Big Brother Spoilers – BR give Dani there Final offer put Lawon OR a floater win BB13 **updated**


9:55pm Jordan, Adam and Brendon Backyard Jordan says she saved her legs yesterday and they are already harry. Adam says that your hair grows back faster when you shave a lot. He asks Brendon if that’s true. Brendon thinks if you shave frequently some people say the hair grows back thicker, “Girls will shave their legs regardless so it doesn’t matter”

9:57pm HOH Rachel, Brendon and Dani
Brendon tells her he’s using the POV on himself because he has a better shot of winning in the end. Rachel says Dani has the power to put someone on the block to go home or she can put someone up so Rachel goes home, “who are you thinking about”. Dani says she has 2 people in her head but she really doesn’t know which way to go because she doesn’t need any more enemies. Right now she doesn’t know which way she is going to go in the game. Brendon asks if she would consider putting up a floater like Lawon.
Dani says she’ll be in a worse position if Lawon goes because now she losses someone close to her and has one more person gunning for her. Rachel and Brendon tell her if she keeps them in the game then it’s clean slate they can start rebuilding the trust.
Brendon: “I promise you I will win HOH next week” He adds that if she puts up Lawon then he won’t target her, “I haven’t abandoned the idea of the 3 of us working together” Brendon says that there is a lot of people in the game that is playing for themselves and this last week they have seen how everyone is playing it alone. Rachel brings up the floaters and how there are so many in the game that are going to win big brother if they don’t do something.

Brendon says the same thing happened last year with Matt and Ragan, BR went to battle and fought it out until both sides were in the Jury house and a floater won BB12. Brendon: “if you put someone up like Lawon and Rachel still goes home the deal is still good I won’t come after you” Brendon adds that she cannot campaign to save Lawon though.
dani: “If I put Lawon up next to Rachel she will probably still go home”
Rachel and Brendon are shocked by this. Rachel: “we have Jeff, Brendon and Adam” Rachel adds that this is really the best shot for Dani, nobody will be upset and BR have a great chance of wining HOH/POVS so Dani will be save from Kalia.
Brendon: “I’m not going to lie if she goes home I’m, going to be upset..”
Dani: “this is one one of the big things.. I am not putting you guys up for revenge, the trust was broken between us”. Dani explains that BR were her closest allies but when the trust was broken you became my number one threat so you had to go up. “Obviously I’m sad that Dom is gone.. I’m afraid do be in the same spot before if both of you stay.. you guys have still have Porsche”
Brendon: “she’s just a lost puppy that Rachel has following her around”
Brendon: “If you send Rachel home I’m gunning for you.. and the people downstairs will have no problem sending you home because your in their way to win”
Brendon doesn’t think that if any of the newbs can make it to final 2 there ao way they will win against a veteran. Rachel adds that the only newb that had a chance of winning bb13 was Dom and now he’s gone.
Brendon: “I told Matt and Ragan the same thing if we got to war and fight among ouselfs then we’ll all get sent packing.. and look what happened Enzo, Hayden and lane won BB12″.
Brendon: last 2 season we’ve had floaters win big brother”. Rachel and Brendon both say Hayden was the biggest floater of the season. Dani: “I actually thought Hayden deserved to win”

Rachel: “Ohh but he really didn’t start playing the game until Brendon left” (In BR’s world Big Brother is all about winning comps and if you are not winning competitions you are not playing the game.. SO WRONG)
Brendon: “Even if I don’t win HOH or if you win a POV and survive next week I will still be coming after you every week until you are gone.. and while we fight those other people down there all the float to the end”.
Brendon adds that they all got screwed last week and he’s willing to reboot their friendship. Dani: “out of the 3 people in this room I got screwed last week yo 2 didn’t”. Rachel: “we have fought the entire season this summer to survive we deserve to be in the or at least in Jury together” (she used the same excuse last year)
Brendon says he would of supported Dani’s plan if she proposed it next week but she did it too early. Rachel: “we are at a point of the game were we knocked out the tough newbies and now we are against these floaters… I don’t understand why you have this fear of us you’re just as capable to win as JJBR”
Brendon thinks there is going to be a Adam, Lawon and a Kalia winning bb13 and we’ll be in the jury scratching there heads. Rachel brings up that Kalia moves to whoever has the power, points out that week 1 she was with Rachel, Week 2 she was with Jordan and now she’s with Dani. Brendon reminds her that she can’t win this game alone and having Lawon and Kalia on her side is a waste because once he wins HOH they’ll drop Dani in a second.
Brendon: “Kalia and Lawon will not win the next HOH I will and you will go up and I will win the POV.. I’m not here to pressure you .. your a smart player and its your HOH.. you need to weigh your options carefully it’ll be a huge turning point in the game”
Dani: “Yeah sure ok… i’ll think about it”
Brendon: “Just talk to us before the POV”
Rachel: “You have anything to say”
Dani: “hmm yeah I dunno this is clearly not the easiest decision”

