Alec tells Topaz that Jillian tried to act like she didn’t really promise for partners to be safe.

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 5 2013 1255pm
12:50pm In the havenot room, Alec and Topaz talk. Alec tells Topaz about his conversation that he had with Jillian. He says that it is a really easy situation if you think about it, either she pisses Andrew off or she pisses Me, You and Peter off. Alec says that Jillian tried to act like she didn’t really promise for partners to be safe. Topaz says we said it, even in the diary room they asked me to repeat the deal. Topaz says these were the deals: she was safe, I was safe… partners were safe and then who did I want to see on the block. And I said Andrew and Talla. Topaz says and that’s why I came down. Topaz says that Jillian was shaking like crazy. I could have gone for another hour / half hour. She better keep her word! Topaz says that she will talk to her in a bit ..not now though. Alec tells Topaz that he told Jillian if Peter is up on the block I will use the veto on him. Topaz warns Alec not to keep telling her you will use it because she will probably just think she should just throw you up. Topaz talks about how Jillian thinks Peter is just a floater that clings to Alec and at least Talla tries. Alec says he is going to go out to the hot tub. Topaz asks him if he afriad of being on slop this week. Alec says no, I won all of my competition while on slop.

1:10pm – 1:50pm Talla, Andrew, Jillian, Emmett and Alec are in the kitchen talking about being on slop. Alec says that he made Peter a slop shake with Vanilla extract. Talla is worried they will get in trouble. Alec says I will take full responsibility for it. Emmett says that he put honey in his too. Andrew says we are not all havenots, no one told us we are havenots. We just all woke up and there was slop here instead of food. Andrew says what are they going to do take away the slop?! They all laugh. Emmett picks up the paper that describes what havenots can eat and says even if we were havenots we don’t have any of the things that we are supposed to have. Talla asks what’s in the storage room? Emmett says tampons, go shove one of those in there. Andrew and Talla head out to the hot tub room to smoke. Talla starts talking about how she is more loyal to Jillian than she is to Topaz. Talla brings up how Topaz wanted to backdoor Emmett. They are talking about how they partner up with people and they turn out to be liars. Andrew tells Talla that as long as we don’t go up next week, we are golden!

1:50pm – 2pm Andrew and Alec lay down in the bedroom. Emmett and Jillian come into the room to pack up Gary’s stuff. Emmett says that he asked Big Brother if he is still a havenot and they said yes but the rest of you aren’t. Jillian says that she doesn’t understand why the rest of us can’t eat. Jillian and Emmett leave. Alec and Andrew talk about whatever happens, happens. It’s all up to the veto. Andrew says that all but one person are playing in the veto this week. Alec says back in the beginning a wink and a hand shake would have done it .. but now ughh.. I am not holding my breath for this week. I just have to win the veto. Andrew agrees and says the only person that is safe is Emmett.

2:10pm – 2:20pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen..

3pm Still Hush, Hush..
4pm Still Hush, Hush..
5:10pm Still Hush, Hush..
5:45pm Still Hush, Hush.. While we wait for the live feeds to return take a look at the video below of the goodbye messages some of the house guests left for Gary. Big Brother stated that they ran out of time to add them to last nights episode. Also take a look at a few photos of Aj in the jury house!

6:17pm Still showing the Hush Hush screen…
6:45pm Still showing the Hush Hush screen…
7pm Still showing the Hush Hush screen… But Big Brother tweeted that the live feeds should be returning soon.

7:05pm The live feeds are back..

Photos of Aj in the jury house:

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How is it that Peter and Alec that they should stay off the block. After all, they were targeting the others (and laughing about it behind their backs). Now Alec wants Jillian to tell him whether he is on the block because he is a “human being”. After all, other people did leave the Big Brother House not knowing that they were being targeted. I bet on the next show you will see Peter in the Diary Room laughing and telling Canada that he was only “acting” sad and weak to gain pity from the others. What a player!


Did Emmett get into trouble for sitting in the HOH? I was wondering.


No, he just can’t sleep in the hoh room but he can be there during the day


Not sure, I think he meant that the have-nots are still have-nots but the others are still haves. I think I heard in one of the conversations last night after the comp that Peter was sitting/laying down on the thing too.


My guess is that was likely the case. Interesting some might call that cheating. A better guess is BB as per usual didn’t explain the game rules fully. Now what was truely pathetic was Alec trying to tie himself in with his jacket. I’m watching and thinking is this guy serious….. Where the F is production? My best guess is that once Emmit saw the comp he knew he was dropping. Don’t think he seriously thought sitting was allowed. He may be getting a slop week for it.

