Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Porsche he doesn’t feel good keeping Lawon & that they will get Rachel out next week.. *Updated*

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1:20pm – 1:40pm Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lock down. All the houseguests leave the HOH room, except Kalia who heads into the HOH bathroom to get ready. Kalia then starts packing up her stuff and all the food in order to get ready to leave the HOH room. Shelly immediately starts cleaning the house. Adam and Rachel head to the kitchen to make lunch/breakfast. Lawon is in the bathroom getting ready. Adam goes into the candy bedroom and lays down. He tells Porsche that they will talk later. Porsche says that she will vote how ever he is voting. Adam tells her again that they will talk later. Adam and Porsche then lay in silence. After awhile, Porsche gets up and heads into the kitchen.

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1:45pm – 2:10pm All four cameras are on Rachel in the kitchen cooking catfish by herself. Adam joins her in the kitchen, then heads to the bathroom. Rachel tells Adam that the main argument is that Brendon is coming back ..but that she knows he isn’t. All four cameras switch to the bathroom where Lawon is getting ready in the mirror and Porsche is taking a shower. Adam comes up to Porsche in the shower and says that will only have a minute ..he says that he just felt really uncomfortable last night. Porsche says oh me too. Adam asks if Lawon even wanted to be here? Porsche says no.. that now he is all sketchy because we don’t know if people are in the jury yet. Adam says that he doesn’t feel good keeping Lawon and that he is going to try and get out Rachel next week. Adam asks if she was thinking that too? Porsche says whatever you want to do …I will do. Adam then leaves the bathroom and starts cleaning up in the kitchen.

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2:15pm Lawon is in the kitchen making lunch. Kalia and Porsche are in the bathroom getting ready for the live show tonight.

2:20pm In the bathroom Porsche and Lawon are talking. Porsche asks Lawon if he thinks the person that gets voted out will come back into the house. Lawon says he doesn’t think so. Lawon says that this is the only chance to get Rachel out of the house… otherwise they never will. Porsche says no it won’t be the only time. Porsche says that she is still trying to figure out what to do. Porsche says that they will have a signal during the live show to switch the votes just in case. Lawon says yeah do that. Lawon says that he’s not afraid …he feels good. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back Porsche has left the bathroom and Kalia is talking to Lawon. Kalia says that people will do and say whatever they have to just to be safe ..and that is very frustrating. Kalia says that she will never have beef with floating strategy …but that she understands why people hate it …because one week you have the numbers and the next week you don’t. Lawon says yeah.

2:35pm – 2:45pm Kalia says that as much as Dani loves Porsche …I don’t trust her …I’ve seen a change in her… she and Adam are still going to do what is best for them. Kalia says that Porsche was one of the people that said she would do whatever they wanted and now she is saying she doesn’t know. Kalia tells Lawon that his act that he pulled on Monday ..really hurt him. Lawon says okay boo.. it hurt me. Kalia says yeah it made people think and really question what was going on .. Kalia says if you are put up as a pawn you just remain calm. .. if you don’t you draw attention to yourself. Kalia says that if it ends up being a split vote …it will be Shelly. Kalia says that she thinks Adam and Porsche will vote to keep him. Kalia says that she will talk to Shelly again. Kalia says that you lied straight to her face and you got caught… it made people question you and me and what was going on. Lawon says that he tried to smooth things out yesterday. Kalia says that its just hard to convince people to keep you when you were acting so weird. Kalia says that people now want to keep Rachel because she isn’t a threat to them …she is going to come after Dani and I. Kalia says that we definitely over thought this twist and that we can’t really do anything pre-emptively because we just don’t know whats going to happen. Kalia says there is no difference between a mad Rachel coming back and the one that is already here. Kalia says that she feels like her HOH didn’t mean anything. Kalia says that someone coming back goes to the fact that they need it to have a fast forward or double eviction. Lawon asks …so what do you think in your gut that is going to happen. Kalia says if you leave you aren’t coming back …but if Rachel leaves she is coming back. Kalia says if Rachel comes back ..we are right back at week two. Kalia says that they bring someone back every three seasons …and that if they are bringing someone back they are in sequester ..because no one can be sitting at home …Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back they break up their conversation and head out of the bathroom…

