Big Brother 13 – Rachel: “Dani F*cked up all of BRJJ’s Hard work this season”, and will a all Amazon Brigade emerge in BB13?

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11:20pm Rachel and Jordan havenots

Rachel asks Jordan if she’s talked to Dani. Jordan says she did but not for very long. rachel want to know if she offered her a deal Jordan say no, Jordan adds that Jeff already talkied to BRendon he knows everything she leaves the talking to him. Jordan says that they know one of the is going up, Dani never told them but it’s pretty obvious. Jordan explain that it’s what she would do. Jordan says she’s really stressed out because for the first 3 weeks they were all really safe and they forgot what is felt like to be on the block.

Rachel gives a sob story about how hard the 4 of them had to fight to make it to were they are in the game. Rachel says they all did a wonderful job to set themselves up were there’s no threats only themselves. Rachel: “Dani BLANK it for us she did it twice with her lies”. Jordan says she feels bad that it’s before jury and someone is getting split up. Jordan: “Dani is just hear to win I guess” rachel: “She’s not going to win.. She’s not going to win” Jordan says they just need to wait and see. racehl says if Jordan goes up then Rachel goes home, Jordan isn’t sure about that. rachel says it’s fine if that’s how it happens, “I’m not going to be trying to campaign against you” (OHH I can’t wait to hear the fights that are going to start)
rachel adds that it’s better to have Jeff and Brendon in the house together becuase they can just alternate winning HOH and POVs (LOL as if CBS would let that happen.. Jeff/Brendon sausage party final 2 never .. oh wait brigade final 3 oh no!).

Jordan starts to explain about her decision after the luxury comp. Rachel says she didn’t even think twice about it, she wasn’t mad AT ALL. Rachel blames it all on Dani trying to manipulate her and Brendon to turn on JJ. Rachel adds that the very first time dani came to her about the plan to backdoor Jeff they thought that something was fishy. Rachel claims that and that is why they went to JJ the second they heard Dani bring it up. Jordan says if this was Jury she couldn’t care less if she was sent home but it’s not and she wants to be with JEff for the summer…

11:50pm Rachel comes back into the havenots tells Jordan that Dani may be thinking about putting Lawon up because she sounded like she was really going to give the idea a thought. Rachel brings up that Kalia is the biggest floater she’s best friends with whoever is the HOH. Rachel continues to give jordan a debriefing of the conversation she had with Dani a hour ago. Jordan starts asking Rachel about her season and how she got evicted..

Midnight HOH Kalia, Lawon and Porche These 3 have been engaged in girl talk for the past hour. Porsche tells them that she’s friends with BR but they are not as close as everyone thinks. Porsche felt burned by Brendon because he didn’t throw her the VETO when he had the chance. She feel that Brendon does not trust her and is therefore not as close to her. (Nothing else worth posting except that Porsche uses the word like a lot, has a blackberry and iPhone)

** I think Dani and Kalia need to snag Pacer after Rachel leaves, I’ll bet you a bottle of beer Porsche would be giddy about a 3 girls alliance if Dani frames it like a “Girl Power alliance” or a “Big Brother first all girl power alliance” **

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Is Rachel not getting the pov used on her


i was under the impression that brendon kept telling rachel he was takeing her off the block too!!


He did tell her that, but the last couple of days they’ve been telling everyone that Brendon is saving himself. So we don’t know for sure. I’m not a BR fan so I hope Rachel stays and Brendon goes. But for BR’s game I think it’s probably better if Brendon stays because I think Rachel will be a lot more weak with out Brendon. She’ll start to sway, say stupid shit, and get crazy and make enemies and on the other hand Brendon would probably be stronger and go further.

As for Dani – it would be good if she started working Porsche a bit and getting her on her side. Hell, I’d respect Porsche if she actually started becoming a factor in the game, because all she’s been so far is Rachel’s puppy.


I started to play the “drink every time Kalia, Porsche, or Rachel say LIKE,” but I ran out of scotch in thirteen seconds.

Aqua Bernie

Try drinking every time they say “literally”.


Get the lazy, kiss ass floaters out! Stupid Dani! BB is about winning comps! Not floating!


You’re a BR Kiss-ass yourself lol.


And Dani has the most comp wins in one season in BB history. And she’s made it further than BR in the game before.

I think she knows how to play the game.


YEAH! That’s how Dr. Will won! Wait …, um, … .


Youre actually ridiculous. Take a breather yo.


Are you joking? She hasn’t even been able to play in comps until this week and guess what…SHE WON! And did you see her in BB8? Get your facts straight…Daniele is NOT a floater. Plus if you think floating means not winning comps, you’re wrong again. Floating is changing sides whenever power shifts. This is the first week power has shifted.


