Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff asks Rachel what size shirt do you wear? Rachel says a size small, what about you? *Updated*

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. The houseguests slowly wake up and start getting ready one by one. Rachel apologizes to Shelly. Rachel asks Shelly if she can talk with her sometime today. Shelly tells Rachel.. let’s just get through today with some dignity. Rachel then tells Brendon that she apologized to Shelly.

9am Kalia joins Dani up in the HOH room. Kalia tells Dani that Rachel apologized to Shelly. Kalia says that Shelly then came to her and said that it was unbelievable, when people need to keep apologizing. Dani says that she doesn’t want to win the POV today because then that puts her in a difficult spot because then she has to follow through with the deal. Dani says that do you realize that if we had back doored Jeff …he would be back. Dani says that she can totally see this POV being one with prizes and crap …its totally that time. Dani says that she feels really bad about lying to Shelly. Kalia says that Shelly has worn herself thin and that she has made too many deal with too many people .. but that she doesnt think she has a deal with everyone. Dani says that you trust Shelly too much ..Shelly has a deal with us… she probably has one with Adam, you don’t think she has a deal with Jeff/ Jordan and Brendon and Rachel?! Dani says lets not forget Jeff has already won $10 grand! Kalia says oh I haven’t forgotten.

Meanwhile, the other hosueguests are in the kitchen making and eating breakfast. Jeff comes through the kitchen and Rachel says good morning. Rachel says hey big Jeff! Jeff says hey what’s up big Rach! Rachel asks what he’s doing? Jeff says I’m just getting up Rachel ..what’s up!? Jeff says what are you doing Rachel?! Jeff asks Rachel what size shirt do you wear? Rachel says a size small … what size do you wear? Jeff says extra ..GO BLANK YOURSELF! Brendon says hey hey hey! They all laugh. Jeff then says sorry Rachel, sorry Brendon …I just don’t like people talking to me in the morning. Adam says sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays! They all laugh and start talking about the movie Office Space.

9:20am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen … POV players being picked!

9:45am The live feeds come back, Brendon and Rachel are in the lounge room saying how did this happen?! The camera switch to Kalia and Dani in the HOH room. Kalia says how does this happen? Dani that this is perfect …it couldn’t have even worked out any better. They talk about how both Rachel and Brendon didn’t get picked for the POV. Dani says that she didn’t even pick them to host. They laugh! Dani picked Porsche to host the POV. POV players are Dani, Kalia, Adam, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan. Kalia starts talking about how gross Brendon and Rachel are.. they are the messiest people. Dani says be nice. Kalia says well they are in their beds jacking each other off. Dani says yeah and the scabs and crusty toes. Porsche comes up to join them. They talk about how Brendon and Rachel always get picked. They say that Jeff and Jordan won’t even try to win it.

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Did they draw names for who is playing in the pov yet?


Yeah, I’m not exactly sure. But I do know that BR are NOT in it!


J/J K/D. A/D
are in the pov comp


J/J K/D. A/D
are in the pov comp.

Team Dani

Playing in Veto ~ Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Adam, Shelly and Kalia
Host ~ Porsh

B and R were upset that they did not get picked.

LOL ~ Dani choosen a name for her alliance lastnight “The Babysitter’s Club”


People like her (narsissistic) think they rule everything! She thinks she’s a brillant player? Her Father thinks otherwise!!!! Dani get off your high horse because your days or numbered! You need to stop being so sarcastic because it’s not cute.


I would like to see jeff go before shelly


Lmfao @ Jeff!


OMG! Why is everyone feeling sorry for Shelly and why is Rachel apoligizing, its one of the few times I was proud of her for calling Shelly out.
Shelly got caught in her lies and Rachel is still the enemy. Jeff needs to go, he wasn’t joking when he said that. It was a mean and uncalled for


What dig? Jeff took a dig at someone? Details …..


Seriously? I wonder how many mean digs have been said throught this game so far… if that’s the only reason Jeff should leave, then they should ALL be gone by now.


That’s what I’m staying…it’s so weird how all these people are jumping on the ‘I hate Jeff’ bandwagon. I know he’s had a couple of freak outs – he’s even said it. But most of all he keeps trying to calm people down and stay focused. Personally, I would like to see Jeff or Dani win this whole thing – although I know the chances are slim.

