Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan discuss others planting seeds to make them fight..

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9:35am Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel are up in the HOH room talking. They talk about what was said earlier about hearing that Jeff/ Jordan and Brendon / Rachel are turning on each other. They talk about how Dani has the best position in the house. They say that Dani complains that shes in the worst position because she can’t play for anything. Jeff says that he would love to be in that position. Brendon say that they are trying to plant seeds and make us fight. They talk about how the others want them to fight so that they can skate through while they fight. Rachel says that the others notice that we have a rift between us because of last week and this week. Brendon says that we should let them think that, that we are fighting when we really aren’t. Rachel says that she thinks Shelly would nominate Rachel and Brendon if she HOH. Brendon says that Shelly is planting seeds here and there. Jeff ask how would they… production tell you that we are plotting against each other?! Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds.
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When the feeds come back, Jeff talks about how Dani is in the best position because the newbies are gunning for BR & JJ and we are gunning for the newbies …and Dani is sitting pretty playing both sides. Jeff says not once since the beginning of the game as any one …not once brought up taking out Dani…. just watch she is going to skate to the end. Jeff says that he purposely asks Dani and others questions to set them up …knowing what he thinks they are going to say …and what benefits them and not the vets. Rachel says that Dani wont even play to win this next HOH… Shelly, Porsche will. Jeff asks what the vote is this week … they tell him they need four votes this week. Rachel tells Jordan that she heard that Kalia and Jordan aren’t as close as she thinks they are. Brendon says from this point forward ..all four of us, whenever we talk to Dani we need to remember that she is trying to play all of us. Jeff says that he always feels better after talking to Rachel and Brendon. Brendon says that Dani would be stupid to make any move against us. Jeff says that for him …he doesn’t care .. whatever they want they will vote that way. Brendon says that Dani will not do anything to us for the next three weeks.

They talk about how Dominic has a big target on his back and that they can use that against him. Jeff says that both Adam and Dominic think the other one is the target. Brendon says that if Dominic throws the POV …then we can trust him even more. They talk about how if they both really try for the POV ..then they can’t trust either of them. Brendon and Jeff tell Jordan to watch what she tells Kalia because she can’t be trusted. Brendon says that they just need to make strategic moves that make it look like we don’t know what they are thinking. Brendon says that us four need to make decisions that benefit us but that we make it look like its for the benefit of the whole house. Brendon asks if they Jeff and Jordan could get Shelly to put up Kalia and Lawon. Jeff and Jordan say that it would be a no brainer. Jeff says that she would put them up over Rachel and Brendon. Jeff warns them about listening to the conversations from some people, that people are not telling them the same things they’re telling Rachel and Brendon.

10:15am Porsche comes up to the HOH room. They comment on ho she looks all done up …she says yeah because I’m hosting the POV. They ask her if she is ready or has any voices. Porsche says that she doesn’t even know what its going to be like. Jeff says that he thinks the competition will be good and messy with prizes. Rachel starts talking about other Big Brother shows in different countries. Jeff and Jordan head down stairs to climb back into bed to sleep.

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10:30am – 10:45am Dominic comes up to the HOH room to talk and kicks Porsche out. Rachel asks if Dominic knows that they didn’t put him up to get him out. Dominic says that he knows, and that he wants to work with Rachel and Brendon and do whatever they want. Dominic says that Jeff and Jordan are going to come up to him and asks who he is playing with. Dominic says that he wants to know so that if they do he can tell them. Dominic says that he trusts Rachel and Brendon 100%. Dominic asks is Adam the target.. or what?! Rachel says that she would really want to get the veto and take Dominic and Adam off and put up Lawon and Kalia to get Lawon out. Dominic asks if that is a back door? Rachel says no a back door would be like if we put up Jeff and Jordan. Dominic asks what Lawon is saying. Rachel says that she doesn’t trust him, not since week one since he did that thing with Keith. Rachel says that she will make sure they have the votes to keep him. Rach tells Dominic that if she doesn’t think she has the votes to keep him, she would use the POV on him. Rachel tells him to use the POV if he gets it. Dominic asks what Adam is saying? Rachel says that he doesn’t talk game with them. Dominic says that Adam doesn’t talk game with him either. Dominic says that he thinks Adam is talking game with Jeff and Jordan. Big Brother keeps cutting the live feeds in and out. When they come back, Dominic asks what they want him to do the POV or not? Rachel tells him to do what he wants to do but that if he trust them .. they want him to throw it. Rachel says that she and Brendon want to win it.

