Big Brother Spoiler: Jeff says Kalia is trying to swim back to the bad idea boat .. it already blew up …and now your wondering where the good idea boat is… IT’S GONE! *Updated*

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1:15pm Dominic is telling Lawon that they are running the house. Lawon says that he loves him. Lawon says that he is going to fight for him tonight! Dominic is packing his suit case. Dominic says that he is thankful for the friends he’s met in the house. Dominic says that he threw the POV because they told him too …and look at me know …I’m going home. Dominic says that he is going because of Kalia, and Shelly. They were the ones that made deals this first week and screwed the newbies. Lawon says that tonight he is voting for him .. he is voting for Lawon tonight. Lawon says that they fooled me ..they aren’t going to do it a second time! Dominic says and they will try and do it again. The feeds cut out and when they come back, Lawon is saying that everyone likes me. Dominic says that I will tell you one thing …they don’t take you seriously ..they don’t think you can win anything. Dominic says and at the end …tell them that none of them believed he could win …except Dominic. Dominic asks Lawon what do you think Dani is like outside the house. Lawon says that she is beautiful .. she likes you.. Lawon asks Dominic if she is his type of girl. Dominic says yeah totally …she is petite, brunette, and she is has attitude.. pretty much completely my type!

1:25pm – 1:45pm Adam and Brendon are in the kitchen talking and laughing about yesterdays blow up. Meanwhile Jeff, Jordan and Kalia are in the lounge room talking. Kalia tells Jeff and Jordan that she doesn’t respect Rachel and Brendon game play and that she doesn’t respect them as people. Kalia says that if she wins HOH, which I plan to, I’m not coming after you. Kalia says I will play with you guys any day of the week, but I can’t lay with them. Jeff asks Kalia if she trusts Dani? Kalia says yeah. …Shelly asked me if it came down between Jordan’s word or Dani’s word, who would I pick? Kalia says that she can’t pick because it’s like choosing between two friends. Jeff says that he likes Dominic too and he got BLANK, and I think he deserves to stay too… but since you guys tried to back door me, it makes me think it was him or you. Jeff says it makes me think you have something going on. Kalia says that she doesn’t. Jeff says then why vote to keep Dominic? Jeff says that Dani ran over Dominic and she doesn’t care… it’s her fault, not ours. Kalia says that she agrees. Jeff says that he knows you guys think you have a plan to keep him, but he’s leaving. Kalia says that she doesn’t want to lie anymore in this game.

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Jeff says that your plan in the game now is to play as an individual? Kalia says yes! Jeff says but you’re campaigning to keep someone on that side… I don’t care, you can be friends with that side, you don’t have to sneak around… but by telling us that me and Jordan are safe, when we know we’re not because you already knew about a back door plan and you didn’t tell me.. Jeff says that if you win HOH, Dani is going to be telling you to put us up. Kalia says that she won’t. Jeff says that he doesnt believe that. Kalia says that she has no problem with you guys in the house, but I can’t get behind Brendon, that’s the problem. Kalia says that she is friends with them. Jeff says it’s not true because she is obviously with the other side. Kalia says she wouldn’t put Jeff and Jordan on the block, but Jeff says Dani would tell her to put Jeff up and she would do it. Kalia tells them that she isn’t on either side of the house, that she’s on her own. Jeff says she’s obviously with the other side. Jeff says that if you win HOH, we’ll see if you’re telling the truth… but I’m not buying it right now. Kalia says that the other side isn’t planning to putting up Jeff …they want to put up Brendon and Rachel up. Jeff says that he doesn’t believe it. Jeff says that Dani will sell you out .. she did it to us …she isn’t looking for friends ..she is playing the game. Kalia says that she trusts Dani. Jeff says why she only started talking to you a few days ago.

Kalia says that she is just trying to figure out what is best for herself in the game. Kalia says that she just can’t be friends with Brendon and Rachel because of the things that were said yesterday. Jeff says that he likes Kalia …and that he sees her changing …that the game is getting to her… she is sneaking around and not acting like the person he thinks she is.. Jeff says that Kalia is trying to swim back to the bad idea boat .. that already blew up …and now your wondering where the good idea boat is… IT’S GONE! Jordan tells Kalia to just do what she thinks is best. Kalia says that she is BLANK on this side …and that side.. she is all alone and that she just wants to go home. Kalia starts crying … Kalia says that if she doesn’t go with them she loses their friend ship and Dani’s friendship. They talk about how Dani, Jeff, Brendon all know they need to win this HOH ..or they are going home next week. Jordan says that Dani is bringing up personal stuff.. even stuff from their season.. Kalia says that she doesn’t understand why she has to pick a side. Jordan says then don’t pick a side …we can still gossip. Jordan leaves… Kalia keeps crying and talking to herself saying that being in the house is so hard …she hates it here!!