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231 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Porsche he doesn’t feel good keeping Lawon & that they will get Rachel out next week.. *Updated*

    1. Ok so tell me…Is BB going to be delayed due to NFL and air at 2:30am? I hope not. I have been seriously waiting all week to say adios Lawon and Hello Brendon. Oh and not to mention see the looks on DK faces or see them shit their pants. Damn this is gunna be great tonight

      1. Yes me too. I can’t wait for the look on their faces. Especially with the good bye videos that Kalia and Dani left for Brendon and he saw.
        If Brendon does come back (Which I SOOOOO hope) watch for the fire works to explode and see one coat tailor(Floater) after another leave the house,

    2. I must have missed soemthing, since when is porche following what adam does?

      She has to be the worst floater ever, hasn’t even made a decision for herself the entire time.

      1. And Adam is just doing whatever Jeff says. They’re game plan is apparently just sit around and wait for Jeff to voluntarily walk out of the house. they literally do not have the numbers to beat him if Lawon leaves… ever. Adam and Porsche are idiots. They will never have enough votes to beat Jeff if Lawon leaves and Brendon comes back. You might as well write Jeff the check now.

    1. If I had to guess…

      DR sessions–> probably because those are one of the few things that live feeders don’t get and they want to give people a reason to watch the actual broadcasts

      sing—> Copyrite laws. Even songs like “Happy Birthday” come with a pricetag and so they must be careful about it.

    2. I believe they stop them from singing because of ASCAP/BMI rules. If a song is played, sung, featured for a certain period of time, then the network has to pay ASCAP/BMI fees.

    3. Songs are copyrighted material, CBS would have to pay fees for using protected songs in its show. DR sessions are private because that’s where the real scheming goes on with Production and, in my personal opinion, it encourages an air of paranoia between HGs.

    4. They can’t sing anything that is under a copyright. (that’s why they were able to sing “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” after Rachel and Brendon’s mock wedding). I’m not positive as to why they can’t talk about their DR sessions, but my guess would be that production wants them to feel like they can say anything in there without another houseguest finding out…and even if another houseguest asks you about your DR, you don’t have to feel any pressure to talk about it since it’s against the rules.

    5. they can’t talk about DR sessions cause production tells them not too, not sure why they tell them not to though. They cant sing cause it messes with the microphones/sound stage plus its annoying as hell to bad the don’t tell Rachel to shut the hell up cause her voice is really annoying.

    6. DR sessions are supposed to be confidential between production and the house guests, and when they sing the mics can’t pick up whispering or other things the other house guests might be saying.

    7. Kalia the huts HOH was the biggest waste in BB history. She really needs that dunce cap back. I still get sick to my stomach when I think about her moving her udder around to trim her Va Jay Jay. Nasty Nasty Nasty does she not realize that she is on T.V. until this week I couldn’t wait for Rachel to be gone but now I can’t wait till they send Kalia the hut packing.

    8. Singing gets into copywrite problems. They want to keep the DR sessions, and as much productions as possible, secret from the viewing public.

    9. i also think its’s bc production probably asks questions and give “subtle” hints to each player based on what other people are saying about them, what alliances are forming, etc as a way of manipulating the game – so if everyone sits and talks about it, they’ll start figuring stuff out that maybe they shouldn’t and they will see that production is actually manipulating the game

      as for the music, you need to have a licensing agreement with the publisher of a song in order to use it in a public way (esp when you can make money off it) — and that licensing agreement outlines how much of the song can be used, how often and for how long, and most importantly, the price…and yes, even using a few lines one time can cost thousands…and if you use it without an agreement then you still owe the money and it will be hard to negotiate the cost, so a law suit/litigation may be involved

      did you ever hear like on DWTS when they have popular songs but they are not sung by the original artist…well that is bc it is cheaper to get the rights to the song than it is to get the rights sung by the original artist – so if you want to usee Rihanna’s umbrella sung by a no name (that is called a technical licesnse), might cost $30,000 but to use a recording of Rihanna singing that song (called a master license) migth cost $100,000 – so you see what some shows might do this….you can always tell a budget of a show by their music…

    1. It can’t all be put on Kalia, Dani is the ventriloquist with her hand up Kalia’s ass. Kalia did everything Dani guided her to do. Kalia’s mistake was running to Shelly with every detail.

