Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says he is sure he will be kicked in the balls a million more times in life. Rachel says and I’ll be there to kiss’em! *Updated*

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9:45am Dani tell Porsche that we need Jeff to go soon. Porsche says okay! Dani says that Jeff is one of those players he is not that good but when the numbers start going down it’s not that hard for him to win competitions. Kalia says she agrees because it’s not her. Dani says oh my god ..if Shelly wins she is going to use it and beat Rachel in the face! Kalia talks about how much Shelly hates Rachel. Dani says thats what we have been saying since day one… and you just get it! Porsche says we have a great shot at HOH next week. Dani says that if Brendon leaves it will put us in a really strong spot… until Porsche jumps ship with Rachel. Porsche laughs. Dani says that if Kalia won the unitard she wouldn’t be her friend because she would be the most horrible person ever. Dani says that she would lock her door and not let her in. Kalia says that if there is a margarita party she will take it for everyone. They talk about how if it is a POV prize and punishment competition ..Kalia and Dani will take whatever punishment. Dani asks what would you guys do if I drank my whole bottle of wine before the POV? Porsche says what would you do if I did?! Porsche takes the HOH robe downstairs with her …just in case they don’t give her an outfit to wear in the POV she will wear her bikini and it. Kalia heads down to the candy room to read the bible.
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10:30am Meanwhile in the lounge room Rachel is telling Brendon all about Shelly being the one to drive a wedge between her and Porsche. Rachel tells Brendon that Shelly is the person that has been bad mouthing her and that Porsche has told her some of the things Shelly has been saying. Rachel then starts talking about how mean Jeff was while Brendon was gone and now this morning he was mean again. Brendon telling Rachel to be calm around Jeff. Rachel says that maybe she’s a little annoying ..but says that she feels it’s not Jeff’s place to not be nice to her. Brendon tells Rachel that this is a game about getting along with everyone even when you don’t want to. Brendon says and you’re not good at it. Rachel says obviously! Brendon says why do we have to fight all the time just to stay in here. Brendon is telling Rachel how he needs to learn to how to work with the things that Rachel isn’t good at… like how she isn’t organized. Brendon says that he is also learning how to talk to her properly ..and that he doesn’t want her to think he wants to tell her what to do .. Brendon says that of course there are things about her that drive him nuts. Rachel says that she respects and admires him. Brendon says that he respects her too. Brendon says that sometimes he has talked to her in a disrespectful manner and that he never what’s her to think that he is taking things out on her and that he would never want anyone to talk to her like that ..especially not him. Brendon says that he will never betray her or let her down. Brendon says that he is sure he will be kicked in the balls a million more times in life. Rachel says and I will make sure I am there to kiss’em! They talk about how they will be when they’re old.

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10:50am Dani and Adam are talking in the HOH room. Adam says that he is happy that Brendon and Rahcel aren’t playing in the POV. Dani says that Rachel was about to cry when the players got picked. Dani asks Adam if he is paranoid or nervous. Adam says no and says that he thinks it’s not going to be physical. Dani says that she feels like it’s going to be a random skill or maybe puzzles. Dani says that she thinks that Adam is good at puzzles. Dani tells Adam that this is perfect ..don’t be nervous because Jordan won’t win. Dani says that you only need to worry about Jeff but she thinks Jeff will keep the nominations the same. Porsche comes up with the HOH robe and Lawons afro wig. Porsche models it and then leaves. Adam says that he hope the POV winner doesn’t have to pick who is HaveNots this week. Dani says that she doesn’t think so. Adam asks why Kalia and Porsche don’t share a bed so that Brendon and Rachel can have one. Dani says its because Brendon acts like everyone needs to bow down to him.. and when he came back he asked where these chips were from ..they told him the HOH ..and he so oh chips laced with evil! They talk again about how upset Rachel was about not being picked. Adam says that he is trying really hard to not talk BLANK about people while being in the house. They talk about how Jeff has been picked to play in all the POV’s and they think it’s crazy. The conversation changes to talking about getting into the jury house.

11am – 11:30am All four camera switch to Brendon and Rachel in the lounge room talking about his friends. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Rachel starts talking about how no one in the house likes her and that she has already done so much damage in the house. Brendon says that he goes through the house like a Tasmanian devil. Rachel starts going off again about everything…and Brendon tells her to stop ..I don’t want to hear it again.. I don’t want to go down that road again. Brendon says that even if Adam wins the POV and she puts me up next to Shelly.. Rachel and Brendon both say that we have the votes to keep you. Brendon says that he is going to start studying the days again because he left it messed him up. Rachel says that she has tried to mend things with Kalia by telling her that she respects her and that she is a good competitor. Brendon says that Shelly and Porsche are they BLANK rumor mill around here. Big Brother cuts the live feed and when they come back, Brendon and Rachel are talking about the POV competition from their season where there were prizes and punishments. Rachel says that she thinks there will be a double eviction this season. Rachel is massaging Brendon’s feet. Rachel smells Brendons feet. He asks her if they smell. Rachel says that they never smell! Brendon asks if she would rather nice feet that smell or his feet that don’t smell. Rachel says your feet!
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11:35am Dani tells Shelly that she needs to win the POV. Shelly says okay I am going to go full out! Dani then goes into the candy room and briefly whispers to Kalia. Kalia was sleeping and is all out of it. Kalia says that she thought Dani was sleeping too. Dani says that she got called into the diary room. Kalia says oh its starting soon.. Dani leaves and heads back up to the HOH room. The cameras switch back to Rachel and Brendon on the lounge room. Rachel is still massaging Brendon. Big Brother calls Rachel into the diary room.