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2pm All the houseguests are getting ready for the LIVE SHOW TONIGHT! Dominic is in the havenot room telling Lawon some of his ideas about his eviction speech. Dominic says that he wants to tell people to stand up and fight .. that its not the size of the dog ..its the size of the dogs bite. Lawon tells him that he likes that .. you should say that! Lawon tells Dominic that he trusts Dani ..but doesn’t trust anyone else in here… Porsche comes into the havenot room and tells her that he can’t vote for Dominic to stay. Porsche says that she noticed that Lawon wasn’t hounding her to vote for Dominic. Lawon says I know ..I got your back… I hope you noticed that. Porsche says that Dominic isn’t getting a pity vote from her either. Lawon tells Porsche if he wins HOH she is safe. Porsche says that they only just started talking to her ..if they wanted her vote why didn’t they come to her a week ago…

2:05pm – 2:15pm Kalia is talking to Dominic in the lounge room about her conversation with Jeff. Dominic says that he doesn’t expect a vote from her.. he says that he knows that Lawon and Shelly aren’t voting for him and that he isn’t sure what Dani is doing yet. Dominic tells her to do what she needs to. Kalia says that she is just tired of losing…. she says that she feels like she is constantly on her period. Kalia says that she just can’t play with a guy like Brendon. Kalia says and that is exactly why Jeff doesn’t want to play with Dani. Dominic says that he just really doesn’t want to have Porsche in this game …and not for personal reasons.. just because she is going to float to the final 3. They will battle it out and she will float to the end. Dominic says thanks for talking to me …don’t feel bad.. I’ll see you in the end.. They hug and leave the room.

2:20pm – 2:40pm Lawon and Kalia are in the havenot room talking. Lawon is crying. Lawon says that he knows how Kalia feels to be alone … he says that he isn’t going around talking about votes.. he is going to do what is best for him …and vote for who he wants. Dani comes in. Dani asks Lawon if he is okay. Lawon says yeah ..we’re just talking. Lawon says Lawon is here! Lawon thanks Kalia and leaves. Kalia tells Dani that she talked to Shelly and she said that she is voting to evict Dominic. Kalia starts to cry and says again how tired of this house she is. Dani tells Kalia to just vote out Dominic. Dani says that there will be a twist coming ..they will not make it all the way to the end. Dani says that she is going to try her hardest for tonights HOH and pray for a twist! Kalia says that she knows Dani isn’t just using her… she knows she isn’t. Kalia says that short of he leg being broken …she is not stopping during this competition… I know people think I am the weakest person. Dani says then fight for it!

2:45pm Kalia says that if she wins she is putting up Brendon and Porsche. ..because that BLANK cannot stay in the house …she is the one that would get to the end and you wish you had gotten her out sooner. Dani says thats not a good idea … I would put up Brendon and Rachel. Kalia starts talking about her conversation with Jeff …that she would play with Dani and Jordan ..but not Jeff. Kalia says that she would rather grab on to a sinking ship than … to be told what to do by them. Dani says that she is going to vote to keep Dominic …even though she knows everyone is going to vote against him.. Dani tells Kalia that she needs to prepare for the fact that if they don’t win HOH ..there will probably be havenots this week …and we might be in here.. Kalia talks about how she will not work with the Neanderthal and his Bimbo Girlfriend… Dani says that if they win tonight it will be a glorious moment! …Dani says that the fire is lit and she is ready! Dani tells Kalia that she is good …turn all that sadness into anger! Kalia says that she is… Dani says that they just need to keep working on getting Adam. Kalia says that she thinks they already have him… Dani and Kalia leave the havenot room to go eat…

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I never was a “fan” of Jesse’s. I never wanted him to win. But I’m pretty damn happy for him.


YO thx for this. I never liked him, but THIS is just awesome. He be reppin for BB. Thats just PECtacular!