      1. Actually this one is all Kalia’s doing (thanks to that snake Shelly talking her into it). Dani was ambivalent from the jump about this idiotic plan. Dani just went along for the ride and kept telling Kalia to not trust Shelly. But what did Kalia do? Yep, she trusted Shelly!

      2. Dani was absolutely opposed to putting Lawon up. Kalia is “being her own person” and unfortunately, Dani is having to ride it out. She tried very hard to change Kalia’s mind.

        1. Get your life vests on floaters (Team Dani) your ship is about to sink,time for Dani/Kalia to pull a Chima when BRENNAN comes walking in….gonna be epic,lol

    1. Simon, heard a rumor that if Lawon stayed for more than 6 weeks, he would be let go from his job, have you heard anything to this effect? Just curious why all of a sudden that he is fine about the situation he is in, that if he goes home, he would be okay with it. Just asking.

    1. I hope your wrong but I have this feeling that is what is going to happen. I really wanted to see Cassie or even Dom chit I would even rather see whats his name the goofy guy that got voted out first Keith instead of Brendumb. It would be sooooo funny if Brendumb wins the vote and then gets beat by Lawanda. hahahahaha now that would be great T.V. could you imagine the train wreck Rachel would be when she found out that Lawanda came on her man I mean in between her and her fiancee. ahhahahaahahah

    2. If Brendon does come back, which I wholeheartedly hope does not happen, best case scenario is that at least he comes back with Frlanklin the Turtle

  1. Adam starting to shuck and jive! I do wish they would vote out Rachel….keeping the weakest player alway smakes sense, and even moreso with the potential twist

    1. OMG……I totally agree with you! Shelly is running the house and no one knows it. I HATE Rachel, she is so annoying! I really think Cassi is coming back, I would hate to see STUPID Brendon. I would LOVE to see Dom come back!!

    2. I just don’t understand why Jeff gets so pissed off when him or Jordan are on the block… ONLY makes perfect sense! The house should want to split them up, personally I would keep Jordan she won’t win anything without someone handing it to her and also she won before so I don’t think they would give it to her again. I can NOT stand Rachel, she is so UGLY, RUDE, CHILDISH and just gets on my last nerve! She blames everyone for America hating her, she did it to herself, I sure hope I never see her in public!

      1. Yes, Jordon won’t win anything without handling… oh wait, except her season of Big Brother! Keep underestimating her and you will see a 2 time winner!

  2. God what a waste of a HOH yo. I’m still team Dani but /Kalia fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line.


      1. both times Dani had the courage to get big players out.. someone else dropped the ball.. not Dani.
        So yeah… at least if Dominic comes back.. he won’t let Dani down and she might actually have a chance at this.
        Kick Kalia to the curb.. geeezeeeeee!

    1. Yep, Team Dani. I hated her the first time she was on but she’s my favorite this year. Jeff and Jordan make me want to vomit, they are so full of themselves. OMG. And Shelly is the WORST! She’s so up JJ’s behind its funny.

  3. I hope everything goes according to plan and Rachel stays and then Dom will come back. Then team JJRSA will be ready to take out the other side. Team R

  4. I’m sooooo excited for tonight!!! I really hope that Brendon will not be the returning houseguest. I will DIE. I’m not going to sit here and say “ohh i’m done with Big brother if he comes back” No, i’m to much of a fan to just stop watching. But I will just say, it will make it very difficult to watch and enjoy. Sadly i do see him coming back. I’m really hoping Dom is the one returning *crossing my fingers* I can only Hope.

    1. I am with you with this. I can’t stop watching BB even if Brendon comes back. Let’s just hope and pray for dom’s return.

  5. I hope to hell Lawon wins the contest to come back in to the house. Then wins HOH. Then puts up Jeff and Jordan. Just so I can see Jeff cry.

    Come on Lawon!! You can do it!!

    1. I am with you I like Lawon he got a bad rep from jis ass kissing partner. They are mad because he isn’t blabbing all over the place about life. He was raised to keep your business out the street and respect yourself

    2. Sorry I’m not Lawanda FTW… But do u know what would be hilarious??? If the HGs watch the 2 battle and Lawon actually wins!!! Against Brendon, Rachel would claw at the door sobbing “Brennnnnnnoonn”– against Dom (and Lawon wins) Dani would start stabbing her own eyes out in disbelief, then crawl in a corner and start rocking back and forth chanting “this isn’t happening”… Guess Lawanda wouldn’t be on her team anymore!

