Big Brother Canada: Topaz says this motha-fu*ker Alec thinks he is going to play me..

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom and Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 445am

Gary heads up to the HOH room and Topaz comes up and tells Gary that she is freaking livid! Topaz talks about how she has to keep telling herself to trust Alec but that the more and more she tries her gut just won’t let her. Topaz says that he tries to tell her their connection is stronger than anyone else’s connection. Gary says he doesn’t love you. Gary talks about how passionate Alec is about big brother and how much he loves it. Topaz doesn’t think Alec even wanted to win but when I told him we need this he went from losing it to winning it. Gary brings up how Alec was helping him and that Gary told him he is cheating by helping me. Topaz questions why Alec told her that he told Peter he would take me if we were in the final three together. Topaz asks Gary why would he tell this to Peter when we can’t even trust Peter. Gary say Alec doesn’t realize you are this smart but you are showing him you are this smart by questioning things to him. Gary tells her to work him. Topaz agrees and says that she will. Gary and Topaz agree that Alec is playing everyone. Topaz says that she knew that her and Alec weren’t a showmance was only a cuddlemance. Topaz says that she is going to start taking about her fake life with Alec. Topaz says that when we sleep he twitches and he switches. Gary says he is fu*king crazy. Topaz says no don’t say that, what if he is not crazy. Gary believes in those things that people can snap and morph into different characters like how I do it with drag. Gary asks if he has turrets. Gary thinks Alec is possessed. Topaz says that she is really going to start playing him. Topaz says this motha-fu*ker thinks he is going to play me.. Topaz says she will withhold information from Alec now. Topaz plans to lay the charm on Alec to play him. She says that she is going on a date with Alec tomorrow and she till will pretend to like him and start asking him relationship questions to try and pry information from him. She will talk about long distance relationship, etc. Gary tells her to take it slow or he will notice a change in your flow… or he will know whats up. Each day give him a little bit. They talk about how she has been giving Alec information but that he has only given her little bits of info.. Gary says and he only gives you two’s and few’s.. Topaz and Gary talk about how Jillian threw the HOH and Alec was losing it too until I was in his ear. Topaz says that he wants to go down in history …he pushed Aneal aside to be the first one into the house .. he is OBSESSED with Big Brother. He is laughing at us all thinking he played us all! Topaz wishes she didn’t go the showmance route coming into the game. Gary tells her that it was the best route for her. Topaz and Gary finally go to sleep after 5:30am in the morning..

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 530am

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This speculation from Topaz about Alec is pretty damn awesome considering he thinks he has her wrapped around one of his appendages.!!!!!


You couldn’t be more wromg about Topaz IMHO. She’s spewing back to Gary what he said to her earlier the week. Nothing new that Gary hasn’t manipulated her into thinking. If she’s not careful she’ll be sitting next to Gary instead of Suzette on the block sometime in the next few weeks.


Awesome – the Sleeper keeps awakening!
Alec has had it way too easy!

Topaz and Liza for Final 2!

I think I hate myself now….LOL!


why is everybody hating on her?!!!

Liza FTW :D


I don’t think it hatred as much as disdain that someone who thinks she is so good at this game overplayed. She’s been playing too hard too fast and those players always seem to get caught. Alec has been laying low but I think he may be going down the same roAd.


i agree, alec is exactly like liza except he’s playing the game better and getting people to trust him. alec is good at controlling what info he gives to people unlike liza which is way he hasn’t been caught yet.


I’m loving me some Topaz. This makes the game interesting.

julie chen

yess i friggin love topaz now!!! her and gary are 100000000% my favorites.. But FIRST


I actually think Akec really cares for Topaz. Am I the only one? Is this naive?


What am I missing?
Is Alec REALLY not going to use POV?
Doesn’t he see Liza is a bigger threat to HIM, than Tom, at this point?
Is he overconfidant about buddy Peter and underestimating her numbers?
I mean, RIGHT NOW, Tom is less of a threat to Alec’s “friends” – Peter, Topaz, Em+Jill…

Alec KNOWS Tom has enemies if Tom lives and goes up again. Alec could abandon Tom then.
Why not save him now and promise Gary some group protection next time Gary is targeted? (If it turns out better to cut Gary THEN, OK)
Who’s guaranteed Liza or ally won’t win next HOH? (Peter, Andrew for example)
Peter being” outed” as sneaky shouldn’t surprise him – isn’t that why they’re “Shield” in the 1st place?
Tom can be “played” more easily than Liza, at least by Alec.

If Tom is evicted next, Liza/ Peter could have Andrew, Talla, AJ and Suzette behind an attack on Alec.
With Alec and Em up, POV would depend on one of Topaz, Jill, Gary playing and winning, and still Alec or Em would go.

Interesting week. I think Alec is way overconfidant.


i disagree. i still think tom is the bigger target even though he’s “fighting” with emmett, i don’t think emmett or tom will turn on each other. even though peter/liza/alec/everyone else say they’re throwing comps, i can’t see it, i think they’re giving it their all or close to their all. tom/emmett have been winning nearly everything (though this obv can’t last) with their showmances/allies (jillian/talla, aj who just wants to be accepted lol) the odds will be in their favour. and who’s to say that they won’t turn on peter/alec?

everyone says they want the strongest people left at the end, but outside of maybe the brigade (i didn’t watch all of that, so i’m not sure what happened in the end), the ones who are too strong go out. money trumps everything.

I’m loving topaz now, i first lumped her with all the girls (waste of space) who are just happy to be there and don’t want to win (besides liza who was/is playing the game, jillian-pathetic, talla-stupid, suzzete – lol). she’s making herself a bigger target by always being in gary’s room but their convos are awesome. I want her to last until she drops alec and to see the look on his face. hahaha


So it looks like Tom is leaving this week, and he should have seen it coming. Something about being HOH that makes them lose perspective. It happens in BBUS too. The head of household should always remember that their power ends as soon as the POV ceremony is over. People will still blow sunshine up your ass, but after POV ceremony, none of it means anything because you don’t even have a vote. Once POV is done, their focus shouldn’t be on who to get out next week, but how to gracefully fall into the background and not make yourself a target next week. You need to shore up alliances, make amends for your nominations, and let the house vote. You can make lots of plans and run scenarios in your head, but until you know who wins HOH, all bets are off. They always make plans for next week as if they will still have any power when the time comes. Quite often they find themselves on the block or in danger of a back door. One of the only players that figured out how to avoid this HOH syndrome from ruining your perspective was Evel Dick. That dude won HOH twice and he barely spent time in the room. I think he even slept downstairs. He went out of his way to not isolate himself from the rest, because he knew that while HOH is lying in bed and scheming about next week, the game is being played downstairs without them. Tom made a big mistake isolating himself last week with Liza. He made big plans, he had it all figured out, the boot order, the jury and what to wear at the finale. And his worst mistake was Liza. I’m not sure that Liza’s game is over if she survives this week. Something random could happen, like Talla winning HOH and then things will get interesting. From a game standpoint, getting Liza out is the smartest move, but the house needs to lose some testosterone. The reign of King Tom was a short one.


most of your comment i agree with i thumb it up….. i hate when players win hoh and stay in there all the time too…….

right now andrew is sitting good he lay low alot of the time


Classic feed moment: Zet Zet trying to get game advice from La La. Shoot me now.


How do people not hate topaz, she is a slimy blax scum bag. Seriously she is worse than Liza