He’s been wrestling a while now in the minors, and that is his ring name for now.


you know you can gripe and complain about Shelly, but the newbs are playing her game. They tell her everything they are doing, trying to pull her in, what is she supposed to do, they know which side she is on now. Dom told everyone she voted to kick Keith out. EVERYONE in the house knows she is with the Vets especially Dani and Dani is telling her everything and trying to pull her to their side by telling her what they are doing. What kind of game is that? How stupid is that on Dani’s part? And if Dom is on the block, why didnt he try and win the veto, no matter the Vets said? It doesnt make any sense, he didnt know he had the votes, no one does. If Dom won the Veto, BR would have had no choice but to put up Kalia and Lawon. It is his own fault he is going home.


are you watching the same show? the news arent playing shit, and shelly is a hillbilly dyke that has done nothing but kiss the has beens asses, pretend to be friends with the news all the while repeating everyting they say about the has beens and stirring shit up in the house. and she thinks she is an honest good person? she’s a shit stain on the panties of life.


“shit stain on the panties of life” this is going straight to my facebook!!!!! hahahahahahaaa


the keys wont play hoh. adam will win one tonite and they keys have another free week in the house. to play hoh will be brendan, jordan, jeff, lawon and kalia. of course, one of the vets will take it home! woot!


What, you don’t like Shelly because she’s playing the game, she’s an outdoorsy type and you immediately label her. If you don’t like her, don’t watch or read the boards. How about a label for you?


hillbilly is a carpet muncher .she loves the tacos and she hikes, fixes cars and rides horseys (hence the bull legs)


Who cares?!!! I Dont care if she’s into the Easter Bunny…just be nicer about it…lol


You guys are awesome! I read this site all throughout the day!!! I can’t decide who to root for. I like BR only bc they are real competiitors, but their attitudes are terrible. So for now I’m team Franklin, at least he isn’t bullying people and he’s gettinh TV time. Bet more directors will call him than PortaPotty! Also on a side not and please correct me if I’m wrong when Brenden was only BB12 didnt he say he was a PE teacher?




brenchel are not real competiitors they are always handed everything. rach make a deal with daniyawn for the first hoh, the second she won by sheer luck, the pov brendumb won was cause dom threw it.
it says on wikipedia
brendon is a high school swim coach,phd student
rachoe is a Chemistry Graduate Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress, (now a unemployed homemaker
adam a music inventory manager (AKA) works in a record store,
cassi, model
dominic, student /model,
kaka, writer,
lawnman, file clerk,
porches. waitress in a topless club
jeff, advertising sales
jordumb, receptionist
daniyawn, student
and hillbilly dyke shelly works in the outdoor industry (those dykes love camping)


porcshe works in a topless club? LOL

Rachel a homemaker? LMFAO That is extremely hard to believe, Brenda seems more of a homemaker type.


got the info from wiki who knows how much is true or wiki gets their info from.


And dani is a student like I am God.


umm, you do know thatt anyone can change what is said on wikipedia right?


BWAHAHAHAHAAAA now THIS made me pee my pants!!!!!!!!!!


I wish for once they would have all good looking girls and swamp donkeys like Kalia would never be given the chance to ruin a show with their hideousness.

If ED was still in the game I wonder how all this would have gone down. I wonder if he would have gone after JJ or BR. Dani is trying to make a big move by herself but it’s not going to work. With her dad she would have a fighting chance. I don’t hate her for trying to win.


Dominic is blaming Shelly and Kalia for the newbies going home? 3 newbies would still have gone home, it just would have not been his side alliance. I’m looking forward to seeing him go home tonight.


I kinda think that is when the Newbies started to fall apart. They didn’t know who the traitors were and were scrambling like lonely sheep surrounded by big wolves. Not to mention they also casted a bunch of weaklings for the newbies. I hope Dom stays and Dani wins HOH and then watch the traitors come crawling back…but that happening seems like a loooooong shot at this point.


If Shelly & Kalia voted to KEEP Keith then things would have gone way differently. Keith Threw both comps he competed in and he did pretty good throwing them too.. Their alliance would have been able to face JJBR if Shelly & Kalia didn’t get rid of him.


had keith been kept, kalia, shelly, porche and adam would have been the first ones to go cause keith, lawon, cassie and dom were in a newbie sub alliance to get rid of their partners.

i think the vets did a good job by sticking together. the newbies were too concerned on kicking newbie partners rather than kicking the vets. THAT was their fault.

wutta pickle


Yeah I’m sick of this guy now…he THREW the pov while on the block. Anyone who dose that is either really arrogant or retarded…not sure which one he is…


both… def both!


