Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that he will be damned if he will let the spawn of Satan win tonight’s HOH Competition!

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10:15am – 10:50am Shelly and Brendon go around cleaning the Big Brother house while the others sleep. Shelly tells Brendon that he will give the others till 11am and then she will vacuum the living room. Shelly says they don’t want to give them too much sleep. Brendon says no ..exactly! Brendon and Shelly are in the kitchen talking. Brendon tells Shelly that Kalia is after Shelly. Brendon says that it doesn’t even matter we will pick them off one by one. Shelly says that Lawon still won’t say which way he is voting. Shelly says that she got her deal in right in the beginning …and it doesn’t benefit me for them to go after you. Shelly says that if they come to me right before the vote I will tell them exactly what I am doing. Shelly says that she literally thinks I am stupid and that they can pull me in their direction. Brendon says that all he wanted yesterday was for Dani to admit it. …and she couldn’t even do it. Shelly says that Dominic was telling her that if he stays they are the target and she won’t be …because the vets will be going after him and Dani every week. Shelly says it’s amazing what people will say to get your vote. Brendon talks about how in the beginning he didn’t trust Porsche …and that Rachel was the only one .. and that it was Dani that was the fountain spewing all the crap. Brendon says that Dani is disgusting …it’s amazing what she will do and say and that I won’t stop until she is gone. Brendon says that he really thinks Dani is living in Dick shadow. They talk about how Dominic would be staying if it hadn’t been for Dani pushing for them to get rid of Jeff. Brendon says that Dani has a way of twisting a partial truth. Shelly says that it’s amazing what people will say when their backs are against the wall. Shelly says that they are desperate ..and that whenever she goes back there ..they attack her ..trying to get her vote. Brendon says that he will be damned if he will let the spawn of satan win tonight.

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Shelly says they must be building something big out there because they’re still building. They talk about how they wish Rachel could play for it. Brendon says that we thought about that …but you wanted to eat.. Rachel says that it probably won’t be a competition catered to anyone ..and that you have just as good a chance to win as anyone. They talk about what type of clothes to wear for the competition. Rachel leaves the kitchen and heads back up the HOH room. Brendon and Shelly talk about athletes and marathon runners. Rachel comes out of the HOH room and yells down to Brendon to make sure he asks Jeff to borrow his hat for the competition.

11:05am – 11:30am Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Brendon says that he can’t wait for Dani to come up here and hangout. Brendon says that at least Dani should apologize to Jeff and Jordan… and a heartfelt one. Brendon talks about how Dani got pissed when she was trying to tell them to put up Jeff and Jordan and they wouldn’t. Brendon says that he is going to win this HOH just so he can put her up. Porsche comes up and claims the HOH bed. Porsche says I like how you made the bed all nice like you don’t have sex in it. Jeff joins them in the HOH. Brendon asks to borrow one of Jeffs hats. Jeff says yeah. Porsche says that she feels like she will need witness protection after this… that kalia is still pressuring her and that Dani and Dominic won’t come out of the havenot room. Porsche says that she has a headache from all the whispering last night. Porsche says that Shelly told her that they were going to use that she knows Janelle against her. Porsche says that she would rather be the weaker player on a team than be behind Dominic, Dani and Kalia. Porsche starts listening to music. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to talk. Jeff asks about what ..I think we have exhausted everything to talk about. Jordan tells Jeff that Dominic was working Shelly this morning. Jeff says like what .. Jordan says that she couldn’t hear much. Jeff asks Porsche if Kalia was harping on her last night. Porsche says that Kalia said that what she has done is only a tiny bit of what she can do in this game. Jeff says yeah like your shoulder injury. They talk about how Dani is such a bitch because she is the only one not sharing a bed. Shelly comes up and says that Kalia is badgering her to talk. Jeff says that he will come down. Porsche says yeah you need Jeff around just so they won’t badger you. Brendon and Porsche talk about how much Kalia cries, doesn’t wash dishes or make her own food. Lawon and Adam come up to the HOH room.

