Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says that he made three promises to Farah before coming into the house

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12:30am – 1am Out in the backyard Jeff, Brendon and Adam are playing pool. Meanwhile Lawon and Dani are playing the cornhole game. Dani is whispering to Lawon telling him that Rachel would be coming after him. Lawon says that everyone is trying to be his friend but that he don’t know who to trust. Dani tells Lawon that she is trying to get Porsche on their side.Dani says that it will work, I promise you. Lawon says I trust you. Dani and Kalia head up to the HOH room. Soon after Porsche joins them. Dani asks Porsche what she plans to do next week if she wins HOH. Porsche says that she won’t nominate or backdoor Dani. Porsche says that she might try to play it safe and put up Kalia, Lawon or Shelly but she made a deal with Dani and she won’t put her up. Dani tells Porsche that she trusts her but that she is nervous because Rachel might try to convince Porsche to put up Dani. Porsche says again that she won’t nominate Dani. Dani tells Porsche that she isn’t coming after her next week or the week after. Dani says that Rachel put on the veto performance of a lifetime. Dani says that Rachel was shaking and crying and I patted her on the back and the whole time she knew that Brendon was going to save her. Porsche tells them that Brendon and Rachel didn’t tell her what they were going to do with the veto. Dani tells Porsche that she has Porsche’s back in this game and it would be nice if she could get that back from Porsche. Dani says that Brendon has to go this week. Dani says that she thinks Porsche would win if she was in the final two with Jordan. Porsche says that she seriously doubts that. Rachel comes up to the HOH room and sits down for a minute and then tells them that she wants to go downstairs to be with Brendon. Dani and Porsche tell Rachel to stay but Rachel doesn’t want to. Rachel heads outside and tells Brendon that Porsche is up in the HoH.

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1:15am Dani tells Porsche that she has her back. Dani says that they haven’t finally come together until now. Porsche says that she feels like Shelyl is a big threat. Dani says that she think about Porsche, Dani, Shelly and Kalia in the final four. Dani says that it would be good to keep Shelly until the final four. Dani and Porsche agree that it’s good that Dani and Porsche get together now. Dani asks if she can she be honest with Porsche. Dani says that yesterday when Brendon and Rachel came to them Brendon said that Porsche is Rachel’s little puppy dog. Dani says that’s what they think of you. Dani says that she doesn’t mean to hurt her. Dani says how Brendon and Rachel want her to think she can’t win the game without them. Dani asks Porsche to not say anything to Rachel. Dani says that she isn’t going to lie that she is worried Porsche tells Rachel things. Porsche agrees and says they are building trust. Porsche says that Dani not putting her up was like points for her. Dani asking Porsche if she is fine with going against Rachel if she picks her for knockout. Out in the backyard, Jeff is talking to Brendon and Rachel over by the hammock. Jeff says that Porsche is a BLANK idiot for switching sides and going over to Dani. Rachel agrees. Jeff gets called to diary room. Jordan tells them that she had a conversation with Lawon and told him that Brendon and Rachel wouldn’t put him up. Jordan says that Lawon seemed surprised by that. Brendon is then called to the diary room.

1:45am Up in the HOH room, Porsche tells Dani that Rachel hates her right now because she is up there talking to Dani. Porsche says that they need to come up with a cover story to tell Rachel about what they were discussing up here in the HOH. Porsche asks if Dani made a deal with Jeff to keep her safe. Dani says that they haven’t made a concrete deal. Porsche says that she thinks that could be a problem. Kalia joins them. Porsche asks where everyone else is? Kalia says that Shelly is in bed, Jeff and Jordan are in the hammock and then says that she doesn’t know where anybody else is. Kalia says that she saw Rachel in the bathroom earlier and she looked upset. Dani tells her that Rachel had to do her goodbyes and that’s why she was so upset. Dani says that she misses Dominic because it was her chance to hang out and not talk game. Dani says that thinks they should go to bed so they can get up and lay out tomorrow. Porsche gets up and leaves the HOH and heads to the bathroom.