NO reason to ever argue it;s been confirmed that Alika808 is retarded she just called hayden last years winner of 4 HOHs and 3 POVs a floater

Be a Brenchel fan , but don;t act retarded like your Idols OK goddamn…


4 HOHs 3 POVs(maybe 2 POVs not sure) AND he won the game


im sorry but am i wrong in ignoring the plan BR are feeding everyone that brendon is going to save himself??? i thought brendon tells rachel in private that he is takeing her off the block?!…… and also if there is a twist and someone is brought back into the house after this eviction ala BB9 style (america votes 1 previously evicted house guest they want to come back and then the entire house gets to vote if they want to bring back americas choice or the house guest that they just voted out) who does everyone think the house would vote to bring back??? my opinion it would be between Dom and Cassi for who America would vote back…. SO DO YOU GUYS THINK THE HOUSE WOULD VOTE BACK BRENDON OR PREVIOUSLY EVICTED HOUSE GUEST (DOM OR CASSI)


He is taking her off the block he has no reason to lie to Rachel, buy they are lying to everyone else


Yup! They are trying to catch people off guard.


I think most of us viewers would rather bring back a previously evicted hg, but most of these newbs they casted lick the veterans balls so who knows


Simon or Dawg, for some reason or the other, when I posted earlier, my name came out as Anonymous. Don’t know what’s going on


Nope long as his mouth works NeanderTALL with have some utterly pathetic excuse for not winning Whinechel is getting what they deserve and their placing all the blame on Dani when they could’ve taken out America’s Sweethearts and BRDD could’ve taken out the rest of the house, but as usual they are idiots and did not THINK..


Give Rachel and Brendon 2 or 3 cases of wine to go with all that pathetic whining.


I hope a newbie who didn’t win any comps get 2 top 3 that would suck… Go JJ


Why do jj and br keep saying not to split them up for the summer, and they at least want to be in the jury house together. Are they here to play the game or have a summer paid vaction


Summer paid vacation. That should be painfully obvious by now.


I want winners! Not kiss ass floaters! Dani u dummy!


Last year a floater won! So dumb! Dani u dummy!


Hayden as a floater hmmm he won 4 HOHs and 3 POVs, you Brenchel fans are getting more retarded as the days go by…. Do like your daddy Brenda says and take your medication


Yes, but there was no competition. Enzo? My baby cousin could probably drop kick him.


There s were no competition in most of Brenchel’s comps that they won, but does that make them floaters?? No


Say what you want but the Brigade really was the luckiest alliance in BB history. They sorta stumbled their way to the end. They didn’t even know what was going on half the season. Hayden is the most undeserved winner in recent memory if ever. I was very underwhelmed by them and while Enzo was entertaining, he was terrible at comps and Lane and Hayden really weren’t that great either. They won near the end. They’re best move was cutting Matt loose. He would have won it all. I’m not a B/R fan but saying that they had no competition is ignorant. It was their own fault that they put themselves on an island but they were against the whole house all of last season. They had to win at all costs. Annoying, idiotic and sickening they might be but you have to give them credit as a pair in comps.


Im tired of u people dissing the brigade


The brigade went undetected throughout the whole season call it luck or skill they still won the game they made all the right moves especially getting rid of mat and dragging brit along and they all won hoh i believe so i deem them worthy of being named the second greatest alliance behind chilltown

Kalia is a hottie

Go Kalia!


the lawon gonna pull through next week for HoH..thats right fear it


breaking news! cbs is pulling kalia&pacer from bb house. they can’t afford too feed them


Excuse me if this doesn’t make any sense, I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and these antibiotics make me feel a little loopy..what exactly are B/R trying to accomplish in telling the HG’s that Brendon is saving himself? And why do people see Jeff as a threat, I’m surprised Rachel hasn’t called him out for being a floater, in his two seasons what has he won in terms of HoH’s and PoV’s? The only thing he’s got is that America seems enchanted by his good looks, I was a Jeff fan until I started watching the feeds, dude is a jerk and doesn’t treat Jordan respectfully. I think Jordan will coast nicely to the final 2 again and I hope she wins!


Brenda IS using the POV on Rachel!!! Its a charade ladies and gents, dnt be alarmed…


I don’t really see the whole Americas Sweetheart image with JJ anymore. I think BR is beginning to tainting them. Get away as soon as you can JJ!