11:30am – 11:40am In the candy room Dani and Dominic are under the covers whispering. Dominic asks Dani what he can do on his way out of the house …to clear her name? Dani says nothing. Dominic says that he knows he is gone. Kalia comes into the candy room. Dominic gets up and gives her a hug. Dominic says that honestly he doesn’t regret anything… do you? Dani and Dominic talk about tonights endurance competition. Dominic says that Jeff isn’t that great at endurance… he dropped out early in the banana competition. Dominic tells Dani that she is the best ..she doesn’t even have losing in her vocabulary.

11:50am – 12pm All the houseguests are on an HOH lock down. Brendon is in the bathroom having a shower and getting ready for the day, while all the other houseguests lay in silence trying to fall back asleep…
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1:10pm TRIVIA..

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138 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that he will be damned if he will let the spawn of Satan win tonight’s HOH Competition!

    1. #Pissed
      July 28, 2011 – 1:01 pm Reply
      shelly is a old wrinkled mutt/ass kisser
      brendon is punke
      jeff is a bully
      rachel is a crybaby
      jordan is a coward who dosent make her own decisons

      danielle is brave
      dominic is strong
      kalia dosent take shit from da vets
      lawon trys to stay cool

      adam Mr. Bacon

      porshe is a dumb roach
      now you guys tell me who yall for

      1. wat a loser. You simply take the positives of the ppl u lik and the negatives from the ppl you dont like. Kalia is a two sided, floater, lazy wimp. Danielle is a lying, overagressive, shady, heartless imbecile. Dominic is a slave to Dani(He aint a bad person. just SUCKED at the game. he shoulda just unlatched DANI). Thats a fair mofo assessment YO. What I did is pretty muchwhat you did to the ppl you dnt like. They all are playing superior games to Kalia and Dani. DK are toasted and roasted.

      2. for me im for kalia i think she will go far same as dani this week a vet wont win look at past big brother one teams starts out the best then starts lossing cant wait for the vets to screm i want one vet to leave and watch the game from home ahahha but hoping dani wins i think dominic will go home but dani will need kalia by her side in the future i think kalia might do something big in the ghouse just wait next week we will see jeff walking out the door i have a feeling he will and i have a feeling on the key holders will play in the hoh becaus ethey havent all season so it could only be fair so best key holder is dani she wont let go go newbies plus dani lol

          1. I cannot stand Kalia. She drives me insane. Now is she starts throwing things and flashing the cameras my opinion might change.

        1. Simon, I am not knocking Kalia either. She gets on my nerves sometimes too, but there is no need for people to bring her race into their criticisms of her. Also, I read so many negative comments about her eating habits. Though I HATED Enzo last year for his smacking, etc., I wonder why no one seems to have any dislikes of Brendon and Rachel. She sticks her tongue out and lunges at her food like an anteater and then grossly chomps whatever she puts in her mouth. She also talks with her mouth full. Brendon stuffs both of his cheeks with so much food that it looks like he has the mumps! Needless to say, I want them both GONE. One summer with this dysfunctional pair is quite enough, thank you. One last thing,I am no prude, but if we were each given $1 for every time Brendon and Jeff say any variation of the f-word, we’d ALLl have the coveted $500,000 grand prize!

          1. Ok, I thought I was the only one that sees how Rachel eats, OMG, I have never seen anyone eat like that. The tongue sticking out thing is so gross and then the rest of the description was right on! They can both go as far as I am concerned!

