Big Brother Spoiler: Rachel talks about how she likes to buy colour coordinated clothes for her and Brendon to wear.. *Updated*

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10:30am – 11:10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Brendon and Rachel are in the kitchen and then they head out into the backyard where with Adam. Brendon and Rachel complain about how uncomfortable sleeping in the metal bedroom. Adam tells them about the dream he had last night. Adam talks about how because he works for a high level record company every year he writes to the Rock&Roll hall of fame president to complain that the bands Rush, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest haven’t been inducted into the hall of fame. Adam says that the president actually writes him back every year because his email address is from a high level record company. They continue to talk about random things. Rachel mentions that Brendon has said to her that one day they’ll open up a savings account and she won’t know the password to it because she has a spending problem. Rachel talks about how she likes to buy colour coordinated clothes for her and Brendon to wear. Brendon says that he doesn’t like doing that because it looks like he chopped off his balls and handed them to her. The conversation changes to talking about their schooling and then about the financial crisis. Meanwhile Shelly is in the HaveNot room on her 24 hour lock down walking around the bed and eating.
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11:10am – 11:30am Adam notices that the basket ball hoop is now gone. Rachel wonders if the same people that hid the other things in the house took the hoop too. They talk about the other things that are in the house are still missing and say that it could have only been four people (Lawon, Dani, Kalia, Porsche). The conversation changes to talking about Lawon and how they all know nothing about him. They talk about how initially he said he just graduated but that just recently they found out that he actually graduated 8 years ago. Brendon mentions that it’s so hard to tell when people are lying because so many people lie in this house. Adam says that it’s so much harder to remember a lie than it is to remember the truth. They talk about how Andrew lied on their season about being a shoe salesman instead of a doctor and how he suspected Matt’s wife’s medical condition was fake. The conversation changes to talking about Dominic and how he told Dani day 4 that he was going to get her dad out. Adam says that you can’t win in a week but you sure can lose in a week. Brendon asks if Adam talked to Dani after the POV and he says yeah and that he told her that he is definitely using it on himself. Brendon says that its obvious who she is putting up. Adam says yeah its either Brendon, Rachel or Jeff. Brendon says that Dani is just going after us guys. Rachel says that she thinks she is coming after me. Brendon tells Rachel that Dani isn’t afraid of you …especially after your performance last week.. Rachel says EWWW! Brendon says I am just being honest! Rachel says that Dani has to go!!

11:40am Adam says did you notice all the girls have won the HOH’s and the guys have won the POV’s. Brendon says that Dani knows that if its a physical competition she needs us guys out. Rachel says that Dani has been HOH three weeks in a row ..literally. Adam agrees. Rachel says that the guys are definitely going to win this week. Adam says that the fact that she has that veto ticket good for her. Rachel says yeah especially when she is HOH. Brendon tells Adam that he 100% has his back. Brendon tells Adam to think about you as a guy ..Dani wants to knock all us guys out. Brendon tells Adam that he is definitely not their target and that he would like all of them to make it to the double eviction. Brendon says that he wants Dani out and that he is going after her. Adam says that Brendon is a threat. Brendon says but am I a bigger threat than Dani. Adam says that at least I know when you would be coming after me ..whereas with Dani I don’t know. Adam says that it comes down to having an enemy in front of me or an ally behind me. Brendon says that to be honest he has three weeks of targets …and that will get us to the double eviction. Rachel says and then at that point if I or Brendon don’t win at double eviction we are targets and that means you get farther. Adam says that you can’t win anything. Brendon says definitely not winning HOH this week means that I am probably being back doored and maybe going home. They talk about how Jeff will walk out of the house with close to $40,000 with the prize money he has won and his stipend.

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11:50am – 12:05pm Brendon asks Adam what would convince him to keep him in the house. Adam starts to talk and Rachel says that the chances aren’t that good that Brendon or I will make it to the end. Brendon says that as long as he is in the house he will always be a bigger target than Adam guaranteed. Brendon says that Adam will do well near the end in the competitions because he is good at the quizzes and remembering dates and stuff. They ask Adam many times can you be the pawn ..until you go home. Rachel says that if you don’t keep people in this house that can get Dani out … you are handing her this game because no one will be able to stop her. Brendon says that there is going to be another endurance and she will win. Rachel brings up the fact that if Brendon and her are gone …Jeff and Adam are the next targets …and you have to think about the votes ..Jeff has Jordan … Adam agrees that he needs to think about everything. Rachel says again that she might be going up. Brendon gets mad and says that 100% Dani wants the guys out ..not you put her through BLANK last week ..but she wants the guys out. They talk about how Dani is able to separate emotional and game. Adam tells Brendon that if he is on the block.. by Thursday morning he will tell him which way he is voting. They warn Adam that near the end the competitons are mental. Adam heads inside to make breakfast.

