Big Brother Spoilers – Fourth Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

Brendon Vs. Jordan Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Results

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So last week I said was the craziest week well this week was just as crazy. Heres my take on the houseguests for the week

Adam Your Team Bacon we all love ya but we HATE that you are with Shelly. Surprise us and backstab her we’ll you’ll gain a million fans. You look safe for next week.
Shelly Dick said it best last night on his webcast. LIE CLEAN SMOKE thats what you’ll be known for. You lie the most in the house then preach how much of a straight shooter you are. You may not be safe if your lies finally start to unravel.
Brendon Please go cure cancer.
Rachel You’re the worst person player to be on big brother ever. Your future in the game is questionable
Dani nothing but loves for Dani this week, I hope you win POV you’ll need it to survive.
Kalia right now if you win HOH you’ll gain respect if you don’t win HOH your screwed and probably on the block.
Lawon right now if you win HOH you’ll gain respect if you don’t win HOH you’ll still make it far so rock on brotha.
Jeff just chill yo, your in a ok spot this coming week. You may be the big target now that Brendon is gone even though you don’t really win anything
Jordan I miss the cookie dough monster and the boob flashes. your probably safe so keep doing nothing
Porsche You’re my wild card win HOH and rock the house otherwise people will continue to make fun of you. You may be used as a pawn this week

My prediction is Brendon gets evicted and Kalia wins HOH (i’m crazy I know)

My prediction is Brendon gets evicted and Kalia wins HOH (i’m crazy I know)

Evicted houseguest is Brendon

New HOH is Kalia

Big Brother 13 Twist is


Player that wins the vote gets to compete with the next evicted houseguest.. Vote DOME
Twist screenshot


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248 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Fourth Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

      1. CBS really didn’t show any of the crazy Brenchel drama. WTF! I hope this bringing back the HG isn’t rigged and they bring back Brendon. I can’t see him getting more votes than dom or even Cassi for that matter.

    1. I hope Dom isn’t voted back in. Who wants to watch him lie around and whisper to Dani 24/7?

      Bring back Cassi. At least it would be entertaining to watch her possibly go at Rachel.

      1. I love Cassi but I’m voting Dom. Poor guy got evicted too early and in a terrible way and he had a lot of game left. VOTE DOM guys!

        1. Vote Dom!!! Cassie was easy on the eyes but she had no game!!! Sheldon, Kalia messed up the newbies game from the beginning by being more fans the gamers and teaming up with the Vets. Dani messed Dom’s game up when he had the chance to stay in the game by trying to make moves too soon. Vote Dom I think he’ll make the game more interesting. This melodrama they have going on in the house now is crazy and hard to watch.

  1. Um.. Eveldick is a loser.
    I’m guessing he knew he wouldn’t be able to win, and that’s why he quit the game ^_^

    1. Actually, considering he won his season of Big Brother, that technically makes him a winner. Come up with a more original insult.

    2. We can speculate all we want, but who knows what the real reason is. I believe someone he cares about needed him- for whatever reason- and he left to be with them. I know if someone I cared about needed me, no amount of money would keep me from being there for them. Eveldick may have a devil-may-care persona, but I’m sure he has a good heart and would do the same.

  2. I seriously hope Rachel wins HOH tonight. If she can pull through that breakdown then she may very well win. As long s Kalia or Lawon doesn’t I’m completely ok. Rachel’s worst enemy is Rachel and if she can get through that and win hoh then that my friends is commandable.

    1. agreed 100%. rachel will freak people out if she wins, and suddenly jeff and jordan will be buddy buddy again I bet. as long as dani goes…

      1. Wow. I’ve never seen this many pro Brenchel comments on this forum before. Ya’ll are out in full force tonight. The good people want more Dani and Dom yo!

    2. Why do you have a problem with the two black people in the house? I am just curious what they have done so bad that it warrants you and some of the house guests wanting them out. I guess I just don’t get it? Can you explain please. Iy is just a little strange that people want those two to lose challenges… I am just trying to figure it out, please help me with that.