Dani lets out a giant SIGH lays in the tub…

10:20pm Have nots BR Rachel is going over all the little things that Dani said during their talk. Rachel points out that dani doesn’t think that they have the votes against Lawon. Brendon explain to her that Dani is the second smartest player in the house and she only tells them small bits of information to plant seeds in their heads. Rachel says that Dani brought up Porsche she worried that Porsche is going up. Rachel wants Porsche to stay she’s her friend. Rachel says that JJ won’t win HOH next week it’ll be Brendon so whatever deal she has with JJ is useless. Brendon tells her to stop thinking about it they’ve done their part now they will find out what they have to do tomorrow morning.

10:50pm HOH Dani and Kalia

Dani is giving Kalia a rundown of the conversation, “They Actually want me put up Lawon” (they both laugh)
Dani says they are basically telling me that Brendon will keep coming after me until I am gone or until he is gone. Dani adds that Brendon is bringing up that if we are preoccupied with fighting each other another threat will move in and take us all out and win. Dani thinks there’s a lot of truth in what they are saying, but not for Kalia to worry she is not going back on her plan. Dani says that BR have such a HUGE disgust for everyone but the vets it’s insane. Dani: “they want to go back to final 5 i’ll be in the same spot before and that is why I left.. They think I’m so stupid” Dani adds that after she told them that if they go back to final 5 she’s worse off Rachel replied that a new final 5 deal puts dani in a better spot because she saved them.
dani: “I was like c’mon people I wasn’t born yesterday” Kalia: “what are you to do” Dani again says she isn’t planning to change anything but she’s just thinking about how to execute it. Kalia says that them as a group moving forward they need more allies that are stronger that lawon. Dani agrees but there isn’t anyone left. (Unless Dom comes back, BB13 twist YO!)
Kalia: “in my mind I have already won HOH”
Dani: “brendon has said that to”
Kalia: “I don’t care about brendon everyone thinks he’s so big and bad but I’m really determined I know I can win”
Dani warns Kalia that Brendon is not only a strong physical Player he’s also smart as hell.. she’s worried that he will win a lot more comps. Kalia thinks that eventually he won’t win HOH and he won’t win POV and someone will backdoor him. Dani says that they called Hayden and JOrdan floaters.
Kalia: “He’s so BLANK arrogant… he discounts everyone. he thinks we are all worth BLANK” Kalia brings up that the entire house was not playing the game because they were riding the coat tails of the vets and now that we’re nearing jury we’re going to start stepping up and you know who is every ones number one target? the guy who wins most the comp. kalia doesn’t think Brendon will win the game. Dani thinks he could if he keeps winning every comp she will vote for him in the end if he keeps it up.

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Dani is an idiot I can’t wait till she leaves why keep lawon when Rachel and Brendon can garantee her safety next week? Oh my gawd I can’t stand her or kaila.


Are you serious??? just last week BR screwed her twice.
They told JJ she was trying to backdoor Jeff after making her believe they were with her on that
They told dom to throw the veto and that he was safe and it was the four of them, and they voted him out.
they’re lying through their teeth and will still go after her next week if they stay. she should get rid of rachel and let brandon self destruct trying to get her out, he’ll take his eyes off the ball and be out in no time.

he’s going to win HOH and the veto? such arrogance for winning a couple of vetos?


I could not agree with you more! BR’s melodramatic over-reaction to EVERY situation keeps them from wrecking that house like Dani hopefully will. Just winning competitions without strategic, calculated moves is suicide in this game. It’s time for BR to get back to bottom feeding.


Dani screwed herself twice by turning on her alliance, in week 3 no less, and trying to convince BR to backdoor Jeff. If she hadn’t done that, BR would have probably held to their deal with Dom and either voted out Adam or put up Lawon and Kalia. What they did was a direct result of her own scheming. Dani outplayed herself.


cause man shes smart. she knows that the first chance brendon and rachel gets they are going to backdoor her. shes the smartest gameplayer in the house


Damn!! Dani is one sexy bitch


i don’t know who you are looking at because dan is a 3 headed snake and is the meanest lyingest ho that ever played bb she is 1000 times worsse than ed


I’m not at all a Dani fan but breaking up Brendan and Rachel is the smartest move she can make. Both of them are threats.

LMAO when anyone says they’re going to win the next HOH or POV. Brendan was off the ski challenge before Jeff and all the women. And Kalia only did well in one competition.

I wish BR would stop calling Hayden, Enzo and Lane floaters. They masterminded everything from the start and were the last three standing. Brilliant game play – not just floating through!

Am I the only one who hates those stupid star tats Dani has?


Masterminded is a bit strong. Those three don’t have the required equipment to mastermind anything.


