Big Brother Canada Spoilers Alec renames the “fourgy” to the “S$xual Hurricane”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom and Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:05AM Tom and Liza Bedroom

Chatting about hooking up after the show, pretending that they will have kids, make money etc etc.. Liza says he should move to Toronto. Tom says no way it’s too far from my Family.

He asks her what kind of girl she was when she was 21, He jokes imitating what a party girl. She pulls him under the covers she wants to show him something..

Tom: “I just got over an issue with that shit.. Is that why you had nasal _____ problems .. is that why your nose cracks..” (didn’t catch that one word)
Liza: “No No .. Not a problem (Says this in quotes) .. It was really fun at 21”
(Liza was a party girl.. LIza is a lot less annoying on the feeds when she’s not over-playing the game. )


12:21AM Alec and Topaz Hammock
Alec tells her about the Peter, Alec, Topaz and Gary alliance and how Gary wants to call it a “Fourgy” Topaz thinks it sounds like orgy and doubts they’ll say it on the show. Alec jokes wants their alliance to be called the “Sexual Hurricane” ..

Alec says he did the right thing walking around telling everyone that he wasn’t planning on using the Power of Veto. It’ll make the time before the Ceremony more bearable. Topaz mentions how Gary was pissed at first because he thought Jillian had thrown the POV Competition. Topaz: “She totally didn’t.. I’m just so glad you won it”

Topaz: “Peter had a secret alliance with Liza and they were talking game.. Peter was saying that Liza’s relationship was emotional”

Alec: “Thats Scary”
Topaz: “I know we have Peter but it makes me a little concerned”
Alec: “Do you trust Gary”
Topaz: “Yes 120%”
Alec: “We’ll that is how I feel about Peter”
Topaz: “Even though he had a secret alliance with Liza”


12:37AM HOH Suzette and Gary
Gary asks her if she’s 100% voting out Tom. Suzette confirms she’ll vote him out. Gary says he’s starting to be able to trust Peter but isn’t sure about Alec yet. Suzette thinks they can trust Peter.

Suzette says that when she was on the block she had it harder than Tom and Liza because she was dealing with personal problems.

Suzette is all about Respect and playing the game.. She tells Gary that the house is now respecting them because they saw how they were acting when they were on the block. (LOL too rich) Suzette: “We’re now in the Game” both Gary and Suzette cheer. Gary says he really wants Tom gone and think that a lot of the tension in the house will release.

Suzette mentions that Tom has started throwing Emmett under the bus. Tom’s big thing is that Emmett knew he was going on the block and didn’t say anything, “I didn’t even know Tom was going up how was Emmett suppose to know”

Gary: “What is Liza saying”
Suzette: “Nothing.. she feels guilty because everyone knows she’s been talking.. she knows she’s going home”
Suzette wonders if Peter and Liza will still be close.
Gary: “She might get the Diamond Power of Veto”
Suzette: “Don’t say that OH MY GOD”
Suzette kinda feels sorry for Liza because the entire house is cold to her now. Gary: “I don’t feel sorry she did it to herself..”

Suzette thinks Tom is going to throw everyone under the bus this week. She mentions that Alec isn’t using the POV he was downstairs earlier today telling people.

Gary: “If he uses the POV i’ll hit him where it hurts (Topaz)”
Suzete: “No… you wouldn’t do that”
Gary: “ you disrespect me.. “
Gary: “All i care is you and me making it to final 2”

(Gary is doing a great job during his HOH however he’s made a lot of final 2 final 4 alliances)

1:05AM Gary, Suzette and Topaz Messing around with the Head of Household TV


1:08AM Kisses goodnight


1:16AM HOH Gary having a party… (Video is uploading.. it’s hilarious)



1:30AM Washing Machines Aj and Suzette Aj is wanting Tom left in the game. Suzette mentions “Respect” a couple times.

Suzette: “I feel like making a Mini pizza with Crumpets.. just a little snacky”
Suzette: “I want to work out with Jillian.. she’s low impact”

Suzette says her radio show is only once a week for a hour.. is volunteer work. She’s been doing the radio show for 13 years. Tom asks what does she do. Suzette: “I just play music.. I play aboriginal music.. I try to discover new artists.. new talents”

Suzette and Aj both comment that Peter is a very smart person. Suzette says Peter is just like her son.