Brendon joins them up in the HOH room. Brendon and Dominic talk about the POV and where they think Adams head is at. No one knows what Adam is thinking and that he just runs to where ever the power is… Dominic talks about how Jeff is really pushing to find out where he stands. Dominic says that he just keeps saying that he is with the vets but that soon Jeff will want to know if he is with BR or JJ. They talk about how Kalia wants to go up on the block because she thinks she knows that Lawon would be the one to go home. Rachel and Brendon talk about how they don’t have any control over Shelly. Brendon says that he thinks Shelly would stick with Adam. Dominic says no ..that Shelly already told him that she doesn’t trust him. They wonder if Adam is Americas Player. Dominic says that he has a little connection with Shelly but not much…and thinks that she is working with Jeff and Jordan. Dominic asks if Kalia is on their side. Rachel says oh no she’s not on our side. Dominic, Brendon, and Rachel all say that Kalia is a floater. Dominic says that definitely Lawon and Adam need to go. Dominic asks Brendon if he should throw the POV? Brendon says YEAH! ..because then we can use it and get Lawon out. Brendon explains that they will be watching to see if Adam actually throws it. Dominic says that he is going to pump Adam up and then he will throw the shit out of it.

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LOL….Dani has been made yo. Her goose might be cooked.


Is it just me or is the amount of POV throwing getting a little over board. What dumb@$$ in there right mind wouldnt fight for POV if they were on the block. Some of these newbs arent very smart


Thank You! I’ve been saying this all alone. I’m tired of the newbies allowing the duos to dictate their every move. It’s bad enough Production is rigging things in favor of the repeats.

This season is just wheels spinning in mud. The same key people are handed all the power because the rest are too scared or lazy to play.


What is it with throwing competitions? If Dom wins he’s going to take himself off and BR say that they’ll take him off – so why does he have to throw it? Can’t he just say that he wants to compete. Don’t people go on BB to compete? Throwing competitions is such a bitch move in my opinion.


Go Rachel!! can’t believe that BR this smart.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

So JJ/BR are not going to backdoor each other they are playing everyone? OK sounds good


IMO J/J are in trouble if they don’t win this POV. I hope they see this & go all out to win it, but I think R&B just did a number on them.


The stupidest thing you can do is throw a competition. Lets hope that JJ and BR are really working together and its not just another facade.

BB_Diva *frustrated*

Once again, the same players are picked for the POV. SHOCKER!!!! At this point CBS/BB is really showing the true BB fans that they control this game and will “influence” the outcome based on what they think we want to see instead of what naturally happens in the game. I am getting super frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is a business and they need to keep a fan base, but this is the wrong way to do it. BB hasn’t been the same since season 9.


I’m assuming this means JJ got picked. Well, there were only two pairs eligible to be drawn. I don’t see how a 50/50 chance is such a long shot. Why should K/L get to play anyway. They’re worthless and wouldn’t win anyway.


I so agree with EVERY word you wrote! Smh


Honest question I am really curious to hear answers to:

Those of you who are Brendan and Rachel fans and come here to support them despite the overwhelming opposition… What makes you their fans when so so so many aren’t? What parts of them/their game have you posting here and defending them? Though I don’t feel the same way, I honestly appreciate your loyalty, so my asking isn’t meant in any bad way. I’m just truly curious!:)

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

I believe that Brenchel Drones look at Brenchel form a competition standpoint alone , they don’t care how immature and pathetic they are socially, as long as they are winning in comps.

Me I look at all the HGs the other way, their actions in the house how they act when they are upset or happy, how they present themselves in front of strangers ect.


well my prob with you Ill Will is that you bash them too much it’s like an obsession for you what’s the point on doing that

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

THINK really hard I know that’s difficult for a Brenchel fan, who in the game is the most annoying? who is the most immature? This is who I dislike the most on ANY season. in season 11 it was Jessie and Natalie in season 10 Jessie and well i forget who else…………. it’s not an obsession it’s just Brenchel fans crying because someone is talking shit about their favorite players.

lotus 53

You sound like douchey—-can I draw you a picture……Be adamant, just not so….douchey.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

