Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says if Rachel touches her again she will backhand her.. she’s not a petting zoo and if someone touches her she will flip the hell out.

12am In the Have Nots room, Jordan is crying. Jordan tells Shelly that she was emotional, and just felt bad for making Shelly cry before. Jordan says that she feels like everybody’s just brainwashed. I’m being honest with all of them, and they don’t care. Jordan talks about Kalia saying how it’s dumb that she put up Jeff because someone will come back. Jordan says that she’s dumb because she now made three enemies. Shelly says that she hates to see somebody like her upset, because you have the biggest heart. Jordan talks about Dani being so arrogant and cocky. Jordan says that Dani’s having Kalia do her dirty work, and she’s just coasting. Jordan says that Dani told her that people are scared of her, and won’t do anything. Jordan says that today outside , I just wanted to scream. I just wanted to tell Dani off. Jordan says that she doesn’t think it’s Kalia’s HOH, it’s what Dani wants. Jordan says that she thinks she (Jordan) was acting immature earlier. Shelly tells Jordan that she is being way too hard on yourself, and asks do you realize that? Jordan says that she doesn’t want all my grandparents and mom, back home to see it. Jordan says that was embarrassing, and asks why she act like that during the nomination ceremony. Jordan says that is started with being a have-not, and that it just went downhill after that. Jordan says that she was just yelling at Kalia. Jordan says that she was saying things like you’re stupid, you’re making a dumb move, one of them is going to come back with vengeance! Jordan says that then she stormed off.

Rachel says that Kalia is so dumb, she gets rid of me, Jeff is pissed, they go after her, she gets rid of Jeff, Me and Jordan are pissed, she’s BLANK stupid. Shelly says that you can be a goat or a sheep, they all flock up like sheep. Jordan says that Porsche needs to go. Shelly talks about when Dani and Kalia wanted to flip the house to keep Dominic in the game. Shelly talks about if they couldn’t even get two people together. Shelly says that she isn’t going to dive into the death pool, and go in. Jordan says that she doesn’t believe anything that they say and that they’re all just going to listen to one another. Rachel says that they’re stupid. Jordan says that she doesn’t think they’re stupid. Rachel says that she thinks they’re stupid, I think they’re bad game players. Jeff joins them, and says that he got called to the diary room while he was asleep. They talk about Adam and how he did an Elf’s striptease when he was allow to remove the costume. They wonder if he set up the meeting himself or if it was planned by big brother. They laugh about his strip tease. Jeff says that it’s this house, people don’t know, it’s crazy and you lose your mind a little bit. Jeff says he is 32 years old, what am I doing in here? Rachel tells Shelly to go keep everyone up all night while they try and sleep.

12:35am Porche and Lawon are in the kitchen talking. Lawon says that to be honest, he is happy with the point he’s at in this game. Porsche starts talking about Dani and says that she is so happy she made such a big move, because she wouldn’t have been able to. Shelly joins them kitchen. Lawon and Porsche talk about how they genuinely want to see her daughter Josie if she wins HOH. Porsche says that she can’t wait for her pictures too. Meanwhile, back in the HaveNot room, Jordan, Jeff, and Rachel are talking. Jeff says that he wants to put up floaters. Rachel says that she can’t wait to win HOH, to put up the floaters and then backdoor Dani and Kalia. Rachel says that she would like to just play in a double eviction or a fast foward, so that she can get in their faces, and say that she chooses to nominate Dani and Kalia!!!! Jeff and Jordan laugh. The conversation changes to talking about how they all think next week will be a pandora’s box. They talk about how think something like five grand might be in the box. Jeff says that he thinks’ it would be ridiculous for someone to not take the box. Rachel says that anyone would open Pandora’s Box….even Daniele would do it, that’s the thing, and I even said outside to everyone… that Dani’s a great friend, she screws over her ally. They talk about how Dani thinks she is making all these great game moves.

