Big Brother Spoilers: Dominic says that he and Dani could never stick together.. because every week it would be him and her on the block.

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8:20am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. The houseguests slowly wake up and move about the house. 9am Adam and Dominic are in the kitchen talking. Dominic asks Adam to avenge his death if he goes. Adam says he will and that if its him who goes for him too as well. Dominic says he will. Dani joins them in the kitchen. Dani asks how Adam slept. Adam says that he slept fine except for Kalia opening and closing the door every five minutes. Jordan comes through the kitchen with her pillow and blanket and heads up to the HOH room to claim her spot on the floor in anticipation of the Thursday morning lockdown. Jordan then heads back down stairs. Dominic says good call! Adam asks Dominic and Dani if they even went to bed last night? Dani and Dominic says yeah. Dani heads back to bed.

9:30am Dominic is in the bathroom with Shelly. Dominic says that he just doesn’t know whats happening. Shelly says that he thinks Lawon is his biggest concern because he won’t say which way he is voting. Dominic says that Lawon to him that he is voting to keep him. Shelly asks really cuz he won’t tell me which way he is voting. Dominic says he doesn’t want his friend to get in trouble for voting for him if it doesn’t work out. They discuss how he doesn’t want people to vote for them just to be the only ones and then be a target. Dominic says that even if he did stay, he’s just a sitting target. Dominic says that he and Dani could never stick together.. because every week it would be him and her on the block. Dominic tells Shelly that he knows and wants her to do whatever is in his best interest. Shelly says she knows. Dominic says either way let me know before that I know. Shelly says that she will tell him. Dominic leaves the bathroom and goes to lay down in the havenot room.

9:35am- 10:15am Jordan heads up to the HOH room Brendon and Rachel asks whats going on down there. Jordan explains that its only Adam, Dominic, Shelly and Dani down there. Jordan says that she over heard Dominic campaigning to Shelly. Brendon asks …right in front of Adam? Jordan says no. Jordan tells them that Dominic is acting a little cocky. Meanwhile, everyone is back asleep except Shelly whos in the bathroom still getting ready for the day. Shelly then starts cleaning and vacuuming the house for the live show tonight. Brendon brings his stuff down from the HOH room.

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Rachel Is Boy George

For a bunch of people that keep getting what they want, the vets couldn’t be more paranoid i mean come on JJ just calm down and enjoy the fact that u have gotten everything u wanted since day one stop worrying about who is in the kitchen lmao its like they are smoking pot all the time getting way too paranoid for no reason


That’s what I’m thinking why be assholes, if you KNOW that everything is going to get handed to you by production to make for good TV???

Hope Brenda’s knees are heeled, they are gonna be bothering him during the endurance, and you know how he whines when he finds that he is too NeanderTALLish to do well in those,unless productions hands it to him like last season. I wanna see him earn a endurance win.


I’m so sick of the vets. They have to lose this next competition. I’m tired of them thinking they own the patent to game play. Any time anybody else engages in it they all get crazy. Everybody is there to win money (except Pacer as she’s going to be a big Hollywood star) so BRJJ need to get a grip and enjoy their privileged standing.

Bottom line Dom is gone. That’s a far gone conclusion. Dani is royally screwed because her alliance is with the weakest of all time. Kalia does not have stamina to hold out in any endurance comp and Little Richard (Lawon) doesn’t have the intellectual ability to play a mental game. So unless Dani morphs into a super hero along with back up from Production, her days are severely numbered.


What is up with all people hating vets for no reason,they are the one who is actually playing the game and winning unlike newbies..stop complaining about BR,as much as horrible the editing makes them look,they make bb fun to watch ,can you imagine show just full of people like kalia ,lawon,Adam or even Dom?


If all your gonna do is cry b/c your sucky ass team is not winning then quit watching it.


kalia reminds me of Ms. Celie from the Color Purple. The character Oprah played.


Kalia is so gross! She looks sloppy and it looks like she’d stink. It’s just my observation and opinion. Whenever she gets in the pool or hot tub, they need to dump bath soap in there. I just feel she’s nasty. Thank goodness smell-a-vision has not been invented!!!


smell-o-vision is in the works. LOL


It wasn’t Oprah. It was Whoopie who played Ms. Celie.