12:15pm – 12:25pm Brendon gets mad at Rachel for telling Adam that she is a target too. Brendon says that she is trying to sell Adam on the fact that Dani is targeting the guys. Brendon says that he needs to sell Adam on the fact that he and Adam are competitors. Brendon tells Rachel that it is not her place to talk. Rachel says that she knows she is not going to win ..that she is playing for second place. Brendon tells her that it is not her BLANK place to talk …and that he told her to let him do all the talking. Rachel says I know I am sorry. Brendon says he has a good shot at getting Adams vote. Rachel says that we have a better shot at me being on that block. Brendon says that he feels better about Jeff and Jordan now that they talked to them last night.. that they are thinking the exact same way I am. Brendon says that he thinks that Adam might vote against him but that he needs to try. Rachel says okay I don’t want to fight ..maybe we only have a few more days in this house. Brendon says that why are you being pessimistic. Rachel says that if I go home then I go home …if I stay no one will vote for me. Brendon says don’t never know things can change in the jury house. Brendon tells Rachel that her arguments are stupid. Brendon says just don’t be counter productive… talk to Porsche and find out how she is voting.. stay on her good side. Brendon asks what deal will get Porsche to vote to keep me. Rachel says that nothing she has said to Porsche has gotten out. Brendon asks about what. Rachel says about Shelly. Brendon says yes obviously it has ..she is pissed at you… you need to keep your BLANK mouth shut! You need to learn to SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Rachel says that she does. Brendon says no you haven’t you’re not listening to me.. Jeff and Jordan BLANK us by making deal with everyone. brendon says that she has horrible game play ..she shows everyone her cards.. last week is over ..get back on your BLANK horse and move on..
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Winning! Go team dani

chief c


Team Adam

roflmbo…. I 2nd that nomination!!!!

Diabolical hater

Wow people are still using the term “winning”. Coupled with “team [insert name]”? Relevancy humor is not your strong suit.


Winning isn’t coupled with team dani. I didn’t want to say first…that is all


You know Shelly is having major nicotine withdrawals.


Every day we learn just how opposite Brendon and Rachel are. She suffers from inability to control impulses it seems and Brendon likes that because it means he can apply his loving fixes to his pet project,Rachel.

I’m still wishing Dani would backdoor Jeff,although it would be an uphill battle to get the votes to evict.


Not really because from the feeds and so on it seems like BR as much as i cant stand them either. Seem to really are starting to have dislike for Jj,and would really be willing to work with dani. Then again i cant stand Shelly


Just seems like a lot of people are jealous of Jeff and Jordan! I hope they are the final two


I hope it’s soon exposed that Jeff is screwing other girls.


You’re as dumb as Jordan if you think that

Team Dani

Brendon is being mean to Rachel.
Jeff is mean to Jordan.
These two guys are a bunch of douche bags. I can’t wait till their BOTH gone. Brendon is better then Jeff at winning games. I can see why Dani wants Brendon gone first, he is a bigger threat. Then get Jeff out next! I really hope Por wins HOH next week.


FAT chance!


Even if Jeff punches Jordan in the face, JJ fans will try and find an excuse.

Scallywag in Canada

As long as Brendon and Rachel are on the same page and they vote to get Jeff out as well as Porshe and Kalia they have more than enough vote.


IMO…Brenchel will never last! He’s a frigin control freak and Rachel is out of control! She’s acting fine right now but wait and see she’ll go off the deep end again, especially if Dani puts Brendon up!




Yo! Team Dani fans! This could be the third straight week they made a horrible move, if Dani doesn’t take Jeff out.

It’ll be JJSA v. PK for the HOH comp and the BB gods(production) will feel JJSA are due for a win and Dani will win POV and Kalia will go home and in the next HOH competition it’ll be 4 v. 2, once again.

I would get Dani’s nervous of rying to go the final 3 w/ BR, but just having a 33% of making it to the final 3 is odds I would take,plus B or R will probably betaken out, so she can team up w/ the other one to go to the final 2. Or she doesn’t have to take it that far and she can wait until their 5 or 6 left.

