Big Brother Canada: Liza tells Jillian that she and Talla are her bit*hes! And Topaz can suck my di*k!

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom and Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

9:10am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The alarm keeps going off because Gary won’t get out of bed. He finally gets out of bed and starts messing with the TV. Big Brother tells him to stop that. Gary says he just wants to see the living room. Andrew, Alec, Peter, Aj and Topaz are out on the backyard couches talking about random things.
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 10am

Talla and Tom are in the kitchen talking. Talla tells Tom that one of them needs to win HOH. Tom tells Talla that big brother told Liza to change everyone’s batteries. Tom says that Liza went up there and the door was locked so she knocked, Topaz opened the door and they went back to sleep. How rude is that! Talla whispers to Aj that they need to get Emmett out. Aj tells Talla that Emmett and Jillian have a high probability of winning HOH again so you need to mend that bridge. Tom keeps talking about going after people. Aj tries to calm him down and tells him that he has the guys on lock, you have four votes for sure ..and maybe Talla. I love Talla but you can’t trust her. You can’t blow up, you can’t be talking about going after people when you are on the block. Talla continues talking to Tom about wanting to win HOH to get out Emmett. She tells Tom that he lied to your face, let me worry about that, let me get him out for you!

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 1020am
10:10am – 10:35am Liza is talking to Jillian in the havenot room. Liza tells Jillian that she and Talla are her bit*hes! Liza says that Topaz can suck my di*k! Liza says that she has a final 4 deal with Jillian, Talla and Tom. Liza also says that she likes Peter but doesn’t trust Alec. Liza says that she thinks that Topaz was the one that told Gary that she was planting lies into Tom’s head and playing him. Jillian says that she had no clue who Gary was going to nominate and says that Emmett kept her in the dark. Liza says that Tom respects me as an older woman and says that Emmett is in a showmance. Liza tells Jillian that Emmett is the puppet master playing her. Liza says Tom tells me everything not like the dairy farmer that plays his girl. Liza says this isn’t a dictatorship it is a democracy. Liza says this isn’t Glitter Nazi Germany. This is a dictatorship. Emmett joins them and the conversation ends.

10:30am – 10:55am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

11:15am – 11:30am Andrew, Aj and Alec are in the storage room talking game. Andrew and Aj are telling Alec that they want to flip the vote and get Tom out this week. Then Jillian and Emmett have a quick conversation where Jillian is trying to convince Emmett that they should vote out Tom this week.

11:30am – 11:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds ..
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 1151am
11:50am – 12pm A couple times for a few seconds the feeds come back, Gary and Suzette in the HOH bathroom. Tom and Alec working out in the backyard. Emmett is sitting on the kitchen couch with Jillian and Peter. Aj talks to Tom and tells him to just lay low this week. Aj says that we all know that Liza has pretty much blown her bridge this week but you never know because she can talk. Tom says that he is trying to lay low and that’s why he is working out right now. Tom goes back to working out. Meanwhile Andrew and Talla are talking game on the couches. They are talking about why they should keep Tom and get rid of Liza. Talla talks about how bad she wants Emmett out. Andrew agrees. Talla says that she was worried Andrew wanted her out. Andrew says only that one day when you were on coffee.

12:25pm All the bros workout.. Tom comments that its the first time they have all worked out. I feel like we are in prison, except we have ladies walking around.
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 1220pm
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AJ told tom your on the block and you are talking about going after emmett all tom has to do keep his targets in his head and relax and he needs to talk to emmett and fix that bromance ……… if tom leaves emmett is next . alec has topaz and peter if one leaves he has the other emmett needs tom to stay so he can have tom and jillian …

i see these clique fighting amongst themselves and andrew laying low and end up going far in this game

The Watcher

You guys really do a great job keeping us all up to date with all the info and videos :)

Its great to see the things Iv missed from sleeping late watching Glitter and Hot Mama talk all night long!

I just wonder how vulgar were the house guest on BBUSA live feeds? They werent on the main show or the after dark thats for sure. The BBC house guests are a tad mouthy I think with all of this sucking a ding dong and mother f er being used left and right.

Not that I am prude au contraire I find it amusing but yet childish at times, dont they all realize this is only a game and one day soon enough they will all get back into the real world?

They arent 12 as well. All adults!


Thanks The WAtcher.. Dawg and I are well trained and teh art of not sleeping :)


What is Talla’s obsession with getting Emmett out of the house? And wouldn’t that entail actually winning something?


i really think the 4geez have a shot of doing really well, well at least i hope so. gary’s hoh is great!


Goddamn it Talla is annoying! It is so difficult listening to her stream of consciousness type of language. She constantly needs reassurance and runs to everyone to vomit all the info she has to everyone else. She is the perfect idiot to feed disinformation to if you want certain lies out there in the house, but she is very hard to control due to her being totally reactive and emotional.

I really hope we get to see Andrew play the game as I haven’t decided whether he is a good strategist yet. Topaz needs to be careful in the next 2-3 weeks too or she is going up on the block-either in retaliation for Gary’s HOH week or as a hit to Alec.

As much as I dislike Tom and Liza as individuals they make this house really chaotic which is very entertaining to watch. I love watching Liza spin her black web of doom! Oh and Peter is not nearly as sneaky or clever as he thinks he is. He is such a cringeworthy Big Brother try-hard. I hope Liza has the chance to come back from this nomination to seduce then later strangle Peter within her vagina of death.