    3. Umm…WRONG!! Can’t wait to watch the crybaby nasty bitch Rachel squirm and IMPLODE this week, gonna be fun.

  3. Everybody please vote back DOM if you want to see a real game. Dom and Dani will be sooo awesome. VOTE DOM!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dom. would be the worst player to bring back! Why on earth would anyone want him back? I say bring back Brendon, that would make for GREAT TV.!! I would love to see Daniel and Kalia’s face if he were to walk threw that door!!

      1. That would be boring to bring Brendan back because we’ve seen them before and I was a fan last year… not so much this year though. The bottom line is that this is a new season with a new cast and I really don’t want to see old cast mates in the final four or five because I’ve already seen their game play. I woud be bored and probably stop watching it.

      2. Ohhh hell no! That’d be terrble if Brendummy comes back. The only good that would come out of that is we can make more fun of BR.

      3. Now way I can vote for Brendon. The way he acted bullying people the first 3 weeks with all the power – disgusting. He got what he deserved. Dom, Cassi Kieth on the other hand got screwed with all the other weak spineless jellyfish running to the vets kissing their ass. I’m voting back Dom who is a good guy who got shortchanged and actually deserves to be there in the game.

    1. Simon, just sent my text vote for Dom to come back. Question: can we Canadians vote? Sent text to: 81818 and then entered “3” for Dominic. Good to go through for Canucks?

    1. She was sweet and probably would have done better in another season. I want Dom to come back and if not then Cassi. At least they weren’t ‘spineless’. lol

  4. Cassie has been out of the loop for so long, she will have absolutely no idea who is telling the truth if she gets voted back. This will cause her to make mistake after mistake.

    At least Dom knows how the house has devided and will be on Dani + Newbies side

    Keith has absolutely no game so there is no sense whatsoever in brining him back

    If anyone votes to bring back Brendon, they need to voluntarily commit themselves.

  5. vote brendon….hopefully rach gets evicted before he comes back… dom was alright but brendon wins comps… dom boring….go brendon and jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Simon,
          It’ll probably be worthless, but post a poll on who should be brought back.

          Also, who do you think will be brought back?

          Not a great season to do this. Usually there is a great game player that wins HOH and then gets voted out, but not this year. Dom did whatever BRJJ told him too. Keith made a horrible decision w/ the POV and Cassi doesn’t care about winning the money. Brendon is eh.

  6. I wonder what Shelly’s family thinks of her lies? I don’t have a problem with lying in BB but don’t go around telling people that they have your vote and support their cause if you’re just gonna turnaround and cut their heart out. Shelly is a spineless leatherface pathological liar.

  7. It would be funny to see Cassie come back right after Brandon is evicted. Rachel may just lose her mind on live television. Lol. do they have a padded cell in the house ready for her…..they will need one after tonight.

  8. What if Dani goes next week and Dom gets the most votes. They’d have to battle it out that would suck.
    But let’s hope Kalia wins HoH or Lawon. That’s the only way I see Dani bring safe.

    1. What would suck about it? I think that would be great. I can’t stand to have Don & Dani back together. All they do is lay around and whisper.

  9. Its been a crazy day with the trolls i’m not going to put up with it tonight.

    if you want to get banned from the site tonights the night to do it. If you post bullshit and i catch you i’ll ban you, if you’re banned all future comments go into spam were they will sit. If you find someone being an ass send me a email or a comment with **attention simon** on it i’ll deal with them.

    This site is for everyone to enjoy please respect each other’s opinions .

    thanks to everyone who contributes and make this place so much fun.

    1. Simon can we post pictures in comments. Not just a link, an actual picture?

      Also, Chat room, would be awesome. THINK ABOUT IT.

      1. no pictures please it’ll bog down the site.. Maybe if I displayed only 15 comments at a time we could but that would mean people have to page through a bunch to read them.

    2. Simon, it is a shame that you have to babysit on top all that you already do for us!! I don’t understand why people need to act like idiots. I love being here and I enjoy the banter back and forth between the different sides, as I do believe most of us do. It’s too bad that a select few have to be so ignorant. Take care and hopefully we can just enjoy tonight without complication!!!

    3. I’ve been reading your site for weeks.
      Top Notch Place for BB Fans.
      Congratulations and Thank You for a Job Well Done.