Sounds like her son has a disorder that he doesn’t like to eat food, sounds like Peter suffers from the same thing. Suzette thinks the disorder came from vaccinations.


2:35AM HOh Gary and Topaz
Gary: “Alec want Emmett and Jillian gone.. thats a problem for me.. if he wins HOH”
Topaz: “No now that Tom is gone Alec wants Tom and Jillian in the house because they are the bigger target”
They both agree that Emmett’s social game is really lacking all he’s been doing is hanging out in the room with Jillian. Gary says Topaz is a strong social player but asks her where does she think she is physically. Topaz thinks she can bring it, Gary: “Save it Topaz.. it’s good that people don’t think you are a threat” Gary remembers that Emmett had told him if Gary puts up Tom than Emmett will “Take the Heat” Gary: “Oh my God he didn’t take the heat.. I gotta tell him tomorrow that mo*** f**** is going to take the heat.. putting Tom up was his idea”

Topaz: “we don;t want to get into Emmett’s bad books”
Gary: “But that’s not fair he didn’t stick to his word”
Topax: “I don;t like Liza man.. I do want to cuss her out.. ”
Gary: “It’ll come out and it’ll be great”
Gary is worried that Liza will be trouble next week, If she could get Andrew on her side and they could go after Emmett. Gary: ‘All Andrew cares about is getting out the muscle”

Topaz says that when talking to Talla they have to make things Dead simple otherwise she won’t know what is going on. She mentions how liza had Talla under her control. Gary is a bit worried that Talla will go back to Liza. Topaz doesn’t think so Topaz believes she’s got Talla now.

Topaz is a bit worried about Liza and Andrew winnign HOH. Gary doesn’t think Alec has anything to worry about when it comes to Andrew, he believes Andrew will put up Jillian and Emmett. It’s Liza they have to worry about she might put up Alec and topaz.

Topaz and Gary head downstairs to eat.. Topaz jokes that Alec is playing them both. Gary: “Oh well we’re going to final 4” Topaz laughs says she’s enjoying getting close to “That body” (alec’s body) they both chuckle.



3:13AM Kitchen Topaz and Gary Cooking (WTF) Topaz says that ever since the house got turned upside down her and Alec haven’t had very much time to talk/showmance. Topaz warns Topaz about telling people to joined alliances. She brings up a time she heard him call Suzette, Topaz and Gary an Alliance. Gary says no he said “I like this” it’s Suzette that said it was an alliance. Gary adds that Suzette is so desperate for an alliance. Topaz: “remember don’t get too information excited about Talla and Suzette”

Gary likes Suzette he doesn’t mind seeing her make it to final 6. Topaz is worried about suzette she wants to make big moves “She’s a wild card”, Gary says Suzette is blessed to be in the house and she’s happy to just take a back seat and watch the game from the sidelines. Gary “She’s hoping to slide to the top.. she wants to Lay low low low” Gary doesn’t think Suzette will make a big move at all. Topaz: “Yes she does she has something to prove”

3:38AM Gary mentions that Emmett losing his HOH was a big blow to his ego.
3:44m Gary trusts Emmett very much. Topaz tells him that she was in the room with

Gary: “Peter lied to my face.. looked into my eye and lied”
Topaz: “He lied right to Alec’s Face … This is why I don’t 100% trust Alec because he always is talking about how much he trusts Peter” Both Gary and Topaz think Peter is dangerous. Gary mentions how Peter is friends with everyone.
GAry thinks Peter, Alec and Emmett are in an alliance and they want to keep Tom around as a target. Gary: ‘If Alec is f**king with us.. I’ll f**** him up i don’t care if i leave the next week”

Topaz is getting a little freaked out about Alec saying he trusts Peter 100% she trusts Alec but sometimes she’s not sure. Topaz is starting to have second thoughts about Alec because they never really talk with each other. Once and awhile alec will hunt her down and kiss her on the cheek but she never has a long talk with him like Jillian and Emmett do.