Porche tells Lawon that she is sorry for saying the whole Dominic jellyfish comment in the diary room when she voted him out. Porsche says that she wanted to apologize later. Lawon tells Porsche that the late night crew was his escape. They didn’t talk about game, they talked about crazy stuff the whole time. They start talking about Rachel. Porsche talks about telling Rachel not to make people feel uncomfortable. Lawon says that she should just have respect for herself. Lawon says that he would not want to be a woman in here playing this game and that woman in general are very catty. Lawon talks about Kalia’s nomination speech and says that this is a catty game, my decision is based on the whole house. Lawon says that it’s going come to a point where someone’s going to blow up and everyone’s playing the game differently, and thats fine… this is a game.

1:10am Lawon tells Porche that he is in four alliances. Lawon says that his alliance is me, myself, and I, and Lawon. Lawon starts joking about calling a house meeting and banging pots and pans. Lawon and Porsche start talking about their families and then about their auditions to get on big brother. Dani comes out of the diary room and joins them. They talk about how they can’t believe Rachel’s behaviour for a 27 year old woman. Dani says that the diary room is going to talk to Rachel about getting in Dani’s personal space. Lawon says that he thinks the vets are vulnerable this week as they are going to be weak from slop and being havenots. Dani tells Porsche and Lawon that she told the diary room that if Rachel touches her again that she will backhand her. Dani says that she is not a petting zoo and if someone touches her she will flip the hell out. Dani says that she has never seen anyone act like that. Dani says that if Jeff wins Big Brother then both him and Jordan win and the same thing with Brendon and Rachel. Lawon says that Jeff is a bully and at the end of the day he’s looking out for Jeff and Jordan. Lawon tells them that after the nomination ceremony Jeff was saying that Big Jeff ain’t going nowhere. Porsche says that she secretly hopes there will be a half way party, or Adam birthday party tomorrow, so that Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly can’t eat because they are havenots. Dani says if Big Brother were to throw them a halfway party everyone would be involved. They talk about Adam’s birthday, they feel bad for him having his 40th birthday in the house. Dani wishes he could get a letter from Farah.

2:40am Dani, Porsche and Lawon are talking about the Have/HaveNot competition today. Dani tells Lawon and Porsche that she’ll have to wear a bullet proof vest for at least a year after leaving the house. Dani gets into the shower, while Lawon and Porsche lay on bathroom couch. Dani asks them both if they could google one thing right now what would it be? Lawon and Porsche both agree they probably would google themselves. They talk about what the power of veto competition will be like. Dani says that she thinks it will be one where you have to give things up who’s the most desperate to stay. Dani says that Jen during her season won the veto because she said she would give up half of the half million if she won Big Brother. Dani says they all knew she could never win so it was like she didn’t give up anything. Dani says that she wants a trip to anywhere, out of this house. Dani tells Porsche that she needs to step it up and win HOH this week. Lawon says that maybe there will be a double eviction. Dani says that she thinks they won’t have one unless they bring someone back into the house. Dani says that she isn’t so sure someone is coming back though. Dani says that whoever comes back into the house, if they don’t win HOH right of the bat then they will be going home right away. They all decide to go to bed.

3:35am All the houseguests have gone to bed and are now asleep.

5:20am Shelly is half asleep in the lounge room …she then goes to the kitchen and gets a cup of coffee…

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Alright people give Jeff to much credit.Of all the time he was in this house 2 years ago he only won 3 comps. And look who his competition was in the last 2 that he won, they were Russel, Natalie, Kevin, Michelle, and Jordan. I mean of course he would beat those knuckleheads. He has competed in everything this season and he hasn’t won shit. The only reason the game is unfair to him is because America didn’t give him some power to win the game. Now that he actually has to compete it is showing that he is not that good. I mean this dude just is not good at this game if he couldn’t win with a coup’ de tat, then he most certainly win with any type of strategy or by winning competitions. P.S Vote For Dom.


I agree 100%, can’t stand jeff’s arrogant ass or Jordan’s bitchy attitude these past few days the vets need to go they had their chances to win during their season!!