  6. shelly josey and I miss you and your plan worked because America loves you!!! And you have haters we miss you and love you. Josey has already started school!!

        1. FYI-Most of America is now starting school in August. You must not have kids :)
          That’s the beauty of this site, it is for everyone to enjoy!
          Go JJSAR

        2. Thats not true, my kids first full day was August 8. Schools start in august in the south and get out mid May.

          But, that’s not shelly’s family. They know she can’t read this.

        3. I live in America and my children started school this Monday August 8th. I think Shelly rocks and have rooted for her since day 1.

        4. The kids are starting school this week and some next week in the midwest. Shelly is from New Mexico from what she’s said on BBAD.

      1. maybe someone can explain this….if they get rachel out, SHE IS COMING RIGHT BACK IN WITH A VENGEANCE…so what in the hell is the point of getting her out to make her mad?
        i don’t get this whole kalia made a mistake thing and it’s irritating
        yes, this was a waste of an HOH and that is that, shoulda never even happened

        even if Kalia still had J and R on the block and got one out, EITHER ONE WOULD COME BACK BC OF THE TWIST. AND BC THAT IS WHAT BB DOES….so she had no choice but to put a weak player up, sure could have been PASL, take your pick, but does it even matter……

        i really feel like i am missing something here bc this is all i keep hearing…

        1. Kalia’s mistake was putting up an ally. Perhaps trying to work out a deal so Rachel isn’t mad at you but not at the risk of your own numbers. She had other choices than Lawon.

    1. Awww, Tony! How sweet. Shelly is golden for at least a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see her bust out, and start kickin some booty. Josey is lucky to have a mom like her. She is even my 9yr old sons favorite. He asked me Sunday why I couldn’t be as cool as Shelly…. smart kid…..

  7. Get Adam out. I don’t feel comfortable with Adam in the house! He’s lucky that nobody is gunning for him. I cannot wait until Brendon and Rachel

  8. Just one more thing for today…

    It is going to be one hell of a show tonight!!

    I haven’t been excited to see an episode since the first one this season.

    I don’t even watch any others except Thursdays now because I get all my info at this wonderful site, to which I once again say, THANKS DAWG AND SIMON!!

    1. Yeah. Nice try! Im still not watching or supporting the ratings for tonights episode or any of the remaining episodes for that matter. SCREW CBS and BB PRODUCTION. Live feeds and updates are good enough for me.

        1. The subtitle said all 4 of the evicted HGs will be able to compete with the newly evicted HGs, I just hope it;s a comp that makes it fair to everyone playing.

          1. I recall the explanation was that this week’s evicted HG will compete Live against the previsouly evicted HG voted by viewers. If they were all four going to compete, what would have been the purpose of having the viewers vote for one of them?

        2. Simon the way I understand it.. America’s vote brings back one of the four to compete against evicted house guest tonight. Funny how this does coincide with Survivors redemption island.. as was mentioned in the feeds. Guess it’s allowed to steal idea’s from your own affiliate. lol

      1. If Dick was in the house last night is it possiblethat he told Dani what the twist is? On BBAD yesterday she was convinced she knew what the twist was and she was right. I can’t stad dani or kalia. I hope brendon comes back to the house!!

    1. I would love to see Lowan win the comp then get hoh….and put jeff and ShelHe up on the block. Dani wins POV an noms stay the same, jeff gets voted out! JSR would stand a chance getting to the final 4…..

  9. I was so ready to get rid of rachel

    now I want brenden back just to make good tv and watch dani and kalia whine about the game and the”twists” when they made the biggest mistake ive ever seen in BB…seriously, Lawon? I thought we were STUCK with that guy all summer. somehow we get rid of him for a much better ex house gest? ever KEITH is a better option, he can hit on the girls in his head and talk about it

  10. I can’t wait to see dk faces when they’ve singled to vote out rachael and she stays by a vote of 5-1 lol. Then their worse nightmare walks through the door. DK will be at each others throats. K will then try to tell R that was her plan all along if she can stop crying long enough.