      3. I don’t understand how anyone could think Dani had good game play. Dani, I think she thinks she came second in her season because she was a good game player she wasn’t Dick was. Rachel we love to hate, yes she cries to much, but she thinks about the game 24/7 and she wins comp. Brendon is so far up Rachels butt you can see the tip of his head when Rachel brusher her teeth,but he is a good game player. He isn’t as good as Rachel and he thinks he is but he is a good player. He figured out Dani was up to something as soon as he knew Dani told Dom to lose VETO. Jeff isn’t a bully, he just tells people how is feels, and what he wants to happen to them, it’s called not being two faced like everyone else in the game. Jordan is not a dumb player, she just second guesses her herself, she played correctly last week, she put up who she wanted up and now look if it had gone the way she wanted it to Dom would not even be a thought this week….Shellie is not wrinkled old lady she played the best and some on Dani side including Dani are not sure what side she ‘s on, remember people it’s a game, not life,she has to tell people in the house, I am a straight shooter, I don’t lie, i have an 8 yr old, I can’t lie because of her and it makes sense. your mad at shelly because you believed her too! .All the players think the other players are horrible game players..and they are depending on the day of the week….

        1. Big Girl – Dani was a good player when she needed to be back in her season however this time she hasn’t been able to do much because she is in the shadow of the four horsefacemen.

      4. shelly may be old to you, but her iq is way over your head, brendon is a product of his own making, jeff is a bully and downright rude, rachael has really deep feelings, but she is strong and a fighter. remember, she wanted to save the bee and jordan wanted to kill it and jeff did kill it, jordan not my favorite person, danille is playing the game, but she has evil reasoning like her father and i think she is sliding. dominic is a momma’s boy and shows it everday, kalia is a pig, disgusting and soooo lazy, lawon is smarter than you think, adam is just a bystander with stars in his eyes, porshe is a poor girl who is reaching for the moon, but will get burned and woner what happened.

  1. aw poor Dominic, he never saw Dani’s season so he doesn’t realize that she did this exact same thing with Nick. Just spending her days chilling in bed with him before he got evicted.

  2. Satin is a fabric, so you can imagine how funny your post header is. :) Satan on the other hand…not so funny.

      1. Simon,

        You are sweet! You and Dawg work like dogs (is that were he got his name?) to get this stuff up and fast. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be so kind with the critics!!


    1. Everyone is complaining about Brendon are talking about everyone
      . They all are, every season is the same way. Oh I hate RBJJ for winning everything. That’s the whole point of the game. Daniel just made her move too early and got caught. BOO HOO from her!

      1. I think it’s mite the fact that they, BRJJ, acts sanctimonious like they don’t talk crap about ppl. Whatever Dani did was GAMEPLAY. They’re all taking it personally and saying some really, really harsh things about her. It’s uncalled for. Boohoo, poor Jeff. You came to play the game of big brother and someone suggested backdooring you. GET OVER IT!!!! If all he wanted was to spend a nice peaceful summer with Jordan than he should have taken a vacation somewhere and let other play the game in his place.

        1. Lolz wat a hypocrite. Dani was talkin major shit about Jeff/Jordan too. She acts nice to them but in reality talks about how Jordan had a no brain blahblahblah. Dani is a a shady mofo while Jeff is a str8 shooter and he hates 2sided bitches. Yeah he takes it seriously when som1 talks shit that has nothin to do with the game. Dani erupted when she didnt get her way and also took it personally. SAme shit YO. stop hatin and start to judge objectively plz

  3. so ready for tonight to be over with…just like the houseguests…this is getting annoying!!! And I am really tired of seeing Dom and Dani laying in bed together and one or both of them always has an arm under the covers…what exactly are they doing with it?

        1. Absolutely! I watch trashy shows like this to be entertained and, right now the vets picking off the newbies 1 by 1 is just plain boring. Dani for HoH!!!

      1. We’re chilling out champagne glasses over here, in preparation for the toast we hope to give to Dani when she wins HoH! GO DANI GO!!!!!!!

    1. hecks no. Dani needs to get evicted out of that house. A week ago she was calling the newbs pathetic but now that they’re all she’s got she’s somehow tricked herself into thinking that her alliance is worth jack. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather have Rachel win HOH this week than Dani, Lawon or Kalia.

