Big Brother 13 Spoilers – POV winner is Adam

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5:00pm Candy Room Jeff, ADam, Porche, and Kalia Their not celebrating, just laying around playing 20 questions.. (My guess is Shelly or Dani won)

5:15pm Shelly alone in the Havenots

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5:18pm BR purple room They are wondering about what kind of deal Dani has with jeff because she doesn’t seem to want to put him up. Brendon points out that Shelly is after Rachel now. Rachel scoffs “What is shelly going to do” She mentions that Jeff was greedy by taking the money and leaving Jordan with the unitard (hard to hear not 100% sure what was said)

Jordan got the Unitard
Jeff got the money

5:41pm Shelly in havenots isolation punishment

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5:53pm Jordan Jordan’s outfit

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174 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – POV winner is Adam

    1. Adam won PoV. Shelly won phone call from home, and solitary confinement. Daniele won PoV ticket, guaranteeing her to play in the next PoV competition. Jeff won money. Jordan has to wear a unitard, and Kalia won a Caribbean vacation.

      1. Excellent cop-out to get out Jeff. Don’t forget he won american’s player along with $25,000.

        p.s. I would never vote anyone out based on this. I would vote tlhim out because off that 1% chance of someone quiting and Jeff getting America’s vote plus he’s not bad at comps & he has a loyal follower.

        1. Jeff is a misongynist, a bigot and a bully, HOW can a man like that be America’s favorite. What does Jordan see in this creep?

  1. Im sorry jeff is greedy.. Jordan look cute in the tutu .. But SHE IS “THE STUPID”…. Just sayin’ #teamdani!!!

  2. As much as I’m not Team Dani, I am kind of glad that she won the POV…if only to see what her real intentions are. When Rachel is speaking, I wonder if she ever stops and thinks about what an asshat she sounds like. She’s bitching because Jeff won money. Um….your weener-exposing Skype happy boyfriend got to come back into the house. Isn’t that prize enough?

    Its funny how she seems to think that she needs to point out the flaws in J&J’s relationship. IF they make it to the altar (and that’s a big IF in my opinion, I give it one year max. By that time, Brendan’s ear will be bleeding from the non-stop screeching, the fake crying and the amount of cash he has to spend on Clearasil.

    I’m still Team JJ….but I wish they would partner with Dani and dump B&R for good.

  3. Gotta love the DUNCE cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad…even if it suits Kalia better.

      1. Jeff loves Jordan and I truly believe that, it’s a game if they were playing monoply and he won the most money and won over her would that to mean he don’t care that’s just plain goofy

  4. Shelly got solitary confinement…I wish Jeff got it LOL. Oh and Jordans unitard is spot on. Couldnt have been a better person to wear it. I’m with stupid it says hahaha. Also jeff is going home with a bunch of money…hes also most likely to get americas choice money at the end as well. More excuse to backdoor jeff dani :) Send his ass home. it will be hilarious. and great drama

  5. I will NOT say anything about that outfit being appropriate for Jordan or Shelly deserving her ‘punishment’.

    Bah ha ha ha ha!!!

  6. Gotta love the Dunce cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad even if it suits Kalia better.

  7. how perfect is that suit for Jordan hahaha it would have been soooo fitting if Kalia the hut got it now that would have been perfect dunce cap and all hahahah

    1. hahah…i thought Jordon’s outfit was something this site photoshopped in until I visited my other BB websites…lmao

  8. Gotta love the Dunce cap Jordan is sporting now. It appears your site has influenced the BB game just a tad even if it suits Kalia better.

      1. She really should put Jeff up. It’ll kill two (dodo)birds with one stone. Once Jeff is gone, Jordan will just hibernate in one of the bedrooms only coming out to minimally participate in competitions,lose and head back to bed. Of course the hard part would be convincing people to keep Shelly.

  9. I wonder if Dani will use it or not. If she wanted to backdoor someone, she would of just let Adam or shelly win, right?

  10. ha… a Dunce cap for Jordan and an accurate message on her Unitard. And I thought Dani didn’t want to win the POV?? Yeah, she’s playing everyone this week, including her own team, so they don’t go and blab about what she is really doing.