OK, your right LOL My bad Anon, i’m just saying the most immature and annoying players are the one I don’t like, I don;t care whos winning I look at big brother same as Real world Drama

lotus 53

that was for ill will *jackhole 24/7*

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

I was agreeing with you, but now I take it back.

lotus 53

Now, I’m sorry. I’m a jackhole too. Sorry, lovebug.


that’s because we are looking it from the “big brother game” perspective, we don’t use favoritism and generic fans perspective (contestants who are nice and who are aside with generic audience who should win this game). This game is made based on strategy, strength, agility mode, it’s not based on who have the good side with the fans). The only reason why I like Brendon and Rachel at this point because they play a very good game so far, different with the way most people here think, that is mostly based on contestants who are nice, better looking and etc.


I wonder this myself. Neither of them have ANY redeeming qualities. So the fact that they have any fan-base at all blows my mind.


Eripaul- I like the fact that they Brendan and Rachel fight so hard and that they are entertaining. You never know what they are going to say or do. Jordon and Jeff just sit there. They are so boring and so vanilla. I used the bathroom once and it was more fun then Jordon this whole season


me too, i like that they fight and they win and appear confident most of the time —- but most of all I find them entertaining, why would i want to watch a bunch of boring, normal people play a game??? i think they are a little crazy, but i don’t think they are bad, malicious people….and i try not to emotionally identify with people on TV whom I do not know so whatever personal things they do or attributes they have that I may not agree with have no bearing on my liking them within the context of the game……

what i can’t figure out is if people hate them, why do they get written about and commented on more than anyone else — and why the show is winning the ratings game…..


I am NOT team B&R and think Rachel is the most annoying screwed in the head HG in BB player. I can’t stand how Brenden is with Rachel, and wussy guys are a huge turn off to me. But, I think if you took Rachel out of the equation, Brenden wouldn’t be half bad as a solo player. Several of the HGs have commented how surprised they were that he’s actually a pretty funny guy.

If you watch in a viewers standpoint, you want people you hate to get evicted. If you watch in a players standpoint, you don’t let your opinion of the HG personality cloud smart moves in the game. Personally, I don’t think you can watch in a game player mindset without watching feeds, AD or reading spoiler blogs like this excellent one. 🙂 You just don’t get an accurate perception of this game only watching CBS’s edited version of 3 hours a week on Sun-Wed-Thurs.


I like the pure entertainment value most of the newbie are very dull this year not a fan of this cast in general.Also at least Rachel tries to win I always want to think she is a better person on the inside than what her actions always show. I don’t like the way Brenden speaks to her so condescending I think a slot of her actions are based on insecurity and not true malice like last seasons Brittney who was very cruel So even though Rachel wins alot I think of her as an emotional underdog


I think BR is planning to backdoor Dom, if Dom is taking the bait that he’ll throw the POV then BR will take him out. That means Dani will be left with no power so it’s going to be easy for them to get rid of Dani.


hope your right, but I think Dom is safe this week, if they backdoored him it would be a good move, and Dani would be in big trouble. would love to see her face if that happens.


If BR were smart players they WOULDN’T take Dom out bc it would tip their hand and then Dani would know she’s been made. I say they keep him in the house, if they’re smart, so that they continue to let Dani believe they have no idea she’s pulling their strings. Sounds like even tho they no Dani is the one dealing they just still aren’t targeting her to get her out asap. Brenda even said that Dani won’t put us up for 3wks. Sounds like they’re ok with keeping her in the house for awhile longer even tho they know she’s an enormous threat. That’s a move that could end up backfiring on them Big Time. I don’t think Dani is that dumb. I’m sure she will figure out in the next few days that she’s been made


they keep dani for 3 more weeks because she has a golden key…..plain and simple


Ummmm….no…. not so simple bc the Gold key doesn’t last 3 more weeks.


Dom is smart and strong, combining with Dani great game (proven from S8), it will be harder to kill 2 snakes than 1 so it’s a smart move if they kick out Dom now.


Dominic will be stupid to throw the POV. I would never throw a POV, no matter how confident I am about being safe. Things change way too quickly in this game.

I can’t stand B&R just as much as anyone, but on a game standpoint the vets are better off sticking to their alliance. Both duos are a threat and huge target to everyone in the house, so they are best sticking together for now to get further in the game…strength in numbers. It’s only week 3.

