Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Jeff and Jordan that production told her that Jeff and Jordan are throwing them under the bus..

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8:10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. The houseguests take their time waking up and getting ready. Adam, Dominic, Rachel, Porsche and Brendon are in the kitchen eating breakfast. Porsche says so I guess after POV its hair day. Rachel says yeah after the POV tonight she is going to dye her hair. Dominic asks so when does the power of veto usually happen anyways? 12pm? Brendon says yeah maybe you never know though. The camera switches to Rachel in the candy room talking to Jeff. Rachel asks Jeff if anyone has mentioned it? (Don’t know what?) Jeff asks who? Rachel says someone mentioned it. Jeff asks who? Rachel points and Jeff asks what the DR? Rachel says yeah. Get the BLANK out of here!

8:55am Jeff asks Jordan how does she get the idea that the DR tells her to throw us under the bus? Jordan says unless thats what she is thinking. Jordan says she would like to win the veto just to make sure nothing fishy goes on. Jeff and Jordan talk about going to grab breakfast and then going up stairs to figure out what the hell she was talking about.
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9:25am Brendon says just so you know Rachels probably going to come out any time now for the POV. The camera switch to the candy room where Jordan tells Dani that Rachel told them that production was insinuating that Jeff / Jordan and Brendon / Rachel are throwing each other under the bus. Big Brother cuts the feeds in and out. Dani says that she doesn’t understand the things that go through her head, production …meaning what?! I have no idea what that even means. Jordan says that she doesn’t either and that they wanted to talk to her but they will be picking players for the POV any minute now.. Jordan says after that they will try and go up and talk about it ..Right after that the live feeds switch to the TRIVIA screen…

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should be interesting….as soon as the feeds come back/choose players for the veto,jeff and jordan are going to have a talk with brenchal…dont miss it guys !!


conspiracy theorists have fun with that


I wish Rachel will just say that it was Dani so a big fight will break out


Omg, could not agree with you any more here!!!


My guess is that is the excuse RB told JJ since Porsche (really who names their kid after a car?) was also filling R’s head about it in the HoH room (about JJ turning on her.) Plus Dani’s been telling them this too. Kind of hopes it blows up in Dani’s face this time, let her squirm and try and get out of this one.




Dani has majorly overplayed her hand since Cassi’s elimination. She went into overdrive.


Thanks for the update! So BB “is” trying to orchestrate the game and stir up trouble. Ugh! Thank goodness Rachel doesn’t know how to keep a secret. So irritating. Why don’t they just let it play out. I’m tired of the extra manipulation. It’s no longer a game when BB is actually stirring the pot.


jeff/jordan and brenchal talking in the hoh saying that …..they are aware that dani is playing them…….


I don’t see how B/R are being puppeteered by Dani. Are they really that oblivious? Wait…scratch that. They are. You got to give it to Dani. I’m still unconvinced that she has no feelings for Dom like she says (but got pissed when she found out Dom was playing with Cassi’s hair” but she is playing a good game. Pit J/J against B/R and leave her hands clean. Perfect really. Although in the end, you’re not only turning the tide for the newbs, Dani becomes the biggest target and Dom WILL cut her loose. Let’s see how things play out. At least there is some game at last in this season!


Hope Adam makes it thru this week!
I wonder if ppl would think Cassi was so great if she were an ugly duckling? I mean it seems like a lot of ppl jumped on team Cassi b/c she is pretty. I couldn’t stand her and am glad she is gone she did a lot of whining and bashing. I am looking forward to Rachel going home too along with Dani. Just saying.


Agree with alot of what you’re saying, but disagree with some of it, too:) I didn’t want Cassie to stay because she was pretty. I wanted Cassie to stay because Rachel knew she was prettyand as a result was unbelievably intimidated by Cassie, and straight up, one of the only tiny bones I’ve been thrown so far this new season is watching Rachel’s obvious jealousy of Cassie. I can’t stand Rachel, but I have to give her credit for being smarter than alot of people will admit. She can nail mental competitions as well as physical ones, and she has the ability few reality t.v. folks possess, which is to make people love to hate her. But her social game did, does now, and will always suck because Rachel can’t bring herself just yet to accept that she is who she is and embrace it, use it to her advantage like Evel Dick did. Instead, she remains the stripper, Vegas bar girl cliche we all first saw last season. And, back to my original point, that’s why she got rid of Cassie. Cassie’s existance in the BB house was a daily reminder to Rachel of what Rachel most wanted to be, but knew down deep inside she’ll never be.