I Love both Jeff and Jordan and I am so Happy that Jordan finally told that stupid Kalia off, its about time Jordan got some balls, Kalia is an idiot she has a Master and its Dani, don’t give me this black woman BS. Man I hope JJR wins HOH and make this game exciting!


Kalia is a pain in the ass, she is a nothing but a Dani puppet, don’t give me this black woman BLANK, she is about as black as me, why is it people become there race whens it on TV, I bet that woman has nnever been anywhere near a black place in this world, she is a complete joke acting as if she the biggest greatest player because she won the HOH, please girl, it was just questions, nothing hard anybody could answer them she just got lucky.


i agree he is so cocky he can do whatever but let someone else do the same against him and they are dogmeat and i did vote for dominic i also hate how they say they are americas sweethearts because they sure are nit mine they were not my favs then and not now


I agree about Jeff. He believes that if he was evicted he would automatically come in. He cant be that dumb. I cant stand his talk about floaters. This season he is a straight up floater. He hasn’t done shit! I want to see Dom come back to see his reaction. Cassi coming back would be funny too but I just dont see her game being that great. Cassi would trust Shelly and Shelly is a big reason why she left in the first place. Dom and Jeff battling would be good to watch.


Although I do not like that he says that he will come back in if voted out, I heard him say that this game changes you. You can’t go into this game and be an angel throughout. Frankly, Jeff plays the game and overall is one of the better ones. Perfect he is not, but he’s a good guy when you strip it down. I think bully can be misunderstood for a competitor too. They all get a little arrogant when they get the power. Go Jeff! I know if he won, he’d use the money (at least some) to help others.


I agree. I do like JJ on one hand, but they are getting so out of line. I would laugh in Rachel or Jeff’s face, if after being evicted they don’t win the chance to reenter the house. I’d even laugh in sweet Jordan’s face because she’s acting like a little brat (and I had liked her up until recently). They are all freaking out when this is only a game. Ditto: Vote for Dom!!!!!!!


Voting for Dom would make this season extremely boring. another member in the alliance of daniele and her puppets. the veterans would all get picked off and then we’re left with daniele and a bunch of noobies. That would make this season really boring.


I agree with that. We don’t need another Dani puppet.


At least one of the vets have to stay cause I think BB would be pretty boring w/ just Shelly, Dani, Kalia, Lawon and Porsche in the house. I hate it when BBAD has the camera on them and nobody else. You gotta have excitement or something. Dani would have no one to fight with.


I really liked JJ on their season – but this season with no wins Jeff is just a Floater!!! so why is he calling everyone else a Floater, and Jordan might not of won her HOH this season if Jeff or Brendon had not thrown it for her to win……
Just thought I would share my thought for the day with you all. I am looking forward to more blow ups, The first 4 weeks were really boring.
After all the drama last week and up to now it’s been worth the wait.

I hopw they show the Dani/Rachel blow up on Sunday’s show ( I do not have the live feed so I really rely on this site to be in the loop as to what is going on, Thanks Dawg!!!!)

And Shelly Shame on you for being JJ’s SPY. your daughter does not get to stay up and watch BBAD to see how her Mommy really acts and lies, to me she is not a very good mom to be acting this way. The newbees need to go back to their original pact and get all the vets voted out. Even Dani.

Peace out, Isosasi


He has won the comp for bullying people in the home.


CBS wants Jeff and Jordan to be Americas couple and they get an edit to accomplish this. I am really surprised how they are acting, I expected this from Rachel. The definition of a floater is someone who doesn’t win and floats to the power each week, sounds like Jeff the first 3 weeks. Now that he hasn’t played the game at all and built relationships with the others who are Joe in power he is upset that he is on the block, poor sport.

Jordan bugs me with calling everyone a floater because she is the biggest floater. I love how she says that Khaliia cannot make her own decisions and this HoH is Dani. Sounds like Jordan week 2 when they threw her the HoH and she back doored Cassi because Rachel told her to. Kharna!!