2am Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are in the backyard talking on the couches. They are talking about this thursdays HOH competition possibly being a knockout competition. Rachel asks them if they are good at knockouts. Jordan says that she isn’t that good in a quick competition. Brendon joins them. Rachel says that last season she won the knockout competition but she doesn’t know if she should win this one. They talk about maybe throwing it to Shelly. Rachel says that she wants Dani to go home so BLANK bad! Jordan notices Dani was coming downstairs and tells them she went to the bathroom where she saw Porsche. They tell Brendon to go inside and break up the their conversation. Rachel says that Adam is good for votes but that she doesn’t think he’ll play to save them. Jeff says that they should put up Kalia and Dani and if Dani pulls herself down they can get rid of Kalia. Jeff says that then the next week they could get rid of Dani. Brendon comes back outside after Dani heads back up to the HOH room. They start calling Porsche stupid. Rachel says that they can’t trust Porsche. Rachel and Jordan talk about Porsche. Jordan says that she thought Porsche and Rachel were really close. Rachel says that she thought so too. They start talking about past competitions. Brendon tells Rachel that Porsche was asking him in the bathroom if Rachel was upset with her. Jordan says that she wonders what they are plotting up in the HOH. They talk about how dumb they think Porsche is. Jeff says that Rachel needs to have a talk with Porsche and remind her that it was her and Brendon along with Jeff and Jordan who kept her here this long.

2:10am Rachel says that she plans on talking to Porsche and remind her that she stuck her neck out for Porsche when all the newbies wanted to get rid of her. They start talking about what the competition will be like this week. They think the quiz will be knowledge quiz about the game or true and false questions because they just did a personality quiz before coming into the house. Jeff says that he thinks it could be a true or false competition because anyone can win that kind of competition. Porsche comes outside and they start pretending like they were playing the animal guessing game. Porsche sits down. Brendon asks Porsche what she was up there in the HOH talking about? Porsche says that they tempted her in there with cheese. Porsche says that Dani apologized to her for telling people she knew Janelle. Brendon asks her if Dani was trying to lure her to the dark side? Porsche says no. Brendon then asks Porsche who would she put up next week if she won HOH. Porsche says Shelly and Lawon. Porsche says that she made a deal with Dani to keep her safe next week in return for not putting her up next week. Porsche says she will have to throw the HOH to Rachel if she wants Dani to go home next week. Jeff and Brendon start picking everything Porsche says apart everything she says. Rachel asks Porsche who’s side is she on? Porsche says that she is on your side Rachel. Porsche says that everyone else looks at her and Rachel as one person now and they can’t get everyone mad at them. Jeff asks her again who she would put up next week and Porsche says Shelly vs. Daniele. Brendon asks her if she gets that Dani is trying to get everyone else to do her dirty work. Porsche says that she knows. Brendon says that he is worried that Porsche is doubting putting Dani up. Porsche says that she could put up Kalia and Shelly and if Shelly won veto and Porsche says Lawon. Brendon says that he knows Dani has a way with words. Porsche says that she doesn’t have a way with words it’s just a deal that she made with Dani to keep herself safe this week in return of safety next week. Rachel tells Porsche not to win HOH this week so that they can go ahead and get Dani out since Porsche doesn’t seem willing to go back on the deal she made with Dani. Rachel tells Porsche that she isn’t good at quizzes especially not quizzes that she has to think quickly on. Porsche asks Rachel that she thought she said she won all the quizzes her season. Porsche brings up the knockout competition she won when she said get your life vests BLANK! Brendon and Rachel reiterate that if she can’t put up Dani then don’t win the HOH this week and try to throw it to Jeff, Jordan or Rachel. Rachel says that she respects that you made that deal with Dani.

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2:40am Brendon tells Porsche that if she hangs out with Dani too much then people are going to think you’re working with her. Rachel tells Porsche that obviously if she wins then she should know that she is safe. Brendon points out that Dani has backstabbed him, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says that Dani will break a deal with you too. Brendon says that Dani made that deal with Porsche because she was never the target and she could make the deal to try and further herself the next week. Porsche asks Brendon if he thinks Jeff is still cool to work with her and Rachel working together. Brendon says that Jeff and Jordan are straight, they can be trusted.

In the candy bedroom Jeff and Jordan are whispering. Jordan tells Jeff that she was giving Adam a sob story to keep her. Jordan says that she told him that she really wanted to be here and spend the summer with Jeff. Jeff says that he just heard from Porsche that Lawon is an entertainment lawyer. Jordan says that she heard that from Shelly. Jeff says that he isn’t buying it though. Adam comes in and joins them. Jordan whispers to him about Dani trying to pull Porsche in. Jordan tells him that Porsche told Brendon and Rachel that she would put up Shelly if she wins HOH. Jordan says that they need to stick together. Adam confirms that he is sticking with them. Jordan tells Adam that they woudl be willing to throw the competition to either him or Shelly. Adam says that he thinks it might be better to throw it to him in case the next HOH is endurance because Shelly could perform better than him. Jordan says that she thinks she is good with the votes. Jeff says that he thinks that Dani will tell Kalia to vote for Jordan to stay because he thinks that Brendon really is her target and she wants him gone. Jeff says that he doesn’t trust Porsche one BLANK bit. Jeff says that when Porsche talks he doesn’t even want to BLANK listen. Jeff leaves the room. Porsche comes in. Jordan says tells her that she is campaigning for a vote from the elf. Brendon, Rachel and Jeff in the lounge room. They talk about not trusting Porsche. Rachel says that she will tell Porsche not to win. Rachel says that Porsche is an idiot. Rachel says that she knows Porsche isn’t with them. Rachel says that the only thing they can do is tell Porsche she is safe and tell her not to win the HOH this week. Jeff says that he can’t even listen to her! They end their conversation and leave the room.