    1. Dom. Said what Daniel told him to say! Hope you really don’t believe he came up with that on his on! If you remember she told him that they need to work on what he was going to say in his speech!! So yeah that was ALL Daniel NOT Dom. Sorry to burst your bubble

      1. Cassi is going to come back and do what not win any comps she is going to run to the VETS and not do anything but what ever Shelly tells her at least Dom had a chance at winning plus he ran Cassi,Keith,and Lawon so WHAT

        1. I wouldn’t call what Dom dis as ‘running’ them. Worst alliance ever. They went home consecutively …

  11. Wow Dom has got alot of online buddies, i hope that doesnt reflect in the vote, dani and dom were getting as annoying as brenchel.

  12. Cassie might’ve been boring compared to dom but if you want to see rachel completely melt down (worse than what we’ve seen the last few days) she its the better choice for voting back in the house. I do feel somewhat bad for rachel because she obviously has some mental instabilities, but I want her gone. I’m tired of watching the brenchel show. Let’s get the game on!

  13. I swear if Rachel uses “brendon and I” in the wrong place one more time I’ll lose it. It just makes her look even more stupid.

    Awesome site btw!

    1. it would have been a GREAT strategy move if Dani only said she did that to make Shelly loyal and push Rachel’s buttons!!! I would laugh like crazy if she admits it in the DR

      1. Kudos on the Preiction for HOH Simon!

        Test, test… Are these comments going through? Doesn’t seem to be on my end (not even getting the obligatory ‘confirmation’ message anymore).

    2. I seriously don’t see Rachel pulling it together before the HOH… are the feeds still on trivia? How is she acting?

    3. Seriously, tonight’s show was so sanitized by CBS that if I had smell-o-vision, our house would have smelled like Lysol. For ordinary viewers who do not visit Simon and Dawg, they have no idea all that happened in the past 24 hours.

  14. Not crazy Simon, I agree! My prediction is brendon evicted and Kalia HOH. It would make for a good game anyway :) and I can’t wait to see who comes back, Dom will make the show liven up again

  15. Jordan getting voted off would really add some excitement to game and in the house!! I will laugh if that happens…jus sayin

  16. Brendon is gonna find the cure for cancer as he does his research on Skype. Must mean that his man juice is somehow connected to the cure! Mix that jism in with a little chemo and it will kill every living cell known to man. Woo Hoo! Yak.

  17. Would love to see Rachels reaction if the option to vote someone was out there, and Brendan lost. It would be as bad as the whole Ivette/Cappi mess. She was so sure America loved her team and Cappi. Then when Keyser cam ein, she finally got it. America hated her side.

    I want Brendan gone for good tonite, then Rachel, Dani, Jeff and Jordan. I would love Adam to win

    1. I disagreed, Rachel will be next and then Dani, porsche, Shelly, and Adam. Final Four Lawon, Dom, Jeff and Jordan. Brendon is history.

    1. lol, It’s a fairy tale. Not, this will be the wedding of losers. First, Brendon going home and now Rachel is next. That will be wedding moment. Bring back Dom.

  18. Here is a scenario that will give some of you chills.

    Brendon goes home tonight.. no surprise there.
    Rachel breaks down
    Rachel wins HOH
    Rachel breaks down
    Dani/Kalia put up
    Rachel breaks down
    Rachel wins POV
    Rachel breaks down
    Dani Goes home
    Brendon comes back
    Rachel breaks down
    Brendon win HOH

  19. I don’t know why everyone is dogging rachel. She’s a strong player. If she was guy, everyone would love her. I hope Brendon comes back:)

    1. I’m voting for Brendon to come back. At least he wins comps, not like the floaters that just sit around! And Brenchel makes for good entertainment. J/J are too boring but everyone likes them. I would have wanted Jordan to leave tonight because she already won $500K! Give someone else a chance!

