Big Brother Spoilers: Dominic says that plans to drop some bombs tomorrow and throw some people under the bus ..some people over 40…

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1am UP in the HOH room, Rachel and Jordan are talking. Jordan tells Rachel that she thought her and Dani hung out outside of the big brother house. Rachel says that she only met Dani once in Vegas. Jordan says that she thought Rachel and Dani were tight. Jordan says that if Dani gets Jeff and Brendon out and it’s just her and Rachel left ..and says that she still wouldn’t team back up with Dani. Jordan says that Jeff is pissed off at Kalia. Jordan says that she is going to tell Jeff to be nicer to Kalia in case they need her in the future. Jordan asks if it looks sketchy that she is up there in the HOH with Rachel for this long. Rachel says at this point it doesn’t matter anymore. They think Porsche could do really good in the HOH if it is endurance. Rachel says she thinks that Porsche would put up Dani if they wanted her to. They talk about the golden key and the possible twists that may still come. Rachel says that Adam will be getting the 4th golden key. Rachel says that she wonders if the four golden key holders will get paired up as duos because this is the season of dynamic duos. Jordan asks when the double eviction usually happens because they didn’t have one her season because of Chima. Rachel says that their double eviction happened week seven and that was the week Matt and Brendon went home. Jordan tells Rachel that it didn’t seem like a lot of the people on Rachel’s season were that competitive. Rachel and Jordan talk about their seasons and other past BB houseguests. Rachel tells Jordan about getting the chance to re-enter the house after she was evicted and how she didn’t know that Brendon wouldn’t be there because he was in solitary confinement. Rachel says it was horrible when she came back because everyone was so mean to her. They start talking about the golden keys again and the possible twists that could come. Jordan says that she thinks it would be so unfair if Dani comes in after not being able to play for four weeks and screws things up for them.

1:40am Jordan says that it’s good they talked to Dani like they did because maybe now she feels more comfortable. Rachel says Dani doesn’t feel comfortable. Jordan says that she doesn’t think that Evel Dick would have flipped this fast on the vets. Rachel agrees. Rachel says that he wouldn’t have allowed it if he were still here. Rachel says Dick is a better game player than Dani. Jordan says that Dick was really nice. They talk about how they think he probably would have won the game if he had stayed. Jordan says that she would have been scared to put him up, and that he might bang pots in her face. They both agree it’s probably better that Dick left. Jordan says that Dani is really cocky and says that she’s screwed herself. Rachel says that Dani was in a great place in the game. Jordan agrees and says her and Jeff used to make comments about Dani totally flying under everyone’s radar and how her name never gets brought up. Rachel thinks Dani wanted to take out Jeff and Brendon because she assumed she could beat Jordan and Rachel. Jordan says that if it were her, Rachel and Dani then they would probably beat her, she says she isn’t good at questions and stuff. Rachel tells her that isn’t true, she guessed David Hasselhoff right off the bat! Jordan says that was just the first thing that popped into her head! Rachel and Jordan end their HOH talk…

1:45am Dominic, Dani and Lawon are talking in the hammock. Dominic says that we will just kick it for two days and then you guys will move on. Dominic tells Lawon he would tell Lawon everything he knows before he goes. Dominic asks Dani what she is thinking about? She says she isn’t thinking about anything. Dani tells Lawon to tell him to get off her back. Lawon tells Dominic to get off her back and get on mine! They laugh. Dominic says that he doesn’t like the attitudes some people are rocking in here, if it was outside the house he would crack em! Dominic says he is pissed and says that he wonders if they’re going to get mocked for the regulators alliance? Dani says yeah.