11:40am – 11:50am Porsche heads up to the HOH room to shave her legs in the HOH tub. Big Brother cuts the live feeds …when they come back all four cameras are on Rachel and Adam in the metal bedroom talking about how horrible her sleep was.

12pm – 12:40pm Adam and Rachel are in the metal bedroom talking about how being in the big brother house has become their reality. The start talking about the competition. Adam says that he thinks even if someone wins it’s going to end badly because they think it will be rewards and punishments. Adam says that there will be some sort of torture or pain …or where you can either take a prize or take a punishment and stay in the game. Meanwhile Dani, Porsche and Kalia are hanging out in the HOH room talking about random stuff. Kalia is stuffing her face with Dani’s HOH food. Kalia then does a dance as she watches herself in the mirror. In the bathroom, Brendon is coaching Jordan on how he buzzed in really fast for a question competition …he tells her that he just put his clicker in his hand and kept hitting it once the question started to be asked. All four cameras switch to the HOH room, Dani tells Porsche that while she is hosting if Jeff wins anything ..she should says Jeff just won a TV to go with his $10 grand! They laugh. The cameras switch to the metal room, Adam, Brendon and Rachel are in mid conversation. Adam says that he will consider it but that he doesn’t want to think about that right now. (I’m guessing they asked him to not use the POV if he wins it so that Shelly will get voted out and Brendon or Rachel can’t be the replacement nominees.) They start talking about big brother websites and how other websites will take Adam into a room when he gets out and beat him up for not mentioning them. Adam mentions us again saying that he loves all the big brother websites. Adam talks about how they should have a twin’s day ..and he would be Porsche’s twin and dress up in a bikini with coconuts under the bikini. They continue to talk about Survivor vs. Big Brother.

1:15pm – 1:30pm Adam and Rachel continue to talk about random stuff and about how Adam says that he doesn’t want to lose himself in the game. Rachel says so if Brendon won by over a million votes come we didn’t win Crate and Barel’s Ultimate dream wedding. Meanwhile in the kitchen Jeff and Brendon are talking. Brendon explains to Jeff how he answered questions in a competition with the buzzer so fast. Brendon says if we get through this week …Jeff says if you two get through this week have horseshoes up your ass holes! Brendon laughs and says yeah. Jeff says but lets not get ahead of ourselves.. lets just get through this week. Brendon heads back to the bedroom where Rachel continues to talk about the ultimate dream wedding contest. Rachel says that fans that didn’t like her and Brendon even voted for other people just so that they wouldn’t win. They continue to talk about random things..

1:35pm Shelly heads up to the HOH room and gives Kalia B12 vitamins that she got from the diary room. Kalia says thank you. Shelly says your welcome and leaves. All four camera are now on Jeff in the kitchen making lunch. Shelly tells Adam that she doesn’t think Jeff will use the POV on either of us. Shelly asks you think they have been lying to us the whole time. Adam says that he doesn’t know think they are working together on this without Jordan. Adam says that Jordan isn’t the one lying. Shelly says so she is letting Jeff do the lying. Shelly says what like Jordan doesn’t know anything about it. They both don’t think that Jordan will win it. Adam leaves and heads back to the kitchen. Shelly is in the lounge room talking to herself …she says have I been fooled the whole time. She thinks she is so smart! Damnit!

1:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen ..looks like the POWER OF VETO COMPETITION IS FINALLY HAPPENING!!

3:27pm Feeds still on trivia

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New DRINK rule – when someone says FIRST.


Hahahahahah!!! Nice one! 😛


Ha! 🙂


I have a better idea… How about we drink, then that person gets banned?

Team Bacon

Damn!! I will be a alcoholic by the time this game ends.


Brendon says why do we have to fight all the time just to stay in here.

That’s the 500k question these two idiot will NEVER EVER understand, even if it’s drilled into their little heads.


They are a lot of bad things, but at least they are competitors. I’d rather see a competitor win rather than someone who floats their way to the end and winning without doing anything, just like what happened in season 11. What was that dumb girls name who won again. lol.


agreed I like them more than J/J. They have no idea how to play but at least they don’t just sit and wait for CBS to cheat for them…


i bet u votes for him to come back cuz u wanted “drama”


I love your comment!


B/R thinks their struggle is unique to them. Everybody else in the house has it so easy and is ‘floating’ by. Judging by Rachel’s recent lack of successes, doesn’t that make her a floater by her own definition?


Yup! However, B/R seem to have selective memory, which explains their pity parties and delusions of self-importance.


I’m surprised BB let Porsche put Benefiber in the Protein shake mix. That is messed up.


Who drank it?


This is what those 1,000,000+ idiots wanted, the utterly delusional and pathetically needy & narcissistic couple together again….


