that's Me!

He’ll see it when he starts thinking with the brain in his head and not the one between his legs! Til then, she will drag him around like a rag doll.


Dom chose to stay up at 5, its not like he had a gun to his head and was forced to. Your really rude to be calling anyone a “skank ho”.


I’m a realist I call it how I see it, I watched last season and I’m watching this season, nothing about her doesn’t say Skank Ho.

I’d be rude if I lied about her.


Uh-OH! It seems that a certain “someone” associated with Big Brother has a “sex tape”! A screen cap from this Hiltonesque-style” scandal has been linked to the Internet! (Perez Hilton did you do this?) Here’s the link:





What is the reason they cut out the feeds from time to time? Is it because people start talking about something too controversial or maybe they don’t want to get sued for something? Like whenever Cassie starts talking about that ex-bf of hers they cut the camera feed and I recall they already asked her not to talk about him. Are they afraid he’ll sue CBS for defamation od character?

Also, why can’t the contestants sing? Is it so people heard what others are talking about or does it have to do with the copyrights of the songs?


Don’t know about the feed cutting out but if you sing more than few bars you have to pay copyright fees for using the song.


Yea, there are some things about the game or personal things about HGs lives they don’t want the viewers to know.

They can’t sing because if they sing a song that is copyrighted(non public domain) they would have to pay royalties, they did once in BB2 or BB3 the HGs were sing Happy Birthday and that song is copyrighted and they had to pay 20k in royalties. but they can sing idiotic songs like that Big Booty, Big Booty song.


Copyright/royaties. CBS would have to pay royalities for any songs played/sung…and that would get very expensive.


ooohhh i noticed that too about Cassie’s ex – as soon as she brings him up, the cameras move away, I am wondering if he contacted CBS – considering that he is now engaged to a woman he dated before Cassie and they have a child together – I am sure the guy’s fiance is not happy hearing about how much Cassie is still not over this guy bc she is always talking about him

and they can’t sing bc you have to buy the rights to a song in order to use it in a show – even if it is just one line (it’s called licensing) – so if they sing, CBS will have to pay – and trust me, it is not cheap, the right to use a popular song can cost tens of thousands


Goofy, I’m not Simon but yes on both counts. Her ex could sue and so could music copyright holders. That’s why sometimes someone’s shirt logo might be blurred. In the past food labels were blurred but I believe at this point they just only allow houseguests foods that are brands which are their sponsors, to wear shirts without brand logos, and cut the feeds when they discuss other product brands. They let them talk about movies because while CBS has a film production division, talking about old releases from other studios wont hurt their bottom dollar nor get them sued since they’re not showing those movies, they’re just talking about em.

At the end of the day, everything is about the bottom dollar. They will cut feeds to prevent lawsuits or monetary loss due to promotion of competing brands all the while promote their own sponsors and advertisers. Just watch, they’ll show the houseguests a movie by season’s end, and if you check on it you’ll see it’ll be a film made or distributed by CBS Films that they want to promote.


In my opinion Feeds are cut for some of these reason
a) houseguests talk about someone who hasn’t signed a release (common)
b) houseguests talk about something too controversial (rare)
c) houseguests talk about production manipulating the game (rare)

The songs are a copyright thing.. apparently hearing


Simon obviously knows better than I do, but I think it’s worth noting that his list is very true of most seasons, but during Evel Dick’s season — and one or two others — the talks of BB diary sessions manipulating the game were very common for a stretch of about 2-3 weeks. I still stand by my many statements in the past that production helped Evel Dick get to final 2. He was and is a great player, and is very logical and great at strategy, and he was very capable of winning on his own, but help is help, and production should never help a player.


Thanks for the replies, everyone.


Cassie’s finally fighting to stay. Good for her. For people without feeds: 1. Cassie is talking to JJ about staying and promises to never go against them 2. She sent Dom to talk to Adam to get his vote for Cassie.


“Shelly is talking about Rachel. Rachel was talking (earlier in the kitchen) about having a dream and Shelly overheard. Rachel’s dream was about convincing everyone to give them her keys and Shelly said that she couldn’t believe that she would say that in front of other house guests.”

Rachel is getting much worst, not an inch better than last year, so it;s obvious that the house being against them wasn’t the reason she acted that way, this is the person she is.


I cannot believe that Cassi is trying to campaign to stay at this late hour. Dom was really honest with her two nights ago when he told her that she had no chance of staying. I know that it is good to fight to stay in the game, but it comes across as pathetic when you know you are going home. I like Cassi and I would rather her leave with grace than looking desperate.


And would you still say this if she somehow got the votes to stay? Thursday is the best day to try to rally up the votes, because its fresh in their heads…. if sh did this 3 days ago, the house guest would have had all this time to re-think everything….. nothing wrong with what she is doing in my opinion….


She doesnt have the votes… soon as she asked Jeff and left, Jeff told Jordan he was not doing it and rolled over and went back to sleep. She waited tooooo late, Thursday is the WORST day to start campaigning, for for a good part of the time you are either sequestered in the HOH room, cleaning, or getting ready for the live feeds.

The Watcher

She’s right. It’s too little, too late at this point. Speaking of keeping her grace. I wish feeds would show her reaction when she goes back and watches this season and realize that she’s out of there because of her friend Shelly. Grace will be out the door…


must be DOM’s mom. thinking he’s a good boy, who goes to bed ontime, doesn’t cause problems, only solves them. Sorry mama! He’s a baaaad boy, have you seen the massive ego he’s carrying around? That’ll tire him out before dani flirting with him does.. 🙂


BS. Dominiqua chose to stay up that late. Not like Dani was harassing him and causing a raucous. Dom can “SHOVE IT” for all I care.


Dom needs to go… too young and full of himself…. he is getting as annoying as Rachel…. ok not that bad, but bad enough