Okay, I have to agree with you. I’ll amend that to ‘they joined forces and pea brains.’


Aqua Bernie

br couple is a joke they bully, they threat, they’re drama, and they,re cry babies! Please get them out! Dani don’t fall for it!!

Aqua Bernie

Hey ED which one do you call the cow? Curious.

Aqua Bernie

OK, Br fans what the hell are you on? How could you possibly like them? They are CRAZY!!!


I thought he was keeping Rachel

PGA Player

Rachel is absolutely pathetic. Poor winner and poorer loser. And Shelly is the biggest hypocrite in the house. She says she never lies and plays with integrity. All she does is lie. And when she fell off the skis she made the comment that there were two classless people left up there. Well Dani has more class in her baby toe then Shelly has total. Do these people not realize that this game changes by the day and grudges turn into alliances and vice versa. Brandon doesn’t want Rachel to go home because she has no home. She has noplace to go and no job to go to. She and Brendon were positive they would at least make it to the jury house. Rachel is the nastiest, ugliest female that has ever been in the house. Inside and out she is just nasty. Worst personality I have ever witnessed. That marriage has a zero percent chance of happening. They were hoping for a Rob and Amber deal and that ain’t gonna happen

Tyler Kent

Exactly right! Well said, PGA.


Well said PGA?How is an of that well said.I’m not sure what’s worse people taking all of this so literal or people making obnoxious rude comments.How are you any better of a human being writing comments about someone you don’t know?How is your comment not making you an ugly person.I have my own likes and dislikes when it comes to the group in the end they are all real people and when people are so low they come on forums and instead of talking about the game they make fun of and write mean comments about other HUMAN BEINGS it’s disgusting. Why don’t you all put pictures of yourselves up here and let everyone else judge you as harshly.I can’t handle kalia at all however I’d never sink as low as writing personal attacks.

Godless Monkey

Agree completely! You couldn’t have said it better!

Which A-hole Will Win?

Everybody lies in this game. Shelly is lying to stay in the game. I think her daughter is smart enough to know it’s strategic. Classless comments, well, pretty much everyone on here is classless with their comments and they’re not even playing a game for money ( this of course includes me)


Kalia get your fat ass of the HOH couch and leave the room, Pinto and Dani want to talk…


LOL Hayden a floater? He won 4 HOHs and POV!

Godless Monkey

Brenchel are warped. They believe if anyone but them wins that that person must be a floater. Can’t stand their arrogant asses and poor sportsmanship. Hayden was certainly no, as they term it, floater!

Aqua Bernie

I think Brendan doesn’t trust Rachel, remember she can’t speak without him around.



Aqua Bernie

You can’t be serious? BR are a**h***s!! and pitiful!!


Yeah, i also would be anonymius with that stupid comment. Keep them! She’s not an idiot you know. Dani is smart, plays with her head, much different than those two as*holes. They will self destruct, can’t wait to see it happen. 🙂


Brenden is a douch and Dani is an idiotic skank! If she has any sense in the game, she will note to keep Rachel!


She will “note” to keep Rachel? I guess you meant vote and you wrote idiotic you meant ballsy. Rachel has won a lot of HOH. Voting her off IS the best move.


Ransh you don’t know what your talking about. Talk to me Thursday when brendon wins hoh this week then next week when Rachel re-enters the house.


Dude you got a serious hard on for Brendon or what?


For real though, I have no problem with some of the Brenchel fans but most of them sound like their being paid to support Brenchel no matter how they act..


Some people on here and their conspiracy comments are ridiculous.There’s a WHOLE REAL WORLD with real world issues.Simon helps people catch up with his spoilers it’s not some breeding ground or fans to attack other fans or players.


I don’t know why Dani would choose to align herself with Lawon and Kalia over Brenchel. Kalia is secretly working with Jeff and Jordan, particularly Jordan. Lawon is a waste. I think she should put either Lawon or Shelly up. Dani should have a truce with Brenchel, and work for final 4 with Brenchel and Porsche. Dani, get over Dom leaving, he was taking you off your focus on the game anyway.


I actually think BR is a bit more loyal than JJ because Jeff already says once he wins veto he’ll get rid of Dani. I don’t know, Rachel already found out Porsche could be a possible nominee just by the small things wow talk about a change from last season!


Kalia needs to get out.. Dani should take the deal mayb she’ll last longer but either way she’ll be screwed cuz I don’t think any newbies will win HOH next week so she should take that risk… She already showed that she ain’t scared 2 put them out so now think what would b best 4 u…


Although I do think Dani took it personally, she keeps reminding them its all gameplay and not about revenge, but she said in her nom speech that Brenchel “pulled the first sword” and she keeps bringing up that they were the ones who evicted Dom!


Is shelly sleeping? I haven’t seen her on BBAD. And what happened to the “wedding?”