So anyone who likes BR for whatever reason is an idiot in your eyes. Frankly, I think this is just a game and no matter who likes watching who, doesn’t make anyone an idiot. A little too much personal involvement there.

You know, I’m going to tell you something. If, after what Ragan put Rachel through, he found the good in her and is such a close friend that he is in her wedding party, that by itself should tell everyone all the need to know about her.


All that told me is that negative people gravitate to each other like magnets


Agreed, an in the same vein trailor park trash gravitates towards trailor park trash, hence the wierd frienship dynamic between Dani,Pinto and Rachel….


Couldn’t agree more, I guess that’s why all of you come to this site to personally attack not only the HG but the people who disagree with your opinion. Right on.


American viewers who voted for BR to return ….. Masochists!


Better name than Idiots is Masochists

1,000,000,000 viewers who loves Sadomasochism voted brenda back………..

BB Never Missed an Episode

It wasn’t 1,000,000,000 it was 1,000,000…also, it wasn’t 1,000,000 people it was probably 10,000 super uber fans who voted the maximum 10 times on their computers and 10 times texting….10,000 people x10 computer votes x 10 texts = 1,000,000 votes.


Whether there are 1M true votes for Brendon’s return will always be a mystery. What’s for certain, is CBS had designs on getting him back into the game with his ‘love’ Rachel one way or another .


Hey, masochists are people too! I think! 🙂

Simon, it would appear that Shelly;s extreme behavior could damage her real life reputation as a serious business executive. If I were thinking of hiring/promoting her I would run away.

Do you think the CBS edits are much kinder? Or has she done herself in?


I would gamble that the people that would hire executives are probably not goin to be making hiring decisions based on a gameshow that they probably do not watch anyway


Maybe not, but there’s such a thing as the rumor mill and reputation stats get around. It happened (supposedly) to Rachel last season. It can also happen to ‘mama’ Shelly.

Midwest Fan

Shelley’s Employer has removed her name, photo and information
from their website.



That’s a gamble all HGs take. Which is one reason you’ll notice that most of them are young,upstarts with no existing career to damage. Very few seasoned professionals of any stripe makes it into the BB House. I’m guessing career suicide is a major concern for them.


So Simon-Dawg what do you guys think will happen?
I.M.O, it will go this way:
Either rachel/brendon will be put up on the block.
obviously shelly is on the block and if adam wins pov he takes himself then brendon goes up. if shelly wins… same scenario. if jordan wins, she will use it on shelly. if jeff wins..i think he will use it only shelly thus brendon goes up. if dani / kalia wins they will backdoor brendon.
so odds really stacked against them.

so either shelly-brendon
or adam-brendon


Those are pretty stupid game moves for Dani that will hand the game again to JJSA alliance. Smartest move is to backdoor Jeff which will cripple both the JJSA alliance (Adam will jump ship fast) and JJBR alliances because Jordan is useless and her misery will increase 100 times over w no Jeff.

Wide open game if that happens.


Taking Jeff out would be stupid. Ditto Jordan. Evicting Shelly or Adam is another wasted HOH. If Dani wants to win the game she needs to get rid of Brenchel ASAP. Someone said Dani is looking to keep Brenchel’s jury vote, but that is stupid at this point in time. Get rid of Jeff now and same deal. They will be pissed at the jury house and only vote Dani for the win if she is up against Rachel or Brendon. Brendon and Rachel will give Dani the win if she is against anyone they think floated. They hate Dani, but they hate floaters more. Every week you keep Brenchel in the game it will get harder to get rid of them. Jeff and Jordan are easier to beat in competitions. Shelly and Adam haven’t won anything. It’s pointless to get rid of them. If Dani goes against Rachel or Brendon, the jury will probably go against her because it will be a miracle if one of them makes it to the end. Dani needs to stop hanging with Cowlia and do a temp alliance with JJ. This will force Shelly and Adam to declare once and for all what side they are on and even the playing field.


I agree. I’d like her to back door Jeff, but I can already see by her interaction with Shelly last night on BBAD, that she is already playing for jury votes. Dani is tough to figure, which is why I like her. She’s playing it very close to the vest though and doesnt tell Kalia anyhting of import now, even deflects all the inane, hypothetical questions she asks her.


Brenden says, “Why do we have to fight all the time just to stay in here?”

Apparently the standards have been considerably lowered to obtain a PhD.


jordan needs to win POV. its sad that im relaying on her FML

Ol Brother

Porche needs to go. All she does is feed her mouth, laugh, and agree with whatever comes out of Dani’s mouth. Kalia and Porche are constantly bashing on everyone else for not doing anything. Last I checked, eating hasnt won Porche a single thing. Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel have all won as many or more cops as Kalia has. She needs to get off her high horse, that obviously needs a rest from all of that weight she has been exerting on him.

Rachel also needs to stop bashing others for not winning. Kalia, Jordan, Jeff, Brendon, Dom, and Dani have all one comps. She needs to stop saying Jordan was given her HOH. There were no guarantees that Jeff or Brendon would have sunk a 1 or 2 in the golf comp. We have all seen Brendon’s athletic skills. They are overrated. Based on his pool skills, I dont think his hand eye coordination would have alowed him to sink a 1 or 2 in the golf comp. Rachel was handed the banana comp. Dick and Dana dropped bc they didnt want the first HOH, and they received safety for the week. Brendon could have easily given her second HOH to her. Brendon saver her again by using the POV on her instead of himself. Finally, Shelly saved her from eviction this week. The way I see it, Rachel has not done squat and is ungrateful to everyone else covering her arse.