Oprah played Sophia.


sophia my bad


Hmm let’s make a list of pre-excuses that the vets will make if they do not win this endurance competition.
1. It was too slippery (no endurance competition is complete without something being thrown at them)
2. It was catered for small people
3. Other people were distracting them
4. Insert some other lame excuse here


2. Brendon and Jeff’s excuse will be that the comp was for small people.

I should just copy paste the post I did last year with Brendon complaining about it, all I need to do is change Matt’s name with Dani


I remember that! I love how they always have something/someone to blame & never admit that they were wrong. What a bunch of babies.


Rachel didn’t win the endurance competition because she wasn’t wearing her contacts.


I’m still hoping that the twist tonight is that only the golden key holders can play in the HOH comp. I don’t know how I will feel if Brendon, Jordan, or Jeff wins. I think I’d be sooooo pissed! Then on top of that it would be funny if someone who has been evicted came back. As long as it’s not Ketih.


I just find it very hard for them to get an extra advantage like that. Once they got that key they were free from eviction for a couple weeks. Dont see them giving them anything more then they already have gotten,


I couldn’t agree with you more!!! the vets have had everything ahnded to the although they say that they didn’t. They had everyone throw the POV for them and they think they are the best players EVER!! Get Real.. The days re numbered and I would love it if the twist was that only key holders could play in the comps!!! The vets would die right on the spot….lol


As much as I dont think this is what would happen. I could just imagine the look on BRJJ’s faces and I would bet that Brendon would get all pissing and walk out the front door.


Then let the door hit him on the ass on the way out.


I just want something thrown to the newbies. I think they suffered long enough!! The show is getting boring and I am tiered of JJ and BR stating how they are going to take everyone out of the game. JJ just wants to spend the summer together. BB is not a vacation spot!!


Getting boring. I beg to differ, its been boring since the first airing of BBAD, when we all learned that ED had left the show.


I hope Jeff wins!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I’ll always watch BB no matter what… I hate it when “fans” say that they’ll stop watching if this and that. Who cares if you get pissed and never watch? I don’t. Oh no…so and so is upset with the turn of events, CBS change something fast or they’ll stop watching…WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAA (wipes tears). Maybe Evel Dick re-enters the house. That would be GREAT!!! He would join with Dani and they could rain all over JJBRs parade. Now that’s good television!


Since Julie said getting the golden key would be both a blessing and a curse, and not having to compete seems to be the blessing, won’t the twist be a curse?


Wow everyone needs to just CALM DOWN. Dom’s going this week and why does he keep talking to Shelly? Everything you tell her goes straight to the vets. Just saying.


Blondie you do realize that these people are sequestered and unable to get online and read this site right? I know you’re “just sayin..” but usually when people say “just saying, whatever they JUST SAID didn’t need to be said at all.

..carry on


lol i think blondie was talking about the people in the house not us


I’m pretty sure I’ll stop watching if JJ or BR win HOH again. There would be no point.


Last night was the first episode I have watched in over a week. I follow this site every day and the house meeting (aka fight) got me to tune in last night. When I read rachoe won hoh I deleted that episode on my dvr without watching it. Can’t stand BR!!!!!!!!!!
Go newbies, go dani! Put brendumb or rachoe up, I don’t care which one leave but they must be broken up!!!


I think there are going to be two HOH has anyo!!!

I think Dick might come back, although it would be interesting, I am not sure this season has a point….the golden keys leave few to really play, and then if he comes back it would be like another golden key, someone who has not been there for weeks….


Dick isn’t coming back. He’s been out of the house commenting on BB on Twitter every 5 seconds for 2+ weeks now.


Dick can’t come back. He’s been at home watching since his departure from the show.


I think the key holders will not play until next week leaving LaWon, Kalia, JJ & B to battle it. It won’t make sens to give Adam a key and turn around and compete…not fair for the thers key holders. That’s the twist, something with key holders! The key holders will choose where to use the keyn open Pandora’s box where a comeback will be waiting (Cassie I hope)! Dam I’m tense


CBS ratings dropped 12% yesterday.. I wonder why, I smell a shake up coming


Me too, the stench of a Big Brother Rig is coming once again for the 4th straight week.




I know I didnt watch. Only cause I get all the info from here. Oh and the person who thinks dick will come back. No way. Cbs wont let.him. Hes seen all the episodes and has the feeds. He knows too much.


