Big Brother Spoilers: All the houseguests are eating and getting ready for the LIVE Show Tonight!

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1:05pm The live feeds are back from TRIVIA. All the houseguests leave the HOH room and head downstairs. Dominic is the last one to leave and talks to Jeff and Jordan shortly about trying to see if they will keep Cassi. Dominic says that he is making one last ditch effort to keep Cassi. Dominic says that he wanted to ask Jeff what he is going to do, cuz he wants to be on the same page with them. Jeff says that everyone is going to vote for Shelly to stay. Dominic says Okay everyones voting for Shelly to stay. Dominic says that Kalia and Lawon were going to vote to keep Cassi. Jeff asks are they …or are they just saying that? Dominic says I don’t know! Jeff says that he was going to tell Cassi soon. Dominic says okay ..I just wanted to know where you were at.

1:15pm – 1:35pm All the houseguests are cleaning up and getting ready for the live show tonight. Cassi cleans up the hair cut that she gave Dominic earlier. Jeff is trimming his side burns. All the girls are talking about what the will wear tonight and other random stuff.

1:35pm – 2pm All the houseguests are still getting ready and eating. Random chit chat about food and what to wear. In the kitchen Jeff asks Dominic if he is going to wear that (t-shirt and suspenders). Dominic says yeah ..if you guys dress up, I’m going to dress down in a t-shirt. Jeff and Adam head up to play a game of chess.

2:20pm While Adam and Dominic play their chess game they whisper that its best if they vote Cassi out to avoid becoming bigger targets in the house.

2:40pm The girls are still getting ready in the bathroom (Rachel, Porsche, and Cassi). The rest of the houseguests are lounging around talking about random things.

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Guess who else is eating right now! Click my name to find out!


I guess it’s the Model’s curse. Chances are Cassi is leaving (2nd evicted) just like every other “model” on BB. Hope they being her back. As least she was there trying to stay in the game. Sadly, jealousy rears it’s ugly head (Rachel) and she will be gone. I HOPE she comes back full force! TEAM CASSI.


The BB telecast sure won’t be as pretty to look at without Cassi. But I am kind of sick of watching Dom go goo goo gaa gaa over Cassi. It’s getting to the point where he needs to be told to calm the hell down. I feel for her because she has/had to find a fine line between being nice to him since she likes him as a buddy but without hurting him since she’s just not into him that way. She and Shelly were talking about it earlier today. Cassi said she had to watch what she had to say last night so she didn’t “provoke” him any further. He’s always touching her hair, asking her weird questions and so on. He’s nice, but very immature.


I seriously doubt there was any jealousy to Cassie’s looks, which I find out of make-up very plain. Jordan is much cuter than Cassie,IMO. And…it’s not just Rachel. How about mentioning Kalia and Dani as well????


I think I know who is eating but I don’t want to click and get something like an STD. HA


nanahef says:
July 21, 2011 at 1:38 pm
not for nothing other than if I don’t gett this off my chest, I will scream, but so far I think this is the worst season. From the minute that screaming red headed withchy bitch walked in the door my hearft knew it was gonna be a bad season. I think the whole “duo” thing stinks and especially when it involves bringing back “duos” from other seasons. And please the “golden key” is stupid, all it does is keep some people from even playing the game at all. I sincerely hope that next season BB will give us all new players and knock off some of the silly stuff. It would be nice to see people that have never been in BB and put everyone on a level playing field. And just as a wishful thought, why, oh why, didn’t Jordan make her own decision and put up the “dueling duo” that is ruining the whole show. They NEED to GO, she is worse than she was last year, I hope he smartens up and dumps her before he slips a ring on her finger, he deserves better, she is a whiny ass bitch.


I think the problem is that the newbs didn’t get together as a group but crumbled individually right at the start of the season. With no unity on their side, there is very little competition between them and the vets,


Agreed, when the vets moved in they united right off the bat, but if you put 8 complete strangers in a house there is going to be some trust issues from the word go yo.

