Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dom thought Dick and Dani were lovers and a ant crawled up Cassi’s crack

4:23pm Backyard Lawn Chair Cassi and Shelly Shelly is telling her that yesterday threw her off her game..
Cassi: “I just hate that I have no choice in it and the thing that sucks that everyone was wanting her (Jordan) to put you an myself up” Shelly says it wasn’t everyone just rachel.. Cassi adds that Jordan wanted to take dom out Cassi told Jordan she has no ill feelings to Jordan she understands that you have to protect yourself in the game. Shelly wishes there was some other way, she thought they were going to get down to the final 4 with Jordan and Jeff. Shelly: “I can’t wait until I can stand up and talk on Thursday” Cassi: “you’re being sarcastic right”.. Shelly yes
Cassi wishes there was some way she could stay even if they said she had to eat slop for a week or even if she could forfeit the prize money she just wants to stay in the game, “but shit happens I guess it’s done” Shelly says at the very very very begining of this entire thing did you play for a key cause Dick told me you were. Cassi swears that’s a lie.. “I never talked to dick”. Cassi says all her and Dick talked about was he came up to her the night before he left and told her that she needs to start playing all she’s doing is laying around.. They both agree that the repeat’s plan was for them to fight among themselves and detroy there numbers.. Shelly: “Some people are smarter than you think in this house”
Cassi: “you’re the last person I would want to get out of here… you’re the only person I truly trust second would be Jordan and look what happened she’s doing her own thing”. Cassi mentions that they (repeats) said that every one of the newbies was saying that Cassi was leading the charge.. Lawon, Dom, etc.. Shelly: “It wasn’t me” cassi: “I know” (LOL shelly you are mean)

They move to the hot tub to be in the shade

Cassi: “I think you and I are the only 2 that would of came in here as non-lovers that would of made it to the end”. Shelly agrees she points out that they are all starting to break apart. Cassi asks: “Would you be devastated if you left on thursday”. Shelly wouldn’t say devestated her life is outside this house but she would be upset. Cassi says that Rachel’s parents woulnd’t sign her release and Brendon’s parents tried to talk him out of it but her parents supported her. Shelly says she doesn’t feel right and isn’t having fun in the game anymore. Shelly adds she knows that there’s talk about cassi going home but stranger things have happened int he big brother house. Cassi has been talking to people mainly because she wants to know what is happening before they get up on Thursday. Shelly: “I never in a million years thought we were going on the block”
Cassi: “I just had a ant in my butt crack.. nobody remembers the first 4 out in big brother. Shelly doesn’t think thats going to be the case for cassi. Cassi and Shelly are both shocked that Rachel seems to have so much power in the house.

5:00pm Pool side Jordan and Dom Jordan says she feels bad about Backdooring Cassi but she has a feeling they would of done it to her (Yeah you’re right Rachel, Brendon, dani are going to do it to you ) Dom asks Jordan about Dani, he wonders what she was like during BB8 because he never saw that season. Jordan doesn’t know she never saw it either. Dom mentions that when he saw Dick with Dani he thought she was his girlfriend and some rocker.. says that both Dick and Dani were all done up like Rockstars. Dom’s first impressions of Dani were totally off she such a cool nice girl. Jordan agrees says that she only met Dani once before at the wrap party. She tells him he should go to it it’s a lot of fun. Dom asks if her and Jeff are. Jordan says no, she can;t tell him because of the live feeds (I wonder what it is) . They start talking about Rachel. Jordan kind of fills him in on what happened when Rachel went up to her HOh room and started wailing. She explains that she told rachel the truth she said that the actions and words Rachel uses make her come across as a bitch. Jordan hopes Rachel isn’t mad at her for it. Dom doesn’t think she is it all sound right to him. Jordan mentions that before coming on the show she thought Rachel was going to be Horrible but she’s really not that bad (jordan you lie.. lol) Dom agrees says that Rachel’s biggest problem is she’s always trying to be the centre of attention. Jordan notices that to.

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I hope the chen bot tells Cassi that shelly and kalia were the ones that flipped. Cassi will be hurt indeed.


So… Jordan knew which houseguests were coming back.




Brit Brit still spitting that well deserve venom at Rachel

@EvelDick stab in the ears? Not good enough. LITERALLY pour gasoline in your ear canals and then utilize flaming q-tips. Much better.

This what ED tweet she replied to

Who is more annoying? Kalia or Rachael? If one of them isn’t voted out soon, I may kill myself by stabbing myself in the ears over and over.


chick from louisiana

LMAO- bring ED back!! I was excited for him to be in the house this year. Rachel would be crying for sure. Miss you ED


If I were an ant I’d crawl up Cassi’s crack also yo. LOL


I dont know about you all, but I CANNOT stand Kalia or her voice anymore! Ugh!


Same here yo.


I hope Her and Rachel get laryngitis or something for a few days of peace and quite.

chick from louisiana



i hate her voice too, and shelly’s voice sounds like a man


Anybody who Throws the upcoming HOH should be kicked out, the newbs need to win something and take out the Vets, Nobody wants to see the Vets dominate no entertainment in that,,,,,, not much drama neither


Why does Cassi look a little different at the beginning of this? Looks the same at the end though. Maybe the hair parted on the side is throwing me off?


Need to get that ant a helmet camera.


Did they find Franklyn the Turtle yet???


I want the vets to be gone. I don’t want to them again. They had their chance I want to see new people


Why do you keep saying that Brendon and Rachael are trying to backdoor Jordan and Jeff? From what I have seen Brendon and Rachael have NO intention of doing that to them yet!


The problem with Cassi’s gameplay: She waited too long to befriend the other women in the house. The Newbies were so sure they didn’t need to bond with the vets, that they forgot the importance of hedging their bets. After Brenchal won HOH, everyone, except Cassi [and Keith], started to catch on that, even if you have a numbers advantage, it is a good idea to make nice wih the enemy. I think that is what Rachel meant when she told Cassi that Cassi had bad gameplay. It’s hard to hear that from Rachel, especially since she seems to be lapsing back into her old self. Cassi was openly hostile and mouthed off about her contempt for both Rachel and Porsche long before even Keith became a target. She called it being “honest,” but that’s not what the game is about. That is bad gameplay. If nothing else, history has taught us that women who come into the house expecting to align primarily with male players, end up getting their feelings hurt. Dominic, Adam, Lawon??? Given Rachel’s very well-known insecurities about other women, (which she, of course denies) Rachel should have been a BFF priority for Cassi, even if the thought makes her throw up a little in her mouth.


Well said! Had she done she would be staying and Porsche would likely be on her way home as Cassie by everyone’s account even Rachel’s is more likeable. I only watch BBAD and weekly shows so I haven’t seen much airtime as of late with Porsche. Either she’s laying low or BB is laying off. She has gained weight though. Prepping up for slop duties maybe?


Cassie going home is her own doing. All she had to do was tell Rachel that she was hot once a day, and she would’nt be going home. Porshe’s an idiot but she was smart enough to realize that early on. I think that if at Cassie’s exit interview no mention is made of Shelly’s votes with the vets, there’s a good chance she may return at some point. Kalia needs some extensive lipo to go with that boob job too. Kalia is such a slug. That JJ knew that BR were coming back sucks, this whole thing is fixed. I’m rooting for Adam now.


I do find it kind of funny though…how rachel is swayed that easily, since imo, porsche is the hottest girl in the history of Big Brother