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2am Jeff and Adam are sitting on the backyard couch talking.. Jeff tells Adam that they’ve got to win the HOH this week. Adam says hell’s to the yeah my brother! Adam says that he knows Shelly wants to win but he wants the glory too! Jeff tells him he doesn’t care who wins just as long as it’s one of their own. Adam says he needs it, it would mean a lot to him. Adam says it seems like everyone is fired up for this one. Jeff says he hopes something happens with those key holders, they got their gift now how about the curse! Adam says goodnight and leaves. Brendon comes over and joins Jeff. Brendon asks Jeff if he wants to talk up in the HOH room. Jeff tells Brendon that the talk with Dani got them nowhere! Jeff and Brendon say that Dani was getting angry. Brendon calls Kalia and Lawon Dani’s little minions and says that he doesn’t know if they can trust Porsche but they both agree that Adam is trustworthy. Jeff says that he can’t believe after he brought up Dominic and the backdoor plan that Dani was still pushing to keep Dominic! Jeff says that Dominic didn’t throw the BLANK veto! Brendon says that Dani rode through the game on her dad’s back in her season. They talk about how they both know that Dani will put them up if she gets the chance. They both agree that Dani ran right to Dominic after their talk tonight. Rachel joins them in the HOH. Rachel tells them that Kalia is downstairs crying that she feels alone in the game. Brendon gets pissy and tells Rachel to stop feeling sorry for Kalia. Brendon asks how many times is she going to cry this season?

Brendon says the thing that makes him uncomfortable with Porsche is that he worries there could be some pre-existing relationship or deal between Dick, Dani and Porsche. Brendon says that he wonders if they contacted each other before the game started and struck a deal to stick together in the house. Brendon says they should keep an eye on Porsche. Jeff says that he thinks Dani is the one to watch. Rachel says that Lawon is acting sketchy. Brendon and Jeff say that Lawon is always laying in the hammock with Dani and Dominic so he’s with them. They talk about how they know that Dani was out there telling Dominic that he is going home. Jeff says that every single thing Dani said was a lie! They say there is no way Dominic threw the veto like she was said he did. Rachel tells Jeff that Jordan thought that her and Dani hung out all the time outside the house and that she explained to Jordan that she had only met Dani once in Vegas and thats it! Brendon says that Dani is an egomaniac. Jeff says that she wants to go solo so let her BLANK go solo! Jeff says that if they can get past next week without Dani winning then they’ll be able to get rid of her. Jeff says that he doesn’t get why everyone acts like Dani is great at competitions. Rachel says that the best way to get back at Dani is to get Dominic out. Brendon says lets get rid of her before the jury. Jeff mentions that her whole game has been about jury votes and she isn’t even going to make it on the Jury. Rachel tells Brendon that Dani is going to be so mad at him outside the house. Brendon says that he doesn’t give a BLANK!

2:25am In the backyard hammock, Dani, Dominic and LaWon are talking about their goodbye messages. Dani tells him no, he’s being a debbie downer. Dominic asks them both what their favourite part in the house was. Dominic says taht his was last night when he heard Jeff beat off. Dominic gets called to the diary room. Dani tells LaWon this game kills her. Dani tells LaWon that he better win HOH. Dani says that she thinks it will be endurance and it’ll be really tough and everyone will fight like hell for it. Dani says how dare Kalia go to bed by the way…
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2:40am Up in the HOH room Brendon, Rachel and Jeff are talking about what the curse might be for the golden key holders. Rachel says that no one ever said the pairs are ending, they all just assumed that. Jeff says he thinks the pairs will be done next week. Brendon agrees. Jeff says that one of the duos going home was the curse and the other staying was the gift and that there’s probably nothing more to it. Jeff says that he doesn’t understand why Dani is so gung ho to keep Dominic. Jeff asks what is she going to marry this kid? Jeff says that if Dani votes to keep Dominic then he is going to be pissed. Brendon and Jeff comment that Dani was talking down to Rachel tonight. They both couldn’t believe Rachel let her talk to her like that. Brendon says he doesn’t like the way Dani talks to Rachel and he is sick of it! Brendon says that Dani is jealous of Rachel. Rachel yeah she’s like a super hater! Rachel and Jeff can’t believe that Dani would pull this when they were all on her side. Brendon says he is over Dani thinking she is the center of the game. Brendon says he knows Big Brother though and he wouldn’t be surprised if BB gave them a competition that was tailored for Dani to win. Jeff says that she’s so BLANK arrogant, that she practically spit in my face by trying to send me home. Jeff says that every single week the vets are going to be coming after Dani. Jeff leaves the HOH room.

