Big Brother – JJ Paranoia Growing, Jeff: “if Rachel gets us out all of America will focus on Rachel and she’ll be the next hero”

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5:50pm Kalia and Dani
Kalia says that Cassi has been campaigning to her saying that she hasn’t lied in the game and she plays it with integrity. Dani and Kalia think that complete bullshit and if that is the way you play the game you won’t last long because big brother is all about lieing. Kalia continues talking about how full of shit Cassi is, dani agrees. They are both worried if Adam wins the HOH, Kalia doesn’t think Adam is going to go for the HOH because he genuinely thinks he will not be nominated. Dani says that next week there is only 3 people playing in the HOH and there isn’t too many choices to put people up. Dani says theres no doubt if Kalia and lawon go up that Lawon will go home, “Everyone wants him out I mean everyone”.

Dani tells kalia that Por is pathetic she like rachel lapdog. Kalia says she has a deal with POr that kalia will not vote to evict POr if Por has not voted to evict Kalia. Kalia adds hoe stupid Por is she has no idea what is going on, she’s convinced that America’s player is Cassi.

Kalia says that she’s talked to Por but all they talk about is numbers, “If she puts me up then i’ll make her life he’ll” Dani doesn’t even know what the hell is going on with Porsche she thinks that Por is everywhere making no sense in the game.

Kalia tells Dani that Jeff and Jordan have Shelly in their pocket.. She continues saying that Jeff and Jordan have told her that they were planning on taking cassi, Kalia and Shelly with them. (OOHHHH damn JJ put a bit too much trust in Kalia).
Kalia says her and Jordan have pinky swore that they will not but each other up. Dani says that a couple like that will vote you out if you’re in their way. Kalia agrees, she knows that Jeff and Jordan will take her out especially if they are with Shelly. Dani reminds her that Jeff and Jordan have played this game before and Kalia is bottom of their totem poll. Kalia decides not to talk to Jeff and Jordan so much anymore because it doesn’t look good. She wants Adam to stick around till the Jury but he’s getting her nerves too much. Dani doesn’t care for Adam thinks his social game is lacking but believes his knowledge of Big Brother makes him one of the more dangerous players.

6:26pm Jordan, Porsche and Rachel Working out por starts talking and Jordan leaves. Once Jordan leaves Rachel and Por start talking about all the reason why they want to get rid of cassi and Keep Shelly. They have various like she’s manipulative, a liar, close the the other side (Cassi is hot and it boils their blood)

Rachel says she thinks the next the next HOH is huge because they’res such a huge chance that her and Brendon will get backdoored.
Por doesn’t want to be in jury because she thinks everyone hates her she’s also worried that Dani is going to GUN for the HOH when the keys are up. Rachel: “You have to win when the gold key is over.. trust me you have to win you have no option.
Por: “I’m not the best game player i’m not the best physical so why put me up.. it’s because they don’t like me”

Porsche says that if she doesn’t make it to Jury she won’t be that upset because she doesn’t want to be the first to Jury. She thinks it’ll be stupid hard for her to make it to the end so what she wants to do is help Brendon and Rachel get as far as they can and hopefully they help her along the way. Rachel asks her if she wants to go home once the key twist is over. She says she would rather go home that week or stick around tilll near the end because if she’s in the jury house everyone will be mean to her. Rachel says she felt the same way on her season but once she got to the Jury everyone was cool and she had a good time.

Porsche says that Lawon told her he practices Yoga so he’s very flexible and will have a “leg up” in physical endurance comps. Rachel asks if she’s ever seen him doing anything like that, Por says no.

6:30pm HOH Jeff and Jordan Jordan: “I need to shave my arm pits they’re getting harry” (LOL that sums up the last 10 minutes of these 2 up in the HOH… not sure whats going on in their heads but from what I can see they are in trouble). Jeff is feeling sick.

7:12pm Rachel and Brendon working out their running laps have a pretty hard workout.

7:10pm Storage Room Jeff and Jordan

Jordan is saying that Rachel has been telling people that Jeff and Jordan will get America’s vote. Jordan is worried that Rachel wants to get the out. Jeff: “if Rachel gets us out all of America will focus on Rachel and she’ll be the next hero”.. Jordan: “maybe i’m Getting a it paranoid”. Jeff: “What do I know”. Jeff is worried about his stomach he’s been feeing sick all day.. Jordan says she’s going to pull Rachel up into the HOH and talk to the.