  20. Hope Dani stays another week, she needs all the luck she can get yo. More grenades could go off this week.


  21. If Dom is voted back in to the game, all we will see is Dom and Dani laying in bed doing some super whispering.
    Really not very entertaining. Dom is a year older than Dani, but she looks a lot older than him. I thought he seemed
    a little bit immature.
    Just not interested in seeing them in bed under the covers, bring back Brendon and then we will have some excitement.
    He will be so angry with everyone who voted him out, he will not know who to go after first, Dani or Jeff.

    1. Yea but all we see right now is BR laying around telling each other how amazing, smart and beautiful they are. I thought Dom was fun and he’s got my vote hands down,

  22. Wouldnt it be awesome if brendon and rachel had to face off against one another next week for one of them to stay in the house! how ironic!

    1. Ronnie the Rat said the same thing on Dick At Night.. yes it would be awesome and at the same time pathetic, because you know brenda will throw it to her, and then we get another pathetic breakdown

    2. I’d like to see that. Have Brendon hand it to her to come back and have Dani be HOH and send her right back out the door the next week. We would see a complete nervous breakdown and Rachel getting taken out in a straight jacket

  23. Am I the only one who thinks Brendon is largely responsible for Rachel’s emotional breakdowns? I feel like she was a lot stronger last season, before they were a couple. Still arrogant and annoying, but stronger emotionally. It seems like Brendon has been really controlling and done a lot of putting her down, then building her up and knocking her down again. I used to really dislike Rachel but now I just feel sorry for her.

    1. I completely agree- mark my words on this, we will hear something disturbing about brendon in the future that will shed light on him being a controlling sociopath. Promise

    1. I’ve wondered myself why cbs seems to be editing Brenchal in a much more favorable way than they really are…and portraying Dani as the villian. Very sketchy IMHO.

  24. Ugh…not the Brenchel show again. And I love how their giving Brendon a good edit. CBS sucks at showing what’s real and what’s not.

  25. Vote Cassi! She will stir up the house. She’ll be torn between newbs and JJ so whole new alliances will form. Dom will just pal around with Dani which is more of the same. Brendon will put the Vets back in charge. Keith is.. useless. Nobody will vote for him. lol

  26. How many other people mute (when live) or fast forward through every Brendon/Rachel session during the CBS shows (and on the live feeds for that matter). That’d be a good poll Dawg! I know I am by far in the majority on this one…I will be soooooo happy when Brendon is gone and sooooo pissed if CBS (because there is no ways the fans and other players would do it) brings him back after this next week.

  27. i support brenchel,i’d rather have brendon win…….on what ur saying,i agree.but in my opinion i dont care how they act or do just get to the end….THEY ARE BEASTS AT COMP and they manipulate well. IN THE END THEY’RE ALWAYS GONNA BE THEY’RE OWN WORST ENEMY….or just brendons.VOTE BRENDON FOR BETTER TV.

  28. What does Brendon see in Rachel? She is NOT even the least bit attractive. She is the biggest baby and pouts and cries all the time. Also she is mean as hell. It’s funny, they say what you don’t like in others, many times, is how you are. That is so true. This is when love really is blind.

  29. Did you guys hear the audience laughing after Rachel said she evicts Jordan? .. woah..what was THAT about??

    I wonder who it was..I assume it was the audience because they all had smiles on their faces..

    anyone else catch that?

    1. If its about that revolting kiss thing she does when evicting someone, the be my guest! Her fingers appeared to slide off her lip gloss.

  30. Even though I want Dom back in the house the most, it would be really interesting if Brendon gets voted to compete (please no!!) and Rachel got evicted and to see them compete.

  31. brendon gone rachell going ape shit one evict will return to face next week evicted to see who will return to hovse

  32. JohnnySik Says:

    I’m not Simon! LOL, your webpage hijacked my web browser.


    Poll question… What day will the other house guests discover RacHELLs corpse hanging in the BB house?

  33. OMG i can”t believe Kalia won well now i guess rachel has 2 chance left first battle for POV if she doesn’t get pov then battle Dominick i’m pretty sure is the one america is going to vote for………………or maybe because of this twist they are going to think twice………….but i think Rachel and Jeff are going on the block

  34. Grenades Yo…… AUDREY II, AUDREY II ….. LIKE I SAID , Rachel, you’ll be joining bookie next week to plan your wedding early.