Kaluha needs to leave if she hates it so freakin much

acme made

she should really just leave so dom can stay if she hates it so much. win (for kaluha) win (for dom) win (for us).


great… now i want a drink. got milk?


The Regulators where the worse alliance in Big Brother History and Team Dani is a close 2nd. Lazy, Pee lady, and Dingy SUCK, YO! 2 of them just jumped off the Dom bandwagon and Dingy is still holed up in her misery cave. I want the HOH comp and the Twist to shake up the house but do these losers really deserve a life vest?? Your trench buddy in the war PEE’D IN THE F’N HOT TUB!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!1


Never thought I’d say it, but Jordan is actually playing the game. Sure, she’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but she doesn’t pretend to be. Three things made me change my opinion of her. First, when she was HOH she considered her options and figured out that she would be a sitting duck if she put Brenchel up for backdoor. As much as I wish she had put them up, it was better for her game to keep them. Second, her talk with Rachel about Cassie impressed me. She sounded rational and mature telling Rachel honestly what she thought. She sounded years older than Rachel and she managed to tell Rachel some truths about herself without offending her. In my memory, nobody has ever been able to handle Rachel that way. Not even Brendon. Third, yesterday it was Jordan that kept insisting they have a meeting and let everyone call each other out and figure it all out. Not that I want her to win again, but I think she has grown up a lot since season 11. As for Jeff, he is still a douche.

I was pulling for Dani, but she blew her game. The only way she will survive is if she wins the HOH tonight or gets the POV later on. She really messed up and the sad part is that it was the same mistake she made with NIck.

One thing I didn’t catch yesterday was what Adam was doing during the meeting. I didn’t see him, and the parts I watched he didn’t seem to be there. I have to say that right now I am leaning towards Adam and Shelly. I would love to see Cassie come back and watch Rachel vs Dani vs Cassie.


The Dick/Charlie Sheen Conspiracy #winning

I know I should give this up and yes I have seen Dick’s video but it isn’t enough of an explanation for me. Dick looked really rough when he went into the house. Yes, he looks much older then his age and he never looked like a spring blossom but this time he looked even worse. I’ve always suspected drugs and alcohol and I wonder when he went into the house did he get caught and BB gave him a choice of walking away without outing him. It makes the most sense. If he had been needed like he had said in his video and all the press he has done since leaving the house you’d think he wouldn’t have the time because of this urgent matter he had to see too which made him leave. Now, he has turned it all around or at least tried to by telling everyone he had an important matter, he wasn’t kicked out and that everything was fine. Does that sound like Dick to you? Sounds an awful lot like Charlie Sheen and how he was fired from Two and a Half Men and how he tried to spin it all to making it seem great when his world spiralled apart. Is Dick going through the same thing? Did BB let him off the hook by not damaging any deals, tv appearances he might have now or in the future by outing him as a druggie?


Hmmm interesting..


I agree completely.


Seriously? Drugs? Come on….if he had drugs, they would’ve found them BEFORE he went in the house, not let him stay in there for 5 days or whatever it was. geezuz ppl


So we know for sure the competition is gonna be endurance or are we guessing?


AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! this is far the most intense HOH I have watch in BBrother!!! IT’S 50/50!!


i dont get it, why the show tonight (meaning the HOH)should be exciting. i bet my house that daniele will win the HOH. they will rig it that way.

so whats coming is pretty obvious. daniele HOH, brendon and jeff up, if replacement needed the girl goes up. week after that they try to backdoor daniele, but she will win the veto.


i hope so cause i love daniele


Like production already haven’t been riggin the last 3 wees for the Vets? why not let the other vet win one?


It’s pretty exciting for me for Dani to win


ugh, i hope dani doesn’t win


I hope the twist is that britney and Lane come back to the house! I love them!

B sleazy

Having to live in a house with kahlia is a punishment I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. They need to create a BB doghouse outside where the animal should be sleeping. Feed her in her dog bowl and let her Piss outside and on herself which she does.


LMAO. is kaka really that bad? did she take a sit in the pool too? I know she said she was dropping the kids off at the pool.


typo meant to say shit


Hey Dawg, just wanted to say you guys are awesome. You can’t be on BB cause your Canadian right? You should apply for dual citizenship lol


Yo that’s when it’s time to start Big Brother Canada 😀 we could totally make top 3


I would def watch BB canada. I watched top chef canada and that was good. canada if you are reading this start a big brother show please.