7:20pm HOH Jordan and Rachel Jordan is saying that she’s getting some weird vibes from the house right now she’s noticing that everyone is divided and not talking much. Rachel says everyone is separated. Jordan just hopes that Rachel isn’t trying to get rid of them, Rachel: “Ohh Jordan you’re being sooo stupid”. Jordan wants them to stick to the plan and wait until the couples are split, Rachel agrees tells her that her and Brendon need JJ and JJ needs BR. Jordan agrees she just wants to make sure they are all on the same page and they don’t get any surprises. (Ohh you’re in for a surprise)
Jordan: “If I leave before the Jury and Jeff and I spend the summer apart i’m going to be pissed”

Rachel: “I swear on my life I will never put you guys up I understand why you are getting paranoid I messed up last week”. Jordan: “I don’t want there to be any sneakiness going on and I feel there is”. Rachel tells her the simple truth is they have to win HOH comps from here on in if they don’t win HOH one of them will most likely get backdoored. If Kalia wins BR get backdoored and if lawon win JJ gets backdoored. Jordan knows kalia is going to throw the comp, Rachel says lawon is not going to throw it he told her outside today. Jordan says she doesn’t feel safe if Dom, Adam or Lawon win HOH. Rachel agrees says she doesn’t trust Dom at all tells her that she’s been hanging out with other people to not make it look so obvious that she’s with JJ. Rachel adds that the last couple HOH comps are must wins for them because there is fewer and fewer options to put people up.

7:38pm CAM 4 July 19th Rachel Crack I know it’s not exciting but this year it’s slim pickings re-watch this on the Live Feeds Flash Back

8:45PM Hours of TV Talk
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OMFG Jordan has paranoid about if Rachel is going to put them up and what does she do ask Rachel, of course she is not going to tell you if she intends to backdoor you, which I believe they will in a 2 weeks


JJ better wise up quick! Or its bye bye and people like Porsche and Kalia will just skate right on by. JJ needs a player like Dom on their side. The reason is because when couples split Dani will side with B/R. But it seems that JJ keep convincing themselves otherwise.


Ha! That pic is crazy


Rachel: “I swear on my life I will never put you guys up ”

Her life is meaningless to her, according to her plastic surgeon, so this is not reassuring…. swear on alcohol


If Rachel swears on alcohol then she is sincere.




Baha! Now that is funny.


Rachel looks like an awkward dufas working out. she has zero coordination!


Neither does her NeanderTALL


Good god all mighty, it’s Rachel’s crack yo…..Don’t enter the fire pit of hell.


Y did BB cast kalia in the first place BB should know better to put another ATTRACTIVE black female on than her i mean chima monet and tameka were all sexy to me so y not upgrade smh


Kalia may be annoying, and not your “size 2 with big fake boobs” but she is by no means a ugly female…just sayin…and Chima wasn’t really that cute..


Neither was Chima’s wig….not to mention the breakdown!


Im sorry for making it sound like they had to be a size 2 its just that kalia is not attractive to me for a plus size women and ive seen many Good looking plus size women plus the fact that she a rat makes her very unattractive

Jordan K.

Ok… so… Jordan and Jeff are super paranoid this year which is scaring me. I think Rach is gonna win HOH again and try to get rid of Dom. But I do not think they will back door JJ. JJ are the ones saying they would bd BR, not the other way around.


BR were saying to each other that they thinking about bd JJ, after they didn’t listen to them 1st when they ordered Jordon to put up Cassi, and she put up Dom and Adam


Yeah JJ remember what happened when you backdoored Russell too soon in your season? Don’t make that same mistake again. you’ll need BR for at least 3 or 4 more weeks. I’m sure BR won’t try to get rid of JJ. They know that they need those two on their side.


Kalia is such a BLANK block for dom/dani


Guess If She can’t get BLANK nobody can. She would BLANK block Rachel and Brendon but she scared they might put her up early.


Whats up with you guys making fun of Rachel’s looks? Yes I can see how you all hate her personality but making fun of her look, cmon now, very low class and rude…


I agree. While I’m not a fan of how Rachel acts, I think it’s rude for people to comment on someone’s physical appearance.
And while I’m totally team Dani/Dom, you have to give credit where credit is due, and Rachel is a beast of a competitor.