The best hope Rachel has at getting anything out of this season, is if Proactiv offers her a deal as a spokesperson.


“The best hope Rachel has at getting anything out of this season, is if Proactiv offers her a deal as a spokesperson.”

^ this

teri b

OMG…..that is hilarious. LMFAO!!!!!


Those zits are hideous. I don’t know why her face is literred with them. But she has been looking a bit better lately after Jordan showed her how to use less makeup, as weird as that sounds. Not that I want to bone her or anything, but it’s better than with the 2 pounds of makeup she used to wear.


She could also play the ‘naughty Chemist’ in one of those Showtime after-hours adult movies.

SoCal Suks!

IMO Rachel smuggled some Meth in the house..hence her constant break outs…j/s


That’s is tooooo funny


Well said… couldn’t agree more!! This is too funny!!


I so agree with all of your comment! The Golf issue is just that, I wish they would have played it, I bet they would not have scored a 1 or 2. we will never know now.
Rachael has sold everyone up river since Brendon’s return, I’m not liking her at all, now I wish she would have been left alone.
Dani sold out her team by taking their offer to play with them! They have sold their integrity as far as I’m concerned.


I’m soooooooo confused. Who is Dani’s target??? She’s begging Adam to win, then begging Shelly to win, then telling K/P they can wait to get Jeff out next week, all this sounds like she’s really planning to backdoor Brendon right? Unless she’s lying to her alliance (K/P)? I’m so confused! But I think it would be bad bad idea to backdoor Brendon! At least This Week. If she didn’t want a deal with them then she should have NEVER agreed to it. It’s quite simple! B/R are competitors AND huge targets, why get rid of them if you can have them on your side to take out the trash that’s still lingering in the house??
Get Jeff out & Jordan will be sure to self evict & follow him right out the door bc she has no reason to be here (already won, just wants to spend summer with Jeff) & she’s too stupid to survive on her own. When Jordan tries to form a sentence if you look at her face she strains as if it hurts her brain to think. She’s growing a bald spot from yanking at her hair every second. It’s time for JJ to go! (Although deep inside I really don’t want to see LeatherFace live another day!)


I think Jeff is her target, if she really wants a temporary alliance with The Whining Couple(Brenchel)… Jeff should be the one to go, then Jordan will follow.


Brendon is her target,she is being sly about it,Brendon this wk,Jeff nxt wk which idk where the hell she get’s that at,again another dumb move on her part depending on shamu and freewilly to win HOH!!!!!!!!!


i hope yer right. he’s not playing veto, shelly will vote him out to piss rachel off, and he leaves, again! its not rocket science. That would make all the ill advised jj fans who voted him back in very happy.


Yeah I agree backdooring Brendon makes no sense because then it’s back to the way it was with JJSA + R super alliance running things AND D can’t play HOH so she would be almost gone for sure nxt week.

She HAS to backdoor Jeff to have any shot…the only one after her nxt week would be Jordan(LOL) if BR sticks to the deal and Shelly would probably target BR once Jeff is gone.


I’m confused as well… I can’t tell if she is playing everyone or if she really wants to get rid of Brendon. Did she make the deal with BR or not? And if she didn’t, then she needs to ASAP. What if Jeff or Jordan wins the POV and keeps nominations the same and Dani hasn’t made the deal yet… BR will have no need to make the deal with her anymore ’cause they won’t be threatened for the week. SMH. I am confused. I really hope she didn’t mess this up!


one thing people are forgetting is the fact that shelly hates rachel righ now and would evict skyperbator, making the votes 3-3 (KPS V JJR) DANI TIEBREAKER.


Good call.


Good-bye Brendon! Although it would be funny if Dani tries to backdoor Jeff or Brendon and the rest vote out the other. It would be the 3rd straight wasted HOH in a row and Dani wold be beside herself.


She says it;s not Jeff’s place to not be nice to her, his place what this bitch think she is a Queen or something? funny her own man is an asshole to her and it seems she doesn’t care.


I forgot skanks LOVE their man treating them like shit..

Ol Brother

Hopefully JJ will catch on to the fact that BR are moving over to D. AtI that point I think Kalia will feel threatened, and considering her hatred towards BR and love of JJ, she will make a push back to JJ. Hopefully with the intel the BRD are working togather, JJ will accept Kalia. JJK will need SA to have any chance to get past BRD.


Brendon says he is sure he will be kicked in the balls a million more times in life. Rachel says and I’ll be there to kiss’em!

WOW never heard of a women openly admitting to sucking balls HAHA


rachel is so whiny!!!! Brendon needs to go!!!


Actaully, I think the whiniest person lately has been Dani. But I like watching and listening to her anyway. I think I’m addicted to how goofy and how plain fun she is.