      You can tell that Dani and Rachel are the same in character because Rachel seems a bit scared of Dani. I think she sees a bit of her delusional, desperate, annoying self in her.

      1. Ya but at least Dani winning would shake up what has been a predictable picking off of JJ & BR’a choice. Boring!!

  4. atleast brendon is true to his alliance all the brendon haters fall back way back . dani just needs to go home it will be very hard for her to win head of hoh and pov the vets wont have it they are very competetive

    1. I agree. The power is so much on the vets because the newbies are to busy crying the the have not room all day. Dani complains about them being snakes but she is playing the game like the vets are. Dani only won her season because her dad saved her many times. Personally I want Jordan to win so everyone will stop calling Jordan someone who does nothing

      1. I’m getting sick of people saying Dani only made it so far because of her dad. If it wasn’t for America screwing up eric’s game they both would have lost!

  5. Shelly is a snake. I hope her daughter does not follow in her foot steps…….Those botox lips and bonded front teeth………..ugh….ugh…….. imgaine waking up to that each morning…….!!!!! I hope people see her for what she is……….disgusting !!!!!!

    1. What’s so bad abt shelly scheming? Didn’t dr.will and evil dick do the same thing? Because she’s a wife and a mother she can’t play the game?

      I, for one, I’m glad she’s playing the game. I’m sick of all these mothers coming on the show to just float and be the maid for a couple of weeks. Face it, past 50 year old women have been a joke on this game. I think it’s refreshing to see a person like Shelly ACTUALLY playing the BB game.

  6. Then I guess Brenda will be damned, the chances of him winning in an endurance, that involves standing or hanging, if the same chances that Audrey II will not to be disgusting.

  7. I tend to agree, but doesn’t part of you want to see Dani get the HOH and put the vets on their heels? Can’t you just see Brendon crying over a loss?! I’m not a fan of the newbs, but three sets of vets was way too unbalanced for the start of BB (including 2 game winners?!), and it would be a drag if the power never shifts. Then it would be BR vs JJ, which is sort of deja vu for me. IMHO.

  8. Dani cannot play in the HOH tonight. Cant she??? maybe the twist will be that the couple will now change partners. jeff/rachel jordan/brendon. and so on. what the heck do i know. and i love hoe kailia said she has been throwing all the comps. yea right.

      1. I guess she’s so ‘useless’ I don’t even care to spell her name right, lol
        Yes BIG films…golden showers perhaps…OR
        Hugh Hefner’s next girlfriend…

  9. Never said I wanted Dani to win BB, we know it’s being tailored for either Jeff or Jordan.. I just want her win HOH and shake shit up and make things interesting.

      1. IF they were the final two, which I highly doubt will happen – I’d pray for a JJ win because I HATE BR!!!

        I have to say though, my hate for Rachel and Brendan has had to take a back seat with the intense hatred I feel for Kalia, Lowan and Dani.

      2. JJ as I cannot stand BR. JJ don’t really like BR either, especially R! If Shelley however, slithers her boney ass way into the final two, it would be divine justice to see her squirm as some of the jury cut her to shreds for being the biggest fake, liar and backstabber this season …. all the while proclaiming her moral superiority to anyone who will listen.

    1. I noticed that when JJ were HOH everyone was coming in and taking showers in their bathroom, but when BR are HOH no one comes in and asks, what is up with that???

    2. you know you can gripe and complain about Shelly, but the newbs are playing her game. They tell her everything they are doing, trying to pull her in, what is she supposed to, they know which side she is on now. Dom told everyone she voted to kick Keith out. EVERYONE in the house knows she is with the Vets especially Dani and Dani is telling her everything and trying to pull her to their side by telling her what they are doing? What kind of game is that? And if Dom is on the block, why didnt he try and win the veto? It doesnt make any sense, he didnt know he had the votes, no one does. If Dom won the Veto, BR would have had no choice but to put up Kalia and Lawon. It is his own fault he is going home.