3am Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Porsche are talking and laughing about Porsche’s dance earlier tonight! Porsche says that she can’t believe it was on Showtime! Adam tells them that he made three promises to Farah before coming into the house. Adam said that he promised no kissing, no sticking and his unit wouldn’t end up on the internet! Jordan asks Adam what sticking is? Jeff looks at her funny and tells her that it means sex. Jeff laughs and asks doesn’t the kissing go with the sticking? Adam says not always.

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3:25am – 4:30am UP in the HOH room, Kalia and Dani are lying in the HOH bed talking with the lights out. Kalia asks Dani if this time is easier than the last time she was on Big Brother. Dani tells her that she thought this time would be a lot easier. Dani says that she planned on coming into the game as a robot but she says she can’t help but feel bad about things so it has made it so much harder. They start talking about Dominic. Dani says that she feels so guilty and says that it’s Porsche’s fault he left. Kalia says that she wasn’t thinking down the line when she voted Dominic out. Kalia says she is going to head downstairs. Kalia says goodnight and leaves the HOH. Meanwhile, the other houseguests play the animal guessing game and then decide to all go to sleep.

7am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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That will totally sucked right now. If Prosche wins the HOH, please backdoor Dani. I appreciated to put her on the block. Rachel will be happy.


If only Porsche knew all the things BR say about her, I’m sure she wouldn’t have trouble choosing a side.


They are saying those things because it appears she has chosen a side…..Dani’s.


I am getting sick of the vets cockiness. The only one that is genuinely nice is Jordan. Jeff wasn’t bad on the past season he was on but this one he has drank too much of Brenchel’s kool aid. They need quit talking shit about how stupid other people are. Things have a way of getting around and the fact that they have not learned that makes me lose more and more respect for them. A lot of people pity brenchel and I don’t get it. I do not think the way they are playing will ever win them the half million.


Totally agree! I’m not nearly the fan of JJ I used to be, was never really a fan of BR’s social game, either. I am rooting a bit for Daniele, but honestly, if she goes, I’m not going to be pitching anything near a fit.


I am confused – who is working with whom??? Is Brendon going home (PLEASE SAY YES)???


as of right now Brendon is going home but it might change still 2 days to go

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Adam, Shelly are playing BR , they won’t vote to keep Brenda, Pacer is trying to save herself by getting in good with Dani, you know unlike Rachel, Dani is SANE and plays strategic, it’s best to get distance from Rachel asap before she get jealous of you hanging out with her enemies and target you, they are already whining about that. People tend to forget if your part of Brenchel’s alliance your not allowed to play for the 500k, you have to help them win or else. The chances of Pacer voting to keep Brenda is very slim, but that won’t matter everybody else is voting for him to go, he knows he doesn’t have the votes. I would put it past Big Brother to rig it somehow to bring him back. I really want to see Rachel play by herself, let Brenda skype to his side bitches.


Do you really think the last comment about bitches was needed ? Can’t people have an opinion without the nasty comments about people that you do not know !! come on guys.


Lots of class there “ill will.” Of course, if you don’t have any big people words, I guess you have to use the childish ones from the gutter.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

* Face Palm* read what I said again, and PLEASE follow it..

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Wouldn’t put it past*


Porsche actually has the ability to do a lot of damage to either side… If only she was smart enough to not get caught….


So according to Dani it’s Porshe’s fault that Dom was voted out. It wasn’t because she got called out on her plan to drive a wedge between JJ and BR and let them battle it out between them and their side alliances, while her and Dominic would just try and avoid the carnage and try and take out who was left. No I guess it wasn’t, Dom going home was Porsche fault because she voted him out along with everyone else(except Dani). It wasn’t a bad plan, but she played that card too early got. brjj saw what she was trying to do and took out Dom, so I’m pretty sure it was Dani’s fault he got sent home(wasn’t she whining all last week about how it’s her fault that he is going home)


God if i was Porsha i would get up and walk away from Brendon, Jeff, and Rachel. They all sit there interrogating and bullying her. And they act like they can tell her who she can and cannot talk to. I honestly think shes playing a pretty ok game and she doesnt deserve to be treated like shes stupid. The way jeff talks about her is pathetic and rude. She needs to allign with Dani, because she needs to realize thats shes disposible to the others. They just want her for her vote. She might have already realized idk. That is probably why shes getting close with Dani.


