Big Brother 13 Spoilers – POV winner is Adam

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5:00pm Candy Room Jeff, ADam, Porche, and Kalia Their not celebrating, just laying around playing 20 questions.. (My guess is Shelly or Dani won)

5:15pm Shelly alone in the Havenots

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5:18pm BR purple room They are wondering about what kind of deal Dani has with jeff because she doesn’t seem to want to put him up. Brendon points out that Shelly is after Rachel now. Rachel scoffs “What is shelly going to do” She mentions that Jeff was greedy by taking the money and leaving Jordan with the unitard (hard to hear not 100% sure what was said)

Jordan got the Unitard
Jeff got the money

5:41pm Shelly in havenots isolation punishment

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5:53pm Jordan Jordan’s outfit

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Adios Jeffrey


Thanks for deciphering, Simon/Dawg!


I think Adam won POV…not Dani

Tem Dani

Adam won PoV. Shelly won phone call from home, and solitary confinement. Daniele won PoV ticket, guaranteeing her to play in the next PoV competition. Jeff won money. Jordan has to wear a unitard, and Kalia won a Caribbean vacation.

Team Dani
Freddie B

Too Funny


that picture is so funny. When my husband saw Rachel looking like that he said “she looks like a blow up doll.”


How long is Shelly in isolation? Did it come with a muzzle and a straight jacket?


Excellent cop-out to get out Jeff. Don’t forget he won american’s player along with $25,000.

p.s. I would never vote anyone out based on this. I would vote tlhim out because off that 1% chance of someone quiting and Jeff getting America’s vote plus he’s not bad at comps & he has a loyal follower.


Jeff is a misongynist, a bigot and a bully, HOW can a man like that be America’s favorite. What does Jordan see in this creep?


how much money did he win?


i am so confused…what is dani doing? who is her target? BJ or S?


Does Jordan’s unitard say that or did you photo shop?!?! Funny as shit either way.


Im sorry jeff is greedy.. Jordan look cute in the tutu .. But SHE IS “THE STUPID”…. Just sayin’ #teamdani!!!

Midwest Fan

Well Said.
: )


I though it was Adam…


As much as I’m not Team Dani, I am kind of glad that she won the POV…if only to see what her real intentions are. When Rachel is speaking, I wonder if she ever stops and thinks about what an asshat she sounds like. She’s bitching because Jeff won money. Um….your weener-exposing Skype happy boyfriend got to come back into the house. Isn’t that prize enough?

Its funny how she seems to think that she needs to point out the flaws in J&J’s relationship. IF they make it to the altar (and that’s a big IF in my opinion, I give it one year max. By that time, Brendan’s ear will be bleeding from the non-stop screeching, the fake crying and the amount of cash he has to spend on Clearasil.

I’m still Team JJ….but I wish they would partner with Dani and dump B&R for good.


Your post is funny. Loved it.


Does Jordan’s unitard say that or did you photo shop?!?! Funny as sh!t either way.

army wifey

Dani didn’t win its adam


I wonder why Jordon got a unitard with stupid on it. Lol just kidding can we get a dunce hat for Kalia.


adam won it lol

R Dawg

Win money and check out Jordan in something tight. She looks hot! Win win for Jeff!


Why does it not surprise me that Jeff took the money and left Jordan with the unitard?


It should’ve been a set of unitards for bot Jeff and Jordan to wear. Same message applies.

Dynamic Duo

Gotta love the DUNCE cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad…even if it suits Kalia better.


Hahaha…jordans unitard fits…I’m not gonna lie, I love Jordan but it just fits!!!!

R Daddy

Win money and check out Jordan in something tight. She looks hot! Win win for Jeff!

Midwest Fan

Jeff barely knows Jordan is there. All he can see are the $$$$$$$$$$$.


Jeff loves Jordan and I truly believe that, it’s a game if they were playing monoply and he won the most money and won over her would that to mean he don’t care that’s just plain goofy


“cough, cough”, please tell me you did not compare monopoly money to real money??? LOL, team JJ fans, wow!


Adam won the veto dude


Shelly, bwhahahahahahaha




Send Jeff home Dani, this will be an epic win yo.



Shelly got solitary confinement…I wish Jeff got it LOL. Oh and Jordans unitard is spot on. Couldnt have been a better person to wear it. I’m with stupid it says hahaha. Also jeff is going home with a bunch of money…hes also most likely to get americas choice money at the end as well. More excuse to backdoor jeff dani 🙂 Send his ass home. it will be hilarious. and great drama

Uncle Cool

I will NOT say anything about that outfit being appropriate for Jordan or Shelly deserving her ‘punishment’.