      1. “the newbs are playing her (Shelley’s) game”? Shelley’s “game” as you call it, is to follow the true game play of others, while deluding herself into thinking it will win her the $500,000. Don’t be fooled by ANYONE in the BB house who says they didn’t come to play for (and win) the grand prize. Shelley is the typical BB floater, not an admirable “game” player.

  10. Hasn’t anybody played poker? When you bluff isn’t that a form of lies? It’s a game you have to do what you can to win.

    Don’t people remember the graduation HOH with Jeff? He hung up there forever!

  11. I think old man Jerry has returned to the House, reincarnated as Shelly the saggy tits, ugly legged two faced pathetic excuse for an honorable mother. If I was her husband Id diown her like a diseased mutt.

        1. I’m black, and I too say Audrey II needs to clean up after herself, and cook for everyone in the house, even if it’s a cup-o-noodles, MAKE SOMETHING

  12. lets call a ace a ace and spade a spade if brendon of jeff wins tonight so much people will say they aint watching bb anymore but they will still do so cant wait for the vets to win . the vets are stupid every single one of them even shelly and pors when the vets finish with them they are going to be sorry . lets put politics aside these newbie are lazy and good for nothing they will fall fall fall one by one the only one who will hang on will be dani . she didnt neede all this pressure so soon if she little more patience . if everyone competes that will be great but i dont think so if adam just got akey he shouldnt compete right away thats why i think its

    jj bren shelly lawson kailia dani

    first to drop lawson or kailia jordan its between jeff brendon dani i call things the way i see it dani talks are big tonight i hope she backs it up i see brendon seems like he may want it bad also jeff dont know who will win but i will bet on brendon

    1. wtf did you write?

      Shelly’s a great mom. Nice to see her spend the morning cleaning with the guy who jerks off on webcam

      1. Ya, a great Mom …..what?!! Funny but growing up it was my Mom (& Dad) and the parents of the kids with whom I grew up and who walked the talk, that were considered good parents. Funny, but no good parent I knew growing up professed the moral superiority that Shelley does, then left (not abandoned) their child for (possibly) several months where they lied, backstabbed and betrayed so-called friends (Cassi) …. though she did cry about so I guess that makes it ok (gmab) and, all in pursuit of the “Almighty Dollar”. Ya, you’re right, Shelley is a candidate for mother of the year! Heaven help the children of such “great” moms.

  13. All that Dani has to do is win HOH and put up anyone of BR or JJ and the will turn on each other at the drop of a dime, their vet alliance will be over!!!

  14. Skelly could be the meanest nickname ever on BB but dang if it dont crack me up each & everytime I see it… the Rachel nicknames seem to be unending but Skelly OMG!!! Sheer or shear evil genius it is…
    Rooting for Dani for HOH they need a shift in power, so bored with the foney-4 already

  15. Ugh I can’t stand Shelly!!! She is a two faced lying bitch. She should know she’s gonna get screwed in the end by BRJJ, but she keeps voting their way and obeying their every command like their little slave. God what an idiot I hope she goes home next week!

  16. Somebody strip Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly’s Golden Key from her and put her on the block please. She’s the ultimate snake. Send her packing back to China so she can enjoy what she does best: slingbox watching Fox News and puffing.

  17. i hate brendon cuz acts like he the half million dollar winer alredy and shelly thinks she will get to the end for kissin brendon’s ass as if he’s always gonna have power

    1. shelly is a old wrinkled mutt/ass kisser
      brendon is punke
      jeff is a bully
      rachel is a crybaby
      jordan is a coward who dosent make her own decisons

      danielle is brave
      dominic is strong
      kalia dosent take shit from da vets
      lawon trys to stay cool

      adam Mr. Bacon

      porshe is a dumb roach
      now you guys tell me who yall for

  18. Great point, putting up one of each will show all the cracks in the BR + JJ alliance. It should give us the shake up we all want. I really want to see those two groups go to war this week instead of waiting another 3 weeks.