I totally agree! This tells how poor BR’s social game is, there’s no benefit for them grilling Por in front of JJ. If anything they should have waited and cornered her when she’s alone. Suppose the plan was to backdoor Jordan, do they expect Por to say yeah we were talking about blindsiding Jordan when Jeff is there? That’s why they (BR) will never win BB.


EXACTLY What are they doing. Brendon and Rachel are the worst players ever! Why do they think big brother is a team game. You should be doing all you can to get the votes to get rid of Jordan. They ruined the game last year with their stupid social play and immaturity. I don’t know why big brother brought them back but I’m looking forward to them leaving. I just hope Shelly and Adam can get out from underneath Jeff and Jordan’s butt long enough to actually play. I will probably stop paying attention if Danielle and Kalia leave.


You do not think she is disposible to Dani REALLY !!!!!!


And what do you think Dani wants Porsche for? To use her and for a vote–get real! And to all who believe Porsche is far from the brighest bulb in the house, I completely agree. GO Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, and Adam!


Isn’t Boy George supposed to be on two weeks slop? her first week on slop was to start, but she won hoh the second time. so it was voided, she still has a week at least of slop……


I think it ended on saturday


Rachel was on slop the week before and the week of her HOH but they gave her a basket and refrigerator full of food that she could eat in addition to being on slop, so she pretty much skated on her last week of slop.


In other words.. Adam, don’t be like BR 😉 Once it’s out there on the net, it haunts you for-ever.


When all is said and done for Thursday, Brendon will head home. Jordan has Adam, Kalia, Lawlon, and Jeff voting for her easily. Have Porsche switch to vote out Brendon won’t help, but she seems flaky. This is where watching the CBS shows help because you get to see the Diary Room and you can get a better idea of what is going on. It’s pretty obvious now the faction of the Vets is starting to splinter.

The smartest thing the “newbs” can do at this point is band together and send all the vets (Sorry Dani) packing and take the house back. Of course they won’t think that far ahead, but that is what needs to happen for all the “newb” fans. As each day passes, things look a tiny bit better for Dani, but if Jeff, Jordan, or Rachel get HOH, its lights out for her.


I hope so !!


the look on rachel’s face holding the door open is priceless.


That is one uglyass picture!!!

“Brendon then asks Porsche who would she put up next week if she won HOH. Porsche says Shelly and Lawon…Jeff asks her again who she would put up next week and Porsche says Shelly vs. Daniele” Dawg was this a typo or did she really say this and no one sitting there caught her mistake?


br & jj have the person they love the most there to help them strategically, emotionally and they each have someone they trust 100%. They also have experience being in the house and competitions.
The newbies came in alone and blind.
Dani has the experience but not the trust/love of a loved one.
I am rooting for dani and the newbies!
br & jj have become whiners and are obnoxious to me but I still like Jordan.


Amen! Things might have played out differently if CBS brought back 6 vets picked randomly and asked them to pair up while in the house. With the golden key looming, they (those random vets) would have backstabbed one another right from day one!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Scariest face EVER… gonna have nightmares now.

Wow I guess nobody will figure out that Brenchel really were going to backdoor Jeff and Jordon, but too many people found out about it, and they placed all the blame on Dani….


which is good now Dani gets to leave


And just what program are you watching? People aren’t going to “figure out that B/R were going to backstab J/J” because they never were. Listening to other people and talking about those conversations does not a “plan” make.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

BRJJ are now “Team Whine”


Dani’s “big move” was a “big screwup”. Instead of coasting through 9 evictions (and a guaranteed final 5) and gathering up jury votes she is becoming as big a target as BRJJ. Nobody trusts her. Her word is worth nothing and I would never trust her to make a “this/next week” type deal because she would never honor it. She tried to backdoor a successful alliance after 2 weeks. She is in exactly the same situation as BRJJ. She has to win or go home every week. Evil Dick must be furious at her bad game play.

On a side note. She wears very skimpy bikinis. Simon, Could we possible get more closeup pics of her with both front and rear views.



yeah more dani bikini pics and i am dying to see her feet. i bet they are pretty. hahahahaha

porche has big ugly feet.