I’m so confused…

So who is Dani’s target?! Is she really trying to backdoor Brendon? He is definitely not one of my favorite people by any means… but Dani really should take that deal with BR. I think it’s the smartest move for her…

I know BR told Dani to pretend they were still enemies… so is this all part of the plan?!

This is causing me stress lol


Hey Simon, I would love to see top to bottom list of most annoying houseguests from this site. For me, most annoying is Kalia, least annoying is Keith, pretty much the opposite of what it was the first week!


Did the CBS Big Brother site ever actually show the voting results for who to return to the game? If I’m not mistaken Julie said there was 2 million votes and Brendon received a little over a million and there was just a small difference in his and Dominic’s numbers, with two others on the roster, its just not adding up to me.


Over 2 million can be anywhere from 2,000,001 to 2,999,999. If it’s closer to 3 mil than 2 mil, theoretically, Brendon could have gotten just over a mil and Dom a couple hundred thousand behind him. If 1.1 mil voted for Brendon and 900,000 voted for Dominic, you have 2 mil and whatever hundreds of thousands of votes left are split between Cassi and Keith.

I honestly felt it was a bit unfair since no one even remembers what Keith looked like because it had been four weeks since he saw daylight.


no better time to FINALLY get rid of skyperbator, he is not even playing in the veto!!!!!!!!!! C’mon Dani come through!!!


Has anyone noticed that Brendon came back a lot mellower? He admitted to R that she treats her disrespectfully and that he doesn’t want to fight with the Hgs people anymore. He told her that he realizes that there are things about her that he doesn’t like, but that he needs to find a different way to get his points across without hurting her feelings. Shelly even commented that even Brendon did not defend Rachel’s “attack” on her.

This is a completely different Brendon than the one who left a week ago. I am thinking that he was so devastated for leaving R behind in turmoil that production must have called the Psychiatrist for a session with him. The Psychiatrist must have helped him see things from an outsider’s perspective. He definitely sees R a little(and I say a little which is already a lot when it comes to B) –less biased now. Comments????


CBS told him to mellow out a little. the least he can do is look like the peoples favorite.


He had a week to think about what he would have done different to stay in the game & realized he needs to be nicer to everyone.


I bet if all the contestants took an I.Q. test, Jordan would rank the lowest. And as much as I hate Shelly she would probably be the highest.

Not a PHD student

I guess Jordan taking some of her winnings and using it to get a formal education would be asking to much of her.

Mary R

She is going to college with the money


Phoenix online dont count


Did you just say “don’t count”….now who needs to go back to school. FYI – it is doesn’t which equals “does not”. You guys need to stop being mean to Jordon.


common sense and book sense are two different things. she’s probably good in school.


Going to college doesn’t seem like it would solve her condition. She simply doesn’t seem to be endowed with much in terms of intellect. She can gain knowledge from college I suppose, but I just see her as being limited.


J/J always plays in POV’s to make sure they aren’t broken up. CBS isn’t through milking those two yet.

Rachel still complaining about not winning a wedding. Did she ever hear of work? It’s distasteful to complain about not getting hand outs. She’s had more opportunities than most people. Had she not been so crazy on the show, she could’ve parlayed her quasi-fame into paying gigs where she could’ve amassed enough money to afford her own wedding.

And on a side note, it’s high time BB invents some new competitions. It’s way boring to see HGs speculating (with a certain degree of accuracy I might add) about what games they will play. Shake it up, come up with something new that throws them all off their game.


Totally agree with you …and CBS wasn’t sponsoring Crate and Barel ultimate dream wedding so that’s why you didn’t win Rachel! ..and I seriously doubt Brendumb got a million votes to return to the game either.


Too much, u mean? Maybe u should get an education!


I don’t think Jordan’s IQ is any lower than the average IQ of every Big Brother fanatic.

Has anyone thought this might be her game plan. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Not a PHD student

This is the same game plan she used on the amazing race. If it looks like a Jordan, talks like a Jordan, it’s a Jordan. Not judging, just stating a fact!!


possible. dani has the same game plan. she PRETENDS to not like her dad, i think that’s their game plan, if you and your dad aren’t that close why get a picture of him in her hoh those are things they request mostly. i think they are closer than they let on.


yes i have…she’s too dumb to have a plan


your kidding right? (not bout jords but bout shel LIE:)


NO,the op isn’t kidding – Shelly is super manipulative, sly, cunning,and VERY good at it. She’s like a sociopath.

Jordan is really DUMB.. whoever said it was part of her gameplay, well I guess it is – she is a dumb country bumpkin. She doesn’t get a pass jst because she’s what some people consider “pretty”. she still dumb. Even her own “boyfriend” (yea right, that relationship is a JOKE) calls her DUMB.. and in front of people.. you know that’s sad.

jordan is amazing

wow you guys really do make me upset jordan is sweet and is the best person in the house and just like one person said common sense smart and book smart are 2 different things


I think it’s sweet that your such a Jordan fan but the girl really has no game, everything she got from the game was handed to her??? Hello, life is like a box of chocolate, you ne’ver kn’ow what yur gonna get.