BTW, all the BR supporters have short-term memory. Shelly is the one who pretty much saved Rachel’s butt for the last eviction. Yes, Shelly is aligned with JJ, but she felt keeping R would help her and now it’s bit her in the azz.


Shelly was evicting Rachel, the only reason they changed their mind wus b/c of the twist….she did it for herself not for Rachel


So who does dani actually wanna backdoor, Brendon or jeff, im confused..


You and be both!


She hates Brendon and knows he is a liar. If she can not get Brendon< Jeff is a good second choice because she takes out someone from the other side and eliminates a 2 voting block.

Team Dani

I hope Adam wins POV take’s him self off. Then Dani BD Jeff.
I would love to see Shelly start Backstabing Jeff=)~~
Then everyone votes Jeff out.


Whenever someone brings up Jeff winning the 10K I laugh, ummm Jordan won 500K, come on now people. Thanks for the updates guys!


And Dani won $50,000. Don’t forget that.


Everyone seems to forget that Dani has won $50,000 but she wouldn’t dare say that now would she?


Have you forgotten that Dani won $50,000 plus her dad bought her a car.


everyone in season 11 must be kicking themselves knowing they let an idiot like Jordan get to the final 2 and win


well, they also voted for her to win, so I’m not sure how stupid they feel. It was a choice to have her win the whole thing.


okay. i’m done.


AMEN!!!! I hope that he tries to win the POV, or winds up winning it anyway.


Why don’t you go suck his feet? Cause that’s how much you JJ lovers worship them. Lmao.


Jeff’s going to end up leaving Jordan (if they even are together) once their CBS reality t.v. fame begins to fade away.


Well, I’m not saying they’ll live ‘happily ever after’, but I disagree 100% that it has even on thing to do with “CBS fame”. They didn’t stay in touch with everyone and attend all of the BB events. Jordan discussed with a few of the other girls that they hardly ever get recognized.

Besides, if Jeff was going to dump her having to do with all of this – he would’ve been better to pretty much never be with her because he had a HUGE fanbase of girls who wanted to hook up with him when he got out of the house – beginning with a former BB houseguest who was all about wanting him and made it very well known to him. (I’m not positive, but I think her name is Diane)


OMG shelly better win this…I want jeff gone soooooo bad!!! It would be hilarious to see jeffs face and what all he will say and do when he gets put on the block lol. I’m sure some major B/R vs. J/J drama would happen.


Jeff is going nowhere.


Who is playing in the POV??


ahhhh cant wait for pov..


love love love the drama!!!! This is not a charity house so the nice guys aren’t always gonna win. I know that when we play games etc here we are super competitive etc. but we are nice upstanding citezens any other time. Go team “I Cause the Most Drama!” who ever that is.


Jeff is a real jerk. I hope gets backdoored.


Yes – Jeff needs to go!


He has zero respect for Jordan. First tells her to shut up and eat something in front of everyone, and now calls her dumb in another tirade. I’m done with Jeff. Jordan’s been getting on my nerves a bit as well. Everytime she tries to say something she begins with “ahh umm”, as if she needed her brain to speed up before speaking. I am not looking at them laying on one bed, each with their own cover. Couple my ass. It’s a business arrangement.


not looking = now looking

Midwest Fan

Spot On!

J/J $howmance, Inc.

Business and nothing more …………..


You fuk’n Jeff/Jordan haters crack me uo.He is so mean to her,tells her to shut up blah,blah,blah,have you not noticed they talk like that to each other.Idk how many times she has called him stupid etc.We all know everyone on here has the perfect relationship,but it’s how they are,he’s not being an ass by saying stuff to her,most the time it’s because she is saying/telling ppl stuff…get over it and most you haters don’t like them anyways,so why care!!!!!!!!!!!!


God I love Jeff.

Midwest Fan

So does creepy Shelley …………



WTF jeff and jordan are playing in the damn pov…god they are always playing.Dani, kalia, jeff, jordan, and shelly are in it. Shelly better win this shit. Watch jeff win it cause we all know BB doesnt want americas sweetheart gone. I think BB will do everything in their power to make sure Brendon, rachel, Jeff and jordan are in final 4.