  19. Whining about it in every thread isn’t going to change the players. It is what it is. If it’s driving you this nuts, stop watching.

    1. exactly! lol. I refuse to understand the amount of hating. It’s just a show. lol. Even BR that I don’t like makes me laugh. I take them as clowns trying to entertain me. People just differ from each other. Thanks goodness I don’t have to deal with them in real life or I’d be

  20. Dominic needs to make as much noise as humanly possible right now. What does he have to lose? He should just tell Dani that he’s going to raise a riot, be prepared for it, and then just deprive the other HGs of sleep.

  21. Could someone tell me when the evicted houseguests start going to the jury house. I know its not tonight but is it next week? Thanks:)

    1. I always thought it was after 4 were evicted-but on the live feeds they have been talking about the top 8 being in the Jury which would make it 2 – 3 weeks away.

      1. You can’t have an even number in the jury, unless they give America a vote in the event of a tie.

        In the event nobody returns to the house, this week’s and next week’s evicted houseguest will not be jury members. So as of now, they’ll start going to the jury house in two weeks.

  22. That would be a brilliant strategy only I would change it to Rachel and Jeff. Brendan isn’t as strong as she is except in the endurance competitions and it would be fun to see him have a breakdown like he did when she left last year.

  23. I would love to see Dani win HOH. Have her put up Brenda and Jordan, explain to the house that Jordan is just a pawn (because the house won’t vote her out). Also explain that if the person who wins the POV uses it on Brenda that she will replace him with Rachel. The look on Brendas face would be priceless!!!

    1. I say put up Shelly and Brendon. Dani already presumes that Shelly is a snake (takes one to know one). If Shelly is on the block against someone who’ll actually campaign, her true colors will show.

    2. I agree…but think Jeff & Brendon would be much better.. Jordon would be trying to get votes for Jeff and Rach-ho would be trying to gather votes for her man.. That battle would be epic. if one of them wins veto, replace them with Rach-ho.. Lets hope Dani pulls out a win

  24. Damn!! If the house guests are locked down in the HOH this shit is going to be huge. Hopefully we get to watch on BBAD

  25. This is what a perfect world would be like: There ends up being no eviction tonight, Dani wins HOH, puts up either Brendon/Jeff or Shelly up there somewhere, double eviction week, & all is well.

  26. Do you guys think there is any chance they just wont open the door for Dom? or something along those lines? I would like Cassie to come back, but if any Newb deserves to be their its Dom. Just would like some suggestions or comments. Getting pretty tired of the Brenchel show!

  27. Team vets need to win HOH and send the skank Dani home. I can only imagine the bitchin and moanin from this site if it does happen. GO BR/JJ!!!!!!

    1. that isn’t possible because he’s been able to watch the entire season from home. if they let him back, he’d know all of the alliances/lies/etc. so it wouldn’t be fair.

  28. Sounds like most of you would have the wool pulled over your eyes just like Dom. “Danielle is brave??” ” Dom is stong” OMG

    They all plotting and lying just like everyone else. I am not understanding how you don’t see that!!

    Kalia ia just a two faced Bitch and Lawon is just plain weird and I never know what he is takling about!! He is a blubbering idiot!

  29. I’m kinda tired of Rachel whinning everytime something doesn’t go her way or someone expresses what they think of her.. and Brendon is totally whipped for real!!

  30. Most years i always seem to find myself on one side of the fence. This year is odd, as there are players on each side I like and players on each side I hate. I can’t stand Dani, Rachel, or Kalia, and would like to see all 3 gone. Don’t really care for Brendon much either, but he is tolerable.