Bah ha ha ha ha!!!

Midwest Fan

Very “Cool” Comment……

Not a PHD student

Jordan finally get to wear her graduation outfit, if she would have graduated highschool


Adam won PoV not Dani

Dynamic Duo4127

Gotta love the Dunce cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad even if it suits Kalia better.


how perfect is that suit for Jordan hahaha it would have been soooo fitting if Kalia the hut got it now that would have been perfect dunce cap and all hahahah


Other sites say Bacon won, which makes sense because Brenda and Racho looks scared






hahah…i thought Jordon’s outfit was something this site photoshopped in until I visited my other BB websites…lmao


Lesson #1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, …….

Drink! 😉


Adam is taking himself off the block.


I think that might be a stretch, the way this season has gone lately lol!


Gotta love the Dunce cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad even if it suits Kalia better.


which means shel HE is gone 🙂
ding dong the lair is gone .


Not so fast. Shelly isn’t Dani’s target, Brendum or Jeff more than likely are.


She really should put Jeff up. It’ll kill two (dodo)birds with one stone. Once Jeff is gone, Jordan will just hibernate in one of the bedrooms only coming out to minimally participate in competitions,lose and head back to bed. Of course the hard part would be convincing people to keep Shelly.


Backdooring Jeff would be a smart move for D. Part of me wants to send B home (breaking up BR = a return of my sanity).


So was it Adam or Dani that won?


disregard if you’ve seen this 1000 times, but didn’t Adam win Veto?


adam won i think


I wonder if Dani will use it or not. If she wanted to backdoor someone, she would of just let Adam or shelly win, right?


ha… a Dunce cap for Jordan and an accurate message on her Unitard. And I thought Dani didn’t want to win the POV?? Yeah, she’s playing everyone this week, including her own team, so they don’t go and blab about what she is really doing.


I have been reading for a while and never commented but I have to say I dang near pee’d myself when I saw Jordan’s outfit!


Should be interesting to see what Dani does. Hope she keeps BR safe…


Adam won pov.


Dani or Adam won POV?? Simon, are you mess’n with us??? You heading first said Dani won, now it says Adam won?? I give, who won??

I’m sure Simon will have more to give us after I hit the “Publish” button but, I’ll throw it out there: Jeff took the money (how much?) and Jordan got the unitard – no surprise there! Jeff: selfish & Jordan: nice apartment, NO furniture!!!


Is it Damni or Adam that won the POV, so confusing…..I have been checking the site since 3:00 for updates….someone anyone out there??? Help me get my BB fix..LOL!


Sooo… I’m guessing Dani is gonna backdoor Brendon now?? I can’t believe Jeff took the money and gave Jordan the unitard, althgough I gotta say it describes her prefectly lol


Jeff didn’t give Jordan the unitard — ADAM did!! Adam B/r were talking in Purple room & Adam was describing how things went down. He said during the comp Jeff told Adam “way to go give my GF the unitard!” Adam said now JJ are made at him to B/R.


Jeff took the money but, he’s mad at Adam for giving Jordan the unitard? Jeff has alot of nerve! Can you say “sore (PoV) loser”!


I’m not sure. BR told D to tell everyone that she’s going to backdoor B. If D keeps BR, I’ll have loads of respect for her.


Lol with jordan’s unitard. But it would have been better if it says “IM STUPID”


BB Production thought about putting that on it but, just in case she can read, they thought this would be kinder. 😉


It would’ve been better if kalia won that, then Simon wouldn’t have to put the dunce cap on her himself


Uhhh, it does…. (I’ll leave out the stupid :-))

Nikki Tomberlin

So it said dani, now Adam???? Man oh man wonder who dani will put up??????????


Jeff needs to go!!! He’s starting to tick me off!!!


“starting to”? You must have a long fuse.

Bubbly Pie

I agree, he was won money twice not to mention last season, if I was there that would seriously bugg me. I want him and shelly gone


They will replace Adam with brendan. Make a deal with shelli to not put up Dkp next week. Rachel is screwed too in the upcoming weeks.

Mary R

Jordan looks cute


Im happy Jordan got the unitard cause it would not look nice on Jeff, lol.


to me it would seem Dani would back door Jeff………as she said I got your back……..


The results of the POV are priceless!!!! Jordan definitely needed this unitard!!!!


Let see this game is about money, so why would Jeff not take the money? Plus if the leatard fits…

lizzie v

Adam won POV. Dani won a POV pass that will let her or her choice play next weeks POV.


Really? Interesting! That might actually come in handy for her next week. Did Shelly actually get isolation during the POV comp?