Hush Hush hush

Likely they are doing a food challenge. Which would normally mean no havenots. Emmit still may be the slop farmer this week. They then need the nom ceremony. I thought it was Peter/Alec but Jillians talking Talla in the mix. Really bad idea to nom Lala as she’ll switch sides and it will be 3:3 after this eviction rather than 4:2. Also Andrews nuts to volunter to be a renom. He lets Lala hold his fate the others will get her to vote him out with some crazy deal. Lala up only as a renom if needed.


No, he is making all new mistakes lol I did find it funny it was 24hrs ago they wanted to nominate jillian and now he is mad she might put them up. Also, how stupid is alec going to the hoh before nom and telling them if you put one of us up the other will take us down and what do you think her move would be lets just put them both up. I think she was on the fense at this point and alec pushed her over.

As for emmitt he is really smart getting jillian to keep peter as one of the final four was brilliant because he knows that peter is not only a weak player but on the off chance he wins he is more likely to keep emmitt over jillian.


I’m still laughing when Alec and Peter were saying how could Jill go against their deal of final 4. It’s like they totally forgot within 24 hours that they were scheming a plan to get Emmett, Jill and Andrew out. Usually you learn a little bit more as the game goes on and try not to make too many mistakes at this stage but The Shield did the complete opposite. They went from the best positioned to now the worst position in about 10 days. They wanted to become something legendary in this house…well, they’ll be a legendary fail and example of not what to do in this house.

I give props to Jill (only in full if she nominates them) to be making that move. It can really help her in the long run and it adds to her resume in case she’s sitting at the end. I thought she was losing major credibility when she started, more or less, floating/riding coattails but she gets HOH and she knows what she has to do for her game. She’s not oblivious.

By the way, any of you think Alec is basically making the very same mistake Liza made (that got her evicted) by overplaying and over-scheming? Learn from your mistakes but also learn from others’ mistakes at their expense. I honestly would like to see Alec and Topaz out the door and just watch as Peter-The-Yelling-Mastermind-Of-Fails (Talla reference) squirm around the house without a single person on his side. That way, he’ll realize just how poor he’s played this game.


I’ve never agreed with anyone on this site more than I agree with everything you just said. I want to see Jillian follow through with Beast Coast and take out the Shield.

I would also like to see Topaz get a clue and stop trusting Alec, but thats not going to happen.


Alec did this to himself. He got rid of weak players like Suzette and AJ, and now he is stuck with some comp beasts from the east coast! lol I think it’s hilarious!


I think Alec’s mistake wasn’t really a mistake. It was when BBCanada outed Topaz, and Alec pulled his sleep mask over his eyes and went against Topaz. Otherwise they would be sitting pretty.

The Shield must go

IMO Alec and Peter have an attitude of self entitlement. Jillian stick to your plan and put both of them up and then win the POV.


I think it’s hilarious that Topaz and Alec are sulking right now. Alec and Peter had their chance to win HOH and Jill can decide whoever she wants to put up. If Alec stays somehow, he may have a good chance to win HOH, but you have Emmett, Andrew and Talla (who has been so close) to win as well…..Alec needs to win this POV, HoH, (or he will go up unless it is Topaz who wins) then Pov, then Hoh again, to be safe this week…..Good luck with that! One of the shield will be going home….Emmett will make sure of that. He will be the last person in Jillian’s ear before noms. So excited for this coming week. 🙂


This week is going to be a barn burner


I really hope Jillian nominates Alec & Peter, they deserve it but if this happens Topaz will most likely to off on Jillian like she did Talla & Tom. Also I think everyone should want to take Talla to the final 2 because I don’t think she has a very good chance at winning. I want to see the final 4 as: Jillian, Emmett, Andrew & Talla!


It’s going to be a rager! 🙂

As long as she puts up A/P the game will be on. No more unanimous votes and a united house. Pick a side and play. Gary had no problem breaking his deal with Tom. If either A/P win POV put up Topaz as a pawn. Have a chat 1st though. Topaz isn’t giving Jillian here vote so why play for it? Only if Topaz wins POV and removes Alec should Lala go up. Andrew/Emmit vote out Peter and Jillian breaks the tie. Andrew the pawn the shield may convince Lala to vote out Andrew. Disasterous HOH if that happens.
Questions obviously 2nd eviction and a short physical challenge pretaped next Thursday. Alec goes I like Emmit HOH at 6. But no shoe in. And Pandoras box has to be 7 and not likely at 5. See no way they can fit it in at 6 on double eviction night.
We need Zingbot…. FTW


With Alec gone, Peter will squirm to afirm his alliance with Emmet. Emmet’s loyalty will no doubt remain with the East Coast.