  31. How can you all be cheering for dani!! uh i hate her.

    I hope someone wins on the veterns team, so they can get rid of dani.
    She needs to go !!! Gooo J/J !! I hope one of them wins tonight :)

  32. Thank you Simmon for all you do, I don’t get the feeds and this is a great way to keep up.
    Are we sure the Golden Key holders play this week? Julie said 4 weeks, but they didn’t expect to
    give 2 out that first week. So I thought they had one more week, hope not, I want Dani to play.

    1. Thanks,

      I have no idea whats going down tonight except for Dom will have 5 votes against, there will be a HOH comp and Julie will reveal a twist.

  33. I think the key holders are going to get screwed tonight. The seasons supposed to be about the good with the bad. The keys were good so I think tonight will reveal the bad.

  34. I hope Adam wins tonight.. Still think he is underestimated in the game… Can’t wait for him to pull out the lawn mower and mowing em down…. Oh chit imagine the fit they will throw if Adam wins HOH!!!! I can see Brendon and Jeff up there Kiss….. kiss…… kissy Adam’s butt roflmao. teeee heeeee!!!!!

  35. You ppl are a trip. You bitch about the vets insulting and talking down to the newbies, yet that is ALL you gys do: constantly insult and rip on the players. Look, what their personalities are like doesn’t matter. What matters is gameplay and dani screwed herself by being so blatantly on doms side and trying to cause a rift in her own alliance week 2. I don’t care who you are, that’s just dumb gameplay.

  36. FInally someone who get how to play BB! Everybody bitches about the liars in the game. They all lie, if not they will be the first out. The newbies are all whinners except for Shelly and Adam and they are much better players than Dom!

    Dani is just out for Dani, she doesn’t care who she throws under the bus as long as she is the winner!!

  37. Its funny how when a girl stands up for herself against CONDESCENDING bullies like Jeff/Brendon
    she’s called a bitch. Danielle is playing the game and she’s in it for the long haul. I love what she said
    “I didn’t come here to play under a dictatorship”. Truth is if you align yourself with the Vets you’re saying
    “I have no intention of the winning the game and want to hand the half million to one of the vets”. Basically
    you’re playing to make it to final 5th that is if they haven’t deemed you worthless by then and I love how Kalia exposed them
    they did at one point make a deal with every newbie and go back on it whenever it seemed fit.
    Heres my assesment of everyone in the house so far:

    Kalia: Cons: lazy, sloth-like, doesn’t give her all in comps / pros: not easily manipulated, opinionated, observant
    Porsche: Cons: Takes game too personally, cliquey,catty / pros: independant, socialible, not easy to read
    Lawon: Cons: bad physical player, talks too much, comes off loud/annoying /pros: funny at times, genuine, good-hearted, loyal
    Danielle: Cons: overestimates her social game, overanalyzes everything/ pros: amazing in endurance, go getter, smart, quick thinker
    Jeff: Cons: Hypocritical, a tad bit egotistical, alpha male attitude, speaks down to most women in house / pros: very charming, great at seducing ppl, intimidating
    Jordan: Cons: floater attitude, lets herself be put down/ Pros: funny, quirky, socialible, genuine, southern belle appeal
    Adam: Cons: not delivering in comps, kissing too much ass, not trustworthy/ pros: big teddybear, avoids conflict, gets along with everyone, observant
    Rachel: Cons: ungraceful winner, sore loser, no compassion, selfish, bully mentality / pros: great physical, fighter, confident, charismatic
    Brendon: Cons: condescending, mean-spirited, akward, ignorant, delusional /pros: level-headed at times, wins povs alot, different person when not with rachel
    Dom: Cons: too trusting, easily used, easy to read, bad liar / pros: FUN, socialible/likeable, potential great physical player, never gave up
    Shelly: Cons: pathelogical liar, user, sneaky, not trustworthy AT ALL. / pros: mom of house, cooks, cleans, great listener , good advice
    Cassi: Cons: easy target, should of been more socialible / pros: strong, stuck to one side, mature, class act, loyal to a fault, genuine, sweet

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