Wow really. I was actually curious about that because so far this season hasn’t been all that great in my opinion. If I wasn’t a BB fan from before I don’t think I would have gotten into the show if this was my first season watching.




They will drop even more afer tonight if BJJ (No Rachel since she can’t compete) win the next HOH. Enough already.


I really can’t take watching this anymore if one of the vets (Jeff, Brendan, or Jordan) win. I don’t want Porsche or Shelly to win either, because they both are up the vets a**. Brendan is so cocky saying “when” we win not “if” we win all last night. Even if only one of them goes home before jury it would make me happy. I dislike J/J just as much as I dislike B/R especially Jeff. I hope this twist is something good.

Dark Horse

Endurance tonight?!
Great that means the feeds/spolier blogs will be slow as hell with the traffic.


we got a plan tonight 🙂 .. comments may be down but I think the site will hold up


Just as long as you are able to keep us updated, that is all that matters!!! Thanks to both of you!!!


Why bother watching the show if you think the comps are being handed down? lol. So far I know, as much as I dislike BR, they actually win those comps fair and square. They work hard for it. Anybody who works harder than the rest will get a reward. That’s why they are in a better position right now. But since it is a show, production will do something to make it more exciting, or else, it will just be a Brendon and Rachel show ’till the end. Those two have the qualities to win both mental and physical comps. They should have not brought them back in the first place. I don’t like them but I give credit where credit is due. Plain and simple, BR work their as**s off in those comps. If they get it then they get it. No BS.


Sounds like you wanna jump on the BR suck their junk train….of course they are winning if they didnt have HOH then they are ALWAYS picked for POV….they play to hard to fast and piss AMERICA off (plus the houseguests)…


Also, people are throwing comps left and right, do you really think if EVERYONE played their heart out they would constantly win, DOUBT IT


LOL. You hate them that much I guess. I can’t argue with that. I just don’t like BR but I don’t hate them. They deserve their wins regardless if they piss America off. Like I said, they work hard to win those comps. I just hope they don’t last any longer but if they keep winning, it’s beyond my control. lol. I will never let myself be super mad at any reality show. I watch to enjoy and maybe complain a little, that’s all. And those who throw POV’s btw, are nothing but STUPID. But I don’t think Dom was throwing the last POV. He simply lose. And Adam, he can’t win comps unless it has something to do with bacon. lol


If you have been paying attention you would know that boy george has only won one hoh the first one was given to her by dani


I hope that Cassie comes back.


If Cassi comes back, what will she do when she knows that it’s her friend Shelly who voted to evict Keith? Will she side with Dani? Now, that’s exciting! I hope this time, she uses her brains. Shelly is this and that but she actually uses her brains more than any other housemate in there.


She wont know anything. Theyre being sequestered


I am totally a fan of JJ. Not so much a fan of BR, but if BR is going to get JJ through the beginning part of this game, I’m all for the 4-some. I don’t like Dani. She def showed all of her cards up front. And Dom is stupid for continuing to listen to her. She screwed him.


Just a heads up for everyone tonight during the HOH endurance COMP i’m going to switch the site over to a static page.. Meaning no comments and only the first post will display.
I will continue to update that single post until the traffic subsides so you will still get play by play update if you don’t have the feeds.

If I don’t do this our server will crash and be down for hours.

This year we have spent obscene amounts of money renting computer hardware however It will not be able to handle what I suspect is going to be OFF THE CUFF Huge traffic. The second things cool down i’ll flip the switch and complete website functionality will return so we can all bitch about how lame it is that BRJJ won another HOH 😉

Dark Horse

I only come to this site for spoliers and when I’m on a need to know basis 😉
Tonight will be a need to know
You are the best site keeping up on endurance comps…especially not having the live feeds


Good plan!


Okay What if the people with a golden key can only be in the HOH comp and because Dick left early they let Dominic stay but he ust can’t be in the HOH comp because he has no golden key


Brendon is a BITCH that’s why he would NEVER EVER get in a man’s face if they said something to him or Rachel, he would only do it if that person is either a women or a smaller man, well not Russel BB11 anyway. Rachel got more balls than he do, probably literally too. That’s about the only think that can be respected about her as a person she not afraid to speak her mind, just as long as you don’t call her out on her BS then she’ll start to cry.