Would Peter really need to squirm though? The only reason he’s up there is because they don’t want him to possibly win veto and take Alec off. Topaz would probably go before Peter and at that point, there might be better fish to fry. I doubt that Alec will survive this week.

The Shield must go

Alec and Peter on the block, with Andrew winning the POV. I’d like to see Alec and Peter try to convince Andrew to use the POV. Andrew would likely tell Alec what he could do with his threats.




I hope alec sees his downfall and where he lost the game and I hope it is Topaz that throws it in his face. He voted AJ out when he knew Topaz wanted Andrew, his know it all attitude and cockiness lost it for him plan and simple. I also hope Jillian and Emmett let Topaz know what he was saying behind her back, wouldn’t it be sweet when he realized she didn’t vote for him to stay..or say got the veto and decided not to use it..payback is such a bitch..


If I’m Alec/Peter/Topaz I’m telling Emmett if you put us up you cannot win the game, we control the jury with Gary’s vote and we will make sure you have no chance to win. It is the only card they can play so I’d like to see them try it and see if Emmett and Jillian cave to the pressure.


Gary votes Emmit over all HG left except Topaz. There is no lock the other 3 vote anyone but Emmit. Folks need to put thier “big boy paints on”. This plus social is how the game is played.
If A/P where in control thier best strategy move was E/J. Game would be on anyway. Fact is Topaz cut a deal. She was worried about herself. Did Alec actually give her a reason to worry about him? Topaz is getting herself into an interesting spot. I believe at 1 point in todayson feeds it was floated a preference for Topaz over Lala F4. They may drag her kicking and screaming(he he he) to F2 if E/J get broken up. She’d have enough jury votes to win the thing over Lala maybe. Oh for the love of god. This could be an F2 like Porche’s season. Please lord not that……please no Topaz/Lala final! 🙁 :(.
The beast coast has to stick with Lala F4. They can’t go over thinking the power portion of the game. Win HOH, nominate, evict, next HOH. I’d also be worried are sleepwalking hoodrat has more game than most think.


I agree, I think Gary will absolutely vote for Emmett. But if I’m Alec/Peter/Topaz I am playing it up like there is no chance in the world. It is an incredibly persuasive argument in their favor and the fact that they have not used it just shows how overrated and disappointing Alec and Peter have been as players.


Maybe wait until after nominations occur. Alec and Peter are kind of assuming that the other will be thrown up on the block, but they really have no idea that it’ll be the both of them.


in the diary room peter has alot of balls wtf … this guy has done nothing through this game alec actually drag peter on his back to where there are in the game.. yet peter think he’s some awesome player


The way I see it now Jillian is in a very good position and I really do think she could win it all. I think she has a better game plan than Emmett. Emmett hasn’t done sh*t other than be in everyone’s ear just as much as anyone else. To tell you the truth when Emmett called Talla a Moron and a the biggest dumb a** in the house I lost all respect for him. If it was Emmett and Jillian F2 Jillian will win for sure. I want Alec gone this week so when he goes to the Jury house Gary can rip him a new one and say to him everyday ” You F**ked up Big Time ! “


How stupid was Topaz to take a deal at this point in the game. This HOH is crucial and she should have hung on for dear life for as long as she could. Can’t wait to see A/P on the block and watch them scramble. Alec has been playing crappy and should be regretting turning on Topaz by not voting out Andrew. What a knob he has turned out to be. I actually dislike him more than Tom and that’s saying a lot. Peter really needs to tone down the diary room rants…he sounds like such an idiot its painful to watch!!!


Topaz is in a better position not winning this HOH, she’s safe this week and she gets to play in the double eviction which is crucial for her. From her POV it might suck because her alliance is screwed but since Alec/Peter don’t even have her back, it doesn’t matter anyways. Hopefully Jillian and Emmett tell her about Alec constantly throwing her under the bus so she can re-strategize for the final part of the game.


Talla is a backstabbing biotch to me at the moment. How is it you are more loyal to Jillian when Topaz has done nothing but had her back in this game even aginst her own self. She keeps going on and on how Topaz and the others have thrown her uner the bus but they have always worked ot keep Talla off the block as well as work with her. The milk man and Jillian have not cared either way and have even wanted her on the block a couple times. Topaz has been her friend and was one of the only few to help take care of er when she was a mess the other night being drunk out of her mind. Jillian has not given to shits towards talla throughout the entire game. I hope Talla leaves asap… tired of her floatering and flopping around…. whoeevr has power is whose ass she’ll kiss… spineless and no loyalty at all!


You’re kidding, right? I don’t think there’s one person left in this house Topaz hasn’t told that Talla was a threat, couldn’t be trusted, and needed to be sent packing asap.