I will miss you Cassi.


i agree this whole concept was dumb and i tried to give it a chance but it’s aggravating me more and more – they should have done all vets (a type of all star season but maybe in duos) or all new people. i actually liked watching BR last season partly bc i love watching those types of personalities on tv but mixed weith the newbies it ruins the dynamic bc everyone knows what to expect from five of them and their interactions are guarded or manipulated accordingly…it just taints the whole point of the game…i understand that BR, JJ and DD bring ratings – but don’t do it this way


I agree! The newbies were blindsided and star struck which is exactly what BB had hoped would happen. I’m shocked Cassie wasn’t the first one evicted because of Rachel’s insecurities and jealousy. I don’t know how much more of her I can take.

kathie from canada

I agree 1,000%!!! I just can’t get into this season at all. I find the CBS telecasts so painful to watch. But thanx to Simon and Dawg for all that they do. I check in two or three times a day to keep up to speed. Hate the vets coming back – hate the pairs playing- and mostly hate the key deal guaranteeing safety. This is such a gutless group that I’ve given up waiting for someone – ANYONE – make a bold move and shake things up. Would have loved to see Rachel get the boot and have the girls in the house go after Brendon just to drive her nuts!!!


would be sweet if there was a new twist and soon as cassi leave dick comes back…

The Watcher

I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t see that happening. He’s been watching the show, he would have too big of an advantage if they brought him back. Unfortunately for the fans, but this season will be much more boring without ED there pushing buttons.


Cassie is a real “model”. Has multiple agencies and a real portfolio. Not to be confused with a “VIP Hostess”, which is just a skank who most likely had sex with Tiger-or has aspirations.


what is up with my girl porsche always wearing those dopey pink sweat pants ?!?!!? #BeProudOfYourBigButt


I went back on the live feed shots and looked. She has wore the pink or grey pants 13 out of 16 or 17 days! Seriously that is gross!


guess what she has on right now !!!! #pinksweats


I agree. You would think she would realize that those of us who watch the live feeds and/or BBAD know how often she wears the same outfit. When do they get washed? The only good thing about her wearing those so often are going to be the before and after shots (plump).


I guess we know who the Natalie of this season is


That is not a big butt…that is a fat ass! It is growin daily….don’t be surprised if Porsh makes it to final 5…those type slither there way through.
I hope Jeff wins tonite! Gonna miss you Cassi!


Kalia – Best friends with Dr. Will’s brother
Dom & Cassie – picked by their agents suggestion
Porsche – Pals around with Janelle
Brenchel – Most hated duo
Jordeff – Most loved duo
Danick – Most controversial duo
Keith – Jesse wannabe
Shelly – Mama says…
Adam – Superfan/Arm chair quarterback
Lawon – Flamboyant necessity

How do they expect the fans to feel any other way than this being a complete set up?


I’m not from the 60s era, but I just felt like saying,”Right On!!!”


Let your freak flag fly!!!


OMG!! Is this for reals? NO WONDER!!


Absolutely, for realz! Production starts the ball rolling with a stacked deck then persuades the players through munipulation in the direction that they want to go via their DR sessions, comps and twists.

Even Jeff admitted during his season that the DR was pushing him towards betraying Russell while feeding his paranoia. This season he’s mentioned that the guys in the DR keep wanting him to say things that he never would say and doesn’t want to say.

The fans are the ones who have been screwed, especially this season.


just watched last nights AD ep. I felt like I was watching the kids in the special ed class. talk about a bunch of idiots.


Best Friend! That’s not very nice Best Friend!
Noooooooo, dats a not a verrry niice at all… I donna like when you a says a things like-a that.

The most pathetic thing BY FAR was seeing Rachel doing exercises by the couch to ensure the camera was on her as she became an awkward third wheel in jordan and shelly’s discussion.

chick from louisiana

Brendon talking in that annoying voice is making him about as tolerable as Kalia. Please stop!!!!!