With Jeff leading the JJSA alliance they will be difficult to beat.


Production is definetely going to give JJSA a win.


If you put yourself in productions shoes, you can predict a lot of things


dani is like a really bad player if you take out the comps…thank goodness she is good at those or she would have been gone long ago…if you make 3 really big mistakes in the house, in my opinion you don’t deserve to win, even if Jordan is sitting next you


if dani doesn’t take jeff out now, jj will float to the top and win


Brenchal are still kind of annoying but at this point.. the only person I am finding really annoying is Shelly. She just needs to go.
I really wanna see all the floaters (Shelly, Adam, Porshe, and even Kalia) go and then see a REAL competition to the end between BR, JJ, and D.

And I don’t know why but lately I keep questioning how the house would be if Dick was still there. Daniele would most definitely be playing a way different game. That’s for sure.


Ok we already know RacHell has problems, she has diarreha of the mouth, she has an acne problem, she is insecure, she thinks everyone is out to get her, she is co-dependant and now we learn she has a problem spending…makes you wonder what does Brendone see in her???



Godless Monkey

Rachel strokes his huge ego and puffs him up like a marshmellow, all the while he uses her insecurities against her, making her feel even smaller…then he comes back with a pat on the head for her, saying he’s sorry, once again, and she is caught in a circle of love/disdain/addiction to a man that only chose her because she will put up with it because deep down she doesn’t believe she deserves better. So classic, one sees it al the time.

Saw the light

Oh so true, Godless Monkey. I know first hand because I was a rachel for 18 years until I finally opened my eyes and was honest with myself about what our relationship truly was all about. It’s so painful to watch BR…it was my life. I am so much better now! I hope it doesn’t take her as long as it took me to see the light.


Really, she is a scaly, scabby lizard. She is constantly peelin her face, feet and body. Yuk. And she eats with her mouth open and tongue comes out to lick her lips disgusting.


Brendon probably has never had a girlfriend with such bazooms before. Otherwise, I had no idea. Rachel is a mess…always has been, probably can’t change. Brendon is a control freak and we’ve seen him thru 2 Big Brother shows trying to change Rachel …. It looks like she is still a mess but he has broken her with all her apologies to him. He’s a jerk. I don’t like her much but I dislike him more.


She should put Jeff up anyway because losing either Jeff or Shelly is a win for her. PLUS she will be honoring the BR deal and can use that in the next few weeks. She needs some allies when the Fast Forward goes down.., she knows that and I’m hoping she is planning accordingly!


Off topic but as I watch bbad, i see a resemblance of uncle fester in Adam and the pic you have of Jeff looks alot like simon cowel as far as what i read about jeffs attitude its not far from Simon either. Im a fan of Jeff and Jordan but Dani seems to be a much better watch.


Dani is a Timex. J&J are Mickey Mouse.



Could you put together a BB13 Camel Toe pictorial?





Jeff was talking last night/early this morning about trying to flip Adams vote to try to keep Brendon, I think it would have worked just a week ago but not now. Adam will recognize that keeping Brendon only keeps the power in the Veteran couples hands and that is in effect a dead end in the near future for his game. If We have a tiebreaker vote by Dani it will out the JJ votes against Shelly and for Brendon. We will be back to all newbies + Dani vs. The veterans of JJR. SWEET!


Keeping B or R is a stupid move! I wish JJ could see that BR have been trying to backdoor them since week 1. I also hate R for not giving Shelly any credit for helping to keep her safe in the house last week. One of them as to go!!


are we watching the same show?? bc on the one i am watching BR SHOULD HAVE backdoored JJ weeks and didn’t and JJ having make deals left and right while BR have no other deals


BR have been trying to make deals as well, they just suck at it. Rachel / Brendon were willing to sell everyone out to keep Brendon safe. Rachel was first up to the HOH trying to make a deal with Dani when Brendon left. They have tried to make a deal with Adam and Shelly before SA just haven’t bought it. Let’s not give them that halo yet. they stuck with JJ against Dani because they didn’t trust Dani not because of some sense of Duty. They were ready to throw JJ up on the block until they figured out Dani was playing them for Idiots. No one is loyal in this game. Not JJ not Dani not BR. It’s all about who’s the best at getting other people to trust them and then putting those same people you call your friends up on the block at the right time. BR pretty much suck at that game. That is why everyone wants them out every week. JJ as a big pain in the ass we can all see they are, are fun and likable for the most part and everyone wants to be there friend. There ya go…


Dani needs to put up Brendon – they all vote him off….
Then Rachel will have a breakdown, everyone ignores her and she leaves the BB13 on her own…..