Not a PHD student

actually, she is only as intelligent as douche bag Jeff is, seeing how he tells her exactly what to do. Jordan sit, speak, go to the bathroom, don’t talk to her, roll over and let me rub your belly………etc……….


jeff is so hot


Shelly’s been badmouthing Porsche too. She’s been badmouthing everyone except for Jordan. I’m really glad She’s been found out.

I am kicking Shelly out of my top 3 and putting Dani back in. I hope the BRD deal is for real.

Can't stand it anymore

Is anyone having difficulties viewing the flashback????? It will show what is going on at the time you set, but then it shows flips to an earlier time. This is getting so frustrating. Where do you complain?

Not a PHD student

Brendon says that he will never betray her or let her down………… doesn’t count in his world I guess. Brendon can get kicked in the nuts evey second for the rest of his life and not feel it because he has no stones. It is very hard to watch BB, I mean the needledick and boy george show. Seriously out of a 44 minute show a good 28 of it is focused on these two ( I would like to say retards but I do not want to offend the retards) tools. I am surpised that a acne company hs come to Boy George yet. Me word there is more cream on her face then the usual jizz from needledick.


how happy would u be if dani backdoores him?

Not a PHD student

it would be great to see boy george have another meltdown. The options of rooting for someone to win is painfull. BR are just sad, JJ are both d-bags, the catchers mit shelly a true role model for eveyone….nothing like being healthy with the breakfest of champions a smoke and coke, K is clueless, she’s just trying to be liked by everyone, thinking she was like that in highschool, A has done sweet F all except put his lips so far up JJ ass neither of them have to digest their own food cause A will suck on it, P is the only one that tells people what they don’t want to hear instead of kissing their asses and D well she made a move, it back fired, but at least she made a move. It’s a toss up between D and P right now


If Dani was smart, she would backdoor Jeff. I think this is one of the few times she will be able to. Think about it, no matter how much everyone wants BR out, she would be better off getting jeff out first. That way, if BR win HOH, they most likely won’t put her up, they’ll be gunning for Kalia or Shelly. Dani can’t play in the HOH this week so she needs some kind of safety net. Her only hope is having Shelly or Kalia win HOH, Porsche will never win. Jordan will be mad but she will never win HOH and if she does, BR will probably persuade her to focus on Kalia. Dani will most likely have the votes on her side if she ever wanted to get BR out and if BR don’t win HOH next week she will still be able to put them up if Shelly, Kalia, or Porsche wins. She has to backdoor Jeff it’s the best way.


BRD secret alliance would kick ass, if both parties could trust one another.


Dani knows that she cannot trust Rachel, but Dani also knows she wouldn’t get BR’s jury vote if she sent one packing. So it would be interesting to see what she does if the POV gets used



Ilyssa Liebz

Dani likes power moves! So she has to go for Brendon. It makes me think that Dani actually has a think for Brendon. She can’t stop going on and on about how perfect he is and how Rachel is all over him. She wouldn’t be gunning for him this hard if she didn’t think he was just oh so perfect. She goes on about how smart he is, how athletic he is, and just how good he is at everything. Sounds like a crush!


Thats what you call athletic? I bet the nerd throws like a girl.


it does seem like it and all that hate for rachel looks like she wants or need what they have


you are on crack


aren’t you the girl with multiple personalities?


yea, that is one of the bots


Everybody talks shit about how Rachel and Brendon are disgustingly glued to each other and how good Brenda is at comps so does that mean everybody has a crush on him….see where your logic sounds stupid?


i thought dani likes guys who play with themselves on the internet

Ilyssa Liebz

Dani does like men who use skype.


Drink Patron To That 😀


@ Ilyssa I said this earlier. At one point in the season she was telling Kalia how she met him and they were talking and he said he was going to move his car and come back but he never did and she thought that was so rude. I thought it was so weird to even acknowledge something like that. Originally when this season started I believed she had a thing for Brendon and believe she still does. I don’t know what to say about Rachel and Brendon anymore. I’ve given up trying to defend them.. they are hopeless!




Maybe Dani can hold a grudge and backdoor Brendan and then tell him, “you should’ve come back from moving you car instead of leaving me”. lol

Midwest Fan

Dani was at a bar with some friends, including several former BB HGs.
Brendon came over and said he wanted to join the group but he had to
first move his car.
He left. Never returned.
Dani tried calling him to find out if he was coming back as they were
leaving and going to a different bar.
Brendon never came back and never returned the call.

Dani and the entire group thought Brendon was rude.

I think Dani told Kalia about it because Kalia has heard a different version
of the story.

Ilyssa Liebz

I know! That is also why I think Dani has a thing for Brendon. She seems to think that he can win more things than even Rachel does. Rachel thinks she is better at quizzes. No, not Dani. Dani thinks Brendon can do everything. That is only something someone with a crush thinks.

I’m glad we are on the same page 🙂


I think shelly is a back stabber she turned rachel and dani against each other when they could of been friends +- like!! who does that!!! if u want to win play fair dont cheat i hope she goes home u think ur setting a good example for your daughter by lieing to other people


Here we go again,
SIMON, why are you so nasty about Kalia? Everyone is eating, but yet whenever she touches food, you call it “Stuffing her face” What’s your hang up with Black people season after season? Not cool, and let’s move on from the Dunce hat that you continuously show on her head because you’re insinuating that “blacks are stupid”

Cool it and stop behaving like HITLER”

I’m confident she is more educated than the majority of the people to ever be in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE that just made a bad move last week.
Again you never make personal attacks against the perfect WHITE PEOPLE like J&J


Great, so based on that response, you like Homosexuals but not BLACKS?