Kalia irritates me too. Her constant talking, singing, rocking and throwing out race based comments (jeff calls someone ‘sister’, Kalia says he can’t use that word cause he’s white making him a racist, he says what she said was racist and last night she said she went to an all white school and not one of them white people know how to keep a beat, Jeff tells her that’s a little racist), eating everyone’s food and constant obstruction of her mic are causing me to like her less and less everyday. So, according to her, she went to an expensive all white high school and then an expensive all black college?


i couldn’t agree with you more, she goes one from elitist, privileged environment to another and comess out none the wiser – making blanket, generalized statements that echo racism while calling people out for the very behavior she is guilty of but ignores in herself – just shows you how unaware she is of herself …not only that, but her habits are disgusting and her incessant, nonsensical rambling is just her being selfish and inconsiderate bc NOONE CARES WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY.


Why is everyone blaming everything on Rachel? Its not like Rachel had a gun to her alliance head and forced them to evict Cassi.


Yeah she kinda did…. BR & D wanted Cassie out otherwise they would turn on JJ.


exactly….you just mentioned THREE names and yet only ONE (Rachel) is getting the blame – and we don’t know even know what everyone else would have thought but we know that Dominic and Adam wouldn’t have preferred not to be nominated so…..


I just watched last nights episode! It was awesome to see Jeff stand up to Rachel! seeing Jeff stick up for Jordan and stand up to Rachel made me realize why Jeff was my favorite in last seasons episode and still is! but I feel they blew it when they picked Cassi and Shelly over Brendon and Rachel!


The newbies are entirely responsible for their on undoing. They sat there all ga-ga over returning players who,besides Jordan, didn’t even win in their own seasons, yet they are awarded respect like they have the wisdom of Socrates or athletic prowess of Olympian champions.

I wsh Production would snatch up the lazy players who do NOTHING and just boot em out. (Kalia,Lawon,Porsche and Shelly,if she didn’t clean that pig pen). I swear this is the most exhausting season ever. I find myself fast forwarding through more than half of the BBAD because its absolutely nothing going on.

Dani is the most stealth player so far, but that’s because she really doesn’t have to do anything. Let’s see how good her game is once she is unprotected. If she goes back to all that whining like she did when in BB8, then I’m no longer rooting for her.


Dick won his season

DeAnne 1233

So far Dani’s game is identical to her previous season… Attach herself to a guy and try to get them to get her as far as possible until she no longer needs him and pit players against each other so the spotlight won’t be on her.


His name was Nick. Coincidently, he got caught online with his junk in his hand just like Barennan did. (Nick was photographed not too long ago as he went on a date with Kristin from last season)


thanks i only remember a few of the players from each season can’t keep track of em all 🙂


Yea I think that too, as much as she been flirting with him he should be closer to getting the pussy, but he’s hasn’t made a move, not like Dani don;t look good she do, her and Cassi are the only fine women on the show. Butterface & Boy George wish they looked that good


Does Name = Ill Will or is Name the new Ill Will


yea that’s me, I just don;t feel like typing my name over and over, wish the site had cookies like last year


Not sure what the problem is i’ll look into it


I made the Grenades last year, and the picture thing last night


Well, Dick won his season.

Shelly and Kalia were both dumb in the first week. If they screw up the numbers game, they screw themselves. You think the vets are going to keep them around once the keys are given up?


I stand corrected. ED did win his season but I was really talking about the existing crop,sans ED.

The newbies deserve to be picked off especially since only one, two at best, is playing. It pisses me off when I see the stupid newbies being told to throw competitions by the duos and they just sit there like idiots agreeing to it.

Even Production seems less than charmed with the players this season. I can’t help but notice there’s way more chastising about mics,conversation topics,games,etc.