I see Porsche making an actual move in the next couple of weeks.
I dont think she’s as dumb as we think.
She just might get added to my “root for” list if she keeps being good with Dani


what is interesting is that after brendon goes. Dani and Rachel are in the same boat and JJs position is even stronger. Rachel and Dani are the big targets with no friends. The newbies should go after both of them, while JJ sit back and watch. Dani u r an idiot!!!.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

FYI the women Brendon was showing his pen is to, were not upstanding respectable women they were BITCHES.


The girl he got caught with was actually a man, LOL!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I’m not surprised, a dude having the emotions of a female usual ends up with another dude.


Very curious to see who will win HOH this Thursday considering BR want Porche to throw it, JJ will throw it (so they do not have to honor their deal with Dani), Brendon is trying to talk Rachel into throwing it. If this happens, the HOH will go to Adam or Shelly (team JJ) or Kalia or Lawon (Team Dani, for the moment). I wonder which of them are putting serious thought into going after JJ since they are the only true couple left now.

Adam hasn’t really started playing the game yet so no one knows what he will do in power but my guess is he will put up Porsche and Kalia
Kalia will probably put up Rachel and Porsche
Lawon would put up himself, twice
Shelly might put up Kalia and Porsche


u are a crazy dude!


J/J don’t need to “honor their deal” with Dani because she put Jordan up (pawn or no pawn). The deal was she didn’t put them up and they wouldn’t put her up. She put Jordan up, so…no deal.


I have a question??? Why is it, that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel are so bad when they talk about people, but Dani is an angel, Dani has done a lot of wrong things in this game. , Dani wanted Cassie out, not because she feared she was a strong player, but because she wanted Dom for her self. Remember Dani’s season where Nick was concerned, she had to have him, and we all see how that went. Also, remember Dani broke up a couple who were getting married, You talk about Egos, Daniele’s is the size of Texas ,and it is amazing she can fit in the HOH room. The fact of the mnatter is, this is a game, and there are no white knights in shing armor. They all back stab, no one is any better then anyone else.


Shelly is worst of them all. What type of mother lies on their daughters name? I don’t see the point. Even in the D/R she plays straight shooter. Maybe she actually believes her own lies. Scary.


Shelly is my least favorite houseguest this year, so much about her boils my blood.


For the same reason people choose who to vote for politically, the lesser of 2 evils. In this case there are more than 2. Dani has not been as hypocritical, nasty or egotistical as BRJ have been.


Dani is a great player of the game. She is in control. The vets want to get rid of her, but not right away. Why? They are playing an emotional game wanting to go after Kalia because they don’t like her. They have not mentioned she was a threat. Shelly is the real sleeper in this game. Watch out! She is coasting through with very little effort. I liked Jeff in his season, not much this time around. He has a sense of entitlement and aggression. It’s very off putting. I won’t waste time on BR. If Lawon, Adam and Porsche want to stay they have to play to win
and control their own destiny in the game.


ITA! With the exception of liking Jeff all of his past season. I liked him until got the Coup De’tat and HOH. As much as I liked seeing Jesse get what he deserved, I disliked Jeff letting the power go to his head. He got cocky and paranoid, then it cost him the game. Jeff the underdog is great. Jeff the bully, not so great.

In fact this season, I’m really struggling to find redeeming and endearing qualities in this cast of players.


Thanks for the reminder about the Coup d’état and HOH. I agree with you whole heartedly.


I would totally “stick” it to Porsche if you know what I mean.

Not a big fan of her game play though. Adam could run away with the whole thing if he continues on this path. He’s OK with both sides of the house and he has a knack for smoothing things over.

Go Team Adam, go!


Porsche: They lured me in with Cheese



One thing I’ve noticed about Porshe is that she’s a great listener. I also wonder about how much coaching she received from Janelle (who make no mistake about it, got her on BB) and if a lot of her passive game play right now isn’t strategy. I think about her wanting to put Shelly up (with J or J?) would be a good move. She’s on to Shelly and Shelly’s remarks about her doing her harmless little dance (America’s watching!) probably burned Porshe’s ass more than anything.


I hope to God CBS does not make the mistake of doing any other BB shows with returning players. These vets are the worst players ever (personality wise). Sure everybody talks trash, but these four take it to an unnecessary level. They believe they are the best players ever when only ONE of the four remaining have actually won. And,truth be told, she didn’t really win that.

The grilling and threatening of Pacer is too much.I swear I would’ve snapped by now. They are all out of power at the moment, yet they continue to try to bully and dictate their agenda on others! I’ve never seen this level of sheer arrogance before.

It boggles my mind why anybody would even engage them in any game play. Too bad the non vets can’t bury their differences, grow a spine and kick each one of them out every week.