Also…. on BBAD lastnight, JJ were talking outside about Jordan getting HOH and putting Kalia on the block and voting her off… Seems to me that DKP need to put Jordan up and Kelia forget her promise to not put Jordan up.


If Jeff goes up, B&R could split their vote – giving the tie breaking vote to Dani. Then they could just blame Adam as turning. This would get out a major competitor and make Shelly and Jordan question Adam, while bringing B&R to the top of the BRJSA alliance.


there not that smart, it be great idea though


first peterbilt steals wine then she puts benefiber in the muscle milk.
BB just lets this slide. smh


Porsche should be removed for messing with the food supply it is wrong no matter what, also dani and kahlia are guilty by association so same punishment for all 3 of the snakes,,


Too bad they all couldn’t be voted off due to they are all boring as anything and all new HGs come into the house, interesting ones and definitely no vets. This is the only thing that can save this year’s BB. SMH and LOL


Even though Dani is going around telling Kalia, Porch, Adam, Jeff and Shelly it is going to be Brenda going up, she is following the deal she made with B/R and considering Kalia has a big mouth, no one really trusts Porch, Adam lied to Dani about his voting for Lawon and changing last minute, Jeff being simple greedy and a floater and having his own alliane that has more votes right now and BS’d about wanting Rach out last week, and Shelly the straight shooter who proved her alliance to Jeff last week and is the RAT, Dani will put up Jeff and throw the same excuses back in everyones face they used on her last week for doing so!
Dani doing this takes the target off her back in case one of the useless floaters of the destroyed J&J alliance wins HOH that will go after B/R and she has a deal with B/R who at least keep their word, unlike J&J.


If Dani puts up Jeff and does not tell Kahlia and Porsche, they will rethink trusting her and she can’t do that and lose them b/c that is all she has.


That the same thing I thought once I heard about the deal. Ape face might piss Kalia & Peterbilt off if she does it.

Not Meg

Peterbilt…..aahhhhh! Much better then Pinto.


Dani will tell them just before the ceremony like she did when she put up straight shooter and Adam,


When will Dani call Porsha a floater? what has Prisha done? at least Adam and Shelly are in there working it as best they can. Porsha floats on by…


a floater is someone kiss the ass of whoever is in power and has no alliance. Your GOD Evil Dick said that. Jeff is no floater so quit that bullshit.


I couldn’t stand Evil Dick and yeah Porch is a floater no doubt about that!


Gee guys–those of you who think BR will keep their word to Dani–Are you watching right now what they are saying to Adam??? Brenda admits that Dani is a real threat to him and that he is set on taking her out first chance he can. WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS and smell the flowers. Rachel is doing a Sheliar thing.Watch the morning feeds. It will all change by the end of the day today!!!


The only conversation that you you can go by is between B and R. All there doing is feeding Adam BS. They know about the JJSA alliance. Case closed.

Although I find it interesting last night JJ did it a 180 and are now hoping Shelly goes home. Probably the DR is planting seeds.


Hey get real we all know jeff ids going to win, you all thing different, but reality is jeff has it all all over them


why would you spend yrs trying out for BB to just hold the vets bags, adam wake up your brjj lacky


When is the POV ceramony.








Thats just rude!!!


Yea cause pictures of David Spade, Jaba the Hut, Boy George arent rude AT ALL LOL

Dani deserves meaner than a freakin black widow spider *shrugs*


that isn’t funny Dick, she is your child you asshole.


Just for kicks……. Yes, I agree


That is so funny, cause its so true…


only thing missing is Michael Jackson and Emanuel Lewis


Did dani tell Jeff not to win the veto or what? I know he’s kind of dumb but WTF if u think there is a chance u get backdoored u don’t pass on veto, plus why don’t BR take that as a sign that Jeff wants one of them GONE. If I were BR I would question his motive!


Jeff didn’t want to have to decide who to save or not. So he gave it to Adam which was the deal he made with Adam. Now Jeff is off the hook for making the choice. If he gets put up though…it was totally stupid. Maybe he has a deal with Dani that we missed?