    Let the Victim Pity Party Of One begin…..

  35. If I were one of the competitors, I would just talk about skype and how Brendon is probably on it right this very minute to throw Rachel off her game more.

  36. everybody saying vote dom back in are yall stupid if dom comes back he battles with someone but mostly kailia will feel like a fifth wheel

    if dom comes back kailia knows dani will carry dom far i see problems for dani if dom comes back

  37. Agreed 100%. CBS actually made them look like people tonight. On another note, I hope that the HGs throw some mad grenades tonight on BBAD! And why was Skeletor hugging Kalia soooo tight after she won HoH? Fake as hell!!

  38. Grrreat. Tub O Lard won HoH even though she didn’t know how to pick the next two players to face off. That shows how weak this cast is. It can only be worse if Fairy Boi Dom is voted back in.

  39. Tonights BBAD is bittersweet for me…. So excited to see Kalia and Danis excitement and game talk… But unfortunately listening to Kalia that ling will cause me to cut my ears off with a rusty blade….

  40. Tonights BBAD is bittersweet for me…. So excited to see Kalia and Danis excitement and game talk… But unfortunately listening to Kalia that ling will cause me to cut my ears off with a rusty blade….

  41. Glad the site is back – for some reason it said I was posting as admin Simon – yikes! I dont know if my posts got through or not..

    Did anyone else hear the audience giggling when Rachel was crying and voting to evict Jordan??!!!

    What was that about??

    Anyone else catch that?

  42. i gotta vote for brendon…because of the drama he can create.

    question. if rachel is the evicted houseguest this coming week…and brendon wins his comp to come back into the house, would rachel then go to jury?

  43. PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! let me say something mean about that kiss thing SHELLY does when she votes. omg!

    Also… do you think CBS is Effing with the votes by not opening up the online voting till 10pm PT? Everyone on the East coast will be in bed for work… what time does the poll close? I think that’s stupid. Only us BB junkies will wake up at 1am to go vote… I mean it could be a ploy to get the $$$ from texts but it seems like they are setting it up for the people in PT to make the choice. I wonder if Brendumb has a larger fan base out there.

  44. The only reason I wouldn’t want rachael to be evicted this week is so I can see her face when she expects brendon to walk back in that door and instead Dominic walks in.

  45. Kalia should put up Rachel and Porsche then tell everyone to vote out Porsche. With the twist they are going to want to evict someone who can’t beat Dom in a comp or someone who it doesn’t matter if they go then possibly come back. Shelly would have to go up as a pawn if anyone wins veto though.

    Lawon would actually be the perfect person to send packing this week but I doubt Kalia would do that since they need him for a vote.

  46. You guys do realize that there’s no guarantee that one of these players will get back into the house right?? Lets say Cassi gets voted back in. She still has to play whoever the hell is evicted next week(Rachel likely)

  47. Kalia should put up Rachel and Porsche then tell everyone to vote out Porsche. With the twist they are going to want to evict someone who can’t beat Dom in a comp or someone who it doesn’t matter if they go then possibly come back. Shelly would have to go up as a pawn if anyone wins veto though.

    Lawon would actually be the perfect person to send packing this week but I doubt Kalia would do that since they need him for a vote.

    Guy, you might want to get started on that apology ;)

  48. Plz i beg you for the mercy of an upper being, DO NOT VOTE for Dom or you hand the game to *KALIA*…………….
    I would love to see KEITH (potential man. I know he threw his POV but the NEWBS screwed him and he has learned)
    Brendon and Cassi are the 2nd best option
    DO NOT VOTE for dom. he got a chance and he threw his POV, but HE WILL NOT learn. He will follow around Dani like crazy and take all the target on him and Dani. Kalia will survive and b/c she is good at quizzes, she might make the final. DO NOT do it. Kalia does not deserve a chance. Cassi, Keith, Brendon deserve the CHANCES WAY MORE.