Here we go already….BR don’t get to play in POV, it must be rigged for JJ to stay in the house.Plz tell me htf could they rig the POV picks?Did they not put BR/P chips in the bag? You should probally quit watching BB….since it’s so rigged!!!!!!!!!!


I’m with ya H8TER
Ride and Die with J/J
win that veto Jeffery!


Chill out – it’s only a game, dude.


My newest HG assessment (just getting this out of me for therapeutic purposes):

Daniele- my frontrunner, and if you think about it, a big reason behind why things have become so interesting lately. How can anyone hate that? Her constant whispering, even when there’s no need to, and masterful ability to deny even the BB cameras parts of her conversation annoys the shit out of me. And I’m really a bit worried that her need to come out from under Daddy’s shadow might have her playing a little too cocky at times.

Kalia- The rapid-fire speech, noticed by all of us, is just impossible to ever get used to, especially since it’s accompanied by a pathetically needy personality rivaling that of Rachel. Oh, and let’s not forget the completely idiotic HOH gameplay, her week I personally refer to as the ‘Little Yellow Bus’ week. Another thing many other readers have noticed but I haven’t until recently… she really does look exactly like I’d imagine Janet Jackson would look like if she were in medium stage liver failure. I’m just sayin’.

Adam- Apparently, massive amounts of bacon must be linked to dramatic drops in testosterone levels, because as much as I liked this guy before, I now am convinced his gonads make poppyseeds look like watermelons. Stephen Hawking could make this guy shiver in fear. How can you be such a longtime BB fan and not take even a second to use that to your advantage? WTF? Come on, dude! Really?

Porsche- Unbelievable. Straight up unbelievable that she’s evaded as much as she has and actually made it to jury. The ultimate floater so far, but I have a feeling that’s all coming to an end soon. I think ‘the Pacer’ will end up downgrading to a Big Wheel or Sit and Spin by the end of this season, and I think her refusing to give up her bed will have something to do with that. If that doesn’t happen, then kudos to her for gameplay most hate, but apparently works.

Jeff- Has anyone even seen his Around the World tv show? I haven’t, but I suspect he thinks everyone else has, and that he’s secretly prepping himself for future interviews with the media where he can talk about how his show so easily beat ‘American Idol’ in the ratings. Mark my words… a year from now, he’ll be on QVC, then fired for mispronouncing the products he’s hawking, then in two years, I’ll have insomnia at 3 a.m., turn on the T.V. and see him in an infomercial for glow in the dark clothes hangers.

Jordan- Celebrity seems to have had not much of a better effect on her, either. I still like her a bit, but like I’ve said before, this girl should never have agreed to do a second season of BB. And I think she’s at least smart enough to know that, and not come back for any reason, even if Jeff begs her to, which I can actually see happening.

Brendon- Ugh. That’s about all I can muster, other than the prediction that, similar to the love of his life, I see his future involving him waking up one morning alone, naked, covered in vomit, and his penis instead of a wad of bills in his hands, courtesy of Skype. Seriously, if this guy ever comes out and claims that he’s discovered the cure to cancer, I think I might just decide to keep any tumor I might have.

Rachel- I really do try to give her credit at times for being able to win challenges, and for at times being smarter than I’d originally thought, but come on!!!!!! In the long run, her even existing now in my mind I directly blame CBS and BB production/casting for, would even consider a class-action lawsuit;) I find it realllllyyyyy hard to believe Matt and Ragan saying that she’s entirely different and great to be around in real life; it just makes me lose respect for them. I just see that being about as possible as any Kardashian winning a Pulitzer, or Snookie from Jersey Shore quitting reality television, becoming a nun, and moving to the Amazon to teach Christianity to the natives.

Shelly- Omg, I wish you could hear my deep cackle at what this woman has brought upon herself lately. I saw this coming, totally saw this coming. Straight Shooter apparently ricocheted, we all know where the bullet went, and I don’t feel bad saying that I’m loving every minute of her ‘agony’. In my eyes, she’s gone from someone who was hugely pulling off some seriously shady gameplay to an unstable and borderline stalkerish JJ fan who I really am starting to think means it when she tells JJ that she’d never vote them out and would happily throw the final two to them if she made it to the final three. I literally would not be surprised if there’s a closet somewhere in her house back home in Louisiana that contains all of her flannel shirts and baseball caps, but if you push those aside, behind it is a nook full of photos of Jeff and Jordan tacked on the wall and an altar beneath that holding shitloads of candles, a pentagram-adorned goblet, and a dead chicken carcass.