I can respect it that you wanted Cassi to stay to mess with Rachel’s head. Then again, Rachel was trying to be really nice to her after that fight and they seemed to be on good terms, face to face. Frankly, I kind of wanted her to stay because she’s so darn good looking (!), but that was my selfish reason – she surely deserved to go for her poor gameplay and I have no problem with that.

The more I look at Rachel the more I feel sorry for her. She has such low self esteem that it is affecting, well everything. The way she sometimes snaps at people or even her behavior with Brendon (always needing assurance he loves her). Even the fact she takes some pretty bad treatment from Brendon in the way he talks to her IN PUBLIC.

People think she acts like this because she’s a BLANK. I think it’s because she has low self esteem for one reason or another. Maybe something happend when she was young or whatever it may be. Maybe she doesn’t find herself attractive.

Anyway, I just watched Cassi make out with a guy in the Kenny Chesney video. That was some nice sensual kissing here. 🙂


i agree with you about rachel having low self esteem. brenden continues to emasculate her to make himself look superior, when in fact he has more issues than she has.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

She emasculates him, he emasculates her, they emasculate each other. They are a domestic disturbance call waiting to happen.


WOW Rachel doesnt even have the ovaries to tell them the truth (or maybe balls cause she is kind of “mannish”) lol whatever! I hope this falls apart on Dani. I mean yes, she is playing the game well, but others have played it well then things fall apart and I think it would be boring if Dani skates through this whole thing. I am still trying to figure out how B/R think Porsche is going to help them? I hope J/J get to play POV and win and Dom goes home. That will make Dani squirm a little and pick her a new alliance. Shelly can work with J/J, Dani can decide who she wants to work with (probably B/R) Adam can work with hopefully J/J and Lawon can work with J/J and Kalia can just drift in the wind like she always does. I guess B/R are not thinking about the fact that they do not have a great chance of winning HOH next week because Rachel cant compete, Dani cant compete, Porsche cant compete and if Dom and Adam stay on the block the one who is saved cant compete and if Kalia/Lawon go on the block the one who is safe cant play so that leaves only Brendon. Sorry, but I would not want to put all my hopes on Brendon lol

OK lets say J/J are backdoored and Jeff goes home: People like Jordan and they do not like B/R so of course the next couple people will be gunning for is B/R and Rachel can only win every other HOH and Brendon last season did not do that well on comps until after Rachel left. So that means every other week B/R is at risk of going on the block. People like Jordan and they underestimate her and so they will be looking to get rid of Rachel, Brendon, Dom and Dani. Jordan skates till probably final 4 and lets be honest, despite B/R claims, there are no rocket scientists in this house and a lot of these quiz comps are luck. Jordan could definitely skate to final 4.

J/J backdoored and Jordan goes home: The following week Rachel can not play for HOH. The focus will be off Jeff for a while and Dom and Adam will be gunning for B/R and Shelly will be able to compete and will be pissed Jordan was sent home. Dani is the wild card, not sure if she will turn on B/R at that point or a little later, but she will be able to compete. She might team up with Jeff and Dom and the three of them have an alliance against B/R. That would be good. Who knows, Shelly might surprise us and be a good competitor when she doesnt have the safety of everyone wanting Cassie out.

I hope J/J are safe another week and Adam goes home. Not that I like Dom, but I think that he is one of the few newbies who can give Dani and Rachel a run for their money on comps. I just hope he wises up to Dani and B/R and teams up with J/J. If Adam and Dom get off the block I hope its Kalia that goes home.


and i just realized i said at first i want dom to go home then i said adam. truth is, i am not sure which i want to go home. depends on if dom wises up to dani’s games


I TOTALLY want Dom to go home, basically to mess with Dani’s game. She also keeps pushing for J/J to go up and and I don’t like that, I want them to get to the end.


Simon, is production known to tell players who they should or should not put up? Dani seemed a little surprised by that and so did Jeff and Jordan. If it is something they are known to do that is one thing, but if it isnt, what was Rachel thinking telling people who have already played the game that knowing they know better?


i’m not simon, but production does try to manipulate the game by telling them that so and so is saying this about you and they give them all kinds of scenarios about what will happen if they put certain players up. in the end, it’s up to you because production could be lying just to keep a certain person in. In jeff’s season, he said production called him in the dr and told him that putting russell up was a mistake and it will backfire on him. we all know how that turned out.