    1. Unfortunately if the Creepy Librarian wins this week she will have to put up B & R again which will negate her second HOH and I seriously doubt she could expect Cowlia to win again next week, let alone do the right thing if she did. Team Creepy Librarian are screwed unless Pretty Boy PT walks in or the Sports car wins this week.

  11. I can’t wait to see dk faces when they’ve singled to vote out rachael and she stays by a vote of 5-1 lol. Then their worse nightmare walks through the Hdoor. DK will be at each others throats. K will then try to tell R that was her plan all along if she can stop crying long enough.

      1. can you blame Dani though? really? It’s not like she could threaten Kalia. Kalia was/is/maybe the only one who could or would keep Dani safe last week.

        1. You can blame her for shooting her wad too early. She played her cards way too early and had no one to align herself with but stupid players. She would be sitting pretty had she not wanted to backdoor Mr Serious two weeks ago.

        2. I don’t know why Dani is getting so much of the blame for Kalia’s dumbass moves. Dani tried to talk Kalia out of some of the moves she made.

    1. Porsche is in a secret alliance with everybody except oddly Jeff and Jordan. She’s in a secret alliance with Janelle, Dick, Ragan, the wine, the pool table, the shower, and the have not room. And none of the secret alliances know about the other. She’s the true big brother master manipulator. Better than Shelly because she doesn’t even lie about it. Everybody just forgets about her like Jeff.

  12. how does anyone believe it will be dom vs lawon?

    it will be dom vs lawon vs brenden

    there is no way NO WAY, they leave out brenden, and this would be how…top two vote getters period

          1. Just a hunch, but I think all 4 evictees will get to play. But the America’s Choice will be given an advantage in the competiion. It would just be too cruel to lock they away for weeks without even a chance at playing again.

    1. It wont be all of them against each other. It will be who ever America voted for out of Keith, PT, Cassie, and Brendumb vs who ever gets voted out tonight. So it will only be 2 people competing to get back into the house.

  13. Smart man Cue Ball. Tell Sports Car that youll talk later then go have a “discussion” while she is in the shower. Cue Ball might be my new Hero!

  14. It would be pretty funny if they were, Adam working with JJSR and Po working with DKL then ADAM AND PO get together with all their info.

    1. I pray that Adam never wins hoh. I have a terrible feeling he’s due soon. So I pray that the twist allows Brendon to win it. Adam does not need any power. Let him be an enzo that doesn’t win anything.

  15. Can somebody please tell mw which side Porsche is with? Getting confused with her. Thought she is with DK. And now she’s voting with A. Thanks

  16. I see Pretty Boy PT coming back. Then I see JJRSA winning the HOH and then putting Pretty Boy PT and Creepy Librarian up. Then Creepy Librarian goes home and has to endure the fact that the person she got knocked out came back and she was the one to get booted.

    1. I know!! I can watch BBAD and figure out what happens before they air the show after stupid football. For gosh sakes….it’s preseason!

  17. Well if everyone thinks Brendon is going to come back…then maybe they’ll just surprise us and bring Dom back! lol. From my point of view, if Rachel stays and Brendon comes back then the game will be so onesided. On the other hand if Dom comes back, then the sides are more even. Isn’t it boring when the game is onesided?

    1. The game isnt about evening things out. I would be very disappointed if CBS brought in somone just to even things out for one side. This is a game show and CBS would accure serious fines and the show would probably be cancelled if they were to cheat the game and manipulate results for the sake of ratings. Remember the Game show “21”. This is frowned upon and a huge network wouldnt risk all that to “even out a side”.

      With all that said, Im sure they create these contingencies or “twists” to spur on ratings where they may have some control. But when they say its America’s vote then I truely believe it is America’s vote that will determine the person coming in. I think it helped Pretty Boy PT chances when it was basically decided that Dirty Shorts would stay. I think if she were to go more people would have voted in Rocket Man. We all want to see drama and have some control so ultimately it will be us that decides.

        1. You would think “Reality Shows” that offer a competition with prize money would be under the same scope, no? I could be wrong. I just think if CBS really rigged the show then the would lose more because people would just stop watching. Seems like there is more to lose than gain by rigging it. I could be naive but I think its legit. I think they come up with the twists and contingencies based on some senarios but they dont “fix” it.