I know this is SO not a popular opinion, but whether or not you like how it’s played out, the duos and vets twists have had the desired effect on the game. Yeah, we already know what to expect from the vets, and yeah, maybe the playing field wasn’t all that even at the start, but that’s part of the whole concept of this game. Expect the unexpected.

How many of the newbies said in the very beginning that they came into the house with a game plan that got totally screwed up when the twists were revealed? Even if you don’t like the exact twists, it’s better than watching people come in and execute the same plans year after year. And I think watching their “plans” get all screwed up and have to scramble for new ones is better than watching people use the plans they created ahead of time.

I’ve always liked Jordan and Jeff and I still do – I love that Jeff made the vets snap out of their “we’re doomed” mentality after Dick left and that he stood up for Jordan against Rachel. I have NEVER liked Rachel and Brendon and even less so this year. Rachel seems whinier this year and as much as I dislike her, I’m also tired of watching Brendon be verbally and emotionally abusive towards her.

I don’t think JJ or BR have a chance. If they get to go to the jury house and spend time there together, I think they’ll be happy enough. Dani might have a chance, which is ironic, because it is probably only because she’s had the golden key time to buddy up to others in the house without them feeling threatened. Also, since she isn’t really “playing” right now, whatever skills and weaknesses she has aren’t being seen and studied by everyone. I think Dom and Dani probably have the best chance.


Sorry, I meant that if JJ go to the jury house together, they’ll be happy. Brendon and Rachel aren’t going to be happy no matter what happens.


Brenchel are not a ‘real’ couple anyway. Barennan admitted to the he/she online that their relationship was only for show and publicity.


That sounds like something a guy would say when he’s coming onto a girl that knows he’s in a relationship ;). I had read a couple months ago that they were engaged, but did not get invited back to BB until like a week before the show started, so I think they are in an actual relationship, albeit an incredibly annoying and mutually abusive relationship. As annoying as she is, he is by far the bigger a**hole. She is irritating, dumb, and loud, but he is psycho.


Isn’t it funny how B can bring up ‘that unspeakable thing’ but R can’t. B talked about him screwing up online to Dani (i think) and when R walked by and added that girls on the internet were munipulative, he told her to shut up about that unspeakable thing.


Jen, brilliantly articulated! I agree with every point you made. I like Jeff a lot more than Jordan this season. She seems like she doesn’t have any personality of her own…and she def cannot make a decision on her own…she kept insisting Cassi was the last person she wanted to put on the block but since it is what Rach wanted, she had to do it. Hmm, did Rach consult Jordan for instructions on who to put up when Rach was HOH? (Seriously, did she because I didn’t watch that entire epi, lol)


Thanks! Jordan actually did make a pretty strong decision in her first nominations – Rachel always wanted Cassie to go home, but Jordan flat out said that she considered Dom to be the more threatening player so she put Dom/Adam up against Rachel’s wishes. I think she was pretty close to backdooring BR, but they are strong competitors and whichever was left would definitely be out for major revenge next week with Dani’s support. Since Cassie and Shelly haven’t proven to be strong competitors and Jordan can’t compete for next HOH, I think she just decided she couldn’t risk it. Rachel got really lucky – after her annoying comments during POV, she’s lucky Jordan didn’t act on personal feelings and put her and B up.

And I don’t know that Rachel specifically listened to JJ last week, but they did work as an alliance that week. Keith was a mutual target for all of them.

Unfortunately, unless Jeff gets HOH this week, I think one of them is gone next week. For their sake, I hope it waits at least one more week so they can be in the jury house together rather than split up all summer.

Jordan K.

I think Cassi thinks RACHEL put her on the block when it was Jordan who did so. Not Rachel. I don’t get why everyone always blames Brenchel/Rachel for everything. It’s not always her fault. Yeah, she’s annoying sometimes but she is Tv! That’s why CBS brought her back for the third time. They brought Brenchel back because they like seeing people hate them, and they brought Jordan and Jeff back because they like seeing people love them, when in reality, Jeff is an arrogant guy. I like him but he’s really arrogant. I’m not defending Brendon for what he did either.


