Big Brother Spoilers – Third Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

Dom Vs. Adam Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Results

Craziest week on the feeds no question there. Dani’s entire game crumbles around her she’s now stuck with the Dream Team Lawon and Kalia. She’s target number one for the hated Brendon, RAchel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly alliance and must now win serious competitions to stay in the game.. Daniele may be crafty enough to stay in the game but when it comes down to it she’s needs to Finally clue in that Shelly has a giant B*ner for Jordan and Jeff. Catch the endurance competition after the CBS live show ends Tonight watch it all LIVE on the feeds.

Brendon and Jeff: These 2 are about as arrogant as you can get EVER on a Big Brother Season. They’re doing well but just once lets see them squirm PLEASE.

Jordan and Rachel These 2 are so uninteresting right now it’s not even funny. Even though I led the charge for Rachel Hate last year I miss the old Vegas act this year.

Adam We love ya Adam you’re our man but Please do some damage this week or at least talk about it so we know you’re still in it.

Porsche I feel sorry for her when I hear the stories about her upbringing. Listening to the BLANK she says on the feeds is funny and almost sad but somehow I think she’ll surprise us. She wants to be a actress and wants directors to see her in Big Brother to give her work.

Lawon/Kalia I cheer for the underdog it’s in my nature and these 2 are the biggest underdogs by far. They need to win comps to survive nuff said

Dani Hated dani the first 2 weeks now I am overflowing with BB love for her (I’m a flip flopper what can I say). She needs comp wins to survive in the short term. If she can take out some players in the next 2 weeks her long term game is promising if she can’t then she goes home and I flip flop to another player (My eyes on you rachel 😉 ).

Shelly SHELLY SHELLY SHELLY what the BLANK Shelly your playing a sneaky game and it’s working for you and JJ in a big way. It’s not all roses for you though I already see Porsche trying to plant seeds in Rachel’s tequila mind about you playing both side.. Shelly is in a “epic battle” for 5th place. From what I can see she’s playing a decent game but don’t believe her BS shooting straight story for one minute. Shelly would sell her daughter to a Chinese businessman if it meant she could spend another day in the BB house with Jeff and Jordan.

Everyone is waiting for the twist to save what is left of the newbs but i’m not sure if it’ll be enough.

Site’s running lean until the traffic slows down

Pacer Votes to evict DOM

Lawon Votes to evict DOM

Shelly Votes to evict DOM

Kalia Votes to evict DOM

Dani Votes to evict ADAM

Jeff Votes to evict DOM

Jordan Votes to evict DOM

Brendon Votes to evict DOM

Evicted House guest is DOM

HOH Results

The HOH competition is endurance it will not be shown on TV this episode either get the SuperPass Live Feeds or read the updates here.

Big Brother 13 Twist

is Gold Key Players are back in the game Duo twist is over.. Julie “but keep in mind the summer and the twists are not over”

6:55pm It’s endurance. Feeds are still down

7:00pm – I’ll up date the second something comes up on the feeds

7:06pm – No Feeds yet 🙁

7:14pm – Adam, Lawon Dropped

7:14pm – Feeds Back

7:27pm – Brendon out

7:38pm – Nobody new out

7:43pm – JEFF IS OUT

Jeff “Too Steep at the End.. Dude”
Brendon: “I figured this was going to happen”

7:50pm Jordan Down

8:06pm Dani, Porsche, Kalia, Shelly Left

8:08pm POrsche Down



8:23pm Kalia and Dani are left


8:23pm Kalia and Dani are left


8:40pm Too much traffic to post real updates.
After Dani wins the HOH she says to Jordan that Jordan Is safe.
Kalia and Rachel/Brendon get into a fight Rachel playing the victim saying that Kalia mad her Cry, Brendon tells Kalia to Shut her BLANK mouth
8:43pm Havenots BRJJ. Their talking about how one of them is gone this week. Jordan says she’ll go home this week becuase she’s the weakest and she’s won already.
Brendon tells her that isn’t going to happen she’ll want a strong player gone

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I must of missed it…What was wrong with Porshas upbringing? Just curious.


I heard some mention of that too so I’m gonna officially lay off the Porsche comments now..big sap I know..but there are plenty of other HG’s to pick on.


I am sad it Dom might leave :'(


How much of that do we know is fact vs a fictional image he wants the HGs to see and sympathize with?


Good Point. Could totally be game play.

Karen S

I am very excited Simon! And I knew they’d all be up there sucking up… as soon as she won! : )


very well said. i couldnt agree more on this post


An evicted houseguest will get brought back…….

Monika Wu

I miss Enzo


Enzo is too busy for Big Brother with his movie career


haha..yeah he is. ZO YO!


I don’t miss Enzo’s smacking when he’s eating. DISGUSTING


I totally agree. Enzo was a ruthless pig when he was shoving food in his mouth. Talk about muting a microphone…they shoulda….!

Big Sister

Enzo was the poster boy for horrific table manners! I muted him every time I saw him come near the kitchen. Thought he, Hayden and Lane were going to blow up as movie stars–LOL!!