Vote cassi!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Cry baby cry!!!


Dani saying she never seen anyone act like that before and rachel’s behavior for a 27 year old, did she forget her season with her dad Evil Dick. It was ok for her she was laughing on her season and seemed to encourage it when her dad was spilling drinks on someone’s head and yelling and banging pots and pans but when rachel gets in her space she has to go cry to production to tell her to stop.

I wonder how she would be acting if she was on the block plus she was a havenot, she might be acting the same way but since she is safe she can complain about the other houseguests behavior.


Last time I checked ”Evel Dick” is ”Evel Dick” not ”Dani”; what did you expect her to do, give her daddy a spanking and tell him to behave?


When is the POV comp ? and i think i heard Dani is not playing right well i think it’s going between Rachel and Jeff and to be honest Rachel might win it for sure because at the end of the day Jeff is not that good or not good at all in comps from what i’ve seen


DAMNN SHELLY’s still awake haha. Seriously they need to get rid of her or Adam. THey’re annoying and not entertaining at all. VOTE DOM. GO TEAM DANI


Vote For Brendon.


as Iam watching the Veteran “all star” couples meltdown starting with dick leavinbg the house < Rachel and Brendons descent into a deepining madness, and then giving the crazy to dum dumm and meathed ( JJ) I often wonder what would have happened if AG had decided instead to use another far more stable and well rounded power couple Bpston Rob and amber in the game instead…. now that would have been a twist I could have got behind ..and lets face it it is the only reality show they havent been on ( think my favourite show was sci fi presents in which Rob as a sceptic investigated such things as the mothman ..big foot and Roswell )


I don’t remember JJ being this insufferable two years ago. Is my memory being misled?


Yes CJ it is. They are insufferable. Welcome to the dark side


there you go jordan, glad she’s owning up to acting like a baby earlier.


I want Jeff Rachel and Jordan gone after that shelly. Then who ever wins I don’t care.


Yes, Jeff in a weiner! Females are more competitive than he. Is Jordan his beard???


Yes, John I do believe she is a beard.


Yes! Now that explain all the “backdoor” phobia he is been having lately and why he lost his sh*t over that whole Dumbledore thing. Yes, it’s definitely coming all together now.


I can’t stand sss, dani and kahlia…go team brendon!!! Vote for brendon x10! I would go crazy too if I was jjr, the house is full of floaters and liars who have no spine except for dani (other team). Kahlia is a fake hoh and is doing dani’s dirty work. She thinks she’s hoh…smdh


Good to see Brendon is allowed to post here during sequester.


Vote for Brendon x100!!!


stalking BBX because he/she is awesome


Cause havoc….vote for Brendon…it would be worth watching.


I hope Brendon comes back and Rachel gets evicted. He goes into beast mode in the comps when she isn’t around.


It is pretty nice to see Brendon compete at those POVs and win all the time!


garret if brendon cpmes back it will not be rigged its because he got the most votes there are a lot of Brendon fans and I ‘m one of them Dom and cassie can stay where they are


FINAL 4 is straight shooter baconman pacer wayne brady cause its the year of the FLOATERS


I’m really tired of JJBR saying that Dani made the biggest mistake of the game by turning on them. It seems to be that the biggest mistake of the game was made by BR for not going along with her!! If they did then they would not be leaving the house one right behind the other like what we are currently seeing! I think Dani’s biggest mistake was not telling Dom to STFU. If she had done that then he wouldn’t have spoken to Straight Shooter and given her some much to “shoot”


if your not hoh or veto holder ur a floater that week

Jordan lover

Shut up asshole. She is just tired and upset of being have-not. Ya if she wants to be off slop she should try a little harder, but if u were on slop 2-3 weeks in a row u would be tired and whiney. She is not stuped, she is just like me a country red-neck and we are a little dim-wited sometimes. So SHUT UP you have no idea what your talking about

Jordan lover

Rockstar that was ment for BBX sorry


gives Jordon Lover a wedgie because he deserves it. haha


Dominic is a 25 yr old in the closet virgin, so if he comes beck, he’s not as good as people are saying, what , he can chew bubble gum? Oh and hang around and awkwardly pretend to flirt with Daniele ? And does kalia remind anyone else of Fiona from shrek? She thinks she’s got game cause she lucked out in her comp? She’s got game alright, daniele’s manipulative games, bring back brendon or Cassie Hooyah!!!!