  49. Tonights BBAD is bittersweet for me…. So excited to see Kalia and Danis excitement and game talk… But unfortunately listening to Kalia that ling will cause me to cut my ears off with a rusty blade….
    HEY DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT BRENDON SAID TO PORSCHE BEFORE HE LEFT? It sounded sh*tty but after rewinding 4 times I still could make it out :/

  50. How great would it be if Brendon was the ONE voted back & he had to compete with Rachell toget back into the game HAHAHAHA

  51. Since they said the person voted by america would battle the next evicted houseguest how awesome would it be for America to vote Brendon and then have Rachel be the next evicted houseguest so Brendon and Rachel would have to “battle”. Brendon would hand it to Rachel. Dani wins HOH, Rachel comes back only to be put on the block at get voted out the next week. I think we would see her get taken out in a straight jacket!

  52. TEAM DOM! cassie not going to fight with racheal , she not that kind of girl and racheal will blow up no matter what happens with Kaila as HOH. Its between Dom & Cassie but the majority of the vote is going to come from people who dont go to spoiler websites. Im still hoping for double trouble cassie&dom coming back!

  53. Kalia is HOH! She’s moving on uppp! ….to the east side, to that deluxe apartment in the bb sky…movin’ on uppp!!!!!! She did really well in that competition and completely deserves to win. Rachel’s f – up on tv was just sad after all the turmoil she’s put herself thru this past week.

  54. I’m not so excited about the twist because everyone that was voted out is boring. It would be fun if Dom came back mad at Dani, win the Hoh and decided to do his iwn Regulator thing to shake everything up. I dont think it would be like that though…

    Now can you imagine if somehow Brendon gets the votes and crazy rachel gets evicted and they get to “battle” to get back in the house? Ugh. It makes me sick just to think about it. They annoy the crap out of me.

  55. I loved it when dani called rach racHELL and brendumb seemed happy to leave. (all smiles) hope he doesn’t come back. I want either dom or cas (I’d say keith but he won’t get the votes) :)

  56. Why is it that when Rachel won HOH, she got to pick the order for the golf competition, but, for tonight’s HOH competition, the order was determined by “random draw”? CBS is so full of bullshit sometimes it makes me sick. Good on Kalia for trudging through and winning the thing after being one of the first ones up there. She gained some of my respect tonight. Now we’ll have to see what she does with her power.

  57. You guys who run this site is awesome! You are also so good at predictions! Not a fan of Kalia but it will be interesting this week!

  58. Oh my. I was rooting for the newbies but then they became so dumb right out of the gate it was hard to cheer for them. At first it was boring to have vets in the house (even though I like some of them but I like having a new cast) now with Cassi and Dominic gone, the remaining newbs are just sooo lame. I am bummed Kalia won HOH, let’s see how fast that goes to her head. BB did a shoddy casting job this year that is for sure! I realy don’t know if I will be able to watch Kalia this week, she needs to go! Weeks ago I would have voted for Dom to return but then he teamed up with Dani… I would love to see Brendon come back now and I agree, Rachel vs. Brendon would be awesome twist.

  59. The fix was on tonight. How could Kalia answer the first question on only the first two words if BB didn’t give her the answer in advance,

    1. Because it was about something said in their speech and only Dominic said anything memorable. They have a 1/3 chance, so you are often better off acting quick and putting things in your own hands.


    3. Seriously, wasn’t Dominic the only evicted HG to label the remaining HG on TV? How remembering that is a fix? It was quite easy to guess the rest of that question.

  60. I really hope Kalia puts up Shelly. and get her evicted. Lawon needs to try a little harder. He’s not going to get a free ride because he’s entertaining

    1. Put Shelly and Rachel up – Rachel leaves – (not that I want him back at all but …) Brandon is voted back, but Rachel and Brandon are forced to compete against one another – winner returns to the house :) Oh the drama!

  61. That’s no brainer. Rachel will be next. Come on America, Vote for Dom. Bring him back. He is good this game. Go online or iphone and texts.

  62. Not a fan of what Dick said about his daughter. I think she’s doing a great job and he should support his daughter. He’s so pretentious.