I thought the POV would have been used by now. We all know Brendon is going to use it on Rachel and Brendon would have the votes to stay in the house over anyone that Dani puts up beside him. Brendon would have Rachel, Porsche, Adam, Shelly and proabably Lawon’s votes. I know Shelly is suppose to be with JJ, but she will flip with BR because they have won HOH and POV the most, and she will stay with the power couple. Bye-Bye Jordon. Which really sucks.


dunno about B having the votes. i think he’ll just get 2


I’m liking the idea of Dani and Porshe in an alliance, maybe it could work.


WTF makes Porsche think that Brendon would “throw her the veto” when he AND his fiancee are on the block?!?! Also, am I wrong or was Rachel totally lying about going to JJ the “second the backdoor plan was brought up”?


I thought that she was dumb for saying he should have given her the POV too. why would she need it over him. BR did not go to JJ immediately. If Im not mistaken I think they were entertaining the idea very seriouly


I think that JJ are lying when they say they came back to spend the summer together. I think that CBS paid them to return. Watch their body language, they dont act like a couple that have a long distance relationship. Im not saying that they should be nasty like BR and have sex on national TV, however if I have not seen my long distance boyfriend regularly I would hug up with him a little more. Also I think that they should not have come back because American see them in a different light and its not pretty. Jordan says the dumbness things and Jeff comes off as being mean.


I see them cuddling all the time. They’ve been together for years….I don’t know about you, but Im not all over my guy every second of the day. New couples are the ones that are usually all over each other, not couples that have been together for years. I believe they are a couple, I think people are just a little disappointed because they are not the “romantic” couple everybody was hoping they would be.


I read something that Jeff and Jordan don’t do the lovey dovey stuff on camera and they know the reaction to watchers when Brendon and Rachel get caught doing the nasty on TV.. Rachel and Brendon seem to fight all the time (what a marriage this will be) so maybe their make up time ends in the sack.


I think it is hilarious that in your most recent poll (Who should Dani vote out/evict?) Dawg has more vaotes than Jordan! Go JJ! Thanks for all the great information Dawg and Simon!


RACHEL R U A BABY? SERIOUSLY IT’S JUST A GAME, stop acting like a 5 year old that one of u two are going out
yeah she messed up ur whole season, stop crying. like shut up already


Get rid of rachel so annying


Poor Dani, forced to hang out with those morons. And poor Jordan forced to hang out with Rachel. Go Dani, J&J!

Not Meg

So tired of hearing Brendon threaten everybody. He is a bully with a loud mouth girlfriend. So sick of them both. She needs to spackle her mouth shut while putting on her Halloween makeup. What?! That’s her everyday look?????


is dani’s dye job fading? would still hit.


and IF floating can actually constitute not there being any completion then BRENCHEL has been “floating” for 2 seasons


As long as you’ve won something your not a total floater…………..


“Jordan starts to explain about her decision after the luxury comp. Rachel says she didn’t even think twice about it, she wasn’t mad AT ALL. Rachel blames it all on Dani trying to manipulate her and Brendon to turn on JJ. Rachel adds that the very first time dani came to her about the plan to backdoor Jeff they thought that something was fishy.”

Hilarious…and the BR fans keep saying how “honest” Rachel is…give me a break.


Jeff and Jordan are becoming meaner and meaner and you cant’ blame it all on Brendan and Rachel. I have had it with Rachel’s whining.
I can’t wait for Kalia to get HOH next week and keep being in power. I hope they bring back Dominic but not how they tried to bring back people in season 9.
Brendan and Rachel try to talk down to the whole house.
Can’t wait to see the most annoying houseguest in the history of big brother leave.
They’re coming in between you and your man!


I think Rachel as set a record in BB history! She is the first hg to be voted “most annoying” in 2 separate seasons! And, in consecutive seasons too!

Dani busting them up was the best thing for her and the rest of the house! It would have been devastating to break up JeJo, but Brenchel is a punishment on the entire house and the audience by CBS. Some junior executive needs to be fired for thinking up the return of Brenchel.


I really don’t know why the newbies think that Brendon is a bigger threat to have in the house rather than Rachel. I believe that Rachael will win more competitions than Brendon. He and Jeff always loose because they are too bulky and fall off (same as last competition) if Rachael was playing she would have given Dani a good run for the HOH. Also (IMHO) I am getting a better feeling about Dani, ok she over reacted with her comments at the HOH competition, but after that she seems very polite in her game play. She knows that she doesn’t have a lot of alliances but she still made a game changing move (even if it will make her the target). And lastly, she doesn’t boss every one around (like some others). I think if she joins JJ they could really go to final 3.


Youre’ right Tony neither Brendon or Jeff were power house winners. As a matter of fact Brendon was consider to be someone that couldnt win. Did he win anything except for that HOH after Rachel left.