I think I covered them all… oh, wait!!!! Nope, there’s one more:

Me, the virtual houseguest and ultimate Hypocrite;) You couldn’t pay me to be in this house for any reason, no matter how much I love to watch. I actually had a nightmare a few nights ago where I was in the BB house and didn’t know how I got there, was begging production to let me the hell out, but they wouldn’t answer me, nor would they open the diary room up to me. Meanwhile, the houseguests around me were trying to calm me down by offering me cake. I woke up in a cold sweat, but unbelievably grateful that it was all just a dream;)


eripaul, my comments are jenking up but this was funny as hell. Thanks for sharing 🙂


That was pee your pants funny and spot on!!!!!!!!!!


OMG. I LOVED your descriptions of the houseguests. (not as much as Shelly loves JJ, but just as close) 🙂


Great insight. How about CBS Production…kinda like Warden Hennessey from Death Race?


There is no way possible that Kahlia looks like Janet Jackson. I don”t care if Janet Jackson was having her worst day ever. I don’t care if Janet was struck by lighting and her hair stood on end & she was drug through the swamp…..she would still look far better than kahlia. Are you serious!?
I suppose next folks will think Kahlia looks like Halle Berry, Oprah, Loretta Devine or Debbie Morgan….or even Phylicia Rashad. Further I can’t say that Kahlia is an unattractive woman. Kahlia is obese and well we know that skinny has been the in thing for the last 5o years. Kahlia’s face is not unattractive….but the words that come out of that mouth…..make her look stupid & therefore unattractive (and if she eats with her mouth open….well say no more). Further, I think she is an emotional eater. If she is on slop for a few weeks, then she may start slimming down. I’m all for good health, being slim and trim; and eating right……but if you got to keep grabbing a donut and junk food……something else is going on (emotional eater)….and it is not good. Nevertheless, K. still made it through the endurance contest whereas she and Dani were the only two holding on. Why couldn’t (in shape) Jeff, Portia, Brenden, etc. hold on till the end? You know why, because they are lazy (this is a vacation for JJ)…..especially Jeff was not going to stress himself out trying to hold on in the snow on a surf board;…..and they thought Shelly would endure and Shelly could not or would not.


Duly noted, completely, but seriously, as I was watching her last night up in the HOH sprawled out on the HOH bed, the cheekbones, nose, and eyes for the first time screamed at me ‘OMG, she looks like Janet! I see what they’re saying now!’. There won’t be a Halle, etc. reference from me ever in the future because it ain’t a race thing, it’s a facial feature thing, and I’m sorry, but Kalia in that moment to me was a dead wringer for Janet Jackson with Cirrhosis.


@ Eripaul,

since you said “with Cirrhosis” —-I will let it slide. I’m a Janet Jackson fan….and I don’t see the resembelance but maybe since you said the cirrhosis part then ok……yep ok maybe with cirrhosis.

Other than that, your post had me ROTF. Too Funny. Especially about your dream that you were stuck in the BB house & they were trying to calm you down with cake.

If Kahlia breaks out singing “Control” and dancing in all black clothes & black army boots…… well —we will see.


Kalia is by no means obese, she is a bit chubby (like most of America) but not obese. Also, just because someone is bigger doesn’t mean they are out of shape.


I think Kalia has pretty skin, and nice hair. She’s an attractive woman, and looked great on the show Thursday. She’s probably about a size 12. Looks like she had some nose work, one nostril is a little bit off.


She and a few other house guests need to learn to chew with their mouths closed……. Actually can’t watch the live feeds at times due to not wanting to hear all the smacking and grinding of food going on…………. I do not think she is obese ……. A few others could afford to put a pound or two on and this was be fore this season began………. Why does the discussion usually go towards the women having cosmetic problems and not the guys…………… ???