            1. No worries. Im just used to posts being posted right away so that topic or original post wont get stale. I also wasnt sure if you had to have a certain amount of posts or something ( like a probationary period)

  18. kalia figured out she’s a moron and blew her HOH, let the tears begin! i hope dani jumps ship she better off playing alone

  19. Well, all I can say is I voted as many times as CBS would let me for Dom to return. Guess I’ve done all I can do. Too bad they don’t have it fixed so you could vote AGAINST bringing someone back. We Brenchel haters might’ve had a chance that way. Oh well…..

  20. I will laugh my ass of if Dani wins HOH and BR go right back on the block. Jeff will then have to fight his ass off to make sure pov isn’t used.

    If Dani doesn’t win HOH, the season is set for JJ to win BB.

    As long as Shelly doesn’t win BB, I don’t really car who wins it.

  21. i just cant believe they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and evict lawlon? kalia wanted rachel out…dani wanted her out…porshe stopped hanging out with her, crazy. in that house…you could be a favorite thursday night…then on the block friday night!!!

    bbad will be intresting tonight.

  22. I am mortified at how Kalia screwed this up, she can’t be that stupid. Jeff basically ran her hoh and she stood by and let it happened she put the nail in her own coffin. I refuse to comment on Lawan’s craziness and Shelly’s obsession with him is just as crazy. I want to be taken out of my misery so please big brother hurry up and come on. So much for a newby winning this season.

  23. CBS thinks that Brendan and Rachael are the couple America loves to hate, but actually they’re the couple that gives us the dry-heaves and makes us want to rip our eyes out. There is a difference!!!

    1. Still makes for great ratings and last I checked that is really all the networks care about. Sounds like some in here want to go back to Season One, where the one-legged man wins a bunch of money and we all feel good. Yet no one ever talks about Season One, that is until i just brought it up.

      1. LOL, one leg? Sounds like a brutal season, but if Brendan comes back the vets will pick off the newbies one by one. The only drama will be when it comes down to BR and JJ.
        In between there will be alot of ‘I love you bukie’,’you’re my hero’,’my fiance, my fiance’.

    2. a train wreck is an amazing thing to watch…especially when that wreck is a relationship between to co-dependent individuals who are flat out crazy and take the game seriously. it just makes fantastic tv, and worth watching

      if they showed what people see on the feeds,or this website, rachel would be far more hated, and shelly would actually get some love for scheming, although shes overplayed her hand much like dani did. you wonder why they were both so desperate to constantly move around so early

      1. I hear what you’re saying, and last year, at some point, I was actually routing for them when everyone was against them, but this year they truly digust me. I really can’t take anymore fiance lovey talk. It’s just not entertaining for me.

      1. Kalia the hut messed up sooo bad this week I don’t think that there anything that they can edit to make her look good everything she did was dumb. Including being a cheerleader for Jeff in the pov. When I saw that I was like WTF she need a real life dunce cap.

        1. hahaha for real I cant believe they found enough footage of her without food in her mouth. There is no way that they have anymore footage of her that can make her look good cause she is just dumb dumb dumb.

        2. Tonight on BBAD will be the bomb. Whatever happens on the live show will stir the shit up. Someones gona be crying, someones gona be fighting, can’t wait.

      2. Simon, in the last episode when Lawon said he was coming back strong as ever it reminded me of Obi Wan when Vader killed him and says “if you kill me I will be more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” So this is for Lobiwon

      3. Simon can you explain to me what exactly does being sequestered entail for early evicted HGs? I mean are they all together somewhere similar to jury house or separated? And assuming they’re all separate, does this mean someone like Keith has been cut off from the world ALL BY HIMSELF for the last 4 weeks?? Cuz that sounds like complete torture.

  24. by a vote of 1 to 5 lawon you are evicted from the big brother house!!
    Brendon you have veenvoted back!
    congradulations rachel you are the new hoh so kalia hand over the hoh key!!!!

    what do you think Simon?

  25. Based on the last feed comments, Cowlia just finished up a conversation with the Creepy Librarian. We all know she isnt smart enough to have all that reasoning.

  26. Kalia is an embarrassment to people who study liberal arts. I’d rather be a chemist or a physicist but not a part-time bio major.