Both Emmett and Gary are worried about Alec.. They know he’s smart and is playing the game. Topaz: “I’m going to play Liza’s game.. and dig deep emotionally”

Gary about Alec: “I bet the guy he is outside of here is nothing liek who he is inside the house.. He’s not goofy.. I swear he’s not goofy” Gary about Alec: “he’s not a Phd.. he’s a bro at university that likes Big Brother” Topaz: “I think it’s all a act”

(Looks like topaz and gary are having second thoughts about alec.. the videos are uploading)

Gary thinks that clothing is the second most important thing in the game. Alec: “All I see from Alec is walking around with his abs and his D1ck swinging around”
Gary: “he said his mom dated wierd al.. no she didn’t”

(LOL.. Gary and Topaz are getting very creative making up theories about Alec not being who they thought. one second they think he’s a phd student another second they think he’s just a bro hanging our “Slinging D!ck”. Sometimes they think he’s a mastermind a minutes later he’s a journalism student at UBC.. )

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GARY making the alliances was crucial especailly now that he is HOH. He was at the bottom of the barrell and being HOH means that he needs to cover his game the next few weeks.


did Topaz go to sleep? I thought there was going to be some sort of powwow… I wonder what gary is making…


its tough when u like someone and they get trashed here on OBB u just have to suck it up though no one is immune to my wrath here none of these players … …. i could imagine suzzett saying the only reason i’m fat is because my tiny body couldn’t store all my personality ….. gary looks like a douchetastic in these pics … ..gary talking out his butthole again talking about final 2 keep dreaming gary . when this show is over gary will be on dancing with the shi’ts so theres that consolation prize too…….when alec doesnt use the veto i hope tom doesnt renew his contract lol………. tom will get the diamond veto win hoh nominated alec and topaz or topaz and jillian ….

dont u wish people could be like money , so u could hold them up to the sun and see which ones are fake and who are real (alec)…….these people are playing someone else game they are nominating people what the house want when they suppose to lean on what benefits them in long run … alec not using the veto makes his chances harder to stay in this game…….. if tom stays tom could nominate him and topaz if one comes down replace with his best friend peter. …. tom will take a bullet for these guys but they are the ones behind the trigger fake is the new trend


I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re the one talking out your butt spicy. Tom is leaving, not getting a special power. & if you were watching the feeds earlier, he said he would never nominate Peter.


I’m assuming I disagree with Spicy b/c his post was way too long with all lowercase letters and no punctuation. But, you never know; while I don’t like his (or her) post’s now, everything could change in a heartbeat (plus two days with almost no feeds) because this is BBCAN!!!!!!!


The Watcher

Im sorry but if we are going to talk fake can we talk about Tom?

Wasnt he like 2 hrs ago telling Zet Zet that he now trusted her and he wanted to team up with her? Wasnt he the one trying to get her out of the house and talking trash about her? Wasnt he complaining about her negativity toward the rest of the house guests? Wasnt him telling everyone that Zet Zet should understand that this is only a game? Nothing personal?

Euhm! Euhm! Euhm!

But now he is the one being mad and not understanding that this is only a game and someone out smarted him.

The only way the rest of the house will have a chance to get to the end is to evict Tom then ( I dont want to but it has to happen ) Emmett and work from there.

But Big Brother is full of twist and turn so Tom might be saved but some magical power twist diamond gold gift from the public! We never know!

But in the game of Big Brother being fake is what get you far however Tom being fake to Zet Zet after showing all of his card aint very smart even Glitter asked Zet Zet

” Does he think you are stupid? ”

and that sumz up pretty much everything


I don’t know you as a person, but since you not only typed “Zet Zet” but repeated it, I’m definitely 100% sure I don’t care for who you are as an online personality as far as OBB goes. Put another way, typing “Zet Zet” is “vomity.”


Between naps, Topaz has started to play a pretty okay game. She has a pretty strong command of what’s going on in the house, is in good with damn near everyone, and flying pretty brilliantly under the radar. Who knew the key to BBCAN (POWERSHIFT) was to do all kinds of snoozing?


Hard to follow what you were trying to say there Spicy.