Rachel and Brendon talk about how they are so glad that they didn’t listen to Dani. Brendon says and no one talks to my bookie like that! Rachel says yeah, except you!
3am Dominic, Lawon and Dani are in the hammock talking. Dani gets called to the diary room. Dominic tells Lawon to trust Dani. Lawon says that Dani was talking game to him and told him he needs to win HOH this week. Lawon says that Dani told him that everyone is going to gun for him because of his personality and because they know he was in tight with Dominic. Dominic says that he still has a shot at staying in the house, he has one last shot. Lawon asks if it is a plan Dani thought up and he says no its all him. Dominic says that plans on throwing some people under the bus ..some people over 40. Dominic tells him that Porsche made a deal with the vets day two. Lawon says you gotta be BLANK kidding me. Dominic then says that Shelly made a deal with the vets to get Cassi out. Dominic says that he found out from Dani. Dominic says that Dani accidentally let it slip. Dominic tells Lawon to never tell Dani that he knows about Shelly. Dominic says that Shelly is one hundred percent with Jeff and Jordan and not with Brendon and Rachel. Dominic says that he is going to drop some bombs tomorrow and reveal to Brendon and Rachel that Shelly is in with Jeff and Jordan. Dominic says that Shelly told him that she would never put up Jeff and Jordan but she would put up Brendon and Rachel. Dominic says he plans on talking to Brendon and Rachel about Shelly to reveal her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Dominic says that he is sure that Dani is going to win the endurance HOH this week. Dominic says that Dani is going to be so pissed if he goes on Thursday. Dominic calls the Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan scum and says they don’t deserve to be here. Dominic tells Lawon not to go after Brendon and Rachel but that he should go after Jeff and Jordan first. Dominic tells Lawon that he knows for a fact that it was Shelly and Kalia that voted Keith out week one. Lawon doesn’t get why he should trust Kalia then. Dominic tells him she made a deal to keep her and Lawon safe that week so he sort of owes Kalia for saving him week one. Dominic says that Shelly looked Cassi in the eye and lied to her about the votes over and over again. Dani comes back into the backyard and Dominic whispers to Lawon to not to say anything about what they’ve talked about.

4am – 5am Lawon, Dominic and Dani are still talking in the backyard. Dominic tells Dani that Keith tried making a last ditch effort to stay by proposing a deal to Brendon and Rachel that he wouldn’t ever put them up if he got to stay. Dominic laughs and says that he thinks he is going to try to make that deal tomorrow. Dani asks them if they know when Rachel went out last year? Dominic tells her she was the ninth person evicted and that she was the first one in the Jury. Lawon asks Dani what her favourite season was? Dani says that she loved season six and seven. Lawon says thath he also loved the All-Stars season. Lawon says that he loved Howie. Dani says that she loves Howie too and that he is a really good friend of hers. Dani says that he is so offensive and no one could get away with what he says but him. Dominic wonders how he is being portrayed in the house and then says that he hopes he isn’t being shown as borderline homosexual. Lawon says that he doesn’t want to be portrayed as the gay player. Dominic tells Dani that Shelly threw the banana competition. Dani says that she doesn’t get why they would throw the first HOH competition with the vets there. They start talking about alliances. They laughing about the regulators alliance living on through Lawon and becoming the Pajama Jammer alliance. Dani tells them that the vets alliance is called the (DCA) Dream Crushers Alliance. Dani says that she came up with the name. They laugh. They talk about random stuff and at 5:40am they head to bed…

6:40am All the houseguests are still asleep…

9:30am Shelly is awake, all the other houseguests are still fast asleep..

10am All four cameras are on the sleeping houseguests. Big Brother is letting them sleep in today..

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oh boy I really hope Dom does go out with bang! We need to see a fight soon


I love how Dom says things like… If we were not in the house I would hit Jeff…… Like come on… Jeff would kill that little wimp….Get a life when you are out of the house on Thursday Dom


Lmaooo Dom Would Get Squased By Jeff

Rachel Is Boy George

watch out for those little guys, most of them can fight, size doesn’t matter if you know where to strike a person


But you at least have to be a man. Dominic really isn’t. He’s a male, but not a man.