I guess it all depends who you are rooting for in the game, and being a Jeff fan, the best move now is to get Dom out to split Dani/Dom up. Dani is in this game to win and once the golden keys are done, she will dominate in comps…her and Dom will be strong together. Dani has been my second favorite, but she’s playing way too hard right now and I think it’ll come back to bite her. She’s starting to get on my nerves a little more lately, too, and I’m seeing the season 8 Dani I didn’t like start to come out. :/ I hate how she always says in that whiny voice, “You’re annoying!” or “Thats annoying!”

On a final important note, Jeff is still hot as ever. ::swoon:: 😉


Jeff is ugly. I would suggest you get your eyes checked. haha


My eyes are just fine, Rockstar. 🙂 These big blue eyes of mine see crystal clearly what a beautiful piece of eye candy Jeff is. ::melt:: I love his blunt humor, too. He’s not a wussy baby like Brenden. I can’t stand wussy men.

Anyway, back to Jeff… ::sigh::


I totally agree with you Iheartjeffxoxo on the hotness aspect and wussie men. Men need to be men. That is all 🙂


iheartjeff – I hate wussy guys and I dislike guys who like to put others down. Jordon is so dumb she doesn’t even notice it when Jeff is being an arse. You still needs glasses though. hahaha


Yes, a chick would need to have confidence and thick skin to be with Jeff. I don’t think it’s all mean spirited though. I’m a midwestern girl myself (Minneapolis area and Jeff is from Chicago) so I kind of get his humor. I think Brenden is far more deserving of treating his girlfriend poorly. He’s controlling and constantly puts her down, nit picks every little thing she does and tries to change her. He’s a wuss and a complete jerk. Alas, I realize not everyone has good taste in men like me. ;)~ Speaking of, back to Jeff… hmmmmm (lol)


“I dislike guys who like to put others down.” What about you then, Rockstar, saying Jeff is ugly? I thought you liked ugly, weren’t you lovin’ on Gnasty Gnatalie? ha ha back! If Simon did a poll on who thinks Jeff is ugly, you, my friend, will certainly rank in the “she needs glasses” category!


Bergen – Guys who put their girlfriends down and come across as abusive. & Yes, I’m a Natalie fan. I don’t need glasses however I do loo like a smexy librarian when I wear them for fun. haha


bet you will swoon when jerk constantly farts in your face


Wouldn’t happen Damien666 because I’d always be on top of him. ;)~


iheartjeff is a kinky lil’ minx. hahahahaha


I’m a Leo, what do you expect? lol

Speaking of, my man Jeff is an Aquarius…it’s no Aries, but I think Jeff can work it out. Us Leos need a strong and opinionated take charge kind of a guy anyway. A wuss (aka Brenden) would drive me crazy. He couldn’t handle an independent, confident, self-thinker like me. I couldn’t be with a guy who cries more than me.

Of course this is all IF I was single, but I am a married lady so it’s all just talk “if”. My husband knows I have a thing for Jeff, but it’s all in good fun.


if rachoe and brendumb and jorbumb and jerk want everyone to believe they are fighting then what they should do is. 1st have jerk shove rachoes head in the toilet and flush, 2nd have jordumb pore syrup all over brendumb then throw feathers all over him, 3rd have rachoe slap jordumb in the face while telling her what a dumbass she is and lastly have brendumb grab jerk by the hair, pull his head back and slit his throat. then maybe then the HG’s will believe they are fighting.


My hope is that BR and JJ are onto Danielle and her plan. She needs Dom in the game and pretending to be Jeff’s BFF is bullsh%t!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Why do I keep hearing music when Rachel and Brendon repeat themselves?, you have the songs “We’re so smart they’re so stupid” “He’s a floater, she’s a floater” “They are against Brendon and Rachel” “They’re hanging out with the other side so they are in an alliance with them now” “Stop talking to the other side without me” “Your so emotional” “They are being mean, when they tell the truth about how I act” “We gotta win or they’ll come after us remix” they also have a dance too called “Whine & pout when things don’t get our way” Big Brother can capitalize on this and make some music that all future HG can sing & dance to. Brenchel could be rich from the royalties.

Eric CA

It was worse last year “What do they have against TRUE LOVE? why are trying to tear us apart?”