Rach did put Cassi on the block; she just used Jordan to do the dirty work. The feeds attest to this. It’s Jordan’s own fault for bowing down because she could have used her own power position of HOH and said “actually I’ve decided ______ is more of a threat (Cassi was only a threat to Rach bc of physical appearances) so share your thoughts with me on this person instead….blah blah f-cking blah….”
See how diplomacy works? The crying in the bushes thing did confirm everything that people on here say about Rach, though. She could do something, anything, to prove people wrong and show she is not a crazy controlling crybaby bitch but she insists on f-cking up with the same mistakes over and over again”




It boggles my mind why everyone is against Rachel and Brendon. If you watch and listen to them in the live feeds, they’re not bad people. Sure, Rachel’s maturity level tanks at times…but, I don’t see her as being mean or vindictive. She says what she thinks. Dani is playing everyone. Porshe doesn’t seem to add much at all, or at least not yet. She’s safe for now, no need to rock the boat. I agree with others who’ve said that Jeff is arrogant. I totally agree. Personally, I’m enjoying Shelly’s game. She’s nice to everyone. So far, that has worked well for her. She obviously has felt badly for Cassi, but she’s no fool. She’s smart enough to align herself with the power couples (at least at first), as has Kalia. The players so far this season, are not as mean as some of them were last year. But, it’s early in the game!


I am glad Brenchal is in the house, without them, it would be soo boring. I am sorry but no one in the house is interesting to watch besides Dom and Brenchal. Even Jeff and Jordan are boring. I never got why America is so crazy over this duo. They spent their whole season looking at spiders all night. This season, they just watch Brenchal all day, wondering what they are doing. So even Jeff and Jordan seem to be more interested in Brenchal than anything else in the house. I think Jeff and Jordan have no balls, because if they had, they would’ve put Brenchal up, but obviously they were too scared to do that. It’s not Rachel’s fault that Cassie is going home, she’s not the one that put them up. Jordan is an adult and if she is too scared to put Brenchal up, then that’s on her, not Rachel. I do not believe that Rachel hated on Cassie. Watching the night feeds, it is quite clear that Cassie hangs out with all the guys in the house. She has made no attempt until this week to talk to any of the girls in the house except for Shelly (which is pretty much a guy, she sure sounds like one when she talks). So, I believe Rachel was right on with her take on Cassie. Sorry guys, but I am rooting for Brenchal or Dominic to win.


I have to agree. This season is about as boring as that 1/2 season 9. The guests are snoozers and even Brenchel just doesn’t do it for me.
Adam-edgy as a butterknife. A plastic one. Evil Dick’s match??? He’s more like Goody Dick. What a starstruck jerkoff.
Lawon- Does production write his dialog?
Kalia- May stir some waves sooner or later, but whatever.
Dom- Dom, dude, you are NOT Dr. Will. Give it up. At least until you are 30.
Porsche- Po’,bitch you are NOT Britney or Janelle. Give it up. At least until you drop 30 pounds.
Shelly-The geezers usually get killed off at midseason, but she’s pretty sneaky. Never know.
Cassi-The ego (and hopefully panties) you could enter in this season. Tonight, good sense will fly out the door.


The house is boring with them. They’re not interesting, just irritating.


Also, Cassi has made no bones about being a tomboy, getting along better with guys, etc. She has shown zero attraction to any of the guys in the house (unlike Porkchop). Jordan didn’t get uppity when Cassi was around Jeff. Rachel’s insecure. Just because a girl is a tomboy who happens to get along with guys better doesn’t mean she’s a threat.

Her insecurity (and people defending her insecurities and blaming Cassi for them) give me a headache.