If you are just looking at this season alone, Rachel’s two wins are kind of biased. She has not TRULY & OUTRIGHT WON a competition this year. The first HOH, Dick and Daniel made a deal with her and got off voluntarily. In the first POV, Keith and Porsche threw the competition. While she may have won eventually, we will never know what could have happened.. It seems this week’s HOH is a quiz and not physical. I think the fourth HOH comp will be an endurance one. I cannot wait to see a physical HOH comp where people have huge stakes in the outcome and will not dare throw it.


This may be true but what about Jordan? I suppose there isn’t anything you would like to mention about her HOH ‘win’…
A win a win no matter how you look it but when it’s Rachel…. the excuses seem to mount up…


I did not make any excuses for Jordan….I was simply replying to a post about Rachel. Did you READ the entire response progression?!?!?! Shesh!!!!! Jordan has NEVER won HOH outright, this season or BB8.


sorry that was BB11


you sound ridiculous to even try and argue against rachel being a a great competitor…just the fact that she even lasted on that banana when everyone else couldn’t…. and looked like she was in a good position to win against old Dick who looked like he was about to drop soon…dick was smart, he knew he couldn’t outlast so he cut himself a good deal and minimized early exposure by taking on HOH all while remaining safe—- but to even imply she is not a strong competitor, come on, just stop…

How Sad

Not only is it rude, its grade school behavior. Didn’t realize I was in a discussion forum with a bunch of children.


If you don’t; like this site making fun of the Hgs looks you must be new round these parts..

BTW it’s not our fault Rachel resembles 2 different Drag Queen Celebrities Boy George & Divine from the Pink flamingos


You go on national television you are up for having your physical attributes commented on. Her behavior is what warrants the honesty about her horrendous looks. Last year who won made no difference to me. The exit of RATchel and the most socially incompetent self proclaimed genius was my true joy.

How sad

So your not really a BB fan. The show just lets you show your true colors. Your no better than those you hate on, in fact your worse. They are living their lives and competing on a game show. You sit around watching these people that you hate on. Does talking bad about others make you feel better about yourself? You know, they got medication for that, as well as professionals you could talk to. Gotta like yourself before you will ever be happy.


Do you realize that this site has been poking fun at the HGs look for a while now, all of them not just Brenchel?? or are you just one of the Brenchel Drones who gets mad whenever someone talks the truth about them????????? I have yet to see single lie about them, so NOBODY is HATING on them we call it how we see it form the way they act on the show, if you can’t face the truth, your just as delusional as Brenchel are.

The Watcher

I would like to chime in on this discussion.

Simon creates a great site to keep those that don’t have the live feeds informed and to discuss game strategies. Unfortunately most of those that post on here do nothing but hate on the guests. Or complain about how the show is rigged. I have no issue with bashing someone due to poor gameplay or dumb decisions. But to harp on how someone looks, what u didn’t get enough of that in high school, or are you still in high school?

I am not a R/B fan, nor do I find the urge to bash every move they make. The true fans of this show aren’t compelled to bash every aspect of it, like so many on here do, yet claim they are fans. For me, this season started off on a down note the minute ED left. However, even if he hadn’t left the show and we would have had a lot more game play to discuss, 3 out of 5 posts on this site would have been someone hating on one of the guests. It’s a shame too, as like I said, they give us a great forum to discuss the game, and you see the results.


Sweetie Darling! You sound as though your “pussy” was up all night trying to solve a mystery! If you don’t like the comments, “Click” on another site!


Where do you think my screen name comes from asshole! And besides it is certainly none of your F**K*N business if I donate or not! Why don;t you do wat your screen name says ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t talking about your “pussy” Smegma Breath! SHUT YOUR HOLE HONEY, MINE:S MAKIN” MONEY!!!!!!!!