Floata Hata

PS, you missed a good pullquote when Jeff said “why does everyone think I’m this golden kid. I’m a scumbag” Jordan: Yeah you are


As of right now who do u think dani will put up? BREN OR JEFF???


JJ are safe this week. B will be nominated and JJ are going to save them, only to regret it later. bye shelly.


Adam doesn’t bring anything to the table as far as I’m concerned. I can’t imagine what the next attention seeking behavior will be. I’m sure he’s beside himself that Jordan, and not he; is sporting a costume this week. Surprised he didnt try to win that. Dani is steadily working Shelly. Think she wants to absorb her into her alliance. Go Dani!


BR drives me crazy, they really are the worst people in the world. R makes up so many lies and crys all the time if someone is not kissing her ass.


my favorite Rachel moment was when she said to Brendon in the Hoh room. I’m the hoh why is everybody hangin’ with JJ.
She is so pathetic.


God rachel sure does have a lot of pimples on her face I bet you she has a lot of gross ugly pimples on her ass lol


Jeff and Jordon Fake Showmance – Jeff asks Shelly to ask her family about ratings. The more ratings Big Jeff gets the more money he can ask CBS for in any contract he signs. FAKE FAKE. We’ve been HAD. We should all join together and tell CBS this fake showmance shit is not going to work on us anymore.


The recaps said Adam asked Shelly to ask her family about the ratings. I haven’t watched the feeds yet


hmm thought for sure it was Jeff, no matter, I’ll still rant. haha


they don’t have to be a B&R to be considered a real romance. we established Jeff is an asshole, rude, anger management & other stuff. moving on now…he also had some good sides. i’m getting so tired of hearing this all the time, “fake showmance”.


fake showmance! fake showmance! fake showmance!


so true, i thought that was a weird thing to ask, but i didn’t make that connection…they are so pathetic


I remember Jeff and Jordan agreeing that they would not be lovey dovey/PDA, because this could put a big target on their backs. If I had not of heard Jeff and Jordan talking about this, I would be questioning the status of their relationship too.


OOPS this was for ROCKSTAR/29


Jeff and Jordon said they would not be all lovey dovey because they are very bad actors. I don’t want to see actors. I want real people.


bullshit. they have a fake showmance. deal with it.


It was ADAM that asked about ratings. He has been talking about ratings all season!


Adam will sadly find out that he had the biggest chance of being the most awesomest houseguest ever – simon was on his side, me too… if Adam would have done something I would have made him infamous but it was not to be. He disappointed me and has done nothing this whole game but me a lap dog on Jeff’s jock. So, sorry Adam, you had your chance when you read this later. You upset Rockstar and well, for that, I scoff.


I see u had a nice chilled cup of haterade today 🙂


E-mail CBS now. Demand Jeff be removed for threats and let CBS know that we will not stand for fake really bad actors on the show. We want real houseguests, no more fake actors to get ratings.


RockStar, I just emailed CBS. Hopefully they try to rectify this situation. If anyone else desire to complain about this or anything BB, here’s the LINK:




obviously, you must be talking about yourself, look at your name for this site.


and on another note, this conversation was between me and rockstar, not you so get a life


Is everyone elses comment section in all CAPS and very large font (like the update header size)?
Thinking it is just me because I have not seen anyone else mention it..


yes same thing happening here


Thank You Suzy, thought it was something hinky on my PC, glad I don’t have to figure out a fix!


you are not seeing things, for some reason after the last airing on CBS it has gone to caps ….


Adam’s crush on jeff will keep skyperbator in the house. later shelly.

Ilyssa Liebz

You’re the best! I completely agree with you about Adam’s mancrush. Everybody attacked me when I said this previously. I’m glad you and I are on the same page. 🙂

Adam is more in love with Jeff than Jordan is. He knows if he crosses Jeff, Big Jeff will stop playing pool with him. He wouldn’t know what to do.


I must have been watching different feeds last week because Rachel keeps saying she had no one to talk to, that no one would talk to her, that everyone was mean to her. The feeds I was watching had Jordon, Adam, Shelly, Porscha…even Kalia talking to her, being friendly….the woman is so dillusional. She lives in a world all on her own. And those fake tears…please cry me a river….it would take her years to fill up a glass because she doesn’t cry…she pretends to cry and it is so irritating.


That’s her way of having her man baby her some more. That’s her way.