Yeah I agree… however you also have to watch out more for the person who doesnt talk about doing it…. The ones who shoot their mouths off, saying crap like Dom did/does…. they are usually just that…. all talk


Jeff calling Dani an egomaniac is incredible!!! Who has a bigger ego than him? Also Dom is a lot tougher than he looks. Jeff looks tougher than he is. Jeff also talks tough all the time but empty barrels make the most noise.


The only bang you will hear is the door when Dani leaves. She was up in the HOH with Bren and Jeff lieing threw her teeth and they knew it. and people are saying this season sucks i do not know what BB they are watching Stick around its bound to get alot better GO BR AND JJ


I agree. This is a great season. To all the bored people… QUIT WHINING OR QUIT WATCHING.


Lol he thinks everyone is jealous of Rachel XD If dick was still here he would have thought he was jealous of her.


For me, the biggest downer of this season is not being able to see ED make the other HG’s lives miserable. We could have had a drinking game just for each time that ED made a HG cry. And if what I have seen up til now is any indication, I should have followed ED’s lead and quit watching when he left. As its been the most boring season in the past 10 years. Something needs to happen to shake up the house or otherwise its just going to be week after week of this same boring gameplay.


Dani is rude and thinks she is the $hit. I can’t stand the way she puts people down and the back peddles and says she was kidding. I have never been a Dani fan and this season is no different. She got a free ride from her dad again but he isn’t there to clean up her mess. Can’t wait for her to go!


Totally agree. Dani is overrated and she looks like she’d been on some hard drugs since BB8


I was kinda thinking that too, that she looks a bit strung out. idk, I just can’t stand the way she smiles but says something nasty to ppl. I am sure BB isn’t going to let her get out of the house anytime soon.


B&R are both DELUSIONAL!!! Dani is jealous of Rachel. That is beyond laughable. I’m sure Dani is like…, I wish I could be just like Rachel and have a man who talks down to me, treats me like a child and acts like he’s better than me.


Exactly, Brendon needs to step off his high horse


Agreed, Brendon needs to step off his high horse


Hate seeing JJ working with BR….BR just make my skin crawl…I saw where B was making fun of K for crying asking how many times is she gonna cry this season…ummm not sure what he is thinking cause he has cryed on every episode….makes me wanna vomit…


The talk of Dom being gay has me thinking again. Maybe he’s gay and he doesn’t even know it yet. He threw Dani under the bus a few times tonight to Lawson and messed up her game by confirming the Kalia betrayal of Lawson. Then he spouts off about Shelly to Lawson without consulting Dani and further endangers her game. It might be just emotions getting the best of him, of course but!! When Dani told him what she could donto make it up to him about getting him thrown out (call me a sicky) but I swore at that moment he could have asked for just about ANYTHING and got it. Notice how he just ignored her… more than once! She obviously likes him and would DEFINITELY have a make out secession with him before he leaves if he wanted to. Of course he might not be attracted to her and could just see her as a friend but he doesn’t act that way. And that’s why I think he might be a “Confused” person. He did the same with Callia he just doesn’t seem to really want to get to close to girls even though he seems to have feeling for them. Deep inside he doesn’t find them attractive. Not to mention the way he is totally interested in Lawson and his lifestyle and gets kinda flattered by his flirting. The kicker is showing more loyalty to lawson than dani. BTW if he’s gay I could care less. I just like the added drama his confusion brings. thats my 2 cents. thanks for playing.


he is TOTALLY in the closet/gay/momma’s boy – make me a sandwich…. I wanted to like him when the show first started… now I cannot WAIT to watch him get kicked to the curb… maybe his mommy can make him a nice cup of soup and he can watch some cartoons


If Dominic is not a latent homosexual then there never was one in the history of the world. The guy is textbook. I was pretty sure after the first week. The clincher was when they showed his “best friend” outside the houae. A hot chick, of course. I was hoping that Lawon would figure it out and counsel him to “come out”, would have been great thearter. Maybe he’ll figure it out when he meets the right fella.