I actually hope Cassie doesn’t come back into the house. Instead I hope she gets a shite load of offers top modelling wise, all over the world. Gets snatched up for commercial work and tons of offers to audition for pilot season and film roles. She’s got a great vibe about her aside from her beautiful looks and could probably do well, with some solid on camera acting coaching. (I know something about this cause I work in the industry).

Yo! Cassies’ agents! Are you reading this…?? Get on it. Girlfriends’ got serious game.

The only other person currently in that house who might have a shot would be Jeff. But he’s such a thickie! It would end up being too much of a hassle to train then actually work with him. If it were me working with him, I’d probably end up stabbing myself in the throat….so not worth it.

The rest are mostly wastes of space. Dominic might be a model (a la Sears Catalogue) but not nearly edgy enough and seriously immature. Dime a dozen type.


Cassi is already at the six-figure income bracket so I’ve read. Has multiple reps worldwide and has been in major country music videos (Kenny Chesney being just one). She actually floated an apartment in Greenwich Village NY. You know how much that’s gotta be monthly? She’s doing fine. Not super-status, but not hurting.


What if Roach really is a dude? Oh wait, no. She forgot wear pants to last years’ competition. She’s just uggs. I guess when you look like that, it doesn’t bode well for your income. HAHAHAHA!

BB King

I think the regulators are the worst team in BB history. They could not prevent the genocide of their alliance. Though I think CBS rigged the games against them.


Yea Production does a certain amount of rigging but I think this stink pot is entirely the Regulators fault.


The Regulators’ biggest mistake, even after Keith was evicted, was not trying to figure out which of the noobs went back on their word. I’ve said it before, it’d take a five minute conversation to figure out it was Shelly and Kalia.


Agreed. It was a simple no-brainer. Yet they all privately pointed fingers with no real clue. The only one they got right was Kalia. Not sure why Shelly was NEVER considered? Did they not watch last season? Kathy was casted this season as Shelly,just slightly more useful.


BR are going to win, and JJs going to look back at week 2 and go f*ck


NEWS FLASH Brenchel Drone nobody in the house likes them, so how are they going to win without the votes? THINK before you post


OPS my bad, Had you clicked to reply…..

But yea they will regret not putting them up, but it;s not like BR has the votes to win , nobody likes them


sorry am i the only won who wants Dom to go far, but realize he doesnt have a chancd because of BR and JJ


Agree i love rachel in the game makes it more entertaining


Any chance for this scenario happening?: Shelly gets up at the eviction and says: this is just too stressful for me, I miss my family, please vote me out so I can go home and see my husband and my child…


Jeff getting ready to win HOH


and Audrey ll getting ready to throw HOH to him.


haha look how fat Roachel looks with just a bra on

be nice

BR are in it to win it and they know all of america is watching but they know how to play they want the money if we started to look at these people as competitors then people would be more understanding to the way these people act


My predictiion is a newbie wins the HOH. Although I don’t know which one it might be since collectively they are all too lazy,brain dead or totally under the spell of the duos to play competively. I hope Production doesn’t script another win for the duos,otherwise they might as well just end the season now.




On a totally unrelated note, remember last night when Cassi was going on about that Ezekiel 4:9 bread? Just bought a loaf and smeared some of that organic berry mix spread on it. She’s totally right! The shit tates just like pie! Blueberry pie and it has no fat or high fructose CS. I didn’t even put on butter like she suggested. Good stuff. See the cool things we learn from Big Brother?


“In other news, stock for Ezekiel Bread shot through the roof astronomically for no apparent reason today…”


i do hope that jj get to spend the summer together and make it to jury,i do agree that not backdooring b/r is going to cost them the game but didnt they say the dont care about winning as much as just wanting to spend the summer together


I will no longer watch bb or the live feed. thanks for 12 seasons but this sucks!!!!!!!


Dont underestimate jeff hes smarter then most of them put together brandon makes me ill what a wuss