  63. I’m not sure why everyone thinks that their vote is actually going to count? You’re wasting your time and money( if you’re texting) when cbs is just going to rig the votes and bring brendan back, I think kalia will nominate either shelly,rachel,or porshe. A battle between brendon and rachel would be stupid because brendon would just throw the competition to rachel so she could get back in the house. So evicting rachel this week would be stupid. I feel kalia would make a smart move if she evicted shelly this week

    1. I totally agree, Kalia still has to put two people on the block first and that winner will be in the face-off. I think shelly and porsh.

  64. Listening to Dick’s live show right now,

    Jeff: “If you (Rachel) get evicted, YOU’RE 100% coming back!”

    What is this now? Jeff Delusional?? Or he just blowing smoke up Psycho’s ass?

    put up Rachel and Jordon Audrey II

  65. Dick was just showboating as he normally does. He loves Dani and wants her to win, he is just afraid that she will get taken in by a guy like she was the last time when Nic professed to love her only to be screwing guys he met on the internet.

  66. Did anyone notice that Kalia had buzzed all the answers before the questions were even read, and for 2 of them you didn’t even know what the question was.
    I believe this is what CBS wants to happen Kalia wins HOH, back doors Rachel and then Rachel and Brendon Square off. That would be best case scenerio for CBS, and now I am totally convince this game is fixed. I don’t think we seen the last of BR. CBS should make Rachel leave, it is not right to make money off of other peoples mental illness, and I don’t believe Rachel is in her right mind to make the decision to stay.

  67. What you guys have to consider is that the potential returning houseguest will probably have to face Rachel in a comp. Do you wnt to vote Cassie back in who will surely lose this comp? Or do you want to have someone like Dom who you know will stand a chance. Think about it.

  68. I am ecstatic Kalia won HOH. Good for her. She played the shit out of that game. It doesn’t matter who you vote for folks so don’t waste your time, this is not a game show where standards of practices and accountability must be observed; its a reality show. AG and CBS are gonna pick whoever they want. It’ll probably be that ass wipe Brendan. UCLA must be soooo proud. Earth to Rachel:This isn’t “Mr and Mrs Smith”, you’re not Brangelina and lets hope to God you two don’t procreate.

  69. I actually think there’s a big following for Brenchel in America. Not on this site for sure! My sis and I are huge BB fans. We both have Masters degrees and we both can appreciate strong players like Brenchel. I think Brendon could have won if he stayed. He can def compete and can play the Social game too! Rachel, not so much (Social Game).

    1. but he didn’t stay and you have to stay to win so……..

      by the way….just because someone has a master degree doesn’t mean they are BR fans. LOL

  70. Seriously.. If you guys don’t vote for Dom so help me god. If Cassie comes back and Jeff & Jordon get somebody ELSE on their team it will be Kalia, Lawon, Dani (Probably not Adam) vs. Skelly, Cassie, Jeff & Jordon (Rachel if she’s still alive) This would be totally unfair.. Atleast if Dom came back it woudl even out the numbers.. Plus he’s not hard to look at like Rachel and Brendon Seriously guys think about the long-term!!!

  71. We have to remember that whoever gets voted back has to be able to win the face-off competition to get back into the game. I would love to vote for cassie, but I don’t think she would win the face-off. So my vote will go to Dom.

  72. Glad I found this site this year. I love reading the comments and getting the jump on the show. How much does the live feed cost

  73. If Brendon wins america’s vote and Rachel gets voted out next week they have to compete against each other. What will Brendon do then? Throw away a chance for another 500,000 for her.

  74. Yes!.! Kalia won HOH!!!!! I’m sooooo proud of her! Dani got her right together on coaching her how t answer the questions!!! Dani in another week too!!! POW POW POW!!!

  75. “Dani messed Dom’s game up when he had the chance to stay in the game by trying to make moves too soon. ”

    Dom got himself kicked off by talking to Shelly and trying to get her on his side. Bad move.

  76. vote cassi if dom comes back dani and her little pawns will run the game and it will be boring if cassi comes back im not sure if she would go with dani and the newbies or team with jeff and jordan even though they evicted her and america hates brendon so if he comes back it’s definitely rigged

  77. I’m okay with Cassi or Dom coming back. (voting for Dom though).

    PS. (I’d bet ten dollars that Dom is gay, and all we’ll see is fake-flirting between him and Dani. Nothing gross).

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