I think it’s hilarious that all of the JJ haters bash the JJ fans and say how horrible Jeff is to Jordan – yet look at the way B talks to R. Whatever. People outside need to stop being so personal just like the people inside. I don’t see that BR are such great BB players – neither do former HGs who have actually won the game.

That being said, I hate the way D is playing her game, yet I’m still rooting for her. heh


Is the bucket on the counter next to the food the toilet?


I think it’s behind the curtain. They still have to follow sanitary guidelines, I can’t see it being next to the food


Off topic… Rach constantly complains about how jeff treats Jordan and the way he talks to her…I see it as thats the way jeff speaks on daily basis and it’s not at her with any type of malice. And meanwhile brendon says he will never treat/talk to rach that way..yet he does….the above convo he totally yells at her and tells her to shut up…the only diff is brendon means it when he says it and jeff doesn’t, they way JJ talk is the way me and my hubby talk, it’s all jokes!
Bren&Rach totally deserve each other…a psychotic package ready to explode!!

Godless Monkey

I’m guessing a murder/suicide pact somewhere in BR’s future!


FINALLY! I was wondering when someone was going to comment on how Brendan spoke to Rachel. All of the JJ haters on here are constantly bitching about how “rude” Jeff is to Jordan. From this exchange between B&R, it sounds like Brendan is pretty nasty to Rachel..
Maybe no one complains about it because Rachel is a bitch and Jordan is nice? Either way, I still like J&J and think that everyone in this house acts like dipshits at some point. I can’t imagine being in that house….and if I was in the house with my hubby, we’d probably be sniping at each other too.


heh – this is pretty much what I posted a couple of moments ago.

Funny isn’t it how people only see/hear what they want to.

For me, personally, and the people in my life who I talk about this show with – I don’t even get how BR have so many fans. I think they’re gross. Just over all gross. JJ are not perfect – I’m not acting like they are – but they totally babied Rachel AND worked for her to stay last week and she (and Brendon) have ZERO appreciation for that. They just want to complain and backstab – then call JJ the backstabbers. Amazing.


Ohh Jesus Christ, will you people stop? I think Jeff is Jordan are the most fake shomance I’ve ever seen in my life. Why do you people continue to make excuses for Jeff? Jeff is a bum and a loser, plain and simple. I have one question for you. If that were Keith talking to the women like that, how would you feel about it? I know what you would say..”That Keith is confrontational and needs to be removed from the show”. Or, “I refuse to watch a show that allows men to treat women this way”. Must be nice to be Jeff. Jeff should just walk up to random women and slap them upside the head once he leaves the show. After-all, nothing is gonna happen to him…


First of all, I don’t think anyone has any illusions about Brendon and Rachel. But as far as gameplay, they fight hard and deserve to stay in the house. Jeff and Jordan on the other hand seem to be this golden couple that people think are perfect in every way. We are simply pointing out that JJ are no better than Brenchel. Jeff gets this good image and good edits from CBS, but he is a huge bully. And this jack ass continues to be seen as this great guy by people like you. This guy is a douche. JJ is a fake showmance. And someone needs to put a stop to Jeff making these threats towards people. Face it JJ fans, your golden couple is golden bullshit.


Couldn’t have said it better. Jeff and Jordan are pure bullshit.


When is the POV ceremony?


Simon just informed me it is Monday.

Porsha who?

Porsha needs to get involved in this game.. what a floater.. why does Dani stand for that crap?


I have a gut feeling she may be next HOH. She’s not a horrible competitor… Usually makes it further than most of the HGs, geez it’s only week 5 there are plenty of them left


Oops, week 6


she’s been grooming pinto to win and expecting her to win HOH next week. plus, she needs pinto as an ally right now to vote out who she (dani) wants out


“Brendon says that he doesn’t like doing that because it looks like he chopped off his balls and handed them to her”………ummm…hasn’t he already handed her his balls along time ago? LOL


Rachel is like Sam from Jersey Shore both are too codependent. Idk if I could stay in a room with either them w/o punching something.


I just want to say…..does anyone catch the way Brendan talks to Rachel?? Please stop complaining about Jeff then. Jeff is a major sarcastic person…..Brendan is just a bitch


so true, Brendons nothing but a bully….. if Rachel was not so inmature she would realize it and dump his ass…. If Brendon spoke to me that way I would of bitch slaped him and dumped his ass.


Brendon is so thoughtful when speaking with Rachal…LMAO Please, there are no victims as far as I’m concerned…

Fed up with JJ

The fonts on the site are all large and every word is in capital letters and it has been that way for about 2 days. I thought it was just me but I know its the site.