BR fan

I noticed no one had a problem calling porsche a pig, race has nothing to do with it.


LOl oh great so i’m a racist now.. new drinking game rule!


LOL… One Black woman drinking to that, Simon!


I wish we could go a day without throwing this racists label around. There are true instances where it happens in real life. I have never seen any of the updates on here make fun of any of the HGs based off of ethnicity or sexuality.

Kalia has many personal qualities that many of us dislike and it’s not because she is black. Believe me I know. I happen to be black and I don’t really like Kalia. The dislike doesn’t come from her being, black, or a female. It comes from her non-stop talking,her non stop self-praise,her cowardice and her overwhelming need to be liked by people who don’t like her.

And as a HG who has turned a perfect opportunity to evict a strong player into screw up of epic proportions, she most certainly deserved the Dunce Cap. I’ll be the first to admit many minorities are extra sensitive to harshness lobbed against members of ethnic groups of which we are members,but all instances are not racists. Applying such accusations frivilously diminishes instances where it really does happen.

The moderators of this site heap praise and criticism in equal measures to all those who deserve,without regard to their ethnicity/sexual preferences.

There have been instances where posters have exhibited racists and/or homophobic behavior and I think most of those have been handled appropriately too.

I love coming to this site to crack on all the HGs.It’s an escape from a brutal real world and it’s fun community of very vocal,passionate fans. Let’s all try to keep it that way!


OK, smartone, give me an example of Kalia’s inteligence. What smart move did she make?


Ummm, she doesn’t waste any food…. that’s all I got


she acted foolish because of the twist. she knew rachel “may” come back so in her fear she chose to evist an allie who by the same token “may not” come back. I think keeping a guarenteed allie in the house for sure versus keeping an enemy for fear of making her more mad is pretty dunce worthy.


“i just hate ignorant white people.”

Says the clown accusing others of racism. Lots of people from every race are racist, but you’re a racist and an idiot. Every point you think you made was blown away by that one sentence. In the words of the famous black philosopher, Antoine Dodson, “You are really dumb… fo’ real.”


anon, well played. 😉 I was catching up here and trying to figure out where Simon or Dawg made a racial slur (i.e. “black women are stupid” etc.) and I cannot find anything. Did I miss something? LOL, why did I even ask…simon and dawg are way too chillax to be offensive. Keep up the good work, boys, we <3 you!
(I never knew Jeff said that……shudder….oink)


For someone who hates ‘ignorant white people’, you’re quite an ignorant yellow person… Since we’re labeling by colors now.


dismissed you’ve officially been dismissed from OBB

teri b

Go Simon, Go Simon, Go Simon
(doing the I love Simon dance)




@ Dismissed – GET OVER IT and quit trying to pull the racist card. There was NO racist meaning behind anything. This site has NEVER (since the start) said anything racist or homophobic. If it’s written, the BB HG said it. Join another site Dismissed. This is OBB banter and chatting but no extreme feelings or expressions implied or otherwise.


You have no idea what you are talking about.. yo


What an idiotic thing to say. I haven’t seen anything even remotely racist from Simon and Dawg. Stupidity has no color. All of the HG’s have been pretty much ridiculed mercilessly in here. The fact that (so far) Kalueless has done the dumbest thing is the only criteria for saying Kalueless is….well, clueless. What’s next? Claiming misogyny for correctly identifying Rachel as a whining imbecile? Or claiming misandry for criticizing Dom’s dumb plays?


SHAME ON YOU DISMISSED. playing the race card is sooo 90’s. I am pretty sure Simon and Dawg are not racist or homophobic. Simon and Dawg make comments about everyone on this show not just KALIA..
and to you Simon I agree with you. your the best.


You’re defending her BECAUSE she’s black. You’re the one making racial judgements. If she were white, you wouldn’t have cared.
Kalia made one of the all-time dumbest moves ever in the history of big brother. She will be wearing that dunce cap for a very long time. She’s afraid she’ll never get out of Dani’s shadow. Believe me Kalia, you are out!! You are part of big brother lore now, and not in a good way.

The dunce cap should stay, she worked HARD to earn it!!!!


Nothing racist about it. Fat bitch is always stuffing her fat face. It doesn’t take a rocket. Scientiist to see that. Now get over yourself. U are dismissed


jordan during her season was often referrewd to an cookie monster for her always eating it.
brendon is always panned
shelly is referred to as straight shooter for always lying.

all white people all being riped on, give it up. in fact look at the pics comparing house geusts, I do beleive 8/9 of those in the pictures are white and they are pretty well made fun of.

as for the dunce cap, she didnt make a mistake, she became a coward to the twist and jeff and made one of the all time stupid move in BB. Black or white she deserves to be called a dunce. Being educated doesnt mean intelligent btw.