  11. I have been reading for a while and never commented but I have to say I dang near pee’d myself when I saw Jordan’s outfit!

  12. Dani or Adam won POV?? Simon, are you mess’n with us??? You heading first said Dani won, now it says Adam won?? I give, who won??

    I’m sure Simon will have more to give us after I hit the “Publish” button but, I’ll throw it out there: Jeff took the money (how much?) and Jordan got the unitard – no surprise there! Jeff: selfish & Jordan: nice apartment, NO furniture!!!

  13. Is it Damni or Adam that won the POV, so confusing…..I have been checking the site since 3:00 for updates….someone anyone out there??? Help me get my BB fix..LOL!

  14. Sooo… I’m guessing Dani is gonna backdoor Brendon now?? I can’t believe Jeff took the money and gave Jordan the unitard, althgough I gotta say it describes her prefectly lol

    1. Jeff didn’t give Jordan the unitard — ADAM did!! Adam B/r were talking in Purple room & Adam was describing how things went down. He said during the comp Jeff told Adam “way to go give my GF the unitard!” Adam said now JJ are made at him to B/R.

      1. Jeff took the money but, he’s mad at Adam for giving Jordan the unitard? Jeff has alot of nerve! Can you say “sore (PoV) loser”!

    2. I’m not sure. BR told D to tell everyone that she’s going to backdoor B. If D keeps BR, I’ll have loads of respect for her.

    1. I agree, he was won money twice not to mention last season, if I was there that would seriously bugg me. I want him and shelly gone

  15. They will replace Adam with brendan. Make a deal with shelli to not put up Dkp next week. Rachel is screwed too in the upcoming weeks.

    1. Really? Interesting! That might actually come in handy for her next week. Did Shelly actually get isolation during the POV comp?

  16. SO Adam takes himself OFF, Brendon goes up.. Rachel/J&J vote Shelly out, Porsche/Kalia vote Brendon out… and Adam is the swing vote… I want Shelly out!

  17. I told ya so. I dont blame anyone for being skeptical as no one really knows me. Lets just say I know someone that knows someone :)

  18. We’ve now had 12 competitions this season (HoH an PoV), so let’s look at how the HGs have done.

    Daniele: 2/5 (40 percent)
    Rachel: 3/8 (37.5 percent)
    Brendon: 3/9 (33.3 percent)
    Dominic: 1/5 (20 percent)
    Kalia: 1/7 (14.3 percent)
    Jordan: 1/10 (10 percent)
    Adam: 1/11 (9.1 percent)
    Jeff: 1/12 (8.3 percent)

    Shelly: 0/8 (0 percent)
    Porsche: 0/8 (0 percent)
    Lawon: 0/5 (0 percent)
    Cassi: 0/2 (0 percent)
    Keith: 0/2 (0 percent)
    Evel Dick: 0/1 (0 percent

    1. Given those stats, I’d say Dani would be smart to get out B or R, her strongest competition as far as comps. go. Just say’n.

  19. Of course he would take the money instead of the unitard I would hope any real man would lets face it a woman looks alot better than a man in that stupid thing. So before everyone starts think how stupid you look for saying it.

  20. I have read most of these responses and on this site “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” Please if you have anything to expressed please do so with some positve intent, not lol boho ha ha etc, we know we can contribute a little bit better than what we have been doing.

    1. I’m sure you’ve given some less than flattering comments on this site about cast members. Stop pontificating and enjoy the site for what it is, a place for people to give their opinions about cast members, not to chastise non-cast members for enjoying the drama on BB. If you want a healthy debate, fine. However, you’re sounding as melodramatic as Rachel.

  21. Can someone tell me who Dani is planning on backdooring??? It’s driving me nuts. Simon, I would appreciate your insight.

  22. Jordan just looks adorable… I cannot believe Dani woudl honor anything — Brendon is a goner, again. This time,
    everyone just ignore Rachel’s ridiculous behavior. She’ll just have to live without him. How much money did Jeff win this time???