Dani is the new Ronnie. I’m starting to hate her as much as I hate Rachel – who is coming across WORSE than she did last year. I’m sure that it makes most of us happy to know we were right about Rachel last year.


Dani’s playing the game. This is exactly what she’s supposed to do.


I think Dani is bored from not being involved so she’s looking to stir things up. Unfortunately she hadn’t been slick enough with her game and now JJ and BR are on to her. Funny though how they’re still talking about getting the newbies out first before gunning for her. You would think first chance they have they’d tried to take her out but it sounds like they think she will still stay loyal to them. So while she’s labeled a dangerous player they still apparently are OK with leaving the threat around for awhile. Will be interesting to see if this happens if Dani catches on and starts making other moves to keep herself safe



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ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

She’s cracking. Loony bin, is on the way.


Things are heating up. I want to see the two asshole couples fight it out now. I fully blame Jordan for this, BTW. She got too close to Cassi in the end, while still having a strong alliance that pretty much ran the house.

The Control Freak and the Party Girl


The Angry Man and the Ditz


hahaha “the new ronnie” !! love it !!


I didn’t hear who the other couple playing for the veto is…are Jeff and Jordan playing?


Rachels lieing, she just wanted to see whar jeff and jrdan tjought about it, like see the look on their faces so she could see if jeff and jordan are with her or not, bb told her nothing


I completely agree! Rachel is just fishing for a reaction.


Okay Rachel has to be quite stupid to tell j/j that production told them they are throwing her and b under the bus! this girl is crazy i think this is going to be the beginning of the end for her and Brendon! everyone is going to catch on quick!!! Can’t wait to see how this plays out!


Poor Jordan still has no clue … people are out and about … to pick on Jeffy… they “houseguest” want him ouutt… Jealousyy I guess. Dani and Dom are hungry to win…. And have a chance at HoH… Uuh btw Brenchel’s whinny… do we have too… she wants to win all the time … duh… not fair… go gamble in Vegas girl… anyone … stop that red head… production certainly have not had enough… Reality Tv now a days bringing back old contestants … Oh man don’t they have new people to cast….!


Also – the ‘best friend’ thing between Dani and Jeff isn’t Jeff having a thing for Dani, it’s him strategizing since Evel Dick left and she got a buy for several weeks. He knows it’s going to come down to 3 against 2 where the vets are concerned so he’s been attempting to keep her neutral, if not close, to J/J.


The quizzes are fixed! When Julie asks everyone to reveal their answer, the correct answer will always be the same as who they want to win. Julie just has to watch for Rachel’s answer and say “that is the correct answer.”


If you guys watch the live feeds J/J and B/R are cool now. They are going to pretend that they don’t trust each other but they really want to make it to final 4 together. They all know what Dani is doing and her plan isn’t going to work. I NEVER liked that girl anyways I find her to be very snobby and rude.


I don’t get the live feeds or AD what’s danyawn been up to? please fill me in thanks


some of u people are so slow when rachel said production she wanted them to think big brother told her it but she’s referring to danni as production cleaver rachel cleaver beacuse danni talks too much spot on rachel


If she’s not near any bushes and loses, will cry baby hide under the pool table? Will she hold up a towel, like a child who believes if he/she can’t see a person the person can’t see them? Or will she race into the house and dramatically throw herself across the *** stained bed waiting until her Prince in Cheating Armour comes in and says, “Baby, you can’t show any emotion. I’m on your side, baby. Baby, it’s not rocket science, baby, baby.”

Oh, how I wish he would slip and put a *cry* in front of the word *baby* the next time he tries to console her manipulative ass.


Brendon and Rachel are so clueless lol! Dani is playing them just like Hayden did last season. They’re so freaking guillable.


I was thinking ,but maybe a long shot that the holders of the golden key will have a competition and the winner will be able to bring back their partner.



i so agree with u if any vets carry dani to finale 2 she wins i just hope domin or adam goes home i want all of them gone most of them are liars all these clueless alliances / just hope bren or rachel or a vet wins pov


Does anyone remember that Boy George is supposed to be on two weeks of slop, or do we just forget about a deal she made because she is HOH. just wondering