Please let this argument rest you’ve both said your bit




oh my crack, Rachel crack. Yum yum yUm yuM YUM YUMMY… jordan not smart, blonde alert. Cassi 3 stikes your out of there, class or no..Big brother house is dirty, “class” is checked at the door. duh..Dani FTW ..yummy x10 >:)


J/J are gonna have to win some mad HoHs/POVs to stay in this game. Looks like everyone but Shelly is playing them…hmm no wonder J/J are paranoid. 🙂 At the end of the day, J/J do not want to be split up for the summer so getting them both to the jury house these next two weeks are basically the whole competition for them. On a side note, Kalia is THE most annoying BB13 cast member. She has some HORRIBLE stories about herself. Like talking about how she pees on herself and wears an adult diaper. Are you kidding me?


grrrrrrrr. I am getting so worried!!! I really want JJ to win. And i officially hate Kalia for ttelling Dani those stuff. She is a waste of space in the big brother house!


Kalia will ignore Jordan (if Jeff is not HOH) and will be up the next HOH’s butt to save herself.


Can someone please explain to me as to why dani said that there will be 3 people playing for HOH next week and not 5. I”m not understanding this right now. Thanx


thanx Simon, I thought that mabe they were having have an early double eviction or some kind of coup de etat’


This year is whack so far. I just wish America realized rachel is playing the most observant of course Shes Pissn peeps off cuz she says it like it is n don’t giv a f$ck she
‘d be Bette solo


Dani and shelly will go far in this game. My two faves gAme knowledge rite now are Dom and rachel


Anyone else notice that Rachel is trying to look like Cassie? Single White Female. Anyone?


HAHAHAHAHA 1st Rachel was Jealous of Cassi now she’s Envious of her.


worst bb ever. whose bright idea was it to bring back these creatures from previous seasons? only jordan is likeable. i can’t watch.


And I think Por cooks just so she thinks people will keep her because of it. Ugh…she needs to go!


Not to be mean, but is it just me or is Porsche constantly eating and packing on the pounds? Also, does she own anything else besides that pink velour suit? It’s like I am watching each day over and over with her.


OMG I have totally hated seeing her wear those velour outfits every single day. C’mon son


Wow is Porsche going to eat all that food by herself??


she trying to live up to her real name Pinto


I was thinking the same thing!!


I dunno why you keep saying remarks about Jeff and Jordan, like there in for a suprise questioning there game play. As annoying as Brendan and Rachel are, they will not turn on Jeff and Jordan. Rachel and Brendan are trust worthy people. I know we hate them, but at the end of the day, they havent really been proven to be liars or sneaky or anything like that.. If Brendan or Rachel win pov next week, they will put up Lawon and Kalia. And if by some chance Lawon or Kalia win POV(not gonna happen) then it would take a hard sell from Danielle to backdoor Jeff and Jordan and I dont know how hard Dani would be willing to push for that. Most likely theyll put up Dom and Adam and evict Adam. At the end of the day, Jeff and Jordan didnt backdoor BR, they will have the favor returned. After next week however, all bets are off.


I agree with you! Dani does NOT want to be the one to put up either of the 2 vet couples. She wants Dom to do her dirty work for her.


At this stage, it makes more sense to keep Cassi than Shelly. Cassi hasn’t thought about anything beyond Thursday. But if anyone spent five minutes talking to each other about Shelly, they’d see she’s been backdooring left and right. No one truly knows where she stands whereas Cassi is, quite literally, a blank slate. If Cassi is offered a deal by the Vet 5 without the other noobs being told, they are quite literally the only alliance she has because she hasn’t talked strategy in days. They have one more number along with them.


what did cassi lie about


It’s been nice seeing Rachel and Cassi get along today.

Cassi admitted she should have opened up to people and made friends earlier in the game. She’s actually been nicer today without so much of that princess attitude. I kinda liked her today. She has a really pretty smile – too bad she doesn’t smile more.


Shelly does not shut her mouth! All of her stories about herself and her family are so annoying. I would vote her out in a minute!


Ugh! That buttcrack shot of Rachel is so disgusting. Seriously if she wants to tubey the prettiest girl there she will ha e to take out all the females there…including Lawon


To be**


I dunno. Porsche’s a piece of shit, but I am kinda liking the junk in her trunk. That freakin’ purple tracksuit she wears though, must smell like Rachel by now because I think it is surgically fused to her. NASTY!!!


Rachel is a BITCH and AMERICA hates her I Hope someone in Brendan’s family slaps him in the face and he realizes what a dumb BITCH Rachel is DON”T MARRY HER!!!!!