I know that a lot of you guys are disgruntled with the CBS version of BB(so am I), but I really encourage you to continue to watch so that they don’t cancel the show altogether. If you have complaints, CBS has a place on their site to voice your opinions. I’m disappointed, but I do want the show to continue year after year . Also, the diary room sessions of Lawon have been hilarious. I love seeing him in his sequined hats and his very expressive opinions of what’s happening in the house. Please watch so they don’t cancel BB altogether


If you still don’t want to watch the show, at least DVR it or TIVO so that CBS can get the numbers.

Lennon's Ghost

CBS and Showtime are both owned by Viacom, so why would they do that?


I am so tired of bb and it’s gotten boring with the vets being there. Along with having winners on ther too. Bring on people tha tneed the money, fresh and NOT annoying. I will say that not watching CBS on bb nights, im discovering lots of good shoes on discovery, history and true tv.

T that's Me!

OMG…it’s only the third eviction. Why does it seem like the season should be half over???? Well, at least it is beginning to get interesting…..ready to be done with the duo crap!!!!


I totally AGREE! Well said!

Uncle Cool

I think a great twist would be that only the key holders get to play for HOH tonight…


if that happens, then Dani will win hands down. Watch Brenchel and Hillbilly become her best friend


I was thinking that too.. that only those with Golden Keys were allowed to compete tonight, seeing as how they haven’t been allowed to compete in any competition since they were given their Golden Keys.


ED was saying on Twitter today that if it’s endurance, especially if the person will be hanging upside down, then, Dani will win.


What happened to Rachel, ever since jeff yeld at her during last weeks POV and she cried in the bushes she hasnt been the same. No drama, no bitchyness, nothing, she just seems to be going with the flow, happy to be in the background…a total 180 if u ask me…Shes the one we all love to hate and i like the old Rachel much more…Cassi has to come back and we will instantly have the return of the red haired biatch we all love to hate. She really isnt even in the top 3 of annoying house guests and i never thought i would say that..BRING CASSI BACK


Not trying to be funny, but I think they have a mental health expert on the set and maybe she talked to them. She has a lot of emotional issues especially with her self esteem and Brenden berating her is not making things any better for her.

T that's Me!

You’ll see crying and bitchy back this week because she won’t be in power. 🙂


I’ll bet money they(BB) got her on some antidepressant.


I really hope dani doesn’t win HOH. I love jeff and jordon so I hope they win tonight and send dani packing


i want dani to win just to shake the house up. need more excitement like yesterday


Hope Dani wins tonight yo! Need her droppin grenades this week.


Im so fkn stoned and stokd bout tonights show!!! Hope I don’t spend the whole time sittn on the stove just staring at my fridge thinking “I know there ain’t a damn thing in there” hope this twists helps the newbs cuz they got screwed the minute the vets walkd in the house.. intimidation overload-.-


It turns out that the twist is… … …wait for it… … …wait… … …THERE IS NO DAMN TWIST!!! (what a twist) AND, we are are all invited to help choose what the next non existant twist is supposed to be. Just text your answer to CBS (for a small fee of course)


you also need to tell them to refrain from making racial comments also. it’s unnecessary

Which A-hole Will Win?

Thanks simon, I almost stopped reading this site because of all the unnecessary cruelty. Hopefully now there’ll be something more interesting than all the shelly bashing. I’m not the biggest shelly fan but seriously, c’mon people!


Thanks Simon, it’s been a problem. I never knew of this site til this season and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for all your and Dawg’s work.


Thank You Simon! You just keep getting better and better in my book. Married?
😉 Totally kidding… just trying to get a smile out of you!


I really like the vets but I am rooting for the underdogs to win. I know this most likely wont happen but I just hope Dom comes back and kick some ass.


anyone with twitter, do you know if @EvelDick and @daniD0NAT0 are dick’s and dani’s actual accounts? it’s hard to tell without verification


ED has not been verified, but its him. there is another guy on there with a fake ED account. Ed has a lot of followers and he spends a lot of time arguing back and with RaganBB12, cursing people out that curses him and talking about BB13


I don’t follow dani, but I follow Dick and that is his acct. kinda hard to get Verified unless your a top shelf celebrity, but that is his twitter.


Yup those are their twitter accounts!


Dani’s is being run by James Rhine (sp?) while she’s in the BB house


go vets go


No vets no lol


If an underdog wins HOH excited 10, but if a vet wins 0, there is no excitement whatsoever with the same people keep winning, the drama that will happen because of them winning already happened last night, now if a Dani wins the drama will overflow because you know how much Brenchel whines when they lose, top that off with a bottle of wine and VEGAS commin out, and the NeanderTALL might go off on a smaller person or a women like he usually do because he’s a pussy.




Agreed, if someone other than the BRJJ+minions win, I’m way into the game again. If it goes the other way, no excitement at all.


10+++ hoping for some major drama on the feeds tonight!!! have my fingers crossed. Dani FTW


And if an Evicted HG that the Vets hate comes back, the look of sheer jelaousy on Rachel’s face if Cassi walks back in … PRICELESS


This is a mad 10 yo!!