Dom’s sexual preference IS NO ON’E’s BUSINEss BUT DOM’s! His sexuality has nothing to do with BB! “Latent homosexual/” I haven’t heard that term used since “Ike was in Mamie (Eisenhower)! Many gay people choose not to wear their sexuality like it was a “pink triangle?” because it is not the FIRST thing we want people to know about us! In my opinion, a person’s sexuality does not define who you are! It does, however, determine your life experiences.

If Dom is gay, the only reason he has not “come out” yet is because of his living situation. He lives at home not because he wants to, BUT because he has to! BLANK in this economy many people his age age and older are moving back home! I am sure if he were to come out his parents would probably throw him out! His BF is probably his BEARD!


My guess is the second that BRendon stops winning comps and Jeff/Brendon lose their stranglehold on power you are going to hear some of the best complaining, whining, moaning and general bitching you have ever heard on Big Brother. It’ll make for some of the best feeds and posts for the bb13 season.

If it’s endurance it’ll go the distance which is something we haven’t seen on BB for awhile…


I sure hope so, because this season is quickly becoming one of the most boring in BB history.


Its about time for a real endurance comp! I remember last year’s paint can comp was over before I even turned the feeds on after the live show – LAME!!

While I think Dani has really screwed up her position this week it will at least lead to an eventual big blow up when Dani puts up Jeff/Brendon or JJ/RB puts up Dani which is more than likely to happen this week especially if it as endurance comp bc most likely Dani or Jeff or Brendon will win.

Simon I saw an earlier post where you wrote “Brendon says they have Shelly 100% and Adam 75%(He’s right with Shelly but Adam is with Dani)”,
I’m just wondering what makes you think Adam is with Dani? I haven’t been watching 24/7 but from what I’ve seen on the feeds Adam seems to be firmly in with JJ/BR and is justing telling Dani what she wants to hear. What did I miss to make you think that?


From what I see Adam is playing nice with BRJJ, he’s got no power and trying to stay in the house. He’s said it many times that he’ll make a big move if he ever gets the power and the only big move is for someone to put Jeff/Brendon up or Rachel/Jordan. He’ll do it if he has power, if BRJJ retain the power he’ll try to stick close to them just to last another week.

As it stands now BRJJ + Shelly have the votes and the power so if you’re not with them your going home


Ok cool, I def agree with that.

One thing that made me think Adam isn’t with Dani was the convo he had with B/R in the HOH where he put 2+2 together that Dani was blowing major smoke up his ass about rallying the votes to keep him. He knew that she was prob working him but that convo confirmed to him that Dani was playing him.

I dont know why but I just get the feeling after everything that has transpired with Dani in the past 3 days that Adam is with Shelly and JJ/BR until he has no choice but to turn on them.


I have never watched the Live Feeds. Do you get to see the endurance competitions or is there nothing to see while they are competing?


it’s very rare that you do not unless the competition continues into the BBAD hour. A few seasons ago you were allowed to see the competitions, but, they changed that.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon –

During Season 8 didn’t Evel Dick win an endurance comp holding onto a key while standing on a balance board for something like 9 hours?

Also I remember in Season 9 James won an endurance comp while holding onto a swinging chain with a little disk to stand on and lasted for 6-7 hours.

Now those were REAL Endurance Comps!


I totally remember BB8 when evel dick held on for 9 hours it was a great comp. I had forgotten about James’ endurance comp yeah those were BATTLES nothing have come close since. This Thursday we’ll see a another great endurance battle and when Brendon falls the excuses are going to be glorious.

Lennon's Ghost

You bet!

I’m shivering already from just thinking about how they are all going to be bounced around and soaked with waves of water!

Audrey II will be the first to drop and fake another injury.

I can’t wait for Thursday!


Lol I totally agree Simon


Jeff: “Adam, bend over and spread you cheeks, I need to release now!”

Adam: “hell’s to the yeah my brother!”


Thank you to Simon and Dawg for all you do on the site!!! I was watching BBAD last night when it ended during Danigate!!! Thanks for the recap and pics, but could someone out there pleasepleaseplease put the whole thing on YouTube so I can hear Jeff tell Dani off???? I also wanna watch Roach and her fighting!!!! I’m sure Jordan had that woebegone look on her face, too!!! I would be so grateful!!!