Simon – are you still kind of liking BR? The real BR have begun the emerge. I guess that honeymoon period (post B’s return to the house) is over.


I’m sure someone’s already said something about this, but just in case…

The introduction of the Dunce cap to the POV ceremony this week after being used here first on Kahlia’s photos seems uberly beyond coincidental to me. Just my opinion, but if anyone doubted that CBS/BB production might be checking this site out somewhat regularly, I’d doubt a little less now;) It could be a coincidence, but I honestly think the Dunce cap Jordan’s now wearing is a little silent kind of shout out to this site. The only thing that would’ve made it screamingly obvious is if Kahlia’d gotten it. Like I said before, just my opinion;) I tuned in last night to BBAD, saw Jordan in that getup, then saw the cap, and freaked.


They have used cap in past season. Don’t go getting your panties all bunched up now


What past seasons? Granted, I only started watching BB at season 8, but I really don’t remember the Dunce cap at all since then. If it’s been used, I know it has to have been a good while ago, and the fact that it suddenly popped up doesn’t exactly get my panties in a bunch, but makes me think. And, btw, thanks for having enough faith in Simon and Dawg to not believe their site is taken seriously by CBS, you Goober;)


For sure, if Dani keeps Brendon or Rachel, her days will be numbered. I really do not know why people here want Jeff to be backdoored. He is not as shrewd and fierce a competitor as Brendon and Rachel are and I think the house can evict anytime soon. Hopefully, Dani will think really hard. Let it be Brendon.


If Dani nominates B, she doesnt have the votes. JJRA will keep B and only KP will vote to save S. 4-2 vote, shelly’s gone. BR are more likely to vote out JJ than JJ vote out BR cuz BR are better cmpetitiors and bigger targets.


I don’t think J J are really a couple. It’s more like friendship than anything romantic. B R are messed up but they are a real couple.

Uncle Cool

Just remembered yet another reason I despise Brendon to add to the list. He is a turd.

I don’t like Rachel either, but he talks to her like she’s his dog.

Twerp needs a smack-down.

Just like ‘Big Jeff’.


What are others thoughts on this?? The finale night is on 9/14. There are only 4 Thursdays left until 9/14. If you count back that means even if there is a double eviction one week, there is still 1 person left to be evicted come 9/14. So does that possibly mean that there will be 2 double evictions like in All Stars?

8/18 – 1 person evicted (8 HG left)
8/25 – 2 person evicted in double eviction (6 HG left)
9/1 – 1 person evicted (5 HG left)
9/8 – 1 person evicted (4 HG left)
9/14 – 4 HG still remaining on finale night????

So that’s what leads me to believe that there will be 2 or possibly even a double eviction and a fast forward. What do others think?


this is the season of the twist, so they probably will have 2 double evictions


Those saying look at br talking to Adam about getting dani out um don’t you realize the deal they made with dani is for noone to know about the alliance? So doesn’t it make since for br to continue talking and campaigning as well as dani to keep telling everyone it’s brendon going up? Dani wanted to trust them. She actually needs them to do the dirty work the next couple of weeks.


I agree entirely, I cant wait til Mon and watch the surprise in the house Wed nite. Jeff will be pissed. Fireworks.

I said yesterday Dani needs BR not JJ in the final 4 to won any money.


I just don’t understand the unflinching of loyalty of Kalia and Shelly to Jordan. They vow never to nominate her and/or vote her out of the house?? What kind of magical powers does that girl have???She is viewed as Princess Floater and yet she has managed to play such a strong social game that two people neither want nor expect any reciprocal promises of loyalty on Jordan’s part. Jordan (under Jeff’s tutelage) could not care less about either of those women. Yet, they remain “star-struck” after all this time?? Never mind the fact that Jordan has already won the game once before. In the case of Shelly, well, they have at least kept feeding her a steady stream of BS; but Kalia has been cut off from JJlove for weeks.


First off..I dont think Jeff is that mean…isnt he from New York or something? He is just blunt. And I think Jordan, although annoying, can hold her own when it comes down to it. I wish I could like Dani more, loved Dick, but she always has a look of disgust on her face I just can’t seem to get past. I honestly do not have a fav this season. Hoping that will change! Think Dani’s best move would be to backdoor Jeff, but hoping it’s Brendan so I can watch Rachel lose it.