  23. at this rate Jeff is gonna win more money than the winner, they should prob. evict him before all the prize money is gone lol… I would love love LOVE to see Brendon go home though haha Jeff and Adam voted him out before, they will def. do it again!! Haha the look on Rachels face when he goes home after only ONE week!! Hopefully they will get her out next so that they can spend the rest of the summer in the Jury and off my tv :)

    1. She can’t be put up. for 1 week, so she is safe next week, then the following week she will probably win HOH again

  24. Can someone pleaseee tell me who Dani is planning on backdooring?!?!? it’s driving me nuts. Simon, I would appreicate your insight.

  25. Can someone tell me who Daniele is planning on back-dooring? It’s driving me nuts. Simon, I would appreciate your insight.

  26. Backdoor Brendon, then get rid of Rachel next week, PLEASE! Dani always says herself that JJ don’t win comps so she shouldn’t worry about Jeff right now. The threats are B&R! Let’s see if Dani can be smart and non emotional like she always claims she is!

    1. NOT TRUE!! BR are loyal.. getting rid of Jeff is the best move.. since J/J are willing to take her out any week (just like they did to Russell in their season)

      1. exactly, they have many flaws but BR are at least pretty loyal with their deals and alliances (at least up until they realize thier alliances are turning on them)…Dani will not win against JJ in final two bc she will only have two votes…everyone will vote for Dani over BR but I guess she doesn’t care

      2. loyalty don;t mean shit BR will take dani out any week just like JJ they have no loyalties to her, but since none of them can do shit to her next week, taking out brenda or Jeff would be a great move, then next week she can’t play in HOH but she also can;t be put up, so she’s safe, then the following week she most likely will win HOH again and continue to take out the other vets, she in good right not, but you know Brenchel and JJ only play personal so they won’t vote for her to win.

        1. right, that is what i am saying…jeff is going to be so hard to get out otherwise…but i think dani could really make a deal with BR (at least a one week) where they don’t put her up and if she convinces them she is really working with them, they won’t put her up if they win HOH, JJ on the other hand (well really Jeff since Jordan isn’t really even a player) will 100% put Dani and Kalia up

  27. So I’m confused……….Did Jordan have the $10,000 and Jeff took it therefore leaving her with just the unitard? If that’s the case, I am sooo over the Jeff thing!!

  28. I only went away for a few mins and now Adam is the POV winner? Doesn’t really change anything. Dani’s gonna have to name a replacement.I so hope it’s Brendon or Jeff.

  29. if dani doesnt backdoor jeff…she will be sitting there on finale night with the votes counted and her losing to jordan

    seriously, you MUST take out the darn power couple that somehow will get votes. you DONT take out the “power” couple with ZERO friends, and ZERO votes

  30. I would have loved to see Jeff in solitary confinement, because I’m tired of his mouth. His arrogance is over-the-top, and ridiculous!

  31. while I think it’s very fitting that Jordan got that unitard I think it would have been HILARIOUS to see Jeff in that all week. AND THEN SEND HIM HOME IN IT!

  32. I’m hoping she backdoors Jeff!!!
    Brendan, Rachael, and Dani … The Dark-Side Alliance … the devil, leans back, and admires his work.

  33. I don’t mean to be mean(well, maybe just a lit’)but isn’t someone in solitary confinement prevented from talking? What bullshit confinement is that?
    And, Jordan is trying to score a point with America and win America’s favorite by giving Sheliar the phone call. OMG! There goes BR chance of getting the 25,000 as America’s player.(he, he, he)

    1. I really think that Jordan gave Shelly the phone call just to be nice. She knows how much Shelly misses her daughter. I love Jordan, but she’s not really smart enough to manipulate any situation!

  34. J
    Whatever Jeff wins he splits with Jordon. He told her he would split the money he won before, and he will probably do the same with what he won today. So it is a win for both of them, SO GET OFF OF JEFF’S ASS!!!!! Send Brendon packing.

  35. If Dani tries to backdoor Jeff, he’s got Jordan and Adams votes. Up to BR to decide if they vote for or against Jeff. I pity them if they go against him, if they go for him he’s got 4 votes to Shelley’s 2.