Keep B&R! Kalia & the rest of the kiss ass floaters. We winners winning BB! Not Floaters! Twist please save B&R!

BB Fan

Yeah right Danielle would be a FOOL to accept BR offer

Godless Monkey

Is it just me, but does it seem like they’re editing Brenchel in a lot better light on the broadcast shows than is real, and that they’re editing Danielle to be the villian? The live feeds and BBAD are showing a different version of events than what CBS is showing, seems to me anyway.

dani's fan

Dani will put up Jordan and Rachel will be evicted. Dani admitted that she moved too early and now has only one option. Win the next POV and the important competitions that follow. Trusting B & R would be foolish.

BB Fan

I am soooooooo sick of Rachel why do they talk about Daniel playing personal when they are gonna do the Same thing if 1 of them (B or R) go home


Because B/R are nothing if not hypocrits. Face it CBS, America doesn’t and never will love them. And their act is so tired, it’s not even real good drama anymore. Barely watchable at this point. Less of the walking STD couple and more of the other HG’s and the fans of the show will be happier.

As for those that sit back and watch the live feeds and BBAD and still say B/R are good people, well you are overdue for a check up from the neck up.




Perhaps someone needs to fuly define the term floater. Too me, if you are winning comps and working within an alliance, that is hardly floating. I won’t dispute Jordan if you want to call her a floater, but not Hayden. I can’t believe I am defending him at all, but unless my understanding of a floater is completely wrong, Hayden won enough and did enough to not be a floater. Just MHO


Hayden is not a floater and neither are people working tight with an alliance just Brenchel and their fans are a little delusional


Is brendon keeping Rachel shell go father let’s be honest brendon will be gone in a week.


Dani is fool 4 putting up B&R! Put the kiss ass floaters up!


Their strategy seems to be to get Dani to promise a deal based on Brendon staying, and somehow Dani will honor it when Rachel stays? As soon as Rachel comes down off the block, Jordan will go up. Brendon will go home. When only Porsche and Rachel vote to keep Brendon, Rachel will see where she stands in the house.


What do you thinks gonna happen tomorrow Simon.


FLOATER is the most OVErused and MISused word in the house this eason…and last season for that matter..there are different ways to play this game, and since u aren’t winning EVERY comp doesn’t mean u aren’t playing the game. This season, the vetrans have ben in power for 3 st8 weeks so duh, of course the house is tryna get along w/ u, they dnt wanna b on the block…that isn’t necessarily floating to the power, its called keeping the peace and keeping it cute. As far as Hayden is concerned, he quite won the first HOH last season..he was quite in an alliance and one of his alliance members was HoH twice..he did not FLOAT to the power, his alliance had the numbers..and Brenchal didn’t consider them “floaters” until AFTER the season was over and realized the so called floaters outsmarted the “smartest ppl in the house”…


I think Brendan really has a point. Very logical.


who cares. did you see that pic of dani in a bikini??????? omg so fappable


Hayden was the ultimate floater. Same with Jordon and both won BB. Once they get the Fugly Four out of JJ and BR. They need to kick out Porscha and Shelly.


Two floaters who had an awesome social game. Hayden and Jordan also won HOH when it really counted. They were people who I was happy for when they won. The fact that Hayden and crew managed to keep the brigade a secret til final four from the idiots in the house was amazing. Brendan is just pissed that he lost, and yes, he does have a needle dick.


how do you know were you down there on your knees looking

spicy mama

I don’t know why people keep saying that it’s the smartest move to break up br. just because you dislike them doesn’t make it the best move. How is it the best move when brandon is gonna keep going after dani week to week? Isn’t it the whole point of the game to keep targets away from you? I personally am no fan of br, but on merits of game play, i would say that the best move for dani would have been putting up adam and lawon- that way, no one would be upset. She could then call brjj together and tell them that she “GENUINELY” likes them and don’t want any of them to go and that she completely trusts them 100%. Dani is a dumb BLANK if she thought she could get in jj head; they would go back on their deal in a second. Right now porche is just telling her(dani) what she wants to hear. The safest thing for dani to do right now would be to put lawon up as a replacement, that way dani would be off of everyone’s radar.


It’s easier for us to see what’s going on from this side of the TV. Obviously it wasn’t Dani who messed up her “secret” plans with Dom it was Dom. There’s no question Dani needs an ally – I’d recommend Porche because I think she can be swayed away from Rachel and Brandon –


Brendan and Rachel are stupid to come to Dani as a couple. Obviously that REMINDS her is that it is two against one. What person would allow those two to stay in and have twice the chance of putting her on the block? Dani should’ve made them grovel and sell out their alliance. She should’ve said, IF I agree to put someone else up, you (B/R) need to offer up someone from your side. Who is it gonna be,Shelly or Porsche? Then she could’ve let both Porsche and Shelly know that B/R willing threw them under the bus.