So does the 4th key holder get a pass for one more week or are they eligible (with the other key holders) for eviction and to play for hoh this week. I am confused. If it doesn’t do them any good why have 4 keys instead of 3? Seems like the 4th key is basically nothing uless they use the keys for the next “twist”


I believe that 4th key will be special, because this Thursday they ALL get to play in the HOH because they keys are over since they are down to 10 HGs


I don’t understand why people are so “go dani”?!….I liked her in the beginning but now she is making a complete ass of herself. She’s so stupid. Go JJ!


My thoughts exactly!!!( From one TX girl to another!!!)


Oh whatever! What do you Texas girls know anyway?! heheheh Win or Lose…..Dani is AWESOME!!


ED we need you back….a lot of asses need to be kicked in that house!




Can’t stand her and I am from the east coast…


Dom aint gonna do shit…hes all talk….


Maybe the BOMB he mentioned was the one you drop in the toilet?


Dom’s last ditch strategy to save himself by calling out Shelly is flawed. Everyone that is going to vote his ass out on Thursday already knows all about how Shelly voted out Keith and how she threw Cassie under the bus. This wont accomplish anything except maybe to make himself feel a little better after he gets it off his chest but it will not change the vote, he is gone. It will also through more heat on Dani, because she just made her case that she doesnt talk game to the newbs, Dom revealing this about Shelly will only show the other vets that Dani is lieing through her teeth(although they already suspect that)

Lennon's Ghost

I can see 2 scenarios for the “Golden Key Holders” on Thursday night:

1. BB Twist is that ONLY those with the “Golden Keys” get to play for the HOH.
Dani wins, thus creating massive drama with her nominations of Brendon and Jeff for eviction with a backdoor plan for Big Red and Jordan;

2. BB Twist is that there are 4 locked boxes and one of the “Golden Keys” will open it and an evicted HG re-enters the game.
Similar to the “Mystery Box” from Season 9 or “Pandora’s Box”. It would probably be set up for the return of Dom to work with Dani. (I’d rather see Cassi return). Unlikely, but possible.

Either way, I would bet that everything will be geared for Dani to win this week to create drama and shake up the game. BR & JJ would freak out if this were to happen. It could reinvigorate the newbies, the game and the season.


I sure hope so, and break this notion that production is ringging the game for a BR Vs JJ showdown….




That would be AWESOME!


Very good predictions

I would love to see Cassi back but i’m pretty sure it’ll be Dom. CBS will want to cash in on the Dani/Dom romance. 3 Showmances going and all the drama thats breing.. CBS will love the ratings.

Lennon's Ghost

Thanks Simon.


This suspense of this twist is killing me 🙂


Maybe the producers can push for a Dani/Cassi showmance. That’d be ratings money.

Lennon's Ghost



Silly comment restriction rules….see ya!

Lennon's Ghost

With the aforementioned “twist scenarios”, it would be a “Battle Royale” for the next four to six weeks, which would be good for us fans and viewers.

That being said, I still wouldn’t mind a final four of Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, and Adam (or Cassi if she were brought back in).


It’s too early to bring someone back, plus no vote yet from America as to who we want back. (i want Keith!) They didn’t know Dick was gonna leave. They already had some plans for those keys and they will stick to that script I believe.The keys open something. If there is a key twist, I think it will be that the holder can compete for HOH, OR open a mystery prize box. Might be a good gift, might be pieces of coal. Remember that in most past years, some guests have won nice money or prizes by now. The keys are gonna tie into prizes.

kathie from canada

I totally agree that the keys have to have a much greater significance. Keys obviously are meant to open something!!! And that’s where my imagination runs crazy with a gazillion options. If not, why did CBS choose keys so symbolize safety for the holders?????