Watcher – agree with you that Tom is fake but then again so is everyone. Emmett and Alec are actually playing a pretty decent game. I have said it before but I would really like Gary and Emmett to stick together, if possible. That could be a great duo.

After catching up with everything tonight, Gary has to be careful. He is letting HOH go to his head. He is already playing this game weeks from now but don’t forget Gary, next week you will not be HOH.

It’s nice to see Talla has finally joined the game. I was beginning to wonder if she even knew that she had signed up for BB and not Real World.

I think this s%#t is starting to get serious for these folks

The Watcher

Yes! I agreed everyone has to be fake in the Big Brother house some just do it better than others. Its not personal, its a game.

I also agreed about he (Glitter) needs to calm down a little but again him and Zet Zet been at the bottom since day 1 so I guess let him enjoy his Beyonce reign lol Did any one saw when Glitter said Andrew had to go because Andrew doesnt like Beyonce lol Of course he was kidding…kind of lol that was on Friday when he had is unicorn court with everyone one by one.

Garry and Emmett as a team would be epic!

Still awake watching Glitter and Hot Mama cook,eat and talk @ 3. 25 am Lawd!

*** yup yup yup I need a life part 3


i know what you mean about needing a life! lol Damn you BB Canada! lol

And damn you Simon and Dawg for having such a kick ass site!

VP of Operations

Im so glad tom is going, the power shift is so great, now it’s is much easier to believe that Gary will make it far into the game, i was so fed up with the 4 alliance btween the guys, finally this is the opportunity to break the house apart and let the little people have a chance to go further, TEAM GARY GO! GO! GO!




Still up… Topaz talking about her creating a fake life is Hilarious I don’t like all the Alec bashing though I want the 4G to go far we’ll see how it plays out


this alec has tourettes/ is possessed convo is awesome lol


just like the show unpredictable , chaotic . u dont have to get bend outta shape over my comments..its just a game , forum if u dont understand my comment or u dont like it pass over it or thumb it down thats what i do (the hungry momentum)…. i wont proclaim all my beliefs are right and another wrong but its MY BELIEF


“Hungry momentum”,,,,,WTF!!!!!!


I love gary glitter, but I think he is digging his own grave. What makes everyone think that gary isn’t the next one on the block. He doesn’t trust emmett, alec or peter completely. Is thinking about using liza to spy and believes he has Talla wrapped around his fingers.

Gary glitter needs to find a way to lay low after this hoh, but in all honesty, Gary’s own insecurities may lead to his downfall. He needs to make ppl believe he isn’t great at these ocmpetitions while liza and tom are the main targets. Needs a coupe more ppl in his alliance, preferably Andrew.

The secret wedding may not be in trouble this week, but I see ppl coming after poor gary glitter. I’ll be rooting for u because u are so fun, just don’t think u made the right alliances yet!


I started out this HOH giving Gary alot of credit in a couple of previous threads. Last nights activity is exactly the same as Tom’s HOH week which all the Tom haters BASHED here continually. Yup talking trash about lots of people, telling the HG’s what to do or he threatens retaliation and a complete arrogance that the Tom bashers had a great time criticizing. That’s just 3 points and he broke his word after he got saved. Not to get Liza out by keeping him from using a veto on her. But being a flat out liar who wouldn’t keep his word for a week. So to all the Tom haters are you hypocrites as well. Tom’s arrogance was reason for you to want him out. Obviously we will now see the board filled with those people also wanting Gary out next…. correct?

See the thing is I’m not a Tom fan. I am a fan of Emmit and Alec, a little less of a peter fan than 2 weeks ago I’ll add. If Tom goes none of these guys make the final 3. Leverage and numbers suggest to me floaters and Liza become favorites. I hate floater seasons where the undeserving win. And Liza staying this week means all the guys are gone by 6. I’m not saying AJ and Andrew who are useful votes for awhile. Even Gary gets his along the way. Gary is setting up Topaz to cut Alec loose. He won’t see it coming.

Production wanted girls to stay. Did they actually think of the consequences to the ratings? A final 6 of Talla, AJ, Andrew, Liza, Suzette and Topaz. Now there is a snoozefest of epic proportion.