Kalia is a better competitor then Jordan and Jeff. Get over it.


Vote dominic!


Jeff and JORDAN keep whinning how they came in BB13 to spend the summer together.So then you should have planned a vacation together not expect all the other BB13 players who came in to win $500,000 to give them a free pass to the end so “they can spend the summer together” GET REAL


I voted for Brendon 65 times to come back Love the Drama!!


So, is it pretty much a given that the evicted HG and the returning America’s Choice will not compete with each other face to face? That it will be some kind of comp that is timed?



your’e not the only one that wants rachel to win me also

she got knock down a few times but she’ll rise again rachel is like a mosquitoe the more u hit it it wont leave lol

rahel is going to kill this competition



my whole family voted for him also and my cousins and my facebook friends


Hey everyone Jeff won POV


I don’t mind Jordan…even if a bit of Rachel’s crazies might be rubbing off on her. But Jeff is such an asshole, I can’t stand the sight or sound of him anymore !!!! GTFO. I can’t stand Shelli either.

I’m only rooting for Dani at this point.


FYI…According to Urban Dictionary…

Stuped: Is the way stupid people spell stupid.

Just sayin…


You tell me this. If she is soo stupid, how did she win BB11? She is noo BLANK. She is the nicest one on there and is being treated like crap

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

She won BB11 by being stupid, and floating and jeff’s CDT given to him by production, and him throwing the the comps that wasn’t thrown to her she won by pure luck it took no skill at all.


We had our sorority vote for Brendon also.. We knew Dom would just be in the hammock playing footsie with Dani so there was no way we were voting for him. I also can’t wait to see the look on Dani’s face if Brendon comes back.. It will be priceless!!!


Poor simple minded Jordan, upset but can’t really articulate why she’s upset. Just repeating what her equally simple-minded boyfriend says. The two of them have been handed far too much by CBS, yet they are greedy and expect more.

Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly has a personality disorder, it’s called compulsive lying and pretentious sweetness for no apparent reason. I would automatically be suspicious of anybody who always agrees with anything I say yet the idiots keep listening to her and spilling their guts.

Kalia’s mouth should hurt from all that talking. I get tired just trying to keep up with all that she says. She is so eagered to talk that she finishes other people’s words so she can get back to listening to herself.

Dani is the master manipulator. She’s getting all her plays executed without any of the blood directly on her hands. That’s far more brilliant than all the unnecessary lies Shelly tells.

Just typing Adam,Little Richard Lawon and Pacer’s names is giving them too much credit, therefore I’ll do like they are doing,I’ll take a pass and sit this one out.

Rachel will be back in the game. She’ll do battle with Dom, he’ll lose and that trainwreck will be back to wreak havoc the rest of the season. This really is the re-packaged Coup de’tat and I guarantee you, it would’ve only come into play when the protected class (J/J/B/R vets) were threatened.

BB House is a microcosm but Production rigging is a testament to what’s true in the real world macrocosm and that is sometimes no matter how hard you play, or how good you are, sometimes life isn’t fair;people do benefit from unfair advantages all the time.


Jeff and Jordan need to go–I hope that Kaliah (sp?) is smart enough to actually go back on her word–what on earth is with these people keeping promises to strangers??? WTF???

Jeff and Jordan appear to feel entitled somehow to win the game–and now that things aren’t going their way–they ignore the HOH–refuse to have dialogue with her, and when they finally visit the HOH room they threaten her?? I think maybe the house HAS gotten to both of them, but some things are just part of who people are–and I think America is finally seeing the real J&J.