10… anxious…..

T that's Me!

I’d say about a 8.5. I’m treading lightly til I see what this twist is. LOL


Im a 10….very excited, which is weird this early on…not sure why alot of posters are hating on this season. Its been great…i hope it continues


11 lol I usually DVR and go back and watch cause I’m spoiled and don’t like commercials lol but thinking I will watch live tonight!

Rachel Is Boy George

10!!!!! time to get the popcorn ready


very excited bout 2nite. want dani r any newbie 2 win. house needs 2 b shaken up a little!!! NEWBIES FTW!!!


I hope Dani wins HOH, its about time the house gets turned upside down. Is there a website where I can watch the live show?

DeAnne1233 broadcasts the live show on east coast time.


Every season we wait for someone to deflate the overblown egos of those who think they are running the show and feel justified in stomping on the underdogs when they are down. Dani will be given the pin, I just hope she can pop a few balloons (we all know it’s pretty much her against the other six and the odds are not in her favor given the cry babies in that house).

*sorry for the double post, meant to post this here instead of on the earlier thread*


I bet that the people with the golden keys are the only ones that get to play for HOH like Adam predicted!!! If thats the case then I highly doubt Shelly and Adam would win at an endurance comp right now. It would come down to Porshe and Dani. How pissed would all the vets be!






I think Production will feel obligated to try to balance the scales of power due to the very clear disadvantage that the newbies were dealt this season (being paired with a stranger + the key twist that pit the players against their own partners vs vets who trust their partners and who have played the game before)


1500.. Would be 920391209310293 if Dom could stay…


Im so pissd right now, show starts in two minutes and my internet and cable just went out. FML


Team Dani yo!!!! (for now)

HAven’t been this excited for a live show since even before last year. 3 minutes!!!!


id say 10 but only if the comp is endurance comp where they all have to sit on a inflated cucumber and get sprayed w water from a 10000psi firehouse. enough that it blows porsches and danis clothes right off


Since when did cbs announce an endurance? Cbs likes to not do competition types that the houseguests are expecting.


We can only hope!


Sure seems that way coming from the DR entries.


And I am seeing that Dani DID tell JJ that BR were 100% in on the back door… and that Dom was promised safety for throwing POV (dumb sh*t anyway). WHY haven’t JJ targeted some anger or flared some doubt in BR?


Whats wrong???


Wow, they are REALLY making it look like Dom is safe…this is why I hate the CBS edits, I only watching Thursday shows because of the live factor.


Jeff and brendon sounds like assess when they talk ugh u cant reason with idiots smh


I am lovin dani now. she actually grew a pair. loved it when she basically told brendumb to shut. hope she wins hoh. go dani go dani ( and shelly is a hillbilly dyke)


Big Jeff is a Big Asshole!


Feel the same way you do about underdogs. Even rooted for BR last year, but Kalia is where I draw the line. Here pieing in the pool is equivalent to Brandon’s sperm on the bedsheets, but unlike BR she plays 0 game. She actually said “I want to play on both sides,” to Jeff. WTH? Like Dani said what gives you the right to be able to do that and be straight forward about it. And also the ability to think about whether she is going to try hard in the HOH comp.

Her back is against the wall and she doesn’t even know it.


This is the worst season ever, I hope CBS gets there crap together for next year. Brendan is so self absorbed and rude, why did they bring them back?? I can’t wait it!!


I dont get the live feeds but that makes me want to order…was that an accurate account of how it went down??? No talk of a twist yet..


Maybe just the keyholders can compete for hoh 😉


Everybody supposed to play BRJJ’s game, not their own, it’s clear now. Everyone in that house is playing to get one of BRJJ the 500k, they can’t win it.


This is By the Vet’s attitude so don;t jump on my neck Brenchel Drones


please let dani win hoh. please then put up brendumb and jeff ( they are playing as singles now)

T that's Me!

What the hell did Dom say? I didn’t follow that speech at all.


I am glad Daniele won. I really hope she nominates Brendon and Jeff. They are way too cocky and think they run the show. Its time for the Vets to feel the heat.


Damn it! Wonder if it will be Jeff brendon or Rachel to go?


Was watchin the live feeds and about 10 minutes after Dani won he started the complaining about how that comp was geared towards the smaller people in the house. Now if that was the case how come Kalia came in second? This dude is the biggest sore loser!

Side Note- America will help influence a new twist next week hmm hopefully we get to vote someone (Dom) back in.






BBAD is going to be soo good tonight! I can’t wait. The Vets are going to be sooo paranoid! I love it.


rough for BRJJ… i cant stand dani but i knew she would win she is a good at comps but needs to work on her socail game and timing


Could not be happier with Dani winning!!! 😀 About damn time the girl got to compete!
I’m very excited to see how this turns out… hope one of the vets is out of there – especially Jeff or Brendon
Should be so fun to see one of those arrogant pricks leave out that door 🙂


Arrrogant is right and couldn’t agree more!


Now I just hope the underdogs can win it next week. So sad Dom had to leave ='( He is the reason why the live feeds were so fun to watch. Anyways this was a good day today. 😉