Jeff is hott:) who won POV


I don’t understand why B/R and even J/J would give in to Dani in the first place to get Dominic on their side. One…you don’t need it from a numbers stand point. You already have Kalia, Shelley and Porch who will vote with u. Why give Dani an ally? With no one to lean on, Dani would HAVE to stick with you guys and you have full control of her. Maybe cos we’re viewers, we’re missing something. But it seems like a no brainer to cut Dom loose this week. Take out a strong player and plus no chance in hell does Dom not put up B/R if he wins HOH no matter what he says.


Brendon and Rachel are full of shit! If DOM throws this POV, I’m sorry to say he deserves to go home! I think part of why B/R want DOM to throw the POV, is simply just so they can win yet another competition and brag about it later and remind everyone how big of a competitors they are. Barf. There is NO logic with these two morons.


you miss the point completely….they have zero idea if they can trust dom, this is a trust test for BOTH adam and dom. the loser of said trust of test=the person walking out the door.

your hatred for R and B aside, they are finally thinking things out, and their talk with J and J shows such.

Eric CA

Douchy and the Beast made a smarty move to clarify things with JJ.
Here are a few things to point out though.
1) Jordan is sweet as pie, she was raised right… but… do NOT be fooled by the southern accent and the charm
she is not as stupid as she looks… if you pay attention. Trust me, when I tell you this, people are operating on the
misconception or prejudice that Southern Accent= Stupid. Hey no matter what you say Douchy and the Beast
did not when their season and she won hers. My ex’s brother joked with me “Do not be fooled, their is a rattler
in that sweet as pie, and an evil mastermind behind that smile.”

2) Dani is at this time running the house, but, remember this simple fact,. It has an expiration date and that is when
her golden key expires. After that her target will expand, and she will be gone. Her only hope is to split up either JJ
or Douchy and the Beast. I think JJ figured this out first because they have not really been talking game with her, in
the sense she talks they listen. Where as Douchy and the Beast just caught on, trust me stroke those dumb ass
ego’s and pay them some attention and the will believe anything. The other thing about Douchy and the Beast….
they are jealous as all hell about JJ’s relationship and insecure about their own… that is why they slammed JJ’s
relationship “They have been together for two years and they are not engaged… look at us we are engaged.”
Mostly because Jeff did not get caught on Skype jacking off and Jordan has to much self respect to take him
back if he did.

3) Lawon and Adam are not the threats… Kalia, Dom, Dani and Shelli… those are your threats. Por I just
do not know… she could be this season surprise. She got the key really early in the game so she has really
has not had to do anything or make any kind of move. She talks game but it goes like this ” Yeah, totally…. Your so smart
What ever you want.” . She dresses like Betty White around Rachel, Works the blank stare. I do not know, she may
turn out to be the most devious girl ever.


you must be kidding, kalia and lawon arent threats, they cant win a challenge, they have no social game, and will crack by the end of the game.

Porsche is hot, your hatred for her outfits shows jealousy. shes a pretty girl with a banging figure. she just has no game. none.

the “threats” come down to those who can win a challenge in a pinch(which DOM has proven he can do, making him a threat, not to mention hes liked socially, the only downside is the young kid usually doesnt get the big money votes) or those with great social games

Dani is a threat….adam with his game knowledge=a huge threat to win a quiz HoH or PoV.


Totally agree with everything you said except the part about Porsche, but that’s because I’m not into chicks. I’m into hot sexy men…like Jeff, for example. lol

Adam will be good at a quiz comp, but other than that I don’t see him as a super great player, winning or even making it in the top 4 or 5. He was an early favorite of mine when they revealed the cast, but I haven’t been impressed.

On the other hand, my opinion on Jeff has never waivered. lol

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Porsche has a nice body but she is a butterface, but she wears the same thing everyday. I think BB took all the clothes she brought so we can see that big booty sticking out, THANK YOU big Brother 🙂


im glad to see ppl are finally noticing dani’s game play these ppl are so stupid it took them long enough. i don’t how long she going to get away with playing both sides, but when shes able to play in the comps again she will dominate and when Rachael loses it will drive her crazy . those two will be gunning for each other soon. hopefully will dani come out on top.


Looks like we have another set of idiot… first Keith & Porsche, no Adam & Dom…. really stupid, common who da hell throws away challenge when your head is on the chopping block…? get it… haven’t they notice Breainchel is using them to play out their game ?? Next thing you know Lawkalia is going to do it to ?? Eek