    1. Dear Simon,

      I am just curious about something. I am not at all trying to further my point of view here. But I am curious if this post is inappropriate. I ask because it took more than an hour for it get posted. I do not want to make the same mistake again.

  27. Simon, I luv ur site so much!!! Thnx a lot 4 all the hard work!!!
    Question? Do we know what type of competition will the HOH be tonite?

  28. so, what exactly can cbs do to prevent lawon from winning? Im not kidding, that would make the worst twist ever if he came back. no one would care

    1. its simple poll math.

      those who are pro brenden coming back would 100 percent vote all brenden

      the rest of the vote was split dom and cassi (sorry keith)

      so based on that, and that alone, here is how I see their numbers. 35 percent brenden, 30 percent dom, 25 percent cassi 10 percent keith

      1. I think your “simple poll math” is flawed. Saying that anyone pro Brenda would vote 100% to bring back Brenda is factually correct. However, the same thing would be said for EVERY ONE of the evicted HGs. Anyone pro DOM would vote 100% to vote him in, etc. So it all comes down to who has the most fans.

        1. Not necessarily. There are people who’d vote for anyone just to keep Brendon away from the house but aren’t necessarily fans of Dominic, Cassi, or Keith and would just toss their votes in either three of those directions.

          Kind of like the theory of RalphNader taking away votes from Al Gore in 2000 and Bush winning the election because of it.

    2. And you know this how? Are you a producer on the show or do you work for CBS? Or is this merely your opinion where you have a 50/50 chance of being right therefore you can gloat when he doesnt come back and then disappear if he does.

    3. Wow am i pissed you americans are obsessed with watching failure it must make you feel better about your life…..NO BRENDON NO RACHEL team DANI WIN WIN WIN

  29. If Lawon does get evicted and go up against Brendon and loses, then it would be official… in the words of PT, “The Renegades will go down as the worse alliance in BB history.”

  30. Hey Simon, I just took a look at the pic of Dick in the BB house. Why would they allow hin in the house? He has not been sequestered. Couldn’t he be giving Dani some pointers? I don’t think that would be the other house guest.

  31. Unbelievable. Kalia still doesn’t realize she isn’t running anything. There is nothing to talk about. Lawonda the fairy with magical powers is going home. Brendon (going to hate every minute of it) will be coming back because Kalia is an idiot.

  32. Can someone please tell me who is getting evicted tonight. Someone who watches the feeds and has a good idea who it might be? Thanks in advance.

  33. Let’s all keep it real. She wants to play with Jordan’s tra-la-la. She fell in love with her week 2, and ever since, wanted to get rid of Jeff to have Jordan to her self. Ever since that plan fell apart, she’s moved on to Dani. But her heart is with Jordan.

  34. I hope Dom comes back so the DDKP vs JJRS war can wage on and entertain me for the rest of the summer! If needle d comes back Dani better win hoh at least so she can sing her swan song and go out with a bang!

  35. If CBS has anything to do with the Votes they should let Brendon come back….Would love to see dani’s face when he walked thru the door…..

  36. I wish there was a way to make it mandatory for ppl to read the posts before posting dumb comments. All questions are answered in the posts and comments…read something

    1. Whats to stop them from asking the question anyways after reading the comments and posts??…Now I agree as we have probably had the same question asked about 10 times just in this thread title but it is what it is unfortunately. Perhaps thats why Cowlia gets a little love in here.

      1. I love the back and forth discussion, the difference of opinions and simon and dawgs post make this site great, i just meant when post 55 in this thread asks “who is being evicted tonight” thats just laziness…

  37. Yep, Dani’s ONLY chance now is if Dom comes back in the game. Kalia blew it big time. What an idiot. Dani better win HOH or she’s a goner. Too bad Evel Dick let her down. Things would be SOOOO different….! That would have been a great season!!!!

    1. She let herself down by trying to backdoor Mr Serious too early. Thats a card she should have played a few weeks after when Rocket Man and Chemistry Set would have been more open to it. She played her cards not even thinking who she would go with if things turned ugly. She wouldnt even have latched on to Cowlia if she hadnt won HOH. Creepy Librarian position in the house right now has nothing to do with the Dickster going out week one..

  38. “Kalia says that we definitely over thought this twist….”