I HATE SHELLY. She is such a liar. I can’t wait until she gets exposed man.


shes a hillbilly dyke too


Are all these dyke comments are really childish and ignorant. grow up.


Kalia is severely deluded. I can’t believe she thinks she’s been playing her game well and that she actually stands a chance at ANY comp. All she does is eat, cry and eat. I haven’t seen a lazier, grosser HG since Gnat. At least Gnat was semi-physical. Kalia is a dumb lazy blob that should never be on my tv screen again. Shame on BBAD for featuring her the most last night!


Kalia is pissing me off stop whining or leave


Adam is quiet, is he on the fence? Is he throwing the HOH? Maybe playing opossum.


The Bacon Monster is playing possum , watch he gone be celebrating his BB13 win with a colossal Bacon Cheeseburger




Bacon Monster can actually be a threat after endurance comps are over. team bacon, that’s good!


I really want to be on Adam’s side, but he seems too laid back. He needs to incite a big fight or verbally/mentally break someone down. It’s sick, I know, but I could not give a shit about these people. I want drama.


Dick has been posting on his Twitter a bunch, it seems like he really just had an emergency. Addicts usually blame everyone else, but he’s taking credit for leaving and saying he needed to help a friend. If he left due to drugs I’d think he’d have said BB screwed him.


actually i was thinking. Why dont they do big brother Canada?


That’d be awesome. THe house could look like a hockey rink and instead of slop you have to eat donuts. Only problem is that Canadians are too nice and there wouldn’t be any drama. I guess the CBC could just import Roach to stir shit up.


Oh, and any time someone loses a comp, they get slimed like “You Can’t Do That on Television.”


I would soooo join BB Canada! Come on lets make it happen!!!


LMAO. It seems like it!!


The final 2 in the endurance competition will make a deal and the person who drops will be the one to go home next week.


I think Dick left bc he has a drug problem and was having withdrawals. He probably thought he could do it but his “hunger” for drugs got the best of him.

I hope cassi comes back. I’m not rooting for any particular side, but to see the vets faces would be awesome!!!!


Wow…way to just guess about something you have no idea about.


How much air time does BR get tonite? Just BR as a couple. CBS BB is 1 hr. After U subtract commercials it’s 42 min.
Considering it is Evict-HOH nite the over under is 9 minutes. I say over.

Ben Wood

I figured out the twist…

the twist is the golden key holders are safe until the FINAL TEN, and there are four golden keys… thus, why is there a fourth golden key/what is it’s purpose? … UNLESS… someone is returning to the house.

I.e., tonight, one of Dom, Cassi, or Keith will be let back into the house.


Little Richard(Lawon) and Kalia will not win a physical comp,sorry not gonna happen. Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly can’t either. That leaves Dani to take on this mission on her own. I just need somebody to shut up Jeff for once. I’m so sick of his righteous anger and that non stop blubbering coming out of Brendon’s mouth. I fast forward through anything those two are saying. I can’t take it.


I still think the method of a returning HG is have the Keys and 3 Evicted play for HOH, the first 3 losers go home. the remaining get this week off.
BRJJ & K/L dont even get to play for HOH. Awesome!!!


I think Dick left bc he has drug/alcohol issues and was having withdrawals. He might of thought he could handle it.

I hope Cassie comes back just to see the look on the vets faces. It’s hard for me to choose a side though bc the Newbs had a good shot, but Shelly and Kalia went and voted to get rid of Keith and f’ed that chance up. But the Vets are all acting like asses. So it is hard for me.


I agree that Dick looked pretty bad. I know they test for STDs but if they don’t now and another contract stipulates drug testing in future contracts then that would be a pretty big tip off that it was probably that.


Every season we wait for someone to deflate the overblown egos of those who think they are running the show and feel justified in stomping on the underdogs when they are down. Dani will be given the pin, I just hope she can pop a few balloons (we all know it’s pretty much her against the other six and the odds are not in her favor given the cry babies in that house).


Dani doesn’t deserve to win the whole thing for one simple reason: she, too, is full of herself and let that get the best of her by turning on her alliance at the beginning of week 3. BAD idea, IMO and I don’t think she has a chance in hell now. And in all honesty, I was totally hoping for a Dick/Dani final two again when I saw them walk through the door.


how come no one is posting comments as the show is going on so we know what’s happening? No east coast ppl on this site????