  36. Does anyone know who dani’s target is? Did she take the BR deal? If so, does that mean she’s gonna backdoor Jeff? or just vote shelley out?

  37. This is going to be really interesting to see who Dani puts up as a replacement nom, it will be a repeat of last week if she puts up porche which means shes down to the veterans….I think it will be beautiful if Jeff gets backdoored but with Dani who knows

    1. Simon, no need whatsoever to apologize. Appreciate all your’s and Dawg’s endless hours of work and input on this amazing site!!

  38. JordamN she looks cute in that uni, of course Jeff took the money and left Jord with the uni he’s a SCUM BAG.

  39. Not sure why all the Jeff bashing
    so he’s won $$, so what – so has Dani, Jordyn and it appears that Shelly and Kalia both have plenty
    Regarding cockiness…are you kidding me? Have you watched Rachel, Brendon, Dani, Kalia and now Porsche….are you freakin’ kidding me….Jeff is tame in comparison.
    Regarding the at least 50 posts above asking Simon who Dani is going to backdoor….she said from day one of her HOH that she’s not telling anyone anything……she’s not going to announce to anyone who she’s backdooring until she does it (that much is a given and is as it should be)….why deal with the aftermath before the person is out…..shelly is pretty disliked right now, I’m not real sure that if she put up Jeff against Shelly that Jeff would go so why piss him off right now…wouldn’t be strategic.

  40. I hope Dani eliminates Brendon…again. To me, that would make a good case on finale night to say you sent the strongest player in the game packing TWICE

  41. Hey guys. So what do you think will happen at the pov ceremony. Will Jeff or brendon get backdoored? Please reply open to all comments!

    Oh yeah and how hot are Jordan ‘s tits in the unitard.

  42. She would be stupid not to take out B or R because they are her only compettion and nobody likes them so she wont hurt her chances for votes. If she back doors J or J she will lose alot more votes in the end. She could take them out anytime. Lets just see how smart she really is…..

  43. That outfit is so appropriate for Jordan (and I say this as a JJ fan).

    Anyone else find it obvious production gives Dani info? She totally called what the twist was also that this week was the reward/punishment POV (though she may just know the latter from being a BB fan, she still always seems to have ‘inside info’)

    1. I’ve thought this for a couple of weeks now. Didn’t want to say anything because I’m a newbie. I totally agree. She always seems to “know” something in advance. Will there be some kind of a twist where we find out she’s not really a player but a plant, a shitpot stirrer or something like that, not eligible for the $ or something?


  44. Hey guys. So what do you think will happen at the pov ceremony. Who will dani backdoor Jeff or brendon. Open to all comments please reply.

    Oh ya and guys how hot are Jordan’s tits in her unitard

  45. IMO Dani wants to set up the JH in her favor. Put up Jeff, make a deal with SS she cant put her up or vote to evict Dani. Dani has figured her final 4 and it doesnt include JJ or Brenda. Maybe Adam, Rachel, and Pinto so she can win some money.

  46. and you know production gave that unitard with that phrase specifically for jordan, they were probably like if Jordan gets the unitard, we will give her won with the words “i’m with stupid” and a dunce cap – a little metacriticism by them…..and you know they gave her the tutu bc she is a bigger girl, bc Jen (BB8), Lydia (BB11), Kristin (BB13) coincidentally all smaller women all wore just the unitard – that ain’t right cbs is trying to hide her chubbiness, but if it makes Jordan feel more comfortable…

  47. Rachel’s whiney bitch ass is annoying again….she was much less obnoxious when Brendon was out of the house. WTF is it with them; does she have an allergic reaction to him and turns into a psycho train wreck when she is around him? Please tell me there is a fighting chance in hell that Dani will b/d Rach. Rach was annoying her before she won HOH….scooting closer to her on the bench as Dani slid away from her – that cracked me up but still I might have backhanded her if I were Dani.

  48. eveyone needs to stop hatin on Kalia, she made a mistake but at least she’s attempting to play the game, thats not as much said for JJ

  49. People Brendon is not going up on the block! I think Danielle wants to keep the deal with BR so Jeff will more than likely be the replacement nominee. And lol to Jordon’s unitard it fits her well!!!