Well it’s obvious production is going to cater the HOH to Dani this week. It’s the ONLY way to keep the show interesting. I never cared much for Dani. She was always a whiny moaner her season. She won Povs and HOHs only AFTER her dad got her head in the game by evicting Nick. Till then she was busy playing house. Evel carried that duo. She played too soon too hard this time and got busted cos she’s not that smart. Having said that a J/J/B/R final 4 would be lame. I’d actually rather Dani win a POV this week then an HOH but let’s see how it plays out. The worst person in this house has to Kalia tho. What a disgusting thing!


I hope not. I was pulling for Dani. In a way I still am, bit I’d like to be entertained too. Just wish she would have continued to play smart and under the radar. She couldn’t even lie with dignity in the Dani HOH Showdown. That’s bothersome. In all honesty BR wanted JJ out too so she had a good defense. She could have just stuck to her guns and said: “Look I did what BR asked me to do. If I played to hard I’m sorry. I was just trying to make our game the best possible. I was trying to make allies for all 5 of us. In retrospect Jeff I can see how it appeared that I may have been ignoring you but I knew that you knew I had your back.” But instead she started swearing on peoples lives and denying the obvious. In that respect I do agree with Brendon only desperate people with something to hide swear on other peoples lives. Sigh!
It’s a mind game. You can star at people and lie and manipulate them but if they continue to like you, you can stay in the game. Dani messed up because while trying to befriend Dom, Kalia, Lawon she alienated the rest.

I’m not ready for BR and JJ to be out of the house. I like the occassional drama. It would be a piss poor boring season indeed with no BR. I would love to see the 5 of them battle it out. May the best Vet win.


Dominic’s favorite moment this season was hearing Jeff beat off?? Yeah, he’s totally not gay…no straight man would say that.


Aw, big deal! Lots of straight guys like hearing their buddies beat off. I know I do! HAHAHAHA!

Just kidding. Dom’s totally gay.


BRJJ complaining about the comps catering to one particular person is hilarious, all things considered.


Also, Jeff does realize that everyone says Dani is good at comps is because she won seven of them during her season – which is more comps won than Brendon and Rachel combined in BB 12 and just as many as Jeff and Jordan together in BB11. Did he forget this somehow?


Ok, so DANI broke Janelle’s comp record. Forgot about that.


Dani’s only shot at redeeming herself is rebuilding the trust with her original alliance (JJBR). She can do this by explaining that the only reason she got tight with Dom is that she lost her partner right off the bat, and felt she needed to align with someone strong and who she trusted, but assure them that she still wants to be with them. The only way she will be able to make them believe this is if she votes with them to get out Dom. At this early point in the game, she needs to stick with the 4 of them for a couple weeks longer to advance herself further in the game. Aligning with the other side would be detrimental at this point, because they have proven that they are to shaky and have terrible game skills. Everyone says that she has to win HOH next week or she’s screwed. She’ll be screwed even if she wins HOH next week unless she fixes the mess she made. She’ll just be out the next week.

It would help if she changes her attitude too. Playing the victim, blaming everyone, not taking responsibility and acting like a whiny brat all the time WILL cost her $500,000 no matter what she does, period!


Yes, she deserves some credit for that season. She helped Dick out with her excellent comp skills, but he knew Nick was going to kill hers/their social game which is why he had to get him out early. Same reason Dom needs to go now. It’s killing her social game. Dick saved both of them from the block when they were both on it together because of his brilliant social game. In the end, Dick’s game was better and that’s why he won.

You can be the best at comps, but you will not win BB if you have no social game skills. It is impossible to win every single competition in the game so you need to be able to know who to allign with, how to talk your way out of situations, keep the target off your back and know when to shut up.

Mark my words she won’t win if she doesn’t improve her social game. She started with guaranteed safety for 4 weeks and she’s already screwed up her game and put a huge target on her back 3 weeks in because her social game sucks.


Still going for JJ.. I hope this time Jeff wins that would be nice


They talk about ED like he descended from heaven. He was just a big bully who lorded over wimps. That’s really how he won his season.


Unique strategy, but it was a social game strategy and it won him the game. In the short time he was in the house this season, he was already setting things up smart. FTR, I hated him his season.


And jeff never does that lol


I agree Megan. No one on this planet is jealous of Rachel. She teaches us all how NOT to act in any life.