Can you watch the live feeds on the iphone?


Yes! it’s wicked


I think the twist will be that one of the key holders must be evicted. I think that it would shake up the game

Dark Horse

LOL, hysterical @ ‘wrinkled dog Shelly’
And when ever I see Brendon > I see his ugly crusty weird looking toes.
I almost vomited when Rachel was rubbing them last night.
…and he’s the type to wear sandals.


She is a nasty one herself , sop no wonder she would rub his feet.

Not that a women shouldn’t rub her man’s feet and a man should rub their, but if your feet are as nasty as the NeanderTALLS rub your own feet or get them Korean women to do it.

Dark Horse

and especially do not expose them on national tv…
I wanted to stuff Brendon’s ‘suspect’ toes down Rachel’s throat.


She would enjoy that too.


I think it’s messed up how everyone keeps saying the vets have had everything handed to them. The newbs had the numbers day one! they screwed themselves. Dani thinks she owns big brother. She played her hand too early. She won’t get rid if the vets. She needs them to win. If she somehow makes it to final 2 she won’t win against anyone else. They count as 4 votes in the jury house. They ultimatly decide the winner of this big brother.


EXACTLY! Thank you. I was starting to feel like I was the only person that realized that… I can’t even pretend to know why Dani played the way she did. It was stupid.


Me third


dat stil ldont giv jeff and brendon da rite to go around trying to bully..scare people..act like they own the house..try to make other houseguests decision for them..nd itz not rightthat cassi got evicted for being more beutiful than rachel.. the are winning cuz they have already have experience which is not fair to the newbies.. the vets done been there done that so they need to be evicted


Jeff and Brendon are just two idiots who like to think through their mouths… Anybody who wants to fight or talk out with them must think twice before facing them.. They already know how those two are and they still talk to them only to get themselves in stressful situation. Those type of people you don’t talk to when they’re mad or have a reason to get mad. Spare yourself from the stress they are going to throw at you. lol. Just walk away and don’t even entertain a conversation. That will make them mad and that’s how you get even. They don’t bother me. I’m pretty sure they’re better people outside.


If Cassie comes back the Vets will sh*t themselves, I hope they bring her back and I hope Dani takes out Jeffery.

Uncle Cool

So, basically, Shelly is playing for 5th place. Does she honestly think the ‘dream team’ is going to vote each other out before her?


I like the VETS and LOVE Jeff and Jordan the BEST. I think that they are actually playing this game. If the Newbies could not stick together (because they talk toooo much), it was their own faults; Not the VETS. Now, as a player, if someone asks you to throw a POV competition and you are on the block, you are a terrible game player to do so!! So as far as I am concerned, you want to go home. I hope that one of them (J,J, or B) win tonight’s HOH competition.


Is everyone certain this is going to be an endurance comp? I thought they usually locked them down forever when it was one of these?


I believe they have been locked down since yesterday evening plus Shelly was sneaking a peak and said they were building something outside and Jordon said she heard a big fan, so it’s safe to say it is Endurance.


And BBAD is on for 4 hours tonight instead of 3!!


Do you guys think there is any chance they just wont open the door for Dom? or something along those lines? I would like Cassie to come back, but if any Newb deserves to be their its Dom. Just would like some suggestions or comments. Getting pretty tired of the Brenchel show!


Best Game so far:


1- She makes a final 5 deal and can coast thru 9 evictions
2- BRJJ will take all the heat while she collects jury votes
3- she knows that the 4 are so friggin paranoid that they will turn on each other before they get to final 5, so she could coast to final 3 (Dr Will)
4- Once in final 3, anything can happen and she could win (dr will)!

Worst game:


1- yes we know you have to take out BRJJ, but not NOW!
2- there was plent of time. Should have followed the shelley plan
3- WAs a potential showmance really worth it you dummy?????


I’ll say it before and I guess I’ll repeat it: why does everyone think that the evicted newbs (besides dom, even then he’d have to have some guts) would side with Dani/Lawon/Kalia??

Keith got PLAYED by the newbs. He would never trust them again.

Cassi dislikes Kalia, doesn’t trust Lawon and I’m sure all the trash Dani talked abt Cassi playing Dom would come out so she definitely won’t be on their side.


Keith played himself by throwing the POV