  50. I agree that Jeff does seem to be full of himself, but if you are playing to win you need to get rid of either B or R. They are so much better in the competitions. JJ are easier to beat.

  51. that unitard and hat could not be more truthful or accurate ! the broad is dumber than a box of rock . vote her out already she is the biggest floater of all time . she flooated right in for the win ! these people are so stupid for keeping her past week one !

  52. i am and will always be a fan of JJ! Team Jeff and Jordan all the way! Shouldn’t rip on Jordan for her so called “chubby ” body. She is smaller than a lot of girls her age. I wonder why American teens are so hard on themselves. Jordan is a doll and has admitted to being grumpier this year. Ease up on my girl Jordo! Jeff is and will always be hot! I watch just to look at him. Hee Hee! I love BB every year :)

    1. Agree. I WISH I were as “chubby” as Jordan. Damn, I think she’s got a great body. And she looks adorable in that unitard!!

      “bigger girl”?…..gimme a break!

  53. I think Dani made a somewhat small mistake with making a deal with B/R, she should have made the same deal with J/J. They wouldnt have any problem with voteing out Brendumb. Vice versa, If Jeff goes up B/R will vote Shelly out. Dani in no uncertian terms should get one of the power couple partners out. I guess she still could backdoor Jeff, WHo would be pissed at her? Roach? So what, Roach would know that Brendumb was out of BB for good.

    I think Roach actually handeled her self pretty well after Brendumb left the last time after a day or so. She seemed SOMEWHAT normal. Shows how toxic their relationship is. As soon as he shows up she goes back into “annoy” mode…ugggggg

    I also think that no player should ever play the game for jury house votes. If you dont get to the final two…whats the point. BB house changes day to day…minute to minute. Dont get me wrong there is a strategy to it. You have to think a move or two ahead but to worry about manuvers that try to determine votes is not gonna win the game.

    I actually do think that production helps contestants in the game. In one episode of “Dick at Nite” he mentioned in one comment about shows being “totally scripted and others being “soft scripted” which I think BB is….soft scripted. I think the try to “nudge” players in one way or another. I am totaly surprised that Dani isnt telling one single person who she is going to nominate. This goes against her history. She always has ONE ally whom she confides in, her last season is was Nic, then Dom, then Kalia. Has she changed her spots? I wonder if someone hasnt told her she might wnt to keep her mouth shut. I tend to hope she finally realized that her closest ally ( Kalia) has a mouth ahe just cant shut.

    J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank.

    1. speaking of of maneuver talk, dani and kalia talk to death everything and its just irritating…..sorry but its not game play to me its just wasted air time…..because as last week showed they are both clueless with a capital “C”…..if they were such big guns j or j would have gone up against rachel, for them to say that they didn’t want anymore haters (with regard to JJ) doesn’t make sense…..she knows from the moment she first tried to backdoor jeff that she’s on his list, and if she (by she i’m speaking of dani as kalia doesn’t a a morsel of brain in her noggin only oatmeal) is even seriously trying to make deals with BR she will prove how truly clueless she is….both of them will immediately get her out…..sometimes game play is just laying low (that is not a floater BTW) and not running from HG to HG smack talking……I say go J & J

  54. if Dani puts up Jeff and B or R gets HoH next week, what do you bet thatDani will go up on the block? b may have wanted an honest deal but Rachel will force him to go back on his deal. B can’t stand up to R. She wears the pants.

    1. EXACTLY. Also, Dani “killed her man” (according to Roachel during one of her many, many rants I think) when he was evicted. UGH.

  55. Does anyone else think it’s weird that the unitard outfit has a dunce cap and “I’m with stupid”…. Both of which were joked about on here for Kalia in the last week?
    I do

  56. wish Jeff and Brendon could be voted out at the same time! Jeff is a bullying, bigot and a misogynist. Brendon is a good competitor but he a Rachel are so sickening I don’t watch the show anymore, just check the spoilers! If these guys were gone the game would be more interesting. I hate the bullying they do. Shelley is two faced but she is so bad at competitions…let her be until the end, she will not win. fan of noone this season.

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