    Umm, Kallia there is no “we”. You f-ed up. You are the one that won’t “ever” put of Jordan. You are the one that made your HOH worthless.

    Kalia be gone already.

  39. Yeah! Can’t wait for Brendan and Rachel to be back in the game together, so we can watch 25 more minutes of each episode watching Rachel cry and Brendan (who has no balls) try to console her! Because it was just so damn exciting the first time around! Whoo!

    Jesus, you kids must not have been around when Big Brother was actually a fun game to watch. There hasn’t been a true Big Brother player in 3-4 seasons.

  40. I voted 30 times for Dom… I had to setup 2 extra email accounts.. I’ve done my part now hopefully CBS doesn’t rig this shit..

  41. Live show: Lawon is voted out. Split screen: BB house guests on view left; on right view Julie tells PHD Bren, he is america’s choice… Rachel starts crying turning cartwheels dancing and just when she is ready to climax (during this time Dani’s head begins to spin with her eyes bulging out of her head) ever intelligent Bren ask if he will be competing with Racheal.. Julie can’t tell him and the valor one will decide he can not risk having to compete with the love and lunatic of his life, sweet Racheal, therefore he must decline… (with several i love you baby’s thrown in) Now suddenly Racheal is sobbing and could be mistaken for Meryl Streep in Sofie’s Choice, because it is sooo totally impossibly tearing heart out unfair… with mascara in a down pour. Dani”s head is straight she is estatic and laughing her ass off at Brendon’s stupidity and Racheal’s theatrics.. shooting out her one liners as only Dani can do, because she knows Dom is coming back to compete with Lawon the wuss. ALL house guests are in shock and disgust at both Racheal and Dani.. fade to commercial. Next scene in walks Cassi, and the straight shootin’ shelley shoots one thru her pants. That is my guess :) Racheal and Dani become the “team”….

  42. Were you going to post a link to live feed? BB is pre-empted till 2:30am in much of central time zone for NFL preseason show and game. Thanks.

  43. I don’t know why everyone is so down on Shelly. Yeah, she lies. Yeah she backstabs. Yeah she plants seeds and waters them. She is playing the game of Big Brother. That’s what you are supposed to do. I hope Cassie comes back and joins with the Baconator and Shelly to take out all the vets and Kalia. I would love to see them backstab JJ. Dani has lost me. Go Shelly!

    1. But when she’s called out on her lies, unlike every other BB player in history who either owned up to it or lied some more, she hides behind her child. That’s where my criticism comes from.

    1. Creepy Librarian = Dani….She just looks creepy when she’s wearing those glasses. I can come up with another nickname for you if youd like?

  44. PLEASE oH PLEASE LET LAWON GET evicted and let Brendon come back to the game. It will be the best fireworks ever and ratings will soar for CBS. Everyone wants to see Dani go insane and she will. LOVE THIS!!!! LMAO too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Predictions if Brendon comes back:

    1. Rachel will go wild.
    2. Jeff will dump Rachel from his alliance.
    3. Brendon will scare Jeff back into an alliance with Rachel by winning a lot.
    4. Brendon and Rachel will control the house for about 2-3 weeks straight. During that time, Porsche, Adam, and Kalia will go home. Dani will start making some alliances and winning some povs to get out of going home.
    5. Dani will win an hoh and Rachel will be evicted.
    6. Brendon will finally send Dani home to revenge his woman.
    7. Shelly will send Brendon home and get her family photos.
    8. Jeff will win final hoh and send Shelly home.
    9. Jeff will win jury vote. Votes for Jordan: Kalia and Shelly. Votes for Jeff: Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Adam. Porsche who knows, won’t matter.

  46. Simon has a black person ever won bb? I know this won’t be the year cause we being represented by some idiots smdh

  47. I don’t know what America you live in however, in my part of America my children started school on Monday August 8th. I think Shelly rocks. Go team jjsa.

    1. Kids in Georgia started on Monday however every state is starting on different days. Our kids do not go back until the 2nd week of September

  48. I just know when/if Brendon comes back, the anti Brendon/R or JJ ppl will scream it’s rigged. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t come back. Based on Simons poll (last time I checked) and based on everyone I personally know who watch BB, ppl want Brenden. I’m sure mostly because it would be the most entertaining to watch.

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