LOL Kalia a size 12 how about a 18 woman she is no size 12


@Eripaul: that was some DAMN fine writing. Absolutely hilarious: “glow in the dark hangers” and “I’d keep the tumour I have”. Classic! Keep it coming! Cheers


People only comment on womens looks because a. Men can be extremely shallow, and b. Women who make comments are usually jealous or have low self-esteem. Women are much more harsh on other women, then men are with other men
The way us women treat eachother, gives men the right to treat us that way… So really we are our worst enemies.
Sorry for going off topic…..


Totally valid points! However, I write what I feel, don’t regret it, and absolutely can take what I dish out. I’m too old, tired, chubby to do any different…;) Don’t know what else to tell you;)


Nicely done 🙂


This post from Eripaul…..?… Priceless. Very funny writing and views…..


Go Adam!!!! Its your time to make game changes.


Hopefully Team Bacon can come out of the fridge, thaw out a bit, and start sizzling.


LMAO, one can only hope.


Really? One wouldn’t have guessed! LoL – join the club! I’m looking forward to round 2 of the R & S match!


simon, who does dani really want out this week? I’m so confused now lol


Two things. First, I agree with your statement. Second, your name is fantastic.


Anybody that wants shelly to win is a cumdumpster lol


Hey Simon,
so who is really the target this week?


NO kidding! I really hope they figure out DBR soon….. and, I know it has nothing to do with the game, but I was watching BBAD last night and Rachel was eating chips. It was so loud and nasty that I had to mute the tv. She eats like a fat man that can’t breathe through his nose.




Uh oh Rachel is exposing JJ fake relationship to Brendon in the purple room. This is getting good!!!


I can’t believe Rachel is telling Brendon that Jeff hit on her and made sexual comments to her.


Go JEFF ! . . Daniele is stupid if she thinks that Jeff isnt gonna try and win that veto ! I hope brendons ass gets back doored so rachel can cry again!


would it makes sense for dani to make deal with jj, if they win pov?
i think the whole house is ready to go after br

I hate JJ

Jeff and Jordan are frauds. I don’t see how people root for them. Jordan is just clueless.


You are in the minority on those feelings.. you realize that right?


Minority among TV viewers, but not minority among people who watch live feeds, BBAD or spoiler sites.


I cant wait till it’s exposed on TMZ or something that Jeff bangs other chicks


Go JJ! Dani is a witch! And kalia is the person causing alot of the drama cause she can’t keep her mouth shut! And she did pull the race card!!! Idiot!


totally agree, Jeff is the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!


Just read that R was telling B that Jeff made inappropriate sexual comments to her while he was gone. OMG, this woman is CRAAAAAAAAZY!


Agree with everything you’ve said!!! However I think that BR would vote to evict Jeff in this scenario.


Sorry, meant to include this on my last post. Anyone have an idea when they’ll play the POV today? I know the last one was early…


Jeff better fight for this POV or he may find himself in trouble. We shall see. PLEASE send Brendan home!!!!!!!!


Jeff’s macho ways will backfire. If Dani keeps him and sends Brendon, she is screwed. He is feeling sorry for poor Mommy Shelly and will break any deal with Dani as soon as he wins Hoh


Shelly face looks like a can of smashed assholes lol


Your real intelligent…do you kiss your mom with that mouth? Does your mom even know your on the computer?


I don’t know how some of the trash talkers get their comments on……. They have to be young or old brainless punks that their mothers don’t know they are on the computer……….note they come in as ‘anonymous’ a lot of the time………. I do believe that when people talk trash it means their vocabulary is nil……………….. education maybe fifth grade ???





I think Adam will win POV. This is the first time he has had a reason to win anything. Every other comp, he has had reasons to not win.


Best case scenario is Jeff wins the POV makes a deal with Dani to backdoor BRENNNNNNNNNNNNEN!


It’s just the way he is… what, a dick? You’re turning a blind eye on his behavior and are making excuses for him.

Then you disagree he has 0 respect for her, but at the same time say he should have more respect for her? What kind of imbecile doubletalk is that? So how much respect does he have for her? 50%? 70%? How much is acceptable to you?