Ilyssa Liebz

I hated Kalia since week 2 for 2 main reasons:
1. She thinks she is influential. She thinks she is a sexpert. Just no.
2. She tries to sound intelligent rather than connect with people. Her conversation with Jordan and Jeff when they told her off was classic Kalia. If she spoke from her heart rather than her liberal arts vocabulary, then maybe Jeff and Jordan can connect with her and understand where she is coming from. But she thinks if she sounds intelligent then people will just presume she is trustworthy and logical. Only Ragan would be impressed by her “communications” skills and her “liberal arts” jargon. And if her heart is truly liberal arts buzz words then she has no heart and there is nothing to connect with.


Didn’t they also put the dunce cap on Dani?


I’m waiting till Shelly beats the shit outta Rachel it’s just a matter of time.


the dude from Chi Town won the pov


I’d prefer it just the opposite.


Not a Rachel fan but I concur


I can’t stand Kalia! There’s NO WAY Dani and Kalia would be friends outside the house or will be friends for long, after. Kalia is a problem to Dani’s game. She’s just the kind of delusional good for nothing bitch, that if somehow Dani was in final 2 with either Jeff or Jordan, she would vote for the J’s. And Brendon has shark eyes.


i think shelly should go home she is such a back stabber because she turned dani and rachel against each other who does that she thinks she is good at cheating people well thats a different story u think your setting and example for your daughter


what time is the VETO??


It’s on right now


lol u guys are morons .. Dani is not JEALOUS of brandon or rachel .. AT ALL .. neither is Kalia .. they just can’t stand those 2 .. and neither can most of the house



To all of you that are bad mouthing Jordan, how many of you have won $500,000?


Are you implying that anyone who has ever WON 500K shouldn’t be criticized? It isn’t like the person did something amazing/hard/remarkable to WIN the money


BTW randomly guessing winning lottery numbers has happened to quite a few people who aren’t members of Mensa too. Doesn’t make them smart. It makes them lucky.


wait…i’m confused. Can someone explain to me who’s on who’s side?

just wondering

HOW MANY TIMES CAN THEY USE THE LITERALLY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I AM SO SICK OF that and that singsong quality to Kalia’s voice….she has this habit of speaking as if what she has to say is so important….and she adds the verbal punct
uation that is just so annoying….


Lol Rachels pushing the million votes too far


why is poor wearing that Afro wig? does she have to wear it as part of a comp she lost?


She wants to show that she got Soul… LOL nah she tried it on because she is going to wear it if BB don;t give her an outfit


why does BB have to give her an outfit? did she wear out that 1 jogging suit she brought?


you know comps sometimes have outfits right? that’s what I was talking about not like a new cloths for her to wear, but yea she does need some more sweat suits


the only reason brendon got all those votes is because america wanted to see rachel and him duke it out, until kalia went all short bus in the house…..


“im gonna let jeff do the lying” shelly needs to stfu! if i was in that house i would of kicked her or something! she drives me nuts!


So, hold on. Is Dani going to work with BR or not? I really hope she will…but it sounds like she wants to backdoor him. Get rid of Jeff first, Dani!! B might be annoying and a little off but I think he’s more trustworthy than Jeff. Just sayin’.


I think Dani’s targets are Shelly and Jeff. I think that she is playing the deal with BR close to the vest because both Kalia and Porsche have proven that they can’t keep their mouths shut. How many times did Dani tell Porsche that she was giving Shelly too much info?????


Imagine Rachel and brendon weren’t together they would be doing so much better and be less hated I didn’t mind Rachel the end half of last week.


Simon, why didn’t you include Adam’s question and Jeff’s answer about whether JJ are BF and GF?


I meant Dawg


What was Jeff’s answer?

Midwest Fan

Something like …….

“What? Is this High School?”


I hope Adam wins and Shelly and Jeff go against each other. Lets see if she truly does want to see JJ get farther than her.

Simon, you should do a breakdown of how many times each remaining HG has been picked for the POV. Jeff has been picked every time.

There is no way Jeff goes home this week. No possible way. Stakes are to high for CBS.


Here’s the POV player breakdown including today, out of 6 competitions.

Jeff: 6
Jordan: 5
Rachel: 5
Adam: 5
Brendan: 4
Porsche: 2
Dominic: 2
Shelly: 2
Daniele: 2
Kalia: 2
Keith: 1


Thanks. Very telling!

R Dawg

Can’t stand Kalia the most. If Dani wasn’t working with her no one would! Wait till u see how she acts when the other side regains power! Sorry K, your not all that like u think u are! U got lucky and won one thing! No chance for u, loser!!!


LETS GO BIG JEFF. Win that veto and take off shelly. Dani WILL put BREN BREN on and ur 2nd chance WILL be short-lived. YAYA


I don’t think that Jeff will use the veto. I don’t think he trusts Dani to backdoor Bendon. If he removes Shelly, Dani noms Jordan and she has the votes to break up the couple. With BR on her side Jeff would stand with Adam and Shelly who have done NOTHING!!!


Wrong, not saying Jeff will win but if he does he will take Sheely off and Dani will have to put up Brendon, if she puts up Jordan everyone including her stupid minions will know Dani has a deal with BR to go to final 3. Plus Dani will want to put up Brenda, deal or no deal, she knows he is her biggest threat….


does anyone know who won the POV?