I will rip on anyone in that house when they deserve it. It is astounding that there still are people who choose to make excuses for him.


oh my god, if dani gets rid of brendon before team JJ, she is not gonna win this game at all. JJ have shelly and adam, dani only has kalia and porsche. dani is all alone cuz porsche is useless and kalia is; flip on your own team for acceptance retardation motif. bye bye dani. if shelly adam or JJ win HoH you’re gone before rachel is.


Sounds like Kalia and Dani are getting cocky again. Deja vu’. Somehow I don’t think its going to happen like they think… Again!


I’m so confused…. am I still supposed to drink when “floaters” is mentioned as well as when “rigged” is mentioned? Been in an alcoholic haze for days…



dani's fan

Coluldn,t agree more. Without “THE TWIST” she would have evicted Brendon, would have had a hand in evicting Rachel, and would have Jeff and Jordan on the block this week. She may not win, but I would love to she 14 players with her abilities in BB 14. That would be one hell of a game.


Agree. I don’t know what BB Productions were thinking when they put together this sorry lot. Not pressed.
Here’s hoping Dani makes it to the end!


I LOVE THE WAY JEFF SPEAKS TO RACHEL LMAAOOO ! its hilarious, sorrrry racheeeel but not everyone is gonna spoil you like BRENNNNNNEN does! GO JEFF !


Jeff funny but to egotistical he needs to go before shelly


I like team dbrpk but I hate kalia


I think it’s funny what Jeff said to Rachel!! She’s mean to eveyone in the house and talks bad about everyone. She can dish it but she can’t take it! Her and Brendon both need to go!

Midwest Fan

They, ALL, dish it out and then can’t take it when it comes back to them.
J/J are just like everyone else on BB.
BTW – Their “halos” are props and not real. lol


Shut up Russel


I LOVE Big Jeff. He’s so hawt. I love his diary room interviews when he’s looking right at the camera with those amazing eyes and I am letting my hand roam down to my feel-good place.


LOL. This post was too funny.
Yes. Jeff is a hottie. He is too sexy from the top down…..from the bottom up.

If he or Dani leave; the show will be boring. ….but I still feel that a new person needs to win the money.

….but on the other hand, none of the new people have shown me enough spunk for me to truly root for them.


It really bugs me how Dani is always whispering, how does she get away with it? What is the point of BBAD if you tune in
and can’t hear anything. Also, Kalia rattles on so fast that even if she is saying something sensible (doubtful) it sounds
like nonsense. You would think the DR would tell them to talk so people watching can actually hear what they have to
say. Dummies. Besides, I don’t care for Dani; if she says SHOCKER one more time I’m gonna scream! I still like Jordan;
she is just not that into the game this time and I highly doubt they are a couple either. I did see Jordan kiss Jeff on the
cheek a time or two which denotes affection, but he didn’t respond at all. I know Jordan doesn’t want to be sleazy on
national TV, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a spark between them.
I like Rachel. Yes, she is a bit over the top but the rest of the cast is unusually dull. The only entertainment all summer
has been Shelly going back and forth shooting straight. She is a way bigger nut bag than Rachel. Why the heck did
Rachel apologize? Rachel was telling the truth! There is something seriously wrong with Shelly and I think she needs
to go to a shrink as she is delusional. At least Rachel knows she is a little crazy, but Shelly thinks she’s right up there
with Jesus.

I don’t think it would be a good game move for Dani to backdoor either Brendon or Rachel. She would be outed for
being an extreme liar as discussion of the deal would be come out after the eviction. If it were later in the game, she
could get away with it as good game play, but not now. She would come off as a snake. Well, she is a snake, but that
is what the game requires. The only non-snake who ever won was Jordan.


I agree that being in the house makes people act a little crazy~ So please America cut Jeff a break!
Jeff is going to win POV today and hopefully poor Jordan won’t be on slop for the 3rd week in a row.
I think 3 weeks of slop earns Jordan some major credit. Who’s with me on JJ going to the top?


I hope so!!!!! Surely production will clue Brenda in on the fact that the ONLY reason he was voted back in was due to his alliance with J/J!!! And that his girl woulda been evicted if not for them & Shelly.

Midwest Fan

No way, Jeff should win ………..
: )


Love your comment about Jeff~~ He rocks!